Chapter Eight

The Truth About Alternative 3

Nikola Tesla became aware early in the 20th century that the planet was heating up, so much so that by the first decades of the 21st century, Earth would be almost uninhabitable for the human species. Tesla's source of information was the weird voices he was picking up off of his specially modified radio receiver.

These mysterious voice broadcasts were the outcome of Tesla's initial research into strange radio signals he picked up during his experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899. By now, Tesla had improved his receiving equipment to enable him to pickup voice broadcasts. However, these voices were being heard on frequencies that were suppose to be unable to carry these kinds of transmissions, but they were there nevertheless.

Tesla wrote that these voices were of men from other worlds -men who had lived on Earth sometime in its prehistoric past, had developed the technology to colonize nearby space and were still interested in the inhabitants they had left behind. These men had colonized the planet Mars as well as maintaining bases on the moon. Others of their kind had gone deeper into space, out of our solar system altogether to explore the galaxy.

It had been decided that the Earth was to become a reserve so to speak, to allow nature to take its course and new species to evolve and fill the niches left vacant by the departure of its first inhabitants. However, some things were not left to nature alone. The first men decided to leave behind remnants of themselves in the form of our early ancestors. Tesla's description of the re-seeding of planet Earth with intelligent hominids sounds very much like genetic manipulation.

This could explain why reports of UFO occupants, who claim extraterrestrial origins, look so much like us. The majority of contacts with beings who step out of UFOs all agree on their human-like appearance. With very few exceptions, all alleged extraterrestrials possess very human features. One head with two eyes a nose and a mouth, two arms, two hands with five fingers, two legs and feet. Many have been reported to be so human in appearance that they are indistinguishable from normal humans. Maybe this is because they are human -the first humans.

Of course, Tesla died before the modern UFO wave, but his descriptions of his purported extraterrestrials bear an uncanny resemblance to our UFO occupants.

An April Tools Joke too Close to the Truth

  • At 9:00 PM on Monday June 20 1977, Anglia television based in Norwich United Kingdom, put out a one hour TV special. The program was to be simultaneously transmitted to a number of other countries which included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Yugoslavia. The name of the TV special was called Alternative 3, it was to shock the nation, jam media telephone lines and rock the station's credibility.

  • At 10:00 PM Anglia was besieged with calls from irate viewers demanding more information. Callers were told not to panic, the program was simply an April Fools hoax that had been pre-empted until June 20. However, many were not convinced that it was a hoax.

    The following morning the Daily Express newspaper confirmed the program was a hoax and pointed out that Dr Carl Gerstein was none other than the well known actor Richard Marner. Meanwhile back at Anglia there were rumors of industrial action and the station was severely criticized for putting out the hoax. Anglia got a reprimand and the public were relieved of their fears.

    The Alternative 3 TV special was put together by a respectable team of reporters who had a regular weekly slot titled Science Report. It was an intelligent documentary series which reported on new scientific inventions. It was because of the teams' credibility that Alternative 3 was taken so seriously. The question was: Why would a serious investigative team who had a weekly documentary slot suddenly produce a hoax?

  • In 1976 the United Kingdom was plagued with "The Brain Drain," a term used for the mass exodus of some of the countries best surgeons and scientists which were being enticed with huge pay checks by the United States. There were also reports of suicides and disappearances among scientists. As well, there were small communities such as "Friends of the Earth," and others who were just beginning to understand the ozone problem and global warming.

  • By 1978 the story took on new life when Sphere Books published Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins, David Ambrose and Christopher Miles. According to Watkins, Ambrose and Miles didn't help write the book, but their names were included for copyright purposes because they had written the television program on which it was based. Those who were able to get a hold of a copy, read a story that was a follow-up of the TV special produced by Spectrum for Anglia TV.

Both the book and the TV program focused on a number of amazing scenarios, all said to be factual.

  • There is a secret joint U.S./U.S.S.R. space program that has gone far beyond what the public sees. Astronauts landed on Mars in 1962. It has been discovered that there is other intelligent life in the universe and they are observing and interacting with the inhabitants of Earth. The Earth is dying due to natural and manmade pollutants. The increasing Greenhouse Effect will cause the polar ice caps and glaciers to melt and flood the Earth.

  • Extreme heat, such as that which is now inevitable, will melt land glaciers. That will result in a marked rise in sea level and then there'll be the start of the extensive flooding -with London and New York among the first cities to be affected. (Alternative 3)

There are three possible solutions for mankind:

  • Alternative 1 - Stop all pollution immediately and blow two huge holes in the ozone layer. This would allow excessive UV light to reach the earth and millions would die of skin cancer.

  • Alternative 2 - Immediately begin digging underground cities for world leaders, the very rich and leaders of big business and a few selected scientists. The remainder of the population will be left to perish on the polluted surface.

  • Alternative 3 - Build spaceships and get the Elite off the planet -to the moon and Mars. Kidnap and take along some "ordinary" people for use as slave labor. Use mind control techniques to control them. Leave the remainder of humanity to die on the planet.

Was the Anglia Television program fact or fiction?


Reporter Georginia Bruni spoke to Christopher Miles, who also directed and co-wrote the program. Miles admitted that the program was entirely fiction, but he now suspects that they may have accidentally come a little too close to the hidden truth with Alternative 3.

The writer of the book, Leslie Watkins, was a writer of thrillers even before Alternative 3. The Fortean Times recently printed an article in which Nick Austin, then editorial director of Sphere Books, revealed how he commissioned

Leslie Watkins to write the book version at the behest of literary agent Murray Pollinger. Watkins, in a letter to Windwords Bookstore, outlined his beliefs concerning the mystery surrounding Alternative 3, and how he may have accidentally stumbled upon top secret truths that others wanted to be kept quiet.

"The book Alternative 3 is based on fact, but uses that fact as a launchpad for a HIGH DIVE INTO FICTION. In answer to specific questions:

  1. There is no astronaut named Grodin.

  2. There is no Sceptre Television and the reported Benson is also fictional.

  3. There is no Dr. Gerstein.

  4. Yes, a 'documentary' was televised in June 1977 on Anglia Television, which went out to the entire national network in Britain.

It was called Alternative 3 and was written by David Ambrose and produced by Christopher Miles (whose names were on the book for contractual reasons). This original TV version, which I EXPANDED IMMENSELY for the book, was ACTUALLY A HOAX which had been scheduled for transmission on April Fools' Day. Because of certain problems in finding the right network slot, the transmission was delayed.

"The TV program did cause a tremendous uproar because viewers refused to believe it was fiction. I initially took the view that the basic premise was so way out, particularly the way I aimed to present it in the book, that no one would regard it as non-fiction. Immediately after publication, I realized I was totally wrong. In fact, the amazing mountains of letters from virtually all parts of the world, including vast numbers from highly intelligent people in positions of responsibility, convinced me that I had ACCIDENTALLY trespassed into a range of top-secret truths.

"Documentary evidence provided by many of these correspondents decided me to write a serious and COMPLETELY NON-FICTION sequel. Unfortunately, a chest containing the bulk of the letters was among the items which were mysteriously LOST IN TRANSIT some four years when I moved from London, England, to Sydney, Australia, before I moved on to settle in New Zealand.

"For some time after Alternative 3 was originally published, I have reason to suppose that my home telephone was being tapped and my contacts who were experienced in such matters were convinced that certain intelligence agencies considered that I probably knew too much.

"So, summing up, the book is FICTION BASED ON FACT. But I now feel that I inadvertently got VERY CLOSE TO A SECRET TRUTH."

None Dare Call it Alternative 3

It is amazing to consider that Nikola Tesla, sometime in the 1920's first wrote in his personal journals his thoughts concerning the buildup of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.


These gases, caused by manmade and natural pollutants were to eventually cause the planet's overall temperature to increase to such a point that the polar icecaps would melt, flooding the coastlines. As well, weather patterns would change dramatically bringing about fierce storms, droughts in some areas and floods in others. Agriculture would be destroyed and life as we know it would cease to exist.

So, while the name Alternative 3 may have been nothing more then the imagination of a clever television writer -the basic premise, that the greenhouse effect caused by air pollution would make human life on Earth extremely hazardous, is probably correct. And Nikola Tesla allegedly first came across this disturbing information while monitoring late into the night, mysterious voices on his specialized receiver.

Tesla theorized that the planet's developing pollution problems were being closely monitored by extraterrestrials who were studying Earth and its inhabitants. Tesla was indecisive on whether or not these intelligence's were hostile, friendly or indifferent. He had no clear-cut evidence that the information he had been receiving was factual -in fact, Tesla often wrote that if it were not for the unusual way that he was getting this knowledge, he would have dismissed it long ago as the ravings of a madman. Nevertheless, Tesla was intrigued enough to devote most of his later years to research and inventions based on the voice transmissions he was receiving from his Martials.

Some researchers have attributed Ronald Reagan's Space Defense Initiative to a branch of Alternative 3. This special project was using a portion of its black budget to build a space based weapon system to be deployed not against Soviet nuclear missiles, but instead, to a perceived threat against hostile extraterrestrial forces.

In Genesis Revisited, Zecharia Sitchin maintains that the world's leaders,

"...have been aware for some time, first, that there is one more planet in our solar system and, second, that we are not alone."

He claims that only this knowledge can explain the incredible changes in world affairs that have been taking place with even more incredible speed.

Certainly both Reagan and Gorbachev have referred to threats from extraterrestrials. Speaking at Fallston, Maryland, on December 4, 1985, Reagan stated: "Just think how easy his (Gorbachev's) task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we are all human beings here on Earth together."

On February 16, 1987, at the Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Gorbachev observed:

"At our meeting in Geneva, the US President said that if the Earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it's early yet to worry about such an intrusion."

In an address to the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 21, 1987, speaking of the need to turn swords into ploughshares, Reagan said:

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

The late UFO investigator Leonard Stringfield states in Timothy Good's The UFO Report:

"Star Wars, ostensibly conceived as a defensive system against Russian missile attacks, may have had from its beginning a 'defensive' UFO connection."

Documentary evidence of such an agenda appears to have been inadvertently provided by NASA when the astronauts of the Shuttle Discovery transmitted to Earth, video camera footage of UFOs traversing just above Earth atmosphere. One UFO suddenly makes a 90-degree turn to the right and accelerates off into deeper space, just a second before a burst of shaped pulse high energy streaks up from Earth towards the spot where the UFO would have been if it had not radically changed course. Other UFOs are shown being shot at by visibly energized EM weapon bursts.

What is the motive for the undeclared war on extraterrestrials?


Richard Hoagland, former editor of Star& Sky magazine explains:

"There is a great deal of naivete about the forces in our society that do not want this knowledge, even in the form of a very useful technology, to get out."

He notes that there are,

"interlocking institutions whose job it is to keep themselves in business. And they do not take lightly to this ET technology. After all, how do people stay in power? Because they define the universe as limited, rare and scarce and then put a price tag on it. Then some people are put in charge of doling out the scarce precious thing; other people buy it at whatever the market will bear. And you have a really neat system for controlling people."

It is possible that the United States government (and other foreign powers) were aware of a hidden extraterrestrial presence over Earth. Tesla had confided to a few friends that he had sent a number of letters to Washington DC expressing his fear of an invasion from outer space. Tesla had also offered Washington a number of his inventions for the purpose of defending the planet against the alleged alien invaders.

Tesla was financially troubled by this time and he offered the government complete access to his research, provided that he be paid a small, monthly stipend for the use of his inventions. Tesla received no answer to his inquiries -no doubt due to the sensational nature of his letters. It was not until several years after his death that the United States military became aware of intrusions into the country's airspace by what later would be known as UFOs.

Tesla's ideas of electric death rays and particle beam weapons, while scoffed at during his lifetime, were now eagerly sought after by the military. Even though UFOs have been seen for centuries, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the numbers of reported encounters increased significantly. The Pentagon could think of no reason for the blatant way that UFOs were now operating except as a precursor to an invasion.


The message it seemed was clear:

"We can go and come as we please, and there is nothing that you can do about it."

Part of the rumors that surround Alternative 3 is the contention that the United States and Russia formed a secret partnership and constructed bases on the moon as a jumping off point for Mars. It can now be confirmed that these secret bases on the moon are real and still exist today!

Unlike the fictional TV show Alternative 3, the real moon bases were not installed until after Apollo 11's historic landing in 1969. Before that time, primitive remote control spacecraft containing supplies and building material had been sent to await the time when astronauts would arrive and start construction,

The remaining Apollo missions would rendezvous in orbit with containers previously sent up from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. The Apollo would then ferry the containers to the moon to be placed in orbit for later use.

Someone Else is on the Moon and Mars

The Apollo moon missions served two functions, one as a public display of the United States' ability to reach the moon, the other was basically delivery of men and material to be used to construct the secret moon bases. The Apollo astronauts would not be responsible for building the first moon base -that honor would go to astronauts who would work in anonymity.

Both the United States and the former Soviet Union would participate in the construction of the moon colony. Astronauts would be sent into Earth orbit from Vandenburg and the Baikonur Space Center. Upon reaching orbit, a ferry craft would then take them the rest of the way to the moon. The first moon base was finished in 1971 and the rest were completed by 1976.

The moon has proved to be a virtual goldmine in minerals and even pockets of ice hidden in the shadows of some craters. Another exciting resource on the moon is an ample supply of the isotope helium-3, which is very rare on Earth but has been deposited on the lunar surface over billions of years by the solar wind. It is now estimated that at least a million tons of He-3 are readily recoverable from the regolith formations where lunar solar power stations would be practical. This He-3 offers a key to safe, practical nuclear fusion energy on the moon. It is estimated that a single ton of He-3 delivered to Earth would be worth at least $1 billion.

The next step was to dispatch and establish robot probes to Mars, the ultimate destination for this mission. The idea was to duplicate the successful moon colonies on Mars, with an extremely long-term goal to terraform Mars into a more hospitable planet and the new home for mankind. Unfortunately, this mission and others like it, would all end in disaster.

It was known at NASA that unusual anomalies on the surface of the moon had been seen and photographed by astronomers. In the 1920s and 1930s, American, British, and French astronomers reported glowing, moving and sometimes even blinking lights on the moon.

This interest peaked when a respected expert in aerial phenomenon, Pulitzer Prize winning astronomer John O'Neill, publicly reported observing a "bridge" on the moon that appeared artificially constructed. Many of the Gemini and Apollo astronauts have admitted that they saw UFOs while they were in orbit. Gordon Cooper has publicly admitted he believes UFOs are intelligently controlled and that the government is hiding the truth.

One Soviet space mission in the 1960s, designed to set a new record for time in orbit, was mysteriously aborted right after their craft entered space. Private researchers with powerful receiving radio equipment claimed the Soviet cosmonauts were followed into orbit by UFOs, which surrounded them and began bouncing them back and forth as if they were playing a ball game with the Soviet craft. The cosmonauts reportedly panicked and reentered the Earth's atmosphere at the first available moment.

During the 1950s many UFOs were reportedly tracked back to the moon by government tracking stations in secret complexes in deserts in Arizona and Nevada and inside underground mountain bases. Soviet and American spacecraft in orbit over the moon began to photograph mysterious structures on the moon which were censored by NASA for awhile, yet were obtained by scientific researchers like Fred Steckling. Many of the structures can only be seen when these photos are blown-up to a much larger size.

Further evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon comes from an Air Force veteran with an Above Top Secret security clearance. Investigative reporter Alan Carmack, who was doing research for the TV show Strange World, was contacted by the veteran who had an amazing story to tell.


Carmack agreed not to reveal the identity of his contact because of his national security oath.

"Nearly thirty years ago, my Supervising Sergeant called me aside and informed me that there was a technical problem in a highly-classified area elsewhere on the Air Base. At that time, all systems were expanding to support increased military efforts for the Viet Nam War. As a part of that, it was my job to support and maintain highly classified Intelligence and Reconnaissance related Electronic Photographic Systems, recently installed in a new Top Secret facility on the Base. Our unit was under the command of the Director of Intelligence at Headquarters SAC, Tactical Air Command, Langley Field, Virginia.

"My Supervisor stated that the Lunar Orbiter program had encountered a problem with an Electronic Photographic Contact Printer, identical to equipment that was utilized in the darkrooms of our own Unit. This was the first Lunar Orbiter program, the purpose of which was to bring back the first close-up pictures of the surface of the moon. These photos would later be utilized to select an appropriate landing site for the first manned landing on the moon, in 1969.

"As the only Electronics Repairman on the Base with a Cryptologic Security Clearance, a step above Top Secret, I was being loaned to the project to see if I could resolve the system problem. More than excited at the prospect of helping out and possibly having a chance to view the first close up photos of the surface of the moon, I was briefed on security, and gathered the appropriate equipment and tools for the task.

"Driving across the Base on the perimeter access road that skirted the flat dusty fields and long runways in the distance, I noticed an experimental helicopter hovering fly-like in the air just above and to the south of the massive arching metal-grey hanger, one of the largest on the base that housed the Lunar Orbiter project.

"Upon entering the hanger, I was asked to present my Top Secret Identity Badge, in exchange for their internal higher-level Identity Badge; this was to be worn around the neck on a chain. Another guard escorted me through a series of security doors to an expansive open area within the hanger.

"Large black fabric curtains hung from a metal grid suspended from the ceiling. These, in effect, cordoned off various working areas within the larger space. Passing through one of the draped areas, I entered a large open space where people in small groups stood talking quietly, with a sense of seriousness and concern.

"I was immediately struck by the number of people who were present, who appeared to be civilians, and also some scientists from other countries. With a bit of instant shock and judgment, I thought to my self, why are they here? I had a very strange feeling -a feeling that something is off here, something is not quite right.

"I was introduced to a man dressed in civilian clothes and a lab coat, the head of the project, a Dr. Collie, I believe. In a very gracious and reserved manner, bringing to mind an image of Sherlock Holmes, he softly conveyed to me that the equipment in question was holding up the processing of the first close-up photographs of the surface of the moon and also delaying the release of photos to be provided for study and release to the world, and how grateful the program staff would be if there was anything that I could do.

"An Airman escorted me into a darkroom. Inside, another young Airman assembled strips of high resolution 35mm film into what is called a mosaic. He was placing side-by-side successively numbered photographic scans of the lunar surface, which had been transmitted back to earth from the Lunar Orbiter. Each surface scan covered a narrow band of terrain, and successive orbits around the moon were required to assemble a complete photographic image of the lunar terrain.

"The mosaic negative created by that process was then placed into a Resolution Enhancing Contact Printer. Photographic paper was placed on top of the negative, and an exposure begun. The negative was scanned by an electron light beam generated by a large Cathode Ray Tube, similar to the tube in a black and white television set.

"The light beam was picked up by a photo-multiplier tube and, through a feedback loop, modulated by the various changes in density of the photographic negative, enhancing the contrast, brightness and resolution of the image in the process. The resulting 9.5 inch by 18 inch high resolution contact print was then examined by a photographic interpreter or scientist, who viewed the images under a microscopic type viewer, analyzing the features and terrain of the lunar landscape.

"Left alone in the faint red light of the darkroom with the Airman and equipment, much of which I had never seen before, I began to question the technician, attempting to discern what the problem might be with the ailing contact printer. After a few minutes of investigation, it was clear that there was a problem with the electronic control circuitry, which was comprised of several small plug-in circuit modules.

"Having no spare parts on hand, it was clear that I would have to trouble-shoot each module on a component-by-component basis, a very tedious and time consuming process at best. This was something that could not be done in the faint red light of a darkroom. The unit would have to be removed from the darkroom and taken into a more appropriate space to allow for the accomplishment of the task.

"Talking with the Airman on the other side of the room, questions floated into my head. I was curious and fascinated with the whole process. How were the signals from the Lunar Orbiter transmitted to the lab? How where they converted into images on photographic film? How were the images correlated and aligned into the final mosaic negative?

"I knew these were all questions that I should not ask, in fact I could receive severe punishment for asking such questions. Yet, at the same time, I was alone with an Airman who was obviously as enthusiastic as I was about his job. I hesitated for a moment, weighing in my mind what I should do.

"Under normal operating conditions, many other people would have been in the lab, part of the assembly line of production. But, here we were all alone, so I began to ask all those questions.

"After about thirty minutes of technical discussion and a complete rundown on all the steps in the process, the Airman turned to me and said candidly, 'You know they've discovered a base on the back side of the moon!.' I said, 'What do you mean?,' and again he said, 'They have discovered a base on the moon!' and, surreptitiously, at the same time dropped a photograph in front of me.

"There it was, a mosaic print of the surface of the moon, with some sort of geometric structures clearly visible. Scrutinizing the image, I could see spheres and towers. My first thought was, 'Whose base is it?' Then I realized the full implication: it was not anyone of this earth.

"I didn't dwell on the photograph -I quickly took it in visually and moved away in case someone else should enter the lab. I knew that I had been given a gift, information that I should not have seen. With my position being that of a dutiful Airman, I asked no further questions and went about my business, quietly thinking to myself that I couldn't wait to hear about this on the news in the next few days! I told myself, do whatever you can to get this thing the world can see this and hear about it!

"Two days of labors paid off -a tiny diode on one of the circuit cards had shorted. Replacing the defective component, I was as surprised as anyone that I had found the problem. Dr. Collie was more than pleased and offered several of the first photographs of the lunar surface to me in appreciation of my efforts. As he autographed some of the prints for me, I longed to ask more questions about the moon base, but knew that was forbidden, and that I would have to wait for the evening news for the answers, along with the rest of the world.

"Now, here it is more than thirty years later, and I am still waiting to hear the report on the evening news of what was found on the back side of the moon."

It has been reported that the clandestine moon bases are operated by joint teams comprising mostly scientists and technicians from the United States and Russia. There are also teams from Great Britain, Canada, France and Australia. The men who operate these secret bases are also well aware that they aren't the only ones on the moon. There are also bases apparently maintained by extraterrestrials that appear and disappear so frequently that there is no way to investigate them.


These structures are located almost entirely on the opposite side of the moon.

The Failure of Alternative 3

The main goal of the manned moon bases was to act as a jump point for missions to Mars. These missions, using first robotic spacecraft and then manned, were to establish a human presence on Mars with the eventual purpose of building permanent colonies.

The thinking was that with Earth soon to become extremely inhospitable to civilization, Mars would act as sort of a "foster" world for human civilization to continue to flourish. It was hoped that Earth's greenhouse effect would stabilize after about two thousand years, then the Martian colonies, with their superior technology still intact, could move back to Earth and reestablish the population.

What was not considered by the Alternative 3 planners was that there was already an intelligent presence on Mars that would not look very favorably upon interlopers from Earth.

The earliest robot probes to Mars in the 1960's ran into little trouble with the exception of mechanical problems due to the primitive electronics used at the time. The first craft to set down successfully on Mars in 1963 (Lowell III) sent back a few blurred photos showing that Mars had little atmosphere or water.


Stories that now surround the Alternative 3 legend state that the secret spacecraft from the Pentagon landed on Mars in 1962 and sent back videotaped images of the surface. The video allegedly showed a Martian landscape that had canals, lakes, green vegetation, swamps, and animal life on the surface. This is a good example of the disinformation that exists to hide the actual program that the TV program Alternative 3 was based on.

After this initial success though, further surveys of Mars ran into mysterious problems that could not be attributed to mechanical failure. The same problems were also being experienced by NASA and the Soviets who were unaware of the Alternative 3 efforts underway at the same time.

What is still not clearly understood is why some Mars missions, like the Vikings I and II landings on Mars were successful, while others ended in disaster. The first manned landing on Mars was scheduled for 1978, but it was halted when the ship being constructed in orbit around the moon was mysteriously destroyed.

Due to these unexplained failures, the Mars colonization project, which had a deadline of 1980 for its first phase, was pushed back to 1985 and finally to 1990. The entire colonization mission to Mars was finally abandoned in 1992.

Even though the TV show was declared a hoax, Leslie Watkins, author of the book, feels that certain aspects of Alternative 3, such as secret moon bases, are probably true.

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