by Katharina Wilson
Spanish version



Note to the Reader
As a preface to this article, the reader should understand that I am in no way singling out a particular religion by publishing these encounters.


I want to stress that it is the Beings who chose this particular religion and chose to tell me about it.


I am merely relaying the truth about what I experienced to the best of my abilities.


It is my hope that others will be able to learn something from these encounters and contribute their knowledge in furthering our understanding about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

In November of 2009 I had another unexpected event occur in my home.


It was nighttime and I was getting ready for bed. I walked into our walk-in closet in our bedroom and right in front of me appeared a tall, muscular male with blonde hair; what I refer to as a Blonde and others refer to as a Nordic Being. I did not see a flash of light or any energy or anything; he was just suddenly there and he was standing quite close to me.


As soon as I realized he was there, he either made me see him as a Reptilian or he transformed into a Reptilian with a similar stature.


When I realized he was really a Reptilian, I said to myself,

“No wonder he is so massive looking - he’s not a Blonde at all. He's really a Reptilian."

While I was thinking this, a transference of information occurred between us and I received information about their activities here.


It happened very quickly. During the transference, I was told that they “own” the humans belonging to the Mormon religion. They created and designed their religion and belief system; everything about their beliefs - and it was done for a specific purpose.


They have been intentionally orchestrating their lives.

I immediately thought about how terrible it was to manipulate people, especially women, into this type of lifestyle. It was almost unbelievable to me that the entire religion is such a manipulation of people's lives - such a betrayal. I then thought about my neighbors who are Mormon and how I've wanted to help one of them since she is pregnant (yet again).


The Being was in telepathic contact with me while I had this thought and was aware of everything I was thinking.


He said, in a very commanding telepathic voice,

Do not interfere.

Then it was over.


The Reptilian was gone and I was left standing in my walk-in closet feeling dumbfounded by the immense implications of what I had just been told.

Four months later in March of 2010, I had another encounter with these Beings and I came out of the experience with one of the most debilitating migraine headaches I've had in years. I had a writing pad and a pen nearby and I managed to retrieve them.


I wrote down everything I remembered while I was lying in bed on my back with my eyes closed.



The Arcade

I’m writing this while in much pain. I was inside a church or temple like place.


It didn’t look like a typical church or temple here on Earth though. I saw a wide hallway and about four rooms off to one side. Each of these was a different area of the temple or church. There were theater like chairs in some of the rooms and wide open spaces in others. If this was a craft, it was huge.

I found myself inside one of these rooms and there was a lot of water around me. I thought I saw theater like chairs, but I also saw water flowing downward into a pool area. I was sitting down and I was holding a small Being.


Next to me was a baby Amphibian female very similar in appearance to the Beings pictured here.

I picked up the little boy and he was very thin and delicate. He had longish arms and legs. His skin was very unusual in that he had a lot of small spots on his skin like a leopard, but the spots were much smaller.

I believe he was a Reptilian baby-child, most likely a hybrid. I thought I would call him Spot.


While I was holding him, I said,

“No wonder they call you Spot…” because of all of the spots on his skin.

The young ones have more spots for protection and somehow I understood it was a physiological trait to protect them when they are young.

These Beings were extremely protective of their children, and my job was to protect these two children from other aliens - anyone who would hurt them. I was sitting with these two children and looking at a pond or fountain type structure.


The water was moving as if it was coming up from the ground, but we were inside a structure. It was similar to a whirlpool. The water was flowing down inside this structure and into a pool in front of me. The water was crystal clear and had a light blue tint to it.

I looked at the pool area and saw an alien Being rise out of the water and appear in front of us. I felt as though there were several other people sitting there with me, as if in a movie theatre, but there appeared to be water everywhere. The strangest part about this was I wasn’t wet.


I could not tell for certain what type of Being came out of the water because it seemed to be partially constructed of water. It had a humanoid shaped body, but it appeared to be composed of water with a lot of bubbles and energy inside of it.

When I saw the Being standing in the pool area, I knew I had to remove the two children immediately in order to protect them. I immediately took both children in my arms and carried them up some special steps. I knew these were steps because they had less water flowing over them than the area with the seats. I was able to walk up the steps without much trouble.

The steps were narrow and small and were located all the way up on the left side near the wall of the room we were in. I carried the Amphibian girl and the little spotted Reptilian male up the stairs and out of the room.


When I exited, I saw that there were four other rooms similar [on the outside] to the room I was just in. I was to take the children to a room at the end of this hallway and to the right. I remember doing this and going into this other room.


I was to warn the others about the alien, so I did.



An alien is present!

I alerted everyone - most of the people or Beings around me seemed to be females for some reason. They seemed vulnerable.


After I warned everyone in my proximity, I walked back down the hallway. The temple rooms were now to my left. I saw a door open and I saw a man walk out. He was wearing the traditional red and golden robes and looked exactly like the Dali Lama.


I then recalled the encounter I had during which I was told to “Be as a Buddhist.”


When I saw him, I felt somewhat calmer about what was occurring, but then I noticed he also seemed to be leaving in a hurry and it had something to do with the alien Being I alerted everyone about.

I continued walking down the hallway and I found myself back in the same room again. This time, from out of the water, appeared a Mantis Being. He was tall and had large eyes, but his skin was a light color, not black as I normally see them. As with the previous Being, he too rose from the water as if he was partially composed of water as well as partially solid.


I knew immediately that I was to warn the others of this Being so I left the room again and hurriedly walked down the wide hallway.


I stopped at the entrance to each room and I yelled,

Mantis! - Mantis has been detected!

After I yelled this phrase, people were frantic and everyone began running out of the temple into the wide hallway and then out of sight until I was the only one left in that part of the structure.


After I saw that everyone had left and was safe, I began walking toward another area of the structure I was in.


Again, if this was a craft, it was enormous.



Behind the Arcade

As I walked, I recognized the familiar wide hallways of their craft with the bare interiors that I have seen so many times before.


As I continued to walk, I approached three male Reptilians and a display. The display was about three feet by three feet wide and was about waist high. I looked at the Being who appeared to be in charge. He was a Reptilian and he was in a seated position.


The only clothing I saw was a cape, and the rest of his body was unclothed. He sat with his legs partially spread out and I could see his genitals. I saw two very large, dark gray testicles, but I didn’t want to see any more so I looked away. I was repulsed by his behavior. As I looked away from him, I was forced to telepathically listen to what he had to say.


As I looked to my left, I saw two shorter Reptilians standing on either side of the display.

The display was of a terrestrial Earth setting that was nondescript, but they used it to show me something. It’s possible it was a holographic device and it depicted more imagery than I am consciously remembering.


I had to listen to them because they demanded my respect. This is their nature. They are very imposing Beings and they command respect when a human is in their presence.

They began telling me a story from the Bible that I did not believe (I am not a big fan of Bible stories.)


As they told their story, I took in the fact that all three were Reptilians. The two standing on either side of the display appeared to be shorter than the male who was sitting and wearing the cape. They had very dark brown, scaly skin that appeared to be very thick, almost like an armor plate.


It was not smooth like a snake’s skin, but rougher with slight protrusions and somewhat shiny. Their demeanors were very smug and they acted as if they were much more superior to me because I am human.

I stood there looking at their display and listening to their story. It was a story of the end of the world.


Since I do not believe in everything the Bible says and this information was being forced into my mind, I did not retain much information. However, the one thing I am certain that I remembered was hearing the phrase, “scorched earth” or “scorched earth policy.”


When I received this information from them, I felt it was negative to the point of being almost evil. I tried to resist believing them and as they telepathically conveyed the information to me, I began shaking my head “no” as they were relaying the information to me.


I tried very hard to resist them, but they were telepathically inside my mind.


My exact thoughts while this was occurring were:

“They are smug and superior acting. I feel as if humans are nothing more than breeding stock… there is something about the Mormons again…They are their race - their religion.


Breeders only for the Reptilians - somehow they are controlling them - their religion… I heard this from the mind of the [seated] Reptilian male… Something is going to happen to the Earth and it’s going to be hideous…”

Those were my last memories of this encounter.



Emotional and Physical Aftereffects

It is extremely difficult to experience these things.


I was in physical agony while I wrote this and then later typed it into my computer journal. I felt a tremendous amount of sadness for the Earth and felt helpless to do anything about our situation.


I do not know if the pain I am caused is intentional or a side effect of either the transportation process and/or telepathic communication with certain Beings or if it is a type of punishment or warning. It does not seem logical that it would be punishment or a warning since they did not take (all) my memories of this encounter, so I suspect it is a side effect.

The emotional pain is something else entirely. I think each experiencer feels differently about their encounters depending on the amount of recall they have.


I intentionally tried to block out what these Reptilians were telling me because I felt it was either a lie being perpetuated through a Bible story, or because it was so negative and hideous, I could not bear to remember it. If this was not the case, then they prevented me from remembering all of the details on a conscious level and placed the information into my subconscious mind for use at a later time.


It is also possible they only wanted me to remember part of it, as a way to get the “scorched earth policy” idea out there, but not to provide any details. This would imply the use of psychological manipulation.


When human intelligence agencies, military and otherwise, do this type of thing, they call it PSYOPS or Psychological Operations.




Regarding the November 2009 encounter, I suspect this was indeed a Reptilian male who at first used telepathy to screen his true image from me with the more benign image of a Blonde to lessen the shock of seeing him in my home.


I have seen the Reptilians do this in the past and it makes sense to me that they would use this tactic again as a means of maintaining more control over the situation.

The first part of the March 2010 encounter involving the temple like rooms is what I refer to as an extraterrestrial "set" or “arcade” that acts as a tool for instruction, testing and/or conditioning of the abductee.


This is done in order to run abductees through a maze of events to determine how we will react and perform under a certain set of circumstances.


In this case they wanted to know if I would save the Amphibian and Reptilian children even though they were not human. As far as I can tell, I always save (or try to save) the children and this scenario was no different.


This was probably done as a test or a practice run for an event the Reptilians believe is likely to occur in the future.

I find it interesting that after three decades, these Beings are still testing me about this potential scenario.


Whatever else it is that,

  • the Greys

  • the adult Hybrids

  • the Blondes

  • the short pudgy Beings

  • the Reptilians,

...are doing here - one of their greatest concerns is their offspring.


They will do just about anything to protect their offspring and they want to make certain they know which humans they can trust to help them accomplish this.


Whatever the reasons - whatever the future holds - this is one thing they all seem to have in common. However - there is one notable exception from this idea, and that involves the Mantis Beings.


They are the only Beings I have not experienced this type of testing with, and I find that curious.



Are the Mantises a Threat?

The use of the image of the Mantis Being leads me to question if the Mantises and Reptilians are enemies, since I was supposed to warn everyone in the "temple" about the presence of a Mantis Being as it rose from out of the water or energy vortex.


Because I was not wet during this part of the experience, the water I thought I saw may have in fact been a type of energy. I have also seen this type of unusual "water appearing" energy in other encounters.

Regarding Amphibian Beings; in 2008 I remembered seeing my first Amphibian Being onboard a craft while with the Reptilians (Dragons, Dracos and Reptilians).


Since the time I was shown the two Amphibian infants and saw the adult Amphibian with the Reptilians, I have seen other Amphibian appearing Beings. One was actually in a special water filled environment, inside a tank-like object which was open on one side, and she seemed happy and well cared for.


The latest two appeared to be adolescents who looked exactly like the two infants pictured above except they had dark brown eyes instead of milky white eyes. They stood upright, but I did not remember focusing on their hands and feet so I do not know if they too had flipper like arms and legs.

Because the Reptilians were interested in having me save the Amphibian and Reptilian-hybrid children from the Mantis Being, I am hoping the Amphibians are associated with the Reptilians in a mutually beneficial relationship.


As for the Mantis Beings, I don't know why the Reptilians would orchestrate a testing scenario during which I was to save the two children and warn everyone else in the "temple" about the presence of a Mantis if there was not a purpose or reason to do so. From this encounter, it would appear the Reptilians feel the Mantis Beings present some type of threat to them, or at least a threat to their children and possibly the people who follow the Mormon religion.


However, as shown in the illustration above (from an encounter during which I saw a Mantis holding one of my cats) the Mantis do not appear to be so much of a threat to us.


Notice how the Mantis is holding one of my cats in such a way that the cat had the option to jump down when he wished to. When I saw this Being outside my window, I waved my hand to the Mantis and mentally told him to let him down and he allowed my cat to jump off of his arms.


My cat was completely unharmed.



Scorched Earth Policy

Various references define a scorched earth policy pretty much as the phrase implies. It's not difficult to figure out what the consequences of this type of operation would be to life on Earth; however, it can also have limited uses.


For example:

"A military strategy of burning or destroying buildings, crops, or other resources that might be of use to an invading enemy force." (1)

"The policy in warfare of removing or destroying everything that might be useful especially by fire." (2)

"A military strategy or operational method which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area.


Although initially referring to the practice of burning crops to deny the enemy food sources, in its modern usage the term includes the destruction of infrastructure such as shelter, transportation, communications and industrial resources.


The practice may be carried out by an army in enemy territory, or its own home territory. It may overlap with, but is not the same as, punitive destruction of an enemy's resources, which is done for purely strategic/political reasons rather than strategic/operational reasons." (3)

One well-known example of this strategy is what Eurasians and African-Eurasians did to their perceived enemies, the indigenous population of North America, when they systematically burned their crops, destroyed thousands of buffalo, imposed forced relocations, and intentionally destroyed their culture.


Unfortunately, since this terrible time in our past, we have not done much to improve the plight of Native Americans and their culture remains irrevocably changed.




  • Why would any of these Beings implement a "scorched earth policy"?

  • How would that benefit all of these different species who appear so intent, I might even say dependent upon "mining" the human population as this myriad of Beings appears to be doing?

All of them use us to a certain extent.


All of them:

  • the Greys

  • the Reptilians

  • the short pudgy Beings

  • the Hybrids

  • the Mantises

  • to a lesser extent, the Nordics or Blondes

I've seen them all do similar things to humans - and I know that they all need the human species. In fact, more and more people are beginning to suspect they need us much more than we need them.


So, to annihilate humans - and especially the millions of other life-forms that are as precious as the Earth itself - simply doesn't make sense.

  • Are the Reptilians using the followers of the Mormon religion to create hybrid offspring of a specific genetic makeup?

  • In other words, is there something particularly important about the genetic pool encompassing the people of the Mormon religion that makes them so special to the Reptilians?

  • Could that be why tracing their genealogy is so important to them?

  • Why Mormons and not Catholics?

  • Do Mormons have greater numbers or similar numbers of children than Catholics have?

Both religions are similar in the way they treat women and the fact that procreation is one of the most important things they stress in their followers’ lives.


Many humans on our planet find this behavior completely ridiculous since our planet’s resources are limited and we are already having problems sustaining current population growth.


Ironically, the message from the Reptilians and perhaps most of the aliens appears to be:

“breed, breed, breed.”

When you think about it, that part of the equation actually makes sense.


We know they are creating a hybrid species and are literally mining the bodies of thousands, perhaps millions of human beings. Of course they want us to breed. The more humans there are, the easier it is for them to obtain the genetic resources they require.


However, there comes a point where the proverbial bubble will burst and when the pendulum will begin to swing in the other direction… when habitat destruction and the depletion of a species’ natural resources has an impact on all of us.


This is part of the cycle of life and it will occur. It’s just a matter of time. It is perhaps this simple truth the Reptilians were relaying to me.

The systematic creation of religion and other forms of control mechanisms on our planet are most likely the biggest deception involving the ET presence on Earth. The images of the aliens saving abductees while the Earth is being destroyed - these images that have been shown to abductees over and over again - could really be just a lure.


We could indeed be special to them; but we could also be little more than overused, over-abused laboratory specimens who no longer have a purpose - not to mention the rest of the human race.


Have we been manipulated through religion? Absolutely.


The question now is:

Will we continue to allow others, whether they are human or alien - to use religion and other forms of fear as a means of controlling us?

It is my sincere hope that each time an experiencer of this phenomenon goes public about what is really happening involving these otherworldly intelligences, that more and more people will start thinking about the answers to these questions themselves.