by Angela Zayak

April 6, 2008

from OpEdNews Website

AZ entered the working world in 1980 after college, and shortly thereafter got married. She made many career changes, divorced her husband and then remarried.


She settled into a career as an estimator and project manager in the construction industry. She divorced again, and has remained single since 1994 while successfully raising one child who is about to graduate from high school.


Her interests are varied and she is a seeker of knowledge with a lot of opinions and a little bit of moxy.


Almost everyone knows that governments perpetrate clandestine secret operations and disinformation campaigns as such programs are often revealed through declassified documents and whistle blowing insiders. And thus many people have developed the eye of a skeptic in regard to “official” explanations of cause for certain actions.


And so it is that many have wondered about and questioned the motives at work behind the recent story of supposed leaked information pertaining to discussion of ET during a UN meeting. Anyone who has tracked the UN story obsessively knows that a need to discredit abductees as being charlatans was mentioned during the alleged discussion.

Thus contactees, those individuals who have experienced a lifetime of ET contact, have come to question whether or not history is going to repeat itself.


This particular community may be targeted and silenced again through intimidation, monitoring and debunking as described in an article by Dr. Michael Salla, pertaining to past Galactic COINTELPRO covert counter-intelligence programs that started in the 1950s, in which he states:

“A series of covert intelligence programs were implemented that aimed to neutralize the revolutionary potential of the contactee movement. These programs evolved in three stages that resulted in the final counter-intelligence program that was adopted to eliminate any threat posed by contactees.

Stage one was the initial surveillance of contactees by intelligence agencies that attempted to discern the scope and implications of human and extraterrestrial interaction.

Stage two was the more active phase of debunking and discrediting contactees and their supporters.

Finally, stage three was integrated into the FBI’s COINTELPRO which provided the necessary cover for comprehensively neutralizing any possible threat by contactees who might join other dissident groups for comprehensive policy changes.

All three stages of the covert programs employed against contactees were secretly run by the CIA, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and the NSA, whose field agents were directly aware of the reality of extraterrestrial life, and the contact and communications occurring with private citizens.”

In the article Dr. Salla further explains that the contactee movement was threatening to national security due to revelation of the inner/extra-terrestrials’ superior technology and the threat to the nuclear development sought by many nations. The contactees were espousing an intergalactic peace process that would result in a revolutionary new beneficial way of life for humanity that would usurp psychological control over the masses by the powers that be.


This is much the same as contactee philosophies are today in that most contactees are calling for full disclosure of truth about other humanoid species and a diplomatic approach to engagement with these new arrivals to our reality. And it seems that the desire by some parties to keep these ideas under wraps has also not changed over time.

Many current contactees are attempting to engage others in discussion of future events as revealed to them by their abductors. At this point in time there is a prevalence to use the far-reaching internet to get the word out as it also affords the contactee a bit of anonymity from the scorn and ridicule that often accompanies the declaration of abductee status.


Contactees are a bit more willing to speak out now even in the mainstream media and many are especially emboldened by a sense of urgency.

The urgency stems from the contactees’ knowledge that the winds of change are upon us and that there is an imperative to prepare the collective mindset for these changes before benevolent species are driven away by our ingrained hostilities that result from fear of the unknown. Many abductees have been warned and educated by their visitors since early childhood of the dire consequences of the materialistic and self-serving lifestyle of consumption embarked upon by most humans.


These persons have come to know that to keep this knowledge and the warning for all of us hidden away is a great injustice to humanity. Just as prophecy is meant to serve as a warning against the potential to choose the wrong path in life, so too are the messages from “the others” that today’s contactees are attempting to relay to the world.

Too often these warnings are deemed to be the ravings of a lunatic and thus fall upon deaf ears. Hence with lack of acknowledgement by society and verification by science, the abduction phenomena is easily covered-up and/or debunked by institutions such as government and organized religion in order to maintain the status quo.


However abduction and human contact with ET has occurred throughout the millennia as evidenced by ancient texts and depictions. Some believe that in some instances our cosmic brothers and sisters educate some humans so that they in turn will share the information with their fellows however daunting and difficult that task may be.

However as more and more citizens grow to trust man’s institutions and organizations less and less due to past history of deception and awareness of propaganda, there is cause for hope that attempts to silence the contactee community this time around may not be as successful as such programs of the past.