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  1. Just like the biggest corporations are corrupt, so to are the biggest religions like Christianity and Islam.

  2. The only reason humans have a desire for a God is because the religious leaders have disempowered us with the "weíre sinners, save us" story and the "weíre inferior, make us perfect" and the "weíre weak, show us your power" stories which then left a power vacuum which they then simply filled with a perfect and all powerful God who constantly gives us orders while hiding in another realm, but itís really the religious leaders giving the orders to keep us controlled while they live comfortable lives.

  3. The universe is the hole that God made to escape through after putting a snake into the garden of Eden and black holes are the gunshot holes left by Lucifer after he fired warning shots to try to stop him.

  4. The only thing that the scriptures prove is that people wrote things down 2000 years ago. Nothing more.

  5. To interpret something means to explain the meaning of by adding your own ideas.
    The bible is an interpreted document so everyone adds their own ideas and meanings which results in it no longer being Godís word.

  6. Are we responsible for the sins of Adam and Eve?

    We canít be responsible for sins committed by someone else. Are we only accountable for our own sins? Then why are we under a salvation plan from 2000 years before we were born? Everyone seems to be fuzzy on what it takes to get to heaven and what it takes to be condemned. The plan really isnít being managed very professionally.

  7. Did Jesus really sacrifice himself to save us?
    If Jesus were to decide to go to prison in place of an axe murderer, would that axe murderer then stop killing people?
    If not then which sector of society would respond to Jesusí sacrifice on the cross? Obviously only the good and the meek, and all the truly evil people would continue business as usual.
    The result is that now the good and the meek are disempowered and de-willed and the evil ones have more freedom of movement and thus more power. If Christianity hands over more power to the evil sector then Christianity cannot possibly be good.
    This is the same idea behind government gun control. The only ones who hand in the guns are the good people so that then the robbers and killers can walk into houses with no fear and thus crime can expand unchallenged.
    And if gun control was effective against accidental gun deaths (which are quite rare any way) then taking busses off the roads would be effective against children getting run over. Sensible storage of guns and education of children is all it really takes. A properly educated child does stupid things far less frequently.

  8. If religion is so good then why werenít all the good things in this world bought to us by the religious sector?

  9. Religion is the character assassination of man followed by the appointment of a hero to redeem him.

  10. Religion is an invisible teddy bear which followers cannot part with.

  11. The art of making oneself a God is the taking oneís own unique eternal perfection, placing it on a carrot stick, giving it a name and then jiggling and worshipping it for the rest of oneís life.

  12. Is the purpose of salvation for the sake of redemption or is it for the snake God put into his garden?
    (A slight rephrase)
    Did man sin for the sake of the arrogance he had in his heart or did God fail because of the snake he put into his own garden?

  13. Religious followers are simply worshiping the perfection that they wish they had after religion has told them that theyíre inferior.
    Religion drives a wedge between the individual and his/her unique perfection.
    It then places that perfection on a carrot stick and calls it God and then makes the individual worship and reach for it until the day they die.
    It offers them their perfection as a kind of Christmas present only they cannot enjoy it while theyíre still alive. So far no one has been confirmed as a successful recipient but Christians keep hoping that they will be one. Theyíve only been given very fuzzy details on what that present is and what they will be doing with it for the rest of eternity and theyíre not even sure whether they will even qualify for it.

  14. Religion is not philosophy. It is phil-atrophy.

  15. Atheism isnít hating God, or rebelling against it, or believing in something else. Itís just a desire to get on with life in peace.

  16. It is a poor workman who blames his constructions. God is like a dummy maker who builds some dummies, puts them into a garden with a snake and then gets angry at them for failing him.

  17. Christianity is a wedge between the good and the religious.

  18. Selling your soul is something which is associated with Satan but Christians donít realize that they too are selling their souls to a God deity which could also be Satan or another fallen angel(s). They think they know God but they only know what theyíve been told and theyíve actually been told very little.

  19. We were allegedly made perfect in Eden. (if thatís true that is).
    Therefore the concept of faith and salvation is ludicrous.
    If we were created as perfect creatures by a perfect God then why would he need to test us? It would only be if he had some doubts about our perfection and a true God can have no doubts.
    If it was because of having given us a choice then why would he give a choice to creatures that are only going to be used for mindless worship?
    God is either completely insane or mankind has been making up stories all these centuries. Considering that man loves making up and embellishing stories Iíd go with the latter.

  20. The only way you could possibly know exactly what Jesus said all those centuries ago is if someone was standing right next to him with a pen and paper when he said it. Even then his exact meaning could have been misconstrued. Even people today are misunderstanding each other. Thatís why there are so many arguments and conflicts going on all the time.
    Over the period of 2000 years the misunderstandings would have been amplified hundreds of times while superstitious people put their own religious slant on the texts as they were translating, transcribing and copying them.
    The thought that the scriptures are divinely inspired is merely wishful thinking. There is no evidence that God talks to us at all. And the idea that the holy spirit is some sort of auto correction system is ludicrous.
    Interpreting scriptures is a fools game.
    Religion is nothing more than an invisible teddy bear hugging ritual.
    Itís a drug for some and a security blanket for others.
    The bottom line is that mankind gets endless pleasure out of worshiping and taking orders from a perfect and all powerful being.

  21. The reason religions say that God demands total faith is because once they have your total faith and confidence they have total control over your mind.
    Their most effective scare tactic is that everyone without exception is a sinner and that salvation is by FAITH alone.
    Christian religions are quick to accuse followers of rebellion as soon as someone asks questions or expresses any criticism.
    A truly benevolent religion would happily allow any questions because itís truth would speak for itself. It would have no fear and so would not need to issue threats of hell.

  22. The authorities keep bringing out new laws to stop moral and spiritual corruption by the public but when is someone going to start bringing out laws to stop moral and spiritual corruption by the authorities?

  23. One cannot live a spiritual life gracefully by embracing religion impetuously.
    There is one thing worse than living an atheistic life discreetly and that is living a religious life indiscreetly.
    There is one thing worse than living an innocuous atheistic life and that is living an invasive religious life.

  24. This is a world with much darkness or evil. Everything in this world contains a degree of that darkness and that includes religion.

  25. It is said that those who reject God will perish but what of those who neither accept nor reject him?

  26. Religion is a subject of interest.

    For some it is like a hobby. Not everyone is interested in religion. Religion is something a person will either become interested in during their life time or they wonít. Whether or not one has eternal life will not hinge on what interests or hobbies they decide to take up.

  27. It is clear that the God of the bible has flown the coup 2000 years ago and that the lunatics have been running the asylum all this time with their "just add context and stir" instruction book.

  28. If God knows the exact future then there can be no free will which begs the question why are we here?

  29. The bible was written using early HSACS technology (Holy Spirit Auto Correction System).

  30. If religion and worship is so natural then why must we keep belting 2000 year old verses into our heads each week?

  31. The sheep mentality based oppression is the very thing that could set the stage for a rebellion and that is what was likely the cause for the first great rebellion in heaven in the first place, that is if it really happened at all.
    Intelligence, wisdom and character are more important in building a heavenly kingdom than just humbleness and submission.

  32. Christians think that just because we humans have adopted the King/Queen and subjects society model that this is also what has been adopted in heaven.
    All beings in the higher realms are telepathic so one knows what all knows and therefore because knowledge is power, no one can have power over another. Thatís why an authority based system cannot work in heaven.
    Religion is simply being used by Satan to take out revenge on God so that all he ends up with is a bunch of snivelling burnt offerings.

  33. If God needs us to constantly give him glory then that suggests that he doesnít have enough to begin with.

  34. One only has to look at all the breast beating and mustache twirling that the God of the bible does to know that he is not the true and loving creator of all things.

  35. Preaching is merely the art of having people watch while you apply context cream and ambiguity conditioner to the pages of an old book while talking to yourself very loudly and passionately.

  36. The truth is there is no truth. Everything is just vibrating energy which is constantly changing.

  37. Christians are the Anti-Christs because they are the ones who teach that which Christ did not teach and ignore the love and compassion which he did teach.

  38. Saying that God created all the stars and planets is like saying Ronald McDonald single handedly built all the McDonalds outlets. Heís nothing but a mascot for big business.

  39. Christians see all truth in the bible only because they have read it with a biased and prejudiced mind.
    They should try reading it objectively and critically and see what happens.

  40. The bible is a self witnessing object.
    God exists because the bible says so and that is the truth because the bible says it is, and God says that the bible is the truth because the bible says he does, and the Christians all agree, and the bible confirms that they all agree and the bible canít be wrong because the holy spirit has corrected all the errors in the bible and we know this is true because the bible says so.
    The Bible is the Truth because itís Godís word and God exists because the Bible says so.
    The bible is Godís word because the bible says so and God exists because the bible says so.
    The bible is Godís word because the bible says so and God said itís so because itís in the bible.

  41. Redemption

    If Iíve done something wrong then Iíll repent but Iím not going to grovel to an invisible deity just because a preacher robotically proclaims that Iím a sinner.

  42. It is indeed a powerful and mighty God we have. Through his mealy mouthed followers he commands us and denigrates us and then issues threats of hell while hiding in another realm.

  43. The God of the bible: You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!

  44. The bible has always been our greatest source of dope.

  45. The best way to read the bible is by standing over the garbage bin in which you have placed it.

  46. To perish means to be left to rot. Why would a creator create some beings in his image and then leave a large portion of them to rot? Why make them so stupid that they canít learn from their own mistakes and save themselves? Why make inferior beings in the first place? So he can show off to them? If we were made so stupid and yet we were made in his image then that would mean that heís just as stupid as we are, because image wouldnít have anything to do with looks. If itís not stupidity then what do we have in common with God?

  47. You say Iím going to hell and I say youíre crazy.

    This is what religion does. It sets people against each other. It promotes division and conflict. it is this sort of thing which eventually leads to war.

  48. Not everyone has time to decipher the reams of ambiguous and badly translated verses in the bible.
    The bible is clearly only for religion hobbyists.

  49. The majority of words and commandments from God in the bible were given not to us, but to the Israelites and others whilst they were under the Covenants and theocracies of the time. That time and dispensation has passed.
    How are you going to know which parts are for us and which parts arenít?
    Is God going to police how the bible is interpreted? How?
    One has to be present during the misreading in order to police it. God has never been here and his son nicked off nearly 2000 years ago. The lunatics have been well and truly running the asylum.

  50. Thereís more chance that humans were created by advanced off world beings than by the hapless, egotistical, self contradicting, manic-depressive God of the bible.

  51. Christians say that God uses fear to govern us but fear leads to impulsive and thoughtless actions.
    Would a true creator want us to behave that way?

  52. Why does there have to be the concept of salvation? This is something that Christianity added to make us all feel guilty and apologetic so we all become goody two shoes so the religious leaders could maintain order in society.
    If our creator intended us to make a mistake in the garden of Eden, which he most probably did, then it would have been purely an educational situation.
    There is no need for all the negativity and drama.
    A true creator has no need to break his creations just to have an excuse to fix them.
    I believe that salvation was manís idea just like all the other stupid ideas man has for controlling each other and making things dramatic and scary.

  53. A true God would not horde slaves and have them worship him while they shake in their boots.

  54. To make informed choices one must be supplied with sufficient information.
    All we have is vague myths and mistranslated non-sequiturs.
    Iíve tried reading the bible many times. I find it impossible to get any sense out of it.
    Whether you live or die cannot possibly hinge on whether you can understand the bible or not.
    It wouldnít be fair because many people are simply not biblically minded.

  55. The only thing worse than new lies is old lies.
    Old lies are the most stubborn lies.

  56. It is written that only those who accept Christ as their saviour will enter heaven.
    That means that if God had not sent his son then God would have burned us all.
    Thatís a bit mean. Why create a race in oneís image only to burn them?
    Why create a race of beings so stupid that they automatically destine themselves for hell?
    If God created us in his own image then itís only fair to assume that he must be just as stupid as we are.

  57. If itís pleasing to be separated from God then it is no longer considered to be suffering, and if it is merely separation then why not just call it separation? Why the dramatisation? A true God does not over-dramatize. Only man does that and the bible is full of it.

  58. If one reads only books written by men and thinks not for himself, he will flap in the wind like an old rag.

  59. God allegedly created a world with inferior and curious humans and then created evil to tempt and lead humans into deception and then offered to save them when they made a single mistake that was labelled a sin. What was the purpose of this exercise other than to show off and demonstrate how big and superior he is? Of course heís big and superior. Thatís because he made us so small and inferior. We shouldnít need to go through all this suffering just to learn that. There are better and more loving ways to teach someone.
    We have not been made in his image because then we would have all his superior attributes and we would not have ended up where we are now so it is apparent that we are the exact opposite to him.

  60. What are Christians?
    Christians are people who like to study, decipher and annotate an old book which is an interpretation and in some cases rough translation of ancient scriptures by some superstitious peoples thoughts on what they believed their God wanted them to do.

  61. God doesnít tell us exactly what our future will be if we do what he tells us.
    This is a popular torture technique.
    Often interrogators will keep doubt in a subjectís mind about his/her ultimate fate.

  62. If Jesus was God and he spent so much of his time praying to God then he was actually praying to himself.

  63. What Jesus actually said and what he did we will never know because it was a long time ago and historical figures are rarely remembered accurately for what they say and do let alone the true context. After so much time, what is mostly remembered is what people thought about them years, decades and centuries later and that is what they will put down on paper. After 2000 years the words and deeds of Jesus are little more than Chinese whispers.
    The proclamations and mouthing off from Christians about what Christ said according to the bible is a fools game. And donít think that the holy spirit will over-ride the free choice of man to mistranslate and distort the words if man has chosen to do so. If we are given free choice then distorting 2000 year old writings is all part of it.

  64. It is written that we are saved only by the grace of God and that we cannot save ourselves by doing good deeds, but at the same time we are told that we have free will to choose whether we have eternal life with God or not. This suggests that we are preselected which makes the whole thing a little bit like a lottery for us and if this is the case then what was the purpose of our free will in the first place?

  65. A false teacherís proclamation of absolute truth can create in oneís mind a delusion.
    False teacherís are dangerous when they tell truth because often they cannot be distinguished from true teachers. The key to being a successful false teacher is to tell as much of the truth as possible with the end result still being the misleading of the students.
    A subtlety of false teaching is that it uses the supposed Word of God but misrepresents itís teaching.
    Students believe a teacher because they want to believe the teacher, just like they want to believe that the bible is the word of God. Itís a personal choice and itís a choice which is ultimately self disempowering.

  66. The concept of having spirit is having a strong character, motivation and self worth.
    A religious person on the other hand willingly gives away all of the above to a higher force so there can be no spirit in such a person.

  67. Love is the unconditional acceptance of all, and thus is your creatorís love, so thou may come as you are, however thou shall not enter the kingdom impure, and it is not possible to be pure in an impure world.
    Confused? If so then welcome to the real world.

  68. Organized religion.
    The principal of organized religion is to set out guidelines so that it prevents anarchy.
    The problem is each culture, community and individual has itís own issues and circumstances.
    One set of rules for everyone has little chance of working.
    If the people are not too bright however, then a system such as this could well work for a time.

  69. Why must we read everything in an old book when it was all made up anyway?
    What makes what was made up one and a half thousand years ago better than what is made up today?
    Did God only speak to us then?
    Why would he have stopped speaking to us?
    When did he stop speaking to us?
    Why donít Christians believe that there are present day prophets?
    When did they become extinct?
    How do we know that the present day religious clergy arenít making things up?
    What makes Christians think that the holy spirit was and is error correcting every word that is spoken in Godís name?

  70. If Christ were to return to this world today and someone handed him a bible he would most likely throw it into the nearest garbage bin.

  71. How religion gets itís followers - when a person is far enough down in the dumps he/she will accept anything.
    Religion makes your life miserable and then offers to heal it.
    God breaks your life and then offers to fix it - minus your rights and individuality.

  72. We are told that we must do as weíre told and become pure because God will not tolerate impurity in his kingdom. It is as if God is suffering from a fear of impurity. The fact is that we will simply not go to a place which we are not ready for. There is no danger of us polluting Godís kingdom. Why then do Christians make it look like God is obsessing about having his kingdom polluted?

  73. When you worship and focus on the messenger rather than the message, the message eventually becomes twisted and misrepresented. Jesus was one of the most famous messengers. Who the messenger was is irrelevant. Itís the message thatís important and part of the message was that we are all one.

  74. Christians do good deeds because they want to suck up to their God and get to heaven but atheists do good deeds out of the goodness of their hearts. Christians avoid evil because they are threatened with hell but atheists avoid evil because they are decent people. Sin is not an inherently evil concept. Itís just the breaking of some arbitrary rules of a cruel deity. Therefore atheists cannot be truly considered evil doers.
    Christians consider it unfair for the faithless to disobey God and commit certain acts and then simply escape punishment by dying. They are proud of their salvation which is really just a privilege afforded by their up bringing.
    Atheists give everyone a fair go and donít care who gets what.
    Christians are not truly moral people. Fear based obedience does not constitute morality. Morality requires that you know why you do something and make an informed decision to do it. The God of the bible doesnít give his followers a reason for anything. Christians are really just trained conformists.

  75. We should always trust in our own ideas, feelings and desires because they are the only things that are truly our own.

  76. The God of the bible created the world in 6 days, rested on the 7th and on the 8th day he started giving us orders and hasnít stopped since.

  77. If religion was like science, then itís textbook, the bible would have been thrown out a long time ago.

  78. We are told to fear the lord and to love the lord, but you canít both fear and love someone at the same time. The two emotions are diametrically opposed. Anyone who thinks doing both is possible and normal and holy has been tricked and brainwashed by the lies of religion.

  79. How to get to hell:

    Simply choose to believe what you want to believe. Itís that easy.

  80. Christianity says that only those are saved who believe that Christ saved them. This implies that disbelief is an act of evil punishable by eternal suffering. Or is it death?
    The God of the bible rewards those who merely say "I believe" and destroys those who try to think for themselves.
    Going to hell is so easy. All it takes is to think, say or believe the wrong thing and youíre gone!
    Weíre given all these intellectual abilities but if we try to use them we are terminated.

  81. God made man in his own image. God is in us and we are in God.
    We are all one. Therefore God must practice self abuse.

  82. Reward and punishment
    Our society and especially our religions have been based on the reward and punishment system.
    This system does not create peace, harmony and growth in society but creates a society which is dysfunctional and where everyone develops a sheep mentality.
    When a person is rewarded or punished for something they will always try to do only that which they think will bring reward and avoid things that bring punishment.
    The result is an individual who spends increasingly less time thinking for him/herself and more time just seeking the reward and living in fear of punishment so they do not live to their highest potential and truth.

  83. Never have total beliefs but only provisional beliefs.

  84. God, after the completion of his kingdom:
    Yep, I killed billions of humans during the building of this kingdom.
    Most of them didnít even have a clue what they were doing or why.
    Heh, and I hardly even had to lift a finger the whole time.

  85. Religion is anti-creation and anti-cosmos because creation and the cosmos are constantly changing and evolving but religion always stays the same and continues peddling the same dogmas.

  86. The Christian church as well as most other churches (and the bible God) are guilty of showing a total disregard for human rights.

  87. I tend to lean towards Frisbyterianism... those who believe that when you die, your soul goes up onto the roof and so you have to make an ascension to get it down.

  88. We are Godís fragmented hallucination.
    We are his multiple split personalities.

  89. Consider everything but believe nothing.
    Beliefs can get in the way of new ideas, higher truths and change.

  90. The problem with religion is that it is a tradition and dogma based doctrine. Religion imposed doctrine is rigid and therefore limits our natural spiritual development.
    Since we are all unique we must each find our own truths through our own experiences. Having one doctrine for all is ultimately detrimental.

  91. The bible consists entirely of myths, half truths, non sequiturs and ambiguous stories and parables.

  92. Hell is not a punishment because punishment can only be temporary so that one can learn oneís lesson. If hell is permanent and eternal then it can only be torture and revenge and that makes the God of the bible a terrorist.

  93. The adventurous seek change while the ignorant seek the familiar.

  94. Knowledge is 50% experience and 50% plagiarism.

  95. Spiritually we are not on a quest to gain knowledge, we are on a quest to gain experience.

  96. Religion and the media are drugs to keep the people calm and ignorant while the authorities rob the people of their money and rights.

  97. Religion:

    A world-wide guessing game regarding the will of God.

  98. PRAYER
    The Church View: Public prayer is encouraged in all public venues and
    practiced at all church oriented functions.
    The Bible View: Prayer is private. Public prayer is condemned and repeated prayer is vain and unnecessary.

  99. In the time of Atlantis, days were ruled by knowledge.
    In these times our days are ruled only by arbitrary law.

  100. People put faith in God because theyíre unable to put faith in themselves.

  101. The words in the bible are not representative of the truth of who our true Creator is, who we are and where we are headed.
    The process of interpreting the bible ultimately becomes like trying to make out animal shapes from clouds.
    All those who study and live by the bible are lost in the woods.
    Christians constantly rebuke individuals who try to tell them these facts because Christians are trapped in state of ignorance and denial.

  102. Christianity and religion will have us believe that we are nothing more than useless evil creatures who have empty souls like blank slates and who were born yesterday in the scheme of things and are useful for nothing more than basic servitude and perpetual blind worship.

  103. The bible is an instruction book by the demiGod Jehovah on how to get a civilization to consent to allowing themselves to become enslaved.

  104. Adam and Eve were purportedly born pure and perfect. How can beings born so pure, turn to evil in the blink of an eye? They could not have been properly educated by God in the first place. Anyone who is told the facts of good and evil will be well enough equipped to stay pure. God is the one at fault here because it was his responsibility to teach them what they needed to know to stay pure.

  105. Godís Justice.
    Letting your only son be murdered by a bunch of savages, to pay for the crime of Adam and Eve who simply disobeyed you thousands or millions of years earlier.
    What sort of feebleminded justice is that?

  106. As you believe, so shall you achieve.
    If you only believe in someone else then you will only achieve for someone else.

  107. The worst lies are old lies.

  108. The sin of Adam and Eve was nothing compared to the sin of God in cursing creation.

  109. God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge but God neglected to give them a reason why that made any sense so they ate the fruit to gain the knowledge needed to find out.

  110. Christian faith is based on the idea that truth only exists in scriptures from 2000 years ago. They seem to think that no further truth is possible. Anyone who tries to speak new truth is called an anti-Christ.

  111. Wisdom is the result of the examination of both sides of every argument.
    Christians simply close their minds to all arguments that oppose their doctrine.
    They blindly accept everything that religion says.
    God would not want to populate heaven with the unwise because they are liable to cause another rebellion.
    Wisdom comes from God. Suppression of wisdom comes from Satan.
    The bible suppresses wisdom with its vague and disjointed verses.

  112. Which is worse, scienceís proof with admittedly no certainty, or religion with itís claimed certainty and no proof?

  113. FACT is the existence of other peoples knowledge.
    IMAGINATION is the seed to creating your own knowledge.

  114. There is no real truth in this world. Every time someone claims absolute truth regarding something, ten others will claim entirely different truths for the same thing.

  115. A fool is one who refuses to look beyond what he has been told by deceivers despite being warned by others that he has been lied to.

  116. One of the most insidious forms of lying is deliberate omission of crucial information.
    Other insidious forms of lying include one sided stories, stories with half-truths and stories sprinkled with only 10% of full truths.
    Unfortunately many of our politicians, corporation heads, religious leaders and media providers are experts in all of these things.

  117. The only things that threaten religion are science, logic, questions, freedom, choice, pleasure, curiosity, intellect, intuition, independent thought, individuality, self reliance and self responsibility.
    Other than that religion has no natural enemies.
    And God himself is not threatened by anything and has no real enemies. Itís only the bible that portrays him that way.

  118. Question everything, especially your beliefs.

  119. All that is required for religion is blind obedience.
    All that is required to please God is a desire to live and love.

  120. Knowledge is what happens when you ask questions.
    Religion is what happens when you donít.

  121. Religion has a morbid fear of free choice.

  122. Religion is a middle man for God.

  123. God is a domination concept.

    We came into this world for the purpose of making our unique contribution to life and light in the universe.
    We cannot do that if we allow someone to constantly tell us what to do.
    This is a world of free choice, not a world of domination.
    There is no God as is portrayed in scripture, only a source of all life.
    The difference is that the God portrayed in scripture is like a dictator, whereas our divine source is the Creator of all things. He does not interfere with a beings development but assists when asked to do so. Thus is the concept of free choice.

  124. When reason is unclear and rationale is in shadows, it is a good indication that agents of darkness have been the teachers, for God only teaches light.

  125. Perfection is a relative concept.
    One persons perfection is another persons imperfection.
    One universes perfection is another universes imperfection.
    It all comes down to personal views and definitions.

  126. If Godís love is unconditional, then why does religion insist that we only go to heaven based on certain conditions, and that we go to hell based on certain other conditions?

  127. Religion is sham.

    It is all about spiritual disempowerment and confusion
    of the people through half truths and distortions of spiritual events.

  128. God is knowledge and light. Those who see only mysteries have been led by demons, for demons do not wish to impart knowledge.

  129. Religion says that not reading the bible could lead to eternal damnation, but I say that reading the bible can and will lead to eternal confusion.

  130. How do we gain wisdom? By the same process that inspired the scriptures.
    Maintaining our connection to our prime source and also through our life experience.
    We can all do it but most people have become brain atrophied in these times.
    But those who wrote the scriptures were prophets you say?
    How do you know there arenít any prophets around today? You and I could be ones.

  131. I have more faith in logic and reason than in hearsay and the acclaimed integrity of translators and scholars hundreds or thousands of years ago.

  132. Faith or belief is a two edged sword. Blindly believing in someone or something often leads to deception. The wise question everything regardless of whether they are told the bible says so.

  133. Deep inside we know the answers to all the questions of the universe, weíve simply forgotten them temporarily. They are in our subconscious and we need only start asking questions to bring them to the surface. The answers will come in the form of thoughts and feelings but if you donít believe and trust in them enough then you will quickly dismiss and forget them.

  134. The bible is an instruction book for dummies.
    The ten commandments is a law for primitives.
    The ten commandments were given to a primitive people at the dawn of Christianity as an introduction to divine principals.
    These days itís only for those who canít decide for themselves whether their intentions and motives are good or bad.
    The idea of one set of rules for all and for all occasions is ludicrous because we all do things for different reasons.
    We are a diverse people and religion strives to destroy that diversity.
    God loves us and he knows our motives.
    He doesnít send us to hell based on a rigid set of rules which have obviously been doctored by man.
    If you kept telling your dog not to go into a corner and it kept going into that corner, would you throw your dog into a fire to punish it?

  135. No one has been able to agree on what parts of the bible really mean let alone the whole bible, so how then can the bible be holy? Are we to just blindly accept that the bible is the infallible authoritive word of God?

  136. God uses love, compassion, and patience to turn people to the light.
    Religion uses threats, intimidation and distortions of wisdom to supposedly do the same. The bible is filled with the latter.

  137. The bible is a ruse to keep the people busy while dark forces take over the world and gradually destroy it.

  138. Sin is a concept concocted by man. If God could be offended, he would be offended by much bigger things than man could ever do on this tiny little planet.
    While everyone is worrying about their own petty sins, the sins of the elite are leading this world towards ultimate destruction and the religious clergy are not helping us do anything about it.

  139. Personal suffering is merely the result of being fooled into giving up ones power and right to be happy and abundant.
    Once a person realizes this, they can use their will power to turn their life around.
    The key is a deep down belief that it will happen, not tomorrow, but today because tomorrow never comes.
    Once successful, one will have created heaven on earth and destroyed the concept of hell.

  140. If your enemies are evil and you send them hate they will thrive.
    If your enemies are evil and you send them love they will choke.

  141. To pray or worship is simply to live and experience all of lifeís possibilities because life is really all about learning lessons through making mistakes.
    We came here to live and love, not entangle ourselves in insidious rules and rituals.

  142. Hell is what people create on earth when they are fooled into living in fear, ignorance and tyranny.
    Heaven is what they create when they realise who they are and start living their own truth and joy.

  143. God is a jigsaw puzzle and we are the pieces.
    To know the mind of God is to know your own mind and heart.

  144. Living life to the fullest is the most sincere form of worship.
    Focusing positive energy and intentions on others and self is the best form of prayer.

  145. A good Christian is one who asks questions.
    A Christian who does not ask questions becomes like a parrot.
    God does not deal with parrots.

  146. Bible stands for - Badly Interpreted Beliefs Lacking Evidence.

  147. Christianity is for people who desire a master/slave relationship with God.
    What they want they shall have, until such time as they learn a better way.
    They havenít yet realized that they actually have a choice in the matter.
    God loves us so much that if we insist on having a master/slave relationship with him then he will oblige us until we come to our senses and start offering our friendship instead. God is love. Love is about friendship not dominance.

  148. The bible is a negative fear based doctrine. Our Creator is anything but a fear monger.

  149. Christianity is guilty of trying to make us believe that we are separate from God and that only Jesus is part of God.

  150. The ten commandments are merely ten examples of the divine law of love.
    Love is the only real law.

  151. Live every moment as if there are going to be questions later.

  152. Because we are living in a plastic reality we should only ever have provisional beliefs, never total beliefs.

  153. We came to this world to experience physicality, gain wisdom and to learn to love all unconditionally and live in harmony.
    Religion and the bible teach little more than blind obedience, will oppression, fear, guilt, self-denial and how perfect and wonderful God is.
    The bible is mostly filled with negativity regarding us.

  154. Christians donít realize that faith is a two edged sword.
    It can save you or enslave you. It is extremely unwise to ignore this fact. The idea that God wants us to have only faith is a huge assumption and a very dangerous one. It goes to show that the scriptures are suspiciously one sided, incomplete and likely contain distortions. The best defence and policy is to never stop asking questions. Question everything, especially your faith.

  155. God honours and welcomes the wise for they do not pledge their faith blindly on hearsay and old text. Much of what is written regarding the infallibility of the Bible and scriptures were most likely added later.

  156. If God is an individual then there must be other beings, and if so then we could have got the scriptures from malevolent beings.

  157. I believe in God, I just donít believe in the people who speak for him.

  158. Religion

    Association for the spiritually disadvantaged.

  159. God made man in his own image.

    Man however made God from the sum of mans own frailties.
    Then man added some half-truths, stories, rules and rituals and put it all into an book.
    -- 50% unknown author

  160. Insanity:

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting better results.
    Christianity: Preaching the same thing over and over again and expecting a better world.
    -- 50% Albert Einstein