by Mathues Imhotep

31 January 2005

from NewCivilizations Website


Who really setup this Divine Matrix that we live in anyway?
Here are some excerpts from

7th Seal - Hidden Wisdom Unveiled - A Reflection of Self-Discovery


It is most intriguing to see the number pattern of 777 at the core of creation. It will become ever the more so revealing to discover profound correlations between the three sets of seven creator beings and the three primary elements of creation.

  • 7 Elohim

  • 7 Archons

  • 7 Archangels

This looks very similar to may of the core energy patterns that we have seen throughout much of this material, as well as the vibrational layout of the Rostau Martix (Giza).

The Book of Enoch reveals some extremely relevant content regarding our whole story, in particular, the prime creator beings, as well as, the built-in meta-science of the Rostau (Giza) location.

The seven Elohim (The Supreme hierarchy of the order of the thrones) are listed as follows:

  • IAO

  • Sabaoth

  • Adonai

  • Ouraios

  • Eloi

  • Astaphaios

  • Yaldabaoth

It states in several ancient Gnostic texts, as well as the Book of Enoch that Yaldabaoth created seven children or the seven Archons.


They are as follows:

  • Athoth

  • Adonis

  • Sabaoth

  • Iao

  • Erathaoth

  • Thauthbaoth

  • Onoel (or Anael, which is also the Angle over Venus, thus implying that these are the gods of the seven planets of the ancients.)

  • Seth is also sometimes named as one of the seven

It is most compelling to find further verification that indeed Yaldabaoth is included in the rank of supreme creator beings.


As well as, that three of the seven are one and the same as the listed Archons. What does this mean – that there is in fact a plan, instead of the Lucifer exile theme.

Furthermore, there is reference to a name that may explain this; Little IAO, so perhaps this could be seen as the lesser and the greater beings. Perhaps this is in some direct correlation to the SET beings.


There is also the creation of seven other principle creator beings or Lords that govern creation, these are known as the Archangels.


They are as follows:

  • Michael

  • Raphael

  • Gabriel

  • Uriel

  • Seraqael

  • Haniel

  • Raguel

It is also most interesting to note that some references to Thoth (God of Wisdom) are by the name Athothis.


This is very close phonetically to the first Archon:


There is also a very strong resemblance to the name of the greatest foe of the light in Egyptian mythology: Aphophis. This creature is the evil snake that is the tormentor of the underworld.

The last portion of the word is the actually name for the Egyptian snake.


Ophis, which is 67891 = 31/4. The number value has a direct correlation to the number value of the words for the primordial father figure or first thought. (i.e. Lord =22/4, Theos = 22/4, Phos=22/4 and Phone = 22/4.)

Enoch says that the “Sons of Fire” came down and taught advanced meta-physics and super-science. While the beings that governed the paradise of Rostau stated that “They (the sons of fire) came before their designated time.” This is most revealing, it seems that this may be further verification that there actually was a plan to have outside influence intervene or intruded after all?

The history of the Bible is again only scratching the surface of what is recorded else where in greater detail. The “men of renown”, as the Bible puts it are shed with an entirely different light in the Book of Enoch.


The act of coming in unto the daughters of men is plainly called fornication in chapter 10 verse 13 where the Lord says to Gabriel:

“Go to the bastards, to the reprobates, to the children of fornication, the offspring of the Watchers, and remove then from among men.”

This is referring to the Giants or the Sons of Heaven.

We learn very specifically in chapter 7 that:

“It happened after the sons of men had multiplied in those days, that the daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful. And when the angels, the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamored of them, saying to each other, come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children.”

Chapter 9 verses 7-14:

”They have gone together with the daughter of men, hath lain with them, and they have become polluted and have had crimes revealed to them. The woman likewise have brought forth giants, thus has the whole earth been filled with blood and iniquity.


And now the souls of those who are dead, cry out. And complain even to the gate of heaven.


Nor can they escape from the unrighteousness that is done to the earth. Thou knowest all things before they exist. Thou knowest what has been done by them. What on account of these things should we do to them?”

Chapter 10 verses 1-11:

“Then the Most High, the Great and the Holy spoke from the throne. Sending Uriel to the son of Lamech, saying, say to him in my name, Conceal thyself. Then explain to him the consummation which is about to take place; for all the earth shall perish; the waters of a deluge shall come over the whole earth and all things which are on it shall be destroyed. And now teach him how he may escape and how his seed may remain in all the earth.


And the Lord said to Rapheal, bind Azazyel hand and foot; cast him into darkness; and opening the desert, cast him in there. Throw upon him hurled and pointed stones, covering him in darkness. There he shall remain for ever; cover his face, that he may not see the light. Restore the earth, which the angels have corrupted, and announce life to it, that I may revive it.


All the sons of men shall not perish in consequence of every secret, by which the Watchers have destroyed, and which they have taught, their offspring. All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of Azazyel. To him the therefore ascribe the whole crime.”

So Azazyal, the second in command, is the one who is in the most trouble with the throne at Egypt.


For what exactly? Coming before their time? Cross-breading with humans, and teaching them to secrets of heaven? Causing wars and blood shed perhaps over greed of power maybe. Yet it does seem they came with a predestined plan to accomplish something.

This is evident in the beginning of chapter 7 where it states:

“Then their leader Samyaza said to them; I fear that you may perhaps be indisposed to the performance of this enterprise. And that I alone shall suffer for so grievous a crime. But they all answered and said; We all swear; and bind ourselves by mutual execrations, that we will not change our intention, but execute our projected undertaking.”

Chapter 8 verse 1:

“Moreover, Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every value and select kin, and all sorts of dye, so that the world became altered.”

Each angel of heaven brought a different trait or skill, listed as the following, notice there are seven in number:

  • Amazarak taught all the sorcerers and dividers of roots (Herbology)

  • Armers taught the solution of sorcery

  • Barkayal taught the observers of the Stars (Astrologers)

  • Tamiel taught astronomy

  • Asaradel taught the motion of the moon

  • Akibeel taught signs

  • Azazyel taught metallurgy and gemology and the healing properties of semi-precious gem stones.

The solution of Sorcery, this is a very interesting reference.


What is sorcery? The belief in magical spells that harness occult forces to produce unnatural effects in the world.

Could this actually be nothing other than Alchemy?

Alchemy: A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting elements from one form to another.

Other definitions are more technical.

A mingling, infusion, liquid, especially as extracted from plants; for chemistry was originally the art of extracting the juices from plants for medicinal purposes.

The medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy whose aims were the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for all diseases, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.

The builders of the Rostau complex (Giza) surely had the same attributes of advanced technology as the purported fallen ones did. Yet there was no great ridicule of what was being taught in so called paradise. If there was any real controversy perhaps it was because man was not yet ready to receive such advance means of manipulating nature.

It says in chapter 9 verse 5 that:

“Thou hast seen what Azazyal has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has disclosed to the world all the secrets things which are done in the heavens.”

The Book of Enoch only lists these 7 chiefs and their attributes out of the 17 chiefs who lorded over total of the 200 that descended. Interesting enough, his same this is the very same number as listed by other texts regarding those who descended with powers beyond the earth’s current and then progress and awareness.

There are several references indicating that this group was ruled or organized by a chain of command.

Chapter 9 verse 6:

“Samyaza also has taught sorcery, to whom thou hast given authority over those who are associated with him.“

Samyaza was also convicted of a crime in the end:

“To Michael likewise the Lord said, Go and announce his (Azazyel) crime to Samyaza, and to the others who are with him, who have been associated with women, that they might be polluted with all their impurity. And when all their sons shall be slain, when they shall see the perdition of their beloved, bind them for seventy generations under the earth.”

These are some exceedingly serious punishments for what appears to be part of a greater plan.

Look at the numerology of these names!

1147181 = 23/5

1818753 = 34/7

It is most astonishing to find that the names of the main leader and his right hand man have the most sacred or magical numbers or frequencies associated with their names.

Watch how these two numbers (23/5 and 34/7) also show up in the very next chapters. (i.e. Men = 5 and Women = 7)

There appears to be a very deliberate interaction of angels that are labeled as bad teaching the secrets of heaven to those who are not ready or perhaps those who are intended to remain unaware. Who are the real protagonists in this overall story and who are really here to help awaken humanity, what portions of this story are told with the original intentions.


Given all that we have seen thus far, the truth is not always as it appears.


It is especially noteworthy to speculate considering that many of the chapters in the Book of Enoch reveal Uriel teaching Enoch about the Gates by which the great luminaries of the Sun and Moon traveled, with all the specifics of the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Book of Enoch Excerpts from Chapter 71 – 79

And now, my son Mathusala, I have shown thee everything, and the account of every ordinance of the stars of heaven is finished. He showed me every ordinance respecting these, which takes place at all times and in all seasons under every influence, in all years, at the arrival and under the rule of each, during every month and every week.


He showed me also the decrease of the moon, which is effected in the sixth gate, for in that sixth gate is it consumed. (New Moon) For this is the beginning of the month and its decrease is effected in the sixth gate in its period., until a hundred and seventy-seven (177) days are completed, according to the mode of computation by weeks, twenty-five weeks and two days.

When the moon rises, it appears in heaven and the half of a seventh portion of light is all which is in it. In fourteen days the whole of its light is all complete. It has a period of twenty-eight days. Uriel likewise showed me another regulation, when light is poured into the moon, how it is poured into it from the sun.

The account of the twelve gates of the four quarters of heaven is ended. The first wind is called the eastern, because it is the first. The second is called the south, because the Most High there descends, and frequently there descends he who is blessed for ever. The western wind has the name of diminution, because there all the luminaries of heaven are diminished, and descend.


The fourth wind, which is named the north, is divided into four parts, one of which is for the habitation of man, another for seas of water, with valleys, woods, rivers, shady places, and snow, and a third part contains paradise. Seven high mountains ( the star temple locations of Orion), I beheld, higher than all the mountains of the earth, from which frost proceeds, while days, seasons, and years depart and pass away.

When that their visible situation is completed. Such is the appearance and likeness of every luminary, which Uriel, the great angel who conducts them showed to me. Behold, I have showed thee all things, O Enoch. And all things have I revealed to thee. Thou seest the sun, moon, and those which conduct the stars of heaven, which cause all their operations, seasons, and arrivals to return.

It is clear that there was great wisdom of the workings of all things being taught to Enoch by Angelic Beings.


Regardless of who was first or had a stronger claim to the humans. This is not to take away from the fact that there is much channeled information corroborating various aspects of these stories, ranging from beings coming down through the portals that where opened in Atlantis to Extraterrestrials that want to pillage and plunder our planets resources and experiment on us.


There are also those ET’s that claim that we are their children, as there have been many seedings of life here, with an all to common Adam and Eve story that has been conducted upon this planet over its entire existence.


This may explain the great concern with the inter-breeding and the strong language indicating that the gene pool may be contaminated with impurities by cross-breeding. Great loses could occur in this scenario if the subjects where tainted by other celestial races.


I believe throughout the vast history on this planet that all of it is true and more. In fact there are stories that the Anunnaki are the inhabitants of the 12th planet or Planet X, which returns to our solar system every 3,600 years.


Zecharia Sitchin makes a very good case that these beings had their fingers in our DNA. Never the less, the souls that animate the material form are conducting their own higher level spiritual evolutionary experiment across the board.

Specific to the material that is being emphasized in this book, the Hall of Records contains the entire history and the complete DNA template of the humans.

In my understanding the beings that came into Atlantis actually manipulated the DNA of the humans retarding their physical and soul evolution, directly causing among many things, great memory lose that has ultimately resulted in being trapped here.


If we are not able to remember who and what we truly are how we will ever be able to wake up to our full potential or capacity and transform all of creation into one ubiquitous unity consciousness family. There are those beings that do not want the game to come to an end, in fact they where created to put up a good fight, right until the very end, just to keep it interesting and provide choice.

The last major divine intervention was at the time of Akhenaton and Moses, when the Hall of Records and the Halls of Amenti where still open and available for attaining the full 12 strands of DNA.


Due to humankind’s perception of existence at the time, with the struggle for an accelerated evolutionary leap being foiled under Akhenaton’s rule, Moses needed to shut the stargate down for fear of an imbalance in the universal balance and order.


Beings who are not fully conscious of the effect of each of their thoughts, and/or fully aware and in resonance with unity consciousness can have a server effect on a fifth dimensional reality if one is not ready to teleport their current awareness directly into another realm.



The greatest key to awareness is realizing that there is almost always something more to be understood than only what is being giving on the surface. The material in this article is a teaser to many deeper codes and information that all tie together and reveal and even more profound realization.