by Amitakh Stanford
May 20, 2010

from FlyingBuffaloes7 Website

Darkness' destructive forces are rapidly plunging the world into chaos.


All fields of endeavor are experiencing difficulties in unprecedented proportions and intensity. An individual examination of any particular issue, be it in education, politics, religion, finance, meteorology, sociology, psychology, physiology etc., often leads the investigator to conclude that the incident being examined is an anomaly.


Every oddity that cannot be readily explained is either ignored, glossed over or defined as a one-off occurrence. As long as each oddity is treated this way, tunnel vision will block the realization that everything is radically changing, that physics is being altered.

Matter, the currently accepted building block of the physical reality, is devolving into a chaotic state. This is difficult to explain - except in esoteric terms - whereby it can be understood that matter is devolving simultaneously as its originator (Darkness) is deteriorating.

Everyone seems to sense that things are not the way they used to be. Some are expressing this concern, but most have their collective heads in the sand.

Meteorologists used to be able to predict weather conditions fairly accurately, but there are times now that they are befuddled. At first, they called typhoons that developed inland, instead of over the seas, anomalies. But, as more of them have formed over land, these storms are now accepted as reasonable events. Perhaps it is easier for these events to be ignored rather than alarm the public.

Earthquakes have shaken the globe in unprecedented frequency and intensity. The media now only reports those that cause so much destruction that they must be discussed. This is a case where the media has to be consciously hiding information to avoid alarming people about serious issues - they are keeping people in the dark.

Volcanoes, even some that have long been classified as dormant, are erupting all over the world. This is only the beginning of what the Earth will experience. Only those volcanic events that disrupt commerce and daily affairs are reported by the conventional media.

Bear in mind that some of the droughts, floods, weather extremes, earthquakes, violent storms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and so on are artificially induced by miscreants. These artificial geological activities are exacerbating the situation as the Earth is nearing the final stages of implosion.

Presently, financial matters are puzzling the experts. The markets are not behaving as expected. In the midst of the global economic crisis, the standard phrase inspired by the ruling elite was that nations needed to borrow their way out of the recession. This caused many nation states to run huge deficits to implement stimulus packages to give their respective economies artificial resuscitation.


Now, Greece has so much debt that it is being told to follow the opposite advice, that is, to operate in total austerity. The situation in Greece clearly shows that the stimulus packages, which were only band-aid solutions, have placed millstones around the necks of all nations that followed the model.

Even those nations that have weathered the global economic depression - which the media is still calling a recession or sometimes even a recovery - will soon be dragged down with the rest of the world. This is by design.

Despite whatever is said or reported, financial matters will only get worse as the ruling elite continue to execute their plan to immobilize many governments and nations around the world. However, their plan is beyond their control now because many things no longer follow predictable patterns as they did in the past. Things are changing, and are so unpredictable to the point that the ruling elite are in the process of losing control of everything on the planet, which is akin to Darkness losing control of Its own creation.

If one examines the deterioration as a whole instead of looking at fragments, the pieces start to fit together. It is critical that people have open minds if they hope to garner some understanding of what is happening around the world.

Few suspect that alien wars are being contested on the Earth. Often these are being acted out through human events. Sometimes the alien activities are overt, but the overwhelming majority of the events are covert. Secrecy is one of the hallmarks of the aliens. Humans cannot readily sort through it since all levels of important systems on the planet have been compromised and infiltrated!


Whilst different groups of aliens are warring amongst themselves, they are united in a common purpose - to conquer and totally enslave human beings.

Although the Earth is naturally deteriorating very rapidly, the alien wars are making matters worse. The main objective of the aliens is One World Control. Whether they accomplish this goal before the Earth implodes is irrelevant, because their reign will not be long.

Humans need to realize that many technological advancements on the planet have been, and are being, introduced by aliens, via many means. The electronic age was once hailed as an enormous blessing for humans. On the surface, it has improved many lives, but at what cost? Individual liberties and privacy have been totally invaded and eroded by governments, corporations and sundry criminals that have abused electronic inventions.


Again, this is part of the alien plan.

Many advancements in science have come from aliens. Science is now trying to prove itself by its own scientific method, a method it developed to prove its own worth. That is, science has developed a system to support its own theories and methods. If a thing is scientifically proven, it is supposedly proven beyond all doubt. It is this model, and this alone, that is accepted as valid and credible in the “informed” world today.


Philosophy, religion and metaphysics must all take a back seat to the belief in Science. Since physics is misbehaving, science is no longer so sure of itself, but it covers its ineptness with silence. In extreme cases, such as certain climatologists' reports on global warming, there has been editing, redacting and manipulating of data to bring about whatever results are desired and expedient.


Even the scientific proof regarding DNA is not entirely reliable, although scientists would have us believe that it is precise and accurate. The judicial systems around the world are finally uncovering inconsistencies in DNA science that have led to wrongful convictions.


For far too long, the scientific community has been pulling the wool over our eyes, but they cannot keep up this game much longer.

The scientific field of study known as astronomy has been playing catch up with astrology for centuries. Astrologers have long known about the relationships of heavenly bodies and their respective places in the universe. The reason why astrology is advanced beyond astronomy is that its original “mapping” came from alien-based knowledge of the solar system and the galaxies.


Aliens were able to take an outside look at the heavenly bodies from afar, thus, they could “map” the skies. Ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Sumerians, Persians, Chinese and others had some of this knowledge.


Aliens provided the foundational knowledge of the zodiac, constellations, calendars and so on.


Astronomy is desperately trying to catch up with astrology by mapping the universe from an earthly perspective, and by sending out probes to gather further information about how our world fits into the bigger picture.

We live in a world where everyone who listens to the media “knows” that there are no aliens. This “fact” has been uttered over and over again until it sounds like it is true. But, whatever we believe about the alien issue, like any other issue of critical importance to the ruling elite, the “correct” stance has already been pre-approved by the “bosses” of the planet.


The media, educational systems, governments, religions and so on then issue their propaganda, reinforcing and disseminating this position.


Science is a tool of the “bosses”. Due to the wish of the “bosses”, we are made to believe that there are no aliens. Any evidence of them is thoroughly mocked, scorned and belittled by the scientific community. Ruling elite inspired fraudsters are often set up to debunk real proof of aliens, although there are many totally independent fraudsters working with their own agendas.


More often than not, skeptics are given centre stage in the media to further spew the party line that there are no aliens.

The Internet is another alien brainstorm, even though it was filtered through humans to bring it into being. The Internet is a useful tool for those who use it responsibly and ethically. However, these days, the malicious hacking and misuse of the Internet is so prevalent that the entire system is polluted beyond repair. It has become fertile ground for the worst types of misfits, many of whom cowardly hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.

The Internet has become the global marketplace for bullying, exploitation, defrauding, scandalizing and otherwise abusing others. Pedophiles lurk on their computers in search of gullible victims.


The old-fashioned peeping Toms who used to prowl and peek into people's windows can now eavesdrop electronically by tapping the cell phones, landlines and Internet connections of their victims. Fraudsters scam naïve victims on any type of issue. Even bankers, accountants and lawyers are being duped by intricate deceptions that are played out on the Internet.


The amount of bullying and scandalizing on the Internet has caused many vulnerable victims to commit suicide. The Internet is way out of control!


Whilst all this is going on, a few of the conspirators are rubbing their hands in glee because they are seeing the fruits of their heinous efforts. They have used mass programming on the Internet to direct deviants to bring about global epidemics of crimes that could never have been spread but for the electronic age and the development of the Internet. This is the way the alien ruling elite work.


They give something to entice and addict humans, all the while enslaving them with tainted gifts.

As I stated earlier, most of the alien wars are occurring covertly because the “bosses” have “educated” the people to believe that there are no aliens. However, an aspect of the alien wars that is overt to many, is the ongoing and concerted global efforts to disparage and denude the Church of Scientology.


It is a well publicized fact that Scientology is an alien-based belief system.


Its founder and many of its leaders espouse that Scientology has alien roots. Certain of the Scientologists believe that there is an alien race that was trapped on the Earth, and that these aliens are trying to free themselves from the planet. That is, the church openly admits that it is alien based.


For stating this, it is mocked, ridiculed and attacked because the “bosses” have already “educated” the masses by debunking the existence of UFOs and alien beings. In this sense, the concerted attacks on Scientology are overt attacks on a religion that dares to openly espouse belief in aliens.

What goes on in Scientology is really not the issue. It probably has merits and blemishes like other religions. However, the church is boldly promoting alien existence, which is probably the main reason the ruling elite view it as dangerous and threatening. There are also other aspects of Scientology that annoy the ruling elite.

Among other things, Scientology is supposedly an anti-psychiatry religion. This is equivalent to scientific blasphemy!


Further, Scientology is not particularly supportive of Western medicine or the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine, prescription drugs, and particularly psychiatry are interdependent, and are gigantic cash generators for the ruling elite. Just using rational arguments, of course these things will be protected and shielded from any outside attacks.

The ruling elite are doubly threatened by the fact that many wealthy and/or famous people are attracted to the church. This is giving the church credibility and resources to grow into a real threat to the established powers on the planet.

Scientology has proven harder to infiltrate than many other religions because much of the serious knowledge is available only to the ones who demonstrate the most zealous attachment to the beliefs. Despite all of the attacks and accusations against the church, its leaders have not succumbed to the “blackmail” tactics to reveal what they want to protect.


In simple terms, this is an overt example of a small alien-sponsored group on Earth being aggressively persecuted around the world at the behest of a much larger, and more powerful, secret and covert alien group.


Yet, again, humans are being used to further the covert alien wars.

Scientology is being singled out on every continent. As an example, consider what is occurring in Australia. The conventional media is bashing the religion with great regularity. On 19 May 2010, it was reported in the West Australian newspaper that Australian Independent Senator, Nick Xenophon, has called for a judicial inquiry into the Church of Scientology.


It was only last week that Xenophon secured an Australian Senate inquiry into the tax exempt status of organizations such as the Church of Scientology. In response to the accusations used to launch the judicial inquiry, the church released a statement rejecting Senator Xenophon's claims.

Xenophon was elected to represent South Australia in the Federal Senate by an odd aspect regarding Australian elections. Xenophon won fewer than half the votes of any major candidate, but he was given the election in 2008 by quirky preferences. If not for these strange circumstances, he would not be in the Senate at all.

Xenophon is an opportunist, who finds himself in the midst of a hung Senate.


The Coalition is the opposition party in Australia today, and it has 38 seats in the 76-seat Senate. Therefore, Xenophon cannot assist government with his vote, but he can assist the opposition party in defeating measures in the Senate. Xenophon knows his position well and uses it very opportunistically. One of his main targets is Scientology. He would not have much of a platform except for these very strange circumstances - being elected by a minority and taking a critical position because of a hung Senate.

One must wonder why Xenophon is not more concerned with pedophile priests than Scientologists.


Xenophon's efforts to destroy Scientology have now shifted, with him and his “followers” calling it a cult. According to them, a cult is now defined as being a group that controls its followers and worships a human being at the head of the religion. They state that Scientology fits this definition by controlling its members and having its members worship its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

By this newly promoted connotation of a cult, how are Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity any different? Krishna, Buddha and Jesus were human beings who walked the Earth and are now worshipped as Gods and the heads of their respective religions.


The Catholic Church not only worships Jesus, but shows adoration for Mary, the saints and its Popes, living and dead. Catholics are encouraged by their church to pray to people, whether living or dead, which can lead to those people ultimately being elevated into sainthood. One wonders, will any of the above-listed religions be next on Xenophon's list?

Many people are wondering why this politician is showing such ardent and passionate desire to “expose” and attack a particular organization such as the Church of Scientology. Recently, a leader of the Uniting Church in Australia openly chastised Xenophon for self-righteous meddling in religious affairs when he should be focusing on politics. This vicar was referring to the long-standing doctrine of the separation of church and state.

What is so worrying is that Scientology is just one of many groups being persecuted today in the name of exposing them for the common good.


Others, such as certain denominations of Christians, could be next in the sights of zealous opportunists like Xenophon. We need only look back five decades to see how much wrongful damage the rogue, self-righteous Senator from Wisconsin did in the United States as he went on a maliciously overzealous search for communists.


That Senator, of course, was the now disgraced Joseph McCarthy, whose name is synonymous with unsubstantiated, self-serving and mean-spirited witch hunts.