Chapter 18
The New “Fifth World” Society These Star Kids Are Helping Build


Life in the Emerging Fifth World

Like most adolescents, our current society has grown too big for its britches. The culture that we grew up in no longer serves as a guide or context for the possibilities we see around us. The relative calm after World War II ended was shattered by a series of regional wars, made more grim by the ever-looming prospect of the major powers turning the Cold War into a very hot global thermonuclear war.


During this same period an explosion of new information has confronted and beckoned us: new findings about our origin as a species, technological advances which allow us to peer into atoms, and to duplicate life in the laboratory, and to see through an orbiting telescope almost to the edge of the universe. The conventional world view of our parents seems quaint and too limited for a society which has photographed every square yard of Earth, which has explored the bottom of the seas, which has traveled beyond the Earth to walk on the Moon, and sent camera satellites to report back to us what Mars, Venus and other worlds look like.


Over the past five decades, peoples around the world have been exposed to, and gradually become accustomed to, repeated reports of other-world spacecraft and contacts by the extraterrestrial persons who have arrived on those craft. We are changing our vocabulary to reflect the shift from a national to a global perspective, and from focusing on "the world" to recognizing that our planet is but one of billions capable of supporting life.

All these changes have caused us to outgrow social structures meant to serve an earlier and simpler age: structures such as the nation-state, science as an unchanging body of laws, lifelong career jobs, antiquarian religious forms, the university as the only citadel of knowledge, and a disempowering culture based on looking solely to centers of power and authority for direction. The wild card amidst these other changes is the growing realization by now a majority of the people that we are experiencing frequent flyovers of extraterrestrial spacecraft, and that a substantial number of our fellow citizens have had face-to-face contact with people from the stars.

And all these changes are now compelling us to start asking the right questions about how we should change, and what new social structures we should adopt, as we seek to fashion a Fifth World society and culture.

In April, 1998 a conference was held in Santa Cruz, California, (ET Contact & Points Beyond, April 18, 1998, Pacific Cultural Center). This Conference explored some of these Right Questions.


Issues examined there included:

  • "What do we know about Star Visitors/interdimensional beings at this time?"

  • "How do we integrate Star Visitor experiences into our life?"

  • "How will Star Visitor presence affect our social mores and future culture?"

  • "How can we place Star Visitor contact into the psychological/metaphysical Big Picture?"

  • "What does Star Visitor contact imply for our psychological/ spiritual evolution?"

  • "Will emerging Star Visitor presence result in a new self-image for humankind?"

  • "What might be our place be in the greater cosmos?"

These are important issues. To help explore them, I have proposed 24 questions of my own, the answers to which may help delineate where we are going, as we move into a new Fifth World reality. I have provided my answers here. Each of you may wish to formulate your own responses.


The sum of everybody's responses will shape what kind of Fifth World society we will build and have.


a) Hypothetical:

Q1: If a large ambassadorial spacecraft landed tomorrow several kilometers outside Geneva, Switzerland, and extraterrestrial ambassadors emerged and insisted on talking promptly with designated representatives for Earth, what should we do?

My answer:

The U.N. Secretary-General should be contacted, and he should designate a small team of Ambassadors representing a cross-section of Earth's peoples to meet with the extraterrestrial Ambassadors, and determine what they wish to discuss.

Q2: If the extraterrestrial ambassadorial delegation went on worldwide television via satellite hook-up, and brought out an individual who identified himself as Jesus Christ, looked the part, and worked “miracles” on television, what should be the response of international leaders?

My answer:

International leaders should contact the Pope, the Head of the World Council of Churches, the Dalai Lama, the head spiritual advisor of the Lakota Nation, the Rev. Billy Graham, the head Islamic cleric of Suadi Arabia, the ranking spiritual leader of the Hindu faith, the head Rabbi in Jerusalem, and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, etc., have them form a panel, and go on worldwide television to express each faiths' view of what the return of the Christ figure means. I would anticipate that each would say that true spirituality is unchanging, and that there have been many religious teachers in earth's history, each trying his best to present a path to God. Further, I would expect each to affirm that God uses many intermediaries, and such can include extraterrestrial intermediaries.

b) Philosophical:

Q3: What are the most important philosophical questions to which Star Visitor contact may provide some answers?

My answer:

Some of the most important philosophical questions are: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we headed? What is our relationship to people from other worlds? How best can we achieve our full development and purpose here (enlightenment)?

Q4: What do you expect the extraterrestrials will identify as the primary purpose of existence?

My answer:

To grow in knowledge, to reach out, to love, and to serve.

c) Political:

Q5: Exposure to cosmic cultures is anticipated to alter many humans' perceptions of the importance of traditional nation-state concerns. What is your prediction about the effects of open extraterrestrial contact on political (re-)organization of human society?

My answer:

The combined effects of the Star Visitors’ openly manifesting their presence, plus the profound Earth changes overtaking us, will cause a shift from focus on centralized structures of power and wealth, such as the Group of Seven nations, the World Bank and the Trilateral Commission. Instead, peoples will begin to pay allegiance to more meaningful and natural social structures based on regions with common ecological features and lifestyle interests. In the U.S., this may result in political devolution into the Northeast, the South, the Plains, the Northwest and the Southwest, with relatively smaller attention paid to the U.S. as a historical territory.

Q6: Current human society is organized along vertical top-down power lines. Do you expect open extraterrestrial contact to alter the way decision-making is done in our societies?

My answer:

Yes. The Star Visitors’ culture, non-materialistic values, style of operating by group telepathic communication and consensus will be contagious. It will reawaken in us a desire to return to governing communities by participatory democracy, as people value once again an ethic of hands-on involvement in making their community work. This will require breaking down large, socially-alienating, unwieldy population centers, such as New York and Los Angeles, into smaller communities.

d) Exo-technology:

Q7: The Star Visitors have extremely-advanced technology, including Zero-Point (Free) Energy systems, inexpensive to operate and totally non-polluting. How will this technology impact Earth society?

My answer:

Abundant energy is a key to economic production. When inexpensive Zero-Point Energy systems are made available to all peoples of the Earth, and peoples then have sufficient cheap energy to fashion and distribute raw resources, there will not be one society which will lack the means to provide adequate food, housing, transportation, communications, an appropriate level of technical development, and a gross national product sufficient to afford adequate education and health care for all its people. Since every country has some essential raw materials, each will soon have the means to convert raw materials into finished goods, and no longer need to import many goods. Zero-Point energy means that a country will no longer be rich or poor depending on whether it is sitting on oil or coal deposits or not. Universal Free Energy will go far towards eliminating poverty in what are now called Third World countries.

Q8: How can extraterrestrial technological advances be disseminated widely and fairly to all societies on Earth, and how is this process prioritized?

My answer:

The Star Visitors have made it known that they wish to deal with a group which is truly representative of the peoples of Earth. The United Nations possibly may not be up to this standard. The representative group will be expected to see that extraterrestrial knowledge and technology are distributed fairly to all peoples, without the favoritism and priorities which historically have been accorded to the rich and powerful nations of the Earth. It will be a humbling but salutary experience for the NATO countries to find out that they do not necessarily go first, nor get more than their share of these resources.

e) Current Situation:

Q9: How prepared are the peoples of Earth for global authoritative declaration of extraterrestrial contact and open demonstrations of their presence? What can enhance that preparedness?

My answer:

Most countries of the world do not experience the massive, powerful and well-organized UFO Cover-Up which is prevalent in the U.S., the UK, and to a lesser degree in other NATO countries. Thus, most citizens of the world have heard of numerous UFO and ET contact reports without official ridicule. Most of these peoples are ready to accept formal open Star Visitor contact. The small minority who are not prepared are those who have fallen victim to propaganda put out by religious or secular authorities who fear that their power base will be eroded by the open presence of advanced extraterrestrial cultures. Even in the tightly-controlled U.S., public opinion polls show that a solid majority of the population believe that UFOs are real, and that the government is covering up something about UFOs.

The people's preparedness for open extraterrestrial presence will be hastened by accelerating a process which has already begun: having authoritative figures, such as former military and intelligence officers and government scientists, go public with their personal knowledge and experience with UFOs and Star Visitors.

Q10: Who/Which types of leaders/spokespersons should take on primary initiative to make authoritative declarations about Star Visitor contact and presence?

My answer:

This leadership in making disclosures should come from a cross-section of the most respected public figures in various occupations: scientists, religious leaders, government officials, movie and radio celebrities, noted professors, respected news anchors, philosophers, artists, and physicians. Their manner should be calm, informative, accepting, optimistic and reassuring.

f) Situation-Improvement:

Q11: What are the most effective ways to quickly erase the accumulated decades of public conditioning that UFOs and Star Visitors are imaginary, or kooky thinking?

My answer:

The same instrumentality that created the problem in the first place. The government, through its intelligence agencies and their Public Acclimation Project, has already for several years been engineering more and more serious media coverage of UFOs and Star Visitor encounters. What has been missing, and what needs to take place right now, is to start having a string of celebrities come forward, of the stature of an Oprah Winfrey or a Paul Harvey, announcing their UFO sighting or extraterrestrial encounter.

Q12: Which kinds of public figures can most effectively ease worries about whether the Star Visitors represent a threat?

My answer:

People will respond most strongly to assurances from top military officials such as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, renown religious leaders such as the Dalai Lama or the Pope, and internationally-respected diplomats such as former President Jimmy Carter.

g) Human History:

Q13: Some Star Visitors have communicated to some experiencers that the Star Visitors are responsible for genetically engineering Homo Sapiens. What will the public's reaction be to information that we are partially the product of Star Visitor bioengineering?

My answer:

Most educated people are aware that archeologists had discovered a puzzling gap, a “Missing Link”, in human evolution. And currently there are debates across society between Creationists and Evolutionists. This creates an opportunity. Extraterrestrial intervention in primate evolution to accelerate the development of an intelligent species on Earth provides the answer to the Missing Link. And extraterrestrial intervention in our evolution means that both those who oppose evolution and evolution proponents are partly correct. The public should handle this information adequately, if presented calmly by authoritative scientists, religious leaders and philosophers as new information, but which does not undermine our dignity or life purpose.

Q14: There are some indications, from both human archeological and Star Visitor sources, that extraterrestrials have intervened in human societies regularly over the millennia, and have effected major advances in cultures. What will the public's reaction be to information that our cultures are partially the product of Star Visitor seeding of information?

My answer:

Just as human authoritative spokespersons can calmly present new information about a Star Visitors role in human evolution, so these authorities can present additional information about how Star Visitors have provided limited but important information at various times to help Earth cultures advance.

h) Spiritual/Religious:

Q15: Some indigenous spiritual leaders (on Earth) are saying that Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tse, Krishna, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quetzocoatl and other major figures of world religions were Star People (extraterrestrials, or humans heavily influenced by Star Visitor consciousness). How do you foresee various human groups reacting to Star Visitor information confirming their role in shaping world religions?

My answer:

A key critical element in assisting religious people of Earth to understand extraterrestrial influence in the original development of world religions is to understand the spiritual nature of the extraterrestrials themselves. As Vatican Curia member Monsignor Corrado Balducci has publicly stated on Italian television repeatedly, the extraterrestrials are persons, have souls, and are probably more spiritually advanced than humans are.


The Star Visitor influence on the thinking and teachings of the world religions' founders should therefore be seen as a sharing of their more developed spiritual perspective with our more primitive and struggling ancestors, and not as manipulation or trickery. When we teach our children about spirituality, we do not start with advanced graduate theology. We start where we find the child, and help him/her develop and refine their innate spiritual nature. We should not be surprised if these altruistic Star Visitors went about the project in similar fashion.

Q16: What responsible role can current leaders of world religions take, to deal with the impact of revelations about Star Visitor influence on earlier man's spiritual culture?

My answer:

Current religious leaders can follow the initiative begun by the Vatican, when they allowed Monsignor Balducci to make trial-balloon statements about Star Visitor reality and spirituality. Just as the Catholic Church needs to follow up on these beginning statements with more official declarations by the Pope, so other world religions need to begin the process of acclimating their followers to the fact that spiritual knowledge is not just invented each generation, but is also handed down from elders; and that some of humanity's religious understandings were handed down from nonhuman elders.

i) Infrastructure:

Q17: There will be great pressure on human society to rapidly adopt the Star Visitors’ many advanced devices, sciences and technology. Yet worldwide there is not enough money to adequately maintain existing infrastructure (roads, transportation, utilities, schools, etc.). How should we recommend that resources be allocated?

My answer:

With the fair and equitable distribution of Star Visitor technology, especially including Free-Energy (ZPE) devices, to all peoples of the Earth, as mentioned earlier, all peoples will be able to afford and have the basic elements of a civilized life without polluting the Earth. Remaining differences in various societies will result from different cultural emphases on how much effort to put into producing elaborate material goods versus emphases on mental, spiritual or artistic development. There will still be some human cultural diversity, but not the grinding poverty currently plaguing so much of Earth’s population.

Q18: Does the emergence soon into the open of extraterrestrial science and technology mean that human society can restructure to live in ecological harmony with the Earth while still having a high culture?

My answer:

Yes. With Free Energy, and the inspiration of the Star Visitors’ non-polluting technologies, there is no reason why Earth cannot advance to a more sophisticated and pollution-free society.

j) Global Economics:

Q19: A significant number among the ultrawealthy elite fear that open contact with Star Visitor cultures will lead to collapse of traditional financial systems, the devaluation of many traditional stores of value (oil, uranium, coal, utility stocks, etc.), and even the loss of the psychological drive to accumulate ever-increasing wealth. Is that likely? Is that bad? What is your considered view?

My answer:

The plutocratic oligarchy, who control the Earth through such structures as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Society, have good reason to fear that their unjust and obscene concentration of the world's wealth into the hands of the few is about to come to an end. The Star Visitors’ emphasis on mental and spiritual development, rather than on technology and materialism, and the Visitors’ ethic of service to others, will seriously challenge the current so-called world order, which is based on a few living lavishly and arrogantly, while the majority of the Earth lack adequate food, health services and economic security. Faced with the choice, most on Earth will opt to end the concentration of Earth's resources in the hands of the privileged oligarchy. Such an economic and social revolution is long overdue. If the Star Visitors’ visits serve as such an inspiration, so be it.

Q20: If open contact with the highly-communitarian Star Visitor societies leads to economic reorganization of human society, which direction do you think such reorganization will go? Should go?

My answer:

As we begin to experience, and then incorporate, social telepathic communication with the Star Visitors among us, and then with each other, we will refashion our societies into more open, trusting, familiar networks. Deceit and evil intentions will have nowhere to hide, and will soon disappear, in a community where everyone can know what the others around them are really thinking. Familiarity breeds stronger bonds, and is a more socially-leveling influence.


k) Military/Security:

Q21: The Star Visitor presence means the theoretical availability of advanced Star Visitor allies with technology to interdict and stop any general military attack between countries on Earth. Should the peoples of Earth therefore dismantle their standing armies, except for a small, National Guard-level force to quell any potential civil unrest?

My answer:

Yes. We need to evolve now past the primitive stage of having large standing armies ready to attack on another. In the face of Star Visitor contact, we need to give up our petty wars as ridiculous, and declare universal peace all over the Earth. Most wars are economic or territorial. Star Visitor technology will provide a basis for a world without want. As Earth is soon permitted to become a space-faring society, the urge to expand and explore the universe will be all the challenge any adventurer could want. A modest-sized internal policing force should therefore be sufficient for any country.

Q22: The Star Visitor’s Intergalactic Federation has communicated to us through experiencers the message that we humans need to give up our nuclear and Star Wars weapons if we wish to be permitted to become a space-faring society. Should we comply with that condition? What can our leaders do to prepare their peoples for these circumstances?

My answer:

The authorities need to steer a middle course which avoids leaving us sticking our heads in the sand and creating massive panic. Such a middle course involves the honest sharing of warning information about upcoming crises and cataclysms as it becomes known. Information is power. Rather than worrying about the effect of warnings on the stock market, leaders should focus on their duty to provide timely information, and to have public agencies and services prepared for all foreseeable circumstances. There should be public education campaigns about how to conduct oneself in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, stock market crashes, urban riots, etc.

Q24: What kind of Post-Star Visitor Contact human society do you want to see constructed?

My answer:

A society which is a collection of real communities built on trust, mutual caring, an ethic of service to others, and shared values; a society which is grown up enough to welcome odd-looking visitors from far away and spend time getting to know them; a society which values the things of mind, heart and spirit more than bank accounts and country club membership; a society which has learned to live as much in harmony with the Earth as our Native American ancestors did, who have left not a single negative environmental impact; a society which is ready to reach out to the stars and expand our definition of what is “home”.

Star Kids’ Roles In Establishing the New Fifth World

Above we have taken a look at the shock-points contemporary society will have to go through as the old order ends, and the new Fifth World cosmic culture is established. Star Kids will have an important role in the fashioning of that new culture.

Practice for functioning in Fifth World cosmic society will happen during the Transition. For example, numerous experiencers have been shown scenes by the Star Visitors, similar to scenes psychics have foreseen, where the customary resources of society will break down. It will no longer be possible for everyone to just get carted off to the hospital by an ambulance when you get seriously hurt.


At that point the psychic healing powers Star Kids (and Star Seeds) have are going to be critical. As Star Kids jump into the gap in services, they will begin to establish a culture of layman local healers who can deal with a situation at the site where it occurs. I have had a couple of personal experiences with non-ordinary healing.


Albeit it was done by the Star Visitors, and not by a Star Kid or Star Seed. Still, in the latter instance, a Star Seed brought in the Star Visitor to do the healing. It appears likely that some of the advanced functioning that will go in in Fifth World society will be the combined effort of joint partnerships between a Star Kid and a Star Visitor.

I know that it was the almost-instantaneous knee-repair the Star Visitors did on me several years ago, while my wife and I were “switched off” and suspended in the air in our car over a thousand-foot gorge, before they finished and positioned our car on the road on the other side of the chasm, as a kind of “calling card” cue, to let us know what had happened and who was responsible, after my doctor had given up and said I'd “just have to learn to live with it,” that convinced me of their abilities.

And then there was the truly instantaneous healing of a chronic, painful sciatica injury, which again the doctor had no cure for, and which the Star Visitor Neuman effected on me while I was fully conscious and visiting his primary contact person, psychic Marian MacNeil, CHT, (Secretary-Treasurer of the Star Kids Project, Ltd.), in her home/office.

The Visitors' results speak for themselves. These cures have persuaded me that the Star Visitors have amazing healing abilities of which we can only imagine. So, clearly the Star Visitors have abilities to refashion a selected human's physiology, (likely through manipulation of human bioelectric and auric fields, as well as their genetic and vibrational techniques).

Their success, and their involvement with the Star Kid transformations that result in Star Kids and adult Star Seeds, provide an understanding that these transformed Star Kids and Star Seeds do indeed possess a number of advanced psychic properties and abilities, and furthermore, that the Star Kids stand ready to use them.


Can you imagine a world where millions of kids and millions of adults exist as a resource spread among the population, equipped with the dizzying array of powers and gifts enumerated in the Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire? (See Appendix A.)

University Professors Report Over 50 Million “Cultural Creatives” Remaking Society

Sometimes Star Kids and Star Seeds feel that we are just an unnoticed band of eccentrics ghetto-ized within the larger clueless society. And then something comes along that can tell us that the revolution not only is happening, but it is getting noticed by the larger conventional society.


Such an event is the emergence in 2001 of a book reporting the findings of a 12-year study by two university professors on a sea change going on within society. The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World (2001), written by Professors Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson, reports that a radically different culture is emerging in the U.S.

These Cultural Creatives reject prevailing mainstream materialistic society. The Creatives see themselves as citizens of the world, are altruistic, idealistic but practical, are environmentally conscious, concerned about those society has neglected, and are activists.

The Cultural Creatives emerged in the 1960s, and represented about 5% of the American population. This was the Hip Generation, and, as noted in an earlier chapter of Star Kids, was the time when the percentage of Star Kids and Star Seeds was starting to rise noticeably within the general population. (Drs. Ray and Anderson do not discuss Star Seeds as such in their analysis.) Now the Cultural Creatives constitute over a quarter of the population! These creative, optimistic, cutting-edge types are creating deep cultural change, for example insisting that business practices change to create real environmental sustainability.

Ray and Ansderson state that,

“we are in the middle of a transitional phase...” and “have arrived at a crucial point where things could change extremely quickly.... We are on the verge of an unknown world, ... we are going to have to cast aside our habitual reference points in order to build a new culture.”

Although they may not recognize it, the professors are talking about the Star Kids, and the former Star Kids who are now grown Star Seeds, and are taking roles within society where they push for positive change, transforming current Fourth World society into the new Fifth World society.

Ray and Anderson identify the inner resources that are empowering these Cultural Creatives to make such changes.

“It’s only a matter of having moral imagination and an inner heart-felt wisdom.”

The authors describe to a “T” the tidal wave swelling within society globally, as more and more Star Kids come of age and become fully-active participants in society.

We know that, as the Hopi Prophecy warned, the current Fourth World society has fallen into the fatal flaws of the three previous Worlds that went down to destruction: this Fourth World is forgetting the Oneness of all creation, sinking into greed and materialism, and engaging in promiscuity and aerial mass warfare. Who can save future generations from this madness? Who can apply their intelligence, pure-heartedness, wisdom, selfless caring, collective consciousness, dedication, humility, bravery, relentlessness, psychic gifts, and the way of the gentle warrior to compel the necessary changes to happen. You know the answer by now.

It is the Star Kids.

If you are a Star Kid, let this book light a fire under you. Let it make you aware that you are not alone. Let it encourage you in the knowledge that there are millions and millions of other Star Kids out there, some “Latents” right now, to be sure, but millions more who are Turned On and are ready for action!

Do you imagine that there is any force on Earth that can stop this revolution? That can blunt this tidal wave? No, there is not. When even establishment university professors note and document the size and potency of this tsunami of culturally-creative Star Kids, you know that the Cabal has to know that the jig is up.

Fifth World is coming in fast and hard.

It will be in place by 2012. And it will be beautiful to behold, to walk around in, and to be a part of.

It is a good time to be alive.


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