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Alien Earths
by Discovery channel
August 03,2015

Join leading astronomers on a visual journey beyond our solar system in search of planets like Earth.

Using CGI animation, we’ll explore bizarre worlds that stretch our imagination: planets with iron rain and hot ice, with diamonds everywhere, and endless oceans of gas.

Planets with abnormal orbital patterns and planets with no pattern at all that drift alone in the Milky Way. Planets so strange we never could have predicted them before.


Could life exist there?

In the search for another Earth, astronomers hope to discover other terrestrial planets. These bodies may have a rocky terrain and may even hold water on their surfaces.

The most Earth-like planet discovered thus far is Gliese 581c, which orbits near the area known as the habitable zone.

This elusive zone, also called the "Goldilocks Zone," lies between the star and its planets, and may allow life to survive - it is not too hot and not too cold - on the surface of a planet.