The women adorn their right side with men's clothing. The people of Sumer parade before you.
The men adorn their left side with women's clothing. The people of Sumer parade before you.


In a gnostic work given the title, ON THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD, a composite of many works reflecting the story of Indra and his mother and the seven women, the story tells us that from their misbegotten offspring man was henceforth cursed as "death was androgynous."


There were probably no truer words ever spoken in all the ancient texts.


There is no theme more dwelled upon, so much so we cannot deny that these people knew what so few today have come to realize, androgyny means death to a species. From an endocrinologist's viewpoint, there is nothing more factual than this for the admixture of gender hormones means a final demise for a species.


Now, whether you believe in what occurred thousands of years ago or not is neither here nor there, because scientists have been aware of it in a very confidential manner for many years. It has been with mankind since the days of Egypt and Sumer and before and was the eventual fall of every civilization and today is snowballing to a collision. In case you are not familiar with the term androgynous, it means one without definite gender characteristics, having male and female hormones.


They are also known as gynanders and all of the world suffers from it to one extent or the other. If you are normal, this chapter will not bother you for whatever hormones you have of the opposite gender are what is termed exogenous, not affecting the cell nuclei, but many are suffering from endogenous hormones.

We know male and female hormones are antagonists of one another when possessed by the same person, but researchers cannot figure why they arc present together in most men and women. It has always plagued mankind and I believe it is the ground floor, as the ancients believed, from which all troubles escalated.


Carl Jung called it the animus and the anima. Animus, the masculine personality in women and anima, the female personality in men.


What happens is. the endocrine systems is unbalanced, particularly the pituitary. It is one of the most perplexing and confusing aspects of our biologies although many psychologists yet say it is normal instead of doing something about it. but it takes a great deal of endocrinology study which they have little or no training in.


Researchers know better:

"It is probable that one hundred percent 'maleness' or femaleness' does not exist - for in every individual there is some leaven of the character of the opposite sex."1

Considering the medical community's knowledge in sitology, endocrinology and biochemistry is nearly zero, (can you believe that psychologists are supposed to be able to tell you about your psyche and they are not required to know any of these vital areas of the physical sciences?) many biological heresies are being spread by them instead of finding the source of the afflictions.


Zoologists and researchers are often perplexed as to why their wild caged animals, after giving birth, the offspring start losing all their normal instincts in feeding and breeding behaviors as well as in parturition. Most animals in the wild are not onanistic or show sexual aberrations unless the environment becomes stressed, but zoo animals have great problems as do domesticated animals. (When someone states that a person acts like an animal they are referring to our domesticated ones, not the wild).


The mothers of these animals for one thing are stressed which causes, as in humans, a blending of gender hormones upon the conceptus and growing fetus.


Lab animals as well as zoo ones are fed abiological diets; sugar and fats are given them - one experiment I know of they actually fed Kelloggs Special K, a nutritional horror, sugar, salt, and a list of additives that would down a bull elephant, but this is par for the course in most laboratories which is why research is so fickle-the scientists cannot even feed themselves properly, much less a mouse, for if you have ever been to a science meeting the sugar, alcohol and cigarettes abound.


There is no higher thinking from this, you would think feeding the brain properly would be their number one priority which is the hallmark of their business, but what we are seeing coming out of most researches in all Fields is quite understandable - and it upsets the endocrine balances terrifically.


The Egyptians and gnostic texts pointed out the stickle-back fish as an aberration of nature for it can change its gender at will, it is bisexual.


Today, very confused anthropologists are calling this normal and 'evolutionary'. Most people bear the mistaken notion that because organisms mate and reproduce they are both biologically secure, but nature often brings mistakes together just to breed them out of the gene pool. Cortisol (cortisone) we know in stressed mothers causes much of this. Diet is another.


One study found that alcohol consumed by rats induced androgyny in the offspring. Alcohol suppresses testosterone function either in the father, or developing fetus, causing gynic males and andric females, and is causing the same response in people.

There seems to be few absolute masculine and feminine peoples. The problem can arise at any level of gender organization of the embryo giving endogenous or exogenous infiltration of gender hormones upon the conceptus.


Often exogenous hormones remain that way until sometime in life a lack of a nutrient, such as tryptophan, can turn one into a sexual aberration, so the tightrope is thin for human gender identity in many:

It is becoming increasingly clear that anomalies in number and structure of sex chromosomes occur with far greater frequency than was previously suspected and that these anomalies are of such variety that they cannot be attributed to any single mechanism or stage of cellular replication.

Errors can occur during spermatogenesis or oogenesis or from faulty division of cells or a myriad of other reasons.


Menopausal women often find out just how much male hormone they have when the ovaries stop pumping estrogen and she gets a mannish voice and coarse features and her husband, if he is totally andric, finds to his horror that he has really been married to something not truly feminine. Studies of chromosomes and gender placement are too generalized as to make any rash statement one way or the other as to the Y and X of male and female.


Why the male has an X chromosome is odd, except in androgyny, but to say all men do would not be true as not all men in the world have had their chromosomes checked and by looking at most of the women of America today, to say they don't posses a Y in their genes would take a great deal of gullibility.


Let me emphasize that no research lab has yet conducted a study with a person on a true biologic diet and even the so called Y and X chromosomes may look entirely different if sugar and salt were entirely free from the person which is extremely hard to do today unless you are wise to what to eat. I think if there is one great aspect to a natural diet is that men report they have more masculine traits and are much more confident while women feel more feminine but then this would only happen to someone who had exogenous hormones of the opposite gender or none at all.


The Y chromosome (again a generalization) is small compared to the X chromosome of the female which has the genetic coding for functions involving every system of the body and twice the genetic material as males.


Then why do some people resemble their fathers?


We cannot figure why there is not greater differences in the sexes and why the males do not (at least most) have the same complement of genetic material. But again it is not hard to figure given diet and environment. The Jews do not believe anyone is Jewish if the father is a Jew but the mother a gentile, but if the mother is a Jew they do which is just showing how androgyny has affected them like everyone else.


A women's libber would say that women are superior but we have to remember biologic examples are random and given the highly androgynous state of men and women how do we know Y and X are normal? In animals we find the same, but these are mainly lab animals and even those from nature cannot always be reliable given our environment.


One of the basic flaws is that most tests are from buccal mucosal smears and the nuclei of the X chromosome is lower here than in other somatic tissue and here is the trouble already arising. Refined sugar is an acid as is salt, it takes approximately 6-12 months to be completely rid of it in the body. It affects the size and shape of every body cell which is why many people who stop taking sugar and salt are of a totally different appearance and people often do not even recognize them.


This is why I stress that nothing is reliable under a microscope when poisons are in the body.


And, these tests certainly are not a good marker for exogenous and endogenous hormones. It is believed, by many endocrinologists that it is normal that gonadal development is indistinguishable in either gender in the first twelve weeks. This is wrong. It is a mistake of nature. Period. The testis and ovaries are not homologous and derive from different primordial structures, which they-do in many animals, but there is a flaw in man and woman.


The ovaries of women produce testosterone, the male hormone, which is definitely wrong. The problem is that studies proving that there are biochemical aberrations were based on research done years and years ago when near normal subjects were yet available.


Today they call this research obsolete and look over any inconsistencies, but the fact is there are few normal subjects anymore. Most studies on gonadal differentiation is done on free-martins, hermaphrodite cattle who became that way because of poor feed and drugs given both bull and hefer.

A classic sign of progressive androgyny is that women through the ages were always cognizant of the benefits of skirts, for instance. Our great grandmothers would have fainted to see women in pants. Anyone who has read the histories of these times knows that if a woman back then appeared in pants she was treated as a freak, which she is.


These gynic women even wore underwear and socks to bed and covered their body completely to deter any feelings from those infamous erogenous zones.


They were very smart in their day but would be laughed at today by andric women. In the "The House on the Prairie" books, which are excellent studies of life in the 19th century, Laura Ingalls tell how her sister, like so many girls, was trained early to wear a corset even to bed. Corsets were evil, unhealthy contraptions, but they did serve one good purpose.


Today, we have more comfortable items called bras, invented in the 1920's, but it too does the same job, to keep clothing from rubbing those two most famous erogenous zones. It does not take much biological guesswork to have predicted that women would doff theirs as the ages progressed as androgyny became more prevalent, for they have lost their feminine sensitivities and enjoy it for the brain has become andric in part and cannot distinguish healthy from unhealthy, good from bad.


Men have no such feeling there and although these women often do, the andric in them does not acknowledge it. It drives a gynic lady (another forgotten term today) crazy to go without a bra.


We will delve more into the wearing of clothing later, but the point is that when these erogenous zones are hit it totally upsets the electromagnetic flow of the body and a great deal of nutrients such as zinc are lost. The body has a natural electrical flow which does not like to be upset, and will cause other problems we will look into later. When these things occur you get unhealthy women and thus unhealthy offspring.


This is just one small aspect of the abiotrophic calamities of androgyny. There are so many sensitivities lost by both genders that pertain to life responses that another book should be devoted to it.

At the turn of the century until the 1930's doctors of the old traditional schools tried to tell America what was happening. They saw the transitions as doctors who acknowledged the fact that refined foods were the culprits, and launched campaigns which ultimately failed. Refined flours were stripped of vitamins E and B-complex, causing sperm and ovum to become weak, one of the major culminations of infertility today as germ plasms weaken through the ages.


As the brain relies heavily on glucose for energy and to maintain endocrine balances, refined sugar with its electron configuration mis-shappened, the brain cannot tolerate it and areas such as the pituitary do not function at full capacity.


Sugar too, robs the system of all nutrients and is the major offender creating androgyny. When sperm and ovum meet, if the testosterone is weak, estrogen blends and reacts upon the blastocyst and a mixture of gender characteristics evolves. The Egyptians were very adamant, only masculine and feminine existed, no gynandromorphs.


The term female does not specify a gynic but a male with a womb, while most males have gynic qualities. There was something wrong back then as now as we have encountered and will see more of, and contrary to popular opinion, women have always had more male characteristics than realized.


The Sumerians feared the androgynous woman as did the Egyptians when the "tiara rules before the crown". Through all the woes of these times the goddesses were always behind them.

The Egyptians instigated circumcision for females as well as males to rid them of the supernumerary organs they knew nature had in accident given them. Our sun's radiation and fallout are also a cause of endocrine imbalances and most likely theirs as well.


The Neanderthals show a very androgynous skeleton, the women's pelvis' not much different than the males and the major reason they became extinct. Today, most women have android pelvis', the hour glass shape is very hard to find, the jean factories have become rich because of hormonal imbalances. But then, so have doctors for this is the main reason, like Lilith, that she gives birth in pain.


What a price woman has paid, with drugged births, difficult labors, she gives birth to death for all their babies suffer from hypoxia and are mentally and physically weak.


Women walk like men, with feet to the sides and have muscular high calves and enlarged ankles, and even talk like them with nasal or barotone, loud voices, accentuated often with coprolalia as well.


They want jobs like men and forget the home and children, their selfishness and aggressiveness only tell us how much testosterone 'its' producing.



(This statement is not fair to those women who are thrown into having to make a living in the outside world and who know better, by family misfortune. Also, there are many women who feel they are not prepared for marriage and pursue a higher education to enrich themselves and though they may not know the reasons why, they are actually normal for their bodies are not prepared to have children as we will learn through this study.


So, do not panic by the harsh statements made on working women. Some of you may find you are more biologically stable if you forfeit marriage and children to improve yourselves first. But if you forget you are feminine and want to be as a man, you had better start worrying about those endogenous hormones I told you about!)



The ancients knew as some do now, that when a feminine loses her instincts she cannot respond to children or men and everyone suffers.


Men of ancient days shunned her because she was an aberration, but as men become gynic their female side loves the male side of their mates. Neither compliment one another as they cannot understand one another, the same gender side always fighting that of the other.


The most successful marriages are, among those who are sturdy in their gender roles as they attract harmoniously and can better appreciate and understand the other's feelings because they know they will have just the opposite reaction to things. Marriages are then a blending not a separation.


This is why andric women go out to work and their men often now do not mind it while their father's thirty years before would not have stood for it.


She has lost all her nurturing and feminine instincts but he has lost his protective ones and he is in part female himself and appreciates someone looking out for his other half.


This is also why women heartlessly abandon their babies to day-care centers. To call them mothers is very foolish, they merely popped their mistake out and then do not have the instincts to care for it for self aggrandizement comes first, like a man who must take charge, only in her it is selfishness, for she is supposed to have a more important responsibility. Androgyny is one of the prime reasons for marital strife for they have come together only to strive to an end and like hermaphrodites are capable of reproduction.


People are always gamically attracted to those who will hurt them if they are flawed.


They are actually epicenes. like stickle-back fish, producing more aberrant offspring until extinction. Many doctors in Hippocrates time recognized this and refused to offer service as they knew they were a breeding disaster. She wears the pants to match something she has very much in common with the man she mates with.


Today it is enlarging and why "vaginismus" has come into the world (I think we could use more mandrakes here! The problem is the same as in Lilith's time).


If the males were smart, they would run whenever a woman does so for the clitoris is just a small phallus.


During gestation, the hormones mix and instead of creating just a vaginal opening there is a slip up and a rudimentary phallus develops. Depending on how much male hormones she has, it will be either big or small, and by today's standards, more women are adapting to more male behavioral patterns. (Shades of Lilith!)


About the fourth week a phallus develops in the female fetus, her genitals quite indistinguishable from the male (although the male has a urethral groove or orifice) and until the 12th week totally indistinguishable from a phallus and even a glans shows until it starts to shrink into a smaller phallus called a clitoris.


The labia majora and labia minora are her versions of the male's scrotum that does not fully develop. A glance at Egyptian statuary, and even up until Greece and Rome, reveals the fact that the mons pubis did not end in genitals but was a solid organ in some women, a mark of purity. But when genitals are shone, pubic hair usually accompanies.


The women are androgynous and often depicted as a bizarre and degraded state from the norm. Even in the Venus women their genitals are portrayed in a derogatory state. In Egypt, the circumcision of the clitoris was as the prepuce in males. Even today, in Africa and the Near East, female circumcision is widely practiced (although it is sometimes very crudely done) as, if you can get a woman who has retained some of her feminine instincts to admit, it is uncomfortable to sit upon and onanism each time one does.


If you are a reader of 19th century newspapers, journals and letters, you would know it was highly frowned upon for women to ride straddled on a horse for this reason and the fact to sit on the vagina does the same thing.


Androgynous women will not register the emotion as badly and are well known for onanism, because their amygdala is usually more male. When whites started venturing to the Orient the people there were shocked that their women did not sit on their legs as theirs did. a remnant behavior from the days of Egypt where women until late in the Dynasties never sat in chairs.


There is a very old and sickening joke the white men tell of Indians, which a particular well-known entertainer used to drollery tell (who, shall remain nameless), about the Indian buck whose wife trailed behind him on foot while he rode a horse.


When asked why she was not riding he says,

"She got no horse. "

I would like to bury this joke because no decent Indian woman would have ridden a horse as with her many Oriental sisters, for the same reason.


This is also why they could give birth without severe pain as the vagina of white women is injured when they sit on it. This also causes the many bladder problems in women for sitting on the vagina, or anus especially, pushes these organs against the bladder.


When women's liberation began at the turn of the century, bike riding became popular for the same reason although it was shocking to their grandmother's, but the latter were more feminine than they and they registered the instincts.


The worse the diets the worse the germ plasms and each generation is worse than the last. Today, most women think nothing of bike or horseback riding (another reason for the side saddle) as they subconsciously relish every bit of it. The unusual leg postures that come from exercising and dancing are pure onanism which is one reason these 'recreations' are so popular.


You can figure cytocide occurs with each second of stimulation which no one at the health club is going to tell you because they do not realize it themselves.


Christian women are certainly praying to the right God when they go into the church and sit on the pews for the lineage they sprang from created the problem. Women sitting before Allah still retain the Egyptian posture as do some Hebraic.

Strabo and Herodotus both reported on female circumcision, and its use in Egypt seems to stem right from the time we would expect, the Old Kingdom. The Koran makes no mention of it but Mohammed is said to have required it for both man and woman. The Muslims cut only the clitoris for the same reason it was done in the U.S. and Europe before the turn of the century and for ages before, to keep vaginismus away and make intercourse as quiet as possible.


Vaginismus is the new 'in' thing just what you would expect of a sugar-blued, licentious people. It is very hard on the reproductive tract, it does not help sperm to ascend, healthy sperm (sperm is today very weak in most men and most is abnormally structured and die quickly) is perfectly capable of reaching the ovum. Most infertility problems are caused from it.


Ovum is also the main reason for the danger of this. It is very delicate and susceptible to injury. It has traveled along way and if conception does occur, the last thing it needs is to have a weakened uterine lining to cling to for nourishment which is easily torn during coitus.


Spasmus is for men only, so if you are capable of it as a woman you better take another look in the mirror and your partner had better too.

Another problem is that the clitoris has nerve fibers reaching up to the reproductive tract to the ovaries which causes all the agitation just as in a male. / In many women the ovaries are just like testis because they release male hormones and it is becoming very apparent from our androgynous population that although the male may be ejaculating her, she is actually fertilizing the egg herself, the male is just an onanistic outlet, not for procreation, hut an energy releaser.


This is especially so if the children resemble her. This is another curious thing, children should always resemble the father as testosterone is a stronger medium than estrogen and in our ancient times this was more so. It was an abomination if the children did not resemble the father. It is a known fact that healthy women produce nothing but males and today's imbalance of more girls than boys is more evidence of malnutrition and androgyny. (Remember the Cainite women?)


Boys born often fail to survive today which brings us to another falsehood that states women are superior because they suffer from a great deal less of disease than males.


This is very wrong. Women suffer much more but this women's liberation propaganda is being scooped up by many gullible anthropologists. It is just that man in the past seldom suffered from the harrowing ailments he does today. Ashley Montagu in his book THE NATURAL SUPERIORITY OF WOMEN failed to realize the gynandromorph problem.


True, males suffer a great deal and the babies abort more, but has anyone stopped to think that it takes a great deal more nutrients to create a male than a female?


These organisms have to be built of more sturdy material for life demands of them stronger body and mental attributes which all demands a well nourished mother with clean habits and it also takes one who is not herself androgynous. When not well nourished she gives birth to something we call a female, party gynic, part andric.


It has become customary today among Academia, particularly of the evolutionary set (the boys and girls who sell out when they cannot figure things out), to down play men; they are selling out this gender at wholesale prices! What a shame. They do not even know what a masculine or feminine is. The book WHY MALES EXIST, is a typical example. (I am wondering why Academia exists!)


All that our college level people seem to offer is the transposing of their own weakness' into their historical and biological tableau's of man.

The recipe for creating a feminine baby was quite simple to the ancients. They knew she needed the father's strong genetic qualities, but not his hormones, and would take certain herbs to combat the male hormones. There is also a trick we know animals play to create whatever gender they believe is needed and in the wild will orientate themselves to the geomagnetic south for males and the north for gynics as will plants, as a definite correlation between the magnetic poles and gender has been established.


We always see how the ancient peoples would only mate on certain phases of the moon for this too will have an affect as well as planetary bodies because of the electromagnetic fields. Ten years ago, or so, you could not make a statement like this, but research in these areas of bioastrology or bioastronomy, as some prefer, are becoming more clear.

Clitoridectomies can be very hazardous if not done properly and if there are too many male features involved. Egyptians did it at around twenty years of age in the early dynasties, males as well, and at six in the later dynasties which is an excellent guideline to their degeneration as puberty lowered.


Puberty will be at roughly 6-9 years in America in 20 years or so, although many girls are having menarche at 9 or 10 now.


In the Sudan, it is still practiced, as with many other African tribes, and interestingly there are two kinds,

  • the Tahurat Sunna, "the purification of the law"

  • more revealingly, the Tahurat Farohin, the "purification of the Pharaohs"

The former is removal of clitoris and labia minora, and in the second surgery, two thirds of the labia majora are removed also and it was said to be that practiced by the ancient Egyptians.


To be called the "son of an uncut woman" was a great insult. Infibulation was also practiced, which does not seem to be an Egyptian practice but a later addition to thwart premarital relations.


Nonetheless, they know what would produce a healthy baby and what would not. If they got into the hands of a bad surgeon however this was a drawback. It is often done in the hope it will preserve their virginity as the vagina is sometimes party closed and reopened at marriage, but as this is their answer to western culture's 'pill', it is a poor substitute for good character.

A clitoris is difficult for a woman who has retained feminine instincts but on some it is merely rudimentary with no feeling at all. All higher primates have it also, but we cannot regard them as normal in nature for they, like the female hyena who is almost unrecognizable from the male, have a large clitoris and the latter animal sited as another aberration of nature by the Egyptians.


Wherever there is blood engorgement, there is always a drain on her heart, which is quite literally a real killer, and it is no wonder we see women aging as rapidly as they do. Males suffer more heart attacks, but women have what is termed 'silent heart-attacks' that are just beginning to be studied, as she may not realize she is having one until a major attack or stroke which are more common in women.

In one of the most ill-researched books to come around, THE SEX CONTRACT, of course from an evolutionary anthropologist, Helen Fisher, reports that the Polynesians of Mangaia Island teach their young girls to spasm several times.


I wish she would have looked into the matter more thoroughly, as all Polynesian people did not commence these abnormal practices until western diets invaded the islands. This is a matter of record as Dr. Price revealed and many others since the days of Captain Cook. She also reported on the inhabitants of a rural Irish island, where neither man or woman had in 1966 ever heard of it.


They do not know how lucky they had been until some egghead spilled the beans and now they have an island of neurotics thinking they are abnormal because someone put this bee in their Irish tarns. Again, if she had bothered to look she would have seen they were little bothered by western diets. Her book is most damaging and an insult to thorough research.


I do get a kick out of how she finally admits it may be hazardous to conception, but what the heck, its evolution, its satisfying to women she says. That's right, forget it produces unhealthy offspring, that it ages women tremendously (what about the headaches many have for days from all the blood that engorges the head?) and creates a mountain of gynecological problems.


She just proved the hopelessness of evolution for I dare say, if her hominid's were thinking like this, it is no wonder they became extinct; infertility is a direct consequence of it. Had she done her research well she would have found that most primitive societies who have little western influence, have coitus in the most quiet manner possible as they know that it is injurious to mother and conceptus.


Here is an excellent example of sex as an energy release and not for procreation, just two degraded organisms coming together for cytocidal purposes.


How could evolution result from a woman pouring forth her every energy at a time she needs it most to create a life? If this is what is coming out of higher education, no thank you. Books as this are only making more problems. They add nothing, only take away.

A study was done several years ago in which a group of women, some dressed in pants, and the others as they should be in dresses, and a group of men were brought together to see who would be the wall flowers. As would be guessed, as you look at androgynous America, the men preferred the women dressed as they. Their feminine side fell in love with the women's masculine traits.


Gynic men always fear a true gynic because they cannot respond to true femininity.

Men too have difficult problems coping with their feminine sides. They too have two major physical flaws, mammillary papilla and a prepuce. The former will be discussed later but the latter is as the problem of a woman's clitoris, a result of their having in the first weeks of gestation a urethra opening as a female which closes by twelve weeks.


The prepuce seems to be left over tissue that would have gone to close the urogenital membrane very early in gestation as the scrotal raphe should have occurred at this time instead of at twelve weeks. About one-fifth of men have a short prepuce and a very small minority are born without it. It has always been the belief in Jewish and Islamic ritual that eventually circumcised babies will be born and this small minority does occur more in those practicing it, however, the key is to accompany it with a pure diet, by both husband and wife, and such a baby can be born.


You could call this Lamarckism. which it is. and it is true, but to achieve it takes the proper ingredients, this is why evolution is a farce and nothing is genetically geared as such to resist alteration back to its original formation.


Evolution is rather like astrology, if you allow yourself to fall to the negative forces of nature you will change, for the worse. All the patriarchs were said to have been born circumcised and as it is mentioned so often, we must believe this was the normal state of man at one time. Circumcision is becoming less popular in the U.S. today while Hebraic and Islamic peoples carry on the tradition.


There is probably no bigger issue misconstrued among Gentiles than this one and unfortunately most of those practicing it do not realize the biological importance of it, concentrating on the religious aspects. Among the Islams it is performed around age 10-14, however, among Jews it is done on the eighth day after birth, the 'bris milah'.


I am quite against the latter being done to a newborn, as it is a terrible trauma, which is why most ancient peoples as the Egyptians waited until puberty as do Islams.


No anesthesia is used on babies and after the ceremony Jewish tradition gives the baby a little wine which is an awfully poor and hazardous move there and one can imagine the effects all this has on the psyche of the child for it will surely affect later life. However, in Judaism, more attention is paid to the surgical aspects and a good 'mohel' is better than a surgeon with less trauma on the baby. Mortality rates are practically nonexistent among them while Islamic practices cannot boast of same.


Many African tribes have practiced it, as well as some South Sea Island peoples, all evidence of their links with Egypt.


From Egypt we do have reliefs showing it. Its advantage as being a prophylactic against penile carcinomas is a matter of record as it is very rare in those practicing it. It has also been shown that there is a low rate of cervical cancer in women whose husbands are circumcised. It was Abraham's Covenant with God to have his people circumcised to propagate the seed.


The part everyone fails to acknowledge is the biological machinations involved here. In uncircumcised men they lose the tactile sensation and erection is slower and harder to achieve and in effect they create harm to themselves and in particular to the woman which is why cervical cancer is prevalent. Cervical cancer is caused by bacterial mixing by having more than one mate and/or injury during coitus.


The prepuce does not allow (by the way the clitoris has a prepuce too) for the proper chemical and organ stimulation to occur for under it is a sebeceous secretion called the smegma, a thick cheesy odoriferous substance. (Even the clitoris has it.)


It comes from Tyson's glands which act to keep bacteria from harming either partner, hence cancer and other diseases are not apt to occur. Rama, knew what he was doing to have his people circumcised for only biologically stable infants can be born but only if the full compliment of the regimen is completed, good diet and the proprieties. With less effort and harm an egg has a better chance to secure safety in the womb.


The covenant was not with Abraham or India as we know him.

Circumcision is found in nearly all male mummies until the New Kingdom. The oldest known is from a tomb base relief at Sakkarah and dates from the Vlth Dynasty and is performed by a "priest of the Ka."


Many African tribes such as the Pygmies, the Bantu of the Congo and the Masai have it done at ages 10-20. In the Lender Tribe it is done at 7 or 8 and the skin is buried with care in the ground. Some West Coast tribes perform it at 2-12 days after birth. Some cannot be chiefs unless circumcised much like Masai law.

A gnostic text tells us that,

"the male organ is the channel of mysteries, it is a wellspring and hair comes out from it: thereby the senses are held. For it is a great mystery to those who perform its function; who erect it in purity and not to excess. As for those who deprave it, they are cast from the height dawn to the uttermost limit of the worlds.


The eye is not opened which beholds all worlds; their eyes are dazzled and they behold them not'. So. when you release seed and have been orderly in the act and its fount fell upon the mystery of the womb within her, which' is responsive to it, seed and blaad love one another and seek their vehicle; a soul, a body, and a vital spirit. And by them kings and regents, yea and the whole world,-are created.


And so, when they approach one another, soul and spirit rejoice at that mystery. As the male seed neared the mystery of the womb, the soul rejoiced and addressed a hymn to it and said: In the Name of the Great Life!" 5

Who today thinks of the "Great Life" when more emphasis is placed on self appeasement and not the creation of a healthy baby? To the ancients, procreation meant the gift of fife, today, erotism is the harbinger of death as it has been since these rimes.

Throughout the Egyptian, Sumerian and Veda texts, some of the gods are constantly referred to as being two faced, a Janus, and usually sexual aberration is implied. Why? Had they realized the degeneration? Today, they would not even recognize what we call a female as anything normal. As we know today, proven by photographs, most people have a female and male side to their faces which the ancients certainly imply.


Split personalities certainly accompany androgyny. Androgyny has certainly been the success and worldly hypnotic fascination of Christ whose long hair and robes were much frowned upon by ancient Hebrews who at that time wore pants and short hair still struggling to hold onto their Nibiruian ways as we will see.


The more androgynous people became, the more Christ and other heavily androgynous people looked intriguing to them.


It is the most hypnotic sensation there is and captures every culture that allows its germ plasms to faulter through improper diet and lifestyle. Christ's asexual tendencies cannot be denied by any who are well read of all ancient literature. His hypnotic manner and appearance appeals to the latent, dormant tendencies such as this in androgynous people.


To put it candidly, his attraction lies in the fact his male side is attractive to the feminine side of man and his feminine to the masculine sides of women. There is no Hebrew in the world who should hang their head in shame of the crucifixion for these people were among the few to see through the one God's evil doings.


Androgyny was a most serious problem then and many may find it hard to accept today, which only clarifies it more, but this was a titanic battle to rid those falling to it and they knew the source of the problem from the beginning, Indra.


The word hermaphrodite comes from Hermaphrodites, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, (Indra and Bhadrasakha, or Hagar?), who had helped create the aberrations.


I think the Veda, which has a great deal to say about it, put it quite bluntly and succinctly:

"They ore female, but people tell me they are male. He who has eyes sees this, but the blind one does not understand."6

We will see so much more of this as we progress.


This particular passage was a comment on six sets of twins (sounds familiar) born from the gods and the offspring from them who would "change their forms". In other words, they were androgynous. We will later see why and how the wearing of long robes and jewelry by men came into fashion, but not by choice, which the ancient Hebrews and others understood so well.

In Egyptian art, the goddess Sekhet-Bast-Ra, presumably a daughter of Amen-Ra, is presented as a woman with a man's head and with a phallus and claws of a lion. All of the ancient literature is a catalogue of nature gone awry. The gnostic texts give it as the reason for man's fall and indeed it has been when instincts and responses are confused. We have already seen inferences to this being so at the Fall.


Whenever the endocrine system is disturbed the recipient is a confused being and in androgyny, beings are attracted to one another to hasten an end through unlimited and uncontrolled passions as an outlet for overstimulated (or under) gonads from an improperly working pituitary which is pumping too much follicle stimulating hormone.


Today, many andric men are being beaten in the job market and male egos are taking their worst blows in history since the fall of Greece and Rome, because as then, andric women took male jobs and duties away, even serving in the army. This has always been a marker of a civilization's end when men are so weak they allow gynandromorphic women to work side by side with them.


As the daughter of a professional soldier I have always heard the men speak in private how they abhor mannish women working with them as it is an abomination. But these men are in their fifties and left over from the last days of the andric men. Today's male soldiers are very gynic and seem to accept them.


They have made every woman a fool because of their behavior which opens them for sordid remarks and lowers the dignity of womanhood of which they know nothing about. Most men believe all women are rough, tough and easy because of the androgyne.


The andric men seem to instinctively realize one thing that is known through biomagnetic studies, as these gynandromorphs have such a confused electromagnetic system (andric men are negative, gynics positive) it interferes with their normal negative resonances and they become uncomfortable around them as it literally is cytocidal as the energies around each cannot 'fuse'.


The men thus become more prone to error, confusion, etc.


One thing you learn quickly in bio-electromagnetic studies is that bodies are constantly reacting to one another, the trite saying that someone has 'good or bad vibes' is instinctively true. It seems abhorrent that men should have to work with such errors of nature in whatever job; lesbianism is well known in working women.


It is a great error of NASA to place these types with their male astronauts for another problem is that in an emergency the men's reactive instincts will turn to saving the women when energies could be better spent elsewhere. The space shuttle accident may not have turned out so bad had they not had such a cargo-load of gynandromorph's aboard: we will never know for sure will we?


To get a true gynic in space much less in an airplane, you would have lo strap her down and knock her out as estrogen is a positive substance and cannot leave the negative earth. We will speak more upon this later. However, no feminine wants to be a soldier, which is why nature invented a wonderful being called man.


These same occurrences were in Egypt, Sumer, Greece and Rome towards their ends and women became the true epitome of the 'hoyden' as she took to the service, business, and politics as one of the affects of androgyny for a woman is constantly struggling with her dual genders. In all these empires, as now, she refused to raise her children, much less nurse them as prolactin gave way to androgens and all motherly love went out with the chamber pot and they sought the male world, uncomfortable in theirs.


They cannot stand being feminine as they are more male.

If you do not believe in the occurrences of these ancient times it is not pertinent, but if true they certainly add fuel to the fire for these biochemical errors are archaic. Today, you need look no farther than your plate to see one of the reasons for it. The reason refined sugar is poison to a fetus is that carbohydrates are its prime source fur energy metabolism. For this reason, any refined food will cause severe restrictions on growth of the fetus as the mother cannot biochemically register a molecularly altered food.


There has been a question whether insulin is present in the fetus but it has been found in many and is now accepted. The biochemical insulin is believed to be a by-product of an overtaxed pancreas and not normal at all as honey does not seem to spawn it. The former quoted researchers could not understand that studies showed fructose to be high in fetal plasma, amniotic and allantois fluids, but with a low turnover in energy, so they figure sugar is better!


This is the beauty of fructose, the body uses it as needed instead of one big rush of energy and a following emptiness. There is no insulin high, which is one reason refined sugar is considered a narcotic, no shock to the baby as a predigested food as sugar does.


These same researchers declared that since so much adipose tissue is on a newborn they can live on this and do not need nursing! Man. they say, is fortunate that he comes into the world so fat while other animal's babies put on fat after birth. The latter is how man should be. We have a great misconception of the so-called 'healthy baby' being fat and chubby.


This is fat laid down by ail the sugar and fats the mother consumes and the heavier the baby the worse it is on the mother and child at birth.


Today's women are giving birth to over six pound babies which is too much and tears her apart causing head injury to the baby as well as numerous other problems. Even in gestation babies have to fight obesity now.


Those chubby little cheeks are actually inflamed parotid glands from all the toxins.


One study did admit glucose and insulin causes fetal hyperglycemia, but they still don't acknowledge the sugar problem and as usual will scratch their heads and think it is their duty to create some miraculous drug or trip a genetic code to conquer it!

Men have been found to almost continually secrete follicle stimulating hormone which is a terrible drain on them for they are prone then to becoming libidinous while women have the same problem which fluctuates with the menses which tricks her into craving coitus when she shouldn't. All of this can be blamed primarily on a combination of androgyny and sugar, salt and alcohol, primarily sugar, which throws the brain tissues into a tail spin as it malfunctions the pituitary in particular.


When anthropologists tell us women are a perpetual gamic machine they are speaking of andric women who have very dire problems, all pathological. Studies of couples today is a study of biochemical mix-ups. Where the woman is andric, domineering, it is a guarantee the man is always gynic, passive, so common today amongst the working woman and the husband who condones it.


Peoples mating habits are a study in endocrinology and thanatology. This is easily recognized in the amount of divorces and marital strife in America today; two out of three marriages from such unions end in divorce with a bumper crop of unhealthy, unstable offspring.


Dr. Melvin E. Page, in his endocrine research, found several cases where male or female hormones must be added to cure a disorder.


Body shapes were used as a prognosis as well as biochemically to determine the levels of hormones such as arm and leg length, trunk, etc. according to andric/gynic proportions.


Just as today with working women who are more male dominant, they have developed male disorders that would have remained dormant if they had not placed themselves in a male world of stress which elevates their testosterone as does exercise. Heart disease, ulcers, nervous disorders such as loose bowel syndrome and cancers as well as many other ailments rarely suffered by women are occurring.


Men would not have most of the disorders they have if they were married to gynic women who have retained the instincts to healthful cooking.


It has been found that most dental disorders are caused by hyperandricity. Women are even experiencing baldness like males where there is often an imbalance of hormones as in the thick neck of males.

Often the mixing of the hormones rather than just a disproportionate amount causes many physical problems. We are seeing many married couples breaking up after many years of marriage when menopause uncovers the true andric qualities of the wife or the gynic of the husband. Menopause is the final breakdown of the body from nutritional losses, it is not an evolutionary state or normal by any means, which is why it is so hard on women. If it were natural it would come easy like breathing.


The same as with men.


It is well known in holistic practice for some menopausal women who return to a biologic diet to ovulate again and there are records of women having babies in their eighties and nineties as well as over one-hundred. We also see tooth regeneration after one-hundred. More andric men are prone to prostate cancer because they require purer diets but refined foods strips away zinc which is most important to the gonads and prostate.


They have sometimes said the mark of a man with prostate trouble was that his wife was frigid but the fact is the mark is that she is an awful cook and dietitian! Gynic women retain the proper food and preparation instincts and are excellent in preventative medicine through food. With fast food chains and supermarkets, one entering America for the first time could surely tell this is a land of andric women who will run from the kitchen as soon as possible for she is in foreign territory.


Man has the duty to get the food she cooks and then feeds him properly so he can do his job of supporting the family. It is a beautiful biological 'feedback'. Cooking is an art and the proper preparation of same means the life and death for all she serves.


But now he is dying of heart attacks at anywhere from 25-40 and suffering from a score of diseases because he is said by anthropologists to be inferior to women! Man and wife have always been a team to the mutual benefit of both. Androgyny fights this. There would be no need for one or the other if androgyny were right. How woman has failed miserably when she left the heart of the home of which she is the foundation - her children are licentious, disobedient, drug and alcohol dependent and morally depraved.


This is not the fault of society but only the mother's, as she is the only one who can instill hygiene and ethics along these lines while the man fills in for others. As the Kabbala tells us, a man teaches his children wisdom and the wife understanding. Androgyny does mean death.

One of the biggest culprits of androgyny as stated is refined sugar.


Blessed is the man who has a wife who has instincts against it for he is of many days and has very strong offspring! We need glucose because our brains are highly active as compared to other animals, hence we have a sweet tooth. Our bodies also require 60% glucose to convert to heat and energy.


This means our bodies have to receive a food as whole, not stripped of its minerals and vitamins as any refined food is. Thereby, we can digest it. Sugar is the worse culprit for our bodies depend on carbohydrates as a highly electrical food. Our bodies cannot break down anything refined and convert it to body processes as it does not recognize its broken molecular structure and the system is thrown out of balance. Like diesel in a gasoline car. We criticize drug use in this country but allow one of the worse drugs there is to be sold.


In Ayurveda and Islamic medicine it is considered a drug, a narcotic, kept under lock and key. Its damage to man is beyond all comprehension in all areas of physiology and biochemistry and we will be constantly delving into it through the chapters.


As one doctor declared,

"As near as I can judge, four generations of sugar eaters is about all that nature will tolerate and the last two are not much good. Amongst primitive peoples, as they call them, these affects are seen in the second generation.


Sugar consumption has been around since the time of Christ though I have wondered if certain references in Egyptian texts do not refer to it and white flour (barley?) is mentioned often. Glucose was meant to be digested gradually but sugar is indigestible, it is predigested which is why the body cannot go through the chemical steps to process it," states our doctor Page.


"I believe sugar to be the most disastrous substance of civilization not only because it is a deficiency food but because through its use we impose undue hardship upon the sugar-converting glands.''12

But its biggest assault is on the brain, the pituitary in particular, which cannot recognize the drug and expels excessive hormone releasers.


The Islands of Langerhans in the pancreas releases insulin which burns up your blood sugar and everyone suffers from a high and then a hypoglycemic low and the brain is then not capable of perceiving stimuli properly. Aggressive behavior is thus more prevalent, children become hyperactive, adults ill and neurotic. Many panic attacks are caused from this whenever a certain stimulus triggers it.


There is no crime, no illness, that cannot be attributed in part or all to sugar.


PMS is common for sugar robs the body of calcium and raises phosphorus bringing pain and anxiety. Birth defects are a great resultant from it. I have to laugh wryly at the March of Dimes and their gum and nut machines to get funds.


The very thing that contributes to birth defects they are pushing! Sugar and shelled peanuts. The latter's oils turn carcinogenic hours after shelling and they have usually been denuded of the skins which means they cannot be digested.


Tumors love refined sugar as it lowers basal metabolism thus heat output and oxygen, which disturbs the bodies electromagnetic fields.

"Still we ore led to believe from advertisements and radio announcements that we must have artificial sugar for abundant energy. Unfortunately, the voice against the use of artificially made sugar is weak.


Even many of the medical profession repeat such statements, since many of them have learned no better. There is some excuse for this ignorance, for the effects of sugar are difficult to discern.''13

The FDA has just announced that sugar is good for you and despite all the research to the contrary, denies it, but they have the sugar industry backing them up, which tells you nothing good about what our government is doing for the welfare of its people.


I was glad to see The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, D.C., criticize them for there is only a minority that realize and can understand the problem. If there is one thing you have to realize when you do research is that the Neanderthals are in the majority or the world would not be in the state it is and I am afraid they are running this country.


Those thanatomaniac beings are running for a fall and children, the key to life is to stay the 'devil' (and I do mean 'devil') away and take care of yourself.


Seventy percent or more of our foods have sugar in everything from baby food to beer. Tonsillitis, colds, flu, in children as well as adults all have sugar in part as a basis as it robs the body of Vitamins C, B-complex, and all its nutrients in an attempt to digest what sugar hasn't in a vain attempt.


A good whole food is one that digests itself and requires no other added agents gleaned from the body. It is a plus food, not a minus. Refined food all contributes to a poor germ plasm and offspring with very poor hormonal stability through the generations and thus the androgynous being enters.


But let us return to the androgynous people of another time and to one of the results of androgynous women and one of the most misunderstood tales of religion - the virgin birth.





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