by Lyssa Royal


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This is Germane.


Since there were two subject matters advertised for this evening, we will integrate them together. Now one was the idea of the sexuality of some of the races that are very close to you, in your galactic family and another subject was that of galactic heritage.


What we're going to do is to talk about some of the sexual belief systems of several races that are close to you.


This will also illuminate the particular societal structures that each of these races have so you'll get a little bit of both - galactic heritage and sexuality.


Orion Civilization - Conflict

We might as well begin with the polarized point of view. We're going to begin first with a civilization called Orion - that is how you see it from your Earth plane. We're going to talk a little bit about how their societal structure affects you on Earth at this time.


First, recognize that these particular civilizations we are talking about represent either your physical forefathers or forefather energies. This is the energy, the belief systems that you as a civilization have been exposed to during your infancy as a species. As you know, whatever energy you are exposed to as infants, you have a good possibility of adopting in adulthood.


So let us start with Orion.

Basically we'll outline to you the philosophies of the Orion civilization. First of all, the Orion civilization was based on the idea of conflict. They were one of the areas of your galactic family that was committed to resolving polarity or conflict. So the general dynamic is as follows:

The Empire was the dominant force within the Orion civilization.

This Empire took it upon itself to be responsible for its citizens. That responsibility often meant they would use force and other methods you would perhaps think did not have much integrity.


For any of you who have seen the Star Wars trilogy, the Empire in the movie is kindergarten compared to the actual expression of this Empire energy within the Orion civilization.


The Empire vs. the Black League Stalemate

So you have the active Empire individuals, you have individuals who were the subjects of the Empire and you have a very widespread underground group who resisted the Empire, who were the freedom fighters.


These individuals we've called the Black League. "Black" is not meant to be negative; it simply means the idea of absorption or being hidden - they did not want to be found. If they were found, they would be annihilated. Thus you can see the dynamic. These resisters were fighting the Empire and both the resisters and the Empire were using the same methodologies with which to bring about their desires.


In a tug-of-war, for instance, if the weight is balanced on both sides, neither person is going to win. It took them a very, very long time to realize that all they were doing was holding a balance through the amount of negativity each group placed on the other. That's the general dynamic of the Orion civilization.

Many of you on Earth, incarnationally speaking, have connections with the Orion civilization and have come here in order to break certain cycles, certain patterns of conflict. Earth was a place where you could come, lose your identity or your memory of Orion and start again.


The idea of losing your memory has actually been something that's worked for you rather than against you, because if you had kept your entire memory intact, some of the memories (especially the Orion memories) would be quite intense, to say the least, and even a bit scary for some of you.


Orion Monogamous Relationships

Now let us talk about the relationships in the Orion civilization. You will find that the nature of personal relationships in any society is a product of the dynamics of that society - your civilization included.


This means that the Orion relationships were a product of their dynamic of conflict. So you can imagine that the Orion relationships would be very, very intense in a certain way. The Orions have what we could call monogamy, although it's different from the monogamy you have upon your world.


The Orions mate for life. The relationship between Orions and their mate is of number one importance in the lifetime of the individual. This is because of the societal dynamics within the Orion system.


The relationship dynamic is primarily that of the Black League civilization (the resistance groups), because this is the energy that you on Earth, at least for now, resonate with the most. So this is the one we will talk about.

When an Orion is the equivalent of a teenager at puberty, they already have their antennae out looking for a mate, but it's not necessarily the way it is on your planet. There's a recognition - an instant recognition - when two people come together who are to be mated, and there's no doubt of that recognition.


During the period of time when one is seeking a mate, there is no (to use a colloquialism) sleeping around, for an Orion is not aroused by anyone who is not their mate. So when the mate is finally found, the arousal and the excitement come because the person is their mate. In your civilization you are attracted to someone first and then you decide whether or not to make them your mate. This is the opposite.

This is for a very specific reason, born out of the conflict of their civilization: They have learned through thousands of years not to trust.


Very often other forces infiltrate their reality, and so they've learned never to allow themselves to be vulnerable except with individuals who are very, very close to them.


The mate is literally the one person with whom they allow themselves total vulnerability. This is why an individual is excited only by the mate because they literally cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable with anyone else.


That is the energy dynamic behind how their relationships are structured.



So, you ask, is there ever infidelity in the Orion system?


It depends on your definition of infidelity. There is no "sneaking around." That is not an idea that is compatible with the Orion philosophy because of the idea of vulnerability. But if someone has to go on a mission or travel away from the mate, it is expected of each of the mates to take a surrogate.


When one is chosen as a surrogate in the Orion civilization, it's a tremendous honor and privilege. There is no competition between surrogates and primary mates. Again, the entire dynamic is a result of the structure of their society. When you're chosen as a surrogate - and you choose to be a surrogate, because it's definitely a two-way street - the relationship becomes as mates, but there is an understanding that the surrogate relationship is temporary.


This surrogate relationship is for the purpose of releasing energy through sexuality, but also through nonsexual intimacy, to release the energy of conflict, to release emotional energy. So you can see that the entire expression of relationships was from your point of view perhaps a little limiting, but from their point of view extremely fulfilling.

There were some situations of group marriage that were usually temporary. If one mate was killed, for instance, another mated couple may take in the remaining spouse temporarily to act as surrogates until that spouse finds another mate. But generally speaking there is a lot of rigidity. They did find it to be extremely satisfying for their civilization.

One thing we would like to say here, which also points out the difference between you and the Orions, is that the Orions do not know the concept of sexual fantasy.


They are extremely disciplined in their mentality. Because of this, they repress fantasy, for fantasy simply does not exist. Fantasy with someone you saw walking down the street, for instance, does not exist. That is an undisciplined thought. Through eons of time they have been disciplining themselves, and those types of thoughts were simply less and less necessary.


So the closest thing to an Orion fantasy would be a female thinking about when her mate is coming home, thinking about how nice it will be to take the mate in her arms, etc. Any fantasy or any thought of intimate expression can only be expressed - even in thought - in the direction of the mate. This is not anything that is imposed on them, so it's not a repression of anything. It's simply the way they are.

Let's stop for a minute to ask if there's something you have a comment or question about.


Q: Is it totally a cultural thing? Or has it been encoded in their genetics after awhile?

It is encoded in their genetics after awhile, yes. Experience does change genetics. So it would depend on which period of time. The Orion civilization was many, many thousands of years long, so it would depend on which era you're talking about as to how genetically coded it was. During the times of the intense conflict, before the conflict was resolved, there was a lot of genetic change. When the conflict was eventually resolved and they had to learn to live differently, societally speaking, they started thinking of different ways to express their relationships. But that was a difficult one. Because they did not have the idea of fantasy outside of the idea of mates, they moved very slowly. But, yes, it is eventually genetically encoded.

Q: What about their glandular system and the way they react to stress? Does that have anything to do with the way the react to their sexuality, how they're excited?

We have talked in the past about this and Akbar has given the information in the book. However, there are basically three different types of sexual expression that the Orions used with their mates: One is for procreation; one is for exchange of intimacy; and the other is the expression of sexuality as a raw energy form. When one is under stress, that is the way the stress is released.

Q: I was thinking about how they had to learn to control their stress reactions because of the conflict.

After awhile it's no longer control - it's second nature. Now, those of you who are familiar with some of the Star Trek scenarios, we will compare this idea to that of the Vulcan. The Vulcan is repressing; it takes a force to repress the emotionality. The Orions have gotten to the point where they are not repressing.


It is simply the way they've rewired themselves to channel emotional energy. It is channeled through discipline and released through sexuality. This is why it is of primary importance that each Orion have a mate.

You on your planet have a combination of sexual attitudes - some from Orion and some from other civilizations. But you will find that in history on your planet during wartime, marriage rates increase. We do not know if this has been studied or not on your planet, but you will find that mated relationships become very important during wartime.


This is a direct connection to what we are talking about regarding the channeling of certain primal energies. So if any of you wish to examine that further, you may do some research. During times of peace other things are looked at, because there are other ways of channeling energy.


You don't have to be as disciplined.


The Pleiadian Civilization - Positivity

Now we're going to go on to another civilization - the Pleiadian civilization. This is, to some degree, an opposite energy to the Orion civilization. As with the Orions, their methodologies of relationships and sexuality was born out of their environmental conditions.


In the ancient, ancient Pleiadian past, the Pleiadians were very desirous of maintaining positive energy in their reality. At this time they did not understand how vital negative energy is when you balance them and channel them. So they were intent on repressing negativity.


Because of this focus on positivity, a lot of their relationship structures and their beliefs about relationships and sexuality came from this desire to not look at negativity.


Whereas the Orions were very rigid and very disciplined in the expression of their emotion and their vulnerability, the Pleiadians are much more open and flowing with these positive emotions.


Present-Time Monogamy

There are primary relationships within the Pleiadian system - what you would call marriage, one on one - but it's a little bit different from what you have here on your Earth.


They have ceremonies, but when they pledge their love to a person, they're not pledging their love for the future. They are instead pledging and celebrating their love in the moment.


This brings up a lot of insecurity in some individuals we've talked to, because many individuals on your planet desire the security of having someone that you know is going to be there when you're 80 years old and in your rocking chair. But as you know from the statistics on your planet, pledges at the altar do not guarantee that.


So what the Pleiadians have done is to recognize spontaneity, recognize emotionality in the moment - and that is how they choose to live their lives.


We would consider that to be non-monogamous according to your definition of monogamous.


From their definition of monogamy (and they've kind of twisted the definition a little bit), they're monogamous in the moment. The person they're with at that moment is the only person they are with energetically.


That's their idea of monogamy.

If you are in a Pleiadian civilization, the expression of love and sexuality at that moment is literally so complete and balanced and whole that there is no need to attach themselves to the other person and drag them through eternity. Because they have so many of these whole and complete interactions, they feel secure - in themselves and in their expression of their sexuality.

There are also married groups, which you have here on your world called "polyfidelity," which is simply taking the monogamy idea and expanding it so instead of two people, there are three or more. These marriage units are very loving, very connected, very committed to each other.


This does not necessarily mean that they never live with one person or never have a type of marriage relationship with one person; many of them do.


The difference is that they recognize immediately when it's time to move into something else. When you on your planet are in a relationship and feel that it's time to leave the relationship and you go and tell your mate, the mate quite often will be very hurt, will attempt to latch on to you, will show a lot of pain, etc.


On your planet, however, 100% of the time when one of you feels the relationship is changed, both of you have. It's just that one person may not be recognizing it, or may be living in their own type of creation and cannot see what's really happening. This is changing now, as all of you are committing yourselves to your own personal growth.


Within the Pleiadian system if the woman comes home and says, "This has been an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling relationship for me. I feel now that it's time for me to go to the other side of the planet and do something else," there's total understanding, total respect with no personal pain withheld on the part of the other person.


They recognize that it must be the time, and there is a disconnection. This allows relationships to be very fluid and the sexual energy within the partners is not held or blocked but is channeled through their entire body and into their lives.

One interesting contrast is that the Orions do not express sexuality in day-to-day life. They express their sexuality only when they're with their mate in a certain disciplined time period.


The Pleiadians allow their sexual energy to permeate every aspect of their life. So if you have an interaction with a Pleiadian, you may feel that there's a lot of sensual energy coming from that being.


It's because they do not differentiate between sensuality or sexuality and life. Sensuality or sexuality to them is life; it's the complete and full channeling of that energy through their embodiment.


That philosophy is brought into their society by how they structure their relationships.

Q: What's the definition of monogamy?

On what planet?

Q: From the definitions I've looked at, my mind thinks of monogamy as not being sexually committed to just one person. The definitions don't even say anything about sex.

Stephen said something very interesting yesterday about true monogamy, the idea that most people on Earth at this time do not practice true monogamy. What he said was that many of us base our decision to be monogamous on insecurity - of the moment and of the future - fear and unwillingness to do what you think is right, instead of your parental or societal conditioning. And that is not a valid choice for monogamy. Not that it does not occur here - it does - but when it occurs on that basis is where the problems are.

Monogamy Defined

The definition in your society of monogamy is two people committed to each other, not having sexual relations with another person.


We would say that true monogamy is when two people choose that idea of expression from an excitement and a willingness to play off the partner for personal growth.


When monogamy is chosen consciously instead of as a denial of something else (which we'll talk about in a moment), that would be expressed as true monogamy, a conscious choice. However, there are individuals in your society who choose monogamy for other reasons.


When you are in a monogamous relationship, it's very, very safe; you get used to the partner, you don't have to face certain issues, certain fears, and you can go about your life focusing your sexuality in a very tight beam, kind of like the Orions. If you don't choose to expand that beam out of fear, then is that true monogamy or is that choosing from fear?


You already know that many people on your planet choose monogamy, yet how many actually have extramarital relationships? The idea of extramarital relationships is not a choice of true monogamy. True monogamy would mean that the idea of extramarital relationships does not stimulate you on a conscious, deep level.


True monogamy would be rather Orion-like - when that is actually what they are excited by.

We really didn't want to talk about this tonight but, since we've already opened our mouth, we'll finish what we're saying. In your society now, as your consciousness is raising, you are going to be able to make some conscious choices for yourself. You're going to be able to make choices as to whether you want to choose monogamy for reasons of growth or for reasons of hiding fears or latching onto security.


As your consciousness raises, the structures of your relationships are going to begin changing. That's what's occurring now. Many of you are seeing that the divorce rate is going so high. This is not because there's disease and terrible things going on in your society; it's because the structure of relationships on your planet is changing.


So you're running around and re-shifting yourself to see what works for you, to find out what your own inner truth is. For the Pleiadians, this inner truth is not to stifle sexual energy whenever it is felt just because they have a mate. The mate is not threatened by expressions of sexuality from their mate.


There is no idea of threat or negativity from sexual expression within the Pleiadian civilization.

Now, none of these civilizations are better than yours. They are different.


You have parts of them in you because they have been your energetic forefathers; they've taught you a lot. But neither of their expressions are better. It's important that we say this, because you on Earth will eventually come up with a system of relationships that is perfect for you.


Eventually, that system of relationships will not have denial within it, will not have pain and fear, but will be one that will be birthed from the type of environment you had growing up as a species. It will work for you.

Right now you don't know which direction to go in; you don't know how to do this. But you are already beginning to create it. It's very important that we say that. So when we talk about the sexuality of your galactic family, we're giving you bits and pieces of who you are, bits and pieces of what is inside of you, so that you can choose whether you want to embrace them or not or learn from them and create something for yourself.


No one here is any better, any more evolved. It's simply a matter of choice.


Diseases, the Consequences of Repressing Negativity


Q: Do the Pleiadians have AIDS? Are they creating AIDS?

Very good question!


We were telling you a little earlier that the environment that the Pleiadians were birthed out of was an environment of the repression of negativity.


In ancient Pleiadian history there was a period of time when they were repressing so much negativity that it had to bleed out in other directions. They could no longer hold that well of negativity within them. What they manifested were diseases very similar to your AIDS disease.


So what they learned from that is that when they are not being true to themselves, when they are not channeling both positive and negative into their lives and using it for growth, when they are denying and repressing, it causes dysfunction or disease in their society.


So back then they did have some disease, yes. It was entirely a product of what they were repressing.

AIDS, Repression of Sexuality

The issue of AIDS on your planet now has many, many dimensions to it.


The dimension we will choose to talk about for now, with your question, is that ultimately the reason it is occurring on your planet now is indicative of the repression you have about sexuality - your own and others'. We understand it's not necessarily a sexual disease.


However, if you say AIDS to a roomful of people, what's the first thing they think? Sex!


So it's coming up on one level only (there's much more to this) as a way for you to examine your sexual premises, to understand where your fears, and anger and pain lie, and to release that.


AIDS and cancer, more than any other disease you have on your planet, are directly connected to your state of emotionality. There are some people who are choosing to manifest the AIDS virus as symbols for the world instead of ways to let out some of this energy.


But each person who is manifesting it is doing a very great service for your planet, because they're giving the opportunity for your planet to heal itself on very, very deep levels - levels that you've not wished to look at before, and only now in the last fifty years are allowing yourself to begin to look at.



Leaving a Relationship

Q: You've spoken about Pleiadians being able to separate freely. Because of our inability from time to time to clearly see our own issues, when we feel that a relationship might be over, how can we tell whether our feeling a need to separate is from ego-generated issues of fear, thinking separation is a solution, or whether it's a true excitement.

The way to discover your motivations in wanting to leave a relationship is by examining the flow in your life. If, for instance, you want to leave your wife or husband and it's very easy for you to do so - meaning that you get a job on the other side of town or things flow - you're going to find the motivation is because there's a need for growth and you're following that path.


If you try to leave and it's very difficult - things just don't happen to assist you in leaving, there's no flow - then you're going to find that you are not looking at something. Something needs to be resolved which will either clear the energy so that you can leave, or clear the energy so you can stay. It's a matter of resistance and flow.


Whenever there's resistance, examine your motivation. Whenever there's flow, think about taking action.

Q: Separation is never a solution, so when you talk about the Pleiadians bringing a relationship to a conclusion and moving on to another one, that does not constitute separation at all.

Correct. When they are having a relationship, they recognize their wholeness as separate beings and come together as a whole being as well. They recognize that when they separate they are separating into two wholes instead of two halves. The reason this comes about is that they recognize the other person is a total, absolute reflection of themselves; they're a mirror image of themselves.


There is an agreement between the two people in the relationship that they are together because they will initiate their own personal growth and help the personal growth of the other person - it's a partnership. There's no competition for one to get something out of it and rip off the other person. So when they separate, they separate into two wholes instead of two halves.

Relationships on your planet are frequently looked at as half a person coming together with another half of a person; that you're only whole when you're in a relationship. If you really feel that way inside, then when you separate, you will separate as half a person and you'll seek out another half-person to make yourself whole. You won't be able to seek out a whole person, because the idea of being one and a half is a little bit too much.


You'll only draw to you that which you are. You will seek out a half. That is why when they separate, relationships are frequently not completed. Each person is not complete within themselves, so they seek another half to complete and on the cycle continues.


Do you follow?

Q: Yes. There goes another expression I can't use anymore - "I'd like you to meet my `better half.'" Nobody really means that when they say it, anyway.

Thank you. Comments or questions?

Sexual Anatomy of Pleiadians and Orions

Q: I have a couple of questions: One is about the actual physical manifestation of the sexual act. Are they divided as we are into male and female?


Very good.


You will find the two civilizations we've talked about are both anatomically similar to you. Now, how much do you want to talk about this? [laughter] Two arms, two legs, body, head; the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins.


If a Pleiadian were walking down the street, you would all turn and remark about how they look (they look terrific). You would notice that they're different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien. That's how similar physically and genetically they are to you.

The Orions are somewhat taller (two arms, two legs, same thing).


Their skin is very different; it's olive-colored - a brown base with a greenish tinge. Their hair has a greenish tinge because they have copper in their blood. Akbar [the one Lyssa channels] lives on a desert planet, so they have four very thick layers of skin to protect them from the harsh environment.

That gives you a general idea of the body types. It is your galactic family. It is humanoid. Sexually, the difference is that in the males the penis is retractable. It is in the same location but it retracts back into the body for protection.


Now, this is a terrific thing! You could play baseball without wearing a cup! You can still see it; it doesn't completely disappear. It's like some of your animals.


In terms of getting aroused sexually, the male has complete control over an erection mentally, and complete control over ejaculation. So pregnancy occurs only when there is an agreement between the male and the female that that is what will occur. Ejaculation will occur only when that agreement has been reached.


That's a perfect form of birth control. The women have similar control over ovulation.

A couple of other minor differences. The female breasts are used for lactation and child feeding in both civilizations.


Unfortunately, the Orions do not consider the female breasts to be anything sexually arousing although they may use the nerve centers during the ceremonies and during the sex.


There is a lot of ceremony on Orion concerning sex.



Q: We have a practice on our planet called tantra, which is a higher form of sex where the energy is balanced to a certain extent to create a more powerful union. Do they have that also? Is that something we've inherited from them?

We would first say that in the Orion civilization the first two forms we were talking about, one for procreation and one for intimacy, are both highly ritualized, similar to a Japanese tea ceremony. You would find that within that ritual there would be practices very close to tantra, yes. But this occurs all the time. It's not as if they would say, "Well, let's do tantra today."


The Orions are not aware that they are doing anything except their ritual. It's part of who they are.

In the Pleiadian civilization it would be the same thing. The processes that they go through in a sexual exchange can be likened to tantra because it certainly does utilize the chakra system. On Earth a lot of you are implementing tantric practices, in a sense as a way to remember your heritage, because it is a God union. This doesn't mean you have to study tantra in order to achieve this. That is one way.


But you will find that in the Pleiadian expression, their sexual act is not a tantric exercise as a discipline but an expression that encapsulates the philosophies of tantra without their even having to think about it.

Q: Can't tantra also be used as an escape? If the consideration is that normal sexuality has something wrong with it, then tantra is better.

Anything on your planet can be used as an escape, including chocolate ice cream. There are some people on your planet who may use tantra as a way to escape their sexual pain. So it would depend on the motivations of any given individual.

Q: In the movie "Cocoon", when the woman came out of her shell, so to speak, in her light form and they had that powerful integration - that rang true on some level as if we'd known it before.

Well, several different levels. One, all of you are extremely sexually active in your dream or astral state. It's not necessarily considered sex per se as it is what you'd call an integration. So when you are on your nonphysical journeys, you very often come together for this integration and this sharing. That's one level of it.


Another level has to do with other civilizations who do utilize that form of sexual exchange. For instance, for the Pleiadians that is occurring but they are still doing it physically. There is a civilization called Essassani who represent (and we don't mean this as being better) a future evolutionary path for Earth. Their forms of sexuality are both physical and nonphysical - deliberately nonphysical, like you saw in Cocoon.


That type of exchange occurs very frequently. You're also tapping into that understanding that this will be something available to you in your future as you learn about your own sexual nature.


So it touched you - it touched a lot of people in your society - because it's something you all know how to do on certain levels, but for right now you're not choosing to do it except in the context of astral journeying.

Q: Is there any type of nonphysical sexual exchange while we're awake and in the body? Doesn't something like this occur sometimes when people are fantasizing on some level, maybe not visually but emotionally?

The situation in Cocoon was that you had two people focused on each other. If you're fantasizing alone you may be doing that and getting the attention of the person you're fantasizing about on another level, but it's not a conscious, eye-to-eye recognition. You see the difference?


And again, none of this is better than anything else. You are learning and growing. Your forefathers, who we've been talking about, are also learning and growing.


The Zeta Reticuli Civilization - Group Mind


This is Harone.


We are Zeta Reticuli consciousness. You have been talking about us, so we were called. We will begin by telling you a little about our work with your species. There is much to share with you. We know you have many questions.

First we will say that in no way do we orient ourselves as being negative. Our definition of negative means that we would have self-serving interests only, and that is not the case. We will tell you briefly about our historical evolution so you can understand some of the orientations we have that you interact with in your present time continuum.

Millennia ago we were a thriving civilization much like you. Within our civilization we had much diversity. We had war, we had differing belief systems and we also eventually had severe toxicity that was brought into our environmental system through individuals on our planet who were progressing technologically at a very rapid rate.


It was understood by us, as we saw the birth rate decrease, that there was to be a species crisis. Over a period of generations we recognized that the cranial size of our infants was growing larger at a marked rate. Our females were not able to adapt to this cranial increase, and so there were many of what you would call unsuccessful births and stillbirths.


Sometimes the birth would even kill the mother. We recognized that we were literally having a species crisis and so we prepared ourselves for survival.

Our unique way was to begin preparing underground facilities that we could go into, since our environment was going to collapse. We knew this was to occur. Due to severe radiation, we also knew that we were becoming sterile. We learned cloning abilities and this was of great excitement to us because we realized that then we could control the conception process; we could control the future of our race.


We gave much thought to this and chose, once we were underground, to clone out the wide range of neurochemical responses in our brain so that emotionally our state of being would be consistent, balanced and nonviolent in every way. Thus you have the beginning of the race that you have called the Zeta Reticuli.


We were born from conflict; we were born from crisis. We adapted ourselves to this crisis in the only way we knew how and thus you have the species that you see in your present day.

Throughout thousands of years of cloning, we have come to realize that what we wanted to achieve had a lot of forethought, but we made great errors in how we went about achieving it. We now have so little variation in our species genetically that it is as if you are taking a photograph and xeroxing it time and time and time again.


It becomes dimmer, less complete, it becomes less likely that the original image will continue to exist. We needed, then, a way to incorporate into ourselves new genetics so that our species will survive.


We have much to share with you, and we cannot share this with you from our present state of being.


The Human-Reticuli Agreement for Species Transformation

It is our understanding that you as a species have agreed to assist us in our transformation. We in turn have agreed to assist you in yours. At this point in time, the majority of people on your planet are not aware that we are assisting you.


At this time most are simply attributing negative scenarios to us. Yet we know an agreement has been achieved and we promise you that we will uphold our end of the agreement.

Our end of the agreement is as follows:

  1. That we will assist you in triggering latent genetic codes that will propel you into an accelerated state of genetic evolution. These codes were placed in you by your forefathers and were designed to be triggered when you achieved a certain vibratory rate.


    This vibratory rate occurs when your consciousness accelerates. That is what is occurring now. In our work with you, when we interact with you either physically or etherically, we work with these genetic structures, these latent genetic codes.


    Some of them can be activated from the etheric level; some need activation on the physical level. As we have agreed to do millennia ago, we will carry out this agreement of assisting in this species triggering.

  2. Even though we do not understand the concept of emotion we seek to understand it and we watch you in order to do so. We have been told by others who interact with us that your species' goal at the present time is in expressing and then integrating your fears.


    Even though we do not understand why, we understand that our interactions with you promote fear in some people. It is not our desire to promote fear in you, but those we interact with who are guardians to you tell us that your confrontation with your fear is of vital importance at this time in your development.


    Though we do not intentionally desire to trigger your fear, we are made aware that our interactions with you do in fact trigger that fear.

We are also told by other entities that there are others who are genetically connected to us who are deliberately promoting fear in you. However, we are told that their numbers are quite small.


They would have you think they are much more numerous. Recognize that from our point of view and from the point of view of your mass consciousness, we have joined hands and we are transforming together. We are taking a species leap together. There is a recognition that neither our species nor yours can continue indefinitely the way it is. We have joined hands together with you in order to bring about this species evolution for both of us.


You will find that as evolution occurs, we will become much more similar. We will become much more individualistic; you will become more unified. This will provide a way for us to finally open communication so that you may begin unfolding your memories of your species heritage and of the galactic family of which you are a part.

It is a great honor for us to play this role for you. It is also a great honor for us that you have chosen to play a role for us as well. We are infinitely entwined - we are not separate - though our realities may say we are.


We are very connected and for that we send our gratitude.


Zeta Sexual Orientation

When we communicate with you in this fashion through a physical channel, we will have physical facilitators, other extraterrestrial beings who help to facilitate this process.


We are told by them that you desire to hear about our sexual orientation or lack thereof. Simply put, when we went underground and began cloning, we did away with the idea of physical procreation as well as the sexual act.


Our organs began atrophying over many, many generations until now you cannot tell us apart - males from females, although on a chromosomal level we are still either XX or XY.

We seek emotional understanding and we also understand that you express your emotions in a sexual nature. Because we have lost this ability for so long, we also desire to learn how once again to connect with our humanity through the idea you call sexuality.


So we are fascinated by the sexual act that you have upon your world and the emotional processes that you encounter during these acts.


In no way do we perceive we are being intrusive, for from our point of view we recognize you have given us permission.


There are times when we will view you when you are having sexual exchanges in order that we may somehow learn how to initiate this within ourselves. In exchange for this gift that you have given us, many of you have come to our reality, to our crafts and you have viewed us engaged in what we call our Oneness ritual, which is a complete and total merging with our one identity.


It has been an honor that you have agreed to come and share this with us. From our point of view, this is an equal exchange. We learn what we desire; you learn what you desire.

We recognize there may be questions from you, and we would like to take this opportunity to address those if you would like to ask them.

Q: At the point in time in your history where children's heads were getting too large for birth, what was happening in your culture, your civilization, that this would manifest itself symbolically?

Our technological abilities were not paralleling our spiritual progression. There became a very marked gap between spirituality and technology, even more than upon your world today. Our mass consciousness desired a way to communicate the importance of this recognition of the gap. So in terms of symbolic expression, the natural tendency was for the cranium to grow so we would recognize there was a crisis and would then examine this crisis and recognize the gap between spirituality and technology. Unfortunately for our development, we did not recognize this until after we had begun cloning.

Q: What did the enlargement of the cranium symbolize? You could have manifested any number of physical difficulties.

Intellect! An imbalance of intellect over spirituality. You see this on your planet now when you demand proof for everything rather than recognizing a flow or a connectedness to all. You manifest this now in a way much less dramatic than the way we did. It was even more pronounced in our civilization.

Sexuality in Abductions

Q: Can you talk about your interest in our sexuality as experienced by people who are abducted? Our sexuality is something that our species protects. We're afraid of being vulnerable, so we have erected a lot of psychological and emotional methods to protect our sexuality. Many people experience that idea being violated during an abduction experience, which tends to cause a lot of trauma. Can you speak to us on how you view this? What are you exploring? What are you learning about our sexuality? And what is your intent?

First of all, recognize we have no intent, as we have stated, to change you.


Our interactions with you push buttons. Our interactions with you represent evolution.


Evolution requires the one evolving to look deeply into the mirror of self and choose what is undesirable for the evolution and to relinquish it. When we interact with you, you feel the tide of evolution.


This translates into your consciousness as threat because it requires you to look at yourself and relinquish things you have been carrying as a part of yourself. We are not deliberately doing anything to you. Our interactions with you bring up this in your consciousness.


If you as a species look in these dark corners where you are afraid to look, engage those fears and move through them, your interactions with us will change dramatically. Your interactions with us will not be from a fear-based orientation.


You are resisting evolution because of your fear, and until that fear is confronted and released, you will feel the pressure of evolution.

Q: Can you comment on the mechanics of what occurs during an abduction? Many people have their sexual organs examined and probes put inside them and samples taken. This in itself causes a violation of our systems of protection. It penetrates all of them, and from their perception puts the person in a powerless situation.

It is also an opportunity to look at it as being in a vulnerable situation instead of a powerless situation.


Vulnerable - not in the negative sense of weakness - but vulnerable meaning empowerment. That is, when you are vulnerable, you are open to All That Is, to the One. You cannot connect fully with your Divine Creator or Self unless you become totally vulnerable.


It is a matter of shifting perspective. When we interact with you in an abduction situation - again we speak of the dynamic, not of what we intend to do - you are given the opportunity to look at the situation either from a point of empowering vulnerability or from a victimizing vulnerability, or disempowered vulnerability.


When you are lying on an examination table, the choice is to either feel victimized and to hold and repress that pain of victimization in your life or to confront that feeling and then surrender. If you surrender, not as if we were invading - that is not what is meant - but relinquish your resistance and recognize yourself as a co-creator in this, you then become vulnerable in an empowering way.


You let your guard down, you merge with the One and thus become an active force in the tide of evolution. And you see that in that choice there is no pain. There is only pain when one chooses to focus on the idea of disempowerment, saying you have not created this somehow, that you are not part of species transformation, whereas each and every one of you is part of that.


Are we being too philosophical for you? Do you want to know what we do with you?

Q: Yes, that's what I was getting at. I was asking for a description from the point of view of an abductor.

Well, it really depends on which group.


We are divided, shall we say, into different groups that have different purposes. Some are entirely focused on neurochemical research; those groups will focus primarily on the head and the neck areas. Some are interested primarily in genetic research, and in that case, samples would be taken from all portions of the body.


Some are interested in reproductive research; those are the ones who work directly with your reproductive functions. Perhaps it would not take too much imagination to know what we seek - sperm, eggs, secretions from prostate, skin samples and also an understanding, a mind link, of what procreation means to the person. It is not just cold research, as you would say.


We may not know how to understand your emotions, but we do pay attention to them. We are extremely curious about your emotional selves.

Q: When you are observing people in the sexual act, how do you personally perceive this? How do you respond to those strong emotions? It's my understanding that you almost can't bear them.

Very often some of us will have protection, energy shielding, because the emotions are very intense for us. There is no arousal, as you know the term. There is a tremendous amount of curiosity in the biochemical secretions in the brain that are occurring during the sexual act.


So biologically speaking, what is of most interest in viewing the sexual act are the biochemical fluctuations.


Our way of understanding emotions is by first understanding biochemically. Now that may be inaccurate - perhaps many of you would think it is - but right now that is the only way we know how to do it. We must deal with data.


We cannot deal with it from an emotional base. We are also interested in the physical methods of touching that you use not only in sexual acts but in acts of affection and maternal and paternal demonstrations to your offspring.


That is also something of primary interest to us.

Other Zeta Forms

Q: Apart from the physical form that you maintain, do you project something that is not as dense in its reality, that can be seen as a light form? And do you use that form to help us trigger some of these genetic memories whose time it is to come forward? Can you project that in various wavelengths or colors through the use of sound? Could it be detected and interacted with?

Yes, certainly. You've done your research well. We interact with you on every level we can. Sometimes when more physical samples are needed, we must densify ourselves, which is very uncomfortable. Sometimes when we are working only with etheric DNA triggering, we can enter your reality in a light state. Some of you will sense our energy, and your consciousness will translate our energy into a shape that will tell you the identity of the energy that you are sensing.

Q: Do you ever express any countenance other than what we might call deadpan, or without emotion? Are you capable of what we would call a smile or would that be too emotional in nature?

We would have to explain something. We are not capable of a smile as an individual. We are capable of joy or ecstasy as a group. When we were speaking of our ritual of the One, it is the only form that we could say approximates a sexual exchange in our reality. It is basically standing in a circle with others and holding hands or joining energies, and soaring to heights of ecstasy of the One.

Q: Would that have a tremendous quality of sweetness to it, and could it be radiated forth from your physical face or from your body?

Yes. You would not necessarily see it as a smiling; it would be a sensing more than actually seeing the movement in the face.

Q: Would it be a sensitivity or a connectedness that would come from the energy that you have?


At this time we will honor the vehicle and depart.


But we thank all of you as individuals and as a group and as a planetary society for the roles that you have played in your planetary evolution.


Do not ever underestimate that your coming here has not assisted.


Each and every one of you have your own gift and we thank and honor you for those gifts. And we thank you for being a part of our gift that we give to you.


Our love to you and goodnight.