The Fifth Stage of Theocracy

The fifth stage of Theocracy employs electronic mind control instead of religious mind control, and it can enslave people who subscribe to belief systems other than those of organized religion.

The fifth-stage Theocrats have much stronger psychic powers than ordinary Theocrats, because they have access to psychic machines of the same type we use, and they are also able to control elementals to some extent.

This allows them to control people sufficiently advanced in personal psychic development to resist ordinary religious mind control, and to deceive people capable of recognizing that fourth-stage organized religion is a tool to enslave and exploit human beings.

On a purely technical level, this is not a serious threat to our plans to liberate Earth from Theocracy.

The Elohim races who originally perfected the astral-matter technology are allies of ours and enemies of Theocracy. Their agents, and our agents who have received training directly from them, have much more complete knowledge of how to modify and use this equipment than any of the Theocratic spirits have.

[Griffith asks if these "agents" are living people or disembodied spirits.]

The rumors that certain living people have advanced knowledge of psychic technology are untrue. Only disembodied spirits who have never incarnated on Earth can have this knowledge - it's far too complex a set of astral memories to survive the incarnation process.

Living Earth people do make use of this technology, but they are analogous to the users of a computer system, not to the technicians and system operators who actually run it.

And the use of this equipment by the Theocrats and the living people who work for them is directly analogous to what computer hackers do on Earth: they have direct control of only a limited amount of software, but they use it to make unauthorized use of the whole system.

[Griffith has noticed that much of the literature on operational magic resembles manuals for using computer systems. For example, lists of "secret names" and "words of power" seem directly analogous to passwords for accessing computer files and commands for instructing the system to perform specific functions. He also see a resemblance between "magical languages" like Enochian and computer languages. The same holds true of numerological and literological systems. And many magical spells and incantations have a structural similarity to computer programs.]

That's exactly what they are. All those books that tell people how to work magic by controlling demons or other spiritual entities are quite literally manuals for using psychic technology.

Our code name for the network of psychic machines left here by the Elohim has always been the black network, which is the origin of the term black magic. It has nothing to do with morality, but is strictly a technical term.

[Griffith observes that this is an unfortunate choice of terminology, as is the identification throughout history of the forces fighting Theocracy with the devils of the various organized religions. Why, he asks, do you do this?]

We already explained why we identify ourselves with the spiritual adversaries of the gods of Theocratic religion: that's simply a matter of operational reality.

We oppose the gods; therefore we are devils. No matter what terminology we use, the Theocrats would say that we are morally evil and encourage people to sin, so we might as well follow our own custom. Of course, people should compare what we do with what the Theocrats do, and decide for themselves who is good and who is evil.

The use of the term black magic for psychic workings performed with the aid of psychic technology has a similar grounding in operational reality.

The energies radiated by astral-matter machines appear to be black in color when perceived with the psychic senses, whereas the energies radiated by human astral souls - including those of Theocrats - appear to be white or bright-colored. This has a physical cause related to the frequency of the radiant astral energies themselves: the former appear absorptive and the latter reflective.

All use of psychic technology radiates "black" energy and all use of people's own psychic powers radiates white energy, and this has absolutely no relationship to whether these energies are being used for good or evil purposes. The Theocrats long ago identified black magic with evil because the black network was designed by the Elohim, who are their enemies, and the Invisible College has always made more extensive use of it than the Theocrats.

Fifth-stage Theocrats work through organized religion, but they are not tied to it as strongly as are Theocrats using more primitive methods.

They are capable of turning almost any group of people into a Theocratic cult and any ideology into a Theocratic doctrine. The spectacular corruption and explosion of the People's Temple is an example of what they can do to a religious group, but the Symbionese Liberation Army affair - the kidnapping and conversion of Patty Hearst - is proof that they can work through a purely political group as well.

Right now [l988], they are trying to turn many rock groups and their inner circles of fans into Theocratic cults, and they have also corrupted a number of occult and New Age groups. This ties in with what we said earlier about "living Theocrats."

The best example of how fifth-stage Theocracy operates and how we are fighting it involves subliminal warfare through the electronic media. This began in the Sixties, when many idealistic people in the counterculture tried to form new religious systems to replace Judeo-Christianity.

On the overt level, their attempts produced the New Age movement and the present revival of traditional occultism, but the process has had an even more important effect on Western society on a subliminal level.

A high percentage of the imaginative novels, movies, and television programs produced in the last twenty years contain hidden messages about the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. And popular music today is an even more effective tool for mind control than it was in the Sixties.

As soon as we started this subliminal warfare, the fifth-stage Theocrats began using it too, and both sides have been fighting desperately for control in this area all during the last twenty years.

[Griffith very quickly noticed the magnitude of this warfare when he started doing research for a book on the role of popular music in the War in Heaven. Many of today's rock songs tell the same story, over and over again. It's like reading passages from the diary of someone gradually going mad in an old horror novel. Every new rock group starts out with a few normal protest or love songs. Then they get swallowed by a group mind controlled by fifth-stage Theocrats, and from that point on, all their songs sound as if they were written by the same person. However, this Theocratic subversion is often not complete, and periodically one of the groups still writes a song about the fight to liberate the human race from mind control.]

A number of musicians who are also highly skilled magicians have set out to train and control some spiritual beings that they believe are young gods that can eventually oust all Theocrats and Invisible College spirits from the astral plane, leaving them in control of this brain-washed spirit and thereby the rest of the world.

Furthermore, they all believe that they will somehow merge with this creature and become gods themselves.

Griffith: This sounds identical to what you said in the last chapter about the Elohim and the birth of new gods, yet you seem to be taking a negative attitude towards it here.

Invisible College: The actual situation is extremely complicated. Some of the people in this movement are working with Elohim, and their efforts will allow the elementals they are training to become gods.

Such people are themselves Elohim-in-training. However, the majority of people who are involved with this are actually working with Theocratic spirits who lack both the morality and the technical knowledge to raise their elementals as true gods.

These elementals will cause a great deal of harm during the Last Days, and they will almost certainly devour all the spirits and living people linked to them.

These "false gods" are controlled through astral-matter machines belonging to Theocratic spirits.

Some of these machines can generate immense quantities of psychic powers and allow magicians to do spectacular acts of magic, which convinces them that they are truly on the way to becoming gods, but this is just another deception. They are merely on the way to becoming Theocrats by imitating their methods and morals. The Theocrats treat the embryonic gods as domestic animals and use them for their own selfish purposes just as they use other human spirits, living people, and psychic machines.

The Theocrats are able to deceive many people who study the higher levels of Western occultism, because many famous magicians of the past are now Theocrats.

The best example of this deception is in the medieval alchemical mythology about the Homunculus which was later picked up by the Golden Dawn and Crowleyites as the Magical Child theory. One element in this theory is the idea that properly trained human magicians can control gods or other spiritual beings much more powerful than they are if they know the proper spells and secret names.

Any magician who applies this concept to contact with the Theocrats, or to units of the astral psycho-technology, or to elementals, is entering on very dangerous ground. The Theocrats are quite willing to let magicians think they are controlling them, and will assist them in working all manner of magic using their various passwords.

However, the more the magicians use this system, the more mental reprogramming signals the Theocrats send back along the linkages being used.

This reprogramming affects both the astral mind and the physical mind, and there is a grim irony in the phrase "You yourself are the instrument."

Anyone who collaborates with Theocratic spirits to do magical workings is putting his or her own astral and physical mind directly into the reprogramming circuitry.

Griffith: The medieval literature on alchemy and ceremonial magic is full of protective spells and charms that magicians are supposed to use to protect themselves from being affected or taken over by the gods, demons, or other spiritual beings they are supposedly enslaving to work for them. Are you saying that none of these protections work?

Invisible College: Not if the magician is in contact with Theocratic spirits. And the closely related concept that magicians cannot be affected by the entities they contact to work black magic if they are "pure in heart" is equally false. The Theocrats don't care if people are virtuous or not; their mind-control linkages will corrupt magicians slowly but surely. There are many living magicians walking around right now who think exactly like Theocratic spirits. They think they are gods, they think they are immortal, they think they have the right to control other people and disembodied spiritual beings to do their bidding, and they drain psychic energy freely from others like psychic vampires.

Another mythological element the Theocrats use to deceive traditional Western magicians is the concept that the Atman or higher self of a human being is itself a god, and that if an organized group of magicians merges their higher selves, they can collectively create and control a new god capable of becoming a major force in the world of the living and of taking on an equal status with existing gods.

This whole mythos is based on the desire for power over other intelligent beings, which, of course, is one of the principal causes of Theocracy.

From our point of view, the entire mythology is completely false. It is based on a number of false assumptions about spiritual reality that you have already thoroughly debunked in this book.

The key fallacy that underlies everything else concerns the so-called "higher self." It exists, of course, but it's no more godlike than the lower self.

The higher self is nothing more than the astral soul with its astral mind and psychic powers. Becoming a magician is nothing more than putting the physical mind in conscious contact with the astral mind and using the psychic powers in the astral soul.

The medieval alchemists and cabbalists developed excellent practical techniques for doing this, but their theoretical explanations of how it worked were completely wrong.

Griffith: How does the information you just gave relate to my experiences with modern rock music?

For example, I sometimes seem to hear messages with my name in them. Is this how people get entrapped into Theocratic electronic mind-control networks? And what exactly are the messages - actual subliminals in the music itself, or telepathic messages that use the music as a focusing device for my own psychic powers?

Invisible College: This form of electronic mind control is extremely powerful, and much more is expressed in electronic signals than an analysis of the surface message indicates.

Modern rock music is not just a melody and a lyric with a few specific subliminals added in such a way that they can be easily extracted. If it were, then computer scientists on Earth could put songs in digital form, separate out the subliminals that had particular effects on people's minds, and actually write a sort of computer language out of them that could be used for simple kinds of mind control.

For this reason, both the Invisible College and the Theocrats deliberately keep the subliminals far too complex to be analyzed and cracked with present Earth computer technology.

Don't assume that the voices you hear on records speaking your name, or various other word patterns that you think are personal and unique to you, are proof that some living person or some disembodied spirit has the same verbal knowledge that you yourself possess.

This simply isn't true.

The mental programs that human beings use to deal with language involve a lot of what you could call "computer enhancement of images" and also "high-level computer languages."

The actual subliminal sounds mixed into recorded music and broadcast on radio and television are more like a computer machine language than either an ordinary spoken Earth language or a high level computer language that resembles such a spoken language. They are not words or even phonemes in English, but patterns of sound that produce certain reactions within the speech-interpretation programs in the listener's mind.

For example, when you think you hear your name being called, the signal is probably not your name as an Earth person at all, nor your name where you came from, but a descriptive term in machine language that refers to a specific type of person. It's comparable to sending a narrow-band radio signal on a certain frequency; if anyone has a set tuned to exactly that frequency, he'll hear a signal.

Some of the Theocrats and many spirits in the Invisible College know what kind of people are here doing various jobs. If they want to communicate with such people, they send a group of machine-language symbols that a mind of one exact type will receive, and no other. If you are that type, you will hear your name being called, or will otherwise be aware that someone has a message for you.

What you don't seem to be aware of is that only you or someone exactly like you can hear the signal if it is specific enough.

Some of these call codes are more specific than others. Some can be heard by nearly all conscious extraterrestrial agents; others by all extraterrestrials, period; and some by everyone with a certain degree of psychic development.

Many of these subliminal messages have the same effect on the human mind, which on one level is computer software, as programming commands sent into an computer. In other words, receipt of a group of machine-language symbols by your mind causes a particular program to start running, if you are in the correct state of consciousness and if your mind possesses the program in the first place.

This is why the voices you hear in the music seem to be trying to recruit you to their side or to scare you off from interfering with their activities. Do not jump to the conclusion that the senders have conscious knowledge of who you are or what you are doing on the level of Earth-plane activity.

They know that many different people are doing research into electronic mind control, and that among them are undoubtedly some conscious extraterrestrial agents with the correct mental programs to understand messages of the type you are now receiving from us.

They also know how to send messages directly to you through music subliminals, because they know some of the mental programming you have to have to do your job. They are "on your wavelength" or "they know your language."

So, no matter who they are or which side they are on, they try to get you to join them or to keep you from interfering with them.

Another thing you have to realize is that these messages that you can now receive because you have the right programs loaded into your mind are not new. Many different groups of spirits and living magicians have been sending such messages for years. That hasn't changed; it is you who have changed. You can now hear and see the messages, whereas a few months or years ago you couldn't.

What you are receiving is quite real, but it isn't quite what you think it is either. You think that the messages are much more specific than they are. You think that they are aimed at you as a unique individual. They aren't; they are aimed at a type of person doing a certain type of job and possessing certain kinds of mental software.

[Griffith asks how to distinguish subliminal sounds put into the music itself on the physical level from telepathic messages sent to people when they listen to the music.]

A few modern records contain subliminal messages in ordinary English, but these aren't really important.

They are usually quite crude and easy to spot, and are little different from the ones you are familiar with from the Sixties, like the "Turn me on, dead man" backmask on that old Beatles record. The backmasked sounds on many rock records have a much simpler explanation than you presently think. First of all, the vast majority of them are not put there for any deliberate effect, but just to make the sound richer and more complex.

Modern recording engineers have a whole library of natural and artificial sounds available to them when they work, and they have it all labeled by various nomenclature systems of their own. If they want a particular effect on a particular record, they usually know approximately what kind of item in their library is appropriate.

Then they listen to samples and pick one that seems right and insert it into the mix. But they almost never know what that sound was originally, nor do they care. The recording they hear is already backwards or otherwise mechanically distorted. It is not meaningful to them except for whether or not it fits the sound criteria they need for the job at hand.

Now, when you use your own sound-mixing equipment to distort this sound until it becomes meaningful and you can recognize its origin, you are usually doing something that the people who mixed the record did not even do themselves. The information you obtain by doing this is not a secret message sent by them.

The whole process is as fruitless as taking a book that is being used to prop a window open, and reading the contents to try to find out why the window was opened or who opened it.

The important subliminals in modern rock music are nothing as easily identifiable as English words. Some of them are machine-language symbols that evoke particular words or phrases; when you receive these, you may think you are hearing words in sound, but an oscilloscope would not register the same pattern as it would from the same words actually spoken. In other words, you could "hear" the same group of words from two completely dissimilar oscilloscope patterns of sound.

Some of these machine-language groups are so basic and so powerful that a person who spoke a language like Chinese would still hear words with about the same meaning. However, most of them would not even get through to another speaker of English unless the person also had the correct mental programming.

[Griffith asks about "Raudive voices," named for a psychic researcher who postulated that disembodied spirits could impress their voices onto magnetic recording tape. He has received a large number of messages of this type during his music research. Are they put there by spirits who psychokinetically manipulate the molecules in the tape, or is there another explanation?]

The messages are not on the tapes, but in your mind. Spirits perceive the pattern of background noise going onto the tape and key it to a telepathic message they're sending into your subconscious.

You can consciously retrieve the message when you listen to the tape. The proof is that sometimes more than one person will hear the same message on a particular tape, sometimes not. Also, if you listen to such a tape frequently, you can learn to retrieve the message without it.

Both we and the Theocrats use this method of communication frequently, on music tapes as well as tapes containing only noise.

Griffith: The scope and effectiveness of the electronic mind-control techniques you have just described give the fifth-stage Theocrats much more power to control people than the religious Theocrats have ever had.

However, Western civilization still seems to be evolving towards the goals set by the Invisible College long ago: an increase in individual sovereignty in all aspects of human life, a decrease of bigotry and closed-mindedness, and a higher level of general knowledge and sophistication in both technological and social areas.

I assume that this is why you remain optimistic about the future, but nevertheless, many of the people who commented on Spiritual Revolution [a preliminary edition of War in Heaven] expressed serious doubts about the future of the human race on Earth.

They believe that nuclear war, biological warfare, or destruction of the Earth's biosphere through pollution will prevent an advanced civilization from developing on this planet, no matter what the Invisible College is able to do.

Invisible College: We are still optimistic, but these fears are quite rational and deserve to be discussed in more detail.

Our wars with the Theocrats over the centuries have always involved battles over the evolution of physical technology, as well as the programming of individual mental software and the design of social institutions.

During the last few decades, this technology war has become one of the most important aspects of the whole struggle.

We've already described the major aspects of this technological warfare in some detail: mind-altering drugs and the electronic media.

We will next discuss other aspects that are just as important, but are not as easy to identify because they don't involve direct mind control. They are factors that operate behind the scenes, but they are going to play a principal part in determining the ultimate destiny of civilization on this planet. If the Invisible College retains control of these factors, Earth will eventually take its place among the advanced human civilizations.

If the Theocrats get control of them, then the physical planet Earth is doomed, and those of its inhabitants who survive will do so only as refugees on other worlds.

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The Technology War

Due to rapidly-evolving technologies and geopolitical events since the l988 publication of War in Heaven, information in the area of The Technology War is now partially obsolete and in need of updating.

I present here a very brief summary of the state of the Technology War at that time, category by category. Kyle Griffith will provide a current look at this area in the WiH Forum.


The Birth Control Pill

The pill, not birth control in general, is important because the way in which it interferes with the menstrual cycle can enhance women's ability to gain control of their psychic powers - something the Theocrats always try to suppress.

The effect is related to changes that take place in the somatic soul during early pregnancy as it prepares itself to bond with a reincarnating astral soul. Birth-control pills simulate early pregnancy.



The AIDS virus was created by Theocrats by using psychokinetic genetic manipulation to alter a relatively harmless African venereal disease virus.

The need to find a vaccine for AIDS through genetic engineering was one of the chief reasons why such research was sanctioned and financed on a large scale. And genetic research is far more dangerous than atomic research in its potential to produce a wider variety of weapons of mass destruction, more easily and cheaply.

The risk of accidental release of such weapons is much higher than the risk of accidental nuclear war.

Right-wing reactionaries in l988 were conspiring to pressure governments to treat AIDS with benign neglect and to withhold vaccine from public distribution for as long as possible after it was discovered. This would allow AIDS to spread very deeply into the Third World, so that the means of preventing or curing it could eventually be used as a weapon to further First World interests.

This power-brokerage scenario could be used with other biological agents as well.


Strategic Defense Initiative

The actual goal of this program was to do basic research on lasers, magnetic pulses, and other forms of coherent radiation, leading to the development of electronic disruption weaponry.

The Invisible College was mostly concerned that such weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists and Third World nations, enabling them to upset the balance of power between the superpowers of the time, which was preventing nuclear war.

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The Last Days

Griffith: Before you start your discussion of the Last Days, I'd like to know more about the predictions of Nostradamus. I've never believed it's possible to predict the future very accurately, yet his prophetic poems have always im­pressed me a great deal.

Invisible College: The predictions of Nostradamus are extremely deceptive.

The people who think he was able to predict events like the French Revolution and the Second World War are wrong. Most of the quatrains that seem to have come true contain specific details that matched historical events by sheer chance. For example, one of the latest [l988] to "come true" involves a quatrain that tells how "one from France" will depose the Shah of Iran.

Since the leader of the recent Iranian Revolution did in fact come out of exile in France to depose the Shah, the prediction did come true in a sense. But we assure you this was pure coincidence.


Griffith: I've always felt the same way about the predictions of historical events between the time of Nostradamus and the present. What has impressed me are his visual images of modern technology. Some of his verses contain what seem to be accurate descriptions of airplanes, submarines, missiles, conventional and nuclear bombing, chemical and biological warfare, etc.

Invisible College: Nostradamus had visions of all these things that were quite accurate, but this had nothing to do with prophesy.

Physical technology develops along similar lines on many different worlds, and the images he described were taken from the historical records of some advanced civilization.


Griffith: In other words, he had past-life memories that included the equivalent of historical movie footage of the development of technology.

Invisible College: Yes, and he also received some of the images from extraterrestrial spirits sent here especially to do that particular job.


Griffith: However, it now looks as if his predictions that the Last Days on Earth will occur at the end of the twentieth century may very well come true. How do you explain this?

Invisible College: This had nothing to do with his visions about the development of technology. The information was supplied to him by the Invisible College, and was simply an educated guess, based on our knowledge of the development of other civilizations.

However, it is important to realize that what was predicted was not the Last Days themselves, but only the potential for entering them. Earth is obviously at that point right now, but we still cannot predict exactly what will happen next, or when.

The situation is extremely complex, both strategically and ethically, and to some extent we are forced to wait for events to determine their own course.


Griffith: It looks to me as if the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that are manipulating the evolution of earthly society are divided into two factions with conflicting goals. The Elohim are here to assist in the birth of new Gods, and the space people are here to create a new civilization similar their own.

Invisible College: This is completely correct, and it is a difficult political situation.

The Elohim have a strong claim here because of the astral technology that their ancestors left on this planet long ago; but they also want to maintain a good relationship with us, so they will allow us to found an advanced civilization of individual humans on Earth if possible. There is no emotional animosity between the two factions, and a complex set of rules to determine how the situation is handled.

And in one sense, the Earth people themselves will determine the fate of their own world.


Griffith: Exactly what do you mean?

Invisible College: If a major nuclear war occurs before Earth has established viable space colonies, no advanced individual civilization will develop here.

And even if such colonies are established, the fate of hundreds of millions of individual souls depends on the course of history from now until the Last Days.

If the Earth is still capable of sustaining human life after the Last Days, many more people can be saved than if the new civilization is forced to live in space.


Griffith: This brings me to a subject I really don't want to think about, but it's so obvious from everything you've said so far that I do have to ask about it. The population of Earth is now well over five billion. How many of them have a reasonable chance of surviving as individuals?

I already know that the majority will be assimilated into the new Gods as they develop, and I find this concept absolutely appalling. Is there really any difference between such a fate and simply being devoured by Theocratic spirits?

Invisible College: The Elohim say there is a difference. People at a low stage of spiritual development who become part of a God do not die, but retain the potential to incarnate on some other world in the future and continue their evolution.


Griffith: This means you are admitting that the majority of the people now alive on Earth do not have the potential of becoming like you, but must cast their lot with the Elohim and Gods, or else be devoured by Theocrats and their animalistic Elementals.

Invisible College: Yes.


Griffith: Do people who have not evolved spiritually over the course of many earthly lives have a chance of determining which fate awaits them during the Last Days?

Invisible College: Yes. Most people who die while the new Gods are forming will survive.

The more advanced will survive as individuals, and the rest will be assimilated into the Gods. However, those already in Theocratic bands or animalistic Elementals will not survive. That is why we originally had you simply warn your readers about Theocracy and stop there. This alone would be enough to save the majority of Earth people at a low stage of spiritual development.

As long as such people avoid Theocratic enslavement after death, they stand an excellent chance of survival.


Griffith: Why are you complicating the issue by making the rest of the information in this book public?

Invisible College: The main reason is that Theocrats have already communicated much of it to living people, but in a form that serves their interests, not those of the Elohim and space people.

It is no longer possible for us to say that Gods do not exist and that people should strive to survive death as individuals and reincarnate.


Griffith: Please clarify this.

Invisible College: During the last twenty years [l988], the fifth-stage Theocrats have manipulated millions of Earth people into believing a cosmology based much more closely on the truth than are the traditional religious mythologies.

Instead of asserting that people have to submit to the will of an omnipotent deity to survive death, they are now saying that individuals can merge with the godhead on a more equal basis.

This is one of the basic tenets of the New Age mythology, and it's just close enough to the truth to be extremely dangerous.


Griffith: I understand what you mean, but can you help me put it into words more clearly?

Invisible College: The concept that an Earth person can merge into one of the young Gods that will form during the Last Days, and still survive as an individual, is true.


It is quite true that spirits from the Elohim races and other souls at a high stage of development are now preparing certain embryonic Elementals to become Gods, but they do not recruit ordinary Earth people to help them. It's a job for specialists, and such people know who they are from birth.

They don't need to be recruited, nor do they need to be told telepathically who and what they are. Anybody who is told something different is being deceived.


Griffith: In other words, Gods do exist. No, I mean they WILL exist, but Earth people should pretend they don't, and should make an effort to reincarnate after physical death.

Invisible College: We're all doing our best. Now do you see why we're telling you all this?


Griffith: Isn't there a better way to communicate the information than putting it into a book like this?

Invisible College: Of course, but it is a good first step.

Having the information in coherent verbal form in an earthly language makes it easier to communicate it telepathically to large numbers of people. And the more people who read the book and write or talk about the ideas in it, the better.

WAR IN HEAVEN is just one tiny part of our efforts to spread this information.


Griffith: I still don't think that more than a tiny fraction of the Earth's total population will be exposed to this information before the Last Days arrive, if they happen within the next few decades.

Invisible College: What you're thinking is that most Earth people live in Third-world countries, and because of that will not be given a chance to decide their fate during the Last Days.

This is a reasonable fear, and it points out one of our greatest problems: timing.


Griffith: I understand. If the Last Days come reasonably soon, large numbers of people will have no chance to decide their own fate. But the longer the Earth's population remains at its present level, the more damage will be done to the biosphere.

Invisible College: You have stated the problem very well. Most of the steps we are taking to solve it involve direct psychic battles with Theocrats and Elementals, which we will not describe for security reasons.

All that you and our other conscious agents on Earth can do is try to spread the verbal information we are giving you and hope for the best.


Griffith: Are you willing to talk about when the Last Days will occur?

Invisible College: No. They could happen tomorrow or in two hundred years. It's best for you not to speculate about timing in print.

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Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Q. Please summarize what you want me to tell people that will increase their chances for survival.

A. Everyone who understands and accepts the basic information in this book should make a conscious effort to develop his or her psychic powers during life. It's a basic survival skill that every human being needs to know, and the rudiments of it are not that hard to learn.

The majority of occult and New Age groups are capable of teaching a person enough basic psychic skills to attract the attention of friendly spirits on the astral plane after death. If such a group isn't available, people can learn such skills by working with almost anyone who already possesses them, just using trial and error.

However, we want to make it clear that the process requires real effort, applied regularly over several years.

We also have another word of caution for people who have accepted the information in WAR IN HEAVEN as true, but are not serious occultists with highly developed psychic powers.

They should read accounts of point-of-death experiences and learn to recognize the common tricks that the Theocrats use to enslave the unwary after death.


Q. Yes. I've read all those stories about the dying person being met by spirits who claim to be deceased relatives or friends, deities or messengers of deities, there to welcome him or her to the afterlife.

I suspect that many people who believe the breakthrough information while living may suddenly forget it when confronted after death with the "shade of their beloved mother, come to welcome them to heaven." In other words, "Seeing is believing."

A direct emotional confrontation of this type might have more weight than any rational, intellectual knowledge received during life, especially to a soul who has just undergone the trauma of dying.

A. That is an accurate and vivid description. We still lose people that way every day, in spite of our best efforts.


Q. What can people do to avoid such deceptions?

A. The only sure defense is to achieve a certain degree of psychic development.

The Theocrats are able to practice such tricks only if the psychic senses of the deceased person are being activated from outside by the Theocrats' telepathic transmissions. If the person's soul is actively perceiving the astral environment with its own telepathic and clairvoyant powers, it can usually perceive the true nature of the spirits forming the "greeting party."

This is difficult to put into English, so let's just say they "look phony" or "have bad vibes."

The closest we can come to an actual description is that some of the psychic control mechanisms that the Theocrats use to enslave other spirits on the astral plane become perceptible to anyone who psychically "reads" them actively, instead of being communicated with while remaining passive.


Q. This is one of the elements of the breakthrough information that will frighten certain readers, especially when they realize that many of their deceased relatives and friends may be slaves in Theocratic bands right now.

Suppose such a person does meet his or her dead mother or some other loved­ one on the astral plane?


Free Spirits rarely communicate telepathically. [This may refer to encounters shortly after death.] They don't approach other spirits closely, even when they assist them in reincarnating, but instead "talk them through" the process.

Remember: "TALK, BUT DON'T "TOUCH."


Q. I've never seen this written down before, but it becomes obvious when pointed out.

You explained earlier that the Theocrats enslave weaker souls by literally attaching themselves to them, allowing energies to flow directly as they do within human nerve tissue; but I didn't realize the full significance of this until right now.

A. Yes, it's information that can literally "save your soul."

Unfortunately, it's as difficult to communicate warnings like this to Earth people as it is for parents to warn their children about child molesters. It's not hard to tell them, "Don't get into cars with strangers or accept presents from anyone you don't know," but much harder to deal with the fact that a large number of molestation cases involve close friends or family members.

All we can do is repeat that it is a universal custom among non-Theocratic spirits to always keep their distance from one another. It's sad that we have to do this, but the Theocrats give us no choice.

The most important thing about this is that it requires psychic skill, not just intellectual knowledge. The more conscious control that people develop over their psychic senses and powers during this life, the better chance they have of surviving on the astral plane after death long enough to reincarnate.

Disembodied spirits see by clairvoyance, communicate by telepathy, and move by telekinesis. If you don't have conscious control over these psychic powers, you may be blind, dumb, and paralyzed after death.

If you're lucky, you'll discover after you reach the astral plane that your soul contains residual memories from a previous life that give you access to these powers; but it's best not to bet the life of your mortal soul on it.

Learning psychic skills is a lot of work, but we strongly recommend it to everyone who makes the breakthrough.

Possessing intellectual knowledge about the nature of spiritual reality is not as essential to survival after death as having basic psychic skills; but we still recommend that you learn as much about the subject as possible, from this book and all other available sources.

The more you study the facts about Theocracy, the Invisible War, and spiritual cosmology, the higher the probability that you will remember some of this information when you need it most.

The time of greatest danger on the astral plane is immediately after death, when the astral soul is still traumatized by the shock of separating from the somatic soul. Theocratic propaganda has created the myth that some deaths are "easy" and "natural," and that only sudden or violent deaths are traumatic.

In reality, the snapping of the silver cord is as big a shock to the astral soul as the loss of a leg is to the body. It's true that some deaths are more traumatic than others, but none are ever "easy."

On the other hand, the worst thing people can do when they die is to refuse to admit they are dead.

There's a universal myth that people can prevent death if their will to live is strong enough, so they fight the process with all their strength and courage. Our advice to people who feel they might be dying is to remain as calm as they can, concentrating all their attention on remaining conscious and alert, not on fighting to remain alive.

You'll lose nothing by doing this, because in most cases there is absolutely nothing you can do by an act of conscious will to stop the physical process of death if you are indeed dying.

However, vigorously fighting against the death process significantly increases the post-death trauma. to the soul, rendering it more vulnerable during the first few crucial hours on the astral plane.


Q. In a number of point-of-death experience accounts, the dying person refused to touch or embrace the spirits he or she encountered, usually because of some vague feeling that it "just wasn't right" to do so.

However, in other accounts, there is close contact but it has a negative effect: a painful energy exchange, often compared to an electric shock, occurs, and the person on the point of death has the sense of "returning to the body." In still other cases, the greeting spirits themselves refuse close contact and say, "Go back, your time has not yet come."

How do you explain all this to make it evidence to support the concepts you're describing?

A. The important thing to remember when reading an account of a point-of-death experience is that the person relating it was never actually dead in the first place.

Definitions of physical death are imprecise, but not the definition of death as perceived by spirits: detachment of the silver cord from the somatic soul. Once this happens, death is irreversible; the astral soul cannot reattach itself.

The people who have point-of-death experiences are simply close to the point where the astral soul detaches from the somatic soul, close enough to attract the attention of other spirits who get ready to receive them into the astral plane.

The same physical trauma that brings the person close to death also produces a state of consciousness in which the physical mind is extremely passive and the astral mind is awake and active, allowing easy psychic communication with spirits.

We should point out that only "old souls," those at a high stage of spiritual development, have such experiences. This is why such people sometimes recoil from contact with the spirits: their psychic perception is keen enough to spot that something is wrong.

However, even if this doesn't happen, close contact with the other spirits still cannot result in Theocratic enslavement.

The soul of the dying person remains attached to the body and continues to receive energy from it through the silver cord. It is this energy that produces the electric shock effect if contact does occur.

Of course, most Theocrats are knowledgeable enough to refuse such contact themselves, to avoid the shock. However, Theocrats vary in knowledge, so both kinds of point-of-death experience occur.

This ends our transmissions on the War in Heaven.

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