by N Molloy

Stewart Swerdlow was born clairvoyant, a product of genetic experimentation by the US government. The DNA of 22 alien species from this galaxy was blended to make him a unique ambassador to the Federation of Planets. This involves over 120 different member civilizations. From his childhood he was taken to an alien space station outside the earth, where he liased with the aliens he was created from. He is a gifted mentalist who has discovered an interdimensional language, which communicates to all conscious beings - the highest denominator in the alien equation. Stewartís life story is in íMontauk - the Alien Connectioní ISBN 0-9631889-8-4 His website is

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the interviewer.

NM. Stewart, you mentioned in your book that you were originally onboard the USS Eldridge as Johannes von Gruber of the Third Reich, during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. This was an experiment by the US navy to make the ship radar invisible, but it was sucked into hyperspace, a region beyond space and time. However you managed to jump overboard and landed onto the ground, during the year 1960, at a US underground installation by mistake. You were greeted by 2 gray aliens and an American military person, then taken to meet a German there. Any more recall?

SS. It was Montauk, NY but I didnít know it then. There was a vast subterranean area filled with water. The walls were like a gray stone. There were submarine docks, because you could only get into it from underwater. Very strange damp and dingy looking. I went through an electromagnetic vortex and I literally felt my feet touch the ground. I didnít know where I was. I think someone was playing the part of the German for my benefit, so Iíd go along with the program e.g. telling me the war was lost and my family was gone etc., so Iíd want to die. They killed me. They literally captured the soul personality, of Johannes von Gruber.

NM. You then were strapped into a chair and zapped with electricity by a seven ft thin white being with large blue eyes and a pointed chin. Your spirit left your body, you reviewed your life and saw past lives with angelic beings. Then you were placed into the baby of a Russian Jewish American family. Do you know how much of this is going on?

SS. There was literally a program going on where they captured some personalities and placed them in families where theyíd never be suspected and believe it. Some are coming to remember who they were. Many Nazis were placed into new bodies. I am meeting some. Not all in Jewish bodies, just a percentage. Theyíve had this technology for a very long time and they use it for themselves. The Royal Family of Britain use it for themselves. They feign their deaths and go into their own descendants. They have amazing technology. Rigelians use it a lot. They clone a lot of bodies and capture soul personalities to put in. Any species can use it. This is Sirius A technology.

NM. As a child you were plagued with nightmares, ringing in the ears, flashes of color and images of the future. Were the normal glandular cycles, out of balance ?

SS. Itís true for me, except I was kundalini activated at birth. I was supercharged. If you take a soul personality and force it into a body it causes kundalini activation, because all of the chakras ignite. So many of these bodies must be mind controlled in order to function properly, otherwise they would be insane. My body was genetically created and manipulated. They downloaded programs into the cellular structure and brain, that they could turn on at will and control, so that I would not be a wild card.

NM. Alien beings pursued you in your nightmares and after abducting and examining you, they force fed you with vast amounts of information your child mind had to process. Can you recall any main points?

SS. They made me think I was different and special and they also told me I was part of a vast intergalactic empire. So a lot of what they told me was different from the govt. program. I believe the reason why was because they tell a child different information than an adult. An adult would handle something with more complexity.

NM In your childhood you were abducted by small alien beings wearing dark bodysuits. Some of these abductions were experiences in other dimensions and many were US govt. generated. Abductees have witnessed military personnel working with alien abductors. They performed painful tests on your body. Is your soul human?

SS. This is an interesting question because there is more than one in here. Iíd have to answer no, because there are 3 separate personalities of the same oversoul that animate this particular body. My mother may have been abducted and my fetus placed in by the govt./aliens. The proof was that she actually had no birth canal, Iím implanted. Before I could be born, they had to do surgery to create a birth canal. When they noticed this, they took her to an unopened wing of the hospital and a traveling surgeon from Texas, a specialist, did the surgery. She was told she was lucky he was there. In order to have some semblance of resemblance to the parents, they used masked characteristics of the genetics. I donít resemble my parents. I also have an extra vertebrae in my neck and back. I have less teeth. A hospital told me I shouldnít be alive, as I have spina bifida, but the skin covered it up. Had I been born without the covering up, I would have been dead.

NM. When abducted as a child you were also taken to places beyond earth, where you encountered humans in dark blue uniforms, without insignia. Do you see any relation to the military abductions as written by Helmet Lammer called MILABS?  Author Lammer purports that the US military has been engaged in their own abduction program, blaming it on extraterrestrial abductors

SS. Yes the places I were taken to were military installations, but I was also told there were many humans from earth sent to colonies and also within the next ten to fifteen years they will be reducing the population of the earth, by sending vast quantities of people to other planets. Even to planets of our solar system, because Jupiter is becoming a second sun. It will heat up the frozen moons of Jupiter and Saturn and they will become earthlike. These moons have been compared to earth in size. They will terraform them, so they will be colonizable.

NM. Dr. R Boylan wrote of a secret space station positioned in orbit for thirty years and manned by Americans and Russians. There is also evidence of a US military interstellar spaceship called Starfleet International in the book Secrets of the Mojave by Branton. Do you have any information on these activities?

SS. Yes it has to do with the hybrid v the original reptilians. The hybrid is 50/50 reptilian and human. These are the shapeshifters e.g. the British royals. All the thirteen ruling families can do this, most from royalty. The Stewarts, Bruces etc. all the people allowed to go off world are blond blue eyed. The reason is blond, blue eyed are easily controlled by the reptilians. A neg. or AB neg. are the ones they choose. Most Pleiadian info is false, we have to be careful. The govt. uses it as disinformation.

NM. At age six you were onboard a small spacecraft and taken to a gigantic dark metallic space station platform floating in space. Earth was in view. Many kinds of spaceships were there and every type of being imaginable was inside it. Are two space stations positioned just beyond earth - one US/Russian and one for the Federation of Planets of this galaxy?

SS. Yes. The Federation of Planets is actually a support system for the refugees of the Lyrean civilization and the Lyreans were attacked and destroyed by the reptilians. This is when the Lyreans colonized all the other star systems and this is when the reptilians came after them.

NM. Do you know which aliens are involved with the US govt. space travel ? It is said that the Illuminati, global govt. controllers, The Bilderbergers and Freemasons are in league with beings from Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and in the Cancer constellation.

SS. The reptilians and Draconians and their allies from the Draco star system are with the Illuminati. The technology is from Sirius A. There are no reptilians in the Sirius system. They are from Draco and Orion. The Sirians are their allies. Tall humanoid, seven ft, white skin, very blue eyes, no hair, long pointy nose and large pointed ears. The Illuminati are descendants of the reptilians. In the Pleiades there are seven stars and sixteen different civilizations.

NM. It is believed that the Hubble telescope can see a flotilla of Sirian military spaceships headed to earth, to arrive soon. Do reptilians also live within the Sirius system along with the Men in Black visitors to earth. Branton writes this. Are they claiming that they have total dominance over the earth?

SS: There is a lot of that information out there already; however, they create holographic spaceships that arenít there. NASAíS Blue Beam Project can create holograms to stage an invasion. The purpose of this is to create the one world government. The heralded second coming, under the guise of Maitreya, is only a computer program beamed by satellite. I donít think we will be invaded. It is just more government disinformation, convincing us to accept the Ets as saviors. So much of this is merely generated by government computer programs.

NM. You said your soul-personality was from Sirius. Could you please tell us more?


SS. I donít travel back to Sirius anymore. I connect to my oversoul to get my own information and this is what everyone should do. All oversouls are in hyperspace in God Mind

NM. On the alien space station you were taken to, many different species communicated with you by telepathy. A reptilian defector from its council, said its species invaded earth thousands of years ago and live underground. He said another ship is destined to arrive and invade earth. It is said reptilians have the DNA of a 2 legged earth saurian and they claim earth as their original home. Which species have connections with earth or human genes?

SS. No such thing. All life was either made here or brought from elsewhere. Nothing is natural to the earth. The earth was originally very hostile to life, not the way it is now. Adam and Eve is an allegorical story about how life was made here. Reptilians are androgynous, so the Adam and Eve story was about how the reptilian body was broken into male and female components. Every single human on earth is considered to be an alien. No life was originally from here. Neanderthals were a prototype human, created and wiped out. Replaced by Cro Magnon, also destroyed and replaced by Homo Sapiens. Archeology shows they were replaced immediately. No connection between the two.

NM. You said the alien space station, a small dark haired human represented the Federation of Planets, in this galaxy and that earth would be asked to join if successful in repelling the reptilian invasion force. What type of weapons do the reptilian aliens have?


SS. The only problem with HAARP and particle beams is that the Illuminati control them. So if anyone tried to help us they wouldnít be able to get past these weapons (going around the Illuminati.) Aliens have different forms of laser weapons and nuclear fusion weapons. Or sonic weapons that can crack your skull. One takes all the liquid out of your body.

NM. This representative said each species you encountered contributed to your DNA. Because of this each group would accept you, and that you had training for this in many galaxies and alternate universes. Can you recall the type of training?

SS. The Federation of Worlds is like the United Nations. The reptilian structure is an empire. The training I got had a lot to do with hyperspace- an underlying energy that pervades all things. Itís a mental language consisting of color, tone and symbols. Everyone can access this as its a part of everyoneís mind pattern.

NM. Your genetically diverse body contains chemicals needed by the grays to upgrade their degenerating genetics. Your body was presented to them as a token of hope and peace. They were apparently once human too, and needed to correct their genetic errors and become independent of reptilians and recreate the old civilization. Should we help the grays, a dying species, breeding hybrids from humans?

SS. Let me explain about the grays. They are an artificial race. If you put a picture of a gray next to a picture of a human fetus, they are identical. Grays are human fetuses grown to larger proportions, which is why they donít have a good hormonal system, digestive system or sexual organs. They are not even a real people, just an artificial creation.

NM. Youíve got several segments of alternate selves that must come together before the heart of your mission begins. Do you feel an enormous power within to change the world?

SS. Not any more. I will educate and tell them what I know, but its up to them.

NM. In your recurring nightmares as a teenager, grays and uniformed men tormented you, painfully removing all they could from your body with their probes and tubes. Which dimension was this in and do nightmares continue in any other dimension?

SS. It happens in this dimension, the physical earth and it also happens in many alternate realities i.e. the abductions. There are many alternate realities that work in conjunction with each other towards the same goal. There is a hierarchy of control that seeks to dominate. You could call them Luciferian forces. My dreams are still nightmares very often. They seek to change our DNA into reptilian DNA. They are human and reptilian and are at odds with each. Both trying to dominate and they fight. The hybrids have reptilian mind pattern. So when Jupiter becomes a second sun, earth will be more conductive to a reptilian environment. They require a lot more toxic atmosphere, hotter dryer, less vegetation. They eat live animals. Reptilians already control earth. The Illuminati are creating a new type of empire elsewhere in the universe, with earth as its capital. The headquarters of the colonies. Strategically located.

NM. At age seventeen, you met your off world children in a spaceship - hybrids of yourself and the grays, in the presence of a tall blond and humans dressed in military uniforms. Did you find out how many hybrid children you have produced beyond earth now and where they went?

SS. I may have dozens of children, but they were used for experiments. I have a high sperm count and they used it to create children. I donít see them but I have seven of my own, I do see. You can consider them to be hybrids.

NM. You were told you had small organic chips implanted in the corneas of both eyes, acting as cameras, relaying pictures to operators of the Montauk Project in NY, who selected boys, many from military families like yourself for mind control experiments. Al Bielek has said he thinks there are about ten million Montauk Boys, do you agree with this?

SS. Well no. Iíll qualify that. There may have been ten million Montauk boys controlled by satellite, however there were only about 300,000 physically at the site. The Project was from 1970 -1983 and over that thirteen year time period the 300,000 were brought there. Today there are only about 2,500 still living. Less than 1% survive.

NM. You mentioned that Montauk researchers physically took a body from a bedroom or other locations, bending time and space, so that no time passed for the victim or those around him, sending anyone to local present, to different locations on earth. Or even send someone off world or to the past or future.

SS. This is simple really because every point in time and space has a unique vibratory rate. If you can match that rate, you can instantaneously be there. So they can be anywhere without any time passing.


NM. Also scientists can map the various points in time and space to travel easily between them, placing receivers at common destination points, fixing signals to make connections easier.

SS. Those are called stargates. When they map points in time and space, they can send an anchor, a device which is a stargate which connects the two points. You can go anywhere in the universe at an instant, bodily. Teleportation disassembles and reassembles and is transmitted electronically. This is something else. A stargate takes two points in space and brings them together.

NM. Is this why they are making time portals on the gridline sensitive areas using hyperdimensional physics covertly? Is control of this coming from Montauk with their reptilian/gray alien partners?

SS. Yes. The dimensional doorways are not being controlled by Montauk now, but by Area 51. But there are new centers in eastern Utah and western Colorado, next to each other. They are connected to other places by tunnel. They are actually connected to the Mars underground. But they can do it from anywhere, they just need the vibratory rate. At Pine Gap they keep blood samples of everyone on the planet and what they do is radionically treat the samples all in one spot to affect everyone on the planet. They can get into souls and control everyone, because they have their blood. It is connected to Ayerís Rock a remnant of Lemuria. There is a vast underground that connects Pine Gap to all these places and they are bringing blood samples, bombarding them with diseases to get rid of them.

NM. Do you think the present manipulation of the world gridlines is a continuation and repeat opening of old time tunnels and dimensional doorways from very ancient more technological times?

SS. They are designed to alter the genetics of the earthís inhabitants on the morphogenetic grid. Just like humans have energy centers, earth has chakras. If they enter into a certain part of the grid, it will filter out to the rest of the population. They are using crop circles. Brookhaven National Labs are doing these by satellite. Itís hyperspace language. They are from the Illuminati to alter DNA. It travels along the ley lines and radiates energy into the surface of the earth and every living thing on it is affected. They are opening up reptilian genetics to open control programs that are genetically programmed into people. People have been programmed for thousands of years. Itís to open reptilian in all people. They would be more easily controlled, due to being on the same wavelength.

NM. What are your thoughts on the manipulation of human consciousness in its relation to space/time by the present covert operation of the US govt. in collaboration with their alien scientific superiors?

SS. To create a unified robot like race for intergalactic domination. If youíve seen the Borg on Star Trek, thatís what they have in mind for your future. All people under one control. Reptilians do not change over millions of years. Time is meaningless to them. They have all the time in creation to do this. It looks like they are pretty much there. They will stage events for the outcome they desire. If you learn to control your own mind pattern, then no one else can control you, so you are your own savior. Everyone is connected to God Mind. So therefore you have every power in you. You have to learn this.

Piercing the Veils of Deception