by Wendy Flentri

Exopolitics Journal, vol. 4, no. 2

December 2013

from ExopoliticsJournal Website




Wendy Flentri was born in Connecticut, USA to an Australian mother (descended from at least two convicts) and an eleventh generation American father who was related to Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry.

Wendy studied Humanities, majoring in anthropology and psychology. On attaining a Bachelor of Humanities she transferred to the School of Psychology also at Curtin University of Technology to do a Bachelor of Psychology (Graduate) in 2006.

Interestingly in second year psychology, students were aptitude tested for their most suitable vocation and Wendy came out first and second in theology then psychology.

She has always been interested in the big questions but felt restrained due to family and cultural attitudes, her mother was a strong atheist.



Overwhelming evidence demands new ways of explaining our existence. As puzzle pieces slot together a complex picture emerges incorporating Evolution Theory, ancient aliens and Creationism.


Ancient myths are proving to be accounts explaining ancient technologies, extraordinary beings and occurrences shaping all aspects of our existence and witnessed/reported by our primitive ancestors.


Toward their task of saving Nibiru the Anunnaki created the "Adam", who eventually became a sentient and beautiful being. Anunnaki brothers Enki and Enlil still argue over our right to existence.


Enkiíites have invested greatly in humanity, progressing us, imparting much knowledge, discipline and by frequency seeding chosen human women throughout history; (Alexander the Great and Jesus?).


Enlilites in contrast have been intent upon our destruction and see us as the lowest of the low; being an ape like creature mixed with themselves. One has to wonder if/how Enlilies have corrupted man and our governments from day one when the "serpent" corrupted Eve in Eden.


A great meeting recently took place, according to abductee Tiller Jones, of 200 or so white robed tall blond men (the opposing sides of Anunnaki?), to debate our fate. It was decided we could be allowed to continue existing only if an up-grade took place.


The tall Nordic man explained to Jones that the problem is about our brain (enough of us are not developing our intuitive intelligence sufficiently?). They concluded, before we may be left on our own, we must undergo more up-grades.


"Indigo"" and "Crystal" children being born around the world will increase our intelligence and our power of insight enabling us to make the right choices and be responsible enough to run a planet.



Darwinís famous work On the Origin of the Species explained that humanity and its culture arose solely, swiftly and by chance, from ape like humans.1


With an important missing link, this paradigm has proven extremely resistant to any sort of reformation process. Over many decades since its publication, a growing number of dedicated truth seekers have left academia behind as they piece together a complex tapestry, very different from the human history told to us by the Darwinians, or even that told by Creationists.


The new emerging picture of human origins is breathing new life into Biblical texts and is importantly highlighting the role played by a number of different groups of off world visitors.


These various races it seems vied for control of humanity and Earthís resources at different times over many millennia, and in return affected human DNA, through natural breeding as well as genetic manipulation and cloning; the experimentation and ultimate fashioning of a primitive worker through the genetic manipulation of a primitive Earth ape-man combined with alien DNA.

We did not evolve totally in isolation as the Darwinists would have had us believe. Common sense tells us the galaxy is teeming with an array of intelligent, technologically advanced beings.


Furthermore, humanity, during our relatively short existence of 250,000 or so years, has been profoundly affected by various extraterrestrial visitors to the point that almost everything we are and know was given us by the "gods" of our ancestors; advanced extraterrestrial visitors.


This paper will show that modern humanity was largely a result of genetic manipulation, and our civilization a result of extensive fostering by one or more extraterrestrial groups who have intervened throughout our existence.


Secondly, it will show that organized religion is quite different to personal spiritual enlightenment, and was largely created by extraterrestrials early in our existence, which our ancestors worshipped as "gods", distinct from Source or God Almighty...

Human civilization was created as a result of genetic experimentation by one or more extraterrestrial races that have intervened over history to modify humanity for a variety of agendas.

The late Zecharia Sitchinís scholarly masterworks consist of seven books of the Earth Chronicles Series as well as seven additional companion volumes, these being his translation and interpretation of twenty two thousand or so ancient Sumerian clay tablets, many of which relate the story of our early human history in association with the Anunnaki, a race of mixed humanoid and reptilian beings who came to Earth to mine gold.


How did this venture lead to the creation of the "Adam", an Anunnaki generic term for early Earth humans?


The Anunnaki are mentioned in the Bible several times as the Anak, Anakim, Anakites, Anunnaki, and Nephilim; just a few names referencing them.

"And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." 2
The Holy Bible, Numbers 13:33

Sitchinís account relates the story of the Anunnakiís arrival on Ki, their word for Earth, approximately 432,000 BC, from a planet called Nibiru to set up an "Eden" between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers.


Nibiru enters the plane of our solar system every 3,600 years approximately, passing between Mars and Jupiter in an elliptical orbit.


The Biblical word "Eden" is now believed to have been originally an Anunnaki word meaning a biosphere especially created by extraterrestrial visitors to permit their extended existence on host planets. Sitchinís work, rather than threatening Biblical texts, brings them to life and confirms them in unexpected ways.


This connection of the word "Eden" to the Anunnaki is also deeply discussed by independent researcher, William Bramley in The Gods of Eden.3

As Sitchin writes, on their arrival an expedition was led by the Anunnaki Prince Enki, in search of large quantities of gold, which was to be brought back to Nibiru and released as fine dust particles into the atmosphere in a bid to save their planet from a runaway greenhouse effect.


Enkiís group began extracting gold from rivers and seas but when those sources were depleted or proved to be inadequate a second contingency arrived led by Enlil, Enkiís half-brother.


It was decided that Enki and his group of approximately 2,000 mixed humanoids and reptilians would begin deep mining for gold in the Abzu as they called South-East Africa.

"When the gods instead of man
Did the work, bore the loads,
The gods' load was too great,
The work too hard, the trouble too much"

Sumerian Epic "Atrahasis"

Deep mining proved to be so unpopular amongst the Anunnaki workers there was much discontent and then eventually a revolt.


To resolve the problem Enki and his scientist sister Ninmah, who arrived with a contingency of nurses, set about engineering a primitive asexual worker, which was in their image but far inferior, approximately 250,000 years ago, using the genetics of a primitive ape-man female and an Anunnaki male. However there was a significant stumbling block to be overcome; Earth ape-man had, like all Earth primates, 48 chromosomes, not 46 like the Anunnaki.


The problem was cleverly solved by the fusing of chromosomes two and three to create a single chromosome that could be matched during mitosis with the Anunnaki second chromosome. This scenario has been verified most plausible by recent DNA research.5

The worker being was likely created to be physically smaller, but strong enough to toil for long hours; intelligent enough to obey and undertake simple tasks.


At first without reproductive organs these simple human workers were cloned in great numbers in the Abzu in circular vats, which still exist in their many thousands.6


And now because of the work done creating clones of Dolly the Sheep we know that cloning is possible.7


Additionally, we also know genetic manipulation is possible, as the autopsies conducted on extraterrestrial clone type beings recovered from crashed UFOs by the US Government in the 1940s and 50s show us this.8


Many of these beings have no sexual organs, or only the very remnants of ones and therefore are likely cloned. Furthermore, eye witness descriptions of Grey alien type clones have reported that they are often seen naked and have no sexual organs, navel, and a minimal or absent digestive tract.9

Ole K. (pseudonym) lends support to this argument with information he gained from two interviews, which took place in Sweden, with Lacerta, a female Earth Reptilian, on December 1999 and in April 2000.


Lacerta explained that a race of Reptilians live below the Earthís surface, 100 to 200 miles deep.


They have occasionally come to the surface to interact with humans. The honesty of Ole K.ís account is given strength by how the information beautifully converges with information from many other sources, making allowances for Lacertaís own bias and perspective as well as by Lacertaís advanced knowledge of science.11

From other such sources we have learnt there are four Reptilian colonies under the Earth; three groups are in North America, South America, and the Middle East appear to be relatively friendly now.12 The fourth group lies under the Ukraine in Russia and may be allied with unfriendly ETs. Recall the Diatlov, Siberia incident of 1959, where nine young educated Russians were murdered under the most bazar circumstances.13


Lacerta states that Earth humans were indeed initially cloned as a slave species to mine gold by large humanoids who came from another world. Lacerta further verifies that seven or so up-grades occurred.11

Once the primitive worker proved to be a success, several up-grades occurred to the point where they were given sex chromosomes and enough intelligence to pose (it was hoped), a minimal threat.


Some were then eventually released from the "Eden"; the Biblical account is a familiar one. It is important to note here, according to Sitchinís account of the Sumerian Texts there was strong rivalry between the brothers Enki, who according to Sitchin, was our creator, and his younger but more royal and superior in rank brother Enlil, who, along with his faction of the Anunnaki royal family, generally regarded Enkiís beloved apeman/Anunnaki hybrid creations as an abomination that should be exterminated, once their usefulness was through.

South African Michael Tellinger, musician and author of several books including Slave Species of God,14 has made famous Adamís Calendar,15 the elevated site, in South Africa overlooking the famous Solomonís Mines and now believed to be the oldest and most significant archaeological site on the planet.


It is also known by another knowledgeable South African, Sanusi Shaman Credo Mutwa as significant, being where,

"Öheaven mated with Mother Earth [to create man]".16,17

This site, Tellinger now believes, could be in excess of 300,000 years old and, joining the dots, is now believed to have been Enkiís headquarters.

In the last 30 years Tellinger has discovered millions of circular hornfels structures, which he believes includes the worker cloning vats. These cover many thousands of square kilometers in South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania.


Tellinger explains that hornfels were selected by the Anunnaki for their special vibratory properties and its Afrikaans name refers to their ringing sound. Being circular and largely crystalline, the structures could capture, channel and amplify the Earthís electromagnetic energy.18


According to Tellinger, these hornfels structures are so numerous that it now seems evident in Antediluvian times many workers inhabited South East Africa in what amounted to a great original human civilization. He surmises that part of the purpose of the Great Flood of Noahís time was possibly to deliberately washed away the workers, as referred to in Biblical texts.19

Well known Andromedan contactee Alex Collier adds support to this idea.


He was told that the Great Flood of Noahís time was deliberately engineered. The Earth was hit by an energy beam, likely fired by the Anunnaki, which jolted Earth from its original orbit. We know from ancient Egyptians and Greeks records that in ancient times the Earthís orbit around the Sun took 360 days. After the jolt an Earth year was extended five days to 365.20


Collierís Andromedan contact offers this explanation:

"According to Moraney, the flood of Noah was as a result of the movement of Earth from one orbit to another around the Sun. The Earth was apparently hit with a tractor beam and literally moved to an orbit further out from the Sun.


This added five days to our rotational period around the Sun. The period of this 40 day rain was during the period when the magnetic poles of the Earth rotated 180 degrees."21

Interestingly, as a side point, Collierís Andromedan contacts explained that there were many attempts to create Earth humanity before the Anunnaki created the "Adam":

According to Moraney, the first melding between the primate genes and the human species was 28,731,007 BC, and there have been many prototypes, In fact, they just found another prototype in Portugal that is estimated to be 780,000 years old and they will discover more.21

It seems evident that modern man was created as a slave species by the Anunnaki to mine Earthís gold and that this need to mine gold provided an important impetus towards the "Adams" creation.


But once the being was created and then refined again and again into an intelligent, self-reflecting life form (a being in its own right), there would have to be some sort of society for that being and others like it to exist in.

As mentioned before, while Enlil and his branch of the family by and large viewed the new human species, Adamís maker, Enki and his descendants showed a warm affection and pride towards it and hoped, once it showed sentience and independent intelligence that it would be allowed to exist independently and in its own right and so began making preparations for that framework and such.

If we look at the historical development of the various early cultural centers around the world, from Sumer to Egypt, the Americas and India, they all speak of wise, tall, fair humanoid beings that came and imparted knowledge in many different fields, including astronomy, mathematics, governance, health matters, building, writing, etc.


They then departed often with a promise to return many years hence.


These "god" beings were/are known by many names such as,

Anu, Enki, Enlil, Ninurta, Marduk, Ra, Ptah, Ishtar, Kukulkan, Thor, Neptune, etc.

Often the same individual had many names as well as incarnations.


However its seems they were from the same family of Anunnaki beings, who had been, for many thousand years, traveling around the globe either protecting us and teaching the art of civilization to Postdiluvian humanity or bringing destruction to humanity, depending on which branch of the family they were from.

The Enki faction was preparing man for a hand over of the reins of power. While the Enlil faction seemed throughout manís history, intent upon our destruction. Enkiís group invested much time and effort setting up these societies of men.


Did one of these beings arrive in the Americas bringing a worker force - the Olmecs - to mine gold and/or did the Anunnaki introduce other groups of humans to America as Collier suggests?


The real picture is likely highly complex. According to Collierís Andromedan contacts Moraney and Vasais:

"Öour native American races are the remnants of the ancient Babylonians. They were brought here and hidden underground just prior to the flood of Noah."21

Sitchin explains how the modern world has come by much ancient historical information.


Babylonian Priest-Historian Berossus (Greek from Bel-Reķshu = "The Lord [Bel = Marduk] is my Shepherd") 22 was given the task of compiling a historical account during the time of Alexander the Great (who was believed by Alexander himself, to be a demi-god and son of Marduk, a son of Enki).23


Now only existing in fragmented form, these three volumes called The Babyloniaca extended from the beginning, 432,000 years to the Great Flood then to Alexanderís time.


These encompassed developments from all over world.


It was from Berossus that we learnt that history had been divided into two periods (before and after the Great Flood):

  • the Antediluvian or Prediluvian periods

  • the postdiluvian periods 22

Many of these Anunnaki beings came into the societies of men to teach them important arts and sciences; those of Enkiís entourage, while others came to destroy and wreak havoc; those of Enlilís group.

For example, the Deity Oannes, who was also Enki, walked out of the sea to teach the people of Sumer.


He had a fishís head with a human face below, and the tail of a fish with human legs to walk. He was one of the first teachers of society and came to Sumer to instruct the people in the arts of civilization and was said to have introduced cuneiform writing, mathematics, agriculture and architecture.24 He and others went to different parts of the globe to teach.


Kukulkan came to the Maya, Quetzalcoatl came to Central America, the hammer wielding Thor to the Norse, Ptah, Ra and Thoth, the same beings again, came to the Egyptians, etc.


And may we include Joshua Ben Hur (Jesus), believed by some to also be Thoth or Sin a son of Enki. These teachers were likely all from the same loving branch of the Anunnaki family.

One can imagine that once humanity was sufficiently schooled in the basic arts and sciences, the Anunnaki gods could eventually hand over the reins of power.


Using Manethoís King List of Egypt as an example, this process seems to have occurred gradually over thousands of years, beginning with the reign of the gods, then the demi-gods (their offspring) and then the mortal kings who imitated their predecessors (see Table 1).

But it is unlikely they have totally left the planet and forgotten us. Humanities turbulent histories, including our World Wars I and II may be partly due to the influence of those Anunnaki who mean to do us harm. Therefore, which group of Anunnaki did the Naziís and the US Government make deals with? Enlilís crowd?

We also have to ask why Enkiís group invested so heavily in creating self-governing human populations on Earth? Was it about their love for us? Did Enki have to justify our existence to his younger but more royal half brother Enlil, by making us and our planet productive of resources, both mineral and genetic? Therefore they must be maintaining some covert control, watching over their investment while using religion as a means of controlling the masses and guiding our history and progress?



Gods first dynasty















9,000 years

1,000 years

700 years

500 years

450 years

350 years

300 years




12,300 years

God second dynasty



1,570 years



Total of years ruled by gods of both dynasties

13,870 years




3,650 years



Total number of years ruled by gods and demi-gods

17,520 years

Intermittent period of chaos

No ruler


350 years

Mortal rulers



All reigned a total of

3,070 years

3,100 BC to 30 BC


Dynasties of Egyptian Gods and Demi-gods up to and including Menes,

the First Human Pharaoh 25


Major religions are a creation of different extraterrestrial races, and some beings mentioned in religious scripture are extraterrestrials masquerading as or mistaken for a Supreme God.

The Macquarie School Dictionary defines religion as:

1. Belief in a supernatural power that made and controls the world and that you should worship and obey.

2. The way this belief is expressed in your way of life, worship and service.

This definition does not mention God, is simplistic and does not inform us that religion is ordered, hierarchical, institutionalized and was often forced upon people in the past under the threat of death.


In contrast the definition of Spiritual Enlightenment is,

"Ödeep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things, communication with or understanding of the mind of God, profound spiritual understanding or a fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity." 26

God is only mentioned in the second definition.


We are informed that there is a fundamental difference between religion and personal spiritual enlightenment; spiritual enlightenment is very deep and personal. It is about meaningful engagement with Spirit, while religion appears to be about control, worship and obedience to a higher power in order to maintain social order.

We will now examine the Bible to gain clues as to who or what these so called controlling Gods or God could be.


Do Biblical texts refer to the Source All Mighty or do they sometimes confuse God with extraterrestrial beings? Anyone who has studied the entire Bible would have noticed distinct and fundamental differences between the Old and New Testaments.


The Old Testament consists of 39 books - the first five, Genesis to Deuteronomy, were recognized in early times as one complete book.


One purpose of the Old Testament was the imparting of old wisdoms gathered by or given to the Hebrew people by Yahweh, their god who made them the chosen people and gave them "Promised Land".


Psalm 23, The Lordís Prayer; a much cherished poem in ancient Egyptian times was believed to have originated in ancient Sumeria.27


Apart from comfort and emotional strength the Old Testament it gives many philosophical and alternative ways of rethinking frustrating and difficult problems as well as practical information and wisdom to help the common man evolve his consciousness in life on Earth, and in so doing order was brought to the chaos of living, especially in the high density living environments needed by the Anunnakiís human workforce.

The Old Testament was also a chronicle of Hebrew early history and lineage showing that they suffered many tests, trials and battles against their persecutors.


A prominent theme in the Old Testament seems to be Godís judgment of man or groups of peoples, followed by restoration and then redemption. In Chronicles 7:14:

"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."28

The god of the Old Testament demanded that the people obey him and his laws. He required their servitude and humble obedience. And he could be very cruel if disobeyed.


In Exodus 15:3;

"The Lord is a man of war; Yahweh is his name."29

Furthermore, the Old Testament is filled with fantastic stories.


Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale? Or was it the only way men of that time could explain away something they did not understand. Today we can surmise that he was picked up in the ocean by a large extraterrestrial Unidentified Submerged Object (USO), because we know that UFOs and USOs exist and are interacting with humanity.


Regarding the manna that rained down upon the starving Israelites on the Sinai: extraterrestrials, taking pity upon them have admitted dropping the manna in the Sinai all those years ago.30

If we were indeed a new and engineered species of humanoid, created by the "gods", before they created the infrastructure of the societies of men and imparted knowledge of the sciences and the arts, one can imagine the gods would at the same time have established strong codes of ethical.


Hence the Ten Commandments were written upon stone and left for Moses to discover on Mount Sinai along with the burning bush. Laws delivered in this way by it seemed, an omnipotent, omnipresent and supernatural God, had created the illusion that this was indeed the divine word of God that must be obeyed by all or else your very soul would be in peril.

If we were indeed a new and engineered species of humanoid, created by the "gods", after they created the infrastructure of the societies of men and imparted knowledge of the sciences and the arts, one can imagine the gods would then establish strong codes of ethical behavior to be followed.


People would be less likely to disobey what they believed was an omnipotent, omnipresent and supernatural God. Hence the Ten Commandments were written upon stone and left for Moses to discover on Mount Sinai along with the burning bush. This is the divine word of God that must be obeyed by all or your very soul will be in peril.

In contrast the New Testament is broken into four main sections:

the Gospels, Acts, Epistles and the Apocalypse.

The 27 smaller books appear more modern, honest and evolved; the studentís sense of reason is being appealed to often.


It was seen by Early Christians as a holy renaissance brought about by the greatest man who ever lived: Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Joshua the Anointed One from Sirius), the son of "God Almighty"Ö or was he? At least his "God" seemed to possess a different personality than the god of the Old Testament.


Jesusís God is loving and forgiving. Yahweh, the god of the Old Testament often threatens punishment and urges his people to smite others and take their lands.

There is no doubt that Jesus was a very special man with heightened intellect and spirituality but who put Jesus on Earth at that time and why? Was his purpose to take humanity a step further in spiritual evolvement or put him back on track, rescuing him from a corrupt religious system that existed at the time in Israel.


The Jewish authorities could not understand Jesusís message or did not want to.


For example in John 7:36 he states:

"What manner of saying is this that he said, Ye shall seek me, and not find me: where I am, thither ye cannot come?" 31

And in John 8:23 he states:

"And he said unto them. Ye are from beneath; I am from above: Ye are of this world; I am not of this world."32

He knew his time on Earth was coming to an end while was trying to impart a more compassionate, less brutal way of thinking.

Was Jesus a Demi-god and his father an extraterrestrial such as Enki, the kind father of humanity? Jesus is always portrayed as a beautiful, charismatic being. He undoubtedly was of superior intellect and spiritual development.


Did he indeed come so that human society would evolve for the better? For those Jewish leaders of the community, inculcated with Yahwehís laws and harsh ways, Jesusí new ways of love and talking in riddles must have seemed like the words of a mad man, or at the very least he threatening their life style.

Andromedan contactee Alex Collier believes that it is the Anunnaki and their descendants, who are today controlling our planet.


Collierís Andromedans as well as Billy Meierís Pleiadians, and many more, want to see humanity gain our independence and freedom from the interference that has gone on for so long, from the malevolent Anunnaki and other ETs that would exploit and harm us and our planet.


The Exopolitical community has pushed forward the use of a "Track Two" non-official but completely legitimate way of negotiating this release on behalf of all living things on Mother Earth, including Gaia herself, and there has been recently a feeling of hopeful expectancy, that something monumentally good will happen soon.


The spirit of humanity is awakening.

Lastly, it is important to mention an interview made last year by the famous, hardworking and very charming Linda Moulton Howe. She interviewed an Albuquerque farmer going by the pseudonym Tiller Jones who had recently experienced 6 cattle mutilations on his farm, all exactly the same and around the same time and again obviously the work of extraterrestrials.


Shortly after the mutilations occurred he and his brother were abducted by, as he described, by a 7-8 foot tall blond Nordic looking extraterrestrial.


The ET was non-threatening and informed Tiller about a conflict going on between ET Nordic types (possibly the Anunnaki brothersí Enki and Enlil and their factions) over whether or not humanity had any right to exist.


Many of the ETs believe, because we were engineered by them and did not evolve entirely naturally that we are the lowest of the low Ė less than roaches even. But fortunately we have many powerful friends too amongst the ET groups and it was decided, Tiller was shown, that we shall be allowed to survive, on the caveat though that we are upgraded.


This of course keys in with the Grey abduction phenomena where abductees claim little Greys are collecting sperm and eggs from humans and creating hybrid, highly intelligent children; hence the Crystal and Indigo Child phenomena occurring globally at the present time.33



A mountain of very convincing evidence now exists, readily accessible via the Internet (in the public domain), from diverse and independent sources, which independently converge in agreement on several major points, regarding our human origins as well as the source of much of our knowledge, culture and social framework.


We can no longer ignore the picture that is emerging, which acknowledges the involvement of extraterrestrial groups in this process of the evolution of humanity and of humanityís culture and society.


It seems that there are aspects of both Darwinism and Creationism that may be correct, but which contribute only a small part of the whole immensely complex picture, which is continuing to unfold.

We need a new paradigm of understanding that can encompass aspects of Darwinism and Creationism as well as the new and continually emerging framework of information.


Yes, we are descended from a primitive Earth ape-man, or rather ape-woman, but regarding life evolving in isolation on Earth - the evidence strongly suggests that this is highly unlikely, since part of our genetic make-up is definitely extraterrestrial including the "Y" chromosome.


Collierís Andromedan contacts state that 22 different ET races have contributed to Earthís rich and diverse human race.34

Additionally it is likely extraterrestrials have been involved in the creation of many if not all of the various religions. Most religions that we are familiar with speak of Deities or Prophets born amongst or visiting Earth from the sky, such as Quetzalcoatl and Jesus to name two, who possessed knowledge and wisdom far beyond that of the humans they came to teach, as well as supernatural skills and/or unknown technologies that could bring the people to their knees.


We see this happening all over the world as told in ancient myths and folk-law. These were mortal gods made of flesh and blood, which needed shelter, food, took women and begot children.

The Source or God Head, we now know is about creation, unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.


The term Yahweh was possibly used for both the mortal gods and god all mighty. The mortal "Yahweh" it seems may have been a label referring to several extraterrestrial "gods" belonging to the Anunnaki royal family but primarily, during the age of the Ram, Marduk, a son of Enki, as that was his time to rule.

It now appears certain:

  • There are several extraterrestrial groups vying for control of the Earth and her resources

  • We and our civilization were created to mine gold for the Anunnaki "gods"

  • Once the infrastructure was up and running this process of mining gold and sending it off planet could continue and seems to continue to this day, while the Anunnaki control things covertly and through their human descendants

  • As Lind Moulton Howe discovered during her interview of Tiller Jones we have powerful friends in the Universe who mean to continue protecting and nurturing us forward along our evolutionary pathway

By stating the situation and through education we will be more able to free ourselves from the Anunnaki influence and that of other groups of extraterrestrials who seek to exploit us and our planet.


Furthermore we must recognize and appreciate who our ET friends are, while being aware of those who wish to do us harm. We are fast approaching a time ripe for taking our independence and control of our planet, but perhaps not yet.


The new breed of humanity being born all over the planet will hopefully ensure our being well regarded, as well as insuring us a place, in the Galactic community.


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