8.- Summary of Remote Viewing

Checklist for simple ERV

  • First use remote viewing to find a person in his or her house, then phone them up to see how accurate you were.

  • Next, ask a friend to hide an object in their home and use remote viewing to find it.

  • From there, use remote viewing to travel to a distant location and look for details you can check up on when you actually go to that site.

  • Finally, remotely view unknown sites which interest you.

  • Negative entropy - total order: defusing the destructive feedback cycle brings order out of chaos.

In the biophysical field, there is an energy - called adaptive energy by Dr Hans Seyle - that orders your mind and psyche, which keeps the body young and is used to fight disease. It is negative entropic in that it turns chaos into order. A quality of living things is this ordering effect. Some people cause chaos wherever they go, which is a sign of low adaptive energy. They leave people feeling exhausted because they take the life force of others.

Steps for using negative entropy

1. Visualize positive energy flowing into yourself from the countryside, using directed attention and your mental cinema screen. This charges your biophysical field with adaptive energy contained in the Earth's biophysical field.

2. Channel this adaptive energy by fixating directed attention on your mental cinema screen on images of whoever you are trying to influence or whatever you are trying to achieve. This drives away chaotic attractors and converts a situation from a non-linear dynamical system into one that can be predicted. In layman's terms, charging up people or future events with adaptive energy makes them less chaotic.


Consensus reality can be altered using psi. With remote viewing you can see what is going on anywhere in the world, the outcome of your actions in the future, and alternative futures that can be entered by changing events in the present. With remote sensing you can see what is going on in other people’s heads. With remote influencing you can alter people’s behaviour enabling your plans to come to full fruition.

Consciousness can and does alter reality, as quantum physicists have suspected since the turn of the century. Directed attention amplifies your normal consciousness and the faculty of remote viewing; the more you use it the stronger your consciousness becomes. Constantly fixating directed attention on your mental cinema screen strengthens your remote-viewing faculty making you more aware of this sixth sense in you, and in the process it allows you to integrate your whole persona into conscious control. You can thus explore your own subconscious and unconscious. This whole process makes your mind and body more powerful.

Likewise, the mental cinema screen when activated by directed attention can be used as a doorway to the biophysical realm, so you can initiate remote viewing at will. Once you can do this, assiduously practice the software of success memes until they become habitual. From that time on, all negative memes will be so uncomfortable they will be discarded and bounced back to the people who throw negativity at you.


This basic introduction to memes and memetics leads us on to the negative meme structure that we all find in life. Meme structures are a series of interlocking memes which together build up a model of reality. In the case of the destructive feedback cycle, this negative meme structure locks us into the consensus reality upheld by the PDF. If you can escape the effects of the destructive feedback cycle, you are halfway to saving all the energy that is needed for advanced ERV. Think of the biophysical field as a battery that is run down by the destructive feedback cycle. If this draining effect can be eliminated, the biophysical field will not run down after a normal day, and you can use this surplus adaptive energy for remote viewing.

To understand the destructive feedback cycle and how it affects remote viewing, look at Figure 21. Let us first address the principles that apply: all remote-viewing training material has to be processed through the brain; new remote-viewing data is not dealt with in isolation, but is incorporated with old material of a similar nature. Emotional content (the way you felt at the time of remote viewing) is incorporated into the memory of the data gleaned by remote viewing and is then linked to similar feelings that you have had in the past.


Learning how to use remote viewing is linked with memories of other times when you tried to change your habitual ways of acting. In most cases, this caused stress, so new material will bring with it not only the stress it causes while it is being taught to you, but a whole gamut of previous similar situations imprinted on your memory. This means that when you try to implement this new material, you will get considerable negative feedback, most of which comes from past stressful experiences which are related to this new material. This goes back to the indoctrination you were subjected to at school, which has implanted negative memes that interfere with remote viewing, i.e. remote-viewing training must go against the common-sense view of the world you have been trained to uphold.

You will try to alleviate this stress by slowing down implementation of the new material, or finding excuses not to carry on. Therefore it is important that stress-reduction systems be incorporated into remote-viewing training at an early stage, so as to connect a feeling of relaxation and well-being with remote-viewing practice.

Steps for Russian ERV

1. The first step was to lower the remote viewer into the theta state.

Russian research was very advanced in autovisualization of the brain and by concentrating on this they learnt how to reverse front to back polarity, thus lowering the brain into a sleeping state. Changing electrical potentials in the brain can, however, have a number of unpleasant side effects, including the inability to stay awake when the brain becomes habituated to the new polarity.


Pinching of the blood supply to the cortex by autovisualization is also a technique that is given by some Russians as a means of entering theta. But cutting the blood supply to the brain can cause brain damage since the arteries and capillaries can shrink in size under the influence of autovisualization, leading to atrophy of the cortex. Anyone thinking of emulating all aspects of Russian psi research should be aware that Soviet dictums held little regard for the safety of the psi-operator, only the effectiveness of the paranormal warfare.

For this more advanced form of ERV, I recommend using mental biofeedback to get to theta - not of Russian origin, but safer. Use directed attention focused on your mental cinema screen, which shows your brain stress system, to relax it into the theta state.

2. Visualize the biophysical field swelling around your body from the psychotronic generator that is pumping your psi-field with energy.

In the West, psychotronic generators do not exist, so you will have to visualize yourself getting energy from Stonehenge or another power spot that you favour. These power spots are filled with adaptive energy, or life force. Memes generated by our culture are adaptive-energy parasites that feed off our energy getting larger in the process, e.g. shop till you drop, work all your life for a mortgage, paranormal phenomena do not exist.


A person is defined by their car, clothes, job, looks. By editing the memes out of your being, it means that when you pump you biophysical field with adaptive energy from power sites, it is not being drained by memes which would compel you to follow their ideas as they gained more energy from you, only making matters worse. Visualize your biophysical field on your mental cinema screen. Psychically see energy from Stonehenge flowing into your biophysical field, pumping it up until it explodes out of your physical body.

3. Use directed attention to project your empowered biophysical field at the target site to be remotely viewed.

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