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The Spectrum News promotes some extremely bizarre and doctrinally unsound materials.

Though Spectrum News carries the book below,

this in no way means they are a source of consistent Biblically sound Truth.

The book below is not promoted here as being absolutely true in all of it's assertions, but a book that has much valuable and difficult to find information contained in it.

It is offered here for the purposes of historical and educational research and personal study.



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The Purpose

The purpose of the expose’ of the Twentieth Century is to prove the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, ordered by the Jesuit General and executed by Pope Paul VI, was carried out by "the American Pope", Francis Cardinal Spellman. Spellman, being the Archbishop of New York, was "the American Military Vicar" and therefore used his most obedient soldiers - certain Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Columbus and Mafia Dons - in carrying out his orders from Rome.

The single reason for the President’s assassination was his interference with the purpose of the Jesuits’ Fourteenth Amendment American Empire created in 1868. That purpose was to restore and maintain the worldwide Temporal (political) Power of that Jesuit Creation of 1870 - the "infallible" Pope. In resisting the Pope’s Temporal Power, he threatened the monopoly of the Jesuits Federal Reserve Bank by circulating four billion dollars in interest-free "United States Notes" only to be recalled the day after his burial.

The President also attempted to break the foremost international intelligence arm of the Vatican’s Jesuits - the evil Central Intelligence Agency - "into a thousand pieces." In 1963 the CIA was manned by many of Hitler’s old warriors - the Jesuit-controlled Nazi SS - turned "cold warriors". According to the great Frenchman, Edmond Paris, in his The Secret History of the Jesuits, it was the Jesuit Staempfle who wrote Hitler’s Mein Kampf.


It was Roman Catholic Hitler who said of the Roman Catholic Himmler having modeled the SS after the Jesuit Order,

"I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola."

And lastly, one of the main posts of the feared SD, the Central Security Service of the SS (after which the American CIA would be modeled with the help of the repatriated Nazi General, Reinhard Gehlen), was manned by a priest - a former teacher of the evil Council of Trent at the Court of Bavaria, one of the Jesuit General’s favorites, a superior officer of the SS and the uncle of Heinrich Himmler - the Jesuit Himmler!

Secreted out of Europe through the Vatican’s Ratlines, these murderers escaped their rightful punishment as war criminals who, during the Jesuit Crusade in Europe and Russia, killed millions of Jews pursuant to the Jesuits’ evil Council of Trent, which, after condemning freedom of conscience and freedom of the press, concluded with these words:

"Accursed be all heretics. ACCURSED!! ACCURSED!!"

Lastly, President Kennedy began to end the Vatican’s hoax known as "the Cold War", the American CIA and Russian KGB having secretly worked together since World War II.


He also began to end that Jesuit Inquisition in Vietnam, as its future highpoint would be "Operation Phoenix", the CIA mass-murder of 60,000 Vietnamese "in cold blood" according to its Director, William Colby. The President interfering with Rome’s Holy Office of the Inquisition could not be tolerated! Millions of "heretic" Buddhists were to be exterminated, the international drug trade would explode, American patriotism and liberty would further be destroyed and Vietnam would be reunited under another communist military dictator loyal to the Pope - like Stalin, like Chairman Mao, like Castro -, Ho Chi Minh.

Waged under the guise of "fighting godless communism", Cardinal Spellman championed America’s most disastrous conflict known as "Spelly’s War" overseen by Spelly’s General, the Roman Catholic and CFR member, William Westmoreland. (Remember, according to Col. Fletcher Prouty in his JFK, the forced movement of over 600,000 Roman Catholics on U.S. Navy transport vessels from North Vietnam into South Vietnam was "one of the root causes of the Vietnam War."


The arch-Catholic Secretary of the Navy responsible for implementing that Jesuit-agitation was the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Francis Matthews. Knight Matthew’s Master was America’s "Military Vicar", Francis Cardinal Spellman. Later, Spellman made several visits to the war-front calling the American troops "the soldiers of Christ", fighting the Pope’s Crusade against "godless Jew Communism"!)


The outcome was 58,000 dead, 80,000 post-war suicides and a 220 billion dollar debt to the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank.

All these acts of President Kennedy were proper assertions of national sovereignty and therefore infringed on the Pope’s Temporal Power. As the "infallible" Vicar of Christ and thus, "the Universal Monarch of the World", the Pope, through the religious, political and financial power of the Jesuit Order, fully intended, then and now, to ultimately rule all nations through his loyal kings and dictators, from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. For when the Pope is crowned during his coronation these words among others are spoken:

"Take thou the tiara adorned with the triple crown, and know that thou art the father of princes and kings, and art the governor of the world."

Thomas Acquinas, Rome’s "Angelic Doctor" wrote in his Summa Theologica in 1272:

"The Pope, by Divine Right, hath spiritual and Temporal Power, as supreme king of the World: ..."

Ferraris wrote in his Bibliothica Prompta (1763), which has been adopted as a standard of Roman Catholic law, as follows:

"On account of the excellence of his supreme dignity, he is called Bishop of Bishops, Ordinary of Ordinaries, universal Bishop of the Church, Bishop or Diocesan of the world, divine Monarch, supreme Emperor and King of Kings."

Priest Phelan paraphrased those words when he wrote in the Western Watchman, June 27, 1912:

"...Why, if the government of the United States were at war with the Church, we would say tomorrow, To Hell with the government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say: - To Hell with all the governments of the world ...

...Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why the Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine: ..."

Therefore, for challenging the Pope’s Temporal Power, in attempting to thwart Rome’s grand design against the peoples of the world, John F. Kennedy, America’s first Roman Catholic President, was brutally murdered in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, by the soldiers of Francis Cardinal Spellman within the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, Military Intelligence and the Mafia.

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Cardinal Egan

The power of the Archbishop of New York has not diminished but rather grown.


Today, the man who wields the power of Cardinal Spellman from "the Powerhouse" in New York - St. Patrick’s Cathedral (across the street from Rockefeller Center) - and continues to suppress the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy by virtue of his Oath as a Cardinal, is the arch-conspirator, traitor to his American countrymen and master of the infamous, Jesuit-trained agitator, high-level Freemason and CFR member, former President Bill Clinton, and now master of President George W. Bush (whose father, George H. W. Bush, is also a high-level Freemason, a former Director of both the CFR and CIA, as well as a participant in the Kennedy Assassination),


Edward Cardinal Egan !
"Archbishop of the Capital of the World"
whose master is

Pope John Paul II
"Governor of the World"
whose master is

Peter Hans Kolvenbach
General of the Jesuits
"Sovereign over the Pope"

This photo, taken from the October 14, 2000
edition of the Reading Eagle, is of the Jesuit General,
Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, at the Jesuit Center
in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

Remembering that he is the master of Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Egan of New York, and President "elect" George W. Bush (of the Bush crime family), as well as the petty military dictators of Communist Russia and China, we would do well to meditate on the words of Napoleon recorded in his Memoirs - the Emperor having been betrayed into the hands of his captors by his Jesuit masters - while imprisoned on the island of St. Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean:

"The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their
chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery.
And the aim of this organization is POWER. Power in its most despotic
exercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by
the volition of a single man...

The General of the Jesuits insists on being master, sovereign, over
the sovereign. Wherever the Jesuits are admitted they will be masters,
cost what it may... Every act, every crime, however atrocious, is a
meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the Society of the Jesuits,
or by the order of the general."

Cardinal Egan, a staunch supporter of the "infallible" Pope’s Temporal Power and the Jesuit General’s evil Council of Trent, will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up, even as his predecessors, Cardinals Spellman, Cooke and O’Connor. This power is exercised through New York’s Council on Foreign Relations, as both former Presidential candidates, Albert Gore and George W. Bush are under its control.


Both candidates were also present (along with former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary) during Cardinal O’Connor’s funeral overseen by the Knights of Malta at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


President and Mrs. Clinton were flanked by presidential candidates
George W. Bush (left) and Al Gore - none of whom were Roman Catholics -
at the funeral Mass for their political boss, John Cardinal O’Connor.

Hopefully, the Jesuit Order, in control of the Archbishop with his network of Vatican Assassins, will be brought to justice for the cold-blooded murder of President Kennedy and for continuing the Great Jesuit Cover-up of his death.


This includes the most recent murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr. along with his beautiful wife, Carolyn Bessette and her sister, Lauren. Justice will only be done when the Jesuit presence has been purged from the Justice Department in control of the FBI - Rome’s Holy Office of the Inquisition within the American Empire.

And why was JFK, Jr, along with his innocent passengers, murdered? According to Tom Kuncl in the August 31, 1999 issue of the Examiner, JFK, Jr. had,

"...recently launched an all out investigation, to find his father’s real killer."

For John had said in his own words,

"I want to know who killed my father. I want there to be absolutely no doubt."

Nicolini, in his History of the Jesuits published in 1854, gives us further light, declaring on page 269:

" of the most prominent characteristics of Jesuitism, [is] never to forgive an injury, and to persecute the remotest descendants for the offences they may have received from their ancestors."

Therefore, the following chart contained in Vatican Assassins is humbly given on behalf of the Kennedy and Bessette families.


They must know the same savage Jesuit power that killed President Kennedy, mercilessly murdered their three darlings in the prime of their young lives. The same has been done to Princess Diana; for, the Jesuits would never permit the Moslem offspring of her union with an Arab prince to be an heir to the British throne.


That throne may only be occupied by a monarch loyal to the Jesuits’ "infallible" Pope of Rome - a loyalty that has been unbroken from the wicked King George III to the present Elizabeth II. For uniting with Dodi Fayed, the "Moslem dog" or "Moslem wog" as the English nobles would call him, Princess Diana was buried at the Windsor property on an island where only dogs are buried!

As you examine the chart dear reader, picture in your mind’s eye the faces of President Kennedy, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren Bessette.


Then may your heart be strengthened to do you duty in exposing the criminal Papal Knights manning that great Sword of the Jesuit General - the Vatican’s International Intelligence Community,

"...whose points are everywhere and whose hilt is in Rome."

Dear fellow soldier in Christ, having been born-again by the will of God, remember the Words of God spoken through the great King Solomon:

"The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion."

Proverbs 28:1

"The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe."

Proverbs 29:25

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