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"And it came to pass that from this time forth there began to be lyings sent forth among the people, by Satan, to harden their hearts, to the intent that they might not believe in those signs and wonders which they had seen; but notwithstanding these lyings and deceivings the more part of the people did believe, and were converted unto the Lord."
















The Curtain On The Future Is Now Drawn Open
...and a voice of Warning has Gone Out

We have recently been severely criticized for including religious, spiritual and other references in our research and writing. They cannot be separate in our minds. One supports the other, one explains with clarity the other. The source of the opposition is that same tired old paradigm. Is there absolute truth? There is.

We are only human. If you like, you can jump down to the meat and hopefully come back to these points later. Anyway... We are only human. We have a deep innate desire to explain everything. Perhaps this whole story line is due to that weakness. However I recall thinking, at one point in my experience, that there must be a common explanation for the Flood, for how Moses parted the Red Sea, or how Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. I believed for some time that Velikovsky was right about the flood and the parting of the Red Sea - That a comet came close to the earth and caused a great shift in the tide. A material or physical explanation if you will.


Then Sitchin described the origin of man quite literally, and the flood was simply the gods (little "g") angry with an uprising or revolt of men and caused their destruction. Of course he described it as being only local, or else the scientific community would’ve poopooed his entire theory. Then ID came along - that’s Intelligent Design to explain the biocomplication of life as opposed to Darwin’s idiocy.


Yes it was a compromise; A middle ground of sorts.


What it really was, was a way for borderline religionists to feel comfortable about their lack of complete commitment to their supposed beliefs. And it is a way for soft headed liberal scientists to give and inch - yeah I know - there’s no such beast in the scientific community - in the scientific community it’s all about "me" - "what I can earn and what discovery I can get my name on."

Here’s my commitment - Our Creator commands the elements. There are some things He can and will do that I may think are impossible. Yet He will accomplish all that He has promised. He said, "Let the fountains of the great deep be broken up, the windows of heaven be opened" and they were. He blew his breath across the sea and caused it to go back, and the waters were divided, and the waters were a wall unto the children of Israel on the right hand and on their left hand. Angels came and rolled away the great stone and Jesus arose from the dead.

Here listed are just a few of the scriptures and historical facts that have persuaded us in this course:

  • Genesis Chapter 6

  • Giants once lived upon the Earth. They were referred to as fallen angels (Nephilim, Anakim, etc) by some:

    • Deuteronomy 2:11,20; 3:11,13

    • Joshua 12:4; 13:12; 15:8; 17:15; 18:16


  • One of the Babylonian gods; or one of the ’visitors’ names was Ishtar/Inanna

  • The Tower of Babel, built at the direction of Nimrod, was likely an attempt to reach these gods, or to imitate them.

  • Daniel Chapter 10 - Daniel is visited by an angel who states that he has been fighting Persia with Michael the archangel.

  • Nebuchadnezzar built a structure in later Babylon called the Gate of Ishtar. On the gate was depicted an animal never before or since seen. It was perhaps a gift from these giant gods for his faithfulness.

There are more. We will present a more detailed list with translations in a separate posting.

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So who do you trust?

It seems that generally as a society, we have gotten past the idea that there are intelligent beings on other planets. Some reports state almost 90% of people in the US believe that they exist.


But now that most of us believe that they exist,

  • What do we really know about "Them"?

  • Do we rely upon all of the movies that have been made to give us a clue?

  • How many movies have been made about aliens?

  • Hundreds?

  • Do we rely upon the United States government to tell us?

  • Can we trust them? Consensus says no.

  • Can we trust people that have historical associations with the government, that say that they now have no connections?

There are a number of them:

Can we say that these folks are trustworthy? What about people like Art Bell and Jeff Rense. Are their reports reliable? How do we judge who’s position on the aliens is reliable and honest?


I’m sure there are formulas that folks have out there in the "listening" community to decide who they are going to believe and who they won’t believe. I used to think that if I could look in an individual’s eyes, I could tell if he/she was telling me the truth. I’m not so sure anymore. It reminds me of that philosophy question back in the old college days - how do you know you really exist? Are the UFO’s friendly, or are they a threat?

Here’ s how you find the answer to the questions above: There’s only one person that can decide the truthfulness of any question for YOU... it’s YOU.

I have my ideas. I have the things that I have seen and the things I believe to be evidences for my interpretations of the things that I have seen. But only you can decide for yourself. It’s your mind, your body, your brain and your life. I will tell you what I believe to be truth and give you what I know, and then you, if you choose to do so, can go off somewhere and decide for yourself. You can argue with me, you can give me assurance, you can tell me I’m crazy, but you cannot make up my mind for me, just like I can’t make up your mind for you. I can sit here and tell you I am being honest, but again, that’s up to you to decide.

So back to our original question,

  • Are these aliens a real threat?

  • Or are they our friends and our government the threat, like Dr. Greer proposes?

  • Do they have bases on Mars like Hoagland has suggested?

  • Or is our government in a cover-up and in cahoots with the aliens?

  • Is Sitchin right about the Nephilim?

It’s a story that goes back at least 60 years in the press and media, and probably much longer than that - back to our beginnings as humans.

You may wonder why we have gone from a scientific page to UFO’s - maybe you thought that we never were scientific, like Charles Morris and others at JPL/NASA (however we do have our proponents in the agencies!). The simple answer is this - this story is now and we are completely convinced of its reality. And further we feel that since the advent of 9/11 a warning voice must go out; We must make known what we know. This is not entertainment, it’s not for attention, it’s not for compensation, it’s simply to record and raise a warning voice.


We are sane, however often naive. We are not paranoid, nor are we psychotic, we are stating that we provide to you a record of what we have seen, and what we believe to be true. In times past we have recommended preparation, preparation, preparation.


Get some useful supplies, talk to your family and friends that trust you.

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Critical Factors

To recap, here are a few new critical factors to date we have witnessed:

1) We now estimate the total craft at more than 1500 in the atmosphere of either the Earth or the Moon. This figure is based upon daily appraisal of such images as the SOHO sat images and the GOES images and instruments. UFO sightings have had a dramatic increase over the last two to three years. A recent report on the Web site by Jeff Rense illustrates the sheer number of new reports.

2) They have the ability to "cloak" themselves. Although a colloquial term, it seems to fit what they can do to avoid the common man’s view. But I’m sure it’s a much more sophisticated process. This process does not seem to prevent infrared detection or radiometry and at times visual detection based upon atmospheric conditions and angle. This generally applies to the larger craft and not the smaller ships. This is very much also a generalization as there are likely several different species, with varying technology.

3) As just stated, we believe there are a number of different species. We do not know exactly how many. There appears to be at least four types of craft that we can identify, indicating different technology and thus different species: very large cubes that appear to be able to disassemble and become smaller craft, planetismals or planet/asteroid like ships, of at least a mile in diameter, triangular craft, one type in very limited numbers that we call the "Towers", cylindrical and other geometric shaped craft. We are not sure if there’s multiple species that reside in one type of craft, or if only one species is limited to one type of type.

4) They appear to be coming from many areas outside our solar system. Sometimes they come in close to the large planets like Saturn and Jupiter, however most of the time via the Sun. We believe that they are coming in at light speed or very close to it, perhaps utilizing the galactic magnetic field, when they come close to the Earth they appear to slow to cometary or asteroid speed on approach to our magnetosphere. More often than not they appear to come in over our equator and move to the northern hemisphere in some type of braking maneuver; However they have been seen in just about all areas of the globe. They just tend to stay in the northern hemisphere, over the North American Continent or at least this is the area where we have previously seen them.

5) We have seen build ups of the number of ships in specific areas over the last few months, at times related to special government meetings like the G8 meeting in Calgary a few months ago, the Pope’s visit to Canada, NATO and U.N. meetings.

6) We believe that they are hostile to humanity. This is contrary to what some are saying. Sheldon Nidle and folks are saying that they have come to basically bless us all and help us to the next level of consciousness, whatever that is. Steven Greer says that the real problem is with our government, not the aliens - that our government is conspiring to start a fake war and blame it on an alien invasion. He claims to have gotten his information from a government insider. Well, again, do you trust a person that has supposedly quit the government and is now helping the common man?


Our belief that these aliens are hostile, is based upon Biblical, mythological, historical and contemporary evidence (see below). It is however true, we believe, that the U.S. government has been attempting to fire upon these latest arrivals. The fact is that there are different factions. One faction, our government has been involved with since at least the early to mid forties.


This group has likely promised power and technology in an attempt to control our government and our people. They’re not new to the scene. I would venture that they are not much different than the Anunnaki that Sitchin speaks of in his research.


They also lied and misled an entire society. And even today, people are lining up behind these beliefs under an age old manipulation. We strongly believe that the missile defense system that is said to be being tested in the pacific from Vandenberg are actually either strikes at this new arrival or tests to see what their defenses are. Another example might be the recent image that was taken in Albany, New York (left, above).

"On Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 4:20 p.m. EDT, FOX 23 News videographer, Brandon Mowry, was filming a weather segment for WXXA-TV in Albany, New York. While the camera was still running, he lifted the camera 180 degrees to get another shot of a plane taking off.


He did not know at the time that he caught seven frames (1/3rd second) of digital videotape of the jet airliner passing out of upper right corner and a strange, missile-like, unidentified aerial object rapidly passing through sky and seemingly through cloud estimated to be at 5,000 feet or more. Darker blue "line" at center of frame is the rapidly moving unidentified object that is enlarged inside the white oval in lower left corner."

Videotape © Fox 23 News WXXA, Albany, New York. (

Many people would be surprised to know that our government has a Marine War Lab in New York (image right). Perhaps recent events such as TWA 800, the Egyptian air crash and the World trade Center Bombings are related. There was a confirmed UFO sighting that occurred during the crash of the jetliner into the south tower of the WTC.


The Marine Lab in New York has a distinctive patch. If you go to their site, you’ll notice that they have changed the patch to take out the background. The organization was only created in 1995 (an interesting year in and of itself!) and their first focus was to "examine operations on dispersed, non-contiguous battlespaces."


Does that sound to you like "outerspace???" CLICK HERE to go to the new site (note all of the warnings and threats on the home page!). Take a minute to compare the patch to the right with the patch at the top of this article. If you recall from the previous articles the patch above came from the transport of a special rocket, from the L.A. area to Florida. Are these two patches from the same entity? Note in the patch to the right, what is in the dragon’s mouth! The question is, who does the dragon represent?


Is it the enemy or is it the "enemy within?"

7) The presence of these visitors has caused increased weather extremes:

  • flooding in one area while severe drought in others

  • storms and earthquakes appear to be on the rise and severity

  • reports of the strange are increasing, such as peculiar insect infestations, frogs and fish with apparent genetic aberrations

  • recent reports of black water in the Florida Keys, red rain in India, sticky black substances washing ashore in Spain and on the East Coast

  • eight million acres of burned land in only the US from forest fires

  • increased reports of attacking creatures around the world - the monkey man in India for example

  • new and unusual diseases are showing up around the world everywhere - the Western Nile Virus is a good example here in the States

  • literally tons of giant squid washing ashore in La Jolla, California and an entire rash of different kinds of whales beaching and killing themselves in several different locations around the world

Is it all due to some kind of alien force? Doubt it, but the extremes have become the usual of late! The critic will say these kinds of things have always been around. I would say, "yes sure, AGAIN... think what you want, I’m not your conscience. Maybe we have seen these kinds of things before... ya, back when Moses warned the Pharaoh!"

8) Greer uses the argument that if they were hostile we would have known it back when we started blowing off nukes in the 40’s. That the aliens would have gotten angry at us for that and would have stopped us. I say how do you know that they didn’t stop us or that there wasn’t a compromise reached? There is one report that says that Truman met with some aliens at an airfield back then. Maybe so. What we are saying is that perhaps there was only one species around back then, but now there are several here. It could also be very likely that certain leaders are in cahoots with these aliens.


It may be more likely that these aliens are calling the shots and have rewarded these government officials for their cooperation. In any regard we, as everyday folks, do not know the culture or societal norms for these beings. We do not know their political practices or their strategies. We do believe however that there has been some type of alliance between at least one group of aliens and world governments up until only recently. Maybe we watched too much X files! It does sound like science fiction! Illuminati, secret government conspiracies, etc., ????


Maybe they are all really true?

9) We believe that these creatures are here to cleanse the Earth. That they are waiting for the signal and will then proceed to utilize the resources at their disposal to eradicate what is referred to in the Bible and in myth as Babylon. In other words they are hostile if you are a part of the idea called Babylon, but they are not if you are faithful to God.


More specifically, we believe that Babylon is a code word for the United States of America. This may be difficult to understand, or accept, but I would highly recommend reading the following sites: THE ALPHA OMEGA REPORT & "America, The Babylon" to better understand why. This is not an endorsement of the sites or of all of the ideas represented there in.


It is explained fairly well however why Babylon is considered the US

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Historical and Mythical Background (read HERE)

Mayan belief states the following:

"Green was the characteristic color of the earth’s center. According to the Mayan model, the earth spins around a central axis consisting of a huge ceiba tree called the Wakah-Chan, or "World-Tree", whose trunk extends into the heavens toward the North Star and whose roots delve deep below the plane of the earth. The heavens themselves rotate around this axis as a giant celestial sphere, making the Mayan model of the Earth highly reminiscent of a spinning gyroscope.

"The Mayan model holds that Earth is but one of three coexisting universes: the Upperworld, the Underworld, or Xibalba, and the human or concrete world. Unifying these three planes, the World Tree serves as a portal between the human world and the other two worlds through which gods pass freely.


Four Bacabs, or Atlases, support the plane of the Earth from below; in turn, four giant ceiba trees located at each corner of the world hold aloft the Upperworld, which hovers over the plane of the earth during the daytime. Most of the benevolent gods in the Maya pantheon, called oxlahuntiku, inhabit the Upperworld, which the lofty branches of the World Tree divide into thirteen levels.


The Underworld, situated below the plane of the earth, is a grim place of darkness and decay very similar to the Mesopotamian land of the dead. Evil gods known collectively as the Lords of Death or bolontiku, the bearers of drought, hurricanes and war, dwell in the nine levels of the Underworld."

From a great website, found HERE.

Later in this article it will be shown that there exists a gate to the north and a gate to the south, reflecting the bipolar nature of the flux tube that is the pathway of the gods. It seems the ancients were fully aware of this fact ages ago.

"And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever: Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

Throughout history, stories are told of a great tree that has great powers, reaching up to heaven. Sometimes it is referred to as a "Great Wheel". It is the medium of connection between the Sun, earth and the heavens above. In this image (click image right), once called the Mayan Spaceman by Erik Von Daniken, the tree of life is represented by the pillar in the middle of the image. It is an interesting side note to recognize that the tree has a large cross member, reminiscent of the crucifixion.


In addition to this peculiarity, atop the tree sits the bird god called Quetzl(coatl), in other references called the "great white" god that visited this ancient society and yet at other times referred to as the feathered serpent or a comet. What do all of these symbols have in common?


Velikovsky believed in a genetic memory. I too believe that we have memories tied to our DNA. Not only memories to configure the outcome of replication, such as the fact that your offspring have certain characteristics that they may share with yourself - but deeper; Actual memories of historic events that effected an entire civilization tied directly to your DNA.


At times these memories come forward in our minds and thoughts. We call these events inspiration, when it is simply a memory coming forward from the basics of our very life blood. Entire genealogical lines may be influenced, when at various times - when a great demand is placed upon the creature - prophetic ideas and inspired leaders arise to the challenge.


I bring this very idea to your attention at this time to discuss the idea of the "Tree of Life".


Many times inspirational writings are put forth concerning the future. Then years later it seems that technology takes on those ideas and makes them reality. This can be exemplified by the many television shows and movies that over time became reality: Saturday afternoon Buck Rogers’ serials became real space travel. In actuality we have the explanation backwards. The ideas are inspirations from a long ago past. So many questions.


The answer is - yes there are others in our universe and they do travel through space. Our ancestors experienced these technologies and left us knowledge of these technologies. The history of man is not linear. We have scientists that would argue against that until they were blue in the face. The very same egotistical scientists that believe that we are alone in the universe.


But the fact of the matter is, man was not once just a dumb animal. We were taught at the feet of gods. God created us. The patriarchs, even the first Patriarch, Adam had language and taught his children this language. And his children were also taught by the Gods of Heaven. We are noble creatures, sons and daughters of a heavenly father. We are not creatures bred for slavery by some alien race that fed us lies about the truth of creation

So how are these creatures coming to this planet from light years away? In the image above, the Mayan king Pakal is depicted on the top of his sarcophagus lid - home of his last earthly existence.


Like the Egyptian Pharaohs, he too knew that there was life after death and that this future life lay in the heavens above. A perverted or twisted teaching of the patriarchs, not unlike the Sumerians; Ancient civilizations who refused to follow the commandments of a loving Father in Heaven, but yet aware of His truths, such as life after death and heavenly worlds. There is no doubt that the Mayan’s had knowledge that we do not have today.


They had access to more pure teachings of the Patriarchs past down through the ages. But instead of being a literal "spaceman", as Van Daniken believed, I believe that Pakal expected a journey to heaven via the tree of life. He is depicted in place, facing the heavens, upward, waiting for the power of the tree of life to take him up. At the top of the tree of life a comet/bird is waiting to transport him to heaven, where he will live forever in immortality. So not only in the Spiritual sense, but also in a very literal and physical sense. Another glimpse of this can be found in the popular movie "Stargate". They present the idea that we may pass from area to area in the universe via a conduit of power.

In 1997, a cult group called Heaven’s Gate believed that a spaceship accompanying the comet Hale Bopp was going to take them to Heaven. It’s easy to see how misleading false doctrine can be. Yet the Heaven’s Gate theology is very close to what I have described above. Another cultural historical memory?

Let me put forth another scenario.


When Hale Bopp came through it was known as the comet of the millennium. We believe that it was huge - planet sized. And we also have presented enough material to substantiate that there was in fact a companion to Hale Bopp.


Even a prominent JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientist wrote a paper positing this very same idea. We further believe that a comet discovered short months after Hale Bopp came through, comet SOHO J1, was actually the companion and was "dropped off" in our solar system and became the "natural self luminous formation" we refer to as ORCA.

It is our belief that these conduits of power that stretch between our sun and the planets and from the galactic center to our sun are the binding powers of the universe. We further believe that they are used as a mode of travel. We believe that the appearance of Hale Bopp and ORCA were orchestrated to allow the numbers and size of the craft we have recently seen enter the solar system.


ORCA was placed in orbit around the sun to increase density and area of the incoming galactic flux tube, ensuring a faster transfer of larger objects. Not unlike a laser - pinpointed on a target, and then widened, opened up if you will, and then comes through the payload. Primarily, but not exclusively, the craft we are speaking of, are the Cubes that we have seen in orbit around the sun and above the earth. This isn’t a new idea. There are literally thousands of references to these paths of flux tubes that are throughout the universe, and how they are used for travel.

In the book "Hamlet’s Mill" Santillana recites numerous myths and many handed down inculturated stories concerning these issues. He states, "The Persian Bundahishn calls the Galaxy the ’Path of Kay-us.’" "Among the Altaic populations the Yakuts call the Milky Way the ’tracks of God," and they say that, while creating the world, God wandered over the sky; more general in use seems to have been the term ’Sky-tracks of God’s Son."


Santillana also says,

"In Greek myth, the basic frame of the world is described in the famous Vision of Er in the 10th Book of the Republic. In it we find ER the Armenian, who was resurrected from the funeral pyre just before it was kindled, and who describes his travel through the other world. He and the group of souls bound for rebirth whom he accompanies travel through the other world.


They come to "a straight shaft of light, like a pillar, stretching from above throughout heaven and earth - and there, at the middle of the light, they saw stretching from heaven the extremities of its chains; for this light binds the heavens, holding together all the revolving firmament like the undergirths of a ship of war. And from the extremities stretched the Spindle of Necessity, by means of which all the circles revolve."

Also from the book, "Hamlet’s Mill" a quoting two verses from the hymn of the Atharva Veda (Sanskrit):

"In whom earth, atmosphere, in whom sky is set, where fire, moon, sun, wind stand fixed, that Skambha tell... The Skambha sustains both heaven-and-earth here; the skambha sustains the wide atmosphere, the skambha sustains the six wide directions; into the skambha entered this whole existence."

Skambha is the world pillar, the tree of life, the axle of the mill representing the axis of the earth reaching throughout the universe holding all together. Even the cross upon which Jesus was crucified is symbolically a representation of this great power throughout the universe.


Further from Hamlet’s Mill:

"More stunning notions occur in a Russian Apocryph where Satanael planted the tree in paradise in order to get out of it a weapon against Christ: ’The branches of the tree spread over the whole paradise, and it also covered the Sun.


Its summit touched the sky, and from its roots sprang fountains of milk and honey.’ This latter idea in its turn fits the medieval tradition according to which the rivers of paradise gushed forth from under the cross."

The image to the right, from the Peruvian Nazca Plain, reveals cubes and the paths of the flux tubes throughout their known universe. These maps occur several places around the area.

Santillana reports that there abound many tales concerning a plug or shard whose removal causes the world wide flood. The Sumerians’ Utnapishtim, Noah’s counterpart, had an ark that was a cube (Noah’s ark was actually a long ’boxy’ cube).


Like Noah’s ark (likely the same character) when the ark came to rest it plugged up the great deep. Other traditions state that the cubic stone is the foundation under a cedar, or an oak, ready to let loose a flood, without obvious reasons. Jewish legends state that, "since the ark disappeared there was a stone in its place... which was called foundation stone." It was called foundation stone "because from it the world was founded [or started]."


And is said to lie above the Waters that are below the Holy of Holies. "Even Christ is compared to ’a cube shaped mountain, upon which a tower is erected." (from the "Pastor of Hermas").

"The cube was Saturn’s figure, as Kepler showed in his Mysterium Cosmographicum."

The city of New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations is a cube. And again as Velikovsky believed, we have a genetic predisposition towards the past; in Star Trek the evil Borg use cubes for transport, a perversion of the truth.

Cubes are found throughout the earth.


The examples above are from two entirely different areas, yet are common in many ways. The image is from LSC Bose showing comparison between a sacred symbol found at Thiruvannaikovil and Trichirapalli, South India and the Nazca geoglyph.

In a small community just 80 miles east of Los Angeles, in a sleepy little valley, there are four rock carvings found at the four corners of the valley. The local Indians report that these carvings were found upon their arrival to the area. It is unknown who actually carved these intricate designs into the hard granite stone.


Growing up in this area, I have known about the Maze Stone since my youth. It has been a number of years since I have even thought about them.


My recent discovery concerning the cubes and the Tree of Life brought me back to the very thought of them. These are not merely two dimensional drawings of a maze or of a simple symbol. These are stylized passionate depictions of the very same cube craft I have recently been seeing in SOHO images and in other photographs.

The image to the left is from a magazine cover depicting the Maze Stone.

The striations and shape of the lines across the face of the carving are not unlike the striations and shapes found on the cubical images from the SOHO satellite, as shown below.

The Tree of Life - the flux tube that runs through the earth, the planets, the sun and throughout the universe. The cube, the foundation stone that covers the waters (hydrogen plasma) or controls-works in tandem with the Tree of Life.


All of this makes sense; it has the "ring of truth", making travel through the stars possible. The paradigm of the modern pales in comparison to numerous rich traditions.

Then there is the idea that the control of passage across these limitless flux tubes is tied to gates.

"And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand, and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writers inkhorn by his side; and they went in, and stood beside the brasen alter."

Ezekiel 9:2

And again from "Hamlet’s Mill":

"Macrobius, who has provided the broadest report on the matter, has it that souls ascend by way of Capricorn, and then, in order to be reborn, descend again through the ’Gate of Cancer.’ Macrobius talks of signs; the constellations rising at the solstices in his time (and still in ours) were Gemini and Sagittarius: the ’Gate of Cancer’ means Gemini. In fact he states explicitly that this ’Gate’ is ’where the Zodiac and the Milky Way intersect."

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Some Images to Consider (read HERE)

This first image below, was taken from the SOHO site on June 28th at 00:18.


The interesting issues here are first the two "transparent" object at the ten o’clock and the eight o’clock positions. These are not over exposed pixels or CCD aberrations. These images have not been altered, except to be cropped to fit the page. These images were seen after the satellite had been on ESR for sometime. We do not recall ever seeing these objects on the SOHO images before this date. They appear to be fully three dimensional as the shading is easily seen.


Because the shading is toward the sun, this would infer that they are closer to us than the mere appearance in relation to the solar disk. Their appearance in shape is complicated and well organized. Because of the transparent appearance of the objects, it may be that solar radiation interferes with their ability to be fully undetectable. When seen in the GOES images they only appear in the infrared and only within certain angles.


Rarely are they visible with the naked eye.


The shape of these particular objects is cubical as has been seen when they were seen close to the earth. Regardless, their size is huge.

The following SOHO C3 image was taken on July 12th at 16:18 UT. At first glance it appears that there is something wrong with the satellite imaging. But there is no other explanation for the second "planet". It simply appeared in one or two images and then disappeared.


However, in a few previous images another object appeared at the ten o’clock position just beyond the distance of the "second planet" object. The first image it had a tail, the second it settled in to the current position.


Shortly after it disappeared from being the "second planet" position, the next few images were seen.

This image was also taken on the same day as the previous image, but a few short hours later at 00:18. We note the "second planet" object is gone and the appearance of the cubical transparent objects.

Over the Nazca Plain in Peru, this image was taken showing clearly the shape of a cube present. The image isn’t high quality but never the less, is real and reveals the cube partially cloaked. The close-up shows the three dimensional characteristic of the craft and a single line emanating from or to the craft at the bottom of the cube.


From the limited amount of information that we have collected to this point, it seems that these cubes appear over areas that might have large amounts of energy.


It may be that these are the only places that they can be seen, it may be that they utilize these areas to refuel, or it may be that they are attracted to these areas for a reason totally alien to us.


There is much that needs to be explained about these ships. Regardless of the fact that our research has revealed that most of the craft are cube like there have been other shapes from time to time show up.


But beyond all of this, beyond the skepticism and scoffing, these images are real and they show that there is something quite unexplained. It may be that we are completely wrong about our many assumptions, however how can all of these evidences be ignored or simply explained away.


I am sure that many will try and many will just ignore these images. That does in no way release them from an explanation.

In gathering information for this project, we have had many readers send us very informative Emails and images.


The following report is by a reader who wishes to remain anon...

"after I addressed this email i just sat here for 5 minutes and collected my thoughts on what happened here tonight. let’s just say that my nerves are "jangled" a wee bit.

the significant other took out the dog for his lasted "bathroom call". she had been outside for about 2 minutes when she yelled for me to join her out in the side yard. when i got out there, she was pointing up in the sky and saying, "do you see that?" just as my line of sight was arriving at the location in the sky where she was pointing, a very bright flash of red light occurred (no sound). due to my past, i am fairly good at estimating speeds and distance. The flash occurred about 10,000ft up and about 2 miles laterally from our house. it was just a bit smaller than the size of a dime held about three feet in front of my face.


It lasted for about 1 second and then it was gone. no sound and no streaks or anything else to indicate movement, just "on and off". about 1 minute later we saw and heard two military-fighter-size jets moving very, very fast in the direction where the flash had occurred. one of the jets, all of a sudden, "shot" a laser-style beam of bluish-green light at the location where the flash had occurred. this beam lasted for 1 to 2 seconds. then the jet not "shooting the beam" seemed to have its engine shut down. The noise was halved and the jet seemed to lose altitude until it was about 5,000ft up and then it started up again. (sound and gaining of altitude leads me to that conclusion.)


Then the jets left. about 5 minutes later it started to rain extremely hard and the wind picked up from dead calm to maybe 35-30mph. The sky was clear and there were no clouds as we had been looking up into the sky and the stars were out in full brilliance. This "storm" lasted for about 5 minutes and then it stopped suddenly and everything went to back to a beautiful evening."

When this reader sent this email he had no idea of our idea concerning the cubes.


He had no idea that we had evidence showing that these craft come down in elevation to about 10,000 feet from time to time, he was unaware of the technology recently reported employed by our aircraft (the beam), and he did not know that we had seen wind shears and weather changes from the presence of these cubes.

Then we were sent this image from a reader in Texas. (click image to enlarge)

When you roll your mouse over the image, the cube and other interesting facts are revealed. If you click on the image, you will get the original sized image.

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India’s Monkeyman


NEW DELHI, India-- Fear has gripped the Indian capital after dozens of residents reported attacks by an apelike creature able to leap from roof to roof.

Police had received about 65 reports of a mysterious attacker with a monkey’s face and human body scratching abd biting victims in an around Delhi since Saturday, a senior police officers told Reuters on Tuesday.

SHANWA, India -- Panic-stricken Indian villagers are blaming UFO’s for a spate of attacks that have killed several people and have injured many others in Uttar Pradesh state.

Villagers in this poor region say as night falls, a flying sphere, emitting red and blue lights, hones in on their homes. In the past week seven people have died of unexplained injuries, while many others have been burnt.

Ramji Pal, was one such fatality, dying recently in Shanwa. His neighbor, Raghuraj Pal told The Associated Press that "a mysterious flying object attacked him in the night. His stomach was ripped open. He died two days later."

Some accuse district officials of inaction and failure to capture the "aliens."

One person died Thursday in nearby Sitapur when police fired shots to disperse a 10,000-strong crowd demanding that authorities capture the mysterious attackers.

"People just block the roads and attack the police for inaction each time there’s a death or injury," said Amrit Abhijat, Mirzapur’s district magistrate, who claims he has captured the UFO on film.


John also sees the wars and plagues poured out during the seventh seal and before the Lord comes.

1 AND the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.
2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.
3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.
4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.
7 And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.
8 And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.
9 And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.
10 And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.
11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.


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Sonic Boom Adds To Kerala, India Mystery

[Original headline: Mystery of the scarlet rains and other tales]


Scarlet rains and vanishing wells are the setting for the monsoons this time in Kerala. Yet, the phenomena have sent scientists scurrying around for answers.

Ironically, instead of providing an explanation for the curious happenings, scientists have thrown up more
questions. After testing the red rainwater in Changanassery and other places, scientists at the Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) and Botanic Garden Research (TBGRI) labs have sought answers to four questions: Is the explosive sound heard preceding the scarlet showers inter-linked? What produced the huge quantity of spores (believed to have made rainwater reddish)? How were the spores injected into the clouds? If the source is local, how was the mass transported without getting distributed over a large area?

In fact, the CESS scientists have contradicted their earlier explanation that the scarlet rains were caused by a meteor which travelled from "east to west on the morning of July 25 and exploded over Changanassery". They now say that the coloured rains were caused by fungus.

"The biological study conducted partly by the CESS and partly by TBGRI detected red coloured cell structures, which tentatively have been identified as the spores of some species of fungus," said CESS Director M Baba.

The latest inference is that the coloured rains are a mystery although they have been reports of similar occurrences in other parts of the world.


The scientists have also rejected reports that the rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning.

"Lightning does not occur during the southwest monsoons. Lightning is produced from large cumulonimbus clouds which develop only when plenty of humid air is available on the earth’s surface. The conditions at the time were not suitable for this. Secondly, people over a radius of around only 1.5 km heard the sound. This is highly improbable," said Baba.


"Therefore, the only possibility is that the sound was actually a sonic boom produced by some object moving at supersonic speed at a relatively low altitude. Since no aircraft is expected to fly at supersonic speeds close to the ground, it is opined that a meteor had approached the area and possibly exploded to produce red colour rain," the CESS director said, expanding on the earlier "meteor theory".

Scientists are also divided on why scores of wells have reportedly been damaged or disappeared and new ones suddenly sprung up. According to one school of thought, these are a warning for impending earthquakes. Others, however, believe that they are a result of underground water pressure and heavy rains. Similarly, the sudden shrivelling up of leaves in some areas is puzzling the scientists.

Meanwhile, Kerala chief minister A K Antony has asked people to await the results of the scientific probes.


• Story originally published by:
The Times of India | P K Surendran- Aug 7 2001 Strange Phenomena Continues In Kerala, India
[Original headline: Mystery of the scarlet rains and other tales]


Even as scientists are yet to reach any definite conclusion about the cause of the red rain’ and caving in of wells in Kerala, stranger phenomena like sudden formation of wells and unusual falling of leaves of plants and trees have been reported from the state.

In the last couple of months about 175 cases of "well collapse" have been recorded from across the state, baffling the people and experts alike. In what could be the exact opposite, two cases of natural well-formation have been reported from Kasargode and Thrissur districts, creating panic among the people.

Villagers of Vellimon in Kollam were witness to a strange spectacle when leaves of plants and trees in
half-a-hectare stretch suddenly started falling in strong wind and drizzle in the morning.

The mystery over ’scarlet rain’, experienced in parts of central Kerala recently, deepened further as experts from the Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS), distanced themselves from their earlier hypothesis that the phenomenon could have been caused by dust thrown off by a meteor burst.
They claimed on Saturday that the sample analysis of colored rain showed the presence of fungal spores.

By its own admission, the "tentative conclusions" leave unanswered questions like what could have produced the huge quantity of spores and how they got injected into the clouds. The chemical analyses of the samples showed the presence of carbon, silicon, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, sodium and potassium besides significant trace quantities (in parts per million) of phosphorus, titanium, chromium, manganese, copper and nickel.

The CESS has discounted the possibility of the well-collapse having any link with seismic activity as feared by the people. "Bad construction of wells coupled with hydrographic pressures caused by above-normal rains" were cited as main reasons for the well-collapse. Taking the general apprehension into account, the state government had, however, sought central help for an in-depth examination of the phenomenon.

The people of Arimbur village were taken by surprise when land slipped and a well emerged at the courtyard of one Thanikkal Jose on Saturday. The well is 22 ft deep with muddy water at the bottom.

A similar case has been reported from the homestead of one Sivadas of Kumbala in Kasargode district.
What apparently makes people apprehensive is that many parts of the state experienced mild tremors last year.

Before and after the tremors, unusual waves were found in wells in some places, which experts termed as a phenomenon called ’seismic seiches’ which has nothing to do with an impending earthquake.



• Story originally published by:
The Times of India - Aug 6 2001
Copyright Times Internet Limited 2002
‘Red rain was fungus, not meteor’
(appeared in Indian Express August 6, 2001 click here)


The red rain that lashed parts of Kerala last month is eluding explanations as the days go by.

The Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) here on Saturday retracted its hypothesis that a streaking meteor triggered the rain. Everybody had taken that explanation with a pinch of salt because other researchers had spoken of biological contents in the water samples. Yet, the retraction has raised eyebrows about a premier research body’s prudence in making a hurried announcement.

CESS has not only retracted, but tagged a confession: ‘‘This leaves several questions unanswered.’’ The CESS press release was triggered by the chemical analysis of the water samples that showed these were largely biological. Biological studies have identified organic material such as fungal spores in them.

CESS director M. Baba said: ‘‘The exact species is yet to be identified. But how such a large quantity of spores could appear over a small region is as yet unknown.’’


On July 25, Changanacherry town had received the colored showers overnight that continued into the morning and on till sunset. Some residents collected samples of the rain. They said the shower was accompanied by thunder and lightning. CESS then collected the samples and tested them. The water was found to be neutral and contained some amount of dissolved salts.

The filtered precipitate was fine and powdery, and this, said Baba, was chemically and biologically analyzed. The chemical analysis showed various elements — including carbon, silicon, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, sodium and potassium. It contained significant traces (in parts per million) of phosphorus, titanium, chromium, manganese, copper and nickel.

The biological study — partly conducted at CESS and at the Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
(TBGRI), Pacha Palode — revealed a red coloured cell structure. This has been tentatively identified as spores of some fungus species and are now being cultured by the TBGRI. ‘‘The red colour of the rain appears to be mainly because of the spores,’’ Baba said.

These findings, say CESS, raise doubts on whether the explosive sound reported by residents and the red rain were independent events. There are other posers too which remain unanswered:

  • What produced the huge quantity of spores ? Is the source local or distant?

  • How were the spores injected into the clouds?

  • If the source is not local, how was the mass transported without getting distributed over a large area?

By way of an answer, CESS has only this to say :

‘‘While the cause of the colour in the rainfall has been identified, finding the answers to these questions is a challenge.’’

Are they dumping waste?


Why the thunder, the lightening and the wind sheers?


IS it due to the movement of these huge ships close to the earth?

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You should be asking yourself

  • Is there a simple explanation for all of this?

  • Can the images above be explained by common means?

  • Are we jumping to conclusions?

  • Could there be technology that we, the common man, do not understand?

  • Do conspiracies really exist?

  • Could a story this big be kept from us?

  • Does our government know?

  • How long have they known?


    Are we all alone?

  • Is this simply imagination?

  • The creative mind?

  • Are these just camera problems, imaging problems?

    You might as well just ask:

    • Is there a God?

    • Is there life after death?

    • A spirit world?

    • Is the bible myth or fact?

    • Are myths just the stories that ancient adults told around campfires, for entertainment?

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More questions:

  1. Why is Bush so insistent on attacking Iraq? Does Iraq have weapons unknown to the rest of the world? Maybe Bush knows this? And did you know that in recent months, Saddam Hussein has increased efforts to uncover ancient Babylon, found sometime ago to be located right in Iraq!

  2. We must ask ourselves are they already here? And are the signs of them being here evident? We believe that the signs are too strong to say no. Did we open up the stargate in the forties - did our momentary opening and peering peek through the gate signal the evil ones to come forward - then create an alliance with crooked power hunger members of our government? (image right).


    It is believed that the force of these blast tests went to the earth’s core and then forever out into space (see for a technical explanation of this issue). At one time the USAF was even considering blast tests on the moon! Where have we gone since these destructive tests? Now, in our day, more creatures are coming forth. To what end?

  3. Who would have thought a few years ago that the bible stories and prophecies about the last days would have anything to do with other races from other planets? However when you read the scriptures earnestly and compare the numerous other world myths about such things, there is a ring of truth.


    For myself it was a very personal experience. I have studied for a number of years these issues. I have felt drawn to them. There were pieces here and stories there. None seem to really relate to each other. Until recently, about a year ago when I noticed the verse in Isaiah chapter 13 where he says that this army that will come to destroy Babylon will come from the "...end of Heaven."


    Before this I had already began to believe that Babylon was the United States. We have become so corrupt and we go about the world trying to create governments that will be able to trade with us. A CIA director running around in dresses, our president getting oral sex right there in the peoples’ White House, money always coming before people, and people stepping all over each other trying to get to the "top". We stopped worshipping God a long time ago. Then preachers saying that Russia and/or China will rise up and attack us and succeed. Another misinterpretation of revelation.


    The US has become to powerful for anyone to overcome us - at least anyone on earth. You may be saying, "Ya, but look at the WTC destruction." Yes it was terrible. But I am very sorry to say, that it was nothing compared to what will soon happen. Isaiah quotes the Lord and says he will lay the land desolate, and he will make man more precious than fine gold. I don’t quote all of Isaiah chapter 13 in the previous articles. It is simply just too graphic and too real.


    But here is some more,

    1. "Everyone that is found shall be thrust through, and everyone that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Their children shall also be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished."

  4. In addition to the fact that there is a mighty military force in the heavens above us at this very moment, waiting for the word to pounce, there remains the idea that the time is ripe for such a happening. Throughout history, prophets have looked forward from their day to ours in anticipation of these great events. We are at the pinnacle, at the climax of the most classical story of all. Some have seen it from the inside, some from the outside. Some are seeing at this moment from a vantage point of great familiarity; A part of the membership.


    Most are ignorant. Life just goes on. This is not unlike any other great conflict in time. There are sides, preparing to battle and there are those too focused on other paradigms that they do not see the amassing forces.


    The battle is physical, but at the same time it is Spiritual, for the survival of the faithful.

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