"Generally speaking, it is the man who engages in forming, both to feed himself and to provide others with food to keep them from slowing. The woman, on the other hand, weaves clothing not only for herself, but also to ennoble others to keep warm. Although these may seem to be menial chores, they are the foundation of human existence.
- Japanese Chronicle of Gods and Sovereigns

'She brought the or! of women
She brought the perfect execution of the me.
- Inanna


Worthy of honor, noble, holy, and ornamental, women are the Treasures of a house.
- Veda

Physicians know of no medicine in oil sorrows that equals o wife - this I tell is the truth!
- Veda





Life for a
gynic in a very hormonally confused world can be stressful and traumatic as it can be for andric men.


The ancient texts sang of their value as they were certainly a dying breed. Their instincts and emotions are not geared to what the majority believe is 'normal' behavior. Andric women have made living almost impossible for them through the ages as today with women's liberation, who have elevated the promiscuous and selfish woman and lowered the roles of housewife and mother.


It used to be a noble cause to keep a healthy home and family but now the teratogens of nature, the working, aggressive woman, has surplaced this who will bring misery to the world as the ancients warned us as it occurred in other ages, and who brought civilizations to their knees.

Lord help the nation that has an androgynous woman for a leader for they are so at odds with their behavior not knowing if they want power or the kitchen, when little does she realize the power she commands in the world stems from the latter.


A gynic wants no power and realizes that is why males were born to allow her to remain healthy and produce healthy offspring and at the rising pathological states of the working woman and her offspring, this is bearing fruit. Good cooking takes special instincts which only gynics have and she knows she holds the power of life or death over her family. Nutritional science is a true art and women hold the power of preventative medicine. Food is medicine, medicine is food, said the wise Hippocrates.


A gynic knows that a home must be kept clean and hygienic which takes more than just dusting and vacuuming.


How many andrics know the art of aromathy and ionization, the right material for clothing and those things which are natural and toxic for a home that mean the difference of healthy cells and those that will die? The storage and serving of foods and the ability to obtain their full nutrient compliments is an art in itself.


The home is a respite from an outside world full of hazards and there must be a haven for us. Housework is not a drudgery, it is pertinent to life that cannot be healthy without its being done properly. The average American home looks fairly decent on the outside but inside it looks like Yucca Flats after the blast.

Gynics are very sedentary, not liking crowds or strangers for many good reasons. They have a very precious cargo called ovum that will pick up every bit of bacteria and virus through her system, the more she has the less she is able to fend off. Pregnancy should be total seclusion for at this time her immunity is lowest.


Purdah is not coercion nor entrapment but many Islam ladies are yet gynic while the western whatevers, as anthropologists, try to goad them with falsehoods into their wretched way of life. Now they can bleed more and create little monsters as they do. Gynics avoid stress and strain for this upsets their systems, with resulting injured ovum. I once watched a very sad, but typical scene on a research video, of some women anthropologists who were studying the behavior of Masai African women.


They kept goading them into saying that because they were, to them, kept in a subservient position, being harassed by the males. The African women were getting rather upset after the standard andric anthropologist droll questions and one then calmly stated point blank that they were not oppressed by their men, enjoyed serving them as they were good men worth serving, and who reciprocated in kind.


Of course this stymied the andric who could not figure it out and the African ladies looked at her as if she were demented (they hit that one on the head!) and stated flatly that their men were strong and resourceful and they were weak and dependent and they could not walk into the jungles by themselves as they were too scared.


Where would they be without them? They had children to raise and the men were there to protect them. They needed men. What was wrong that they did not?


They knew that it was most important that a woman never be stressed and that the men were there to try and avoid as little as possible, for feeble offspring are born of such mothers. People would be surprised how misconstrued these people's lifestyles are. distorted by researchers who are trying to change the rules to their aberrated sense of moral depravity.


The same is with many Middle Eastern women of whom their Islamic laws of morality are instinctive and to degrade them by not understanding is foolish on our part. The same is also so true of many Indian women and their many castes.


It is insulting for them as gynics to see western women in their pants and scanty clothing but they know what they are and are considered harmful for them to even look at for their bodies are biologically programmed to respond to genders appropriately and this takes away from the 'soul'.


Actually, the stress depletes their cellular strength and being just in contact with them actually affects their electromagnetic flows. The practice of Purdah is an instinctive response from all biochemical areas.

Subservience means not being forced to do it but wanting so believes a gynic which draws the great dichotomy between them and andric women. Andrics do not want to serve because they are more male while gynics find it complimentary and dutious. So, andrics want liberation. But it is a low man who enslaves his wife and treats her second rate and does not listen and appreciate her instincts for she is very much a part of his world from which he must draw decisions.


Gynics have a smaller brain in relation to their body size while andrics have a large brain/body ratio, the same as men, but their hormonal imbalances make them unstable and abusive. Gynics however, are more intelligent for they are more stable and instinctive than an andric. their intelligence is geared to their small, enclosed world which demands more than one could believe if you know how to take care of a home and children as life intends.


Men have a larger corpus callosum and can react more quickly as would be expected to a more active being. A man with less testosterone will develop a more gynic hypothalamus while if a woman loses gynic hormones she will be more andric.


Andrics are quite common in secretaries, a job in its early days which was done only by men but it did not pay enough money. Men can type faster and with more accuracy. Gynics have smaller hearts in relation to their body and are more apt to die in any surgery and suffer, as we are discovering, despite this 'tough woman craze', from 'silent' heart attacks, which go completely unnoticed but rob her system terribly.


How rapidly the scene is changing as more andric women now even display thick sternocleidomastoid muscles and general muscle mass, even Adams apples and neck webbing as in a man.


They often have the 'quarter-to-two' walk like a man because of their android pelvis and will stand with their legs apart. Even voices are sounding more baritone. Neanderthal and now Homo erectus males and females are being found to have been almost identical in size and structure, the same biological patterns.

Gynics are not stupid but appear that way to andric women who pursue more male roles. Gynics are usually highly educated, more so than andrics, but apply it to their families rather than to a career. They teach their own children, whereas andrics prefer public teaching jobs and sending their children to public schools.

Men who marry stupid women only beget stupid children and in the higher Islamic and Hindu peoples the educated women are much desired. It is funny how parents actually allow their children to be taught by total strangers. The histories, sciences and ways of the world are to be taught by mother and father.


What is wrong with Mommy and Daddy that they create a life but are too stupid to educate it?


Education is the duty of every man and woman, the strengths of a family lies in its ability to become cognizant of the world and learn from it together. This country was founded on the principle that men and women would be able to teach their children themselves as the Puritans did. Up until World War I, it was considered among many people that to cast your child away to a school each day was a total failure of the parents.


College was considered very low caste as it was teaching for the multitude with no personal expansion and today it is a status symbol of the masses. Most of the highly intelligent people in the world were home educated and self taught. Even Einstein bucked on going to college but did it only for the status symbol. One thing these people were quite aware of is that only serenity and solitude is conducive to study and the ability to retain it.


A survey of college students showed that they could not recall but 5% of what they had learned ten years later. Cramming for tests, whisking here and there to classes does not create a studious atmosphere nor make what learning is meant to be, pleasurable.


Education is life. We have so many inborn capabilities which are never used but fall prey to the educational system which is an imposed ritual and not a part of life itself. Yesterday, as I write this, the University of Minnesota announced "condom week" to 'educate' people to avoid AIDS.


Higher education? You must be joking! What of character and not copulation?


Condoms do not stop the thirty various forms of syphilis that do not need intercourse nor a universe full of other bacterial disorders and infectious agents, not to mention this caters to their problems rather than curing it.


Schooling was different in all cultures, the last remnant of peoples to pursue the Egyptian form of home education were the Hebrews who practiced it up to quite late times, and the Puritans. In Sumer, public schooling was only for those who had the money or were government sponsored as today and like today you are taught what the government wants you to learn.


In the following, a young man of Sumer is late to school and sounding very similar to today, he is obnoxious and boisterous as the father implores:

"Come now, be a man. Don't stand about in the public square, or wander about the boulevard. When walking in the street, don't look all around. Be humble and show fear before your monitor. When you show terror, the monitor will like you..."

"You who wonder about in the public square, would you achieve success? Then seek out the first generations. Go to school, it will be of benefit to you. My son, seek out the first generations, inquire of them.

"Perverse one over who I stand watch - I would not be a man did I not stand watch over my son - I spoke to my kin, compared its men, but found none like you among them.

"What I am about to relate to you turns the fool into a wise man, holds the snake as if by charms, and will not let you accept false phrases. Because my heart has been sated with weariness of you, I kept away from you and heeded not your fears and grumblings - no, I heeded not your fears and grumblings. Because of your clamorings, yes, because of your clamoring -  was angry with you - yes, I was angry with you. Because you do not look to your humanity, my heart was carried off as if by an evil wind. Your grumblings have put an end to me, you have brought me to the point of death.

"I, never in all my life did I make you carry reeds to the canebrake. The reed rushes which the young and the little carry, you. never in your life did you carry them. I never said to you 'Follow my caravans.' I never sent you to work, to plow my field. I never sent you to work to dig up my field. I never sent you to work as a laborer. 'Go, work and support me,' I never in my life said 10 you.

"Others like you support their parents by working. If you spoke to your kin, and appreciated them, you would emulate them. They provide 10 gar (72 bushels) barley each - even the young ones provided their fathers with 10 gar each. They multiplied barley for their father, maintained him in barley, oil, and wool. But you, you're a man when it comes to perverseness, but compared to them you are not a man at all. You certainly don't labor like them - they are the sons of fathers who make their sons labor, but me -1 didn't make you work like them." 3

Like so many such rumblings today, perhaps children subconsciously resent their parents inability to be able to teach them the fundamentals of life rather than at the hands of a stranger.


Today, parents can hardly wait to be rid of their children with day-care and pre-school whom they abandon at the most crucial time of their development, and one wonders why they even had children but they are all the sad consequence of sex and not procreation.


When a mother puts her child on a school bus and waves goodbye, she is waving goodbye to one of her biggest failures in life; she is no longer a teacher.


Another similar passage from Sumer is the one student who complained that he had but three holidays a month and,

"that I must slay in school -and long days they are."

One student complained of being whipped so much he was going to quit. Sumer, became crowded with youth carrying lyre, our parallel to the blaring radio or guitar, the symbol of belligerent youth. Here are some words from the Veda to educators and all who think education ends at school and is the only place it can be taught, where people wear degrees and diplomas over their heads as halos:

In this world the young receive their wisdom From their elders only, till they too grow old. No wisdom is possible in a short time. Then why do you, child, expound as though aged?

The men of ancient times were quite aware how unveiled women were a hazard to their health and the more andric they became the more they 'unveiled'! You would have searched in vain for a copy of Playboy in very ancient Egypt though in latter dynasties they fell to scopophilia.


How very cognizant they were, how keen their instincts to abstain from such.


Some Akkadian 'Counsels of Wisdom' tells us how much:


Do not marry a prostitute, whose husbands are legion,
An ishtaritu-woman who is dedicated to a god.
A Kulmashitu woman whose... is much.
When you have trouble, she will not support you,
When you have a dispute, she will be a mocker.
There is no reverence or submissiveness in her.
Even if she is powerful in the household, get rid of her,
For she pricks up her ears for the footsteps of another man.


Variant: Whatever household she enters as wife will be scattered and the one who marries her will not be stable.

How they feared the andric woman! How familiar this sounds today. Things will never change for once the biochemistries are altered the patterns are always predictable.


They were having trouble keeping them sedentary much like the working woman today, for if you will harken back to the dangers involved when she leaves the cloister, the Veda tells of the problems they were having:

This is the eternal Law.


The women of all classes are uncloislered on earth. Just as the cows do, so do the creatures each in its class. Svetaketu, the seer's son, did not condone the Law, and laid down the present rule for men and women on earth, for humans but not for other creatures, good lady.


Ever since, we hear, this rule has stood. 'From this day on,' he ruled, 'a woman's faithlessness lo her husband shall be a sin equal to aborticide, an evil that shall bring on misery.

When they talked of aborticide as a sin here, they were not fooling, as we will delve into later. Things have changed so since the 19th century for instance, which was seeing the last of the gynics.


One author, Stephen Kern, in his otherwise superb book, ANATOMY AND DESTINY, (ANATOMY AND DESTINY - A Cultural History of the Human Body - 1975) criticized a book by Mary Wood-Allen and Sylvanus Stall written in 1897.


He stated that,

"the sex education contained in this book is the most destructive piece of moralistic misinformation that I have found. The message is at best confusing. After beating around the bush for one hundred pages about flowers, insects, and birds, the authors get to the heart of the matter. They approach it with the strangest analogy I have every come across."

Is that so? If only books today were this full of empiricism.


Let's look at the passages he examined:

You would not put sticks or stones in your ears nor let any one else do so. Every organ of the body is sacred and should be protected, and this is just as true of the sexual organs as of the eyes or ears. You should never handle them or allow any one else.


And yet, girls sometimes form a habit of handling their sexual organs because they find a certain pleasure in so doing... It is called solitary vice... Il leaves a mark upon the face so that those who are wise may know what the girl is doing... We can almost always tell when a girl begins this habit of solitary vice... she will soon become peevish, irritable, morose and disobedient...


She may become bold in her manner instead of being modest, as a little girl should be. She will manifest an unnatural appetite, sometimes desiring mustard, pepper, vinegar, and spices... which appetites certainly are not natural for little girls.

Onanism is a bioelectrical disturbance.


I have already stated how the coition process relies on the proper pheromones, electrical conduction, and chemistry of the opposite gender, to cause it from being a injury to the system. It incurs a great loss of zinc, vitamins E and A, calcium and potassium which is why the organs hypertrophy often.


The 'mark' on the face is that of acne or a flushed face from the histamine that becomes locked in the parotid glands which are full of toxins from the stimulation; it is a look well seen today, or they go the opposite extreme of pallor.


Her irritability and peevishness is because of cellular destruction and an agitated nervous system. As old as our youth look today, and the rate people age prematurely, it is evidence to this widespread problem as well as all the ailments.


Girls reach for pepper, vinegar, and spices as these are 'hot' herbs and foodstuffs which means there is an influx of testosterone (the herbs are an attempt to keep the body temperature radiating as testosterone does in a man) and men can tolerate these more as they have a thicker stomach lining, however they can only be eaten in moderation.


Androgens are famous for onanism because of their imbalances, while a gynic would never dream of it.


Let us continue:

Children sometimes go with each other to the closet and often their talk is not what it should be.


The little girl who values her modesty... will never allow anyone to talk lo her concerning any part of her body in a way that is not sweet and pure, and if any child ventures lo give her information concerning herself that seems to her such as she would not tell her mother, the wisest thing for her to do would be to say:

"I would rather you would not tell me about il. I will ask my mother... Mother tells me everything that I aught to know and she tells it to me in such a way that makes it very sweet to me, and so I have my little secrets with mother, and not with other girls."

Scopophiliac avoidance, already discussed, is an instinctive behavior for those properly 'tuned'. It will literally cause such a cortisone and histamine build up that cells are totally destroyed.


It is iconolagny and nothing more or less. You can 'lust in your heart' all you want, but the latter organ and the rest of the body wishes you wouldn't.


Unfortunately, many women cannot discuss gametogenesis with their children for they are ashamed to have done what they have for all their lives; she has had eroticism and not procreation and she cannot face them with her own depravity.


To a gynic, eroticism is not fun, procreation is sacred for it means she has created a healthy being like herself, and that goes for the husband as well. Eroticism is 'fun' to andric women who mate for disaster. To the gynic procreation is beautiful.


Talking that it is 'fun' sounds like they are kids on a merry-go-round and that is just what their lives will be with an endless run around of mistrust, disease, pain and suffering and children who will do just the same. A gynic is proud to tell her children how life is magnificently created between a husband and wife.


There is no shame, no guilt. Life is meant to be created in purity and sacredness, it is its root.


That life is sacred with this meaning has been lost to man and is the demon behind his every failing.

"Evil thoughts create actual poisons in the blood and all kind and good thoughts create life-giving forces in the blood,"

...continued the text, much wiser than the commentator who criticized it, and sadly his type thinking is more prevalent than the two very enlightened writers of the past century when two out of three girls were virgins and now you have to almost watch for three camels coming over a hill to find one today.

In all the old literature there is often remarks that it is bad for the gentle gender to study, and criticism today for Islamic women in particular who are illiterate. Books stating such are removed from library shelves now which state so.


But I am not so sure they were not wrong as do others in the biochemistry fields.


In Islam and Hebrew reading is yet forbidden because it would be difficult for her anyway, being right to left, as only males can read this way for the brain is dominate on the right side for visual stimulus in males. Johnny has always found it difficult to read and has let the girls beat him in spelling for he is forced to read as a girl, left to right.


Actually, men are far superior in reading and spelling, able to retain information longer and in more abundance and in spelling can ramble off those twenty letter words like they were five if he is taught right to. left. However, is reading good for women? Secretaries suffer greatly from vitamin A loss and I found I had to supplement my intake considerably with this book, and my eyes still showed the strain.


The problem is in reading, the eye is focused on abstract, flat letters, and must strain to each letter. Estrogen is surely lost if vitamin A is forfeited as this hormone relies on it as the male hormone testosterone does zinc. Some old 19th century texts stated it ruined the gamic organs which in effect it does when we lose vitamin A.


Leucorrhea is most common which has already been covered and is most hazardous to lose. In studies of women in Norway it was found early in the century that they went from a 17-19 year for menarche to 14-17, so premature literacy can hasten menstruation for the simple reason this vitamin A loss causes the vessels of the uterus to burst as the lining is lost through leucorrhea.


I don't believe women should be banned from learning by any means, she should be well educated by all means, but I do believe she has to approach learning in a different way through audio-visual or lecture or tapes which are most helpful, or read in moderation. We already read the correct way, left to right (although we have forced males to do so to their mental detriment), but we should return to the correct, biological approach of not allowing reading to be done until both male and female are past puberty.


Then, the eye has gone through most of its development as straining it to read while developing has given us a society of myopic youth. For females, no more than two hours of reading a day and that spaced an hour apart.


We see Egyptian hieroglyphics reading right to left, and vice versa, so they:

might have just been aware of the problem, or this was a biological transition of the males, I do know that brain tumors are most prevalent in women and mostly in those who study a great deal.

Again, vitamin A loss is a great precursor for tumors.


People would be surprised how intelligent the illiterate Islamic women are of the upper classes for their men appreciate an educated woman and prize one who is gifted in proper conversation and education. She cannot teach her children reading and writing, but she is well versed in history and life which she teaches to her offspring. Learning by being able to correctly repeat what was said is just as important as reading and is sadly overlooked in educational systems.


Oral tradition is most important.

It is really unbelievable that women have become so base that they abandon the baby for monetary gain and go to work. But since androgyny took full swing at the turn of the century it has only gotten worse. Here she has a little being before her that Herman Epstein, Brandeis University, biophysicist proved, what any gynic mother knows instinctively, that roughly every four years there is spurts of new brain growth for learning assimilation.


Yet she is off doing her 'own thing* and trying to find herself. But that is the problem, she does not know who she is or what she is doing because she is androgynous. Nature would not have created man if it did not intend for someone to stay with the child constantly and see it progressed through their every minute changes which go on until actually past 21, but we are precociously matured, physically, but not mentally.


In Christian times, many married at 30-40 years of age for this was considered the end of puberty and one was then mature. Ninety-nine percent of women today do not have to work and do so for material reasons. If their man is so unsuccessful.


I suggest she get back in the kitchen for that is where a great deal of his strength emanates from, for to have a successful man is through his stomach.


You would think people would start getting the hint that ever since women started leaving the home mental retardation, crib death, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, disease and dysfunction, crime, has risen at a whirlwind pace. There are more churches in this land than every before and did you ever see so much depravity? As the Sumer and Egyptians said, get her away from the temples!


They were loath that women would abandon the family to pray to the Gods or God than their own church which is the home, as was the man's. To them the temple or church broke up the family more than anything else, as it drew men and women away from daily, life duties. The reason andric woman go crying to it is because they cannot figure why life does not go right for them in their hormonally confused world and the men become gynic and cry the blues for the same reasons.


However, they knew the major source of their problems, as some are realizing today, where we have young people on drugs, alcohol, committing suicide, killing others and family members, venereal disease, abortion, pregnancies, they all spell the same sequela: M.O.M. (mommy)


Nature programs for success, and will tolerate no failures for when the rules are broken, pain and suffering enter into life.


We have no one really, to blame but ourselves for adversity. Everything is programmed in us by nature, when each nerve is due to develop, each organ to mature, teeth develop, etc., and to hinder or accelerate it only injures the organism and opens it up for a lifetime of misery. Today, people can hardly wait for their kids to grow up and get out the door a clear sign that the union was merely autocytolysic, erotism was for 'fun' and the baby a sad consequence.


I have no pity for people with children on drugs or alcohol, or reaped in crime or pregnant teens for the parents should be lined up and summarily chastised. Whatever a child does in his or her life will always be the parents fault for they nurtured and guided it and if they missed a crucial stage of development everyone suffers. This is difficult for people to appreciate who have themselves lost most of their sensibilities and these are the ones who will say it is that nonentity called 'society' which is to blame.

A fascinating find in 1956 was by Marcelle Geber who under a grant from the United Nations Children's fund in Kenya and Uganda where malnutrition was, they thought, affecting baby intelligence. What she found was very brilliant, advanced infants months ahead of American and European baby development, intellectually and physically, and, they smiled from the fourth day of life!


Western children take up to three months for this, but these babies were born at home and the mother had continually been with them, breastfeeding them.


They hardly ever cried for African women are usually keen to know what is most natural for a baby. She responded to his every gesture and she assisted every move. At two days old. the baby sat upright, held by the forearms with straight back, excellently focused eyes, smiling all the way! Think back to the African women the andric anthropologist tried to insult for being good wives and mothers.


These babies had to have very little andrenal stress hormones since gestation to be so well born, and the adrenal steroids associated with birth stress were gone by the forth day. Look at western babies, limp and fat, eyes going this way and that and looking old like aged little men. But, she found that those who had hospital births had all the same problems western babies do.


No smiling till 2-3 months, no sensori-motor skills as well developed, high adrenal levels still at 2 months! They slept continuously, cried when awake, colicky, irritable. The mothers of the well-born infants believed in Nature and it worked.

World famous Frederick LeBoyer who, as a physician, was seeing that hospital births were harming babies, has developed his own natural delivery and his babies smile two hours after birth. The mother's health depends on what kind of baby she will create.


One of the worst horrors is the pregnant woman on the job where she is always stressed and the fetus gets the brunt of this as well as noises and bumps and jars, and the latter is known to do injury to the brain as the fetus we have found is very susceptible to the least pressure which causes fetal concussions. Babies of working mothers will always be born sickly, less intelligent and hormonally imbalanced.


No one every speaks of the long term damage that pops up later. Women have to be secluded during pregnancy. Our African women were smart, they knew what a man was for. Now to an andric woman this all sounds quite disastrous, she will never understand and we cannot expect 'it' to, this 'third' gender that has been spawned.


To gynic's I say, just stay out of their way and lead your own life and do not be intimidated for one has to learn to avoid the Neanderthals. But remember they became extinct, but those who held on are what are here today, but being quickly swamped by the degenerates if they let them.


When death is on a roll it is like trying to stop a landslide!

"Let your women be silent" need never be said to a gynic.

Today andrics are ministers and even rabbi, sad to say.


It seems the purpose of many religions, particularly Christianity, was to lure the women from the home where she has a more sacred duty. The biggest laugh in America is on Sunday when the family is all seated so piously in church then afterwards the mother subjects all to breakfast at the local restaurant or fast-food chain where kosher has no meaning and where Moses' declaration against fat and sinful food is all forgotten, much less the sugar and salt.


Both men and women belong to the finest church ever made, the home, and to forsake their families to waste it sitting before someone who is a failure in life anyway or he would not be in that line of work, is pitiful.


Christ and his Apostles knew if they could lure the andric women to them they would undermine the family as she would devote her time to religion in her androgenic blindness rather than to her family. At that time, the Hebrews could see through this and had no difficulty restraining their women who were most gynic and preferred to remain at home.


The temple was something quite different in those days, with little religious connotations amongst the enlightened.

The Veda considered an unfertilized ovum lost through a period an abortion which it most certainly is as the uterus prepares to have a baby. It is unbelievable that a country founded on the principles as America was, actually allows legal abortion for it does not have the peoples welfare at hand for abortion is a guarantee her next baby she wishes to keep (sounds like picking out tomatoes at the produce stand!) will not be healthy as the abortion ruins the uterus lining and the rest of the system beyond repair.


How could anyone run a government with no training at all in the biological sciences? It is madness to presume to be able to lead a people and know nothing of their biology. These women's children are the social detriments of the future and come from totally incompetent mothers whose values are extremely low for if they could not handle becoming pregnant, they are very ignorant in all areas of life responsibilities, and cannot nurture life in any phase.


A most pertinent line in the Veda tells us that we will be reaching the end when "willful abortion wilt be atoned".


The Veda also reminds us that "Chastity is the highest Law",10 which is certainly missing in western 'civilization'. Andric women are tough and loud, spiteful and hateful and their wrath is deadly for they can destroy a family as well as a nation as they pass on their legacy of degeneracy. A gynic glories in her family and home to raise mankind to the heights, while an andric undermines the principles of life.

A study was done on rhesus monkey infants where, when taken from the mother, their levels of Cortisol rose immensely but when given back, lowered. Those without a mother developed poorly. Those put with less attentive, 'punitive' mothers (must be the working moms of the monkey set) could not turn high risk infants to normalcy, but the nurturing ones could.


We know Cortisol levels rise in human infants, or anybody, at stress, and we can take a lesson from the monkeys.


But research on people has shown that Maternal Deprivation Syndrome is an actual biochemical response of the mother's influence on the child and studies have shown the latter, when deprived, do not attain their full compliment of growth and development so mother's touch is most important in this bioelectrical response.


The latest craze of working moms who like to console their evil ways is with putrid sayings as,

"it's not the quantity but the quality of time I give my kids,"

...when they have a being in front of them turning over neurological and cellular growth rates so fast paced, which need direction and guidance of every waking hour until way into the teens to see those mental and physical connections are properly made.


One of these days, maybe the andrics will get their wish and produce babies who can spout out all of Shakespeare's tragedies, run the hundred yard dash and have a ready made family attached!

Virgin rats when given oxytocin, gave them maternal behavior but it would only work if estrogen levels were high. This is identical to andric women, who, despite birth and elevated oxytocin, natural behavior is little or not at all because of little estrogen. As in the rats, different forms of their maternal behaviors was found depending on the hormonal levels and each performed differently as women who score in one area of motherhood but lose in another, which only confuses the offspring.

Just how long gestation is supposed to be is really not known.


In the writings of Cicero, it is stated at his time (106-43 B.C.E.),

"the embryo matures sometimes in seven moons but usually in nine."

Are we seeing a transition?


The endocrinologically disturbed women of Indra had ten month gestations and a hard time as we saw. Through the Veda six to ten month gestation rates are given, in Egypt the same.


It would be easier on mother and infant if the baby was a six to seven month gestation providing she was sound in nutrition. Interestingly, premature babies today in two months, turn over in fat content at twice the rate a nine month baby does. Orangutan babies are three pounds and grow to be 200-300 pounds while chimps and gorilla's are roughly the same.


We do know the birth weight of babies today is way up as compared to thirty years ago when six to eight was the norm, today, six to eleven, which is telling us very unhealthy babies with much useless adipose tissue are being born.


Arteriosclerosis is in nine out of ten babies today! With different air quality as we have studied, with a lower nitrogen rate this too can contribute to high gestation rates if the mother is not careful.


A baby should weigh as an ape newborn, about three pounds as most gynics find them very had to carry around beyond five pounds which is terribly hard on the thyroid at a time yon do not want it. Andric women are bound to give birth to heavier babies because of their hormonal disturbance. Traditionally, baby clothes size has not been changed since the 1930's and mother's today are complaining the standard sizes are too small, all a sad tribute to our precocious development from poor diets and lifestyles.


Just as in the Biblical quote, we can update today,

"There are going la be Giants in our days to come."

A gnostic text put it quite succinctly when they predicted the next fall of the world.


They describe geromorphism (a condition of appearing prematurely old or aged) now seen in babies and that the andric women will in time become totally sterile another biological fact, but so will gynic men, and if the rest of the world can manage to avoid the disasters they will bring, there may be hope yet.


Everything comes to those who are androgynous in this very prophetic warning:


But when this sign appeal's throughout all the world.
Children grow gray at the temples from birth,
And afflictions of men, famines and plagues and wars.
And change of season, lamentations, many tears
Ah, how many children in all lands, bitterly wailing.
Shall devour their parents, wrapping the flesh
In shrouds, and foul with blood and dust
Buy them in earth, the mother of peoples! Poor wretches,
Men of the last generation, dreadful transgressors.
Children who do not understand that, then the race of women
Do not give birth, the harvest of mortal men is come!


Confucius in his great wisdom hit it right on the head when he stated that,

"the family that accumulates good shall be recompensated in future generations, but the family that fails to accumulate good will ultimately meet with misfortune. The murder of a lord or a father is not the result of one day or one night."

Confucius knew that mistakes breed themselves out in time through the lineages until their final demise, so offspring serve a purpose often to meet those ends and again, sex is the pathway to reach it.



"the line of a virtuous sovereign will surely last for are hundred generations," Jesus ben Sirach stated in Ecclesiasticus 3:9 in the second century B.C.E.

"The blessing of the father builds houses for the sons; The curse of the mother destroys them."

At this time Hebrews, as many, were struggling with the problem of the androgyne.


The Talmud says that,

"A man must not make a woman weep, for God counts her tears,"

...but only a true andric man and gynic would understand why this is so important and why the man is supposed to keep as many tears from her eyes as possible in life to keep the house "blessed" and no future mothers down the lineages from destroying it.





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