by Max and Sandra Desorgher
04 July 2017

from Sojmed Website

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Sandra is a life-long 'Experiencer' of non-human multi-dimensional intelligent beings, that she encounters through the 'dream-state'.


Sandra woke with the following information on Ascension, on 26th July 2017. She shared it with me as a question and answer session that we recorded.


Here below, the recording of the session:




If you consider that the earth has been through already multiple ascension processes, and she herself is at the 6th level of ascension, where there are 144,000 beings incarnate upon the earth that are in with this ascension process with her to the 7th level of ascension, then you can understand that there are 14,400 individuals who are at the level of ascension from the 5th level to the 6th level.


It is at the level that most people would recognize as the Blue Avians, that can incarnate as physical beings but generally choose to work as transport between various different realms of awareness, of consciousness.






Then at the next level there are 1,444,000 individuals. This is a very small percentage of the population that are ready to ascend to the 5th level, and so on.

So that at the most general level, the mass majority of the population is ready to ascend to the 4th level of density which is basically the 'dream-state on steroids'.


It's what some people refer to as the matrix, only the matrix only gave us a skewed or conditioned perspective of the matrix. In reality in the matrix you have a choice of basically 12 different personas.


It is when your 13 personas are all reunified, after having all that freedom of choice, that you experience the unity.

So sometimes we see ourselves as associating to various mythological beings and that is where we actually are at some level of our consciousness ascension, so this information is available to us and we have little inklings and nigglings of association that are like an itch on the wrist or an occasional itch on the ankle.


That if we looked at it more closely, we would recognize that this is an itch that comes about every time we see a picture of a dinosaur or a giant or a fairy or an angel, because this is how our consciousness has reached this ascension level, in this level of perspective, on this level of the silver grid.



I myself, when I look at myself most often, see myself in a way that it is conditioned within us as humans incarnate now in the 20th or 21st century, as being repulsive, a big naked giant looking down on humanity and being bemused.


So I guess within the various mythological characters that occur within this dimension in our human form, in our daily waking life that we see as reality, I most associate myself to a big naked giant.


I would expect that in some way my partner, my spouse, who I see most associating himself to the angelic realm, occasionally descending as an elf, or perhaps a fairy or a wood sprite, sees as wholly unusual and potentially intriguing, and sometimes repulsive.


Q. You mentioned the 144,000. What level are they moving to?

That is a literal number, and the 144,000 are those that are ready to reunify with the God creation force, the light force energy.

Q. Are they incarnate as humans right now?

No. These beings are at the level of the grid points within our solar system.


They are the grid points, they are like the corners of the spider web holding everything together, the flow of information from the supreme creator being to the most slight atomic particle.


So the 144,000 are those ascending from the 15th density to reunification with the creative life force energy, and then the next one, 1,444,000 is like the next level going up to the 15th density which are now the cornerstones of the grid points, and it goes out exponentially.

Q. So the people who are incarnate as humans at this time - is there a number of how many of those who will ascend, and to what level they will ascend?

The mass majority will ascend to the 4th density, which is much like the matrix where we are in a holographic program, only the matrix is not wholly representative of the complex of the individual.


We actually will have approximately 12 lives going on at the same time at associative areas, different either light or dark characters within those different densities, and sometimes we will experience that basically as nightmare lives, and some of them will be profit, lust, or addiction or greed, or poverty, strife, much like we have on the earth now.


So out of our 12 lives, the chances of one life achieving even what is considered to be the moderation, the life between poverty and war, and wealth and aristocracy, the middle class will be a goal as opposed to a natural occurrence within that dreamscape.


So it will be like 12 dreamscape lives taking place at once in the 4th density.

Q. And are there some humans who will ascend to higher levels than that?

Yes, and many of those humans are humans who are parts of the indigenous cultures who are doing things naturally, holding on to the historical transcendence of humanity within the greater cosmos, and teaching that to the youth in a way much like the people of the 'Iban' longhouses in Borneo teach their children the natural way, the ancestors were related to everything.

Q. And how about the ones that we call the light children, the star seeds?

The light children, the starseeds and the crystal children are the brightest hope for the future.


They are the ones who are leading the next level, the next generation, into the new age of 4th dimensional reality where people are experiencing multiple lives at the same time and not coping with most of them.


So its going to be a really, really difficult 1000 year period. If you can imagine 10 generations of people living out multiple lives simultaneously and remembering each of them.

Q. Are there people now, souls here, who have already been 5th dimension and higher and they have come back down to help now?

It is part of their existence to have the opportunity to participate within this level of reality, of density.


So they often choose to have experiences during this density, throughout various different epochs in history, to maintain a current level of understanding of the emotional and physical realities of the beings that are incarnate now at this density.


Especially those who are incarnate in this density for the first time.


Q. So basically life continues after this ascension, only it is generally a 4th dimensional reality for most people?

Which is more nightmarish and hellish at this time because of the choices that the mass majority of humanity has made during this time.

Q. And will that life continue on planet earth?

Yes. It will continue for another epoch.


But ultimately humanity will have to decide to go the way of the Lyrans and the advanced Pleiadians and create areas of the earth that are for humans.


The rest of the earth is available to be free of the waste products that humanity manufactures in order to be comfortable as a species.

Q. And will there be other intelligent species here alongside the humans?

Yes, basically the major areas will have various different life-forms that work in harmony.


And the environment is such that it is at least tolerable if not beneficial for the majority of the beings that are there, and that is what is the balance or the equilibrium that is associated with the constellation Libra.

Q. And you have talked about hybrids coming in as well, and they will be here with us, interacting with us in this 1000 year time as well?



Many of the various different forms of disability of the people that have incarnated now with those disabilities and have chosen to survive the fetal experience with those disabilities have been to prepare us for the various different forms of life-forms which are other beings which are to be equally respected as the life-forms that are bipedal human homo sapiens sapiens.


And not all of those life-forms live on the land forms - many life-forms live also within the oceans and some live within other densities and they are communicating with us, have been communicating with us - their signals are quite clear and there is no doubt that those signals and communications are being monitored.


Many of the beings are basically a group of individual beings that work in unity as a community, the law of oneness to the extreme, and we see these as glittering lights, almost like fireflies.


But these are life-forms that are highly intelligent, communicating signals which are easily translatable using technology which is available, saying,

'We are among you, and we are here to help'.

And they are here to help with the pollination of flowers, and the bees are experiencing decline due to the toxins that are put in the environment.

Other life-forms have come, aside from just what we see as space-ship, human sized, ebens, there are many other life-forms that are coming into our environment.


But we are not worried about something and we are not looking for something the size of an ant, or the size of a fly, or the size of a grasshopper.


So even though new species are being recognized every day of the week from every different level of creation - the amphibians, the cecilians, even some mammalian species, butterflies - they are all coming, and we are just not accepting or recognizing, acknowledging that they are not from this earth.

Q. So this event, this ascension, what exactly is that and how will that happen?

It will happen within the context of the next 13 years.


Over the course of the next 13 years, there will be changes to the rhythm and environment and temperatures and migrations which alter the various different agricultures and farming capabilities and water resources for various different parts of the land masses.


Which then in turn change the way that people rely upon their natural resources and learn to re-engage and re-establish their relationship with the natural environment.


They'll remember the importance of being in tune with the environment and what the environment is capable of in your area of the globe and how important that is to the infrastructure of the unity of the community.

Q. So, it's a gradual process?

It's a gradual process.


In some places it will be much more rapid when massive natural phenomena and man-made phenomena occur which alter the terrain rapidly.


That will result in a rapid transition, but over the general course of the entire planet, it's a gradual transition over a very short time span of just over a decade.

Q. But also this process whereby we change to a higher density - is that also gradual?

For many of us that will take place as we transcend to the next level of incarnation, and for some of us who are younger that will take place in this incarnation.


Middle years will be according to what the soul can tolerate and the physical body can manifest.


Q. So we are actually in a process of ascension?

Yes, we are 3 different generations - 4 different generations in some cases - are going through various different levels of ascension simultaneously.


So some people are saying, it appeared to disappear and some people are saying, 'that's not possible'.