The Verdants

17. - A Most Singular Limitation

To illustrate how this can actually be viewed by a person skilled in remote sensing, we use the example of the Verdants. Offending Verdants seem to think that their peculiar version of community mind (harshly forbidding of critique, controlling) centers on a black hole kind of singularity - which they manage to exceed through basic, easy hyperdynamics.


How do their thoughts and telepathic/psychotronic interactions center on a singularity? The Verdant empire is centered on a single galaxy with a large, central black hole that’s vital to their power and control.


As one Verdant explained to Phillip Krapf, for long distance travel,

“they can cut the time down considerably… by traveling through wormholes, time and space warps, and black holes.”

(The Contact Has Begun, p. 46)

Hyperspace travel cycles through black hole singularities in a way that’s both non-direct and non-linear, faster-than-light. This prevents travelers from being harmed or trapped by a black hole’s event horizon. Indeed, as is noted in a previous chapter, black holes are an integral part of basic “negative energy” dynamics.


* There may be more advanced dynamics.

When a population like the Verdants uses energy on a large scale, they must carefully monitor the ecology of the matter-vs-singularity equilibrium in their galaxy. Their use of electrogravity and negative energy isn’t “free.” Instead, it can upset the basic equilibrium and speed the clock on an entire galaxy’s lifetime. But Verdants know that, which is why they seek to use great amounts of energy elsewhere. They are a galaxy-spanning population that uses psychotronic and faster-than-light communications technology. In order to do so, they must configure it all in relation to their galaxy’s central black hole, and, ultimately, in relation to other galaxies.

In order to communicate and interact with each other, they seek maximum range and scope in their galaxy, which fluctuates in relation to their galaxy’s central black hole (and other, deeper dimension). For more advanced aliens, such relationships are a given and aren’t so much of a problem (at this stage in our universe cycle).


But the equilibrium of the Verdants’ home galaxy has been overly depleted. They simply take too much. They aren’t modest enough to proportion themselves according to equal consideration (as is obvious in their intervention here).


In order to prop up their elite lifestyle they waste resources and now seek to deplete other galaxies, instead of their own. Such thinking, coupled with the cruelties and arrogations of empire (manipulated planet kills, manipulated conflicts and other staging) aren’t characteristic of the finest minds. There are great-scale checks on offenders like the Verdants. Like the basic physics of the universe, finer minds course more largely. More advanced interactions have a greater range and a finer consideration for other peoples.

Offending Verdants literally lean into the singular (a negative energy dynamic accessible almost anywhere), placing maximum demand on their environment. This isn’t merely a figurative metaphor. They literally orient themselves and their evacuated shell mentality, their version of group mind, in direct relation to the gravity (negative energy dynamic) of their galaxy’s central black hole, the sheer hierarchical scheme of it all.


They seek to dominate, hence they place themselves at the center of consideration, occasionally touching base with the relics of a previous offending mega-population (the “three elliptical” hyperversals noted above). They told Krapf they are THE superpower, which is ridiculous, given what we know about hyperversals. The truth is, power-hungry collectives that cause great grief to other aliens find themselves trapped within an elusive, seemingly one-way river of time. In the end, when seen from above, offending Verdants are pegged to their grandiose claim, their relatively small corner of the universe.

Basic negative energy dynamics allow Verdant thoughts to dimension through the nearest singularity faster-than-light BUT, and this is a critical “but,” their empire’s central authority stifles thought and doesn’t allow independent dissent. To speak against the regime is to risk being sought out and pressured, then disempowered by the regime (which masks as a trading collective).

So, the IFSP is hierarchically structured, dominated by a coldly manipulative Verdant elite. There are some good Verdants, of course, but you won’t hear from them - they’re kept busy with an insular rotation of duties within the IFSP. Meanwhile, trapped within a vicious cycle of domination and manipulated atrocities, the worst Verdants have failed to venture into more strangely entwined, if not bizarrely fluctuating higher dimensions - where higher order beings are composed on a more universal scale. Verdants of the sort are prisoners of their own physical pretensions.

It’s as though, by exceeding their ability to sustain themselves, by going out to dominate and control other worlds, by taking too much and killing some relatively innocent planets in the process, they lapse into a lower order of mind - although they don’t discern it as such.


That is the ultimate trap, the ultimate failing within such arrogance. As is true with all severe offenders, the very first step into wrongdoing drops them into a lower order of more singular consciousness, not a “higher” community of mind (which is multiply inter-dimensioned). Instead, they tend to lapse into the sum total of their neighborhood’s all-of-time offenders - a singularly inter-related prison, in a sense (which they don’t quite see).


There’s an order of being that lumps the most physically offensive pretenders together in isolated corners of the universe. Of course, they all see themselves as power-connected, major manipulators. It’s as though they seek to rule the devil without being corrupted (although they aren’t religious). It’s simple imperialism, wrought with disastrous, cruel consequences.

In the end, there’s a universal ecology in which the ultimate measure and test of any individual’s life is his or her regard for any other person’s life. If you or your society take another life wrongly, then you’re immediately reduced, although you may not know it (being callous or indifferent). The same is true of an offending empire. It’s a strange irony of the universal equivalency, a mathematically defining aspect of alternate-cycle hyperdynamics.


No one, anywhere, is immune. In the Verdant case, however, it’s difficult to impress this on an entire empire of sexuals. They may not see the consequences clearly, but then again, they have cut themselves off. Offenders of the sort remain trapped within a kind of event horizon, both literally and figuratively. They don’t see beyond the gravity well, of sorts, that they dig for themselves.

Power and domain are hypnotic diversions for some Verdants. They revel in the awe of a galactic scale, singular darkness, a kind of hypersphere where butt ugly, animal impulses rule - down within the darkness. Male Verdants seek sexual opportunity amid such diversions, and the crueler and more (psychically) unattractive they are, the more spectacular and destructive the mating dance.


They will literally sacrifice other worlds to both look, and feel important. Their community mind (a relatively primitive, mimic stab at such) literally hovers just above the event horizon of a galactic center black hole, only barely even allowing for greater connectedness.


Remember, their physics and technology center on a negative cycle that plunges directly through their galaxy’s central black hole. For some, that is a power rush. To better minds it seems a prison. When seen from above through a basic kind of universal justice, that is their punishment. That is where they are kept to prevent them from distorting more evolved orders of mind. Various hyperversals have cautioned me not to say too much about this (due to a larger ecology, of sorts). After all, there is a bizarrely deep, but precise order in being - much of which has been wrought by the sum total community of intelligent kind.

When a person skilled in remote sensing encounters, then studies offending Verdants (and offending hyperversals), he or she must remotely inflate beyond their physical bounds - fluctuating through and beyond their limitations. It’s as though your mind steps out at (figurative) right angles to their bunched up, corrupted way of thinking.


Then, and only then, do you literally see them hovering ever so slightly above a kind of event horizon. What you see, and what they don’t see, is that the preponderance of such offenders’ assumptions are trapped within a singular condition. By not being implicated, you may exist beyond that. You may be more universally acceptable, hence capable of inclusion within higher orders of mind.

Ironically, they revel in a sense of power related to their singular pretensions yet remain trapped within a realm that includes other ghastly offenders. Believe it or not, higher minds must assure that there is order even there, among the worst of the worst. They can’t be allowed to degrade too far. Of course, higher order minds can span the entirety of such offenders’ limitations and vastly exceed them, even if only faintly.


* Faintness, subtlety and humility are characteristics of the highest order(s) of mind, of course. They aren’t weaknesses.

Although some readers may not yet have developed the remote sensing connectedness needed to recognize the singular limitations of the worst offenders, a good person probably has at least an intuitive feel for it. This is perhaps the most important distinction that I can discuss in this book. It separates different orders of being and can endure for (the living equivalent of) all of time. Given that there are many universe cycles, woe to those who assume that the seemingly singular, physical pretensions of the latest cycle are all that they need to worry about.

The higher, finer (and more far-reaching/more comprehensive) dimensions of mind are reserved for either older, more educated (and humble) civilizations or finer, GOOD DEED ONLY minds. Most good, non-greedy, non-killer/non-offending humans can skip through and beyond offenders’ realms, although most don’t know it. It probably only seems “real” to them when they sleep, when low order precepts are suspended, however fleetingly.


However, no person in his or her right mind will jump into the hole with such offenders. It isn’t safe to do so because, with time, it can corrupt a mind beyond recognition. It isn’t so easy to re-order a brutal mind, no matter how good it once was. They are ever the less; they have to live with that.

The problem with such minds, and I don’t pretend that none of them are salvageable, is that they hive within a double darkness (although they may boast of their light-like qualities). Most humans are unacquainted with discussions about repressive communities of mind that mimic more advanced communities and hover just above the event horizon of a galaxy’s central black hole. Advanced aliens both know and have “seen” such phenomena (see an earlier chapter about how to remotely locate and “see” aliens and their electrogravity).


So, how can mind be dimensioned beyond body, and how can offenders circulate way out here, when their mind hive centers on the singularity at the center of a galaxy?

Here’s how: large-scale cycles of negative energy and electrogravity tie all deeper quantum fluctuations (all those canceling out of wave functions - it happens in every quantum and in seemingly “empty” space) to all singularities in any given part of the universe. On a larger scale, all negative energy can connect to the sum total of the universe’s black holes, BUT, let’s get real, here - manipulative killers like the IFSP’s worst don’t rate on a universal scale.


They are continuously criticized and sometimes warned by higher order aliens, many of whom are often subtle in their critiques. There seems to be a tacit understanding that higher orders (and better kind) need to maintain a healthy remove from, and a disguisable invisibility to, the worst IFSP offenders. A larger order in the universe favors finer-minded, non-violent citizens of decent, evolving societies, even if some had to fight to establish such societies, in the first place.

Here’s the IFSP mistake of mistakes: when they place offending Verdants above all others in their vicinity, they wear blinders to their crimes. Again, they tend to see time as a one-way river, when, instead, time is a vast, multiply directional continuity (finely but tightly, gently shared and expansive). In the singularly limited minds of offenders, the higher order “directions” in time seem to cancel out, and the current universe cycle may seem to them as though it RULES. It doesn’t.

Time isn’t a one-way river. Those who think or behave as though they can take too much are run around in a low-order, one-way circle, in a sense. The IFSP elites’ arrogance and territoriality lumps them into a vacuous mind hive, a dark and literally starless community mindform where destructive impulses and inequities result in vicious cycles of power and control.

When seen from outside, the worst offenders bark their fixed and coldly predatory, idealized threats and presumptions back and forth across the resonance space of their galaxy center black hole. To do this, they must fix their attention on the deeper singular nature of their environment (their black hole), which, through negative energy, pulls them all together.


The illusion, for them, is that it all seems to be unified and defended (singular), hence it is good, theirs.

Meanwhile, once when I suggested that black holes could have an onerous, prison-like quality, a hyperversal corrected me by saying that black holes are beautiful, well-timed genius, deep with possibilities, not just a trap for IFSP-like offenders. This is important.

Black holes, which appear to owe to a deeper imprint that passed from the previous universe cycle into the present universe cycle, aren’t waste bins. They can act as energy, information and exchange thresholds. They can also help to confine murderous greed to its own limitations. Hence, the monsters in our midst are all about possession of things, power and control. Meanwhile, the best among us are about equality and transparency, sharing.


Precise, instantaneous justice is exacted - although it isn’t always seen immediately. Instead, when seen from above by better minds, it is grouped as such.


Monsters both resemble, and prioritize themselves according to, other monsters. The most criminal trading collectives (i.e. in parts of the IFSP) must live out their offensive duration in isolation until they evolve a higher order humility. The Verdants must drastically reduce their population numbers (not 500 trillion Verdants, but less than 50), or the Verdants will be looking at perpetual conflict, of sorts, a largely non-violent isolation of the IFSP by those who must guard against it.


In the future, we will be part of an effort to turn some of them back into decent, normal beings.


We must also help to re-sensitize other “advanced” offenders