by Christi Verismo

Part I


There are at least ten top secret American facilities in Australia, with the so called ‘Joint Defense Space Research facility’ at Pine Gap, a multi-billion dollar operation, being the most important.


Originally Pine Gap was decreed to control and act as a downlink for geosynchronous satellites gathering intelligence, stationed over the Pacific and Asia by the CIA, NSA and NRO. Construction was undertaken solely by American contractors flying in, making it operational by 1970.


Large underground facilities are rumored to extend twelve levels below the base. Long tunnels are laid out in a similar pattern to the spokes of a wheel and extend several miles from the center. A secret nuclear reactor is installed in a deep shielded underground chamber. Reportedly, extending five miles below the base is a bore hole containing an ultra low frequency antenna which is apparently used for secret experiments supposedly related to Nikola Tesla’s resonance theories, as well as low frequency communications throughout the world.


Pine Gap’s communication systems are the most sophisticated available, utilizing satellites, microwave, low-frequency and their own dedicated cable to the US. They are directly connected to:

  • Nurrunga

  • North West Cape

  • Geraldton

  • Australian Defense Signals Directorate in Melbourne

  • Canberra

  • Sydney

  • all CIA and NSA stations

  • ASIO

  • SIS

  • Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization which deals with UFOs and crash retrievals

Pine Gap has eight white radomes placed near groups of long low buildings. Miles away a double security fence is patrolled by Americans and Australian Police. There is a five mile no fly zone. Pine Gap is now being expanded with a second above ground power station and additional housing for staff of around 1,200 in 1996. The reason : “Asian economic espionage”.

A major NSA defector revealed that US has been carrying out continuous research into electromagnetic propulsion at Pine Gap since 1966, which was originally started in US after the war. Security aspects have included hypnotic and post hypnotic keys planted in personnel prior into acceptance into the project. A man has claimed his father worked on UFOs at Pine Gap. He worked for the FAA in 1970 fixing the programming of mainframe computers.


He was one of only two or three in the US who knew whatever program they were installing. During the late 70’s he made several trips to Australia. When his father came to visit, he had a locked briefcase that was chained to him. They were then followed everywhere. His father said he was working on a flying saucer, involved with anti-gravity propulsion, melding the computer elements together for the guidance or stability part of it, underground at Pine Gap.

Pine Gap locals have seen 30 ft wide white disks being unloaded from large US cargo planes at the airports with the USAF emblem on them. Many are seen flying at night. Much furniture has been delivered. An enormous amount of food is apparently stocked in warehouses of what could be a multi-leveled underground city. Dr Jean Francois Gille writes that shares put on the market at the same time will cause a world stock market crash. Cash will be worthless and the risks of a global planned confrontation will be high. Underground bases will serve as a place of safety for politicians and international financiers. Plastic cards will be necessary and the setting up of a world government ensuring ‘peace’. Many will be taken to concentration camps.


Our new ‘Masters’ have the alien’s support that they have made alliances with. William Cooper says all the CIA Directors and Secretaries of State were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and also the MJ 12, which includes Kissinger. They rule US. The secret government kill America’s children for the alien projects according to their agreements with alien nations to rule the world jointly. They can make US currency worthless at any time and bring everyone under control with their global credit card.


In 1996 witnesses saw a triangular craft descend at an area west of Pine Gap and many UFOs have been seen coming and going regularly from camouflaged entrances at Pine Gap. Scientists and various aliens, (mostly reptilians claiming to have once originated from earth, with DNA of a 2 legged earth sauroid) that the US govt. has made alliances with work together underground there. Genetic research in the form of human/alien hybridization and anti-gravity experimentation is done at Pine Gap and other underground US bases.

Stan Deyo also asks if Pine Gap could be a man-made city of multiple levels, used to shelter key US personnel in the event of some disaster. Among some of the major contractors and suppliers for Pine Gap have been,

  • Collins Radio

  • McMahon Construction

  • LTV aero-space company, a conglomerate of electronics and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries

  • IBM

Stan says it is rumored that there are super IBM computer systems on a floating platform, ‘down the well’ underneath the facility. IBM has mammoth computers which can recognize both voice and visual patterns. Their main memory sizes are said to be in excess of 2,000,000,000 bytes. The first 2 antennas for controlling and communicating with satellites were constructed in 1966-67. In 1974 unauthorized photos and other information from inside the faculty are reported to have been sold to Russia.


In 1991 Pine Gap was instrumental in tracking Iraqi SCUD missiles, with satellite imagery tracking the Iraqi troops. Diane Harrison wrote there are now about 18 satellite control antennas, making it one of the largest satellite control stations in the world for satellites parked in fixed orbits above the equator. The most recent satellites are 300 feet diameter. They intercept signals in the VHF, UHF and millimeter wave frequency bands. Within that frequency there are 4 categories of signals.


The first category monitors signals transmitted in the course of advanced weapons development, particularly ballistic missiles. The first satellites were designed for this and monitored Russian missile development programs and now monitors other countries. The newer satellites are now primarily for the Soviet Union. This intelligence is shared.


The second category monitors signals from large radars, including ones associated with anti-ballistic missile fields. air defense radars, radars on ships. Analysis of this tells lot about the capabilities of those anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems in the various air defense fields around the globe.

Thirdly intercepting the communications of other satellite systems, i.e. communications which are going up from ground to communication satellites which are also based in fixed orbits. Listening satellites parked close to the communications satellites.


Finally they monitor a wide range of other microwave emissions on the earth’s surface including: long distance phone calls transmitted via terrestrial microwave circuits enabling them to monitor military, political and government agencies or private individuals.


Diane says that a satellite can be parked over the interior of a country and intercept the microwave emissions coming from it. The satellites are under the control of the CIA, who in turn answer to the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). There are 8 large radomes, that cover the antenna arrays which keeps sand etc. away and conceal the antenna’s position from enemy spy satellites.


There are a wide range of communication devices: HF radio, underground cable, telstra telephone and telex, 2 satellites communication terminals to occupy the on average 1,200 staff. The staff have to wear color coded ID to match the color ribbons running along the walls. US Military Airlift Command carry thousands of tapes home for further study and send parts and supplies twice weekly. There are direct links from Pine Gap to the US bases in the Philippines, Guam, Krugerdorp South Africa and the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole.

The computer room is one of the biggest in the world and the operators use headsets to communicate. Within the central operations building at Pine Gap people are keeping the satellite and its antenna focused on the signals they are intercepting. Then other staff process the enormous volume of interpreted signals.


Then the signals are analyzed for intelligence data. Up to 1980 Australians were not allowed access to the voice intercepts, coming into the signal analysis section. But now they have full access to all areas except the cryptographic room, officially anyway. Univac computers encrypt transmissions, including voices and these go to Redondo Beach in California. About 25 to 30 messages are sent from Pine Gap each day to US and about half go to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia.


Though occasionally data is sent directly to the NRO Headquarters in the Pentagon, or to the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade Maryland. Diane writes that there is a group called the Joint Reconnaissance Schedule committee, who meet each morning to decide who is going to be listened to for the next 24 hours to focus the antennas on the satellites. e.g. who is doing a missile test, or if a political crisis occurs somewhere. A similar station to Pine Gap is located in South Africa with 1,200 staff and is also linked to another VLF station at the South Pole.

Dr Gille writes that Pine Gap has enormous computers connected to US, Krugersdorp South Africa, Guam, Canberra, Antarctica US base counterparts, which collect information from these countries, about finance, technology, and everything about people.


The Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole is located on a sensitive magnetic spot of our planet, in that it holds exactly the same assets as Pine Gap, and that all the information about most of the average citizens of Western Europe is stored there in memory banks tens of meters under the icepack. Canberra computers were connected to all banks, every post office, all telephones, all police stations and customs houses, every arrival and departure desk for air or sea travelers and to the other data centers collecting data on private citizens in America and Europe.


All financial, economic, political and military information about every citizen of the Western World is being stored. The president of the Rockefeller Foundation arranged the construction of 20 luxury residences in Canberra, to accommodate the world government-to-be.

In Silent Partners: The UKUSA Agreement by Susan Bryce says there are about 48 years of SIGINT (satellite signal intelligence) shared by the UKUSA partners:

  • US

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • NATO nations

  • ( Possibly Germany, Norway, Turkey and China are in too)

As well as communications interception and satellite spying there is an interest in undersea activities. (There are said to be over 1,400 alien bases here on this planet including undersea. ) The UKUSA pact has been gathering intelligence on the former Soviet empire for 40 years. Pine Gap, Nurrangar and Menwith Hill operate under this pact. Menwith Hill covers communications and phone calls between USA and Europe in UK.


The NSA which runs this controls over 2,000 electronic intercept stations, with 130,000 personnel around the world. The primary purpose of the NSA was started to decipher alien communications, language and establish dialogue. In 1983 the NSA established a worldwide computer network linking 52 separate government computer systems used throughout the world.


All the information ends up at NSA’s Headquarters in Maryland. So it can plug into each phone call and message in USA, UK and Australia using the US base, Pine Gap and the new installation at Geraldton in Western Australia.

Patrick Poole wrote a very complete analysis and here is a summary:

Echelon based at Pine Gap is the technological spy system intercepting all phone calls, faxes, emails and telexes in the world mainly by satellite. Plus other satellites, microwaves signals, cellular and fibre-optic cable communications traffic. Real time phone calls in USA could be listened to at an outpost of Echelon at Menwith Hill in UK. Commercial espionage can be beneficial to the companies that helped the NSA develop the systems that power the Echelon network.


This can also be used to push American manufacturers out of deals in favor of US defense and intelligence contractors, who frequently finance both political parties. The European Parliament is asking if this violates the sovereignty and privacy of citizens in other countries. Though UK does allow surveillance on its own citizens, Menwith Hill and Pine Gap cover US citizens. Echelon stations are all over the globe, from Geraldton W. Australia, Waihopai New Zealand, Ascension Island in the Atlantic, the Indian ocean atoll of Diego Garcia, Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific, to South Africa, Misawa Japan to Leitrim Canada.


Pine Gap, Menwith Hill, Bad Aibling Germany, Colorado USA and Antarctica are main centers. No communications signal escapes the electronic net. The two primary downlink facilities for over 25 satellites acting as giant scoops picking up info from all electronic communications are at Menwith Hill in North York Moors UK and Pine Gap. Menwith Hill has 1,400 American NSA personnel and 350 UK Ministry of Defense staff on site.

Menwith Hill goes back to 1951 and received one of the first sophisticated IBM computers in the early 1960’s. The NSA took it over in 1966. British Telecom wires fibre-optic telephone trunklines capable of carrying 100,000 calls simultaneously through Menwith Hill. It has become a target for peace activists. Echelon decrypts, filters, examines and codifies messages into selective categories for further analysis by intelligence from the various UKUSA agencies.


Men with Hill SILKWORTH super-computer operates voice recognition and optical character recognition and feeds them into data recognition engines. Voice recognition programs convert talk into text messages for further analysis and even individual voices can be targeted, so every call they make is transcribed. Each message is given a 4 digit code as to its source e.g. 5535 for Japanese diplomatic traffic. Keywords are kept up to date by Dictionary Managers.


Messages are transmitted to each agency’s headquarters via a global computer system that acts as the nervous system.




Part II

Echelon II

Patrick further exposes the Echelon information tracking outcome of spying on enemies, allies and private citizens.


Daily analysts review the previous day’s translations and these are further categorized into gists, summaries and reports. These are given classifications: Secret, More Secret, Top Secret, Russian Intercepts and intelligence forwarded to non-UKUSA parties. Even secret submarines are able to tap into undersea communications cables. Though 30 other nations across the world also have eavesdropping networks, none compares to Echelon.


A Ph.D. physicist called “V” wrote that the second generation of Echelon called Echelon II is not a US govt. funded project. It has a series of communications bases near the equator. The leaders of this are a cabal from China, several individuals from Europe and a group in US. Its a highway for all e-business and will be used in conjunction with smart cards for one currency. It will a data base designed for the DRAM semiconductor chips mass produced and down to 0.1 microns.


It has a real time transportation system and logistic tracking system, plus a monitoring system for ICBM, aircraft, submarines and a control system for joining all financial institutions together.

  • INSLAW developed the key software package for tracking and monitoring

  • IBM Computers and Chip manufacturing

  • Loral and GM H satellites

  • ATT long lines and fibre optics

  • LMT the major contractor for military information systems

  • LEH ( Lehmanns Brothers) will be their banker and financial controller

  • GM the major civilian transporter

These 6 companies will be worth 4 trillion dollars and the Board of Directors and the CEO/Chairmen have been careful not to break any laws to achieve this, including setting up plants in China - DR Armstrong, involved with this, said to the Senate Judiciary committee “we work in the gray area”. Many deaths have occurred by people investigating the INSLAW monitoring technology, which uses a backdoor in computer software programs to feed information back to an intelligence agency.


Research for Star Wars satellite project, now operative at Pine Gap has been conducted under UKUSA. This comprises a global network of satellites which contain powerful lasers, and beam machines. Between 1982 and 1988, 22 British defense scientists linked to UKUSA projects, died in mysterious circumstances. Some have said they were involved the mark of the beast, microchip implant work.

Beast Computer Centers have several dozen people to run them. Even in the 1970’s, an operator could speak into the computer and it would answer. If asked about anyone on the planet, it could usually pull up all kinds of information e.g. how could you get that person to kill someone? or how can I isolate this person? All the people around that subject who could be manipulated would be revealed and a plan given.


The controllers can actually control the world from a computer. They store vast amounts about people’s thought processes and thinking and it’s possible that electronic surveillance is being done to read the thoughts of people and computers store this information in some usable fashion. People who invent and work at state of the art technology say this is old technology. Large Neural computers that have artificial intelligence using neural processing like the human brain are being used. A war could be created between any two nations by asking about a country and then how to start one.


There is a network of Cray-type computers, perhaps similar to the EMASS system of Cray computers that E-Systems developed. Such a system can store 5 trillion pages of text and work with that data base with lightening speed. The Engineer operator of the Beast Computer said that this system was obsolete in 1973.

Al Bielek also said that the aliens working with US military gave the info to build Cray computers at the CIA underground base at Montauk, NY and they were used to create time portals. It was a computer manufacturing time portals that sent Edward and Duncan Cameron back to 1943 to destroy the ship Eldridge that was trapped in hyperspace during the Philadelpia Experiment. The frequency 435 MHz was used to create time/space tunnels when Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron went physically through to Mars from Montauk.


Today’s 9 Beast computers are much better at speech than the 3 Beast computers in 1973. They can hear human voices, determine what language and answer in it. These computers link directly to thousands of mind-controlled slaves and via various methods, which almost instantly control the behavior of them. Anchorage has a NSA listening post near the HAARP project, whose signals travel on a field line to Pine Gap.


The Beast Computer is also linked there as well as satellite systems. HAARP uses 3 powerful transmitter sites in Alaska. An anonymous US former govt. source says the human brain, if it has a memex brain implant they control, can interface with the Beast Computer which acts as a vast repository of human knowledge as well as answering questions to essentially all previously answered questions instantaneously.


If the human brain has some type of virtual reality holodeck attachment, the computer can even walk the slave through a realistic setting indistinguishable from the real world. One victim had ELF & VLF waves of 435 and 1080 MHz signals targeted on her.

  • 435 is in the 400-450 MHz band which is the window to the human consciousness

  • 435 MHz is converted to 1080 by interaction with the high-atmosphere HAARP project

  • HAARP can create time portals and time rifts also

Paul Baird wrote that every single phone call, fax, email, telex and computer data message can be intercepted and analyzed by Echelon worldwide. The Echelon computers can scan ALL satellite, microwave, cellular and fibre-optic contacts for keywords and phrases. He said that the CIA use it to protect their own drug running operations and spy on their opponents together with their Mafia partners.


Paul writes that the head of NATO’s non-lethal weapons initiative wants all humans implanted at birth. Baird writes Govt. agencies can use infrasound laser weapons coming from remote satellites to cause illness and pain to targeted individuals. Visual holograms and blurred vision can be effected by satellite lasers aimed at tracked individuals. They can also use neurophones, which is a device to convert sound to electrical impulses.


A directional satellite laser or microwave targets an individuals nervous system and it enters the brain as voice threats or noise. These can come from any direction and can be perceived as ghosts, God’s voice, aliens, Satan or laughing. Silent subliminal words can target people too, to make them think thoughts are their own.

Brain wave scanners can mind read by training a satellite onto someone’s head and scanning its magnetic field. Patterns which show particular emotions can be read and more can be sent back to change the emotional/psychological state. EEG results of computerized brainwave scanning can be relayed to US govt. faculties, and the thoughts can be interpreted instantaneously, with a brain wave vocabulary, developed from the CIA’s LSD experiments. Remote torture or interrogation can be carried out by staff at computers thousands of miles away.


Baird writes that psychic phenomena and “coincidences” can be arranged using brain-scanning technologies. Could every citizen be brainwave scanned by Echelon at Pine Gap and thoughts suppressed? Only those “in” with them would profit and only those who questioned nothing would escape scrutiny. No military or federal law enforcement would be necessary. More from Paul Baird here

An Australian newspaper wrote in 1974 that US has been carrying out research into electromagnetic propulsion (EMP) at Pine Gap since 1966 and that security about this project has resulted in hypnotic and post hypnotic keys being implanted in personnel prior to their acceptance into this project. Dr Gille writes that the Pine Gap employees working on the base, and especially those earmarked for duty on electromagnetic propulsion projects, have undergone brainwashing and even implantation of intracranial devices.


The most powerful mind-control is still trauma-based built on a foundation of multiple personalities which are dissociated personalities and parts of the mind. It appears that electronic mind-control is being overlaid on top of this. The victim’s consciousness is not able to think past the electronic mind-control which catches their undivided attention, being too distracted to deal with the deeper issues of trauma-based mind-control. Instructions can enter someone’s mind through their implant.


At the NWO’s major massive beast computer center in Alaska in the 1970’s, an engineer who was in charge of building and getting the center operational, revealed the site’s capabilities. They also had one in South Africa and one in Pine Gap. These three sites formed a triangle on the globe, and couldn’t be located anywhere else, due to the naturally occurring lines of force of the planet.



Project L.U.C.I.D. Beast 666 Universal Human Control System


Texe Marrs in his book Project L.U.C.I.D. writes that every person on the planet will be issued a ‘Smart' ID card to be monitored 24 hours day, 7 days a week by Central Gestapo consisting of agencies made up of the

  • FBI

  • KGB

  • CIA

  • DEA

  • DIA

  • NSA

  • IRS

  • EPA

  • OSHA

  • NCIC

  • USDA

  • FDA

  • NRO

  • BATF


  • INS

  • DOJ

  • WTO

  • Europol

  • Interpol

  • Mossad

  • MAB

He says resistors will have microchip surgically implanted in their brains. All manufactured goods will be marked with the number of the beast, 666. Which is the ISO 9000 certification system.


The Bilderbergers, made the command decision for ISO 9000. 100 countries have adopted it and it is fast becoming the sole requirement for conducting commerce in all nations of the world. The NSA who controls L.U.C.I.D. giant computer network correlates, deciphers and analyses data and reports from international banks, 32 directorates of UN, the core of the Secret Societies, the Vatican and various agencies of 170 nations.


Alice Bailey’s Lucis Trust is closely affiliated with UN leadership and it’s membership includes Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense and former head of World bank. The primary goal of the Lucis Trust is a New World Order/One World Government presided over by a world teacher, probably the ET entity Maitreya. The UN world army, with have total military control and enforcement power for the whole planet.

All computers on earth, the entire information highway will be networked in to L.U.C.I.D. It will be the planet’s primary core, linking all networks and data systems. Those authorized will have access to instantaneous data on individuals to track and control every move with the chip in the cards, or embedded in the body. These cards are reprogrammable at hundreds of thousands of scanner centers and have more than five gigabytes of data per individual of updated data.


Texe writes that scanners will identify you by the shape of your hand, foot, face or head, fingerprints, blood type, human leukocytes antigen, DNA, iris scan and voice. Satellite cameras which can take recognizable 35mm-type images of golf balls below, will be able to locate you from the chip in the card, nobody being able to buy and sell without it. DNA databanks have samples of blood from newborn babies since the 1960s as mandatory state screening, plus the military and criminals have been databased.


John St. Clair Akwei writes in Texe’s book, that the Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment, for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Everything in the environment with an electrical current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The NSA/DOD has developed advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects, whether manmade or organic, that have electrical activity.

A target’s bioelectric field can be remotely detected, and monitored 24 hrs a day. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs) which can be decoded into a person’s brain states and thoughts. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps of hundreds and thousands of people. The speech centers of the brain can be translated into the person’s verbal thoughts and this can be manipulated and simulated auditory hallucinations can be induced. Visual memory can also be seen as images from a person’s brain on a video monitor.


NSA operatives can put images into someone’s brain while they are in REM sleep for brain-programming purposes. So currents thoughts, images and sounds of anyone can be decoded read and changed by NSA’s most powerful computers in the world. Much power has been taken away from the human race now due to global treaties taking away sovereignty. This started originally with aliens whom world governments have made pacts, dictating to the UN top brass which laws to make.


More laws in the world are tightening their grip and taking away freedom in a known manner, while aliens and US military at underground bases carry on their covert activities of mind control through technology and abduction of people from their beds from UFOs during the night, to implant and make clones and hybrids from victims.


It’s time people started to look and destroy the evil goings on of those beneath us in these underground bases and bring them to justice.

Continued in Volume Two
Piercing the Veils of Deception