Cardinal Spellman

Jean Baptiste Janssens

The “Black Pope”

This photo, taken from The Saturday Evening Post, January 17, 1959, is of the “Black Pope”, who in 1963, reigned over his Jesuit Order - the world’s most powerful Secret Society - and gave the command to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

The Twenty-Seventh Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1943 to 1964; the POWER having ruled over Popes:

  • Pius XII (Hitler’s Pope)

  • John XXIII (Khrushchev’s Pope)

  • Paul VI (Johnson’s Pope), including their hierarchies

In command of the Masters of international secret societies including:

  • the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

  • Scottish-Rite Shriner Freemasonry

  • the Order of the Illuminati

  • the Knights of Columbus

  • the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

  • the Nation of Islam and its private army called “the Fruit of Islam”

  • the Mafia Commission

  • the Opus Dei

  • along with a host of lesser brotherhoods

The Murderers and Traitors in the Assassination and Cover-up of President John F. Kennedy.

This photo, taken from Swanberg’s Luce and His Empire, 1972, displays five of the most important assassins. On center stage at the Waldorf ballroom during Time’s fortieth anniversary party in 1963, only months before “the crime of the century”, we see from left to right:

  • Henry Luce - Knight of Malta; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Editor, Time/Life, whose office was in Rockefeller Center across the street from Cardinal Spellman’s St.Patrick’s Cathedral; purchased the Zapruder Film for 150,000 Federal Reserve Notes and published the notorious forgery of Oswald holding a rifle on the cover of Life magazine.


  • Dean Rusk - President Kennedy’s Secretary of State and “Brutus” to his “Caesar”; Member, Council on Foreign Relations


  • J. Peter Grace - (incorrectly identified by Swanberg as Secretary of Treasury Douglas Dillion) Head, American Branch of the Knights of Malta; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; in charge of at least ten Knights of Malta involved in the assassination and cover-up including Frank Shakespeare of CBS (using Walter Cronkite), Francis Stankard of Chase-Manhattan Bank (using CFR member John J. McCloy on the Warren Commission), Lee Iacocca of Ford Motor Company (using Carl Renas, head of security for the Dearborn Division to drive the bullet-ridden Presidential limousine from Washington D.C. to a Ford dealership in Cincinnati for the purpose of removing all evidence of multiple gunshots) and John McCone, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency who personally delivered National Security Memorandum 273 for President Johnson’s signature, thereby reversing President Kennedy’s decision to de-escalate “Spelly’s War” in Vietnam.


  • Clare Boothe Luce - Dame of Malta; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; former ambassador to Italy under President Eisenhower (Allied Commander who led Rome’s Crusade in Europe during the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) which included the betrayal and murder of the heroes American General Patton and the Russian General Vlasov, as both sought to overthrow the Jesuits’ Grand Inquisitor, Joseph Stalin) ; aided Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, Papal Knight and Speaker of the House of Representatives, along with Robert Blakey in hindering the Assassinations Committee of 1976; (Blakey, for a job well done, went on to be employed as a law professor at Rome’s Notre Dame University in Indiana. The University President who employed Blakey was another darling of the Jesuits, CFR member and Civil Rights agitator who further centralized power in Washington D.C. with his 1964 Civil Rights Act; priest Theodore Hesburgh.)


  • Francis Cardinal Spellman - Jesuit-trained at Fordham University in New York and the American College in Rome; Archbishop of Rome’s wealthiest and most powerful Diocese; “Military Vicar” of the American Empire controlling the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia’s Commission; the acting King of the Pope’s Fourteenth Amendment “Holy Roman” American Empire (ruling from his Palace in the city of “the Empire State”, along with his Papal “Maltese Knights of the Roundtable”) overseen by the Professed Jesuits (Jesuits under Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow) at Fordham University including now “Cardinal” Avery Dulles (the nephew of past Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations (1933-1950), past CIA Director until fired by President Kennedy and member of the deceptive Warren Commission. The Jesuit’s notorious uncle was none other than The Gentleman Spy, Rome’s prostitute Protestant Presbyterian and Shriner Freemason, Allen Dulles.) Spellman therefore controlled the Council on Foreign Relations, the FBI, the CIA, Military Intelligence (including the Office of Naval Intelligence) and the Secret Service; the Power and Mastermind behind the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent Cover-up, continued by Cardinals Cooke and O’Connor.

The present Archbishop Egan will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up; as, evidenced by his Oath as a Cardinal, his first and foremost loyalty is not to the People of the Constitutional Republic of these United States, but to his master in the Vatican, his “King of kings and Lord of lords”, Jesuit General Kolvenbach’s “infallible” god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair, Pope John Paul II!


For he holds the Devil’s Papal Office of the Jew-hating and blasphemous seventh Roman Caesar who has not yet come and, when indwelt by Satan upon rising from the dead, will be the eighth Roman Caesar - the beast (Revelation 17:10,11).

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The Remedy

This photo, taken from the November 13th, 2000 edition of Pittsburgh’s Tribune Review,

depicts the late Leah Rabin in 1995, following her "private audience" at the Vatican,

with the greatest accomplice to her husband’s cold-blooded murder, the "infallible" Pope John Paul II.

The Mossad, an arm of the Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community,

carried out the assassination, as the disobedient Freemason and Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin

opposed Rome’s policy for Zionist Israel and the old city of Jerusalem.

Indeed, "the arm of the Church is long."

If we, the American People, do not bring the real assassins of President Kennedy and his son to justice, if we do not take back our sovereign federal powers usurped by the Jesuit General on behalf of the "infallible" Pope, if we do not dissolve the Council on Foreign Relations through which the Jesuit General rules New York, Washington D.C., the American Empire and thus the whole World (while deceptively employing certain notorious Masonic Jews and Gentiles as front men), if we do not expel the Army of the Pope - those odious Sons of Loyola - , then our nation is truly lost.


For then the Jesuits will use the very peoples our government oppressed (having armed and financed merciless tyrants in submitting them to the "infallible" Pope’s Temporal Power), to invade our land, destroy our people and we will deserve it!


The peoples we speak of are:

  • the Russians who suffered under Stalin

  • the Romanians who suffered under Ceausescu

  • the Bulgarians who suffered under Jivcov

  • the Hungarians who suffered under Kadar

  • the Japanese who suffered under Tojo

  • the Chinese who suffered under Mao Tse-tung

  • the Vietnamese who suffered under Diem

  • the Cambodians who suffered under Pol Pot

  • the Germans who suffered under Hitler and then Stalin

  • the East Germans who suffered under Honecker

  • the Spanish who suffered under Franco

  • the Italians who suffered under Mussolini

  • the Yugoslavians - particularly the Serbs - who suffered under Tito (and under American bombers)

  • the Argentineans who suffered under Peron

  • the Portuguese who suffered under Salazar

  • the Mexicans who suffered under De la Madrid

  • the Chileans who suffered under Pinochet

  • the Haitians who suffered under Aristide

  • the Panamanians who suffered under Noriega

  • the Iraqis who continue to suffer under Hussein

  • the Cubans who continue to suffer under Castro,

...just to name a few.

For the Jesuits, in restoring and maintaining the Temporal Power of the "infallible" Pope, have shed the blood and spent the treasure of this once great Nation for the entire Twentieth Century.


And in so doing Rome, in which is The Sovereign State of Vatican City, has fulfilled these words concerning herself:

"...the great whore that sitteth upon many waters... arrayed in purple and scarlet...
is that great city, which reigneth over kings of the earth... and in her was found the
blood of the prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth."
Revelation 17:1, 4, 18; 18:24

(We know Washington is their target as the Jesuits’ major European and Asian revolutions began in capital cities, a few of them being Paris (1789,1848), Moscow (1917), Berlin (1933) and Peking (1912,1949).)

The ensuing anarchy will result in a Jesuit-controlled, right-wing, fascist military dictator (like George W. Bush, whose President father, George H. W. Bush, is a Shriner Freemason and was a player in the Kennedy Assassination, whose uncle, Prescott Bush, Jr., is a Knight of Malta and whose grandfather Prescott Bush, Sr., was one of the original founding members of the Jesuit General’s Council on Foreign Relations. President Bush is also endorsed by CBN’s Evangelical Pat Robertson, who was a friend of the late J. Peter Grace, and whose past consultant and personal friend is another Knight of Malta, Jeremiah Denton).

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