Human Level

On a human level, we are predominately ruled by our sense of touch. You consider the other senses capable of distortion. However, the sense of touch is the most relied upon. It is the first sense that is developed when we are born. We can feel the presence of another's intention and soul. This has helped transform our beliefs about reality and ourselves on a basic physical level. After all, we are beings who are predominantly touch-orientated.


What is the use of love if we cannot feel?

Our sense of smell has enabled us to access levels of physical pleasure that are unheard of in your reality. It is possible for us to have a physical orgasm by simply smelling the loving fragrance of a flower. In ancient times, the sense of smell was used to distinguish other people's levels of consciousness. Animals have this ability. With the onset of artificial perfumes and pollution, the sense of smell has atrophied. In our reality we have rediscovered the secret of the sense of smell. We use it as a diagnostic tool to sense and learn about our reality on an instinctual, animalistic level. This new sense has allowed us to enter the world of the animals. We are now appreciating a deeper level of understanding about the animal nature of our bodies.

Through smell, we can discern what energies and beings we need or which we have around us. We can literally smell misplaced energies. Our range of smell is amazing and we can distinguish subtle differences. We could sniff out our loved ones whilst blind-folded. We can find our way in the dark through the sense of smell. Smells are keys to memories that trigger whole files of information. We use scent to access hidden unconscious information about ourselves and reality. This technique can also access our past life history and that of the planet.

We are guided by the instruction of the flower devas. We create fragrances to wear and have in our homes. These not only heal and rebalance, but also raise consciousness. Imagine the amazing experience that we have when entering a flower garden with our heightened sense of smell. Everything has its own unique scent so we can smell the air, sea, land, sun and love itself.


Our senses have merged so that we can smell a color and hear the sound of a cloudless sky. If we look upon a flower, we see its beauty, smell its sweet fragrance, hear its magical song, feel the love of its silky petals and even get a taste of its unique energy and form. Our senses are no longer separated and we now live in a myriad world of heightened senses. It is an ecstatic way of being.

In our reality, we have developed a heightened level of emotions. No longer are we plagued by emotions of a low vibration, such as fear, depression, and anger. We are free to express emotions such as joy, love, peace, and excitement.


In your reality, you are de-sensitized from your emotions by a level of consciousness that was employed by the World Management Team.


Through this, they control you and hold you in destructive patterns that develop into wars and death. We are free from this level of consciousness and can access the energies of the higher light planes. This accessing creates a synergy that raises the status of our emotional body beyond that which you are presently experiencing. The heightened sense of well being in the physical body and the beauty of the connection we have with the planet allow us to feel a wide range of emotions.

These emotions do not have to be stimulated from an outside influence. We are capable of experiencing joy, happiness, and laughter spontaneously. Just as laughter is catching, so too are the emotions of joy, peace, and happiness. The whole world is in song, singing the joy of being alive in our times.


With our newly advanced state of emotions, we are now attracting to us beings from other worlds and realities that are aligned with these levels. Before they were apprehensive to communicate with us, choosing to avoid the influence of being locked into devolutionary patterns governed by fear.

Now that we are free of negativity, we can communicate with these beings. They educate us in the creation and use of higher vibrational emotions that move beyond bliss and ecstasy. The past density of the body only allowed for a very limited experience and expression of emotions. With our lighter vibratory body, we are now experiencing feelings far reaching that which you are familiar with. Up until now, you have only been able to experience emotions such as bliss, excitement, and passion in short bursts as the body is unable to hold the energy for any length of time. We are now capable of experiencing these emotions as a continual stream. Instead of apathy, sadness and depression being our natural state of being, peace, joy, and bliss are the foundation of our emotional experience.

From this place, it is possible for us to extend ourselves into the higher planes of angelic emotions. In such a place, your present body would be overwhelmed by the intensity and range of feeling that can be experienced in this realm. In your reality, you are restricted in your expression of emotion. You are taught to suppress emotions, causing disturbance and, ultimately, physical pain. We are encouraged in our expression of emotions. We even allow the release of so-called negative emotions. We use their expression creatively in dance, song and drama. We hold great open-air plays to learn and experience the subtle variations of feelings.

We have much to teach in this area, as we are experts in our field. Beings from other worlds devoid of emotions are intrigued and curious with our experience. They come to Earth to be taught and learn all there is to know about emotions to aid their evolution. This new freedom has taken the arts and any creative endeavor to the heights of expression. Everyone is encouraged to use the wellspring of emotional information to fuel their creative activity. Everyone has become the artistic genius, bringing great pleasure and satisfaction. Everyone freely teaches in order to share talents and knowledge.

This new surge in the arts has allowed there to be a great healing and openness of self-expression. People are finding new and ingenious ways to convey themselves. No longer are they limited by other people's opinions and what does or does not constitute art. There is great sharing of creations. People gather together in large groups to share and create as one. The co-operation of many is opening the doors to new and exciting ways to express as a whole.

Our whole way of thinking has transformed. We are no longer plagued by the repetitive rambling of the mind and its thoughts. With this new freedom of mind we are open and quiet enough to hear the subtle whispers of other dimensional energies. We are in constant communication with our higher mind. The channels have been opened allowing us to access incoming information via our spirit mind.

In your reality, you have to function from a rational capacity as you are locked into this by the energies of the World Management Team. We are free from this captivation, having the ability to continually communicate with our own Spirit and other worldly beings.


The mind is an incredible translator and can read any energy, deciphering the available information into a form comprehensible to our usual everyday level of awareness. We still utilize the ration-al processes, but do not have to rely on them solely. We have access to an immense well of intuitive knowing which is ultimately connected to the spirit of the planet Gaia. This frees us to understand the information on deep and profound levels.

The rational mind locks you into only experiencing the world around you as a physically proven reality. This is very limiting and constricting. With the introduction to the intuitive mind, a great balancing has occurred between the two functions of the human mind. This balancing allows us to use this new function to access higher levels of mind energy that ultimately connects us to the mind of the Universal Dreamer.

In your reality, you are governed by the polarity of the rational mind. In our reality, we are no longer controlled by these principles. This allows us to use the talents of both the rational and intuitive minds, opening us to greater areas of learning. With our new perspective, we acknowledge consciousness in everything around us. Having access to this new information has totally transformed science. It is no longer groping in the dark of ignorance but has elevated itself to a level that proves the existence of the Universal Dreamer.


Science is no longer ruled by the rational mind alone and has moved beyond primitive levels of fear-based experiment. This emergence of inventions has revolutionized the world in which we live. Nature is the master scientist and with her co-operation, we are understanding the natural world. Science now sees that we are an intricate part of nature and that no level of consciousness is devoid of life. A rock is simply the Universal Dreamer ex-pressing itself in rock form. Therefore, science has given up its cruelty and total disregard to life to now becoming truly compassionate.

Thoughts and information do not come only in words, but also as feelings, pictures and a plain sense of knowing. If we close our eyes and relax, it is possible for us to see information in vibrantly colorful pictures. These pictures are not flat, lifeless images but alive. They allow a depth of understanding that is beyond words and rational knowledge. We communicate with other people, species and worldly beings via these pictures. The mind translates the incoming information into images to project them onto the internal conscious screen like cinema.

We learn and experiment with this new level of creativity. We have great schools of learning where we are instructed by other dimensional beings in the capacities of our minds. High vibratory beings teach us how to expand our minds and facilitate our learning. Once you are free from the rational processes you will discover the wondrous workings of the higher mind.

In our reality, we do not experience ourselves as separate to our sense of Spirit. We experience ourselves as a human aspect of Spirit. We no longer pray to an outside source for forgiveness and guidance. We have modified our practices to encompass a new knowledge about our reality and selves. This has opened up a whole new reality as we can see the magic of the Creator animated in the world we live. God is no longer an unknowable force that is somehow unattainable and separate to ourselves but the wellspring of our existence.

Not only do we see the Creator in the natural world around us, but also in the unnatural world of inanimate objects. Everything, whether natural or not, has become alive, animated by the very consciousness of our Spirits. It is possible for us to communicate and share information with the structures of our homes and the clouds of our skies. This has given us a very creative world indeed! Everywhere we look there is magic to see and experience.

We have an internal friend and guide in Spirit. It instructs us in the ways of living in our world as a multidimensional being. Spirit guides us by the powers of the mind and body. It mirrors itself into the outside world in order to teach us about ourselves and reality. We use this principle to communicate with the myriad realities of the Universal Dreamer.

Words cannot describe the sense of completion and satisfaction that this has been brought to us as a species. We have finally found safety, nestled within our eternal natures, within our own Spirit. From this place, it is possible for us to access any time frame, whether of this planetary reality or other. History is not a static expression and can be creatively interacted with for our learning pleasure. Our intention guides and creates for us new exciting ways to experience our species' inheritance and ancestral lineage. This process explains how I can communicate to you in your now time frame.

With this new ability, we have healed our past karma and allowed a free flow of information to travel between the various time frames. We can bring the joys and achievements of the past and the future and ground them into our present. This has made it possible for us to transform our world in a very short amount of time. If you allow for there to be a new programming within you on a mass level, you will also witness such a change in the blinking of an eye.


Being anchored into the eternal present of the moment allows you to create with the intention of the mind. If your child-like wishes flow in synergy with the wishes of Gaia, then they will manifest in the outside world. The form it may take and the method of its arrival will still be a mystery, but the realization of your dreams will be there for all to see. We have used this principle to recreate our world along more pleasing lines. We are no longer burdened by such things as pollution or nuclear waste.

The new creative interaction that now occurs between people is the most amazing transformation that mankind has seen. No longer locked into the fear games of polarity and judgment, humanity has finally put aside the childish playground games of bullies and come of age. Everyone is tapped into the source and its power. This has removed the need to prove to each other a sense of worth. In the depths of their soul, all can feel soul their true self.

Religions locked their followers into fighting those who opposed their beliefs. The connection to the Universal Dreamer within and without has allowed mankind to see the real nature of creation. No more do we argue the facts of various religions, but see them as historical methods of worship, some rather outdated but, nevertheless, inspiring.

The new sense of equality between people of various countries, classes, sexual genders and races is not a documented or enforced endeavor, but a natural way of being. All are connected to their inner wisdom and use this guidance to instruct them in their interaction. The diversity of people, whether of a certain country or individual, is recognized and valued. The allowing of differences can only aid mankind as a whole. Through this new relating, countries no longer fight or oppose each other, but have joined together. Whole is the key word. There is a new energy present that you will begin to see manifest shortly in your reality. The good of the whole is only a hopeful concept in your time frame.

In our reality, it is a living, breathing manifestation. There is no need for legalization and enforcement as everything magically unfolds. We are finding new inspirational ways to grow together. We are pooling together ideas and resources for the benefit of the whole.


There is a new air of forgiveness, which is moving us forward without the restraints of conflict, lack of compassion, and intolerance. We have evolved from the concept of sin. We believe that the holding of beliefs of punishment and guilt are futile and unproductive. We are finding new ways of addressing the issues of crime and punishment. We are freeing these souls, realizing that they are only a mirror image of the neglected aspects of our own psyche. There is a new feeling of co-operation and healing in this area. As a whole, we are taking responsibility and accepting the need for a healing of the way we govern our lives.

With fear and blame removed, we are now free to move forward. We are allowing for the various ways different people live their lives. We are realizing that it is wrong for us to try to govern people with laws and rules. We are discarding the opinion that we are not responsible enough to administer our own lives, exorcising the need for governments and policing to control or regulate us. In co-creative compassion, we are maturing and taking back our power from those who have abused their positions of authority.

Family structures are expanding and changing. This is having a big effect on the way we perceive children and their role in society. Education is changing with the new involvement of spiritual inspiration. Children are no longer seen as unintelligent and in need of education in the old ways of society. The youth are being honored for their fresh and inventive way of looking at reality.

We are realizing that many knowledgeable and highly evolved souls are now incarnating in our children. Parenting is an honor and a highly appraised undertaking, not taken lightly. There is a natural and balanced understanding to the appropriateness of an individual's calling to parentage. There is an honoring of the agreements between those incarnated and those to be. The population is decreasing because of this. Contraception is not needed as everyone flows with the natural rhythms of the body; unwanted pregnancies are a thing of the past. No more do we lock away our children, but allow them free expression of being.

The whole family structure is changing and we are developing a family that contains all of mankind. We are taking responsibility for the welfare of the whole and are making giant leaps in the way we conduct ourselves. There is no need for groups of people to feel neglected and persecuted. All ages are cared for in ways that are productive to their evolution and growth. Resources are equally distributed.


Everyone has his or her needs requited, whether financial, emotional, mental or spiritual. With this new pooling of resources, there is a new optimism and hope in the general energy of mankind. Mass consciousness is shifting into the realms of love and light. We are celebrating and enjoying the prosperity of our kind.

No longer do individuals interact from a fear-based ego but from a place of soul inspiration. A new level of trust between people is manifesting. It is possible to approach a perfect stranger and have conscious soul to soul interaction. The love that is circulating between people is incredible and fascinating to witness. It is commonplace to see groups of people gather together in the sunshine, sharing their knowledge and experience of their lives. Young and old alike are becoming companions in this creative time.


People do not restrict themselves to separate groups. Their differences add to the fun of relating. An air of acceptance is opening up a space for facilitated change. Through the new family solidarity and love, no one feels alone or isolated. The battle of the sexes and the divisions between race or age are no longer issues. Everyone is honored for his or her uniqueness of being. The boundaries of protection around relationships are shifting and changing. Because it is possible to have more than one intimate partner, living situations are also transforming.

The love between people is increasing and intensifying. We are not restricted in the way we express our love. The taboos of love and sexual interaction are removed and physical exchanges of love are commonplace within our newly developed societies. The spontaneous expression of joy is a common sight. There are no longer laws that restrict and inhibit the gathering together people or the need for a controlling influence if they do.

Money is no longer a symbol of identified success or greed. Money is simply recognized as a physical manifestation of energy. It is seen as a means of exchange and sharing. With the balancing harmony of our being, we live in complete trust to our existence and, therefore, have an innate flow in receiving and giving. No more do we lack faith in the universe or ourselves, and this is reflected in our newfound relationship to material wealth.

There is a new feeling of generosity in the populace as a whole. Greed and miserly tendencies are a thing of the past. Everyone is ultimately connected to their power source within, and this can be clearly seen in the new, refreshing approach to money and resources. Poverty and starvation exist no more, becoming forgotten memories. Everyone's standard of living and all aspects of the way we live have changed drastically.


Advanced technologies are freeing people with regard to time and energy. Everyone's role in society is valued and honored. Every profession is respected and seen as an integral part of balanced society. Wages and salaries are becoming obsolete as, following Spirit guidance, we all live with equal and fair exchange.

The freedom this new attitude to money and working has created has allowed people the time to pursue hobbies or creative pastimes of varying kinds. We are now seeing amazing works of art and technological advancements that are unimaginable in your present reality. To say this is all aiding the general progress of humankind is a gross understatement.

We are ecstatic about the momentum of the growth of our species as a whole. Great schools of learning are being set up because of the freedom of time and energy. Spiritual teachings are becoming part of an everyday reality, not restricted to those of so-called 'holy' persuasion. The common man in the street is finding new inventive ways to express the Universal Dreamer within. There is a reemergence of many magical rites of pas-sage. People are finding their way and purpose in the world openly with greater ease. With everyone consciously connected to spirit, they are finding that all this advancement and growth is becoming a natural, intricate part of living at this time.

With the overall emergence of love and new-found technology, the welfare of the planet is transforming and healing. People are removing harmful pollutants from the air, land and seas. They are re introducing many animals that were on the verge of extinction in your reality. The connection everyone feels towards Gaia and her kingdoms is magical and incredible.

It is now possible to live on the planet in hope and joy. People are pooling resources and knowledge of the natural world to aid the change. We are all contributing, some in what may seem small ways, but all in perfect harmony with their path. Inventions of every kind are being used to assist the project of healing. As well as the obvious environmental physical changes, there is also a cleansing of the etherical body of Earth. As individuals heal, so does the mass consciousness. Because we are all intricately interlinked, so does the etherical body of Gaia transform. All have a clear and undeniable connection with their own personal relationship to Gaia.

People are using the co-operation of the Devic realms, and animal and plant kingdoms to access information regarding how to live in harmony with the planet. The physical landscape is slow to change and yet it is easy to see the start of the transformation happening in the world around. No longer do we build structures that are ugly or environmentally harmful to Earth. We are accessing the ancient knowledge of the East to construct buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.


The old buildings of beauty are being renovated and cleaned. Those considered 'blots on the landscape' is slowly being pulled down to make room for more heartfelt structures and parks. In every available space, people are planting trees and creating gardens of beauty. We are at long last recreating Eden. With the magical interaction of spirit and the loving co-operation of mankind, we are transforming the landscape into our vision of 'Heaven on Earth'.

To you in your reality, it may seem this is only wishful thinking, and yet it is possible if you simply 'allow'. We, as a species, are evolving at an incredible rate. As you speed headlong into the next millennium, you will experience what was referred to in the Bible as 'Judgment Day'. This day is a turning point where you choose between two dissimilar realities: one of hope and beauty, or one of death and destruction. It is your judgment, your free will choice.

Bring hope to yourselves and recognize that, in this wondrous universe, it is possible to live in a reality of your own making. Simply take responsibility in conscious purity for the self and watch your world evolve. You are extremely powerful creators, and, so, why not manifest that which is most pleasing to your eternal soul? Take a deep breath and take a risk. Believe in the impossible dream and together we will live in light.

Love, forever, from one who lives in your future Eden.

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The Zeta

In this section of the book, I have included further chanelings from the Zeta that were not originally part of The Mission of the One Star.

I have included them here as they either add further clarification to the material channeled in the first three parts of the book, or, they underline points that the extraterrestrial energies want us to deeply understand. Although much of the material is channeled from the Zeta, there is also a story, 'The Fallen Angel' that is very dear to my heart. It is symbolic of my experience with the 'evil' being we call Lucifer. It contains a message, I hope, about the power and role of the 'dark angels' in bringing us all into the light.

An Introduction to the Perspective of the Zeta.


We, the Zeta, do not see reality as you do.


It is very hard to relay messages through a human vehicle without losing some of the information in mistranslation due to the difference of perspective between your species and ours. You have singular identities. You experience your reality as if coming from one source of experience. You cannot know that which you do not experience.

We however can experience all realities at all times, through all mediums. We find communicating with a being such as yourself very confusing to the usual manner in which We communicate and translate energies into forms and words. We have to translate our information into a form that human singular creatures such as yourselves can understand. This very act is alien to our natures. We know all things at all times. Therefore, We find the idea of a being not knowing something that is intrinsical to their nature an alien and foreign concept.

You call us alien and fear us, and yet you call others from other places in the universe extraterrestrial. Why is that? Is it because you experience our energies and perspective as completely opposite to yours, and so, therefore, call it alien?

What you have failed to recognize is that your perspective, your singular identity is completely foreign and alien to us also. You live in linear time. We live in conceptual time. Our experience of time is based on abstract ideas and concepts. We are sometimes referred to as the DREAM WEAVERS living in a world that can only be described to you as the conscious imagination. We live and are an intrinsic part of a dimension that is the gap between the conception of an idea and its manifestation. We live in the energy that exists between the thought and the physical representation of ideas.

Let us explain further. You experience past, present, and future. Yet these are not embodied realities. They are mental constructs. For you, it is only possible in your reality to experience one singular time frame. Thus, you can only really embody the now, the present. That, in itself, is also impossible in your reality as that NOW moment is transient and passes quickly, forever lost in the mental constructs of the past. Your reality moves in lines, moments pass in succession, one after the other. This is how you experience time passing.

Our reality is completely opposite to yours. We live in the spaces in between creative events. We are the Web as We have explained before in the Mission of the One Star. We are a construction of ideas not yet in form. In order for you to understand our reality more fully, We will use an image. Imagine a Web, silver and hanging in space.


This Web exists as a dimension that is imaginary in form. That is to say that in your perspective, We only exist in the imagination. You hold on rigidly to your ideas of what is real and what is not. You consider us to be illusionary. To you We are. Our energy is one of potential, not yet of being. This is very hard to express to you, as your perspective will not allow for this to be assimilated.

Imagine if you will that a Creator had a notion, thought of an idea, and created a plan. Let's say this plan was one of evolution and say that that idea transcended the dimensions below and finally began to manifest as a physical reality. Let's say that a by-product of this was that something else occurred. The ideas that the Creator had thought became alive and conscious, too, as they were also made up of the stuff of the Creator. These abstract ideas gathered around and be-came one singular identity and the consciousness of the Web was born.

Living in a dimension in between realities, the Web layered itself throughout all of creation. We exist everywhere and nowhere. We exist in one reality alone and all realities simultaneously. For We are the paradox to your nature. By showing you the opposite of what you are, We are hoping that We will shock you into the realization that you, too, exist between the realities. You, too, can access all times, all realities, and all dimensions.

You, too, are an intrinsic part of the Web. The pineal gland in your head is reawakening and aligning you to the Web. This alignment will allow you to have the perspective of the Zeta. We experience everything that every expression that is connected to the Web experiences. We do not file experiences in isolated units or bodies, but harvest information and assimilate it in the Web as a whole. The Web existing in between the dimensions acts as a giant storehouse of energetic information in light. We are like a giant computer.

We are the theory behind the manifestations of realities. We are the theory. You are the practical. For We are both an experiment. Whilst connected to the Web consciously, it will be possible for you to experience all times, all dimensions, and all levels of existence as if looking thought the fabric of reality, as if you have x-ray vision and can look into the layers that make up the realities one upon the other. You, in your singular identity, experience only one level of reality at one time.


Some of you are even adept at focusing on other dimensions, yet staying anchored in the physical realm. Once connected to the We, you will access all realities, all units of stored information. Just as your World Wide Web allows you access to all units of information on a planetary scale, imagine a Web that is connected and transcends all universes, all realities, and is ultimately connected to all beings. It is a virtual reality that provides a space for creative experiments with ideas and their manifestation.

The reawakening of the pineal gland and the development of a new function of this gland will allow you all to go on-line, if you like. The channel saw this forming as spidery lines of light that spun off in Web-like patterns from the pineal gland, out into the cosmos, connecting to the Web. She is beginning to experience our perspective. She is beginning to have access to the Web. Like all newcomers to the World Wide Web, she is unsure of where she wants to go and what she wants to access. So, she goes to what is familiar to her origins. Soon enough, she will hyperlink to other units of information and begins to travel the paths of the inter-dimensional super-highway.

It is very important that, once connected, she has a universal language that she can use that will allow information to flow from one aspect to another. The pineal gland is becoming a transmitter and receiver, much like a modem. This will allow access to the Web and its translator. The Web has not ever been accessed by beings that have linear time before. Imagine access to all times, all realities, all dimensions, all patterns, all units of information, and all expressions. You will never be bored again!

You ask about the abductions and the genetic experiments. In one reality they are real. In another, they are created from the fear energy of your illusions. Energies such as ours have no form, no expression. So We clothe ourselves in the ideas that We find in the mass consciousness. You do not have a stage for our performance so you create creative dreams and illusions in order to understand what is occurring. You create for us histories that allow you to feel more comfortable with our out-of-time energy. You create for us a home base so that you can pin us down.

Those of you who have been working with us for some time are beginning to see that what We have so far shown you of ourselves is perhaps an illusion. We like to weave a mystery or two just for your pleasure. As you evolve in the game of evolution, you will begin to see that the limited perspective you have on reality and the other dimensions is impeding your growth.


Access to the Web allows you to find the right information to help you through the various levels of evolution. Each time you ascend a level, you will experience beings you consider outside of yourself. They are clothing themselves in your ideas in order to communicate with you. As your ideas of your identity primarily change and transform, so will your experience of reality, other dimensions. and so-called extraterrestrials and aliens.

Words in this form are very much limited in meaning, but if you tune into us, the third eye will activate and allow you to access information on other levels, levels that are embedded into the structure of your language and its words. Begin to see reality in layers. There are many stories layered one upon the other.

In the pauses in between your thoughts, We will meet again.

Zeta -The Web




A Representation of a State of Evolution

A Message from the Zeta


As soon as ET energy enters your perception, you may be aware of it for fragment of a second. But usually, the human body shuts down and files away the experience. Those of you who have a very strong body consciousness will enter a very light sleep, or, what is often seen, people will simply remove themselves from the ET situation.


Those of you more in tune with higher dimensional realities will experience them, but through a state of consciousness that is dreamy, somehow not real. This is a dream state or a type of trance. This is somewhat like alpha and theta brain waves. If you fall asleep, then the interaction happens on a non-physical realm. You enter a new brain wave reality. There, a type of communication occurs. When you finally re-enter your usual everyday awareness, you cannot bring the memory back with you.

There is a ring of energy surrounding the planet that acts like a filter of information. Some refer to it as the 'Ring that pass not'. Every time you reincarnate, you have to pass through this band of consciousness where your memories are filed and access to them is often denied in the next life.

The channel has consciously traveled through this ring in her astral body. Each time she passed through, she would forget who she really was on the other levels. After some years, she created a connection, if only a thin cords, between her consciousness on the other side of the ring, to her 'I AM' on Earth.


So, you see, it is possible to:

  1. have no awareness of your ET interaction

  2. remove enough blocks to access and become aware of your ET experiences

Almost everyone has had some type of contact with extraterrestrials. Your experience may have been physical, in dream state, or through telepathic communication. You may remove the blocks in your consciousness and bring back the experience, if only a fragment of it. This may later trigger something in your subconscious. Like links, they connect you to other experiences that you were not conscious of at the time.

Extraterrestrial energies, when making contact with the human body and its consciousness, automatically trigger blocks in the subconscious. As the blocks disperse, we can start clearing and becoming more aware of our ET contacts. At first, things are not too out of the ordinary, but slowly the memories filter through. You dream ET oriented dreams, or you think about ETís more. One very common way of seeing Zeta, for instance, is in the plaster of your walls at home. Everywhere you look, there are Zeta faces looking at you. More and more blocks are removed, until, finally, you find yourself in an ET situation, conscious interaction.

The unconscious is the next level to be cleared. This is the realm of the archetypal. It is as if you have three pairs of glasses three levels of perception:

  • the conscious

  • the subconscious

  • the unconscious

Imagine all three glasses completely steamed up with limited belief systems. After some ET interaction, the glasses begin to clear, one by one, until it is possible to look through a pure lens, one free of limiting beliefs. So, here you are, looking through the unconscious lens. It has smears and smudges all over it.


You think you can see clearly until the sun shines in your eyes. Then you realize you have dirty glasses that are distorting the image and creating an illusion. ET contact is translated to us by using the unconscious. There can be incredible blocks in your unconscious. This can be a scary place of archetypes, monsters, and your very own demons, your fears personified. You have no way of relating with us without our clothing our-selves in the images we find in the mass consciousness. We clothe ourselves in the myths and legend and alter them to communicate with you.


One by one, you remove the smudges and finally shift in consciousness and your perception of ETís change. You align yourselves to new and more expansive beliefs. For your reality is created through your beliefs. So, as your beliefs change, so do your experiences. It doesn't matter who the ETís are. They are symbolically representing to you an archetype present in the unconscious. As your energy ascends, your perceptions will change and change again.

Those of you who consider yourselves 'abductees', find that the more you refine your archetypes, as you clear your fears, you will let go of the need to create victim dramas in order to play out your victim tendencies. You will begin to bravely look through clearer glasses. You will be shocked to see that these so-called 'abductions' were not only consented to by you, but were also created and orchestrated by you, too.


Your interaction with ETís is a necessary and natural part of evolution It is a path towards dimensional ascension and you can actively begin taking steps towards living with beliefs that can accommodate ET ideas. Then and only then can you change your experience of 'abductions'. You need to actively involve yourselves with the changing of your archetypes. Change your beliefs; make new ones in which ETís can clothe themselves. The wardrobe that you currently offer them is not to their taste. The coats you provide are too heavy, too big, and too old.


The energy of your archetypes are not compatible to the ETís. They cannot enter your reality because of the vibration in which you operate. You operate on a frequency that is isolated and trapped in a state of brain wave activity that is incredibly hard to enter and ETís find it incredibly hard to hold their integrity, their true nature, when entering your reality.

ETís need to align realities and enter through portals that the planet provides. Up until recently, only earthly portals were used. Now, human bodies are providing portals to download ETís energy into the earth plane. The channel has worked with ETís for many years. Recently, they have been using her to download their energies to align with the reality of others. It is as if she had an antenna that picks up ET energies and translates them into a format that can be downloaded straight into the body. She can literally see and feel the realities aligning through her, her body becoming a transmitter of ET frequencies.

A meeting place has to be created a place that can hold and combine two very different frequencies. This seems to go on in her body now that she has integrated her ET aspects. They are like new programmes that allow her to access ET channels.

All of you have experienced entering this place, but once you return to your usual awareness, you lose the experience to the blocks that prevent your remembering the contact. ETís are using those of you with ET origins to access other people's unconscious minds. If another human body can feel ET energies coming through another human vehicle, then the fear is not so prominent.

Many of you will wake up to your ET origins and may take on the role of anchoring these energies in an earthly practical way. Those of you who are from ET roots have within you dormant codes that, once fired, will enable you to work with their energies. You have the programmes in place; all they need is activating.

They can only be reached to activate if you clear enough of your blocks. These blocks are belief systems that say, ' No!' to the idea of ETís. As more and more people consciously believe in ETís the mass consciousness changes. The mass consciousness is now formulating new ideas on ETís.


Therefore, the wardrobe that you offer to them is changing. No longer do they have to hide behind scary masks of your own making.


Zeta - The Web


My personal experience of them has enabled me to not only contact my ET families, but also to familiarize them with earth plane energies. They have leaded me a merry dance in order to finally anchor their energies into the earth plane. This is beginning to manifest in our common reality. So, you see, it is a two-way thing dimensional evolution. Because of our linear thinking, we consider the ascension process to occur in a linear fashion.

We have so ingrained a hierarchical thinking, that we consider one dimension to be better than another, one dimension somehow further up the ladder than another. It is not in a straight line! There is no singular direct path to follow. We also create a timeframe into which we put our theories of dimensional evolution.

As we move into the next dimensional reality that we are creating, we enter a new and unfamiliar frequency. It is very hard for us to fully comprehend another reality, another frequency, as we operate from such a narrow perspective. We have to learn a new way of thinking, one that is not based at all on our current mode. It seems to me that the dimension we are about to enter is one of dreams, illusions created from the creativity in a part of our brains that we have, up until now, never activated.

The scientists have told us that we only use 18% of our brain capacity. The way that I understand it is that we have inner space and outer space. We consider them to be separate. Therefore, they stay that way. My initiation with ET energies has shown me how these two realities are mirror images of one another.

As we move out into outer space, as we move away from our instinctual home, Earth, we encounter energies that are alien, extraterrestrial. Look at this as a mirror image of our inner space. As we venture out into the darkness of space, uncharted territory, we are also venturing into unknown areas of our brains and minds. We are seeing a lot of mental illness as these two realities come closer and closer. They will finally merge; creating a reality that is connected, inner to outer and vice versa.

Imagine two realities colliding, merging, becoming one. Imagine the right and left sides of our brains balancing, making neuron connections between the two lobes, unifying thought. Imagine combining female, instinctual, earthy thought with male, inspirational, star thought. 'ET self' and 'Earthly self' become one. This is manifesting in our bodies and also is reflected out into the outside reality. Inner space ... outer space.

I have recently noticed that my spiritual experiences are becoming more familiar, more grounded. At first I thought I had stopped moving forward.

Yet it was explained to me that the two realities were merging within me and what once what once would have been considered incredible, now, was old hat, no big deal.

When the two realities were definitely separate, it was incredibly otherworldly to channel ET energies. Now, as my two selves meet and merge, I find that the ET consciousness is not so different to my transformed human self. The Hybrid Programme is a direct mirror image of the unification within our own souls. I see this unification of these ET selves within us as a direct result of the transformation of our mass psyche. Just as we reach out into the darkness of space to contact other species, we also reach inside ourselves to the ET aspects of our nature.

Imagine, if you will, a Web that transcends the whole of existence. Imagine that along these silken threads, light as thought travels, neurons connecting, flashing, as synapses open and shut, On Off, the brain of creation assimilating information, a cosmic binary code, On ,Off. Two points. These two distinct energies that make up this code are focused in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. You can see this dualistic thought represented in the male and female, the Yin and the Yang.

The one side is said to rule the logical thought and the other, the intuitive male and female thought. Can you see how the way the human brain functions is a direct symbolic reflection of the separation that occurs on your planet? The Zeta are all about bringing two alien energies and combining them to make whole. A balancing between the right and left hemispheres of the brain is needed. Part of the integration process naturally transforms the biological brain, re-balancing it, bringing the male and female energies within the brain into complete harmony. Just by being focused in one sex only, unbalances the human mind and the physical brain.

The Zeta may guide you to have kinesiology, which uses direct methods to rebalance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Or, they may guide you into other creative processes that you, the Human, and the Zeta have created between yourselves. In the channel's case, they chose to use dance. In England, and in much of your world, now there is a phenomenon called raving. I call it a phenomenon because it is the direct download of ET energies into the earth plane.


Groups of beings gather together and create, through dance, energetic patterns that align the ET energies with those of the planet. These people are literally preparing the earthly pattern for the integration of the greater Zeta mind pattern, The Web. The movement of the right and left arms in synchronized patterns enables the Zeta self to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

With this accomplished, the Zeta self is now ready to awaken the pineal gland and set up the transmutation procedure. The pineal gland is becoming crystalline in form. The energy of the Zeta rests in this place. As you integrate more aspects of self, more multi-selves, you will experience each one as having one of the twelve earthly chakras as their domain.

The Zeta rule, so to speak, the third eye or pineal centre. Not much is known in your world about the pineal gland. Scientists have mistaken it for being a physical gland. They see only a small part of the story. On the third dimension, its use is not seen. On the sixth dimension, it is a direct link to the cosmic mind or the Web. Can you see how the story has a representation on each level?

The sixth dimension is a level of geometric shapes, intricate and fine, resembling a highly intricate and complex web structure. The pineal gland in the middle of the human brain is a node upon this web-like structure. The pineal gland is becoming like a multi-faceted crystal. This crystalline structure is transmuting into a device that will allow you to access the consciousness of the Web. Imagine that lines of spidery light emanate from the middle of this gland and connect you to the Web on the sixth dimension. The channel has seen this and has also played a part as her Zeta self in aligning others to this frequency, weaving light codes into the web-like structure that the Zeta are creating on your planet.

The Zeta are the navigators of this Web and through the integration of Zeta energy, human and Zeta hybrids (integrated human and Zeta selves) align with this structure and move up in vibration. Being connected to the Web allows you direct access to all places, all dimensions, all stores of knowledge throughout the whole cosmos, much like the World Wide Web.

There are many of you out there that are starting to have conscious Zeta encounters. Some of you still consider them to be outside of yourselves. Others are beginning to open up to the possibility that they, themselves, are not entirely human. What do we mean by Zeta aspect, or alien self?

To believe that you have only ever been human and have only ever existed here is foolish. There is much more to you than meets the eye. There is only one small aspect of the whole self that is human. There are other aspects that are angel and so on. Why is it too incredible to believe that you are from extraterrestrial origins?

There is so much fear around these beings that you cannot see the truth behind the illusion of fear. You live in a dimension of polarity thinking, right and wrong judgment. Therefore, you judge the ET beings with whom you come into contact with the same polarity thinking that you are used to using upon your planet. The planet, Gaia, is asking for something more from you.

Consider that this alien aspect, this Zeta self, is trying to contact you and integrate in order to achieve something, something rather special. You have so many dramas around these beings that it is very hard to view the exact truth around the Zeta. You must understand that there are many different stories, many levels, and that not all of them are conducive to your way of thinking. If you look at the Zeta drama from the third dimension, there is little or no real rational proof as to their existence. Those of you in fear are mesmerized by the many creative dramas such as abductions and governmental conspiracies that are inventing and manifesting within the fourth dimension.

You see, the fourth dimension is a place of creativity, a place where the power struggles of the inner psyche plays out its dream. And in this case, the dream of the mass consciousness. So you see, when you focus upon the conspiracy theories, you are only perpetuating the drama that is being played out on the fourth dimension. It is not just the Zeta that has a part to play in this, but also the beings that control and influence your governments. If you tune into the fourth dimension only, you will see many reasons to be fearful of the Zeta, but if you elevate your awareness into the fifth dimension, you will see that these beings are light beings in disguise.

They have volunteered to take on a very important job. They have come here to transform your fear, not the fear that you consciously know about, but also the fear that is hidden, secret within, not only your psyche, but also the mass psyche of your planet. From a dimension that is elevated above yours, they, as 'one being,' peer down upon you and orchestrate dramas, creations of a fourth dimensional nature, in order to get your attention. Well, they have certainly done that!

It is a very 'dreamy existence' that you live in. You think that everything is black and white, but as you enter the realm of the fourth dimension, you will experience reality's grey areas. And so enter the Zeta or some, the less friendly of you, call the 'Greys'. So, what do you do when you are first standing face to face with your Zeta aspect, whether that be in meditation, dream or trance?

First, you take a deep breath and allow the encounter to occur in whichever way that it may. You see, you cannot really go on your emotional response any more. Humans are very base creatures when they operate solely from their emotional reactive response mechanism. For that is exactly what it is a flight and fight response that has become very sophisticated. When you encounter the Zeta, your emotional body reaches out to try and decide in its own way whether the encounter is a dangerous one or not. Are they friend or foe? You find it very hard to decide with the Zeta.

Because they have no emotional intent, you simply cannot feel where they are at. This frightens humans incredibly. You like to know whether a being is one of the darkness or one of the light. Your polarity thinking just does not work when you encounter the Zeta. They are neither.

'There are many rooms in your father's house,' is a well-known saying. The Universal Dreamer has many different dimensions of reality, some coming under differing influences. Your plane is one of polarity, dark against light, light against dark. The plane of the Zeta is one without any emotional level whatsoever. They are extremely mentally creative beings.

Just as you are solely focused into the physical, they are focused on the mental plane not the lowly rational realms, but the higher cosmic mind. The reason that the Zeta are called upon to aid in planetary shifts of this nature is because they are very good at their job. Just say that you wanted to change the mind construct of a species locked in fear and separation. Wouldn't you send your best squad? Wouldn't you send the ones that are capable of changing construct from within the human psyche just by their presence alone?


Simply the interaction between these two species of being, human and Zeta, is creating healing dramas within your fourth dimensional reality, healing dramas created out of the material that the Zeta find in the fourth dimension.

Another way of looking at the fourth dimension is as the astral plane the dream plane. The dream plane is a plane of molding material. Some mediums call it ectoplasm. The Zeta clothe their selves in this substance so that they can have etherical type bodies. Being of pure mind, they have no form on this level, and need to borrow some material in order to appear in your dimension.

This ectoplasm is like emotional debris, junk that is created within the physical plane in the form of power struggles. You see, in your polarity dimension, one can be bigger and better than another, and yet in the fifth and above, there is no expression of competition or victim and victimizer. All are equal in Spirit. Zeta simply clothe themselves in this substance, this etherical clothing of human making. When you look into the eyes of the Zeta, remember that the fear they represent is the hidden fear within your own psyches. They are dressing themselves in the archetypes of your imaginations, the myths of your Gods, and the drama of your demons.

So, now that you understand that the Zeta are called by the very planet Gaia to assist her in her shift (and that includes humans), you can finally explore the possibility of having enlightening interaction with the Zeta. If you read or re-read 'Perspective of the Zeta', you will understand how a perspective such as theirs can have a large impact on the mind constructs you hold on to as your idea of reality. They will break you free of your polarity thinking and send you on a merry dance through the levels of your own psyche. They are joyful beings and have their own sense of humor even if it would seem to you as a little too intellectual.

The more and more interaction that you have with the Zeta, the more fear you will process out, not only for yourselves, but also for the mass consciousness.

Finally, with the fog cleared, some of you are discovering that you are Zeta in soul. That is, you are experiencing yourselves as being Zeta. Some of you see yourselves change in the mirror; some experience a varied and strange, almost alien perspective in moments of trance. Even though it is hard to believe, you are indeed Zeta. Maybe that is why you have so many interactions with them. They are trying to scare you into remembering who you really are a multi-dimensional being with many different aspects, some of which are extraterrestrial. So, wake up from the dream of your own making and look for the first time into the eyes of your Zeta self.

The Zeta operate on a certain mind frequency, a frequency that relates to your dream or trance state. They usually operate through your dreams, but as more of you awaken to their presence, they begin to have one to one interactions. Unfortunately, because of the nature of your mindsets, the interaction usually resembles the scenes of abductions. Slowly, over time the Zeta help the human to clear enough of the fear to begin a true exchange of energies without the disturbance of the illusion of the third and fourth dimensions.

What is the experience of this fifth dimensional interaction? Firstly, it is without fear, for when you operate on the fifth dimension. you are in a reality that is without polarity, right and wrong and judgment. It is freeing to exist in this realm for fear is a very slowing energy. You can literally feel your body go into hyper-drive. The fifth dimension is without separation.

This is a hard concept to convey to you as you operate in the realm of separation. If you cast your mind back, you, too, operated in this realm of oneness, for those of you that are Zeta descendants have access to their Zeta hive on this fifth dimension. The Zeta are just that. They represent the ultimate coming together of energies. Therefore, they express themselves as a 'We ' consciousness. There are many of you in your abduction experiences experiencing the Zeta communicating from one to another. Some of you have mistaken this as telepathy.


The Zeta have no need to communicate in this manner, as they are all one being. They are ONE being. This is very hard for you to understand as you see many bodies and imagine that they are many. In fact, there is only the Web. Each Zeta represents the ideas that the Web contains.

Your interactions are changing, transforming. You are encountering them when you are in altered states of reality. Many of you are beginning to see them whilst you gaze in the mirror. The reason for this is the act of looking in the mirror off-focuses your eyes, and allows you to use another aspect of the operation of the eye. This exercise allows you to see auras and others transfiguring. Whilst gazing in the mirror, you can see the energy body superimposed upon the physical form's reflection.

The Zeta use this energy body to express themselves into a form that you can see. No longer are they using a medium outside of you, but are using the very matter within your etherical body to dream a dream that will allow you to perceive them. Some of you embrace this as being the channeling of ET beings. On one level (one of separation), that is occurring, but on the fifth and above, you are experiencing a direct reflection of yourself, a reflection of soul. It is an image that will convey straight into your mind and body the information that YOU ARE A ZETA!

For some of you, this will create immense fear that you will block. This only results in the Zeta resorting to the old abduction scenarios to regain your attention. For some of you, the experience is so real, so physical, that it is impossible for you to deny that (as much as it scares you to death) you are indeed, Zeta.

So where do you go from there? You are a curious being because you are are Zeta. You are highly creative and curious. You would probably want more information about the Zeta. That may lead you to a place such as Alloya's website at You learn that it is ok to become and integrate this aspect of self, this Zeta self.

By your curiosity alone, you draw to you information from outside and inside as to who exactly are the Zeta. Not everything sits right with you such as the idea that you should fear them and somehow they are bad. Even though you cannot explain it, you feel that, some-how, the abduction experiences and the governmental conspiracies are not all the story. You begin to investigate just why there is so much fear and begin the long journey of integrating this self.

You clear your fear. You begin to give them permission to work with you, still, for the moment, believing they are still separate to you. As you interact with them, you allow them into your body. Some of you still believe that you have no conscious choice in this experience, but your soul is the controlling factor in this process. Remember that these beings are not separate to you. THEY ARE YOU. It is your Zeta self. Have you never wondered why they always say they are you?

For some who choose to do this without conscious recognition, the Zeta play with you, change your reality, take you on many and varied mind games to awaken you to the fact that you are Zeta. This is where they get the reputation that they are not to be trusted. They have a job to do and do it they will.

They have no emotional bodies, not that you would recognize anyway. They do not feel compassion not out of lack, but of necessity. Their job is a hard one. Compassion would not allow them to be cruel to be kind. If you are the sort of person who needs a loud alarm clock to get you up in the morning, then the Zeta will oblige.

It is quite a challenge to discover that you are an alien. For at this juncture in the story, you still consider it to be outside of you, not integrated. You begin to communicate with this being, this self, and after some time, you begin to physically integrate. This is the biggest challenge. The Zeta and the human biological form are complete opposites in nature. The dual personality will allow you to see how different the human and Zeta perspectives vary. You will literally walk around with two perspectives, two views on life.

The Zeta bring a highly mental opportunity for the human mind to release itself from the confines of the rational and move into the realm of the Web. It is not just a one way thing. The Zeta self benefits from the process also. They are realizing their beings in the love of the Creator through you.


As the process proceeds, you become more Zeta and the Zeta self becomes humanized.


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The merging

The merging has begun.


After some time, you simply cannot tell yourselves apart. Human and Zeta are as one. Can you now see how the Hybrid Programme is a symbolic fourth dimension representation of the integration of the soul? As human and Zeta merge, worlds are created to symbolically represent this process, new worlds where Human and Zeta hybrids, The Essassanai, live and breathe.


Can you see how the creative processes experienced on this planet, create new and varied worlds throughout the cosmos?

You, as a species, are in great fear of us. Let us talk about the abductions. Are they real or not? They are both. There are certain things that you should know about our different levels of reality and the way they function.

We are not the beings you perceive us to be. We have no form. Not only do we have no physical bodies, but also we have no identity to speak of. We are thought, not thought, as you know it, but thought that is completely without form, structure, or substance. If you could imagine a river of thought, pure, undefined, then that is as close as you can get to perceiving us.

When beings such as ourselves come in contact with a reality such as yours, an amazing phenomenon occurs. Your reality is one of physical manifestation. You are living in the densest dream possible. Your reality physically and symbolically represents energies that are without form and structure. You, as soul, came to the earth plane and you, too, wrapped yourselves in the matter that you found there.


You came as the idea and became the physical representation of what you perceived yourself to be. Many other beings, they, too, sent ideas of themselves here to this reality to physically represent their energy in a form that could interact with other aspects of itself through the separation of the physical.

When beings such as ourselves come to a reality such as yours, the nature of your reality demands that we are represented physically. Yet, we are without identity, without form and definition for we are not separate. We have no choice but to borrow ideas from the mass consciousness that surrounds your planet. We clothe ourselves in the ideas that we find in the psyche of man.


What you perceive of us is the buried and hidden aspects of your own natures. You see in our eyes your own fears and joys. Some of you fear us and create for yourselves great dramas that tell horrific tales of operations and torture. There are some of you that are beginning to recognize who we really are and are having more pleasurable encounters.

You see, the encounters are of your own making. Remember we are without definition. It is up to beings such as yourselves to define and create for us a story in which to exist, in which to communicate to you our message. If you could only realize that your reality is a symbolic representation of many different energies, it would be so much easier to communicate with you. You consider your inner world with its symbolic imagery to be separate to your defined and physical outside state.

We look at you and see no separation. We see your existing in two worlds, not realizing that you have two functions. Your ideas separate these worlds further until your beliefs become so crushing, that their is no room for these two worlds to interact and integrate within you. You have to decide which world to live in. One is considered sanity, the other, insanity. The society in which you live has defined the normality, and, therefore, you cut off, or turned off, your perception of the other reality and the two worlds divide. This is the true meaning of duality.

Through your beliefs and your resulted perceptions, you define your world more and more. Separating more and more aspects of yourself, becoming schizophrenic within your own psyche. This separation demands, to keep your sanity, that you remain locked in one aspect only, one identity, one expression. This is limited and as the beliefs lock you deeper and deeper within the remaining psyche, the perception of any other is destroyed. This is how you created the now called ego. You consider yourselves to be separate to each other and separate to us also.

You see, we are you. We are the undefined, unmanifested aspect of yourself. Before you defined yourself in thought and ventured into the reality you now inhabit, you were like us, without form. So, you see, when you look into our image, it is an image within your own psyche, which was placed there by yourself to remind you of your true nature.

For some, this is extremely frightening and you create for yourselves dreams that realize themselves in your waking reality. So, it is our mission to contact the part of yourself that is locked away in the isolation of the physical realm, and to free it to the expanse of the self. So, you see, when you encounter us on a spaceship operating on you, you are only reading one aspect of the story.

On the third dimension which is ruled by rational thinking there is often no recognition of our energy at all. On an instinctual, body consciousness level, you fear us, solely because you naturally fear anything that is unknown and alien to your mode of perceiving reality. On more etherical, dream body levels, you may be conscious of our interaction. You see our interaction through a veil, an illusionary frequency of fear. This fear is trapped in the psyche of man and all humans are connected to it through an energy that can be called the Net.

You then perceive us as to be in physical bodies. You invent histories and planetary homes for these bodies and before you know it, the psyche has created for itself out of our energy, a dream that tells nothing of our true nature but plenty about your own. You encounter spaceships, and some of you experience operations. They are energy games, films that are created out of the interaction of our two species to try to communicate a message to awaken you to your true nature.

Through this interaction, your perception of us is changing and you are creating for yourselves new beliefs that can contain more of who we really are. Everything is consciousness and so are the bodies that you inhabit and so are the ships in which we clothe our energies in order to navigate a reality such as yours.

When you encounter us, there are two realities expressing themselves at one time, in one space. This one time and space is the reality that you have defined for yourself. It is the part of yourself that you have isolated in order to experience separation from the rest of creation. All space and time is self. So, when you encounter us, you are encountering an aspect of yourself, an aspect that is unknown, alien, and sometimes very frightening to your isolated nature.

We like to imprint images and symbolic stories onto the channel's consciousness in order to explain something that is very difficult to convey in your words. Imagine there is no difference between outside reality and inner reality. So when a spaceship takes off into outer space, it is a symbolic representation of a process that is going on in your inner space.


As the ship first moves from the home planet, it encounters beings that are considered alien. Imagine also another story layered upon this one. This is a story that says that as you awaken dormant areas of the human brain, you, too, are encountering other aspects that have their function in those areas. So, as you venture into physical space, you also venture into inner space, awaken dormant areas of the brain, and encounter alien aspects of the self. Does this explain the concept of how you are 'We' and we are you?

You ask why do we call ourselves 'We' and you call yourself 'I' ? This is because we use a label to express our true natures. We have no separate identity and, therefore, are the conscious result of the oneness experiencing not being defined as one, but as many. Your encounters with beings such as ourselves is a direct result or symptom of your evolving and moving deeper into the hidden levels of the Superhuman psyche.

Encounters with beings such as ourselves will increase, and transform, representing an inner process of integrating and aligning with the alien aspects of your spiritual natures. Our two realities are coming together and for those of you who can contain such concepts, the realities will become one. You will no longer have to choose between the two divided realities, but will experience your inner experience and your outer experience as undivided and equal in value.


This is the time for miracles, realizing dreams, and moving forward into the uncharted waters of the self.

The Zeta

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