by Gary D. Goodwin and Raymond Ward

from TheMilleniumGroup Website


In recent days we have received a lot of flack in presenting the idea that Phobos may be missing from its orbit around Mars. The criticism came from really only two different sources; Mitch Batros and Glenn Deen. Emails from readers were all supportive and we didn't receive one intelligent derogatory email concerning the subject. But the concern here is the fact that the real issue was totally ignored. The real issue has been that of a possible outside force preparing for what appears to be a threat to the world. Further... it appears very likely that our government is fully aware of this situation.

To recap... In The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, we pointed out numerous different resources that were showing evidence of some type of unnatural bodies in occurrence around the earth and in and around the moon. Shortly thereafter, we were informed by Kent Steadman of the Orbit Internet Site that two of his readers had filmed what appears to be the very same objects around the moon. In fact, one particular object appears to have the very same tower structure as an object that we have procured images of. Never the less, we have presented images from a number of different sources of these objects.

The timing of the appearance of these objects is another very serious concern that we have. In past articles we have presented excerpts from different myths and from biblical prophecies that appear to show that we are shortly headed for some type of cataclysm or if you will some type of cleansing of the earth. Through literary research we have presented the idea that this cleansing that is to come will be from an outside force, not of this world. For years past, theologians have asserted that this invasion will come from Russia or from China and will be against Israel alone.


But in a reference from the Prophet Isaiah, he clearly states that this invading army will not come from the earth, but rather "from the end of Heaven." He calls them His "Mighty Ones" coming to "destroy the whole land". Isaiah names Babylon as the recipient on this destruction. Babylon is not simply Israel, it is a key word meaning, "the world", as in people who have turned away from the Lord and put their faith in the things of this "world" - to be "worldly". In addition to this, Israel, is not simply the country Israel. When expressed prophetically and in this biblical sense, "Israel" is that group of people who are not just from the tribe of Judah, but from other tribes of Israel, such as Ephraim and Manasseh.

The idea of a conflagration of the earth is not a new idea, Velikovsky spoke of the possibility often. It may be that the destruction will be twofold; Both natural impactors and an invading horde. Who's to say? As we have said before - we say again: you look at the images, you look at the evidence and then you decide for yourself. We would only encourage each and every one within the sound of our voice, that it is time to prepare - in fact it may be too late.

A few weeks ago, it was reported by University of Hawaii astronomers that they had discovered a number of new moons in orbit around Jupiter. It was about a year ago that they discovered new moons around Saturn. It is very curious that they are just now finding these moons, considering the advanced technological ability that these men have. The question is, why just now seeing these "moons"? We must wonder if these "new moons" were there long ago as they say in their report, or if they have just "arrived". The size of these moons are curious also. They seem to fit, size-wise with the objects that we have been reporting on orbiting the earth. Are these new moons associated with these objects in orbit around the earth? The timing and size appear quite coincidental.

We now have more incredible evidence to share with you. As always we are keeping track of a number of different sources of material. Just recently we noted the interruption of images from the SOHO satellite. So we started looking a little closer at all resources. What we found is simply more evidence of those things that we saw as we reported in The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. But this time we have several evidences of the same objects from different resources. When we said "Armada" in one of our recent reports, we meant it.

In the first image, you will see an image taken from the GOES 10 satellite. The GOES satellites are the source of most weather forecasting and reports. When you tune in to your evening news and see a satellite image of a storm crossing over the nation, it is likely from one of the GOES satellites. In this case we are interested in particularly two GOES satellites, both 10 and 8. GOES 10 is stationed approximately over the west coast of the US and GOES 8 is over the east coast. Both satellites are approximately 22,000 miles above the earth and specifically over the equator. They are stationary and kept in these positions. On each satellite are a variety of important instruments. We often look to the magnetometer readings for important info. They also have beautiful imaging capabilities, including infrared and strait forward visual imaging.

This first image is from GOES 10 (from the west coast) looking eastward. In the image to the right of the frame, about half way down, the Great Lakes can easily be seen. To the lower left the great San Juaquin Valley of California and northern Baja can be seen. Within the box can be seen a number of dark objects, scattered out over Canada. The objects can be seen to be 'above' the clouds, and are clearly not a feature of the landscape. In fact we have a reference image from a month or so ago that does not show these objects.


Current images, also do not show these objects there. In the blow up of the area that includes the objects, we can see that they are of different sizes and deferent shapes. In past months we have seen various objects in the GOES images, but until now we have not seen them organize in groups or stay over one particular area for more than minutes. As you will see, this grouping represents a new era or movement on their part. This is again, is something that we have never seen before. When these objects first started appearing on the GOES images, there was one or two, maybe even five or six, off one of the limbs of the earth and sometimes we could pick them out over the earth, however this was difficult due to the coloration of the land and the objects.


Then the number increased. We have seen recently as many as 40 to 50 in one image. This also represented a change in their appearance. And now we have these images showing yet another milestone in these object's movements. Not to belabor the point, but in other words, there appears to be a gradual organization of these objects, which includes the discovery of the new moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

This image was taken on June 1, 2002 at 0200 U.T. by GOES 10.

Because of the distances involved, the specific shape of these objects is indiscernible. However they are actually quite large in shear size.

Please note that these objects are in the Northern Hemisphere. This will become a very important point.

The next image is also a GOES 10 infrared image taken two and a half hours later. The very interesting thing about this image is that the objects are still there 2.5 hours later, and that they are in relatively the same arrangement, yet slightly altered. As if they were in rank and file, but involved in some type of action on their part. A minimum orbit time for a satellite is approximately 90 minutes at an altitude of a 110 miles. Obviously these objects are not orbiting. In fact we have an image showing them in the same relative area 10 hours later.

This image was taken on June 1, 2002 at 0428 UT by GOES 10.

The image below was taken two hours later at 0628 UT on the same day, from GOES 10. The objects can still be seen, yet they appear to have now "broken ranks". The objects in the circle number about six different objects in close approximation. Again the variety of size can be seen.

This image was taken on June 1, 2002 at 0628 UT by GOES 10.

The following image below is also a GOES image, however it is taken by the GOES 8 satellite from the east coast of the United States. The significance of this image is that it shows what we believe to be the same objects from a different camera and a different position. This image was taken over four hours from our original discovery at 0632 UT

And if shots from two different cameras, from different times don't convince you, here is one more image from the GOES 10 satellite that shows the objects - in the visible range. This image was taken on June 1, 2002 at 16:28 UT

One remarkable thing about these images, if they in themselves are not enough, is that NASA stopped posting GOES raw images on the first of June and as of the date of the writing of this article have not resumed. You can draw whatever conclusion you like.

Focusing in on just one of these objects, we can determine what appears to be dynamic changes. It appears to either be rotating or actually changing shape. As we have stated before we do not know the nature of these objects, nor do we do not know what type of propulsion that they have. Each image below is magnified 400X. The lake in the lower right hand corner is Lake Manitoba and is used for a reference point in each of the five images.


In this area of the northern hemisphere there is something that may be attractive to these objects. What is it? It is of course NORAD in Colorado Springs. Most people have seen on their television shows, or are aware of the military installation hidden in the mountains of Colorado. It's officially called the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Located within this government base are actually some interesting groups of the armed services:


  • United States Space Command

  • Air Force Space Command

  • 21st Space Wing

  • All having to do with control of space

NORAD also consists of military folks from Canada. Perhaps it's just another weird coincidence that these objects appeared to organize above this area and during the same period one of the most serious fires in the history of Colorado occurred. And maybe just a coincidence that Colorado had earthquakes. An alternate explanation?


Perhaps these are intelligently manned craft, and perhaps they were staging a warning strike. Is that reaching too far? The eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains is home not only to Cheyenne Mountain, but also to Jackson Hole, and Devils Tower, places that the American Indian have held very sacred. Reaching again? I would like to think so - that all of this is not real, that somehow we have been misled and are wrong. But the coincidences and weight of the evidence is truly compelling. What is really going on in the skies above us and with our government?

All of the images above were taken on June 1st of this year - 2002. The appearance of these objects in a group suggests s "build up" or a steady increase of activity from our first discovery of these objects. At first, during 2001 (and perhaps even earlier) we only saw one or two objects at a time, and most of the time they were what we could call distant - by the sun or the moon. Then early this year we started seeing, at first, one or two objects in the GOES satellite images. Then the number steadily rose to one point where we counted a total of almost 50 objects on one GOES satellite image. Then, in the beginning of this month, the objects they began to group themselves, ie, "The Armada of Tarshish". There were new stories of new moons around Jupiter, never before seen or discovered. And now, two weeks later, following the grouping of these objects, or may I say ships, these incredible events are occurring:

Even Mitch Batros picked up on the increase in Earthquakes:

"Yes, Earthquakes Occurring Everywhere...
...reports of earthquakes are coming in every hour from all over the world."

Instead of seeing three pointers on the seismographs, we are seeing larger earthquakes, in the range of four and a half up to over six and a half. They are occurring in very peculiar places; New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, The Arabian peninsula. Then many are occurring in the usually active areas such as Honshu Japan - a whole series of 4+ earthquakes. The Aleutians and the the Solomon Islands, literally a more than doubling of the number of EQ's in the last week over previous weeks.

The two following objects were taken nearly two years apart. The first was taken by the Japanese satellite YUHKOH. The object is not close to the sun as it may appear, but is rather close to the satellite as it came around the earth in its orbit to take images of the sun. The second was taken by amateur photographers as they surveyed the area close to the moon a couple of months ago. The various "extensions" or towers on the object have appeared to be able to move and to turn in toward or away from the main body of the object. Do they look similar to you? We call it (them) THE TOWER.

Then to top things off, there are the following images from the Ultra Violet satellite IMAGE. These mpegs show something coming into the earth from the night side of the earth. At first look, it appears to be an impactor, a comet or a big asteroid. But on closer examination, we see that the bright white "glob" does not cause a plume to rise after the "impact". Therefore, it really couldn't be an impact.


The object does not pass through or around the earth, or we would see it exit on the left side from the earth or behind it. In one image it appears to impact somewhere southeast of India. In the next image it appears to impact somewhere close to Madagascar. Then there are a number of smaller objects coming in all over the globe. Their speed is not all that impressive, as would be an asteroid or comet.


























The earliest image of this object is from the 10th of June. The latest is from the 20th. We have established in past articles that the objects we have reported on, could be huge and still remain unseen by the naked eye. When the maximum amount of electricity is pushed through ferro-magnetic material (iron, nickel, or the like), flux density will increase in volume a thousand fold, creating a field around the object.


This field would be visualized by an ultra violet optical sensor. If you consider the largest object above to be about two hundred miles in diameter, and what we are seeing is the field and not the actual object, the actual size of the object would come in around ten to twenty miles (this figure is actually volume). This size is consistent with our previous estimates of most of the objects.

The movie is more frightening and persuasive than the stills.  Watch it below.


Is there another credible explanation for these objects? We strongly encourage anyone who thinks that they know what these are to contact us. However our explanation appears to be gaining more and more supportive evidence as the days go by. But if true, how more days are left? What will happen next?

Last night I watched the Hollywood movie The Patriot again. Mel Gibson played the part of The Patriot. It is the story of the fight for independence from great Britain. Gibson's character is a somewhat wealthy rancher, not far from Charles Town (Charleston), North Carolina in 1776. He is a widower bringing up six children, a veteran of the "Indian Wars". He tells a congressional congress that he does not want to go to war against King Charles, that he wants just to raise his family. But unfortunately as is so often the case, the war comes to him and he must fight.


My friends... the world that we live in is so very fragile. We as citizens of this world are threatened on every side; our neighborhoods are polluted with drugs and ultraviolence; our government can no longer be trusted to be honest with us; The family is losing ground as the basic unit and source of success; and now there is impending destruction on the doorstep of our planet. I believe this. Gibson's character states in movie that this battle will not be fought on the frontier, but that it will be fought upon our doorsteps and in our neighborhoods. So it is today and so it will be in the coming days.

We will keep an eye open and bring you any further finds as soon as possible. (read the related articles at Ken Steadman's site CyberSpace Orbit.)