by Michael Salla

December 2004

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From: "Dr Michael Salla" <exopolitics@...>
Date: Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:20 am
Subject: Strategic Approaches to Dealing with ETs Extracting Earth Resources exopolitics

Aloha All,

I thought I would post a couple of messages from the prepare4contact forum where the 'tall white' extraterrestrials are being discussed in relation to the trade deals and resource extraction they are performing. I think that the strategic questions raised in the discussion are worth considering. The discussion was sparked by my recent correspondence with Charles Hall which you received: "'Tall White' ETs, Technology Transfer and Resource Extraction".


What follows below is a post from a forum member who responds to my article and raises some pertinent strategic questions at the end concerning the role of global consciousness in dealing with ETs performing 'resource extraction' on Earth. I then follow with my post to another member where I discuss the strategic imperative of using global consciousness in dealing with such ETs .

In peace

Michael E. Salla, PhD

From: "Angelika Whitecliff" <Angelika@...>
Date: Fri Dec 17, 2004 4:56 pm
Subject: RE: 'Tall White' ETs, Technology Transfer and Resource Extraction

Aloha Michael,
How shaken many people must be by this Charles Hall case and its implications of our government and military being given no choice in the current occupation of the ET group known as the Tall Whites upon our soil.

Further the military seems so intimidated that they have negotiated terms for giving away freely of our resources for seeming crumbs of technology. And more alarming, your posited idea of these resources including a human slave trade potentially in progress is not only possible and plausible given the current information and questions raised by the Hall material, but perhaps finally sheds light upon the whole issue of missing children and adults statistics whose cases each year across the country (and world) offer no Ďnormalí explanation for the disappearances, even after thorough investigations by highly resourced and trained professional investigators.

The abduction phenomena has shown us that millions around the globe can and have been taken involuntarily and been subjected to the will and experimentation of another race. (Much the same as what many of our scientist do still today with lab animals Ė they too have what they believe to be a strong rational to justify their work Ė but this is merely a reflection of ourselves which we must simultaneously address.) My goodness, is there a connection between the Tall Greys, the Greys and these Tall Whites? They both seem to have negotiated treaties with our government under the pressure of their more advanced technology and with the implication that we could not stop what would happen anyway, so why not cooperate and be kept informed and even get a little technology for our military. Could these three groups all be from a common gene pool or at least working together on a common agenda for the earth and the harvesting of her resources as well as creating a vision for her future?

Charles Hall stated in his last interview: ďI can only guess."

However, I would doubt very seriously that the US government has the ability to place any limits of that type on the tall whites. The tall whites are very independent. As I describe in my books, I wouldnít think that any human, US government or otherwise would dare saying ďNoĒ to them or trying to limit them against their will. It would be suicide to try. Any such agreement would have to be very carefully negotiated.Ē So the problem here is that the military does not have the technological resources to do anything to stop this threat and perhaps they are leaking this information looking for help.

It was once thought by our government and military that unavoidable ecological disaster was going to wipe out life on this planet or at least devastate it and dates were predicted for this tragedy. But what was foretold has not come and things are looking better despite the Bush administrations refusal to acknowledge and curtail ecologically destructive practices. Were all the scientists wrong? No. Instead humanity and consciousness began to wake up on the planet and envision a better future. And humanity continues to experience this awakening and more and more people are joining the bandwagon that recognizes that love and self-empowerment can and is changing the future. So, has the military (or at least a few bright individuals in charge) finally come to understand the power of consciousness over technology. Perhaps they are asking us to take the blinders off our illusions of safety and to step forward in the power of our light and say collectively ĎNO!í to this particular ET presence and to say Ďno moreí to this type of extortion and criminal activity perpetrated against humanity.

I went to the site of the American Institute for Economic Research to find out how much $600,000 would equal by todayís standards and it would be the equivalent of $3,496,296.30 in 2004. This would mean that in one single shipment the USAF gave three and a half million dollars worth of childrenís clothing to the Tall Whites.


And they could have shipments whenever they wanted according to Hall, as well as food and raw metals as far as he witnessed (and what more didnít he witness). As Michael pointed out in his summary, the Tall Whites showed time and again their contempt for our interior things. Are they lying to us about their motives? The Tall Whites said that they only wanted to use the Earth as a stop over to re-supply and repair their ships which are heading to farther destinations. Why then are they building scout ships here, out of our materials, and fitting them with anti-gravity drives which would make them capable of traveling out of our solar system? Are they building a fleet and why? They already have their inter-stellar ships they arrived on, why do they need more than this if our planet is merely a stop over?

There are still so many issues here, but the last one I will bring up in this post is the information about supplying them with our food. Hall stated,

ďOn a different occasion The Teacher stated pleasantly that it wouldnít be a good idea for me to eat all of the foods that they ate. She implied that two of their favorite foods would have adverse effects on me.Ē

And he also stated that he never witnessed a Tall White eating our food. Perhaps it is just happenstance that he did not see this seemingly common event, yet it also sounds strange when he says of a Tall White he sees in a casino,

ďHe had ordered a complete dinner with water and cola to drink. It was on the table in front of him. However, he did not appear to have eaten any of it.Ē

Perhaps this is another coincidence, but it makes one wonder if this food really is for them or if they just want it to Ďappearí this way, as too with all those childrenís clothes.

In order to take advantage of us, the Tall Whites or any other predatory group need to make us feel like we are helpless and without resources to defend ourselves and our planet. But this is just not true. Yes, it is true the technologically we are outdone, but this is secondary to our own awakening and empowerment of consciousness. It is consciousness and collective intent that can save the day here and in similar types of challenges. We do, however, need to get out of denial over our own savagery and simultaneously stop our own abuses to animals, the environment and fellow human beings.

It is the universal law of correspondence in action and these Tall Whites offer us a reflection of our own brutal face here upon planet earth. In this way we can thank them for shaking us out of our own inertia and sleep to recognize that when we say ĎNOí to abuse here amongst ourselves, we will stop karmatically calling it in to mirror our lack of attention to this area.

Thank you Michael, and also to Charles Hall, for bringing this information to us so that we may consider how to create a solution for a positive outcome.

Peace to all,

Angelika Whitecliff

Aloha Planetearth.

I agree with you that this kind of resource extraction with visiting ETs and controlling human elites has been going on a long time. I bet that the Illuminati have been aware of similar things going on and also made their deals over the centuries. However, the data for that is a bit sketchy and comes across as unsubstantiated conspiracy theory since thereís few eyewitness accounts showing this. Thatís where books by Icke and Marrs are informative and make good reading, but ultimately donít persuade too many since people say Ďwhereís the evidenceí? So itís good to see first hand evidence of such deals described in the Hall books by someone who has integrity and can appeal to a wide audience. So we know that such deals have happened with the tall whites who reflect the attitudes of the US generals they deal with as you say.

Now there are a couple of things which I donít agree with and feel you go too far in your analysis of the corruption of the elites controlling ET affairs. Itís not that you are wrong, I think itís just that you let your cynicism about the motivations of the insiders take you to conclusions that strategically cut off opportunities for reaching out to those on the inside who might positively respond to our concerns. You and others might say, why would we want to reach out those insiders who appear Ďprogressiveí and concerned about whatís going on with the tall whites?

My answer is that if you look for the best in others, then you have most chance in bringing that out. That works on both a personal and organizational level. If we go around thinking that all elites/insiders are corrupt, donít care about people, and make immoral deals with ETs that trade Earthís assets including Ďabducted humansí for technology, well that cuts of opportunities for cooperation.

I think that thereís always the tendency for outsiders who are aware of the problems to assume that the only decent people are on the outside who arenít compromised by the power structures. I think that is true to an extent, but itís also true that many decent people end up working for these various agencies and discover whatís going on and become appalled. They resign themselves to the situation since there doesnít seem to be an alternative strategy, but they are still appalled at whatís happening and looking for alternative strategic paths. I think thatís where those of us on the outside become relevant because we think outside the box and can come up with new strategic solutions.

In fact, I feel that the new strategy for dealing for ET races like the tall whites is already happening with the evolution of global consciousness that Angelika spoke about. Quite simply, as more people on the outside learn whatís really going on, then I think the global consciousness eventually kicks in and says NO to situations like the tall whites, itís as simple as that. Then such races will either change tack or disappear altogether, so the goal is to get the word out, thatís where those on the inside can help. They need to understand that transparency actually helps the situation since an informed global population has power to change things simply by discovering whatís going on and saying NO. That was her point and I agree with it. There is a power in simply saying NO to what the tall whites and other ETs are doing that the military havenít realized since they underestimate human consciousness and assume all power comes from technology.

Now this takes us to the question of whatís driving Hallís revelations. Is it because there are military insiders who want us to find out the truth so we might help change a situation that repels them, or is it disinformation to create a new enemy that will justify vast military spending when public disclosure eventually happens? It may be a combination of both, but my feeling is that itís more that those on the inside know that strategically they are at a dead end, and that the present policies are both morally repugnant and strategically questionable.

This is where I think itís important to distinguish between the leadership and rank file of the military, and the shadow government in general. Now you say that the generals couldnít care less about whatís going on. They just care for the technology and thatís it. I think thatís a fair description of the generals in the Hall books. Your ideas that the generals coming back out of the tall whiteís shuttles being compromised is something worth considering. However, when we look at the military as a whole, I think itís wrong to say they view their lower ranks and people in general as expendable. I think the military culture does promote a kind of Ďbuddy systemí and ethic of national protectors that would lead to many military people becoming appalled at the true situation involving the tall whites and other ETs doing the abductions, etc. That comes through in the Corso book.

This is where I think the military are more sympathetic to our perspective, whereas the shadow government arenít. The military culture stresses themes of comradeship/buddies and national protectors which makes many of them appalled at whatís really going on. The culture of shadow government employees who come up through the various agencies is more along the lines of promoting their agencies interests through being aggressively clever and rational maximizers. Basically, you come up with policies that make most rational sense from the perspective of your agencies goals and push it with all your energy. Thatís a different ethic to Ďnational protectorsí and the buddy system of the military.

In conclusion, Iím trying to draw out some nuances here between the various agencies in the military and civilian sector, and the elites secretly running things, by using finer brush strokes and a mix of colors, whereas you might use broader brush strokes with darker colors. I donít think you are entirely wrong in the picture you are painting, just that the colors you use for the insiders is not entirely right since you have more pessimistic analysis of the motivations of those on the inside. Now Iím not saying Iím entirely right either with my more nuanced picture using a mix of dark and light colors, but the truth is somewhere in between the pictures we are respectively painting.

I think we need to be more nuanced about whatís happening on the inside and avoid the trap that we are the only Ďgood guysí trying to deal with the problems that come from the secret deals in place with the tall whites. I think the answer comes from us just getting accurate information and putting it out and empowering people in the process. Once we get sympathetic insiders to understand that, then theyíll be more forthcoming in letting this information out since they understand we are ready to handle it and can come up with a solution to a problem they canít solve.


Ultimately, an informed population that knows whatís going on has tremendous power when it says NO. We and the ETs know that, but the military donít. We have to educate the military in that sense so they can let go of their fears and Ďshameí of whatís been happening with the ETs so that they allow the public to know the truth. Thatís a strategic rather than a moral imperative.

In peace

Michael S.