May 01, 2023

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Illustration of the Kur

by Elena Danaan (1, p.269)



I love Elena's book 'A Gift from the Stars'. 1


It really is an encyclopedia for alien races and I keep on discovering new information in it. So many races to explore.


Just like Rebecca Rose said in regard to her resurfacing 'Russian' memories from her Montauk days, 2,3 it seems that certain topics are presented to us at the right time.


Someone asked me if I had written anything on the Blue Avians, and while searching for bird like beings I stumbled on the Kur, and they sure flew in at the right time!




In the introduction to 'Part II: Alien Races' 1 Elena Danaan writes about how she mysteriously got into contact with the contents of the
Russian Secret Book on Alien Races. 4


It eventually turned out to be the stimulus for creating her master piece, with the assistance of Thor Han and Coron.

Well, the Kur are also mentioned in this book from the 1950s, around the time that Val Thor had visited our planet, 5 who actually informed various governments around the world with this book. I have made a snap shot of the page on the Kur, which you can see below.


You are bound to understand why I think this information on the Kur is getting relevant now.


There seems to be some link with the Anunnaki that I was unaware of. (Russian Secret Book on Alien Races) 4







I was very surprised to hear that this race, which has its home planet Dillimuns orbiting the star Xi Orionis (near Orion's red star Betelgeuse from our perspective).


This birdlike species is described as,

'tall humanoids with bird genetics and features, such as a duvet covered skin, a crest of feathers along their spine, and a falcon-like head'.  1


What is all this about being the race 'behind' the story of Enlil and Ninlil? 6


What about 'their leading is amongst the most recent visitors' and what about their intention of staying on Earth permanently and their 'important' role that they would play?


Why haven't we heard anything from them?




This all raises a lot of questions.


Fortunately we have Elena Danaan who elaborates on this information which is more than 60 years old, with new intel stemming from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


In a pre-Enki video from June 2021, Elena reads out aloud what she has written in her excellent book: 1



Elena Danaan on the Kur,

the Golden Birds, from Xi-Orionis 12

In the excerpt Elena says that the Kur are related to the Anunnaki.

"Their peculiar color is due to a golden liquid they bathe into, which expands their life-span. 13  "They were there as well, alongside the Anunnaki, at the time these latest were reigning upon Terra.


The Kuri were directly involved with them in altering the Terran human genome".

(1, p.269)

"The Kuri are still in diplomatic transactions to join the membership of the Galactic Federation of Worlds; they insist to join under their own conditions and this is not how it works for us." 16

(1, p.269)




As I write this page I'm still rather flabbergasted and mainly because we haven't heard anything about them.


It is not easy to miss bird people, right?

Why isn't this race mentioned in Enki's account of our history? 18


And what is this relationship with the Anunnaki all about?


How were they involved with altering our human genome...?




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  16. While doing a search on the Kur I came across an Asian youtube channel Piperon that covers all kinds of beings from Elena's A Gift from the Stars.


    There's also a page on the Kur (17), and although most of the contents are from Elena's book, there was also some additional information that I don't see in Elena's book, nor in her video (12).


    Here's what you can read in the description below what video (17) (perhaps he just made it up, but perhaps he did not):

"We are still in diplomatic transactions to join membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and we insist to join under our own conditions which it doesn't align with them.


We do not agree to scale down the development of our weaponry systems and we do not align with the non-intervention law.


There are many malevolent beings in the universe we need to protect from and scaling down our weaponry system is a suicide attempt.


We have a small and discreet little colony somewhere in the Pacific Ocean currently and we use interdimensional travel and our iridescent ships are truly magnificent."

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