The subject of UFO’s in its present stage is like astronomy in that it is a purely observational “science,” not an experimental one; necessarily, therefore, it must be based on observation and not on experiment. Observation, in this case, consists of everything which can be found to have bearing on the subject. There are thousands of references to it in ancient literature, but the authors did not know that their references had any bearing, for the subject did not then exist. The writers were recording such things as met their senses solely through an honest effort to report inexplicable observational data.

Hoping, in those days, that something would “come of it” Nowadays, Science Is afraid that “Something Will Come of it.” It will, too, In 1956 or 57 the Air force Will have Ships LIKE these in appearance & Will “feel” safe to announce that Human eyes Have seen Saucers from outer Space BUT to Not be Worried because “we too have these Ships” Oh! Brother What a farce! Ours will be JET propelled not M 1 propelled.

Some of my contemporaries have attempted to prove that all of these phenomena are, in some way or other, illusory, and that in any case they do not involve flight, wingless or otherwise, mechanical propulsion or intelligent direction.

I consider their negative case unproven because there is an overwhelming mass of authentic evidence (B) which can be cited as:

(1) direct observation

(2) indirect observation

(3) supporting evidence or indication

There is one sphere of indirect evidence in the form of events of mysterious nature which have never been explained. These things would be easy to explain were we to admit the limitations of our own knowledge, and the possibility of “intelligence” elsewhere in the universe operating space ships—quite possibly more than one kind of “intelligence” and more than one kind of space ship.

This world is full of unexplained oddities. The legends of Atlantis and Mu have been favorite targets of the scoffers. “They” say there are no ghosts, no spirits, nothing falls from the sky but iron and stone meteorites. But for centuries the earth was believed to be flat, there was no America, no heliocentric system of earth and planets, no fossil dinosaurs; yet we know these beliefs to have been wrong.

Reliable people have been seeing the phenomena known as flying saucers for a thousand years and more. There are good reports as far back as 1500 BC and before. Thousands of people have seen some kind of navigable contraptions in the sky, and some have sworn it under oath.

In a day When oaths were just as good as Money -in-Hand for if incorrect your Neck suffered “The Miracle”1 from the Church as a knife from the out-raged who took your oath.

1 Undecipherable: could be Nracle or Nrack.

I cannot agree with any astronomer who insists that all of these things are mirages, planets, clouds or illusions. The majority of the people are articulate enough to tell their stories, and sincere enough to make depositions before notaries public. Even scientists concede that these folk saw something.


I see nothing particularly odd in strange descriptions of phenomena the like of which has no earthly counterpart or for which we have no frame of reference.

If he does not, then he KNOWS the L-M’s.

This work is a serious attempt to bring order out of chaos, an attempt to pull all of the facets of this controversy into a basic stratum upon which to make an intelligent evaluation of the subject.

M.K. Jessup
Washington, D.C.
January 13, 1955

If he does succeed in such evaluation Nobody cares enough to bother believing him for that would require the effort of Courage & the Gaiyar are such cowards & conformists. Even if believed, Nobody would dare say so for that would require action & They dare not act in BEHALF OF A BELIEF THAT INTERFERES WITH USUAL LIVING