Guardian Alliance (GA)

Last update: December 02, 2004

The GA represents a smaller, specialized group, and primary task force, within a greater Guardian Organization called the Inter-dimensional Associations of Free Worlds. (IAFW) created 568 million years ago after the Angelic Wars.

(See: Angelic Humans, Indigo Children)

The GA is a co-operative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe.

Their mission is to protect and insure that species discover and fulfill their genetic plan of true spiritual enlightenment and multidimensional heritage as they were intended.

Many members of the GA appear to be quite human, but they possess knowledge and abilities far beyond conventional human development.

Some other members of the GA include:

  • The regal Lyran-Sirian Whites (Anuhazi), an elder, pale-skinned hominid Sirian race frequently called the Founders.

  • The Aethien, large, white graceful beings of high spiritual development, which resembled upright preying mantises.

  • The Rhanthunkeana (referred by some as Rhantia), tall, thin light-emitting beings with translucent white skin, almond-shaped eyes of various hues and kinky white hair; skilled shape-shifters and highly advanced spiritually.

  • The Breneau, advanced beings from the highest dimensional worlds that appear as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes, when they physically manifest.

  • The Queventelliur. Large, longhaired apelike being of great intelligence and sensitivity, who are occasionally glimpsed on Earth as they monitor Earth’s environment for guardian purposes.

  • The Turaneusiams, tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads and skin/hair colors representing all those apparent on Earth plus some in pastel hues. The human lineage evolved out of the Turaneusiams, the Elder Race, primarily immortal.

There are many other species involved with the Guardian Alliance, from various hybrids created through intermixing of these species, to the vast, formless sentient conscious entities who direct the Guardian Alliance, entities that exist beyond the scope of dimensionalization.

The GA space-time location spans many different planetary, space, time and dimensional fields. Membership within the GA reaches from the matter-based galaxies and universes of the lower dimensions, to the unfathomable cosmic reality fields of pure consciousness that exist beyond the Metagalactic Core, free from dimensional structure.

Though the GA has many members of a truly ET nature, unrelated to Earth, many of the GA contacts are quite terrestrial in origin, (i.e. Priests of Ur) they are time travelers from a future version of Earth (Tara – Gaia) that we may one day evolve to become.

The GA and other pro-human Visitor groups are here to help us understand and successfully maneuver the challenges our planet will face during the coming years and they hope to lead us gently to a realization of our multi-dimensional heritage. They are also here to teach us to protect ourselves today from Intruder Visitor races that do not have our best interest at heart.

(Voyagers I – Page xxvii)

Faced with the potential catastrophe of Anunnaki Legions (See: Fallen Angelic) waging war through our Time Matrix 568 million years ago (See: Angelic Wars), the IAFW created a crisis intervention Task Force called the Guardian Alliance.

Under the GA are 12 smaller “Signet Councils” that serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex of out Time Matrix.

(Voyagers I – Page 166)

The GA was formed as a TASK FORCE to increase security in our Time Matrix when the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race line 568 million years ago to destroy the Oraphin-Angelic Human lineage and races of the Emerald Covenant. Specializes in propagation of the Emerald Covenant and serves as the governing body of over 10 million Emerald Covenant Star League Nations within the 4 Densities of matter in our Time Matrix.

The GA is directed by the Yanas, Density-5 MC Eieyani Master Council of the Elohi-Elohim Emerald Order Breneau. Christos Founders Races and the IAFW.

The GA is the administrative body of 12 GA Signet Councils. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG’s) in the Universal Templar Complex.

(Angelic Realities – Page xix)


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Indigo Children

Last update: February 13, 2005

The term "Indigo Children" refers to the frequencies of the 6th-dimensional wave band, the Indigo wavelength of the 15-Dimensional spectrum.

The Palaidia Maji Grail Line races that have been progressively incarnating on contemporary Earth for the past 100 years and referred as the "Indigo Children Type 1 and 2" in preparation for the Sacred Mission of the long awaited 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC).

Maji Grail Line Indigo Children are born with the 6th-Strand Template of their 24-48 Strand DNA Template activated at birth, whereas the Angelic Humans with 12-Strand DNA Template are born with three strands of 12 activated.

Activation of the 6th-DNA Strand Template allows the D-6 Indigo wave spectra and the D-6 consciousness characteristic to this wavelength, to embody within the Indigo Children fetal body.

(Voyagers II – Page 555)

The Indigos are indeed a "new breed" of children because they represent a new breed of consciousness now entering incarnation within our time.

The Indigos are are in truth representatives of a very OLD BREED of consciousness once prevalent on Earth, and in their reemergence today they serve as harbingers of our race evolution - the way - showers of things to come, as our race evolution moves closer to its intended destination.

Furthermore, the Indigos are here by design and intention; their coming is not the result of some accidental or haphazard quirk of undirected evolution. They are here because they were asked to come and they have come to fulfill their part within a much greater evolutionary mission.

The phenomenon of the Indigo Children is both spiritual and genetic (See: DNA), and their placement among us represents the beginning of the externalization of our intrinsic process of Bio-Spiritual Evolution.

Comprehending the nature of the Indigo Children, and the nature of human existence itself, requires first and foremost the acknowledgement of a Multi-dimensional Reality Structure (see: Morphogenetic Field) ; a concept that contemporary science has yet to validate within the mainstream view.

(Coming Into the Secrets of the Indigo Children Workshop Manual - Page 2)

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Angelic Humans

Last update: November 30, 2004

Earth humans that have 12-Strand DNA potential (Angelic Human Heritage), through which they can reclaim their rightful Ascension heritage (“Cristos 12-Strand DNA Template Potential”), serve as conscious guardians of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates on Earth and be free to exit the Time Matrix into the Energy Matrix consciousness level.

(Voyagers I – Page 169)

Angelic Humans with 12-Strand DNA Template are born with three strands of 12 activated.

(Voyagers II – Page 555)

Prevention of the Anti-Christos Agenda (Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest) is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 313)

The ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within a physically manifest form is conditional upon having a minimum 12-Strand DNA potential, a “Holy Grail Line” or ”Christiac” genetic code.

When the frequencies of the Density-4 (dimensions 10,11 and 12) and above are embodied, a biological being can undergo full cellular transmutation, returning to the Density-4 Liquid Light Pre-matter state for full Ascension out of Density, rather than experiencing repeated cycles of death and rebirth within the Density system life cycles.

A being with a sustained activation of 12 DNA Strands and resulting embodiment of the Maharata and its corresponding 12-dimensions of conscious awareness is known as an embodied “Mahara” (bearer of the Maharata eternal life current), “Avatar” or “Cristed Being”.

(Voyagers I – Page 172)

The primary earthly human lineage is an Angelic Human Christiac Grail Line the carries the dormant 12-Strand DNA Template potentials; certain portions of earth human Grail Line population carry the 24-48 Strand DNA Template of the Rishi and Yani (Yanas) “Eieyani Grail Lines.”

The Eieyani Grail Line humans presently incarnate on earth are known as the Type 1 and 2 Indigo Children.

Other portions of the earth-human populations carry the 9, 10 and 11-Strand DNA Template mutations resulting from ancient race hybridization with Anunnaki and Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions.

All humans can reverse-mutate DNA Template distortions and bring dormant DNA template potentials into activation through self-generated DNA Bio-Regenesis technologies, through which the 12-Strand DNA Angelic Human potential can be progressively restored and reactivated within the operational DNA. – This is precisely what visiting Fallen Angelic Legions do not want contemporary humanity to accomplish.

(Voyagers I – Page 173)

Through the implementation of the Freedom Teachings (Emerald Order MC teachings of the Maharata-“Inner Christos”), the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA Template could be regenerated among the Earth human races and the awakened Angelic Humans could create for themselves the opportunity of self-directed Ascension out of Density or biological immortality anywhere within the Density systems.

(Voyager I – Page 184)

Through the Founders Sacred-Science Teachings of the Inner Christ (Freedom Teachings), humanity could learn to re-activate the Angelic Human 12-Strand Template, so humans would again become capable of utilizing advanced Planetary Templar Mechanics, which are run through the human DNA Template. If humanity can reawaken the dormant Angelic Human DNA Template, the human body can biologically interface with the electromagnetic functions of Earth’s Planetary Templar star gate system, as it was originally designed to do.

In actualizing the Angelic Human potential, humans would not only set themselves free, but could also assist Guardian Angelic Nations in setting Earth free, by securing Earth’s Halls of Amenti and regaining the Sun’s Sol Star Gate-4 under Guardian Nation protection.

(Voyager I – Page 190)

The Angelic, Human Race was created as a race of beings who could come into this system and assist other life forms and races who have forgotten their True Nature of the expression of Source. Therefore, other life forms are depending on the success of the Angelic, Human Race to become the Guardians we were created to be.

( - Frequently Asked Questions - Do I have enough time to activate my DNA Template?)

Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the first time since 208,216BC.

The Angelic Humans on Earth are being reminded of the need to fulfill their original Divine Commission as Planetary Stewards and Keepers of Earth’ Planetary Templar Complex.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 34)

The Angelic Human Race was created as a race line that could embody 12 activated DNA strands in a bio-logical form and could bring that possibility of 12 strand DNA activation into the lower frequency bands within the Time Matrix.

The Angelic Human Race was created as a race line that ANY other race line could incarnate into and pick up the codes needed to reclaim the possibility of 12 strand DNA activation and reconnection with their Christos God Self.

This mission is part of the much larger mission of the Christos Realignment Mission.

( - FAQ Section)

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Maharic Shield  (Shield of Aramathena)

Last update: November 30, 2004

The Maharic Shield is the Foundation Technique for all other energy work.

(To find the Maharic Shield Technique go to

The D-12 Maharic Shield creates protection form interdimensional manipulation of our natural bio-neurological communication lines.

(Voyagers II – Page 313)

As the Maharic Shield is composed of 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensional Scalar Grids (Mahara Hova Body), it contains within it the 144 Frequency Sub-harmonics of the entire 12-Dimensional Spectrum.

(See: Maharata Current)

Because of its 144 Sub-Harmonic scalar-wave spectrum, the 12th Dimensional level of the Maharic Shield can RESET the original, non-distorted imprint of Partiki Phasing flash-line sequences within the entire Kathara Grid 12-Tree.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 121)

To restore the Imprint for Health within the Body-Mind-Spirit System, the Holographic Template of scalar-grids upon which the system manifests must be restored to its original function.

(See: Checkerboard Mutation)

Activating the Maharic Shield will open, activate and realign the scalar-wave flash-line sequences of dormant Kathara Centers, Kathara Lines, Crystal Seals, Hova Bodies, Diodic Points, Chakras and DNA within the outer levels of the Morphogenetic Field and body.

Thus it is with the Maharic Shield that core healing therapeutics must begin.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 123)

Practice of the Maharic Shield activates and runs the Maharata Current within the human body, allowing the Maharata Current to serve as the "Carrier Wave" for the direction of inter-dimensional frequency into Earth’s Templar.

Running the Maharata also accelerates DNA Template activation, progressively restores the D-12 Pre-matter Personal Divine Blueprint for increased bodily health, accelerates spiritual integration, progressively activates the personal Merkaba Vehicle and amplifies natural consciousness expansion and higher sensory perception.

Most importantly, running the Maharata Current via the Maharic Shied creates a temporary pillar of D-12 "Christos Frequency" within you bio-energetic field and DNA, linking you and your multi-dimensional anatomy directly to its inner Christos Pre-matter Divine Blueprint to create a D-12 field of protection within within the personal mind-body-spirit system through which essential Bio-Energetic Field integrity can be created and maintained.

Running the Maharata on a regular basis will increase the longevity of the body and accelerate natural healing process.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Second Page)

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Anuhazi Race 

Last update: February 09, 2005

One he first 3 Breneau Collectives of Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 created the first 3 manifest “Founder Races” (Also called Elohei-Elohim)

(Voyagers II – Page 272)

The Elohei-Elohim Feline-hominid Cristos Founders Races (Also called the Anuhazi or Lyran-Sirian Whites) and the Feline-Aquatic Ape called Anyu.

Created by The Emerald Order Breneau on a now destroyed Density-4 planet called Lyra-Aramatena, which housed Star Gates -12 of the Universal Templar Complex.

(See: Anuhazi Language)

(Voyagers I – Page 187)

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Anuhazi Language (Mu’a)

Last update: November 30, 2004

The first spoken-written language form of the Density-4 Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim-Anuhazi (Feline-hominid) Founders Race, out of which all other external language forms in our Time Matrix emerged.

(Voyagers I)

The first of the five Christos Languages: the Mu’a/Anuhazi language of the Palaidia Urite Cloister Mu’a race.

Anuhazi (“Mu’a”) is the first externally spoken language in our Time Matrix, the native tongue of the Emerald Order Breneau and Lyran-Sirian Elohei-Elohim Christos Founders races from Density-5 (dimensions 13-14-15).

(Voyagers II – Page 303)

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Kathara Grid

Last update: November 04, 2004

(Kathara Grid is Also known as The Tree of Life)

The word Kathara refers to the Core Structure of Morphogenetic Fields, the Holographic Templates of Sound-Light and Scalar Waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests.

KA - Light, THA - Sound, RA - One.

The Kathara Grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organization of units of consciousness upon which Partiki units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids.

It is geometrically structured as 12 Primary Kathara Centers connected by 15 Primary Kathara Lines.

It is the CORE level of scalar standing wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensionalized systems, and is thus considered to be the Core of the
Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar wave blueprint and all other dimensions of form anatomy are built.

The Kathara Grid is the causal element within all manifest effects of dimensionalization and consciousness.

The form of the Kathara Grid is reflected in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of all manifestation.

All forms have at their core the common structure of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template.

Energy IS Eternal Consciousness that perpetually changes form by projecting through the structures of the Kathara Grid, while simultaneously remaining always the same.

Energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form following the geometric structure of the Kathara Grid.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 26)

The first Tree of Life or Kathara Grid and the one closest to God-Source is called Krist Grid.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. DVD 01 - 00:07:10)

(See also: Primal Order, Kathara Healing)

Personal Kathara Grid

The Kathara Grid is the CAUSAL FACTOR beneath ALL dimensional expressions, thus all forms of consciousness & consciousness integration-expansion too!

The Kathara Grid is, therefore, the foundation on which the Axiom Grids, Merkaba Fields, Auric Field Levels, Subtle Bodies, Chakras, Meridian Lines, physical matter systems and Multi-dimensional Levels of Consciousness manifest.

(Kathara Healing Workshop Brochure by Azurite Press on behalf of the MCEO )

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Stellar Activation

Last update: November 04, 2004

The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy capsules within the Auric Field and transmuting their particle content into the next
Harmonic Universe is referred to as a Transmutative Activation or Stellar Activation.

Stellar Activations and Wave Infusions are the process by which the Star Crystal Seals are activated and Stellar Spiral Alignment are the catalysis through which Stellar Activation can occur.

As the planetary body or human body evolves through frequency accretion, the energetic capsules within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form.

Once a Morphogenetic Field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the three dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, the energy capsules that correspond to these three lower dimensions begin to dissolve.

The particles contained within the dissolving auric capsules open into the auric capsules of the next three highest dimensions, in the next Harmonic Universe up.

This is the energetic Ascension Dynamics by which forms and consciousness progressively evolve from one
Harmonic Universe to the next.

Stellar Activations are a natural part of the accretion/evolution process, and occur as the pulsation rhythms of particles in the lower three dimensions speeds up into the rhythms of the next three dimensional frequency bands.

Through the process of Stellar Activations the levels/capsules of the auric field progressively open up into each other, dissolving the dimensional frequency barriers that kept the levels separate within the morphogenetic field.

The levels dissolve as the morphogenetic field progressively draws more frequency patterns from the dimensional Unified Fields.

As the levels dissolve, progressively more energy and awareness merge with and become held within, the matter-form, and the matter-form shifts from one set of dimensional time continuum cycles to anther.

(Voyagers II – Page 465)

Earth and the human populations are now approaching a series of Stellar Activations, as part of Earth’s natural 25.556-years Euiago cycle.

The Auric Field of the planet and those of Earth’s populations will undergo transformation between 2000AD-2017AD.

In order to achieve Ascension to the Bridge Zone Earth and avoid becoming trapped in the D-3 time cycle, a minimum of one and one half personal Stellar Activations must take place.

(Voyagers II – Page 465)

The Transmutative Activations are referred to as Stellar Activation because the infusions of progressively higher-dimensional frequency bands that transmit into the auric fields of Earth and humans, enter into Earth’s bio-energetic field through a chain of spiraling - following a path - of dimensional Merkaba Fields that runs through various star systems before entering Earth’s system through the Pleiadian-Alcyone and Solar spirals.

Earth will experience six such activations between 2000-2017.

The six Transmutative Activations, with which we are now concerned, interface with Earth through the following spiraling, inter-stellar energetic path:

  • D-4   Solar Spiral

  • D-3   Earth

As each of these spiraling Stellar Merkaba Fields come into alignment with each other and with the three-dimensional Merkaba Fields of Earth, the frequency patterns associated with each spiral progressively enter into Earth’s Bio-Energetic System and core.

The infusion of multidimensional frequency, which transmits to Earth in the form of light, sound, electromagnetic and scalar waves that are beyond presently identified spectra and frequency bands, directly alters the particle pulsation rhythm of Earth’s three-dimensional particle base.

This in turn directly affects the bio-energetic fields of all life forms on the planet and thus the metabolic and biological processes of the body that are controlled through the personal bio-energetic field.

(Voyagers II – Page 466)

The point at which a Stellar Spiral aligns with Merkaba Field spirals of Earth begins a Transmutative Stellar Activation.

(Voyagers II – Page 471)

Before a Stellar Activation begins, the frequencies of the activating Stellar Spiral are entered into Earth’s core morphogenetic field through a Stellar Wave Infusion.

In simple terms, a Stellar Activation occurs as the Stellar Spiral comes into full alignment with Earth’s Merkaba Field spirals.

At this time, the frequencies from the Stellar Wave Infusion that have been building up within Earth’s morphogenetic field begin to release from the morphogenetic field and transmit through Earth’s 3-dimensional grid and particle base.

When half of the frequencies of a Stellar Spiral are released into Earth’s grid, halfway through the Activation, the remaining frequencies of the Stellar Spiral completely "download" into Earth’s morphogenetic field.

When completed, the next Stellar Spiral begins alignment with Earth and the next Stellar Wave Infusion begins.

(Voyagers II – Page 472)

For humans to shift out of D-3 time cycle and into the Bridge Zone with the majority of Earth’s particle base, the human body must complete a minimum of 1.5 Stellar Activation.

Each of the six Stellar Activations the Earth will encounter between 2000 and 2017 can also be achieved by humans upon the planet, because the interdimensional Stellar Spirals come into alignment during this time period.

Each of the six Activations will activate various Star Crystal Seals within the human body, if the human Chakra system is used appropriately to draw in frequency patterns and light spectra from the Stellar Spirals.

(Voyagers II – Page 476)

Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the first time since 208,216BC.

The Angelic Humans on Earth are being reminded of the need to fulfill their original Divine Commission as Planetary Stewards and Keepers of Earth’ Planetary Templar Complex.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 34)

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Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC)

Last update: November 04, 2004

See: Stellar Activations

Period of unique conditions of geo and astro-physics characteristics for the Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles to fulfill their intended objectives.

The Next Natural Star Gate Opening Cycle is between 2000 and 2017. “The Final Conflict” or "End Times"

The previous SAC was in 22,346 BC.

(Voyager I – Page 185)

Opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates is expected in the year 2012.

(Voyagers I – Page xlvi)

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Halls of Amenti

Last update: December 27, 2004

Earth’s Star Gates which connects to Density-2 Planet Tara and many other areas within the 4 Densities of our Time Matrix.

Also connects to the star gates of the Universal Templar Complex through the D3- Earth Star Gate-3.

(Voyager I – Page 182)

Halls of Amenti: 6 Time Portal passages within the Sphere of Amenti that allow for teleportation
ascension from Earth to Tara when opened; created 25 million years ago.

(Voyager II – Page 445)

The confrontation between Guardian Angelic Nations and Annu-Elohim/Anunnaki Angelic Legions is about the destiny of earth human evolution and control of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates, and to do so, both need to take advantage of unique conditions of geo and astro-physics characteristics of the Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles (Called SAC
Stellar Activation Cycle) to fulfill their intended objectives.

The Next Natural Star Gate Opening Cycle is between 2000 and 2017. “The Final Conflict

(Voyager I – Page 185)

Opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates is expected in the year 2012.

(Voyagers I – Page xlvi)

The portals within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti are known as the Halls of Amenti. They are dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality.

The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Tara, 550 millions years ago.

The Halls of Amenti for Earth were created 25 millions years ago.

(Each planet undergoes similar Sphere and Halls of Amenti creation at various other times, each set being named after the portion of the morphogenetic field it carries)

(Voyagers II – Page 12)

The Sphere of Amenti and the Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame), which allows the Halls of Amenti to open into Tara (dimensions 4,5,6) is the way you must ascend to fulfill your evolutionary imprint as soul and return to your Creator/Creative Source.

(Voyagers II – Page 15)

If the Fallen Angelic races can gain dominion of the Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates, they intend to use the Amenti Star Gates to destroy Universal Star Gate-12 in Density -4.

Destruction of Universal Star Gate-12 would effectively seal off from Density-5 Founder Races protection, 11- dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and the manifest life field would become "imprisoned in time" for Fallen Angelic exploitation and dominion, unable to fulfill the natural evolutionary process of ascension.

This is the core motivation behind the Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest.

To accomplish their objective of claming Earth and the Amenti Star Gates, Fallen Angelics need to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gates tools ("Rod" and "Staff") and to achieve critical mass population of their hybrid-human races, whose DNA Templates carry reverse sequenced Fire Letters.

Prevention of the Anti-Christos Agenda (Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest) is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 313)

With the assistance of the Ra Confederacy the Ur-Terranates of the Covenant of Palaidor gestalt of consciousness/genetic and planetary morphogenetic field was entered into the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through the 11th and 14th dimensions. This morphogenetic field of consciousness energetically took on the shape of a sphere, and was called the Sphere of Amenti, named after the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic Field that contained the imprint for Mu and its inhabitants. Amenti was the part of Tara’s planetary core that connected energetically to the portals upon the continent of Mu.

(Voyagers II – Page 8)

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Last update: February 09, 2005

The Oraphim are a hybrid form of:

1) Lyra-Sirius A Anuhazi (Elohei-Elohim Emarald Order Feline-Hominid)

2) Sirius B Azurite Yani (Elohei-Elohim Feline-Hominid, Seraphei Avian-hominid and Bra-ha-Rama Inyu Cetacean)

3) Pleiadian Serres (Density-2 Seraphei Avian-hominid)

The Oraphim were seeded 568 million years ago on Density -3 Sirius B, Procyon, Orion-Mintaka and Gaia and Density-2 Sirius B, Pleiadian-Alcyone, Altair and Tara to begin creation of the Angelic Human lineage.

A group of Oraphin were further hybridized with the Azurite Yani race of Sirius B, to create the Maharaji lineage of Sirius B, the progenitors of the Christiac Maji-Indigo Children Grail Line on Earth.

One branch of the Maharaji Azurite-Oraphin human race line of Tara became the Mechizedek Cloister Priests of Ur Grail Line family, who became members of the Azurite Templar Security Team.

(Voyagers II – Page 266)

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Arc of the Covenant

Last update: January 11, 2005

The Arc of the Covenant is a Time Portal passage between Earth and the Andromeda galaxy that was created 840,000 years ago by Guardian Races.

Also Known as the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override Mechanism.

It was used to store and protect the Sphere of Amenti until the Sphere could be returned to Earth’s core.

The Arc allowed the Sphere of Amenti to descend from Andromeda when Earth’ core reached a high enough vibration rate.

Races of the 3rd Seeding were birthed into flesh through the Arc of the Covenant. Arc was originally called Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor, denoting the Palaidorian Covenant through which the Amenti Rescue Mission was begun 550 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 444)

A portal passage between D2 Earth and D9 Andromeda (USG-9) system that was created by Emerald Guardian Groups 840,000 years ago to enable the 3rd seeding of the Angelic Humans lineage on Earth.

The "Ark of the Covenant Big Gold Box" that has been part of humanity’s legendary heritage and for which many have quested from ancient times, is a large box that was created after the 9558BC fall of Atlantis to house the radioactive "Rod and Staff" star gate/portal opening tools.

Both the Arc (think electrical "arc") and the Ark (think "gold box") are real tangible, physical terms.

Knowledge of the Arc passage and the Ark Box Star Gate Tools was intentionally hidden by various competing factions of Fallen Angelics-directed Leviathan-Illuminati of Earth, in order to allow them to continue their Arc passage dominion quest secretly, unbeknownst to the masses.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 01)

The "Arc of the Covenant" or the "Arc Zone" is a Divine Blue Print-sealed hologram-within a hologram, which exist as a frequency modulation area within the Void (magnetic repulsion zone) between the Universal-Veca and Ecka systems.

When matter forms "enter the Arc of the Covenant" or the "Arc Zone" they seem to "disappear" from the manifest territories of their original hologram as they enter the frequency shelter of the Arc of the Covenant through "wearing the Golden Fleece".

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 02)

In the event of interdimensional politics reaching a point where there was a potential threat to the integrity of the God-worlds, God-Source created an in-built override system called the Arc of Covenant.

This override system is also known as the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override Mechanism and it can prevent any portion of Earth and its related planetary systems that contain activated Shield of the Arc Codes to prevent
Black Hole fall during a Stellar Activation Cycle.

In response to the activation of powerful anti-Christiac currents into our Earth and related Universe, the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override System was automatically upgraded to trigger what is called a Level-6 opening of the Arc of the Covenant.

The Arc of the Covenant will now be transmitting frequencies from the levels closest to God-Source known as the Eckasha-Aah Universe.

The energy life-force current associated with this level of Arc opening is referred to as the Double Eckasha-Aah 13th Pillar and this Pillar began activating within Earth’s shields on May 27 2003.

Because of these events, the Guardian Alliance introduced Earth races to the Arc Seal Release Codes and the Cosmic Krist Arc of the Covenant Codes. The four Stanz Arc Codes were introduced in November 2002 so we would have the opportunity to activate them into our own and Earth’s DNA templates.

These codes enable activation, during the transmission of the 13th Pillar frequencies, of the Arc of the Covenant Golden Fleece Buffer Field which is a highly specialized protection shield.

The Golden Fleece Buffer Zone is a protection zone, an impermeable “force field” containing a mixture of frequencies from Dimensions 8, 12 and 14 that correspond to the colour spectrums of gold, pale silver and pale yellow-gold respectively.

Activation of the specialized mathematical-geometrical Shield Program of the Arc of the Covenant, which is known as the Shield of the Arc scalar-shield program, is required for a universe, galaxy, star, planet or person to gain entry into the Arc of the Covenant Arc Zone.

The Arc Zone is a half- step in frequency, a ‘half-way house’, between the frequency bands of the Veca Universe, in which we currently find ourselves, and the Ecka, the first level of the God Worlds.

The Shield of the Arc program exists as a set of specialized Keylon Codes that are calibrated precisely to the Arc Zone and passage. The specialized (Keylon) Codes of the Arc collectively form a Shield-within-a-Shield that is called the Shield of the Arc.

( - Shield of the Arc of the Covenant Codes section)

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