What are the CDT-Plates?

Last update: December 03, 2004

The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One”.

Inner Christos Law of One perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components of reality in recognition that the Living Consciousness, “God-Spirit” or “Inner Christos” is the tangible substance of consciousness and energy from and of which all things manifest are composed.

MCEO teachings offer people an opportunity for advancing personal empowerment through genuine spiritual development regardless of their religious affiliation. The “Inner Christos” of the “Law of OneMCEO spiritual teachings belongs to everyone of every creed, not just those who choose to call themselves “Christians”. The word “Christos” (from which the word “Christian” later emerged) was originally spelled “Kristos” in the most ancient texts, and referred to the personal Divine Blueprint of Conscious Living God-Spirit energy of which all things and beings manifest are made.

The spiritual service work and teachings of the MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) are more than perspectives based upon speculation regarding a variety of unrelated but interesting spiritual and scientific subjects. The work for which MCEO and its Speakers stand represents a very ancient, advanced Paradigm of Perspective on the nature of reality.

The MCEO paradigm is inclusive of the other scientific and spiritual belief systems on Earth, but extends beyond the limitations and often incongruent and conflicting assumptions commonly associated with them. Through familiarity with the MCEO teachings one can grow to recognize the commonality and intrinsic complementary association between the most empowering contemporary belief systems and the MCEO perspective. At the center of contemporary MCEO teaching programs lies an “Ancient Mystery” known as the “CDT-Plates”.

The books and course programs produced by the MCEO are not speculative nor theoretical in nature, but are rather derived from factual TEXT BOOKS. Contemporary MCEO teaching programs contain English language translations of materials already existing within a very ancient set of texts called the Maharata Texts (indirectly related to the Indian “Mahabharata” writings). The 560 books of the ancient Maharata Texts are the original translations of an even older set of ancient records that have survived to our present time, stored on a set of 12 digital holographic recorder discs called the “Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates” or CDT-Plates”, that were manufactured in 246,000BC. The CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts have been translated into written form numerous times in our ancient history, in many different countries and languages.

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Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame)

Last update: November 04, 2004

Staff or Blue Flame of Amenti: Earth’s portions of Tara’s Morphogenetic Field (MF). stored in the Sphere of Amenti, allows portals to open; set in Amenti 35 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 445)

Each planet receives its portion of the Taran morphogenetic field. Earth received its portion 25 million years ago, when the Halls of Amenti were constructed.

This pattern of energy/morphogenetic field had the appearance of a standing wave pattern, composed of fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies, and thus appearing as blue in color.

Visually, this standing wave pattern looks like an electric blue flame with a pale shade of green, several inches in height.

The Blue flame constitutes Earth’s portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field.

The souls on Earth can ascend out of the HU-1 incarnational cycles through the fifth dimension – Blue Flame – and continue their evolution through Tara.

(See: Flames)

The Blue Flame became known as the Staff of Amenti. Which is the item referred to in the Bible as the Staff of God, of the “rod and the staff.”

The rod represents the standing wave pattern within Earth’s core in dimensions 2, orange-gold in color, and composed of the frequency patterns of dimensions 1, 2 and 3.

The Blue Flame Staff of Amenti is composed of frequency patterns of dimensions 4, 5 and 6.

So the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, represents the Key to the evolution of Earth, and the human lineage, and one of the keys to the evolution of the planets in your solar system, Tara and Gaia.

The Staff of Amenti is the gateway into Tara’s morphogenetic Field.

One can pass into the Halls of Amenti, but must pass through the Blue Flame in order to transmute form and appear on Tara.

The Sphere of Amenti and the Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame) which allows the Halls of Amenti to open into Tara (dimensions 4,5,6) is the way you must ascend to fulfill your evolutionary imprint as soul and return to your Creator/Creative Source.

(Voyagers II – Page 14)

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Golden Fleece

Last update: January 11, 2005

The "Golden Fleece" is a D-14 (pale yellow-gold) / D-12 (pale silver) / D-8 (Gold -Monadic) Primal Light Spherical-Standing-Wave-Field Sheathe that rapidly forms around, and permeates the Universal Veca Flame body upon entry of the "12 Commandment" Codes of the Arc into the sealed shield.

The "Golden Fleece" wave-field combines the D-8 Core Monadic current (Ectrons/Density-3 electrons) with D-14/D-12 ante-matter current (Trions-Reions/Density-5 electrons, Density-4 neutrons) known as the "Golden-Silver-ONE" frequency.

Activation of the Golden Fleece wave-field around and within the Flame Body allows the matter forms "Wearing the Golden Fleece" to literally "de-manifest" ("disappear") from the larger "hologram" (3-D world experience) of which they are usually apart via entering a state of hyper-dimensional suspension within the Golden Fleece wave-field.

Matter forms entering the Golden Fleece hyper-dimensional state are able to retain the manifest integrity of their atomic structure and physicality. Each atom internally generates its own "Golden Fleece" Trans-Harmonic Hyper-dimensional Radial Body Capsule within the larger Golden Fleece Capsule surrounding the sealed Shield, Flame Body and entirety of the matter form.

When matter forms "enter the Arc of the Covenant" or the "Arc Zone" they seem to "disappear" from the manifest territories of their original hologram as they enter the frequency shelter of the Arc of the Covenant through "wearing the Golden Fleece".

For this reason the "Golden Fleece" has also been known as the "Cloak of Invisibility".

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 02)

The Golden Fleece Buffer Zone is a protection zone, an impermeable “force field” containing a mixture of frequencies from Dimensions 8, 12 and 14 that correspond to the colour spectrums of gold, pale silver and pale yellow-gold respectively.

Because of these events, the Guardian Alliance introduced Earth races to the Arc Seal Release Codes and the Cosmic Krist Arc of the Covenant Codes.

These codes enable activation, during the transmission of the 13th Pillar frequencies, of the Arc of the Covenant Golden Fleece Buffer Field which is a highly specialized protection shield.

(Azuritepress.com - Shield of the Arc of the Covenant Codes section)

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Amoraea Flame

Last update: January 06, 2005

The Eternal INTERNAL Flame of ManU (Holy Spirit) energy at the center of the Cosmic Kristos Seed Atom, is often called the "Amoraea Flame", which means "Eternal Flame of Divine Love."

(See: Azur-A)

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 15)

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Veca Codes

Last update: December 03, 2004

(See: High Veca Codes)

Veca Codes: the "Time Vector Codes"; mathematical programs of manifestation that govern the formation of Fire Letter Sequences in manifestation templates.

Each Dimensional Field, and the Primal Light and Sound Field have a set of Veca Code programs, that when activated in a Planet or Being allow the corresponding Life Force Current, in its original organic "Eternal Divine Blueprint" or "Divine Right Order" form, to progressively embody.

The High Veca Codes of D-12 Divine Blueprint and Primal Light/Sound Trion-Meajhe Fields above have the power to restore all Veca codes and Scalar Template below them to their original Divine Blueprint or "Divine Right Order."

Veca Code Bio-Regenesis programs allow the unnatural 7 Jehovian Seals to be cleared from the body and Veca Code RRT’s allow rapid anchoring of the D-12 Planetary Divine Blueprint for expedited fulfillment of the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission.

When used with the Temporary Maharic Shield, Toning of the Veca Code "names" (auditory translation of their core mathematical vibration. Mu-A’-va, Ha-Sha, Shar-DA’z-a, DU-A’jha and Ec-ka), activates corresponding mathematical codes in the DNA Template, expediting embodiment of the personal D-12 Pre-matter Divine Blueprint and corresponding levels of personal expanded consciousness.

(Voyagers II - Page 517)

Veca Codes clear Radial Body and DNA Miasms on projection current, then Return Current carries Veca-Code-corrected Divine Blueprint mathematical program back through personal anatomy and Kathara Grid.

(See: Universal Life Force Currents)

Return Current continues on to carry corrected Divine Blueprint program back into Planetary Anatomy, clearing corresponding portions of the Planetary Grids, Radial Body (Memory Matrix), Merkaba Fields, Planetary Shields and Kathara Grid.

(Dance for Life and/or Kathara Level-1/Intro to Level-2)

The 12 Veca Codes

1) Bi-Veca

High Veca’s

Immanuel &


2) Tri-Veca
3) Khu-Veca
4) Dha-Veca
5) Rha-Veca
6) Iahaia

Low Veca’s


7) Lehaia
8) Reushaia
9) Shahaia
10) Ur-Immanu

Mid Veca’s


11) Thun-Immanu
12) Or-Immanu


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High Veca Codes

Last update: November 04, 2004

(See: Veca Codes)

The High Veca Codes, also called the “I AM” or “Immanuyana Sequence” are very specific Symbol Codes, each possessing corresponding Sound Tones called Arieas. These correspond to the Cosmic, Galactic, Planetary & Personal Trion-Meajhe Field Radial Body levels.

Together with their corresponding ManU Codes, these are known as the “Sacred Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”. These Codes are those by which we genuinely open our fields to the Primal Life Force Currents called Source/ God (or Yunasai).

The process of Personal Induction, and subsequent embedding, is a profound process of healing and multi-dimensional consciousness/ identity expansion. The process invokes essential Merkaba correction, and directly assists in meaningful activation the higher level Merkaba’s.

The ‘Bi’ and ‘Tri’ Veca Codes (Universal Codes of Immanuel) facilitate the opportunity to open ones personal fields to the first levels of PLC’s – Primal Life Currents - (Kee-Ra-ShA – Primal Light Fields), and the Khu, Dha and Rha Vecas (Cosmic Codes of Immanuyana) extend this process into the Primal Sound Fields (Khundaray). Coupled with the Eckasha, ManU, and related Codes, these “Keys” are Universal Navigational Tools enabling the serious and diligent student to insure that personal ascension efforts will be massively enhanced, focused and aligned with Divine Right Order.

Corresponding Workshop and Code Release schedule:

  • Bi & Tri Veca – Sarasota 09/ 01

  • Khu Veca - Allentown – 10/ 01

  • Dha & Rha Veca – Sarasota 11/ 01

  • Eckasha – Peru 01/ 02

  • IAHAIA ManU Code – Sarasota 03/ 02

  • Eckasha or Yunasai – The Universal God-Seed Code

Further Codes will be added during classes throughout 2003/ 4.

Code Properties:

The Bi-Veca Code is from Density-4, Dimensions 10-11-12.
CALLED:  Mu A’ va. 
TONE:  Ma ha ra’ta Mu A’ va.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Right Foot Bottom.  
The Tri-Veca Code is from Density-5, Dimensions 13-14-15.
CALLED: Ha’ Sha. 
TONE:  Kee’ Ra ShA Ha Sha. 
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Left Foot Bottom. 
The Khu-Veca Code is from Primal Sound-1, Triadic level of the Energy Matrix. 
CALLED:  Shar dA’z a. 
TONE:  Khu Shar DA’z a. 
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Chakra-8 (Front clavicle)
The Dha-Veca Code is from Primal Sound-2, Polaric level of the Energy Matrix.
CALLED:  DrU A’ jha. 
TONE:  Dha DrU A’ jha.  
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Chakra-2 (just below navel).  
The Rha-Veca Code is from Primal Sound-3, Eckatic level of the Energy Matrix. 
CALLED:  Ec ka. 
TONE:  Rha Ec’ ka   
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Over tailbone  
The Eckasha or Yunasai Universal God-Seed Code carries the Photosonic mathematical programs of the Primal Sound Fields AND bridging God-Seed vibration rhythms connecting to Source. 
CALLED:  Eckasha 
TONE:  Um ah A’ ThrA’ E’ na A.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT Pineal induction via Chakra-6 “3rd Eye".  

(AzuritePress.com – Products Index)

Each Dimensional Field, and the Primal Light and Sound Field have a set of Veca Code programs, that when activated in a Planet or Being allow the corresponding Life Force Current, in its original organic "Eternal Divine Blueprint" or "Divine Right Order" form, to progressively embody.

The High Veca Codes of D-12 Divine Blueprint and Primal Light/Sound Trion-Meajhe Fields above have the power to restore all Veca codes and Scalar Template below them to their original Divine Blueprint or "Divine Right Order."

(Voyagers II - Page 517)


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Last update: November 04, 2004

The Yunasai-Eckasha God-Seed Code



  (Partiki - Still point -Divine Source)
Ka Pre-light (Partika - Oscillation - Divine Father)
Sha Pre-sound (Particum - Vibration - Divine Mother)
The REUCHE’ Eckasha Core Code

Balance of the electrical and magnetic forces.

The Eckasha or Yunasai Universal God-Seed Code carries the Photo-sonic mathematical programs of the Primal Sound Fields AND bridging God-Seed vibration rhythms connecting to Source.

(See:High Veca Codes)

(AzuritePress.com – Techniques)


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Eckasha-Aah Universe

Last update: January 11, 2005

The levels closest to God/Source is known as the Eckasha-Aah Universe or God World.

  • 1 Eckasha Aah God World = 4  Eckasha-A Spectra

  • 1 Eckasha-A Spectra         = 4  Eckasha Corridors

  • 1 Eckasha Corridor            = 4  Ecka Worlds

  • 1 Ecka Worlds                  = 4  Veca Universes

  • 1 Veca Universe                = 4  15 Dimensional Time Matrices. (4 Quadrants)

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