This is one of the most important concepts, consequently we shall attempt to give a sufficiently clear understanding of it for the layman.

A spectrum is like a wide waveband of many frequencies. Picture a row of wavy lines, one on top of the other. These are energy vibrations with a certain rate of oscillation, that is, frequency. As we 'go up' this spectrum the frequencies increase. How can a reality - a total existence - be structured out of such frequencies?

Firstly, realize that everything is an expression of energy. There are two fundamental manifestations of this energy:

1) waves propagating through space

2) trapped waves forming stable structures, such as particles, matter and objects

Thus it is all wave motion; even solid objects are basically a pattern of waves.


Physicists have been known to refer to matter as trapped energy/waves/ light. That is, waves in opposition (counteracted) of the same frequency and in step will create stationary waves - the condition for stable matter or structures.

Now space is filled with infinite waves; we only detect a fraction of a percent. Many are higher frequency waves. We can now imagine that some of these waves when 'trapped' (that is counteracted by one another) will form atoms, molecules, and matter or visible objects. But many waves of higher frequency will also form invisible matter. (This is not dependent on the atomic configuration of our third dimension, of which the atom is only the centre of a 4D to 3D vortex, originating higher dimensionally.)


Thus we see now how a mind can be an invisible stable structure and that, in fact, invisible (to us) entities can exist.

We can now understand why a spectrum of frequencies is the means from which a reality is created. In fact, we live in a frequency (coded) universe. Everything one can conceive is a packet of these frequencies.


Amazingly our quantum physics can handle this with its wave function but unfortunately at this development of physics most quantum physicists don't consider the wave function as real, owing to its mode of formulation, and it is considered only mathematically applicable.




Substantial basic information is given in the book Voyagers, volume 2, on the 12-strand DNA. Humans have two biological strands, structured in the double-helix manner.


In addition, we have strands three to twelve but these are 'unplugged' - they are not active. None of these are biological but are electromagnetic, extending into higher frequencies from strand three to strand twelve - they would be patterned within space, and nested internally nonlinearly. The electromagnetic strands may be described as etheric, and there could be considered to be twelve etheric in number and two physical, since each of the physical biological strands have etheric counterparts.

The DNA is made up of minute templates of crystallized frequencies (sound and light magnetically grouped into frequency patterns - remember all matter and energy is in effect made up of frequency packets). These are called DNA Seed Codes. Crystallized energy is in effect condensed energy - sometimes these structures, depending on the frequencies, manifest as visible and detectable matter.

These seed codes are templates for DNA strands and consist of 12 magnetic particle units (called Base Codes) and 12 electrical antiparticle units (called Acceleration Codes).

Now a Crystal Seal keeps the 12 particles and 12 antiparticles separate in each strand. Each seal has the frequencies of each strand. The seals keep the particles polarized (not unified) and locked into that dimensional strand - the particles and antiparticles are prevented from coming together and being unified.


This creates and isolates the spacetime conditions for that dimension.

When a Seed Crystal Seal is released, the 12 particles and 12 antiparticles fuse (particle to antiparticle). These are positioned 'horizontally' and this fusing or integration results in a frequency increase.

Now there are also 12 Star Crystal Seals in the DNA that keep particles and antiparticles separate in adjacent strands. Each Star Crystal Seal is composed of half the frequencies of the DNA strand below and half of those of the DNA strand above. These Star Crystal Seals are positioned 'vertically' between the strands (actually going inwards).

There are also 12 dormant codes (genes). If the Star Crystal Seals are not activated, the dormant codes will remain dormant. The 12 dormant genes are called Fire Codes, or the Silica Matrix.


When a Star Crystal Seal is activated a dormant gene is released. This then allows a Star Crystal Seal, which is located between the strands, to be released, enabling the upper strand to fuse with the one below - the DNA strands plug into one another. Thus there is a vertical and horizontal unification and integration taking place.

Due to genetic mutation only a small proportion of humans carry the full Silica Matrix.


Under these conditions the Fire Codes (of the Silica Matrix) are broken down by distortions in the DNA. The Star Crystal Seeds cannot be activated without the functional Silica Matrix and the body cannot achieve cellular transmutation. The distortions, however, can be corrected. Thus correcting the distortions enables the full Silica Matrix to exist - that is, the dormant genes can now be released when the Star Crystal Seeds are activated.

In summary, a single Seed Crystal Seal when released will enable the Base Codes to plug into one another in one strand. Then the Star Crystal Seal will release, which separates a strand from an upper (higher-frequency) strand, enabling the upper strand to plug into the lower one, and so on for the other strands.

In the years 2012 to 2017 the so-called stellar bridge will form, that is, frequency alignment of the spirals/vortices of certain galaxies will occur with the spiral/vortex of our solar system and the spiral/vortex of Earth, including higher-dimensional counterparts of Earth.


These are called stellar spirals.


Their alignment will download frequencies from the higher dimensions into the Earth's grid, creating the opportunity for DNA advancement and ascension of consciousness.




The book Voyagers, volume 2, covers this subject in some detail. It explains that the true information on the nature and meaning of the Arc has been withheld from man for a long time.


The Arc of the Covenant wasn't the chest containing the Rod and the Staff, though there were powers associated with the Rod and the Staff, nor was it the Ankhs, possessing even greater potencies. The Arc is an energy device involving much more multidimensional concepts.

The Arc was created 840,000 years ago; originally named the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor (an agreement amongst the Palaidorians - consisting of several races - to help humans). It is a portal bridge between the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy and Earth's core via the Great pyramid to enable the third seeding of the human race to take place.

Originally the pyramid was meant as a harmonic resonance chamber for pulling in multidimensional energies from deep space and from Sirius B using a great Ankha in the capstone, with the additional purposes to fortify the portal of the Arc of the Covenant and serve as an interdimensional teleportation centre. It is situated on the heart chakra of the Earth.

Apparently Noah's Arc was not a boat. It refers to the Arc of the Covenant in the Great Pyramid, and the description in the Bible refers to the passageway leading to the Arc. Noah sheltered in the inner-Earth from the Great Flood via the pyramid.


This understanding of the Arc is revealed in Howard Middleton-Jones' and James Wilkie's book Giza-Genesis.


It is also related in Anna Hayes' material.




According to the Guardian Alliance, about half a billion years ago the 'fall' of man occurred through racial conflict on a more harmonic parallel Earth called Tara.


The planet was destroyed and, moreover, individuals were disconnected from their mass mind. In order for humans to recover from this and return to their original status and harmonic planet, a transplant was agreed upon by several ET races called the Paladorians to provide a soul matrix or collective state for the humans, which had been severed in the 'fall'.


This is the Sphere of Amenti (or 'Pearly Gates of Heaven' in the Bible); the equivalent of a spiritual portal to enable man's ascension (between 2012 and 2017) to fourth and fifth-dimensional Earth. Thus the Sphere of Amenti, consisting of the souls of the Paladorians, was entered into Earth's core about 550 million years ago.

Owing to the destructive intentions ET resistance groups had towards the Sphere of Amenti in their bid to prevent human's ascension, it had to be transferred to the Andromeda galaxy (this severed the second seeding portal).

The third seeding of the human race could not now take place owing to the severed second seeding due to the sphere of Amenti being disconnected from Earth and residing in the Andromeda galaxy. A portal bridge was constructed by the Guardian organizations to enable the third seeding to take place.


This is the Arc of the Covenant and the entrance has been sealed in the Great pyramid.




The morphogenic field is a form-holding template through which matter forms and events manifest.


Thought creates morphogenic-field imprints within consciousness. When such an imprint is created it draws frequency patterns into itself, expanding and building up to become matter.




By means of satellite instrumentation, astronomers in 1961 discovered what appeared to be an unusual nebula.


We normally understand the nebula phenomenon as a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. This one, however, appeared to have anomalous properties and was named the Golden Nebula. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years.


There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion (just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun). The Pleiades, about 400 light years from us is part of this system and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone.


The photon belt surrounds the Pleiades system. In fact it consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 24,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a toroid or doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems.


This is the photon belt, or a photon band.


This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years).


Note that Zoosh states that our passage through the photon band could be much less than 2000 years.

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of dangerous radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet.

Nevertheless it appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience - but this really depends on man.


If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the high-frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there will be a natural spiritual selection.

This interaction with the photon belt has been referred to in channeling as the Christus.


Moreover, the event is supposed to relate to the true nature of the ascension or rapture - a prophecy of Christianity. Psychological characteristics of entering the belt are the effect of uprooting hidden, secret, or withheld material, bringing it to the surface for transmutation. This means psychological and physical disease patterns will be forced to the surface, that is, the conscious mind.


This will give tremendous opportunity to make advancements but also where there is too much to handle will cause illness, depressions, disease and death.




This is a multipurpose frequency-control device.


As utilized by negative aliens, it is designed to scramble human brain-wave patterns, thereby blocking out frequencies coming from sources outside of the third dimension, such as from enlightened ETs and from the collective soul matrix.

Its purpose is to sever the soul mind and reconnect it to a group mind network. This 'splicing' of an individual from the soul matrix can be a positive action to assist the species.


The Sphere of Amenti would be an example of a benevolent use of this technique, but as stated it can also be applied to disable individuals from connecting to their greater identity.


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