by Preston James, Ph.D
March 17, 2014
from VeteransToday Website







Secret Space War - Part XIV


Last December, 2013, 91 world leaders attended Nelson Mandela's so-called "Funeral".


Russian President Vladimir Putin was notably absent.(1) At the time this seemed somewhat strange, since almost every other nation was represented by their top leader.

But also absent were the top leaders of China and Israel. This article will present what are perhaps the actual reasons for these peculiar absences. You are wasting your time reading this if you have not been already brought up to speed on the Secret Space War that is now occurring over Planet Earth.(2)

It turns out Mandela died many months earlier than the date of his Funeral and it has been alleged by insiders that his so-called funeral was cover for the secret crowning ceremony of Marduk, the Alien ET leader, believed to be the head Draco.(3)

It is believed by some that Marduk was perhaps driven away from Planet Earth during earlier times by a major earth catastrophe or as a direct judgment of 'God.' Others believe that another alien ET leader from the Tall White Nordics forced him to leave in some kind of major cosmic warfare victory.

It is very difficult to get a handle on Marduk, why he suddenly appeared in Africa, why he was crowned King of Africa and what he is trying to accomplish if these claims are true.


Obviously the average person on the street is never supposed to find out about the Alien ET connection, Marduk and what he represents which is believed to be the Third Force.(4)

It is believed by some that the Dracos are shape shifting inter-dimensional lizard-beings, evil to the core and thrive on promoting human suffering, and mass painful deaths of humans.



Thus they have been labeled negative energy vampires that induce their servants, the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) to induce as much human suffering and mass painful death as possible to keep their energy status high.

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous and impossible, but good and credible Intel sources from deep inside the American Space War System have provided this information so it is not that easy to simply discount.

Most of the information "leaked out" about specific different types of alien "entities" has come from former individuals who were deeply embedded in America's Secret Space War System either working for,

...or numerous "deep black" or "beyond-black" defense contractors who report directly to MJ-12 representatives.


And there have been numerous reports from individuals who have been abducted which are credible because their abductions were witnessed by others or there was corroborating evidence.

And there are hundreds of very credible witnesses now coming forth from the "deep-black" or "beyond-black" defense contractors and the military who have been revealing a great deal of information on how UFO's are actually IFOs (Identified Flying Objects that are actually Anti-Gravity Craft aka AGCs).

For example, over two hundred very credible witnesses emerged under Dr. Steven Greer's "Disclosure Project". These credible witnesses cannot easily be discounted and have provided major proof of a secret Space War and Alien ETs presence using Anti-Gravity Craft (AGCs).

The adjective "Draconian" actually represents the nature of Marduk and his human followers who are believed to be comprised of the twelve luciferian alien/human hybrid bloodlines, with all their close relatives dating back to ancient Babylonia.

It is believed that Vlad the Impaler was a Draco-human hybrid, noted for being soulless and someone who cherished creating as much terror as possible by making many of his victims suffer incredibly without dying for several days.

Some claim Dracos have established an iron grip on the world through Cutouts, the private central zio Banksters who use Babylonian Money-Magick to establish "beach-heads" in every major nation-state. It has also been hypothesized that the IZCS are the zio Banksters direct associates and also have their subsidiary espionage fronts of World Zionism (WZ) such as,


  • B'nai B'rith

  • ADL

  • SPLC,

...and the like.

If this is true it means that these tools of the Dracos which include the the private Central zio Banksters, IZCS, and the WZs espionage fronts in America, have been doing the direct will of these evil Dracos to create as much human suffering and painful human death as possible to feed their negative energy needs.

Those of the Draco's representatives (Cutouts) who create the most human suffering and painful death, receive the greatest earthly rewards from the Dracos and are propelled up the Draco's food chain to the highest levels of the governments which the Dracos own and control (which is most of them).

It has been alleged that nearly every single member of Congress and the current Administration are under the power or "spell" of the Draco system and are basically owned by their Cutouts the IZCS, the WZ's and their espionage fronts. The means by which this has occurred has been the so far successful deployment of sophisticated Psi-powered and Psychotronically powered MINDWAR against the American Citizen.

This has also been described as the technological applications of high tech luciferian "temple of set," or Reich of the Black Sun WZ "deep-black" or "beyond-black" technologies which have alleged to have been provided from the Dark-Side by the Dracos to their human leaders who have resided at the top of the NSA and the US Military, specifically formerly at the Presidio and Offhutt AFB.


Omaha has traditionally been the capital of this US Military Pedophilia and mind-kontrol operations by this groups of criminally insane sickos and pedophiles (and still is).


These individuals are known satanists and pedophiles and have used national security as a false cloak to prevent their wide-spread exposure and prosecution which would probably be death for their massive Treason and frequent pedophile crimes and murder/sacrifice of children.

The very top "Circle of Twelve" human leaders who run the IZCS are believed to be Draco-human hybrids with no souls and an addiction to the generation of mass human suffering and painful deaths as well as power, wealth from war and drug profits, pedophilia, human sex trafficking, and illegal organ theft and trafficking.(5)

It is also believed that those who sell out to lucifer, the apparent Wizard of OZ behind the Dracos often get their own "spirit guide" which appears to them periodically, especially after episodes of human sacrifice or imposition of great human suffering and painful death.


These spirit guides are claimed to provide business Intel and other kinds of Psi-power help, but can be blocked by those with strong character, a strong commitment to the "Golden Rule" of "Do Unto Others…" and various classical spiritual principles which are based on this basic human precept of morality.

It is also believed that the current administration is owned by the Bush crime Cabal as have all since President Reagan who is believed to have been the last duly elected president.(6)

Yes, it is believed that the Dracos have attained ownership of most governments of the world, but not all.


Insiders claim that ever since Leo Wanta negotiated "win/win" end to the "Evil Empire" (Soviet Russia) as President Reagan's Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine, Russia has gone a notably different direction.(7)

So far this Statesman's performance

is unmatched on the International Geopolitical Chessboard.

Apparently President Putin did not attend the Mandela Funeral and did not pay homage to Marduk as the new king of Africa because he refuses to submit to the Draco system which would produce nothing but more suffering and painful death for his Russian Citizens.


He appears to have become informed that Marduk and his Dracos are the Third Force and are attempting to take over the whole world, only this time they will turn on those that served them in the greatest betrayal in history, one that will make the "Night of the Longknives" look like child's play.

And even though it is now known that the OSS Kingpins set up Maoist China as another Draco nation, it appears as if the new Chinese leaders want nothing to do with Marduk or his Dracos or any of his strategies to produce as much human suffering and painful death as possible.

Apparently someone or some entity has tipped off both the Chinese as well as the Russian Leaders that Marduk is going to pull the greatest betrayal in history and they are distancing themselves fast.


What is the source of their knowledge on this? More on that later after the third nation to refuse to attend Mandela's funeral is discussed.

It is known that Israel's top leader refused to attend the Mandela Funeral or pay homage to Marduk when he was crowned king of Africa.


This seems strangely out of character since more than a few insiders believe that Israeli zionists have been the core of the Draco's system on Planet Earth and have been the controllers of the IZCS, the WZ's and all their espionage fronts in America and have done so on behalf of the City of London private Central zionist Banksters.

Yes, the British Prime Minister was there, but no leader of Israel. Hmm.


What is the reason for Israel's absence? The best possible explanation so far is that the Israeli leadership now realize that they are being thrown under the bus, that World Zionism (WZ) is now in its death throes and the Draco's are done with them and going to thrown them to the wolves.


They now realize that Marduk's plan to level Jerusalem, gut Israel and bring a new unity to the Middle East for all including Palestinians, and rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for himself as perhaps the "Final Anti-Christ".



This is greatly alarming to Israel's zionist leaders who are now going for broke by having their American espionage fronts exert as much pressure of the US Congress and the Administration as possible to go ahead and attacks Syria, Iran and now the Ukraine in order to fulfill their WZ plan to build a "Greater Israel" that controls the whole world.

Zionist Israeli leaders now believe that unless they Balkanize Syria, Iran and now the Ukraine and get their natural gas and oil pipeline built while cutting off Russia's sales and exports of the same to Europe, they are essentially finished.


Some WZ leaders believe that if that option fails they must provoke a nuclear WW3 and perhaps even deploy their "Samson Option".

Basically Israel is now pretty screwed because of their domination by world Zionists (WZs) who were in bed with Dracos for many years and served as Draco Central's main Cutouts.


Note, the City of London Financial District is believed to the world capital of the Draco's who are the originators and promoters of World Zionisms, the IZCS and the zionist private Central Banksters.


The whole world is now turning against Israel because of its apartheid, its abuse of Palestinians, the morphing of Palestine into a large open-aired prison, and their major part in the false-flag attacks on America of 9/11/2001.

Yes, payback is a bitch and appears to be headed straight for the IZCS, the WZs, the zio Central Banksters and Israel. See the main thing to note about the Dracos is when you are no longer needed, you get "axed".

Some very good Secret Space War sources have suggested that perhaps President Putin has made a secret treaty with Tall White Nordic Alien ETs who are allegedly the arch enemies of the Dracos.(8)


Not only do they hate what the Dracos stand for but view them as parasites on all humans that must be eradicated or driven away like they were before.


Apparently the Tall White Nordics have claimed that there are "Cosmic Rules of Play" that when followed can assure the defeat of the Draco's and their whole system that has seduced and enslaved the world by placing numerous Babylonian spells on humans societies.


One Rule of Play is related to learning the truth, awakening and refusing to consent to the propaganda and mind-kontrol dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), which are presently owned and or controlled by those subject to the City of London zionist Central Banksters and their Cutouts, Israel and their espionage fronts such as the ADL, B'nai B'rith, AIPAC, SPLC and the like.

Allegedly the number one "Cosmic Rule of Play" is that the Dracos can only capture the human minds and hearts if humans consent by responding to various temptations and spells and agreeing to believe the "big lies" of the CMMM.

  • If they refuse, their character is strengthened.

  • If they consent and give in to these temptations to violate the Golden Rule "Do Unto Others As You Wish Them To Do Unto You" their character is weakened.

  • If they persist in more violations, eventually their character becomes so weak that their very souls can be snatched, allowing evil desires to replace that soul.

Apparently Putin has been fully briefed by the Tall White Nordics about Marduk's evil plans to mass murder most humans while maximizing human suffering.


He has allegedly consulted with the Orthodox Russian Church and formed an alliance to break this evil Draco hold on Russia.




If information provided by current or former members of the American Secret Space War System have been accurate, it appears that President Putin has decided to stand fast against the evil Draco system that hijacked most of the world including,

  • the UK

  • Israel

  • France

  • Germany

  • NATO

  • America (USA)

This is a very bold move and suggests that perhaps President Putin has some new backing from a very powerful Alien ET force, the Tall White Nordics who are also believed to be in contact with a new upcoming group deep inside the American Military and and Intel.

It is also believed that there is a very deep split within the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).


The "Circle of Twelve" bloodthirsty "Denver Group" that currently controls the IZCS, the WZs and their Cutouts,


  • DHS and its TSA

  • B'nai B'rith

  • the ADL

  • the SPLC and the like,

...and even the American zionist Federal Reserve Bank has been basically untouchable until fully exposed by prominent federal Whistle-blower Stew Webb.


It is now being chipped away at from all sides and is in notable decline. It's main Cutout the Bush Crime Cabal is losing power fast and is in deep decline and has been splitting from zio control lately for some unknown reason.


Some believe that this notable decline in,

  • the SSG

  • the Circle of Twelve

  • the Bush Crime Cabal, largely due to a new secret alliance with this new up and coming group on American Military and Intel and the Tall White Nordics like President Putin has entered into.

It is also believed that Chinese leaders have entered into a new alliance with a certain Alien ET group which has an underwater base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean somewhere off the California Coast. It is not yet been leaked which particular group this is but so far it appears that it apparently has nothing to do with Marduk or the Dracos.(9)

Only time will tell where this is all going, but it appears that a major world conflict is brewing between those nation-states controlled by the Dracos and their zionist Cutouts and those nation-states no longer under their evil grip.


It is difficult to get a good handle on all this due to the extreme compartmenting and so-called national security aspects. About the best we can do for now is speculate using the various leaks from inside the Secret Space War System that have occurred.(10)


I would certainly like it if it is shown conclusively that none of the claims about Alien ETs were true, however there is a large body on overwhelming evidence from very reliable, credible retired Military and Intel sources which suggests otherwise.

And do not be too surprised if someday in the not too distant future it is leaked that there have been secret indictments against some of the top leadership of AIPAC and perhaps some other of the like for espionage against America. Perhaps Feinstein and crew have been included in such an occurrence.


Only rumors of such an occurrence would be leaking out if this has actually occurred.

Of course if such indictments have already occurred such information would not be generally available to the public at large since the USG typically keeps such matters secret as they did with GHWB over Iran Contra and the Mena cocaine/illegal arms/Mr. Chicken/Dixie Mafia/drug money laundering matter.


Nothing ever came from this because the Bush crime Cabal remained in power through its appointed Cutouts and cover-up puppets, like the Clintons, GB2, and the current Potus who has apparently "gone off the reservation" recently much to the dismay of the IZCS and WZs and postures to be a closet Muslim although nobody inside Intel at any high level believes this and views it as chameleon type role-playing.

One thing is for certain. All State-based Secrecy including Cryptographics is ending and the process is well underway, thanks to the advent of inter-dimensional/multidimensional new zero-point or near zero point quantum computers.


All physics texts will have to be completely rewritten because they are currently wrong, very wrong about many things.


Do not be surprised if suddenly without warning major phone intercepts start being published all over the Internet from foreign sources of phone calls recordings of "discussions" and "orders given" to major Congressional Traitors by their AIPAC "supervisors" and/or "owners".


These "consultations" of course are all part of a normal day's work doing foreign zio espionage against America by this collection of Traitors that deserve prosecution and conviction for Treason and Sedition, both Capital crimes.


Stay tuned because what is likely going to transpire as the upcoming "end to all secrecy" occurs right before your very eyes out in the open for all to see, is going to blow your mind beyond what anyone can imagine.

Now ask yourself this interesting question.

  • Why would Feinstein start squawking like a stuck-pig after a so-called CIA source leaked top secret information members of the Senate Intel Committees phones were being tapped by a certain new faction inside the CIA?

  • Wasn't she the one that begged for the Patriot Act and such other unConstitutional abominations?

  • Perhaps she fears everything she has been involved in and all the conversations she thought were secret will come out in the open?

And if the University and college Systems are to survive at all, every bit of their deep zio/Draconian censorship and suppression of the real truth about the world's hidden history will have to be openly disclosed and discussed in the open.


No more situations like the illegal and extreme abuse of Dr. Kevin Barrett just because of his beliefs that he never taught in the classroom. All this censorship and suppression of real truth in the Universities will stop as all state secrets are exposed.

Then perhaps you will see real discussions about the true state of politics, history and economies determined by Babylonian Money-Magick instead of all the cover stories and blatant lies and mind-kontrol and obtuse cultural programming of the naive, suggestible students.




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