by Gary D. Goodwin and Raymond Ward

from TheMilleniumGroup Website

Discovery of New Moons or something else?
28 May, 2002

As previously stated the moons of Mars were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall. However, in 1862 the planet was closer to the Earth than in 1877. Why were the moons not discovered then? There were plenty of people looking for them. At the time there was an idea that the number of moons in orbit around a planet was a geometric number. Saturn had eight at the time, Jupiter had four (fifth one found in 1892), and so Mars was expected to have two moons and many astronomers wanted their names attached to a new discovery.


Even Herschel in 1783 looked intensely for moons around Mars, but was unsuccessful. Some have theorized that the moons came into orbit AFTER the 1862 date (Salisbury). The point is, that there were many, some with well known names, looking for the moons and could not find them prior to the 1877 discovery.

In 1993 the Vatican Observatory just outside of Tucson, Arizona went live. Reports from different sources state that they rushed the building of the observatory, ignoring environmental and building codes, for which they later went to court over. Speculation at the time said that they were building it to observe Hale Bopp, which they probably did. However, it appears they may have had another earlier target in mind.


In 1994 one of the most important events of all time occurred. The image to the left was taken just prior to this event. On March 24th, 1993 the Shoemakers reported the discovery of SL9 to Brian Marsden at the IAU. a few days later, an astronomer from Rome, Annette Cochran stated that she observed no gas in the comet. If thatís true, how do we explain the obvious tails in this image? We know what happened next. Keep in mind that this event was viewed from all over the world and with a variety of different telescopes and instruments.

Sometime back we posted this image of a comet being caught in Jupiterís field and finally hitting Jupiter (left image). Note the date on the image is 1929. To the point, they had the ability in that day to view and calculate such a capture and an erratic orbit.

The capture of SL9 is not really known. It was believed to have a close approach to Jupiter one year before it hit it, this according to calculations by Brian Marsden. But the orbit is less erratic than the 1929 example.

The destruction was seen by many on Earth through amateur telescopes and on television. It was reported as one of the greatest events mankind had ever been granted to experience. Each pock mark left on Jupiter rivaled the size of the entire Earth!


You can see our report on the event HERE. You can also see a report by Alexy Dmitriev HERE. Then Earl Crockett talks about NASAís insistence that the SL9 event was going to be a nonevent and their attempt to downplay the event. You can read that article HERE. By the way the estimated size of each of the 21 bodies was around four kilometers! (Keep that number of about four kilometers in the back of your head!)

In addition to SL9 there was another comet during that same time period that we wrote about that had very similar characteristics. We surmised at the time that it came from the same parent body as SL9. The name of the comet was Machholz 2 and was never actually seen before August 1994. The interesting thing about Machholz 2 (image left) is that it has a parent body and several small bodies of about three to four kilometers in size. The trail of material presents very similar to SL9 as in the SL9 image far above. Another interesting thing is that a scientist named Sekanina has had a special interest in comets similar to Machholz 2 and others that travel in groups. He even published an article on the companion of Hale Bopp. You can read it HERE. And our article on Machholz 2 is HERE.


As we go back and read the article now, we find several curious things we posted, including the usage of a particular passage of scripture at the beginning of the article. At the time there was some concern that some of the debris from Machholz 2 could break away and come our direction. Well nothing of note at the time occurred - but maybe it did and we didnít realize it. Perhaps this train of material dropped off some passengers and they settled into our orbit? Or maybe this is just pure fantasy.

Over the past couple of years we have gathered data from a variety of different sources that seems to relate. At first, itís almost like the Blind Rabbit Farmer that Earl speaks about in the above article. If we look only at one part of the beast for only a short period of time we come up with an answer that only pertains to that time period and to that part of the animal. However when you are able to see the machine in motion, all together and you can identify the direction that it is traveling, an amazing story begins to unfold. For a number of months we have speculated about the following, but a look back over history and the focus of the "powers that be", gives the idea more and more credibility.

In Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse we speculated that the Earth is being orbited by objects of an unnatural origin. We identified these objects as being in the four kilometer size range. We speculated that these objects were the same as independently imaged and posted on Kent Steadmanís site. There has also been independent verification from the ELRAD radio astronomy group. At one point we counted a total of forty-six four kilometer sized objects in orbit around the Earth.

And now, our old friends at the University of Hawaii, claim to have discovered eleven more moons in what they call highly eccentric retrograde orbits. Last year the same astronomers reported the discovery of ten more moons around Jupiter, bringing the grand total to 39 moons in orbit around Jupiter. They state that the moons are from two to four kilometers in diameter. That number sounds eerily familiar (see Four Horsemen)!

The very strange thing about all of this "moon" discovery stuff, is that in 2000 scientists (not from the U of H) discovered a dozen new moons around Saturn. Now Saturn is much farther out than Jupiter. Why didnít they discover these new moons of Jupiter first? But even more strange than all of that, is the question as to why these moons were not discovered decades or even centuries before? The scientists from Hawaii even say that these new moons were likely captured asteroids millions of years ago. Well... why didnít someone see them before now. What about the satellites that we have had out there snapping pictures of the area? Wouldnít it be just as practical to suggest that these new moons were NOT there a decade before?

In reviewing our material we reviewed the image of Mars taken by Glenn Deen. We noticed a number of anomalies on the image which we pointed out in the article. In this image above, we have measured the approximate size of these anomalies. Guess what? Would four to five kilometers sound about right?

Is it possible that these objects have been coming into our solar system from the outside, from some distance? And could it be that they have been coming in over the last five to six years? That SL9 was simply a show of power? A threat to show the capabilities of this great force?

Would our government tells us about a force this capable? Why wouldnít a discovery of moons, of this magnitude, a discovery of this importance not occur sooner in this century?

Could it be that these objects just werenít there a few years ago? Could it be that the times are coming together for one final showdown? For years it has been speculated that top government officials knew of such a force and that they have been attempting to, but failing to negotiate terms.

Weíre not saying that all of this information denotes the conclusion necessarily that we have come to. However, why all of the clandestine activity from NASA and our government? The Vatican tie in can not really be ignored can it? What would a religious organization like the Roman Catholic Church want to look into space for? Are they expecting the approach of something? Why does it seem so clear to us and to so many? Sounds like a "B" rated movie, like the movie Independence Day, or the movies Armageddon, and X-files all wrapped up into one story. But this isnít fiction - the images are real. And the myth throughout the ages must be given some degree of credence.

Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet says there will come a time when men will intentionally confuse right from wrong, he states, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter". Isaiah defines the time as a conflagration and a purifying by a great army from the far ends of Heaven. Mitch Batros accused us of having a Christian motive. These citing from the bible are only a few among literally thousands of stories that foretell the wrap up scenes of the story of man and the Earth. Doomsayers? Absolutely. Mentally ill? Hardly.

Hereís the bottom line - You decide. Just like we have always said, we put the information into your hands and we let you decide.