The Invisible College (1)

As explained in Open SETI, on the Soul Technology page, there is a type of matter having the same atomic and molecular structure as physical matter, but whose particles are much less dense, and whose gravitation does not interact with physical matter. This is called astral matter in WiH.

Every human has a somatic soul, closely resembling the physical body but made of astral matter, and an astral soul, also made of astral matter, which comprises the more permanent self. Astral souls may or may not equate to higher selves as discussed in A Synthetic Myth.

Spirits are simply astral souls operating without somatic souls and physical bodies.

The Invisible College that is mentioned in occult literature does indeed exist as a political organization of spirits.

Hundreds of thousands of spirits from worlds with advanced technological civilizations have been sent to Earth by their governments to work with the Invisible College to assist humans in fighting a war to liberate ourselves from the oppression and exploitation of Theocracy (see Open SETI). This seems to be an important form of interplanetary contact, which is why it is discussed in the context of Open SETI.

Disembodied spirits are forced to incarnate after a few years. When they do, they lose most of the memories they brought with them, especially after repeated reincarnations. However, they, as well as many native Earth people, can learn to communicate with the discarnate Invisible College on a completely conscious level. This requires "proper psychic training".

Any human being can receive telepathic messages from the Invisible College subconsciously.

Invisible College members consider themselves ordinary people like ourselves. Their previous bodies, on their home worlds, may or may not have resembled ours, but they are based on the same basic genetic code.

The home worlds possess what we would call advanced knowledge in many scientific and humanistic fields. Of particular importance is their capability with psychic energy that can produce changes in astral matter. That technology was used to send them here, but they were not able to bring their equipment with them.

Although there must have been other interventions over a long period of time, the intervention of the Invisible College took place in the late Middle Ages. The Invisible College has been manipulating the development of human civilization on Earth ever since.

Their motives are both altruistic and selfish. Had they not intervened, the human race would have evolved in directions that posed a serious threat to their own worlds and space colonies. So they are fighting a "preventive war" on their own behalf, but they also feel the overwhelming majority of Earth people will support their cause once they are able to explain the situation fully.

They operate mostly by influencing the subconscious minds of Earth people. Although we might want to call this unethical, they maintain that they taught us many of our philosophical concepts. They come from civilizations that actually practice "human dignity and rights," "individual sovereignty," "social justice," "consent of the governed," and "equality of opportunity".

Anyway, they say,

"We are at war here, and we are fighting on your behalf as well as our own."

They must practice these social values, because they possess technology that would totally eliminate individuality if they did not have sufficient social, political, and ethical knowledge to keep the technology under control.

Their societies live with this threat, and we will eventually have to live with it too. But the greatest danger we face in the next few decades (written in January 1987), is that Theocracy and our exploding population will cause a spiritual cataclysm that will destroy the human race as it now exists and theaten their civilizations too if it goes unchecked.

They will probably be able to avert catastrophe and guide these upheavals in constructive directions, but the fate of many Earth people will still depend on their own actions.

Therefore the information in WiH is provided to help us prepare ourselves.

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Theocratic Bands

The concept of a Theocrat as a human who chooses to exert power over and ultimately to consume other humans, rather than to undergo reincarnation, was introduced on the Open SETI Soul Technology page.

Griffith's Invisible College contact states that many notorious tyrants, conquerors, evil religious leaders, black magicians, and criminals have become Theocrats after death, but so have some people whom history calls saints or benign geniuses. This is due to the well-known tendency of power to corrupt, not to mention the prospect of achieving immortality (though most are eventually destroyed by other Theocrats).

This has been especially true of people who were religiously devout, and then found out the horrible truth about their gods after death. If they were too powerful for the Theocrats to enslave and devour, some became members of the Invisible College to fight Theocracy, but others became Theocrats themselves.

Theocrats as a class have ruled both the Earth and its astral plane throughout most of human history. This includes most of the medieval Popes and other religious leaders notorious for being cynical and power-hungry. It also includes many famous occult leaders, from Cagliostro down to Aleister Crowley.

The Theocrats' method of absorbing energy from other spirits affects their growth patterns, causing their astral soul to go out of balance, and eventually driving them into irrational, insane, and self-destructive behavior.

Theocrats acquire bands of enslaved spirits, containing from a couple of dozen to several thousand, with the average in the low hundreds.

The daily activities of a Fundamentalist Theocratic band organized as Heaven are similar to a church service on Earth, except that they go on perpetually. The Theocrat in charge poses as the Lord God Jehovah, and subordinate Theocrats pose as Christ, various Angels and Apostles, and so forth.

God quotes the same Biblical passages and preaches the same sermons as preachers in the corresponding sect do on Earth, and the congregation joins in singing the same hymns.

Dead Fundamentalists in Heaven still have to confess their sins and receive divine forgiveness. Christians in Heaven are kept in a perpetual state of religious ecstasy which activates their psychic powers under the control of their God. This collective energy is then channeled to perform necessary functions.

Most of the activities have to do with the survival of the band and especially its dictator, recruiting new members from among the recently deceased, stealing souls from other bands, fighting to keep the Invisible College from liberating members of the band, etc.

There is "Holy Communion", but as practiced in Heaven, there is nothing more unholy. All members of a Theocratic band are offered the Host, who is a rebellious or degenerating member.

Each Theocratic band works with a corresponding group of living people, whether religious, occult, political, or of other common interests: popular music, sports, or centered on other media. Theocrats can be found hanging around almost any place where crowds gather. (Remember that the astral plane is not a "place". It is right here, but of a different density.)

Theocrats communicating telepathically to individual Christians when they pray may call themselves God or Christ or the Holy Spirit... what ever they believers expect. They also may claim to be angels or saints or devils as appropriate.

Some people who deliberately become Satanists on Earth hold positions of power in "Hell" after they die. The lower classes of Hell are composed of Christians who believed the basic mythology but had too little self-confidence to believe themselves "saved." Who goes to Heaven or Hell is mostly determined by which particular band of Theocrats gets to them as they're in the process of dying.

The Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhist mythologies are also Theocratic institutions designed to imprison souls of believers in their own forms of Heaven or Hell.

With the decline in fanatical belief in organized religion, Theocrats have devised ways to persuade atheists and agnostics to join bands organized as any type of community of spirits, such as previously-deceased relatives or friends, or some famous person they greatly admire, rock stars, politicians, movie stars, writers and scientists, even fictional characters.

"Point-of-death" experiences in which the person's silver cord is not actually broken represent a major mistake by the Theocrats because they reveal information about the afterlife that the Theocrats would like to conceal.

Sometimes, members of the Invisible College show up during the encounter to warn the person that the Theocrats are imposters who enslave and destroy souls. Although most will not remember the experience consciously, many are affected by it enough to become hostile to the Theocratic aspects of religion.

Theocratic religious sects often forbid deliberate mediumistic contact with the spirit world precisely because of this need to protect knowledge of the true nature of the afterlife.

Every single one of the ideas at the core of traditional deistic doctrine is a lie:

  • Only God (under whatever name) is good; people are basically evil and are incapable of improving themselves morally by their own efforts.

  • Only God is naturally immortal, but people can gain immortality through proper service to the Deity.

  • Human beings can receive forgiveness for their sins, and divine strength to prop up their various weaknesses, by 'Letting God into their hearts'... that is, by creating a powerful psychic bond between themselves and the deity.

The important thing to realize about this whole body of lies is that it makes people weaker and more evil than they already are, and increases their dependency on the Theocrats.

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Religious Mind Control

The methodology of religious mind control is what is known to modern psychologists as "operant conditioning": altering behavior and mental programming by positive and negative reinforcement on the physical and sensory level.

But Theocrats strengthen this conditioning by transmitting ideas and emotions directly into people's subconscious minds by telepathy. And they use people's own psychic powers to control other members of the congregation.

The key to the technique is putting people into a state of consciousness best called the "religious trance" - a mild hypnotic trance in which the conscious will is awake but passive.

People in this condition are completely aware of what is going on around them, and are recording these events in their memories exactly as they would in a normal waking state. They are also capable of thinking and acting voluntarily, but can do so only within certain very definite limits without breaking out of the religious trance and assuming normal consciousness.

People enter a very similar state when they read, listen to music, watch television or a movie, listen intently to a lecture or radio broadcast, etc.

The passive state of the will is often called "identification with the sensory intake," which means accepting the sensory intake uncreatively and uncritically on both the intellectual and emotional levels. It also means agreeing with the ideas being presented and feeling the same emotions being described in the song, story, play, etc.

This is a rather light trance. If the material being presented begins to contradict the person's existing opinions or knowledge, identification breaks down. He or she assumes full normal consciousness and thinks,

"I don't agree with this," or "I don't understand this," or "This is wrong."

But identification with sensory input can make people accept things they would reject if they were fully conscious, as long as the input isn't controversial or unfamiliar enough to break their concentration.

But this is just the first step in entering the religious trance state.

Once the conscious will becomes passive, electrical energy within the nervous system changes slightly in character, assuming a level closer to that during sleep than that during normal wakefulness. In a person fully trained to enter the religious trance, electrical activity stabilizes at exactly the right level to allow an equal flow of energy into and out of the astral soul.

This allows the "astral will" to awaken partially, and creates a direct, two-way link between the physical mind and the astral mind. (Griffith's guide had explained that during incarnated life, a human's physical and astral mind normally alternate in being conscious, the former when "awake", and the latter when "asleep.")

This allows information to pass reasonably freely between the physical mind and the astral mind and vice versa. Also, the physical mind can receive impressions from the psychic senses of the astral soul more or less directly. This type of trance is controlled by outside sensory input into both the physical and astral minds. It is a passive state used to control and brainwash people.

When religious believers say they "feel the presence of God" at church services, they are referring to telepathic communication. Most of this intake comes from other members of the congregation; this is usually a more powerful influence than anything sent by spirits.

So there is a sort of "psychic chain reaction" that occurs, as every member of the congregation influences the emotions and thinking of every other member, like a box of matches catching fire or an atomic chain reaction. This process creates a "religious group mind."

This state of religious ecstasy generates large amounts of psychic energy. Part of that energy may be directly absorbed by any Theocratic spirits present, but most of it is diverted back into the physical mind of the members of the congregation to indoctrinate them with whatever the Theocrats want them to believe or feel or do. This is the essence of religious mind control.

In other words, a Theocratic spirit sends a telepathic message into the minds of people in such a state of religious ecstasy, and they generate powerful surges of telepathically-transmitted emotion that program them to believe and act on the messages they receive.

For example, the idea "Abortion is murder" might generate powerful feelings of hate, whereas "All Christians shall be as brethren" might generate feelings of familial love among all the members of the congregation.

People being controlled by this method enjoy it more than anything else in life. It is highly addictive. Theocrats make the religious mind-control process as addictive as possible to enslave believers. The whole vicious circle of sin, guilt, and forgiveness was deliberately designed to create a cycle of addiction that is almost impossible to break.

The last thing Theocrats want is for religious believers to stop sinning. That is why they made sexual pleasure a sin.

Sexual desire originates on the biochemical level and cannot be extinguished by manipulating the programming of the mind. (In this context, "mind" is defined as "The information stored in the brain, plus the software for retrieving and processing that information.")

Theocrats do not confine their activities to religion and occultism, but corrupt and control human beings through all activities that produce certain states of altered consciousness.

Examples include using electronic media for passive recreational purposes - listening to popular music over the radio or on recordings, watching televised sports events and game shows, and playing the simpler computer games.

The Theocrats know a lot more about psychology than people do. In a crude analogy with computers, it is as though people can handle data input and output, and some have enough professional skills to modify some programs slightly, but the Theocrats not only know the software far more completely, but also have much easier access to the special "command mode" used to modify it.

This command mode is the telepathic chain reaction used in religious mind control.

Of course, trained human psychics also have access to it, and so do spirits in the Invisible College, but it is still extremely difficult to free people from Theocratic control. The mind of the average person is run by software designed by the Theocrats to keep people from consciously finding out they exist, they simply can't understand or believe it, because the very mental programs they use for understanding and believing things, and drawing rational conclusions from certain kinds of information, were designed by the Theocrats.

In their explanation of the Theocrats' programming techniques, Griffith's guides note that memory storage and retrieval in the human mind is a cumulative rather than an absolute process. Data has to be received repeatedly, if details are to be recorded, and should be periodically retrieved. Otherwise it will be automatically forgotten.

An organism's behavioral response to stimuli depends on the quantity and quality of reinforcement that it receives for performing that response. What was described as the "religious trance state" occurs in many different places besides religious services, enabling Theocrats to practice mind control on crowds attending sporting events, in gambling casinos, at political rallies, during musical concerts of many types, and in a number of other places.

The Invisible College used the rock concerts, peace demonstrations, "love-ins," and similar events of the Sixties for exactly the same purposes.

Before that, Griffith's guides state, they used meetings of fraternal organizations, a variety of progressive political meetings, and even the circuses and carnivals that used to visit every American village and town, as the Theocrats used, and still use, touring revival meetings. Both groups practice religious mind control to reprogram people whenever they get the opportunity.

I personally was involved with an "esoteric group" which at the time of the Apollo lunar landing in 1969 was asked to inject a certain concept into the mass mind of the human race while it was distracted or in a light trance state watching the landing on television. The concept had nothing whatever to do with the landing event.

It was expressed as follows:

"Individual responsibility interacting social responsibility."

The peculiar syntax was emphatically confirmed and the reason for this is anything but obvious; no explanation was given.

This was the kind of mind control we are discussing here, and I was participating as a sort of junior or apprentice controller! This experience confirms that such activities do take place. I believe it came from the Invisible College, not Theocrats.

Griffith's guides state that even though most of the individual facts that make up the model of spiritual reality presented in this book are already available to the public, very few people are capable of assembling them into a coherent theory. This is because the mental programs they use to draw conclusions from information on spiritual subjects were deliberately designed by the Theocrats to be illogical and irrational.

Seventeen years after the book was published, I have scanned the Internet looking for any signs that the book had made an impact or is even remembered today. I found only two or three references on the Web, and to me they seemed to be from people who were completely demented. This caused me momentarily to question my own sanity! But I decided to go with the model that the book is not that bad, and that I am probably sane.

As part of the discussion being summarized here, the book goes into a long description of how principles of positive and negative reinforcement are used to maintain people's beliefs. Rituals, for example, are of great value when they remain relatively stable. This is one of the principal reasons why Theocratic religion is socially and politically conservative or reactionary.

According to basic behaviorist theory, the book states, human personality, including the mental programs that people use to evaluate data and decide what is true and false, is conditioned into them by their physical environment.

Even if you leave direct telepathic programming during religious mind control out of the picture, people still receive their programming from both their physical and social environments. Programming from the physical environment usually favors empirical thinking, which the Invisible College strongly encourages, but that from the social environment favors acceptance of doctrine on faith.

A large part of the customs and beliefs and instinctive emotional reactions that make up this social environment were created by Theocratic religion. The further back you go into human history, the greater the percentage of people who were devout believers in Theocratic religion and were subjected to religious mind control to a significant degree throughout their lives.

In the Roman and Greek civilizations, the vast majority of the populations were devout believers in Pagan religions that practiced effective religious mind control.

However, there were periodic weakening of religious belief among certain elements of the population, which allowed important occult, philosophical, political, and scientific works to be written, works based on some degree of empirical thinking.

But the Greek and Roman philosophers were just a tiny elitist group of intellectuals. The majority viewpoint then was not that of Socrates, but that of the people who condemned him to death.

The hold of Theocratic religion on most of Earth's living population did not begin to weaken until the modern era, from about the 1300s down to the present. And even today, the greater part of the population is still subject to religious mind control.

Modern civilization does program people with personality structures that resist religious mind control, but the Theocrats have been able to counter by resorting to electronic mind control.

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Electronic Mind Control

In 1988, the year War in Heaven was published, Internet communications protocols included remote logins, electronic mail, bulletin board systems, newsgroups, and file transfers.

These were available to a limited community of mostly professional users. The World Wide Web as an infrastructure of universal information sharing was still several years into the future. Undoubtedly if the book were to be updated, it would take up a disscussion of the role of the Web in supporting a sort of mass mind of humanity.

Griffith's guides begin the discussion of electronic mind control by noting that the technology works on two different levels, just as religious mind control does. Recall that religious mind control works by putting people into an altered state of consciousness similar to a light hypnotic trance and how the thinking and behavior of people in such a religious trance can be influenced by what they experience through the physical senses during the service. In other words, the preacher's words can have the same effect as post-hypnotic suggestions during regular hypnosis.

Electronic mind control does exactly the same thing, and often to an even greater degree. It is also even more addictive than religious mind control. Like religious mind control, electronic mind control works on two different levels, one physical and one psychic.

The physical level can be directly observed with the physical senses and analyzed with the conscious intellect. Many researchers have described the uses of subliminals in media and how to spot them.

The psychic component of electronic or media mind control employs completely different mechanisms and one needs to be careful not to confuse them.

It is also important to distinguish between the psychic phenomena of religious mind control, which function most efficiently when the people or spirits involved are spatially close to another, as though the effect were broadcast and subject to inverse-square-law energy radiation, and a second, non-broadcast system for transmitting and receiving energies between human souls.

Reminiscent of the old Greek myth about the "Threads of Destiny" woven by the goddesses called the Fates, threads actually exist, but they aren't woven by superhuman beings.

They are "transmission lines" of astral matter connecting one soul to another, and they allow telepathic communications over greater distances and with greater power than can be accomplished by ordinary "broadcast" telepathy.

These threads are created spontaneously when astral souls come into contact with one another while generating large amounts of psychic energy. Whenever the astral mind is in the correct state of consciousness, generating these threads is as natural and automatic as the process that spiders use to leave a silk strand behind them when they travel.

Added to the material about religious mind control given in the previous section, this additional theoretical information explains how television evangelists can exert a direct psychic influence over their congregations from a distance.

The process has two possible starting points. First, people who regularly attend Christian church services dominated by the Theocrats are urged to watch certain television evangelists and to listen to designated religious radio broadcasts. Over the years, an elaborate network of astral transmission lines has been built up to link the religious broadcasters to the clergy of Theocratic congregations all over the country, and through them, to the masses of ordinary members.

These psychic threads are put in place when radio and TV preachers are invited to hold services at church conventions, or when a group of churches hosts a large local revival meeting with a media evangelist, or someone working for one, as a guest. This method is used primarily to link the churches to the hundreds of second-rank broadcast evangelists with regional or local media followings.

The superstar evangelists who already have national followings reverse this procedure: they invite the ministers and elders of selected churches all over the country to visit their studios and become part of the in-house congregation during their broadcasts. In either case, psychic linkages are established between the media evangelist and the local churches.

Some of the more ambitious TV evangelists have also directly linked large numbers of ordinary members of Theocratic congregations - and hundreds of thousands of new converts as well - into their electronic mind control networks by periodically holding huge, live revival meetings.

(They are often held in major sports stadiums, which, as will be shown shortly, is especially appropriate.) This is why several of the major evangelists have started colleges, and why one TV ministry even built its own imitation of Disneyland.

But the media networks used by the TV evangelists are not the most important electronic mind control networks in the United States right now. The Theocrats have another mind control network that enslaves large numbers of people who have little or no interest in organized religion.

It's centered around major spectator sports, organized gambling, and the communications media that service both, and it controls more people than all the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelists combined. It doesn't program people's surface thinking and behavior as thoroughly as Theocratic religion does, because there's less verbal-intellectual content, but it's just as effective at programming their subconscious minds into forming instinctive opinions favorable to the goals of the Theocrats.

People don't have to be watching a sermon or listening to a hymn to receive subconscious telepathic messages from the very same spirits who control Fundamentalist religion; they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it), and they have to have the transmission lines of astral matter implanted in the right part of their soul, linking them into the network.

(This idea of connecting lines to the right part of the soul reminds one of Carlos Castaneda's mention of "shifting the assemblage point," a location on the "luminous cocoon" of awareness where all the fibers of the universe are focused into our perception of the universe.)

So live sports events and casino gambling serve the same function in this network as church services and revival meetings do in the electronic religious mind control networks. Compulsive gambling, especially on sports events through an enormous electronic bookmaking network, plays the same role as does the cycle of sin/guilt/forgiveness in Theocratic religion.

And the Theocrats are now actively expanding this form of mind control. Many states have legalized various forms of gambling that plug people into the networks just described: state lotteries, horse racing (including off-track betting), bingo, card parlors, etc. It's no accident that gambling expands on both the in-person and media levels as the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelism decline.

The Theocrats are shifting their attention to activities more natural to the average opinions and lifestyles of present-day Americans.

Casino gambling in Nevada is one of the most important battlefields in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. Once Theocratic spirits get their control threads on people gambling in the casinos, they continue to send telepathic messages into the minds of these people whenever they watch certain television programs, especially sports events and game shows.

The Invisible College also uses the Nevada casinos but they will not give a description of what they do there. But they do mention that (as of 1988 at least) the electronic mental reprogramming networks of the Theocrats and the Invisible College have their American Headquarters in Las Vegas: the Theocrats are mostly on the Strip and the Invisible College is mostly Downtown.

At this point they suggest that Griffith put in some advice for people who enjoy recreational gambling.

Griffith responds with the advice that people who want to gamble do it in private games with friends, or at local bingo or card clubs if such are legal where they live. These forms of gambling can still plug people into an electronic mind-control network, but they're less dangerous than the Nevada casinos. Going to Reno or Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble for fun would be like going "out on the town" in Saigon during the late Sixties.

There's a war on, and the innocent can get caught up in it as easily as the combatants.

People who disregard this advice and go to Nevada to gamble anyway can minimize the danger if they are careful to remain in a normal state of consciousness. This means: don't sample the free drinks, and above all, don't gamble for more than an hour at a time. If you get at all intoxicated or spaced out from fatigue, the Theocrats can put you into the same type of trance that people go into at religious services, and start brainwashing you.

They can also make you lose more money than you intended to risk. This now happens to the majority of people who go to the Nevada casinos just to have a good time. Electronic interstate banking, allowing cash advances on almost any credit card right in the casinos, is partly responsible for this, but the major reason is simply that the War in Heaven is hotter than ever before, and both sides are generating a lot more psychic force.

Gambling is just as addictive as alcohol or heroin. The Theocrats love to turn people into compulsive gamblers. That suits their purposes just as well as turning them into Jesus-addicts needing their weekly fix of "divine forgiveness of sins."

The Invisible College does even more electronic mind control than the Theocrats (1988), working mostly through popular music and pop culture in general.

Once people have been to a certain number of live rock concerts, whether huge ones in sports stadiums or small ones in clubs, then they are permanently linked into a media mind control network run by the Invisible College, and they receive subconscious telepathic messages every time they listen to the right kind of music on the radio or on their own stereo systems.

The song lyrics perform the same function in this process as sermons do in religious media mind control.

It's hard to hear the channeled messages in song lyrics. Most of them are subliminal unless you go to special efforts to pick them out word by word, and when you do extract them, they're written in an elaborate jargon and code. People who are part of the mind control network learn a deep instinctive understanding of this code, but few can paraphrase the content of the messages into plain English.

The Invisible College does use sports and gambling for reprogramming when they can seize control of part of the network, while the Theocrats have a large and powerful following in the popular music world.

The Invisible College has a word of advice to conscious psychics and magicians who may be hostile to all forms of involuntary mental reprogramming: they can help people learn to defend themselves consciously against it by, for example, employing "clearing" rituals, which should be widely and publicly performed.

Of course, this will also knock out "beneficial mind-control linkages" so they recommend people be prepared to create new beneficial linkages of their own. But even if this is not done, it is still more important to break the Theocratic linkages. The Invisible College would rather see people completely free of control linkages than enslaved to the Theocrats.

At this point, the discussion touched on sex and drug magic.

Millions of Americans now practice relatively advanced forms of sex and drug magic without bothering to learn the intellectual knowledge traditionally associated with such practices in both the East and the West. Many such experimenters have been hurt trying this, but a large number have gotten to the point where they can channel down instructions directly from spirits.

However, because they have never bothered to learn the associated spiritual, cosmological, philosophical, and ethical systems, they are almost totally ignorant of how to identify the political faction a particular spirit belongs to on the astral plane, so their channeled information is usually a mishmash from many different sources.

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