by Friends of Baktar

First Edition April 28, 2001

from TylerwordForum Website




”The extent of the blindness overcomes me with grief, deeply—for a population so uninformed in the so-called ‘age of information’ is most astonishing ... I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that the majority of global citizens are deliberately kept ignorant of what is happening, what has BEEN happening since the beginning of human history.”

Michael Wolf in The Catchers of Heaven


”In my line of work, there is no such thing as the truth. Information is deliberately seeded with ’disinformation’ to prevent anyone but a few at the very top from ever knowing the full story.”

Commander X in The Dulce Wars by Branton

”Everyone is fair and right to have their own reactions and their own emotions and their own opinions. This is the point of the List—to help people become more discerning and more trusting of their own emotions, their own reality, and not so much leaning on somebody else’s reality.”




The opinions and information that follow are those of a channeled extraterrestrial named Baktar. They are his perceptions as filtered through the perceptions of a human channel, and as such, they may or may not be accurate.

Whatever the accuracy of the personal profiles may be, they can serve as a reminder that each person perceives the world differently and has different purposes. Reality literally is created by what a person believes and intends. To blindly accept another person’s word or world view is to allow that person to create your reality FOR you, by default. If you would create a reality that you prefer, by your active choice, you must learn to discern truth by listening to what your own heart and inner wisdom tell you.

The UFO Community has focused on the goal of revealing the ET presence to the public. But far more important than knowing that ETs are here is deciding what kind of relationship we want to have with them. The covert agendas being carried out around this issue are far more dangerous than the cover-up of the ET presence.

According to Baktar, the main line of disinformation put out by those who want to maintain their economic and political power is that the ETs are our enemies, and those in power should be granted even more power in order to defend against the ET threat. The main sources of disinformation are the government (the military and intelligence agencies) and the power elite (private parties including private industry).


The power elite has an additional line of disinformation, which is that elected government can’t be trusted to handle the ET threat and the military isn’t capable of handling it, so they, the power elite, should be entrusted with this.

There is also a line of disinformation being put out by negative ETs. It is that,

“We are your friends, we have valuable things to give you (especially technology), and we will help save your planet’s ecology, so you should trust us, trade with us (be willing to trade away Earth resources), and make deals with us.”

Ironically, the government is willing to deal with the negative ETs but not the positive ones. They think alike, both being in pursuit of self-interest and power over others, so they “work together” trying to out-manipulate each other to get what each wants.

The positive ETs, who genuinely have our interests at heart (because they are spiritual, compassionate beings), will help us if we ask them to (we have to ask because they honor the principle of non-interference), but what they require of us is something the government and the power elite have not been willing to give: honesty, openness, good will, and honoring of individual freedom in choosing one’s own reality.



The GOOD - Promotes the truth

  • DAVID ADAIR He is a genius who did and who knows the remarkable things he claims. He will blow the lid off things when he thinks he can get away with it. He has been threatened a great deal.

  • GEORGE C. ANDREWS His information is highly accurate, especially on the subject of technology. He is an unknowing channel, and the spirituality in his books is very good.

  • DARRYL ANKA His channeling is extremely accurate.

  • STEPHEN BASSETT He is well-intended and sincere in wanting to get the truth out, but in the future he may yield to the temptation of offers that will be made to him with strings attached.

  • PAUL BENNEWITZ His story is true except for the part about his being an outsider, which was created to protect the identity of himself and the ETs he befriended when he worked at the Dulce base.

  • AL BIELEK (soul name Edward Cameron) Edward Cameron was so concerned about what happened in the Philadelphia Experiment that he spirit-possessed the body of Al Bielek in order to warn the public.

  • BRANTON Most of what he puts out as truth in his Dulce Wars book is accurate.

  • BOB BROWN He wants to let people discern for themselves what information to believe. He wants to put out truth but he doesn’t want to impose it.

  • DOLORES CANNON She is a very open-minded researcher who, however, can adopt new ideas too quickly and can be overconfident in her beliefs.

  • JOHN CARPENTER He is concerned about ETs doing things to people against their will.

  • BARRY CHAMISH He is an excellent researcher who, however, is immersed in fear-based thinking, especially regarding Biblical prophecy.

  • JEROME CLARK He puts out accurate information, although he may tell stories in a grandiose way.

  • ARTHUR C. CLARKE He is not in the loop. He is open-minded only about things he has scientific evidence for.

  • ALEX COLLIER He is accurate in describing his Andromedan contact.

  • PHILIP CORSO He told as much as he safely could. He had a sense that some ETs were his friends but also he believed we needed a strong military defense against ETs.

  • MARC DAVENPORT Information about him is being protected on a spiritual level, including the reason positive beings manipulated him and Leah Haley to marry.

  • PETER DAVENPORT He withholds UFO reports involving the military. He is a skeptic especially about physical ET contact, which unknowingly he has had himself.

  • VANCE DAVIS The military was quite surprised that he and the others of the Gulf Breeze Six were able to get the secret information they did through a ouija board.

  • ROBERT DEAN The NATO document he saw identifying four types of ETs was real. Bad guys tried to use him to release disinformation through but he was too discerning.

  • JIM DILETTOSO He has mostly put out truth, but he biases his findings according to what clients want to hear. If the money is good enough, he will change his mind.

  • ANN DRUFFEL She wants others to resist abductions because of the pain of her own abductions, which she is unaware of.

  • DON ECKER His wariness of humanoid beings in general is a strength that will serve the public well, although there is also some fear with him.

  • ALBERT EINSTEIN The power elite sponsored his education and harnessed his genius for their purposes. He had contacts with positive ETs.

  • JOHN FOSTER He is still suffering effects from the reptilian conditioning program he was subjected to, and has a great deal of anger at the ETs for repeatedly interfering with his life then making him forget.

  • BRUCE GOLDBERG He is pursuing truth but he is inclined to state assumptions and theories as fact, and is unwilling to later correct anything he has said.

  • JOHN GREENEWALD, JR. He knows a lot about the power elite but has accepted some of their ideas and is being fooled by their disinformation, including selectively released and altered and faked documents.

  • GUS GRISSOM He and astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were murdered by means of a fire intentionally set in their command module to stop them from telling the public about contact they had with Greys.

  • LEAH HALEY She has had mostly military-ET collaborative abductions but also some power elite abductions, the latter being the source of her anger. (Also see Marc Davenport)

  • BILL HAMILTON His loving nature blinds him to liberties with the truth taken by his wife Pamela.

  • PAMELA HAMILTON She is having the ET contacts she claims but she elaborates on the truth a bit.

  • PRINCE HANS-ADAM He is partly in the loop but also knows he’s been told some lies and wants to know the truth.

  • JAMES HARDER He regrets abusing hypnosis on behalf of the military. Presently he is putting out truth, but the government may try to use him again.

  • MICHAEL HESEMANN He is a well-balanced researcher who is open-minded but likes to see proof.

  • BETTY AND BARNEY HILL They experienced a military-ET collaborative abduction. Greys did the abduction while military personnel observed.

  • RICHARD C. HOAGLAND He is a funnel for information from both good and bad guys, and sometimes is fooled by disinformation. He is drawn in especially by stories involving fascinating technology.

  • LYSSA ROYAL HOLT Her channeling is highly accurate.

  • DOC HOWARD He did travel back to 1947 to stop an experiment using nuclear energy to do time travel that had caused a cataclysmic explosion in the environs of Chicago in the time line he came from.

  • MIESHA JOHNSTON She has had abductions by the power elite. She has much fear of the government.

  • JOHN F. KENNEDY He was a true “man of the people” who got wise to the power elite and became a threat to their power. He knew about the government’s involvement with ETs and wanted to tell the public.

  • GINA LAKE Her channeling of Theodore, from the Federation, is highly accurate.

  • BARBARA LAMB She is love and joy oriented. She wants to help people stop being victims.

  • BOB LAZAR It is difficult to obtain information about him psychically due to an electronic implant placed in him likely by the government. Apparently he is a good guy.

  • ROGER LEIR He is a man of science who likes proof. He is concerned that some ETs seem to treat humans like lab animals.

  • MELINDA LESLIE She has undergone very many abductions of the military-ET collaborative type, and she is being watched very closely.

  • GEORGE LUCAS He had ET contacts of a positive nature, especially from the Federation, that were mostly astral, in dreamtime, but also on occasion physical, and these inspired Star Wars.

  • JOHN MACK He has good discernment and good intuitive ability to sense truth. However, he tends to believe that all ETs are good and to attribute all negative ET activities to government.

  • BARBARA MARCINIAK The Pleiadians she channels are the lowest, most physical level of the three levels of Pleiadians. Fear about reptilians has affected her channeling.

  • JIM MARRS He is an excellent and objective researcher. However, he attributes great power to New World Order conspiracy without understanding the power of spirituality and positive ETs.

  • BILLY MEIER He is genuine but there is much confusing of truth in connection with his case.

  • MEL OF MEL’S HOLE His story about a miles-deep hole with paranormal properties that was confiscated from him by the military is true. The hole leads to a cavern inhabited by positive ETs.

  • MARILYN MONROE She was killed by black-ops CIA when she threatened to reveal UFO information that had been shared with her by President and Robert Kennedy.

  • WILLIAM MOORE He was selected by Richard Doty as someone to leak the MJ-12 documents through, but he pretended not to know who gave them to him. Presently he is putting out truth.

  • JIM MOSELEY Saucer Smear is his own creation, without any covert involvement. He enjoys both the gossip about ufologists and the pointing out in fun how self-destructive their attacks on one another can be.

  • PRESTON NICHOLS He believes what he says, but things are muddled by mind control he was subjected to. Psychic access to him is blocked by an electronic implant placed in him by the government.

  • LEONARD NIMOY He was something of a walk-in with an ET (Sirian) higher self like the Spock character.

  • LAURANCE ROCKEFELLER His thinking about ETs is positive, but he would like them to help him build a financial empire based on ET technology. He is trying to get in the loop. Published a Whitley Strieber book.

  • GENE RODDENBERRY He received guidance from seven groups of ETs in creating Star Trek. He had physical contact with Sirians in the desert who showed him technology aboard their UFO.

  • CARLA RUECKERT Her channeling of the Ra material was highly accurate.

  • RAY SANTILLI Good guys in the military who want to inform the public truthfully tried to give him a genuine Alien Autopsy film, but bad guys took it back and gave him two fake films.

  • MARCIA SCHAFER She is an ET (Sirian) soul and she has some ET genetics. Because of her ETness, she is able to recognize ET aspects in others. Her channeling is highly accurate.

  • PHIL SCHNEIDER He was murdered for speaking out. The Atlantean and other ET technology and information he helped the government recover from underground caverns is so important that positive ETs have placed a psychic shield around the Akashic records relating to these.

  • DERREL SIMS He is a victim of government abductions and mind control that left him with fear and anger directed against ETs.

  • STEVEN SPIELBERG He has had many positive ET contacts including with Greys and Praying Mantises.

  • DENNIS STACY He is a genuine skeptic whose sense of ”things aren’t as they seem” and “something isn’t right” is rooted in his own power elite and military-ET collaborative abductions.

  • WENDELLE STEVENS He is a very loving, giving and honest person. Due to his loving nature, he gives the benefit of the doubt to the contactees he interviews.

  • PAMELA STONEBROOKE She is demonstrating the possibility of having a positive relationship with reptilians. However, she has overly idealized the ”merchant reptilians” she is involved with.

  • WHITLEY STRIEBER He is sincere and truthful. Archangel Michael spirit-possessed an unknowing human to visit Strieber in the middle of the night and give him information that went into his book The Key.

  • MARSHALL V. SUMMERS His channeling is highly accurate although oriented toward fear-based scenarios. The warning that some ETs will try to manipulate us in order to acquire Earth’s resources is valid.

  • NIKOLA TESLA He was an ET walk-in whose genius was assisted by ET contacts with many groups. He was forced to work for the government. His science contributed to HAARP and the Montauk project.

  • ANDY THOMAS He is passionate about his message that people need to stop taking things at face value and need to pay attention to where conspiracies and disinformation may be operating.

  • KARLA TURNER She was the victim of power elite abductions that simulated abductions involving ETs and instilled anger in her against ETs and government. It was the anger that created the cancer she died from.

  • GEORGE VAN TASSEL He was visited by several ET groups including Pleiadians and Venusians. Much of his ET contact was through channeling as facilitated by his walk-in higher self.

  • ED WALTERS He did not like the attention he received and would rather be free from ufology.

  • TRAVIS WALTON He was abducted by positive Greys assisted by Nordics in a manner intended to bring the fact of ET abductions to the attention of the public.

  • LARRY WARREN He is truthful but misinformed on some points. The UFO that landed at Bentwaters was a hybrid-piloted military craft that developed problems in flight and had to land at the nearest base.

  • MICHAEL WOLF This human-Altairan hybrid was a repentant member of the MJ-12 Special Studies Group and the Alphacom Team. He contributed his input to a friend who wrote the original Good, Bad & Ugly List.

  • COMMANDER X He works in underground bases, including Dulce, and is the commander of one of them. He works with ETs on a regular basis. He wants to prepare the public for a possible war with ETs.




The UGLY Compromises the truth, whether knowingly or unknowingly

  • GEORGE ADAMSKI He was the original government plant, a “useful fool” put before the public to find out how much they would believe a person like this. He was manipulated to believe a lot of what he said.

  • COLIN ANDREWS Without realizing it he has sold out to accommodate his new Rockefeller elite group friends, and now falsely portrays most crop circles as hoaxes.

  • WALT ANDRUS He does not realize how bad guys have used him and MUFON to their advantage.

  • NEIL ARMSTRONG While on the Moon the Apollo 11 astronauts encountered Greys who telepathically communicated, “Why are you here? This is our place. We don’t want you here. You need to leave.”

  • KENNETH ARNOLD He was the victim of government mind control in a project to find out what the public reaction would be to a UFO sighting.

  • ART BELL He wants to put out truth, but his greater interest is in being a successful broadcaster doing an entertaining show. He would rather avoid responsibility for deciding and declaring what is true.

  • GRAHAM BIRDSALL There is a psychic shield preventing access to information about him. His true status and potential are unknown.

  • BILL BIRNES He wants to get truth out but is highly compromised by pursuit of self-interest. He is fearful about ETs, and he knows that scary stories sell well.

  • RICHARD BOYLAN He works very hard to try to put out truth, but once he trusts someone he is not able to admit he made a mistake. He looks to ETs as saviors. The military placed a “soul catcher” implant in him.

  • COURTNEY BROWN He was the victim of an experiment by the government to find out how a remote viewer could be manipulated to put out wrong information.

  • GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH He is partly in the loop and knows about our ET technology. He is not one in control, but rather one who had to go along to get along.

  • GEORGE W. BUSH He knows that the government is working with ETs but he is not as much in the loop as his father. He doesn’t like ETs and would rather not have to deal with them.

  • JIMMY CARTER The UFO he saw was piloted by positive ETs who wanted him to see them. As president he was told not to pursue the UFO subject, and that any revelations would only panic people.

  • DICK CHENEY Asked if he had ever been briefed on UFOs, he answered, “If I had been briefed on it, I’m sure it was probably classified, and I couldn’t talk about it.” Yes, he is partly in the loop.

  • BILL CLINTON He knows only a little bit about the government’s knowledge of ETs. He agrees with those maintaining the cover-up that the public is better off not being informed.

  • WILLIAM COOPER He had a UFO sighting that he was told to be quiet about, which made him angry and prompted him to study ufology, then he invented a dramatic story to make people listen to his warning.

  • LICIA DAVIDSON She has had a couple of abductions by a couple of ET groups, but her military harassment is mostly dreamed or imagined.

  • ASHAYANA DEANE (Anna Hayes) Her filtering is very high because she is not comfortable with her channeling contacts, some of whom are negative. She injects a lot of drama into what she channels.

  • RICHARD DOTY As a member of the Aviary (an offshoot of MJ-12), he believes the information he has been given to put out.

  • JOE FIRMAGE He has let his money go to his head. He is being groomed to be a useful fool by the bigwigs he wants to rub shoulders with and impress. STANTON FRIEDMAN He wants to put out truth but became a victim of bad guys who have funneled much disinformation through him including about fellow ufologists.

  • JAMES GILLILAND He focuses on ETs as being spiritually uplifting. He is having real encounters but also he engages in considerable imagination, fantasy and exaggeration.

  • JOHN GLENN The government wants to make him a useful fool for their controlled release of information to the public, and toward this end they arranged for his recent statement on the sitcom Frasier.

  • DAN GOLDIN He knows a minimal amount, such as that ETs exist, that NASA is a front for the public, and that black technology exists that NASA is deprived of. He is willing to play the game.

  • AL GORE He knows that the government is working with ETs but he is not in the inner circle.

  • STEVEN GREER His ET contacts have all been positive, and he wants ETs to be viewed as our helpers, but he goes overboard in attributing anything negative that ETs do to government.

  • DAVID HAMEL (Daniel Hammer) Pleiadians showed him how their UFO functions, but they did not tell him to build his own craft or that such human-built craft would be needed to evacuate the Earth.

  • BUDD HOPKINS He distrusts and holds a low opinion of PEOPLE and therefore is likewise negative about ETs. He agrees with the bad guys that ETs are evil, and the bad guys feed him disinformation.

  • LINDA MOULTON HOWE This scientifically minded investigator has adapted to what she perceives as a dark, controlled world, and believes that the only way to get the truth is to play ball with the bad guys.

  • DAVID ICKE Disinformers wanting to derail this passionate and effective speaker helped convince him go to outlandish extremes in his allegations against reptilians.

  • DAVID JACOBS He wants to be a good guy but has been groomed and controlled by bad guys. He knows something is wrong but refuses to look at it. He thinks all ETs are evil.

  • JIM KEITH He put his subjective interpretation on much of his information, and in this he was influenced by his fear-based perspective. So despite his good intentions, much of his information is unreliable.

  • GUY KIRKWOOD (Mel Noel) He saw a couple of UFOs as an Air Force pilot, but he exaggerates his experiences and he fabricated additional stories based on rumors he heard.

  • PHILIP KLASS He is a genuine skeptic who says what he believes, though the government can sometimes manipulate him. His passion is due to his own abductions, unknown to his conscious mind.

  • PHILLIP KRAPF He is sincere. However, he repressed everything that was traumatic about his abductions, and what he consciously remembers is very distorted.

  • JOHN LEAR Bad guys abducted him multiple times to find out what he learned from his father, and they use him as an unknowing funnel for disinformation.

  • WILLIAM LEAR He had connections to the inner circle. He was truthful in what he shared with his son John, but he withheld much.

  • MICHAEL MALIN Those in the inner circle of NASA decide which photographs they want the public to see and release them through Malin. They hide, confuse, debunk or spin any information relating to ETs.

  • TRICIA McCANNON She is spiritually oriented and inspires a lot of people, and her reading of the Akashic records is fairly accurate, but her psychic work is impaired by personal emotional needs.

  • EDGAR MITCHELL He is a truthful person by nature but is withholding what he knows about NASA’s lies. (comment St.Clair: When they talk, they get killed, so maybe that explains it.)

  • ROYCE J. MYERS III He is connected with a low-level government power elite collaborative circle. However, his UFOWATCHDOG.COM Web site is a private-group debunking effort done for the fun of bashing ufologists and causing dissension in and deterring potential new members from the UFO Community.

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