I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, Wherefore turn yourself and LIVE!
-God to Ezekiel

" Then the God, who created us, created a son from himself and Eve, your mother. I knew a sweet desire for your mother. Then the vigor of our eternal knowledge was destroyed in us, and weakness pursued us. Therefore the days of our life became few. For I knew that I had come under the authority of death."
-The Apocalypse of Adam

"Although J have seen his nature, he has not seen his own nature. Therefore, because of not seeing he will sin worse, and I said, "After sin what is there but death?"
-The Book, of the Secrets of Enoch





Obviously, our first passage on the title page was not the God of the Bible for death was the only ending he knew and wanted for man.


Rama, knew otherwise, and tried to tell the people that only by practicing "austerities" would they ever achieve immortality by living life according to its biological rules which, in our second passage which is obviously Indra, were lost when the biochemistries of man changed.


Orthobiosis is only accomplished with a being fully capable of comprehending the world and when those senses were dulled, man degenerated and his children and their children as the genetic structures weakened, to our morbid catagenesis of today. To us, the Ennead would probably seem like fanatics in their practices of food regimens and hygienics.


Many search today for the panacea to longevity, and as these texts tell us, in the past there was always some herb or food everyone sought to quell a dilemma which seemed to be totally abnormal-death.


But, Rama promised his people that he would be back when he had to abandon them, and if there is one thing these people who were of their blood did know, that living according to life's rules meant just as much in death because they did not have to treat it as a process of decay, for they did not decay, which is going to take quite a bit of explanation. A volume should be devoted to it as we are reaching to the very core of the secrets of Life and Death.


So, this chapter is quite abbreviated. But the Ennead knew death was the end if the body were left to decay and how you lived your life meant just as much in death to achieve that which they knew how to do - anabiosis, the revival of someone after death.

I would like to, before we venture into these mysteries, present a portion of the gnostic text of Hermes Trismegistus and his discourse to his initiate, Asclepius which is a dictate with Egyptian and Hebrew origins. This is the Greek name of the Egyptian God Thoth and this is a part of his supposed written works on the sciences.


I say 'supposed', for they are probably translations from the originals. In it we see the situation as it stood in Egypt when the gods had to abandon earth and the people would have to face the fact that death would plague them and that preservation of the body was a skill that would be lost. Especially among the heathen, who lost all perceptive knowledge.


Those who had retained it and lived accordingly, knew when the ultimate happened they were not to accept it as the ignorant, but handle the situation until the day when the gods would return.


The passages are a little frightening in that they display the situation today of those who know what should be done, but are often ridiculed by the majority.


It also tells us that Egypt was once Heaven on Earth, as the other texts tells us, the center of the world:

"Or are you ignorant, O Asclepius, that Egypt is the image of Heaven? Moreover, it is the dwelling place of Heaven, and all the forces that are in Heaven. If it is proper for us to speak the truth, our land is the Temple of the world. And it is proper for you not to be ignorant that a time will come in our land when Egyptians will seem to have served the divinity in vain, aid all their activity in their religion will be despised.


For all divinity will leave Egypt and will flee upward to Heaven. And Egypt will be widowed; it will be abandoned by the gods. For foreigners will come into Egypt, and they will rule it. Egypt! Moreover, Egyptians will be prohibited from worshiping Cod. Furthermore, they will come into the ultimate punishment, especially whoever among them is found worshiping and honoring God.

And in that day the country that was more pious than oil countries will become impious. No longer will it be full of temples, but it will be full of tombs. Neither will it be full of gods, but it will be full of corpses. O Egypt! Even Egypt will become like the fables. And (?) the barbarian will be better thon you, O Egyptian, in his religion, whether he is a Scythion, or Hindu, or some other of this sort.

"And what is this that I say about the Egyptian? For they will not abandon Egypt. For in the lime when the gods have abandoned the land of Egypt, and have fled upward lo Heaven, then all Egyptians will die. And Egypt will be mode o desert by the gods and the Egyptians. And as for you, O river, there will be o day when you will flow with blood more than water.


And dead bodies wit! be stacked higher thon the dams. And he who is dead will not be mourned as much as he who is olive. Indeed, the taller will be known as an Egyptian on account of his language in the second period of time. Asclepius, why ore you weeping? He will seem like a foreigner in regard lo his customs. Divine Egypt will suffer evils greater thon these. Egypt, lover of God, and the dwelling place of the gods, school of religion will become an example of impiousness.

"And in that day the world will not be marveled of (...?) immortality, nor will it be worshiped (...?) since we say that it is not good (...?) Il has become neither o single thing nor a vision. But it is in danger of becoming o burden to all men. Therefore it will be despised-the beautiful world of God, the incomparable work, the energy that possesses goodness, the many-formed vision, the abandonee that does not envy, that is full of every vision. Darkness will be preferred to light and death wilt be preferred to life. No one will gaze into Heaven. And the pious man will be counted as insane., and the impious man will be honored as wise. The man who is afraid will be considered as strong. And the good man will be punished like a criminal.

"And concerning the soul and the things of the soul and the things of immortality, along with the rest of what I have said to you, O Tat, Asclepius, and Amnion, not only will they be considered ridiculous, bin they will also be thought of as a vanity. But believe me when I say that people of this kind will be endangered by the ultimate danger to their soul. And a new taw will be established (...?) the wicked angels will remain among men, and be with them and lead them into wicked things recklessly, as well as into atheisms, wars, and plundering, by teaching them things to the contrary to nature.

"In those doys the earth wilt no! be stable, and men will not sail the sea, nor will they know the stars in heaven. Every sacred voice of the word of God will be silenced, and the air will be diseased. Such is the senility of the world; atheism, dishonor, and the disregard of noble words.

There was no death in Egypt in its days of great wisdom, but soon when the gods left and the degenerated man walked the earth, those who were in the minority had to combat the majority of lesser intelligence.


Note the reference to a love of a God and Gods. Rama and his family. The "ultimate danger to their soul" were the "barbarions" who could not understand, and would strip their tombs, their places of sleep, not death. Today we call them archaeologists and physical anthropologists, a glorified name for grave robbers; thieves and curiosity seekers as well would torment them, and deny them of the one thing they could have in 'death' the heathen would never have - life.

We have seen that the Pandava feared fire more than anything and we must remember that immortality does not mean one cannot die but rather he need not do so.


The God of the Bible promises a heavenly respite at death because he knows that man is too weak to achieve what is supposed to be natural. These mystical places are a crutch for the lack of intelligence to become cognizant of the position one is in.


Man is responsible for his own fate, the Egyptians and early Hebrews well knew, and even the latter did as the Egyptians and preserved the body, using anthromorphic sarcophagi until quite late times and using many of the same preserving materials but by then they had lost the knowledge of the processes and procedures. All around the world we find archaic peoples remarkably preserved which we shall look into.


The great dichotomy of Rama and Indra, was the former tried to tell the people that the self was the only person one had to answer to and if the laws of morality and health were not observed, death was the result. With Indra, the rules of life could be broken and you could pacify yourself in holy metaphors and a belief that heaven or hell awaited, the latter needlessly scaring people through the ages when they should have been told how to combat their weakness instead of being constantly reminded they have them as the Bible does.


For all its holy bellowing, one would think it would tell one something as to how to overcome the obstacles.

It is among the Egyptians that we find the best evidence as to what these people had to face and how they surmounted it. They seemed quite aware that death was not a normal process, or at least that decay was not. If one reaches that, then revival was impossible.


It became a crude joke at banquets to give each guest a carved and painted little statue of a mummy and the host would say,

"Look on this and then drink and lake thy pleasure, for when thou an dead thus wilt thou be."

Both Plutarch and Herodotus made comment on this.


The Ennead were a very orthobiotic peoples, which was the key to their immortality. Their strict codes of living dissolved with their people at the Fall as did their knowledge of preservation of the dead.

Mummification, or preserving of the body in other techniques, are known most just where we would expect it,

  • Egypt

  • South America

  • parts of the Southwestern U.S.

  • the Orient

And most, interestingly, the Canary Islands where lived the Guanches, a red to white skinned people, believed to be offshoots of Atlanteans, (most likely the remnants of Egyptians that fled at On's fall), practiced mummification as well, the bodies placed in caves.


Chinooki and Flathead Indians have been found to mummify and the Aztecs and the Kings of Virginia Indians.

Oddly, the best preserved body on record is not Egyptian, but a Chinese woman of 2100 years ago. She is one of the most mysterious of all preservations and tells us much as to these peoples intelligences in this area. She was hermetically sealed, immersed in mercurial salts.


The skin was so elastic it rebounded at the touch! Wife of Litsand, the Marquis of Tai, who was chancellor of Changska, Hunan in the early Western Han Dynasty, she was buried according to the Chinese Book of Rites.


Many tombs covered the area, most of which were robbed by Indiana Jones' in the 30's and 40's.


Her tomb was under a mound which took four months to reach and like Egyptians she was entombed in a series of coffins, the whole mound covered with tons of charcoal to soak up any water that may enter. Very intuitive.


The tombs were gorgeous. She was fifty years old, so they say, rather obese, 154 cm. tall, weight 34.3kg., brownish black hair, sixteen teeth with worn crowns. The brain was shrunken to about one third of its original size, the same as in some Egyptian mummies. Internal organs all intact, even the pulmonary plexus of the vagus nerve.


Her stomach and intestines revealed 138 muskmelon seeds consumed shortly before death. She had a bean size gallstone obstructing the bile duct and her arteries showed arteriosclerosis plaques with bad coronary arteries. Her death was believed to have been from severe biliary colic which entered into coronary thrombosis. She also had TB, blood flukes, whipworms, pinworms; the fourth intervertebral space had a bony outgrowth causing severe back and leg pain.


Paintings showed her with a cane. A fracture improperly healed, caused deformity to her right forearm. Unfortunately, ill-thinking scientists put her in formaldehyde (true to their "barbarism") which ruins tissue cells as it eliminates hydrogen bonds and denatures DNA and preservation is very brief, but longer than in the open air.

There are many ways to hermetically seal a body and the different methods of preservation available would be conducive to the situation. With mummification, the body is encased in heavy resin to completely shunt off all oxygen, the worst element to cells, which is why you and I are deteriorating. Mummification dehydrates the body so aerobic bacteria cannot feed on tissues and the cells are better preserved just as in drying meats and fruits. One must also be sterile internally which is why the Egyptians included garlic in their diets for mummification would be worthless then. (Because of anaerobic bacteria also.)


There are no two mummies alike in preservation, which is believed to be because of varying techniques, but I believe it has to do with the condition of the body and the manner of death. I believe we are dealing with a people who were completely cognizant of their cells and how to deal with them. There has been much controversy that the natron the mummies were soaked in ate away their skin and that this is the reason embalmers replaced tissue with linen to restructure a face, organ, etc.


The whole purpose, and we will see how well they did, was to preserve the cell nuclei wherein life emanates and regeneration of the cell itself, can occur. It is the same as with dehydrating foods where 95% or more of water is removed, thereby stopping spoilage.

If conditions are right, the body will normally try to mummify itself. Particularly when so much fluid is lost through vomiting, diarrhea, so the body does an evil thing, it dies. Or is it evil? Maybe we are just too blind to understand that the body is trying to lose the poisons and if we cannot stop that, it goes to extremes and to further protect the body, it mummifies.


The body thereby only loses its bioelectrical system. If we had the knowledge to revamp that charge and restore the cells by feeding them again, by doing what the stomach and intestines were prevented by the virus, what we call death would then be merely a respite.


The body cannot fight the virus and shuts down all systems before any further injury to cell nuclei, which may help resuscitation of the body. I think ancient peoples would think us very crude to be throwing our dead away like garbage just because we have lost the 'recipe', we still have the ingredients.

But paleopathologists are saying many mummies are badly preserved because of the natron. Natron was called "the divine salt", the sign of a God in hieroglyphic sign. I think it very pertinent they did not use salt as we do today as chloride is very harmful to cells (not sodium so erroneously stated by the media).


One experimenter, placing ducks and pigeons in a weak natron solution, a percentage of which was sodium carbonate, caused the skin to deteriorate but this does not mean as such was used in Egypt. We must also remember, if we find the same ingredients it means a great deal as to the percentages used, if you will remember the Ebers Papyrus and their meticulous prescriptions.


Surely the Egyptians knew the proper dosages. A body was immersed in a natron solution (or sometimes a dry one) for 40-70 days; any longer was considered a sin. It was then rubbed in oils of cedar, aloe, safflower, sesame oil, etc., and the body immersed in resin or it was poured on. I believe here again, they borrowed from nature as we see ancient insects perfectly preserved in tree resins and scientists are trying to clone the DNA from them.


So why do not the mummies look so good, or at least only some of them? One is from their exposure.


Researchers often say they find sodium chloride (salt) in their natron, but they forget that this was another reason the mummies were hermetically sealed. Natron is basically sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Sodium chloride is created when oxides hit them, which for some reason researchers do not know which is why the pigeons and ducks deteriorated.


If salt was used, it was by later peoples. When the mummies are taken from the resin coverings, they are engulfed in poisonous air which changes the isotopes of the sodium carbonate. If they realized what they were doing perhaps they would stop, for they are disturbing a knowledge of chemical wisdom we can only hope to achieve.


So many researchers forget how elements can transmutate. They were embalmed, wrapped and sealed for very good and scientific reasons and by a people far more intelligent than we, shown by this.


They remarkably knew enough not to use salt, the most caustic agent to cells, using sodium the most favorable element, which keeps the electrolyte process in tune and preserves cells, living or dead.

Academia has brought too much of their own religious teachings to the mummies, trying to pawn off their own simpleton beliefs to these people by stating they hoped to reach the other world by preserving the body.


The Egyptians knew the only way to get there was to go there personally, not some spirit from a rotted body floating about. I do not think there is anything that disturbs me more than these people who are tomb robbers, disguised under the auspices of education. They disturb a people far better than they could ever hope to be intellectually.


People today in academia have no eclectic knowledge at all. We do not, and I reiterate, we do not know the key to life, or even what it is and we certainly do not know what occurred to these people in these very ancient times, although I believe I have come closest of anyone which is why I say to leave the tombs alone!


There are plenty of Egyptologists who have wished they had never done what they did and too many have died, more than what is reported. Whether they picked up old disease spores or the "curse of the Pharaoh's" I do not know (I do not want to find out!) and we must remember there may be a great deal of radiation exposure here as well.


To me, it is all of the above, if not more. The results of radiation may be why some of the mummies do not look so we]], for some of the resin is so thick that saws have to be applied.

Mummification is very unique process, it goes beyond equating it with the curing of meat. When they soaked the body in the carbonates and then oiled it they did a very wise thing researchers do not seem to realize and often criticize embalmers for. The heat from the resin actually expelled CO2 from the carbonates, the oil protecting the skin, encasing the moisture as with entombed insects in amber. It also does another thing, it converts the carbonate into potassium calcium, and other elements as hydrogen carbonate, in other words, that from which all life abounded.

One question I have is, why did they not just place them in a solution of oils and bandages then as the Chinese Lady?


Although the resin is certainly an excellent idea to keep air out. I think though, you would only encase someone as this in heavy resin if their cells were heavily damaged, if you get the picture here. Our researcher whose birds lost their skin was because of the solution's reaction to oxygen and what the pigeons consumed.


It is even more imperative as to what is inside a subject as to how well they will preserve. It is a known fact that vegetarians and people who eat a proper low fat diet do not decay rapidly at death and will mummify, although the vegetarians do not seem to retain cell nuclei elasticity, because they do not have a balanced saturated vs. unsaturated diet; there is too much unsaturated whereas most people have too much saturated. Here we have another reason why food was so important to these people, sacred, for if the worst happened, they were prepared for death and hopefully had someone to help them back. We will delve more into this later.

I do not believe they based their technique by observing how bodies were preserved in the deserts sands for I do not believe there was any desert here at this time for them to see.(!) If they observed such a thing, it was in another part of the world.


But instincts would be enough on this. I believed they preserved the bodies according to the death and the events at hand. If they were waiting to be revived, having lost the power to do so themselves, then this is a logical resort to preserve the body in the interim. It has been terribly silly for the religions of the world to transpose their ideals of the afterlife to these times even though many once preserved the bodies much the same way.


Even Christ was readied to be embalmed in the finest of oils and linens as others knew how to revive him and he returned from death just as the gods of these ancient texts were said to be able to do.


How peculiar it is that many of the Hebrews and Islamics, as well as other peoples, have many of the same customs as these people but through the ages forgot the skills of preservation while keeping the food restrictions, such as no or little alcohol, to help preserve the body.


On the other hand the Christians are taught to eat anything and forget the body and that Christ will take care of them (even though he was himself revived-so much for the afterlife!) little realizing how they have been set up right from birth to customs that will aid and hasten death.


If you could transport an Egyptian from these times to today and someone said to him or her, that trite old saying,

"Well, you can't take it with you," they would have looked at you like you were a total moron and said, "Why not?"

The problem with our Egyptian mummies is, once the resin is broken into, these bodies having been stripped of the CO2 to lessen decay, are then flooded with it and a myriad other impurities of the air and they disintegrate almost spontaneously.


The big question is, were the Royal lineages badly affected by radiation and/or burns? From the peculiar lesions on Ramses V and Thutmosis, to the facial features missing and replaced on others with stuffing, are we looking at something more? Another quite favorable thing about natron is that it strengthens skin tissue and closes the pores so humidity does not form, so the conditions of some of these mummies cannot be explained.

But, we must look at the discovery of King Tutankhamen for it is the best recorded incident of the opening of a tomb and if Tutankhamen was whom I believe, this event was also one of the 20th century's most heinous crimes.


When Carter opened the coffin, he found to his horror, despite the three coffins Tutankhamen had been in, that he was in a "terrible state." These were also overlain by seven shells. The linen was charred and turned to powder in places. He claimed humidity had been entrapped when the resin was poured, creating a spontaneous combustion that ruined the linen and caused Tutankhamen's skin and tissues to become brittle. He was stuck to the bottom as an epoxy bad formed. Ridiculous.


Humidity? In the Valley of the Kings, known for its ability to preserve tissue? The hot resin would have dissolved any if there were. Here is where linen is useful, not only does it retard bacteria but it does not rot in humid conditions and retards it.


When flax is made in a process called "scutching" it is put in dew and sunshine, "dew-setting", and it's fibrous materials are toughened by the dew and sun, so any humidity would not have caused the wrappings to crumble,. It seems ridiculous the most elaborately buried monarch we know of is the worst preserved.


And, if he is the son of the gods who were unable to retrieve him, the following turns out to be one of the most heinous outrages in the annals of man.


Everyone speaks of Carter's brilliance as an archaeologist, but in my book he goes down as a prime example of a very uneducated and insensitive man. If King Tutankhamen was killed in a crash, then his body would have been in poor condition, but his body tissues would not have been brittle except for one gigantic blunder.


Let us go back to those thrilling days of yesteryear! Without going through the horror of them opening the first chamber which had been hermetically sealed, there being no oxygen within the tomb, hot air did not escape as said, but was a reaction of opening a pressurized room. This caused the hot air from the outside to instantly suck in and it appeared as though it came from there as it back-lashed with the pressure.


If there had been oxygen in there none of the objects would have appeared as if they were all made yesterday as the discoverers claimed.


Carter remarked later that gold objects from a previous season had already discolored. When oxygen hit the objects it scared them as the different temperatures and pressure made the wood groan and snap. It even made the "eyes move" on one of the royal, life-sized sentinels. It scared one observer immensely until he realized the reason they moved or appeared to was that thin flakes of the eyes were dropping off.


You would have thought common sense would have made them realize that the objects were meant to stay where they were and that they were intruders, however people such as this are possessed by greed and glory.


Later, when they got to the third coffin, they found it to be solid pure bullion gold, 2,448 1I8 pounds. They found that it was stuck to the bottom in a gluey oil and resin which had been poured liberally over it. If this was so it was no doubt placed as an added precaution to remove any humidity as it absorbs it.


But I would like to interject one more very important point about resin.


It has been found that it has very electromagnetic properties which keep those of the body intact. Bear this in mind throughout this study! Actually the decay started the second the pressure in the tomb was realized. When they disturbed his tomb, that is when he died, so said the local Egyptians, stating the reason being that the magnetism was ruined; how right they were!


However, they could not find a solvent to remove the sarcophagi. They then did a most idiotic thing. They raised the coffin lid and exposed the body, not lifting the famous mask. This also set the decaying process going. The next abominable thing was they put their very little minds together and thought, hey, if we want to loosen the glue it needs a great deal of heat, let's just put it in the sun!


So the great King in his coffin was laid outside, under the hot Egyptian sun; the heat 149 degrees.


The King rested behind that beautiful, well-known mask, which covered his face, shoulders and heart; on his head was a royal diadem of gold with cobra and vulture, the neck held a gold pectoral with silver charms and amulet; a series of small pectorals on the breast in 16 layers, on each finger, gold sheaths, the same on the toes, around the waist, gold and jewels, a gold dagger at the hip with iron blade, on the legs a royal apron of inlaid gold, on the feet gold sandals.


Putting mummified tissue in the sun under all this gold was the very worst thing they could have done. Gold is not only an electrical conductor but is also a thermal conductor. If it was 149 degrees on the outside, it could have been 300+ on the inside!


If you are a homemaker who wears gold bracelets, you know with just a little heat from the oven or frying pan, how fast gold and silver heats up, and gold conducts quickly.


This would have turned the tissue to the crispness of paper. But the real crime was the resin.


Being of tree oils it was put on the body warm, but now it would have been to a point of making it volatile and it literally ate the tissues and linen and made it appear charred. He was actually baked, the gold acted like coils in an electric oven; the oil would not have smoked because of the lack of oxygen. The heat would have dissipated as quickly as it started. What a shame these blunderers did not know simple chemistry tha^every cook in a kitchen would know.


Said Carter,

"we found him in a terrible state."

He was after they got through with him! All that science, all that care they gave to his burial, destroyed by a lunatic. Siva won after all...

His head was caved in a little which his statues and mask do not reveal, so it was either this or from the airship crash I believe he was in. The eyes were partly open with long, intact eyelashes. There was a scab on the left cheek in front of the earlobe, a round depression with skin over it. No one knows what it is. The body was in pieces; from the accident or the rough handling?


The head and neck were separated from the trunk and the limbs from the torso, broken in many pieces believed to be from their trying to pry him free from the resin. Insult gave forth to further injury, he was x-rayed, a radioisotope placed in the lip as a tracer.


The very thing his people tried to escape. The x-ray revealed a healed fracture of the left temporal region. Healing was discovered here, thus it could have been antemortem. From the accident? It could have been post mortem as well. The cause of his death has never been known, some believing he died of appendicitis. On an Egyptian diet?


Let me tell you the one about the Easter bunny!

We must discuss another pertinent matter as pertains to mummification, the extraction of the viscera. Why would they remove organs in some, and not others?
Organs preserve very well since they are encased in a body.


The heart and aorta was usually left in situ because it comprised the Ka, so could it be that this highly electromagnetic organ was left there for a reason? Did the disc have anything to do with the heart scarabs that are so often found in the heart? It does however, seem curious that we always see the same organs removed, the brain, (but not always, but very few) stomach, intestines, liver and the lungs, all the prime target organs of radiation.


They say the stomach was removed to prevent gasses and bacteria. A 20th century stomach yes.


Like today, were he an eater of yeast, pig and a drinker of alcohol, this would be necessary. And, in that case, he would not be worth embalming! In Tutankhamen's canopic chest, the stomach, liver, lungs, and intestines were each wrapped in linen, placed in a pure gold coffin, each within a compartment. The skull case was empty, I do not believe the brain was found.


However, why did they leave the spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, etc. in the mummies and take all the other mentioned? If radiation was the problem you would want to remove these specific organs as quickly as possible to keep the toxins from further invading the body. It makes no sense if the Egyptians, as historians narrow-mindedly deduce, were preserving the body for the afterlife, why would they preserve it in pieces?!


The thyroid may not have always been removed as on one mummy, Pum II, who seems to have had the thyroid and parathyroids removed. It would have been a very delicate process that even today is done with great reservations. Thyroidectomies would be hard to detect in mummies as it is.

The brain was removed by putting a chisel through the ethmoid bone into the cranial cavity and with a hooked rod they cut the brain in small pieces and a spoon shaped rod then removed it. With others the brain was taken out the bottom or by trepanning, It is strange the brains are never found, although the cases for them are.


Surely they thought the brain important if they embalmed the other organs for whatever reason. It is left in some and very naturally mummifies. The brains of the Thutmose's I, II and III seem to have been left. In those with removed brains, the cavity is filled with linen, impregnated with resin. There are many variations in all these procedures.


Brains of natural mummification are found to have a great deal of lecithin of which the brain is composed of in immensity which is enhanced by sound diets. However, if their brains were heavily radiated, they would have had to remove them and isolate the poisons.

It is interesting that the body cavities were often filled with resin, again its antiseptic and electromagnetic properties are important. Ramses II nose was stuffed with resin. Interestingly, Siptah and Ramses IV have an abdomen filled with lichen. Lichen, a moss, is of very old usage as it draws poisons from wounds and can stop bleeding.

Eyeballs were seldom, if ever, removed and were pressed down inside the orbits and then covered with small pads of linen dipped in resin and then the eyelid pulled over them. For some strange reason, only the left orbit of Ramses VI was done this way. It is a mistake to think all mummies were treated tbe same in their body preparations; each was an individual, which I do not believe is always attributable to varying customs through the years.


Of course, you can expect later generations to emulate these people, such as bitumen replaced resin when the art to using the latter was lost, and the art then degraded more to a morbid ritual than serving a purpose.

In x-raying mummies of Royalty an object was found which cannot be identified over Queen Sitkamose's thyroid area. Queen Esemkhebe had three objects, one on the cranial vault another over the right parietal and another like Queen Sitkamose over the thyroid region. Like the former Queen, Esemkhebe's appears to be rectangular, probably an ornament, but to Egyptians, ornaments had more than an asthetic value.


On the left arm of Seti I is a large eye of Horus. Ramses III reveals three of the four sons of Horus (small statuary) in the abdominal cavity and Queen Nodjme has the complete set of four of the Horus sons and also a heart scarab. I cannot but help think these "sons" are the four Pandava sons left in Egypt, their likes honored in jewelry.

I think it interesting we find a perforated eardrum in Pum II and other Egyptian mummies, as well as our Chinese woman. She and Pum are from nearly the same time.


Was this caused by EMR? We know damage can be incurred when pulses reach a certain frequency.


Surely they were not listening to loud music which causes it today and all our other noise pollution. It has been found that temporal bone diseases in ancient human remains are not uncommon around the world which is what one would expect if these events are true for there is no other basis for these type diseases unless they were poking things down their ears.

Mummification has been widespread around the world with only a few people in each area aware of the technique. While some Australian Aborigines smoked and dried their dead, actual mummification was practiced in five areas. It seems everyone has a corrupted form of the process seemingly from a rime they once knew how to properly achieve it. It has been wondered if Egyptians had not been to Australia to influence this, which I have no doubts of, but more likely the aborigines today are a degenerated lineage of the stranded Egyptians when the kingdom fell.

In Vienna there are mummies of Kings and princes of Austria and as in Egypt the bodies are kept in a cathedral but internal organs in another.


In the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily, 8000 mummies of men, women and children, all finely dressed, are lined against walls, the dry air preserving them. In Corfu, Greece the mummy of Saint Spiridion is paraded through the streets in ceremony.


Eva Peron, Lenin and Stalin are 20th century examples of preservation.


Romans in the late periods revived the technique and quite good examples are to be seen. In America, Indians are found mostly naturally preserved with no artificial attempts, although some have been wrapped. In South America, we see both natural and artificial. The mummies of a Scythian or Russian leader of the 5th Pazarokovsky cavalry, 4-5th century, BCE, is excellently preserved. They too followed the same procedure as the Egyptians.


As the best of horsemen, even their horses were mummified. His concubines were strangled and lay with him as well as troops from the army. The 20 month old daughter of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark who was embalmed in 1599, are two remarkable mummies.

One of the most interesting finds was a mummified baby found in southern Libya from 5,405 to 7,438 years old, in a cave shelter in the side of a mountain range called Tadrart Acaus. The baby was excellently preserved, and like the Egyptians the thoraic and abdominal viscera was removed.


The child had a strong prognathism and was dried by natural means. Is this perhaps an example of the deformed offspring that started appearing at the fall of Egypt and how many people again took to living in caves? The Guanches of the Canary Islands, that strange mixture of black, brunet and blonde peoples as stated, practiced mummification much like the Egyptians, perhaps being refugees from there.

Our next step is to see just how well preserved the cells of these mummies were for here we are in for a big surprise.

Bacteria retrieved from the Antarctic 10,000 years old, has been recovered to a living state. Frozen fish in ponds swim away when thawed. But we are not speaking of cryogenetics here. Old spores have risen to life as seen through microscopes and is one of the basic health hazards in archaeology for these can, upon reaching air, come to life again causing disease.

In the Pum II mummy, the skin showed intact glandular structure but no nuclei, however, the epithelium and melanin pigment showed ghost forms. It is the preservation of the nucleus we are most interested in, for here DNA resides and RNA is synthesized. If this is gone, regeneration of the cell is impossible. It is the pulse of the cell. In Pum II, red blood cells could be seen.


Interestingly, amino acids, the building blocks of protein, have been found in mummies along with peptides which in itself is rather remarkable as it was always assumed proteins would break down after a certain time. They most certainly do with most people today on the type foods we ingest, but this is Egypt, over 3000 years ago, no McDonalds, coco-colas and no sugar! Researchers are falsely assuming the food of today was as yesterday, and the environment was certainly not the same, and they do not take these many things into consideration.


Our blood and tissue samples are much too unstable to compare with those of yesteryear. This definitely shows you what a no yeast, sugar or refined foods diet will do for you!

In the Rom I mummy, red cells were found. In Pum III, cuboidal cells with nuclei were found and this was in a tumor. In the canopic jar of Nekht Ankh, the liver was found with cell membrane junctions and desmosomes could be seen as well as nuclei, and in one cell divisions could be seen. The epidermis, and nuclei of same, could be seen in the mummy.


I have to chuckle a little as the dermas did not stain the color wanted or expected, collagen red instead of green with Masson trichrome stain. If I am right in my theory, these mummies will show this as their endogenous mineral and nutrient content of cells became exogeneous, changing their true olive green skin color. In studies of the Manchester mummies, intact brain showed nerve fiber connecting cells, even myelin sheaths and brain membrane coverings.


Even glial fibrillated protein is seen in several mummies brain tissues.

Rotifers and tardigrades that were in storage in the British Museum for 120 years, were accidentally moistened, staggered about, then died. Had they been in an airtight compartment, they would have lived. Scientists are always amazed how many insects, animals and birds can dehydrate themselves and through anhydrobiosis, revive by water.


A tartigrade, the water bear, is an animal who has shown us that by dehydrating itself, it can withstand extremes of heat and cold and nearly anything nature or test-labs can throw at it, even ionizing radiations in high doses.


We are quickly learning that the cell and its components can withstand dehydration. Did the Egyptians know this as well? Researchers have found that a sugar called trehalose is produced by the animals, which unlike glucose and sucrose (refined sugar), preserved them far better.


The tests showed, however, that high concentrations of zinc had to be present to obtain full enzymatic activity (see Science News - February 13, 1988-VoI. 133). Our Egyptians were very high in zinc, is this why they preserved better? But is dehydration always necessary?

Our bodies can be quite unique, doing something we rarely see any more in cadavers which rot very quickly from all the toxins in them, but is seen in ages past for our bodies are capable of literally preserving themselves automatically at death. Adipocere, or grave wax, is a process by which hydrolysis of neutral fats in tissues turn to fatty acids and glycerol by which the body naturally tries to preserve itself by shutting off oxygen entry, indications that should be telling us something right there.


We see it forensically in bodies left in water or damp areas. However, it is seen in mummies despite their dehydration process.


I have always wondered if a low fat diet preserved people extremely better than a person on heavy saturated fats and other abiological foods. We seldom see grave wax today.


We ingest an immensity of preservatives from foods which retards decay for only a brief while as the nuclei of the cells are totally destroyed which does not allow these processes to occur. Normally, deaths today are caused by such additives and other toxins so there is nothing for the body to work off of. We are going to delve into an area known only to forensic pathologists and little understood.

Actually, mummification is a substitute for what the body does normally in death or is suppose to when in a proper environment and properly nourished. It is called 'spontaneous preservation'. This is not a "believe it or not" revelation, but rather a " read it and weep" declaration.


The body upon death has no need to decay and does not when the cells during life were properly nourished and not damaged by injury, immorality (such as scopophilia which literally is such a shock to the system the nuclei of the cells just explode from the jolt. No wonder the Egyptian Book of the Dead speaks so against it.), disease, etc.


The body actually in death tries to 'take a breather' from the shock incurred, seemingly waiting for someone with wisdom enough to revamp the electromagnetic system, as it goes through preservative steps which makes no sense otherwise.


But before we venture into the latter, let us study that of adipocere tissue. This is called also, "churchyard fat", and covers the body and as said shuts off oxygen to keep the tissues from decay.


It is a cheesy like substance, much like the caesum you are born with so the onrush of air will not shock your system. It is composed of fatty acids and glycerol of which the latter is what frogs use by means of which they are able to go into hibernation in the winter. Death is much like reverting back and preparing for the birth process again.


Adipocere contains a great deal of calcium which, like the shell of an egg, protects the cells within and strengthens them, while at the same time keeps a low level voltage of electricity. It is also a strong deoxidizer. In death is where the fat of the body is your best friend for this is where adipocere derives from, but here also is the catch. A heavy person who has ingested a great deal of saturated fats hasn't much chance as adipocere only conies from neutral or unsaturated deposits of fat that have been laid down.


Some adipocere can arise but not enough to complete the process. In other words, someone very slim or very fat will not create it if the diet is wrong.


It was always believed that it was once confined to subcutaneous areas but it has been found in all body parts wherever fatty tissue is. The problem is because of our poor diets, one part will preserve (and not necessarily well) but another part will not at all. Even bone marrow is turned to adipocere, which is an excellent indication, also the liver, kidneys and the heart which is of course pertinent here.


But often today it cannot always be determined if this is ante-mortem fat which has catabolized. If too much protein is lost during decomposition, the skin will dry to the point of losing cell nuclei (recall how amino acids yet showed up on the mummies).


The bad news also is many times adipocere also consists of lactic acid, that chemical bugaboo that causes so many disorders in man which depletes natural buffers in the body and lowers ph. When you expend a great deal of energy, or on a refined diet, the cells must expend a great deal of oxygen, destroying the cell nucleus and as we are an oxygen loving species, we also abuse it by our ignorance through exercise and sports.


So, if you are expending your cells strength thusly, you will certainly corrode quickly at death and why athletes do not have long careers. Vegetarians lose out too, mummifying fast, as they have laid down little neutral or saturated fat throughout the entire body which many explain why, contrary to popular opinion, the ancients were not vegetarians as neutral fat eventually disappears.


Meats (that is good lean meat as deer, buffalo, well-bred cattle, etc.) are well supplied with fat which lays down nicely on you as you need it because of its whole food content with its balance of saturated and unsaturated fats and cholesterol of which the latter is a major cell constituent and needed, and this balance is seen in eggs as well.


Amerindian remains found in excellent natural preservation show not only cell membranes but the nucleus and chromatin intact. Chalk one up for the buffalo.


The good news is adipocere also contains palmitic acid and is a main element of tissue if other toxins do not impede it; again the problem with the wrong diet. As on Egyptian mummies, it is a natural, lubricating oil as they would apply before applying the resin using aloes, sesame and safflower oil,etc. and keeps, or is suppose to, the tissues pliable like our Chinese Lady.


It also contains hydrostearic acids, stearic acids and oleic acids. All three act as thickeners and help keep out oxygen and humidity. The body literally puts a shell over itself to protect against the environment but like all things biological, can only work from the material given it. Alcohol, sugar, refined flours, yeast, all strip the body's ability to care for itself in death. Even in death homeostasis tries to be maintained and this is truly remarkable.


Chemicals, toxins, bacteria however, are all its enemies. And, one of the most bizarre things about adipocere is that in ultraviolet light it florescences from white to purple or sometimes violet which tells us much about the chemical state of the person. It also tells us that radiations are still active within the body that has merely gone dormant, and that death is not really as we think, for if there is this glow the tissues are drawing electromagnetic radiation by yet absorbing it through the atmosphere and keeping the resonances from the body intact as well.


This will lead us later into another realm.

Surely, the Egyptians noted that the body when dead would naturally preserve itself. They had to have tremendous amounts of vitamin E which preserves the body obtained from the unrefined foods. We find excellent specimens of natural mummies from predynastic times where cadavers were simply placed in holes with personal objects and are often wrapped in linen or reed matting or hides.


Why then did mummification develop? Surely, you would only imitate nature if the body was incapable of not doing what comes naturally to it.


Egyptians on their diets would have preserved exceptionally well without mummification except if the body were not able to so, and if these people experienced what I believe, then they had to mimic nature. If radiation was the problem with bodies racked with it, adipocere would not develop or not as well, as cells are so disrupted. Nonetheless, let us look at those through history who escaped decay in death when living was more wholesome and the food was properly eaten.

It is no coincidence that as diets changed,, so did preservation of cadavers. Today, as in the last 200 years, morticians have had a field day and making a mint over what the body has lost the ability to do. Formaldehyde is a poor substitute and only preserves the body for a while as it corrodes the nuclei of cells and only helps the membranes for a short time.


However, even without these little darlings of death, bodies today would rapidly deteriorate due to the Big Macs, penicillin, milk, beer, ice cream cones, ad infinitum  -  junk food for a junk death. As a molecular biology student, I always think of everything in terms of what it does to the individual parts of the cells which all react to different things in many ways.

In the good old days, when some of the clergy refrained from alcohol, sugar and heavy fats (try to find a lean priest or nun, it is like looking for the extinct dodo!), we sometimes see our best preserved bodies. St. Cuthbert died in 687 C.E. after a long illness of three weeks. He was washed upon death, placed in robes and headcloth and put in a stone sarcophagus in Lindinfarne.


Eleven years later his holy was found to be "incorrupt" and clean clothing replaced. In 875 he was removed again (must have been like a hospital, you can't get any rest there either!) and taken on tour around Northern England for an unknown period.


During the time of King Edmund in 944 the sarcophagus was opened again and possibly again 30 years later. Considering all this, he still was not a skeleton and intact in 1537-8 when it was seen during the time of Henry VIII! During the upheavals then he still remained intact until 1827 when he was finally a skeleton after all that time.


That is some track record!


While he was still 'good' the body was said to smell of the "sweetest flagrancy."


It is not known whether it was a result of their indifference to smells then or if the bandages used to wrap him had unguents. The odor of adipocere today has been described as ammonia like or fishy, cheesy or earthy, but again the people of hundreds of years ago did not consume the same poisons as we, for as with fecal matter and urine, a body that is operating as it should, filters out wastes and does not have offensive odors, one of the first things one notices on a whole diet.


There is no reason a healthy person should smell at death if no putrefying food was eaten and bacteria kept at a minimum, which is impossible with milk, yeast and refined foods. Again, we can see why the Egyptians ate garlic in profusion. Pyruvic acid from sugar may be the ammonia type smell today as this is what gives urine its pungent smell.

Uncle of King Henry V, Thomas Beaufort, was found to be very well preserved, muscles and brain ail intact. The viscera had been removed as in the Egyptian manner, however, the latter procedure could not have been for bacteria's sake with all the garlic and honey eaten, at least not in the early dynasties. The body had been buried in a lead coffin beneath the abbey for 200-300 years. It was not ascertained if artificial preservation was used.

Bodies found in vaults from 100-150 years ago have been discovered in excellent conditions of spontaneous preservation in 33 while 26 were skeletons in an English churchyard.


No artificial preservation was found and adipocere was discovered in 56% of the 59 remains. The non-fatty tissues were found to be in a dehydrated state. Interestingly, lead coffins were used which is an old custom going back to ancient times, perhaps a result of the radiation which it retards.


Also, larvae had entered only one coffin that water had seeped into and attacked the scalp hair. All, in all, one could certainly separate the holistic from the non-holistic here, or as they used to say, the 'clean' from the 'unclean'!

It has been found that muscle tissue is still pink to red in bodies with complete conversion of fat to adipocere and not just the surface but deep muscle too! But once exposed to air it fades but it is slow taking up to 48 hours to do so until graying. Again we speak of the people of ages past. In fact, on some bodies, the muscle is so red it looks fresh even though the deaths were 100 years ago!


Siberian frozen mammoths have shown the same, thousands of years old. Another body of 200 years ago showed the psoas muscle still red while the others dark brown.

Rigor mortis is a keen indicator of the physical status of an individual. The loss of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which gives our cells energy, is lost if cells are deprived of oxygen, again through diet and exercise. And also a lack of magnesium which causes the body to stiffen as ATP is lost. Magnesium must work with calcium which is why adipocere is missing in many modern people and is the cause of nervous tension, epileptic fits; rigor mortis is just an acceleration of those states.


The brain would preserve very well as magnesium is of course heavy there as a neuronal conductor. Again, we pay for the wages of 'sin', but they are in our own hands, so drop the candy bars and polished rice and turn off the exercise video.


Actually, aging is just slow rigor mortis, no use jogging to get there. Rigor mortis then is when the body cannot complete its normal cycles in death.

It is a great fallacy preached by religions and evolutionists, both horns on the same goat, that death is for the good of mankind. Evolutionists state it is, so that the planet will not be overcrowded, but if the last 600 pages have not convinced you that the entire universe was once our home, then nothing ever will. I still cannot figure the purpose of death according to religious dogma, if all one is suppose to do is sit in heaven in all your holy plasma and have no purpose but merely reflect on your past life.


I am still trying to figure out how Christians who refrain from polygamy, handle a situation where a man marries another woman if the first has died. How do they deal with this up yonder? God must grant dispensation in cases as this! Actually, we cannot define death from a biochemical point of view. The body is still 'alive', it is just that the electromagnetic system has shut down, or at least temporarily gone dormant.


Death does not occur spontaneously, each organ decays separately. The liver still makes glucose, the fingernails and hair yet grow, muscle even responds to stimulation, which by all this, means that the energy charges are yet there.


Basically it all hinges on how you have fed and treated your body, how much cellular strength you have retained. To the Nibiru, it seems that they tried to maintain their pristine cellular state as much as possible but the loss of one cell was a tragedy to them for then the body started to decay and if one could not compensate and stop it, then aging and death would proceed and that was their key to life.


But one cannot keep compensating and there would be rimes in their long lives when they could not meet the demand, so to lose cells was most tragic. They had great foresight by this type thinking. But the loss of cells is when life got tough, for then you had to fight to survive rather than meeting life's hardships on an even level.


Again, orthobiosis was their golden rule to immortality. What a change in history there would be if people knew that what they did in life would matter to them in death of which there could be no such thing if morals and hygiene were obeyed.


There are always obstacles in life, even in the most healthy of persons as the Nibiru who were no different, but they were better able to transcend trauma. Nature is cruel to those who disobey her laws but death can be a process of regeneration if handled accordingly to achieve just that. It is the best barometer of our deeds in life for at no time does the body demand so much of all of its cells.


A syphilitic or drug addict or handicapped person would never attain it because of ruined cell structure to the extreme and a myriad other morbid states of people too numerous to mention, but then they are not suppose to for they are a burden to nature. But then 99% of the world's people could not achieve it on the diets they are on. It was the person in the Veda who practiced "austerities" who could attain immortality, but no one, not even the gods, could obtain it unless they too observed nature's rules.


For instance, a common cold is really a severe virus as it inflames the heart which leaves scars and weakens it thereby depriving all cells of viability.


If you cannot by diet and moral habits keep a jump ahead of it before it disastrously destroys cells, you have more trouble. No cold should last more than 4-5 days if one is healthy, but a truly healthy person gets no colds at all.


Andric women are quick to do ridiculous exercise, smoke, drink, and are promiscuous, while a gynic knows what every cell does, that longevity starts right in the womb, another reason nature meant her to be gentle in action and word, as compared to the andric and her "all right-way to go" clenched fist manner when she is the worst example of nature gone awry and the major reason for the disease and immorality of today's children and adults.


A total lack of cognizance of hygiene and body awareness. She has made nothing but death for the last 5000 years or so.

Many lifeforms come back after dormancy. Midges frozen in helium can be reawakened and produce healthy offspring. Endospores seem to have been produced with their own anti-decay shell, much as our adipocere, as it is a modified cell within a regular cell. Several coatings of this material make it resistant to heat and chemicals and even boiling.


The China Daily reported that 2000 year old seeds from an ancient Chinese tomb sprouted into tomato plants in 1983.


Covering them with sterilized blankets and boiling water a month later, 40 buds were produced and bore fruit. In the fall, trees draw in their life force, and go dormant. So, what happened to us? What of Osiris? How could someone whose body was cut up in pieces survive? Set was said to have scattered each member, for which Isis in her panic was taken in a "celestial chariot" to find, collecting them in the box (or, someone did for her.).


To historians, this is pure myth, fabrication. To someone in the natural sciences and in forensic pathology-no. These people, when say a hand was severed, did not bleed. Ridiculous? No. Because they were structurally sound, particularly having a great deal of coagulation ability, apparently retaining a great deal of vitamin K for instance.


Arteries and veins will, upon a limb being severed, withdraw into the tissue; skin and tissue will retract. Today, we need blood transfusions, tourniquets, etc., because our body is incapable of homeostasis. It cannot deal with trauma. Osiris could, and Set knew he was incapable of gaining back his whole body if just a cell were missing and played his evil game with Isis.

All in all, does this not tell us something about death and what it actually is? Why would the body go to so much trouble to create substances which preserve it if death were a natural state?


Even potassium, one of the main electrolytes of the body, is in adipocere tissue and iron oxides as well to keep the bodies energy within. We are missing considerable in the study of life and death if we cannot see these flags going up which nature is trying to convey. We always say someone has gone to his rest, or is sleeping when we want to forget the inevitable, but this is what a sound body given the opportunity does, death does not seem to be inevitable unless you know what it is and how to deal with it.


The body just goes into a sleep as the cells rest, awaiting their respite from that slumber. It may be a protection device, say if a virus so overwhelms the body that this is its only defense before really serious damage to cells are done.


Perhaps it is time we awakened from the threat of deathful nights with no mornings in sight. How did the ancients awaken the dormant charges of the body?


Thousands have visited them through the ages but no one ever has looked upon them for what they really are. Our journey now takes us to the greatest enigma of the ages. The Pyramids.

We do not have to discuss now what to do if the people have no access to what is needed, or have forgotten how, to revive a body, but we are going to look at what they once did to those that died with spontaneous generation taking over, No need of air tight coffins or resin coated bodies.


The Pyramids were the devices used to replace the energy that was spent by the body to cause what we refer to as death.

Five years ago I would have told you 'pyramid power' as it is called by the layman, was ridiculous. But I had this curiosity to forget scientific dogma and to my amazement I found it more scientific and more demanding of brain work than any modern scientist would or could give it. It is, to put it bluntly - remarkable. We are in a realm of science that if properly used could be paramount to the very life of man.


Most scientists in this country scoff at it, but in Europe it is quite accepted. Most Egyptologists frown on it as well, which is fine by me, but if you have any training at all in biology and physics, no such scowl could be made.


When you see fruit and vegetables darken and decay having been placed at the same time you put others under a pyramid and two months later the latter are just as fresh, many questions go through your mind as a biologist. I do not intend to go into detail of the remarkable mathematical make-up of the pyramids. It is my contention to prove they were used anabiotically.


I do not, for obvious reasons, believe Imhotep built the first pyramid, the Step Pyramid, for I believe he only usurped, like so many, credit for them during the transition. Archaeologists wrongly assume that if a statue or name is on something found, then they built it. I also believe that the Great Pyramid was just as old, or older, than any of the others as the Egyptians priests state they were there long before the Flood as was the original Sphinx.


However, all these pyramids have no bodies in them.

  • The Zozer, built by Imhotep, has empty coffins with a few pieces of human bone found, so perhaps they were pilfered.

  • However, the Sekhenkhet tomb was in another Step Pyramid and was empty upon opening the sarcophagus which is a mystery yet today.

  • The pyramid of El-Kula, which has no entrance, when excavated had nobody which stunned researchers.

  • The Merdian Pyramid had no sarcophagus and was believed to have been stolen by a bole dug in the southern wall.

The usual story is that all were robbed or that they were 'dummy' rooms, hiding the mummies elsewhere.


Our friend Chephren had a pyramid at Giza. Inside is a polished granite rectangular sarcophagus sunk into the floor up to the lid. The lid had been found already removed and broken when entered in 1818, there was no mummy - was there ever?

The big mystery is the king itself, the Great Pyramid at Giza, one of the original and only remaining seventh wonders. It is the Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu, his Egyptian name. It has no hieroglyphic inscriptions, one of its biggest mysteries; only the cartouche of Khufu in the Davison Chamber.


It seems more utilitarian than religious. It contains the Kings Chamber with a lidless rectangular granite sarcophagus. But was it for permanent habitation? The width is one inch greater than the corridor so it could not have been brought in, it had to be built in and the body brought to it. The true entrance is much higher up than the one used today that was broken through by Al Mamun, Caliph of Cairo in the ninth century.


Legend says the true entrance is a secret stone that swivels to the touch. The Caliph was after only one thing; the lost knowledge of the ancients that is said to reside in there which is probably a lot of hooey, but to get his men to work he told them there was treasure. One ascending passage is too low to stand in. Whoever went in only did so for a brief while, by that I mean the living. The Grand Galley has no religious symbols, no indication of mysticism that later people would invent.


It had no need of this silliness for they had the knowledge to forget the spirits and boogeymen and do something about death.


This was a place of resurrection. But whatever it was, it certainly was not for a body that had to remain there permanently. Mystics tell us that secret initiations were done there but like Masons and other groups, they are only boy-scouts playing childish games at something they could never understand. There was a reason one could not stand long in it, as for the living this was a dangerous place.


All the Masons and Mystics I know however, die. If they are emulating Egypt, that is the one main edict against the rules! So lets cut the foolishness of secret handshakes and codes and get with it here.

Pyramidal shapes, and even the shape of the Sphinx, are natural phenomenon in the desert and elsewhere. They seem to be created over a geodesic field where magnetic radiations from the earths core react through mediums of limestone and/or granite upon the fields surrounding the earth and those from the cosmos which pass currents through it. Egypt was said to be the navel of the earth, the main source from which it developed, where these fields were most conducive to life, so it may be quite natural that the pyramids are here in this center of the world.


Earth must draw its strength from the cosmos and the latter from the earth.


The ancient Hindu's believed that space was shaped as two pyramids joined at their bases, the four corners the joint base which was the four points of the compass while the top of the upper pyramid the zenidi, the top to the lower pyramid the nadir, but at the center of the two was earth, the "World of Brahma" and where resided the hall of Yudhisthira, which is a pretty excellent account of Egypt!


It is from these two joined pyramids that life arose.


Mountain ranges are an answer to the earth when it tries to retain homeostasis in danger areas and are pyramidal at their tops while underneath are strong veins of magnetism from the earth's core. If mountains and hills are destroyed, the area loses to cosmic influences and earthquakes, weather patterns, etc., change as well.


These magnetic forces react with ultraviolet radiation which creates electricity in the three ionospheric regions, the E,F. and F2 which is why communication transmissions are often interfered with. This electricity plays with the electric currents of the earth or geoelectricity, which like magnetic fields varies all over the world, with all of the earth affected and its lifeforms.

It is pertinent that both natural and artificial pyramids are of limestone and/or granite. Limestone is a carbonate, high in calcium and magnesium, the perfect electrical mediums to keep whatever it covers from losing its charges to cosmic influence. It has the same principal constituents as adipocere. Granite too is a perfect conductor bearing quartz and magnetite, need we go further here? It is the same with living organisms.


We are born under the influence of particular bioelectrical properties from the wombs of our mothers and the highly radiated sperm and the influences of forces from earth and heaven.


Calcium, magnesium and iron flows through us, but if we are low in them, irritability, depression, illness of all manner, even epileptic fits occur because we have lost homeostasis and are being influenced by positive forces. We get a great deal of influence from the Van Allen Belts. We have thus fallen to the dark side of Nature rather than rising above it. Yon might call magnetism the Great Modeler, for without it none of us would be in the forms we are for it draws together atoms in a state of oscillating alignment by the application of electricity and that generated by sources as the sun as stated above.


But if the latter is erratic as in sun storms, those unprepared on earth suffer the blows. It seems to have been the idea to return back to the original source of our being when the first atoms were joined and the first primal bioelectrical and magnetic forces in perfection were passed on by amphigony, another pathway of oscillating alignment, drawing the right atoms together.


Pyramidal shapes draw in the favorable forces of nature from the earth and cosmos and return to whatever is within it the energies it lacks. It literally recharges the organism. It must be remembered in the days of the ancients something else may have been in the sky, the disc, which would have contributed to this as well.


The polyhedron shape of the pyramid draws energy down from the apex to the base as any geometric shape draws energy of some sort.

Human cells are very special, though you would not know it today by the way people treat them. They do not feed them right nor treat them with dignity and then wonder why they become sick and cancerous, grow old and die. We have five billion cells roughly in a milliliter of blood, one billion Jess if female.


A cubic inch of liver has 10 billion cells. A cell is like a closed universe with bodies which look very much like galaxies all circling around the prime source, the nucleus. Here are DNA and RNA functions and chromosomes, the heart of the cell from which all functions are ordered and routed.


In DNA are some genes which are relatively inactive to await call if others are destroyed. The problem is that the nucleus must be kept sound and if not done, even though other structures in the cells are destroyed, the nucleus cannot replace them. Like the germ of wheat, it is where the source of life exists. If fed properly it can create the proper energy to keep life going healthfully; ATP, life's energy current, thrives. The body is, like all living systems, closed and functional in itself.


Through food we take in the energy sources of plants and animals and use it to refuel cells, with the sun to help (and not help!). Our own magnetic and electrical systems should keep going though without interference from the outside just as the earth tries to close in from cosmic influences by replenishing the very minerals that are magnetic and electrically charged.


The intake of oxygen helps burn the fuel so that the cells can metabolize to keep this system going and its own radiation stable. The cell is never in equilibrium with the environment except in death, the total failure. Life is a struggle when the organism loses the instincts to be the antithesis of entropy.


But, does the healthy cell nuclei die as well in death, or like a seed, which is no different, does it just go dormant?


The cell nuclei should lay down its minerals and other nutrients and become like stone; the radiant energy is still there but the metabolics of movement from energy has gone for it has lost the primal force of electrical and magnetic flow, the blending of the two, which seems to comprise 'pyramid power'. The latter brings that which was from the beginning, back to the sleeping atoms.


A sperm cell and an egg cell would not come together if the male were not negatively charged and the female positive to create life. A fact biologists do not like to admit is that you can feed cells in a agar dish all the nourishment you want and they will live indefinitely and even human heart cells have been shown to do as such. Food, like fuel in a car, keeps this electromagnetic force going. However, poor fuel and the charge is short lived.


Matter is composed of atoms with a negative charged nucleus surrounded by a ring of positive electrons. When grounded the atom has no charge as the negative and positive charges are imbalanced, which we call death. Is not the cell a macrocosm of tile atoms structure, the electrons the living matter of the positive membrane surrounding the negative nucleus?


Much as the magnetic core of the earth is the nucleus, the waters, the positive.


If the mineral content is there, which would carry the charges, and it always is in death with the nucleus, cannot the cell be revived like a seed, by using the proper stimuli? With seeds it is the sun, but what of us? If we lose the primal energy our parents gave us, you cannot replant us in the warmth of the womb like a seed in the earth.


Death is the loss of conservation of matter, or rather the law of the conservation of energy, whereby energy is neither created nor destroyed but simply changes form, as adipocere tissue does and mummification. It is in the cell nucleus that most of the protein is stored and that means amino acids, the building blocks of life.


And, most interestingly, it has been found that the nuclei are "zwitterions", that is, they have a highly polar nature and react to electromagnetic fields. It has also been found in isolated frozen nuclei that they retain all their water and nuclear proteins.


With adipocere tissue, this is the same reaction as we saw in the red of muscle tissue still intact, and why the Chinese woman in mercury kept so well. Iron is a constituent of protein so it is no wonder cell nuclei are highly charged; it has all the ingredients to regenerate life. Let all the rest of the cell become destroyed, but if the nucleus is healthy it can be re-created. In essence, as long as the tissues have minerals laid down in them in death, life is still there as minerals radiate energy but life processes go dormant, just as a stoic rock, for there is no longer a negative and positive charge to bring the atoms together.


We become grounded so to speak in death. We lose the original negative and positive forces our parents gave us. Death brings us then to equilibrium with the inanimate world of matter and like a rock can kick us to wherever it wants. We become nonentities, decaying to the dust of the Bible, instead of keeping our form and radiations, slight as they may be, through preservation.

In the 19th century, Sir Armand Ruffer invented his famous solution still used today that actually rehydrates old tissue.


This has been done with mummies to better examine the tissue more thoroughly. In fact, organelles and other cells become more 'alive' to the microscope by coming to the surface. Somehow you would think it would dawn on these people that this may have been the idea all along; we are missing the expertise to go through with the final processes to give them life.


The question, is, how much damage to the body as a whole, will not allow anabiosis? That is a bad question today as we age so because of our poor environment, and diet is so taxing to the nuclei which because of its life sustaining role, it is very sensitive to toxins and stress. It was a great surprise in scientific circles to still see DNA intact in an 8,000 year old human retrieved from a Florida peat bog.


This is the oldest human DNA known. DNA from 3 of 23 Egyptian mummies had been detected and they cloned the 2400 year old DNA segments in bacteria. Many of the brain structures were yet there. The question is, how could DNA remain in the most vulnerable place for oxygen starved cells and destruction? I think the reason is if cells are healthy in the first place, they react better to death as we saw in our adipocere peoples of the past. I also believe it is the manner of death.


Let us take an example.


Two persons with the black plague. Both adults, male, one is on refined foods the other lives a holistic life, right from conception.


(The chances of the latter dying from it are practically nil, or even contracting it. The Black Plague of Europe took hold for this was the initial rise of refined foods amongst all the people rather than just royalty).


Both have very high fevers which both succumb to. Fever as we know is the body's attempt to kill the germ by raising the body heat. T-cells and antibodies increase 2000% over their usual number at illness.


Even interleukin-1 is set off to do its job. But, the fever went too high because the virus was such a virulent strain, and the body died. Did it as we think? A titanic fever was the only way the body could rid the germ. Every cell was drained of its strength but the two patients are quite a bit different. Our refined foods friend died because he ate sugar and other poisons and had a very high respiratory quotient and as his cells had to expend more oxygen to burn a refined substance he died quite quickly from cellular oxygen waste.


He was dead the minute the virus hit him with no way to fight back. (One of the reasons people feel like they are 'reborn' after quitting sugar is that the CO2 level is lowered.) The fever could not do its job properly, came too fast and the cells could not buffer themselves against the high heat quick enough because too much oxygen was lost, the cell nuclei were gone.


Our other friend lasted quite awhile longer, but he died anyway. His fever soared so high to rid the germ it merely knocked his electrical system out, but only the cytoplasm of his cells died, not the nucleus which was intact because proteins and fatty acids are buffers in cells which our refined food friend did not have an abundance of because he had so much CO2 and had to expend too much energy.


This is why we find so many well preserved bodies from hundreds of years ago before rot and decay gave the morticians something to do.


The family of the refined foods body buried him quickly because, pew! did he smell! But if the other person were as today, a great injustice would be done him for they would bury him instead of doing what his forebears did, to place him in an airtight coffin and allow nature to take care of him since we have no way to revive him, at least not yet! If he were Hebrew he would be waiting for YHWH to do it as he had promised.


This is one reason however, why there are so many stories in days gone by of people presumably dead coming back to life at the funeral or at the entombment. Many people have been found to have come back to life in the coffin, their fingernails worn down from attempting to get out after burial. That is the bad part of a whole food diet!!


But then if you will recall what would happen to those as the "barbarians", who could not reason, overwhelmed those who knew. There is death and then there is dormancy and that is the big difference.

No one has ever truly defined death. People who return from near death experiences are our best example that the brain yet functions even though the body is clinically dead. Claims of seeing God and Christ or hell or heaven are merely teachings of youth when suggestive material is laid down in the brain to be recalled in desperate times and it is also a dangerous maneuver for the body may give up to the 'heavenly abode' that awaits anon.


Many people feel relaxed and unafraid when dying because it is a process that is normal but one is supposed lo have someone capable of bringing you back, and that we have lost the powers to do. We would not be so afraid of death were it a normal process. It was a serious time for the ancients, for depending on the manner of death, it is no guarantee of revival. As they said the thing to do was never die!

There is nothing in this world that commands so much power and majesty than the mere mention of the pyramids because I believe it strikes at the very core of our biological foundations. And for good reason, your body is a warehouse full of them! Our own bodies constantly draw on energy derived from these structures in us.

To start, the nose. The nasal opening of the skull and your nose itself are pyramidal. One reason the Egyptians prided themselves on their straight, well-formed noses. This has good reason for as stated the nose has iron fillings in it (or supposed to) and the shape of the nose carries energy to and from it.


The slernum is an inverted pyramid shape as is the sacrum and even the little coccyx at the end. The scapula is pyramidal shaped. The nervous system contains the pyramidal or corticospinal tracts which are the largest and most important descending nerve fiber systems. They are fibers which originate in cells localed in the motor region of the cerebral cortex and pass through another pyramid shape, the medulla, then enter the spinal cord.


The precentral gyrus has giant pyramidal cells of Betz. The brain is a virtual warehouse of them because of this pyramidal motor system. The medulla oblongata is pyramidal with its decussation of the pyramids. As you look inside the posterior surface of the medulla oblongata the pyramidal shape is very alarming. And if you really want mysticism, the pineal gland from the top, is pyramidal shaped!

Even the ear has a pyramid behind the fenestra ovalis and transmits the nerve that supplies the stapedius (a muscle in the middle ear).


And, dare I say it, our ears were once pyramidal shaped with the pointed helix's! On the kidneys, a mass of conical masses are the Pyramids of Ferrin, and also the Pyramids of Malpighi here which number from 8 to 18 depending on the health of the fetus. The pyramidalis muscle of the abdomen is a well known shape. The giant trapezius muscles of the back another.


The heart is a rather horizontal, pyramid shape. The liver too is rather conical, lying on its side. The entire frontal part of our bodies from the shoulders to the end of the rectus abdominis is an inverted pyramid shape. The thyroid (somehow you would expect this!) has a pyramid extending cephalad from the isthmus. But, the interesting part of this is it is seldom found today.


Gray's Anatomy even mentions a "wanting" of it back at the early part of the 20th century. Can we relegate this to more that we have lost? It must be remembered the geometry of life forms are there for a purpose to give and receive the best possible electromagnetic conduction possible.


Of course the Dr. Christian Barnards of the world tell you we are just genetically programmed to die; of course we are when we are missing the bloody parts! (This is from a man who advocated refined foods and it is easy to see why he had to retire so early from poor health.)


Of our bones, the pyramids or petrous portion of the temporal bone, the sacrum and sternum as mentioned, even our mandibles which is why a strong mandible is important in the male; the thoracic vertebrae, the scapula. The hand when the fingers are together and the distal phalanx of each finger is rather pyramidal in shape.

Legend states that underneath the Great Pyramid is an inverted pyramid. Somehow, I believe this. Why? Because if this pyramid was constructed for revival of the dead Ihey would substitute what could not be done, that is return the person to the life powers of the womb, the uterus, which now leads us to our next big fact.


The uterus is a very inverted, pyramidal shape as is the mons pubis. The sperm of a male is so very pyramidal, that it overwhelms the senses! Healthy sperm, which is not too common anymore, is exactly pyramidal at the head, and given its highly radiative qualities many things start jumping into mind here. If they were emulating nature and trying to re-capture the forces which spark life, the Great Pyramid with an inverted, or the female force, below, with the male, above, as males are supposed to be, reaching out to the cosmos from which they draw their strength.


Literally, the pyramid below signifies the uterus, the one above the sperm. I know of no better tribute to the mother earth father sky beliefs in antiquity.


The female draws her strength from the earth but the male belongs to the cosmos, the positive and negative attracted to one another. And, the Magen David, the Star of David, which is the great symbol of the Nibiru, symbolizes this.

According to many traditions it was a pyramid which began life, well represented by the famous bnbn stone in Egypt risen from the cosmic egg. I think most people who work with pyramids come to the conclusion sooner or later that lifeforms such as we were not meant lo die. If you can dream about immortality, yet cry at death, you know something is wrong. I once heard a survey taken if people would like being immortal.


Most women answered no, they were tired of life so why prolong the struggle. And I think that is the problem, people have forgotten how lo live because they do not know what it is. People with artistic and scientific gifts wish life

could go on forever for there is no end to learning and the ancients seem to relate the same. We should be mentally and physically strong enough to meet obstacles but that again is the point, for we are so poor genetically, the mind is willing but the flesh weak, as the saying goes. Artistic and scientific talents are but a bond with all of life so it is understandable people as this wish life would never end.


Life is a series of discoveries and improvements over the old self. It is a big universe with much to see and do, our lives are so short however, it seems all we are is fodder for parasites and worms. If we think as this then we can do something about it.

The Great Pyramid is a virtual model of those processes which contribute to life in the womb. It is interesting that the rabbit, rat, guinea pig. dog, pig and apes have very pyramidal shaped uteri but not to our extremes. It is also interesting that the myometrium (wall) of the uterus is composed of a great deal of calcium, the perfect bioelectrical conductor and which in a healthy woman keeps the pain of childbirth away as it is the main constituent in uterine contraction. Is it a coincidence the walls of the Great Pyramid has limestone walls?


Limestone is a calcium carbonate, an electrical conductor, and one of the reasons people have reported bizarre feelings in the pyramid from the disruption of brain waves from the shape and material as this.


And I believe this is even more fascinating. When limestone is heated it produces a calcium oxide and removes CO2 . It must reach 800 degrees which if they had some manner of heating the pyramid because of its size those inside would not be harmed. That leads us to what was it that was originally on the sides of it which no one seems to know.


However, I should mention the Subterranean Chamber which is closed to the public and is beneath the pyramid. It is only 3 feet 6 inches wide by 3 feet 11 inches high and descends 345 feet into bedrock and is connected to the Queens Chamber. Was it a water source from the bedrock? If this is so, it too is fascinating, for if you do not want ail the heat to create a calcium oxide, you use water to bring it down to about half the temperature.


The uterus is an incubator and as all incubators needs heat to create life and this water could have acted as amniotic fluid which helps to do the same thing!

The cavity of the uterus is very small, compared with the organism as a whole, which is why the pyramids are so big with small chambers. And. this is why they are so large to emulate the size around the conceptus within the womb which would have these same type dimensions. The so-called King's Chamber duplicates a blastocyst or morula.


Here, as would be expected, is the granite coffer, the pyramid built around it as it is too large to move; this is why the body was brought to it. The five levels of stone here I believe represents the sacrum which in a woman is five (usually), a man also, or less. Which leads us to other matters. This duplicates exactly the alignment of the sacrum and midsection of the uterus.


This is the famous Tet (see plate no. 57) of which much has been written as to what it represents.


For Osiris, as others in his situation, it meant the difference of life and death. It is interesting in these pictures representing the Tet of Osiris, there are only four or five sections. Men are (supposed to) have 4-5 sacral vertebrae for better compression, while women five to give better support to the uterus. Nearly everyone has inconsistencies in sacral vertebrae, but four or five are usually seen in Egyptian representations and sometimes 6-7 which most people today have. (5 vertebrae and two innominate bones-the 'curse of Adam'.)


So much emphasis is placed on the Tet we must look more into it here. First, people take their sacrum for granted, just something to sit on. But it too is a pyramidal shape and as all bone is a piezoelectrical conductor. Every move you make creates this phenomenon from the crystalline substances of bone and quartz and even collagen.


Walking is stimulating because when the bones are compressed they make the little tissues bond a little which pops electrons and you have electrical, stimulating energy.


Compression causes negative charges, tension causes positive. The latter occurs in jogging, exercise, because even though you are compressing leg bones for example you strain them fighting gravity as muscles tighten against bones. Negative charges induce healing and good bone health and strong red blood cells while positive make you age and another reason why athletes burn out so.


Leisure walking is thus most stimulating and beneficial. Our astronauts found they lost calcium because of zero-gravity as calcium being a conductor (the apatite of bone is a crystal) depends on this compression.


(You would think if they could make those high-tech flying machines they would have known this but let me stress what a lack of intuitive foresight man has which unless he surmounts that problem first he will only struggle to the stars and never reach a level to satisfy him. This is why we amble blindly about because we have no instincts and have to research 'new' medicines and foods to see their affects. But by the time the 10 or 20 year study is completed the damage to whoever needed it is done. One has to know on the spot if something is bad or will benefit man, especially for those that are sick. Research is actually the result of a very poor, near-sighted mind.)


But of all the bones, the sacrum receives the most compression, walking, standing, sitting, lying down. I should point out that this piezoelectric effect stimulates bone growth and regeneration.


The piezoelectric affect helps keep the charges of the body at death generating, and it also seems that this Tet appears as just that in some pictures if they were clever enough to borrow from nature and use it as some device for stimuli. With our osteological system, we thus have a constant field about the body, even in death, because of the crystal structure of bone.


This is why we could not have come from water, but clay, as a matrix with water, add electromagnetism and you have life. Dehydrated larvae can be brought to life years later by placing them in water which is the same principal as the mummies. One researcher postulates that in Precambrian times the atmosphere was much larger with an ionosphere farther away, reaching into the Van Allen belts which would have given the earth two concentric spheres of electromagnetic resonation resulting in extremely large currents.


The earth's magnetic core would have discharged more electricity. Our Eden of heat and green vegetation would have been true and regeneration of cells much better.


As much emphasis Egyptians placed on the "iron roof of heaven and the wheel, somehow I do not doubt this. But I do know the reason the Kings Chamber is of granite is to emulate the sacrum of a female, the perfect crystal structure which also has magnetite in it. There is one magnificent aspect of crystal unlike any other mineral.


It automatically retains its shape whenever it is forced out of its natural alignment just as cells, which are comprised of the same elements. All crystals grow from seeds, or its counterpart in the cell, the nucleus. Crystal also heals itself as well; if scratched, or a hole forms, it refills it with the same molecular lattices of crystal, which are its "genes."


The big surprise is that viruses are nothing but inert crystals waiting for the right amounts of warmth and moisture. Everything on this earth and the stars of heaven are of crystal-they all live. The old Indian adage was right, every rock and mountain is alive. And the ancients were no doubt right that man came from clay-composed of crystalline silicate flakes.


This is why it has such wonderful healing properties. It is. logically, composed entirely of pyramidal molecules!

Crystal is the opposite of entropy-negentropy, the essence of the Nibiru lifestyle and intelligence. The Law of Negentropy is the law of life. Order from disorder, but only where there is intelligence.


Sophia of gnostic literature told us knowledge is Life, Isis told us instinct was life, and when man comes to realize both are the same he will go to the stars without a struggle, they will draw him to it like a child welcomed by his mother. This is why crystal goes back to its normal structure when injured if the forces of nature are kept in tune, and why your nasty cut heals, and why if we had Lucy before us with this knowledge and biochemical wisdom we could return her back to her true form, and why we die of such things as cancer.


This is why the crystal is the structural basis of life and order, from rock to bone. We are all crystal. But without the spark that gives them life, if our bodies are defective, the crystals cannot work.


Crystals grow at two millimeters a day, with 10 million atoms, but even crystals are not perfect and empty spaces or bubbles appear which is why a perfect crystal is highly prized. What is missing? Magnetism? Electricity, or both? Since they were laid down, like us, from the beginning of time they have a 'memory' of their original form.


Electromagnetism has thus far been found in every thing studied, E.coli bacteria, our red blood cells, RNA. melanin, etc.


But the earth has changed, and her original forms cannot be as before. It has lost negentropy, and all long for the forces that first made them; thus are we. If we cannot keep the nucleus of our cells alive like the core of the earth, we die, and unless we attain the knowledge to capture back our primal life-force and do what the Egyptians did with their pyramids, we will be the dust of the Bible.

Of all the shapes in nature, the pyramid is the best to attract that energy.


The limestones on the pyramid acted like calcium in our bones, which as crystal when pressured, emits electricity; the granite in the Kings Chamber harbors quartz crystal which helps conduct magnetism as well. The sacrum feeds this electromagnetic power to the uterus with its nutrient filled matrix. Another pertinent point about the sarcophagus and 'sacrum' of the King's chamber, is that granite also contains garnet, a ferromagnetic crystal, a direct parallel to the properties of red blood cells.


And, it is so independently responsive to temperature that its polarity can be reversed. It was an excellent medium for a body in the sarcophagus as the limestone heated the granite which remained cooler, thereby the electrical effects were received without harm. A tiny blastocyst faces the same thing, enormous heat compared to its tiny size would destroy it without the rich blood of the uterus, the granite of the womb.


The sarcophagus was called "The Lord of Life", and indeed it was!

To do what the Egyptians did would take a structure the same size of the pyramid to parallel the dimensions of the womb. There is no longer a capstone, it was mysteriously, and might I add, remarkably removed. How these people did this if we are to believe traditional history is beyond me.


Rather than go into that, just why was it removed?


Legend says it was a crystal. It was that or either granite for this would have attracted the cosmic forces also. However, this may explain why the Anunnaki, 'took to the hills', so lo speak, to the Valley of the Kings. The capstone could have been purposely destroyed by the Nibiru to keep them from regenerating themselves. (It may not have been the Nibiru, I may have been rash here, but the other enemies they all fought as well.)


The royal family was then forced to employ mummification and probably many of the Nibiruian peoples stranded there as well.


We know from the Veda that Enlil came to help them at one point. The Valley was an excellent place to go for it was a geodesic vein of the earth as most mountains and hills, rich in magnetism. Limestone is their content, rich in electricity, ochre has been deposited by the winds, a copper element, and here it is said 'spirits' dwell to be wary of.


And, as one would expect, the east Valley has a natural pyramidal shape. It is a Valley of Life to house the lifeless, not the dead, for there is no such thing in an intelligent universe. Like the Valley itself, the mummies are alive but only inanimate, resting until they receive the forces to germinate them once again, just as Ra promised them, and as YHWH, he promised the Hebrews.

The Egyptians were adamant that a body must be whole to regenerate, or at least as whole as possible. The Greeks believed a sound mind and body was imperative to health,

 'He who is of a cairn and happy nature, will not feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden, "

There were two body-parts they gave great attention to, the heart and the liver, with great emphasis on the former and with studies in magnetism it is no wonder.


In most papyri of the dead, it was the hope the gods would find the heart intact and healthy, that because of Maat, they had cared well for it in life. By that, they did not lie, steal, hurt their fellowmen, have coition promiscuously, treated their family members correctly and did not look upon corruption, which today would entail anything from a TV commercial to pornography, for they knew the problems incurred from iconolagny upon the system. They did not cause stress to their hearts which affects the entire system.


Let us take a lie for instance, the Gods of the Veda were said to be incapable of it. Why? They were so genetically perfect they did not have to. How many times have people lied to cover their incompetence, cowardness, vanity, imperfections?


When we lie, it really hurts us because we have played into our weakness instead of fighting it. Our bodies want to rebuild imperfection and when we fail to meet it an automatic self-destruct mechanism goes off. we have failed.


The Catholic Confession is a sham, you may feel good about getting it off your chest, or heart so to speak, but the damage is done.


And we have just said why - it lays heavy on our hearts. You do get something off your chest, and the quicker you do. the less damage. Confession is thus good for the soul, or should we say our bioelectrical system, which has been overcharged, but you should have been smart enough to have avoided it in the first place for irreparable damage is done.


Our hearts beat fast and our nerves are frayed and we sweat and get flushed as histamine races through our systems, a very cytocidal substance.


That little voice inside pesters you day and night. One of the self-destruct chemicals is cortisone, next to histamine, the most caustic in cell destruction. What happens is the hypothalamus activates the pituitary, which sets off the adrenal glands, and then the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems are affected, bringing nervous frustration. Other substances released are catecholamines and adrenalin.


I disagree with many researchers that cortisone is a healthy constituent of our bodies, for just because it is there does not mean this, for we have many substances within us that react adversely to situations. It is used on arthritic patients and brings great relief for awhile, until the next shot, but they never improve, the arthritis keeps coming back three-fold because cortisone is one of the causes of it.


It is no coincidence that stress brings arthritis attacks on. Cortisone is one reason muscles are sore and stiff from exercising and also because you get surface cracks of bone each time you bounce and jolt yourself. Cortisone also leaches vitamin C from the system which again contributes to exercising being detrimental. As a drug, everyone reacts mentally to it especially if you are hypothyroid.


It is why in an emergency you become dumbfounded and confused, freeze or faint from your internal cortisone. As a drug it has caused everything from insanity to death.


Another problem in the stress release is that the thymus and lymph nodes shut down from cortisone and every germ in your system gets an edge. It also curtails functions of defensive cells like polymorphonuclear leukocytes, Iymphocytesand macrophages.


Now, if you weaken these, you have got troubles, but it goes beyond this, the polymorphonuclei are those with nuclei and they are destroyed outright as the others are then weakened or destroyed. Any nucleus is highly electrically charged which is its downfall as it cannot stand more or less than what is normal. (Tell me more about the fight or flight syndrome!). Another problem is that thyroxine is pumped in enormous amounts, befuddling the system, and why hyperthyroid peoples are always on edge.


Needless to say, all this is straining the heart but the other little beasties are the catecholamines which cause the blood platelets to clump together and hence the heart suffers from oxygen lack and thus other cells. It is why your heart thanks your brain when you confess, but wishes you had not been so stupid in the first place! What we have described is the same procedure the body goes through with scopophilia.


As for butterflies in our stomach, a study at the Ohio State University in Columbus has used electrogastrographs to determine the electrical charge of the stomach during stress.


Stomach muscle is like all muscle, electrically stimulated by whatever the brain sends it. First studied in 1922, this new study revealed in subjects suffering from stressed induced stomach ailments, when (their normal readings were 50-70 microvolts) told to think of a stressful event, readings jumped to 500 microvolts.


Said the researcher,

"Its a little storm in there."

It showed that the stomach's acids literally eat it up; ulcers and poor digestion are the dire consequences.

There was one surprise discovered first in 1981, concerning the heart, that the ancients (and anyone with horse sense) knew instinctively. That the heart can control the body, just like the brain, through a secretory hormone called Atrial Natriuretic Factor .


No one had ever believed the heart ever did anything but pump blood and this finding was quietly announced (par for the course! They always sneak their embarrassments in so not to let the general public know).


It has both good and bad qualities, again pointing to another autocytolysic aspect of our chemistry that registers whether we have been good or bad. It regulates salt and water balance and regulates blood pressure.


However, it also induces renin and increased aldosterone secretion, so it is a self-destructive mechanism also, apparently when the organism is stressed. It was found in both man and animal studied, even sharks. I do not like the idea that it can suppress sodium and potassium by increasing aldosterone, the most biologically active adrenal cortex hormone, but it is there for a reason.

Potassium stimulates cells to action, but a loss means a great deal of cells go by the wayside. One commentator remarked that ANF must be an " evolutionary strategy," to balance water and electrolytes. This is ridiculous for what happens when you upset that balance, it goes awry, and hominids were plenty stressed on the savannah, so no evolution there, you stay the same or most likely worsen.


There is believed to be many other hormones the heart conveys. Dying from a broken heart is now finally recognized as a real pathology. Stress is just too much for it.


Every little evil thought, stress, excitement that quickens the pace and releases these hormones loses the body's homeostatic ability.


If you ever doubted the Egyptians knew of hormones in the heart and stress having an effect, please read the following from the Ebers Papyrus,

"when the heart is sad, behold it is the moroseness of the Heart, or the vessels of the Heart are closed up in so far as they are not recognizable under thy hand. They grow full of Air and Water."

This is exactly what happens with ANF inhibition!


(Did you note all of this? How did they know this without seeing inside? Could they do this by touch, by feeling the magnetic pulses as we do with instruments today?)

There has always been questions pertaining to the wisdom of transplanting animal organs such as hearts, and the transference of the characteristics of the animal, also of another human. This used to be laughed at by medical practitioners, while researchers were not so sure, but hormones as ANF have stopped some from laughing.


People have shown peculiar behaviors from animal organs. Whether it is imagination, or a true biochemical dilemma, or both, has yet to be determined scientifically (that means you have to wait years from someone in a white coat to evaluate in a test tube what he should know instinctively).


The fact is, each animal and another person's heart, are composed of cells conducive to its way of life and we are only at the ground-floor in further studies of hormonal secretions of the heart as being the seat of the emotions as the ancients have told us. I am sure you would not grunt like a hog or want to climb trees, but there are other biochemical process that could alter a persons biochemistry.


The Egyptians would find us very barbaric to be cannibalizing animal and human organs when we cannot correct our bodies and minds, for as I have said I personally would not want my kidney or any other organ in someone who was so ignorant they could not take care of their own. Or worse, contribute to someone who will create more of their own kind if it was congenitally caused, or for whatever reason, for there is stupidity behind ever malfunction; it does not float down out of the air.


The Egyptians believed in living with a whole body and to 'die' that way, but the latter for a very good reason.


Our problem is we do not even know how to 'die' right! However, the Baby Fae case was no doubt a failure in part because of agenesis. One other infant and a few children have received human hearts and survived, so that now they can go on and produce more who will have degenerating bodies. Artificial hearts are a total loss for there are none of the chemicals there from the real thing.


But, speaking of Baby Fae lets jump into another area here.


The Nibiru would have hung their heads in complete shame at humanity for this one. Baby Fae was a disaster right from the start with a hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which prohibits pumping by the left ventricle. Today, it is a rare woman, especially in western cultures, that has a normal baby, there is really no such thing as a healthy one.


The diets of the parents are atrocious, conception is like the last quarter of a football game, or a Saturday night wrestling match, and the chances of the pregnancy being wanted is 1 in 11,000; birth is a drugged disaster; all in all every night they spend up with a colicky baby, sick child, who is hyperactive, mentally deficient, with teens libidinous, marijuana smoking, ad nauseam, is entirely their fault.


Baby Fae, like so many birth defective babies, is the far end of this spectrum and an excellent example of another problem. We are a society today that no longer calls things as we see them because we have so many decadents they are shouting down the few with common sense (remember the ancient texts covered?).


One hundred years ago they would have called Baby Fae by her real name, in the 1960's the name was whitewashed by calling them "love children" but they are always the same for Baby Fae should really have been called Baby Bantling, pure, direct and true. The product of a degenerative couple, I am not going into any religious harangue because I am not religious, but I am going to preach the pure biological facts here.


This was another reason the Egyptians harped so on avoiding promiscuosity. If such a baby was presented in Egypt, or to Hippocrates or Galen, they would have definitely refused help. In all my research in teratology, I have yet to see a baby born to an unwed couple that is normal, for this is where we often see the grossest of defects, but all couples have them to one extent or the other because of poor living habits.


The children's hideousness reveals the parents amentia.


Why would marriage have an affect?


For reasons that many people have forgotten today. When a man and woman come together for a few moments of bodily pleasure the body only registers one thing-baby time, and all the chemicals fall into place.


Somewhere between all the hectical doings it suddenly hits the girl (your average western woman may not always register this until pregnancy as the nervous excitement incited during the relation releases too much adrenalin and histamine clouding the mental processes because the coition was one of tension release rather than procreation-this in itself creates a very unhealthy child and unfortunately, married or not, most women are guilty of this and there are just as many Baby Bantlings among them which is why we have such a sudden influx of unhealthy babies and catastrophic disorders as Sudden Infant Death) that she has no trust or confidence in a man who may leave her stranded with the care of a baby.


People have forgotten what commitment and trust between man and woman is, so their 'word' means absolutely nothing when erotism enters for they are unstable organisms. The 'word' is from the heart, part of the body.


And as we do know that certain words evoke emotions and bonding (just as the ancients knew!) words as 'promise' do not enter their life which is a dying one. Another reason this may. however, not dawn on her at all, is because so many are highly androgynous which is the main reason most women commit these blunders, as a gynic never would as they are more mentally stable.


Well, what occurs sooner or later is stress from cortisone, histamine, adrenalin, and an avalanche of other biochemicals with a great loss of nutrients robbed from and effecting the growing fetus. The baby was conceived and nurtured under a stress condition, under 'sin'.


Disease, malformations, are then nature's way of putting an end to the line, as they then breed more if allowed, until they come to an end.


How long that end is is up to the health officials who continue treating them as time goes by, and in the meantime everyone has to put up with drunks, addicts, criminals, perverted people, etc., etc.


But since things as the heart by-pass is a five billion dollar industry per year, we are, with also all this organ donation foolishness, going to have to prepare ourselves for the miscreants that are going to come out of it for when one sees such abnormalities in people then they have become exceptionally low in intelligence and sensitivities.


The Egyptians and the people of the Veda gave so much credence to their morality, telling the Gods they had no perversions and that they had no "defects", equating the two, for these aberrations would affect offspring. Erotism has no purpose, but procreation does, and the sad fact is that all of the protecting hormonal responses to this very stressful biological event cannot come into play with erotism and there is no organ that is affected more than the heart during it.


There is a silly rumor going around it lowers blood pressure, but they neglect to mention that in some individuals that after the stressful event the blood pressure lowers too much from the shock and the muscles of the heart are not pumping as much as they did for the person had high blood pressure to begin with and it just appears as if coition alone had lowered it. It did but for another reason, injury.


And it certainly does not promote long life as centurions tell us. And anyone familiar with experiments with animals when they are not allowed to breed they live much longer as Dr. Michael Rose's famous experiment of fruit flies in which he did not let them mate and they lived 50% longer and were less resistant to starvation, stress and were very healthy and vigorous.


We are getting more and more reports of persons getting ill or dying suddenly during intercourse from the heavy influxes to the brain in active people; also heart attacks and stroke.


But you need not tell an Egyptian where a good heart started,

"My ab (Heart) O, my mother! My hati (energy of the heart), my being!"

A very classic line from the BOOK OF THE DEAD which was mis-titled, it should be the Book of Life.


All functions pertinent to life are lessened in extreme stress, often stopped, with cell destruction-always. In animals, nonadrenalin, a harmless energy inducer is produced, sent through the system in stress so that the animal can keep his wits about him, but in man he pays the price of caustic substances if he cannot live up to his intended perfection as these damaging hormones are reactions from a poor system.


The fight or flight syndrome of gut retraction, high blood pressure etc., is not conducive to life and why we see so many bold and brave men unafraid in battle up until the Civil War days and rarely seen today. This was not bravado, but they had less estrogen and better diets which allowed nonadrenalin to flow.

Well, nonetheless, if you are a child or aged 110, if you tell a lie or commit some other infraction, you pay dearly for it.


The body has a mind to keep it homeostasic and the body suffers when the mind errs. The heart receives the brunt of all this as the energy center of our bodies. Heart cells will live indefinitely if fed in a medium, one scientist kept some heart cells alive for over 20 years until they were destroyed. In any stress we get little scars on the heart which means cells are lost. In some people stress lowers the heartbeat (another reason why there is a report that mating lowers blood pressure) but since we do not know what a normal beat or pressure is, for some this could mean a loss of oxygen flow.


This is why the readings of blood pressure and EKG tests are unreliable and many people have had heart attacks and strokes from 'healthy hearts'.


However, next time you look up at the star-filled sky - that is how long you have to live, and then some, for the gods were said to live as long as the universe lasted and beyond. All in all, to the Egyptian all this meant that much against the immortal soul if injury was incurred and since their lives could be so long you had to have foresight in what lay in the long road ahead.


In the event of death, with cell loss, there was that less to work with to regenerate the body and retain its health.


With all their moral restraints and ethics, it does not take long to realize they knew something we have only learned today that the heart cells do not divide, what you are born with is all yon get. The same with the neurons of the central nervous system. And. from the moment of conception, throughout childhood, the development of the heart is most crucial.


But look at the start we get, someone hits us in the posterior and we come into life crying which itself causes such a histamine and cortisone flow that many cells are destroyed on the spot (crying is not normal for anyone); we are doped and asphyctic; all leading lo illnesses as dire as cancer, the number one killer of children.


Every child four years and over has incipient or severe heart problems from all this, and a mother and father whose personal habits are the first insults to development.


There is rarely a child today who would live past six without our "wonder drugs", and they are born aged and by thirty look forty or more. Poor foods contribute and the Egyptian diet was most formulated for a healthy heart. There has never been to my knowledge a description of child abuse in Egyptian art, and the way they worshiped their families, I highly doubt it until their later stages.


At this late time 110 + was the normal lifespan. Today, the family rises above street crime in violence.


So much for "my mother my heart".

To the Egyptians, the heart was the seat of life with all the contents of good and bad therein. It was called !ab.' Many peoples the world over have eaten the heart to take on the owner's characteristics which is certainly believable now. (Remember atso our little worms so many pages back?)


The Egyptians believed a man had three souls, but giving the translation problems, soul has always meant "energy". The Ka I have explained, but there was also the Ba or heart-soul, and then the Khu. The heart does have a life of its own and it seems will keep beating independently of the body because of its electromagnetic flow.


The Khu was "imperishable" and I believe they most certainly meant the crystalline life of our bodies which never ends.


The Ba helped hold the Ka and Khu together, and is often referred to as the heart-soul. The Ka then was the force of life, the Khu that which remained in death and the Ba the heart which in either circumstance helped to keep the charges going. The Hati was the life-force of the heart and in the Ritual of Weighing the Heart it is balanced against immorality and disease.

It is in the BOOK OF THE DEAD that we see the respect these people had for their hearts welfare and its strength.


If they truly resurrected their dead, it was the primary organ to arouse the life-force in, as the following from the BOOK OF THE DEAD,

"I feed upon right and truth my heart."

Without the heart, there could be no revival,

"I know my heart, I have gained power over my heart, I have gained Power over my two hands and onus, I have gained power over my feel, I have gained the power to do what pleaseth my Ka".

They knew the body must rely on it. and vice versa, and no moral indiscretions should be done,

"He who liveth in it is in peace of heart. Not but not are performed love joys in it."

While another says,

"Not have I fornicated. Not have I defiled myself."

The latter also meant onanism which they regarded as heinous for it has all the bodily destructive mechanisms that come into play as the other indiscretions.


One line I find amusing is that,

"Not have I taken fishes with bail of their own bodies."

But this is most important, for fish must only be caught with lures, as every Pharaoh knew, for with bait the fish has primed his intestinal juices which causes a reaction of enzymes through his meat from the stress involved making the fish not edible-in other words, Shechita fishing!


You have to have the intelligence to fool the fish into capture.


Other declarations were,

"not have I added to, not have I diminished the offerings. Not have I stolen from the orchard. Not have I trampled down the fields. I have not added to the weight of the balance.


Not have I diminished from the weight of the balance. Not have f carried off the milk from the mouth of the babe. Not have I driven away the cattle which were upon their pastures... Not have I turned back water at its season. Not have I cut a culling in water running..."

There are more, but they may seem silly to you but this was just some of their many rules which kept life in order.


Another was,

"not have I raged except with a cause," while other mores were "not haw I defiled the wife of a man... not have I polluted myself" and others were, "not have I inflamed myself with rage... not have I made deaf myself to the worlds of right and truth... not have I caused grief... not have I acted insolently... not have f judged words. (I think every politician can take a lesson from that one! A.N.)... not have I made haughty my voice."

It must be remembered with the environment and their biochemistries so changed, they felt a great compunction to hope that the people who would retrieve them would recognize these things.


They became frantic that the Gods know that the person in repose was all these things in his or her life. Surely anyone capable of doing such a thing would want to know, as a doctor, just what you have done in life. As for the food left in the tombs, it is silly to think they believed the dead fed off of it, but if someone had this power to revive, the first thing you would want to know is what type of food they were consuming and what they had in their stomachs at death.


Even a forensic pathologist would ask such a thing and an example of it would be better. As the stomach receives electromagnetic emanations from the food eaten, this would be important.


If the Egyptians believed in a life after death, they would not have had the morbid joke with the mummy miniatures stated, nor would they have gone to so much trouble to preserve the dead.


The Nibiru and their Egyptian followers were proud of their homeostatic bodies as the BOOK OF THE DEAD states, "my seasons are in my body," meaning they were in control.


Entropy was not their hallmark. The environment and the stars did not rule them, they ruled the world!


It was thus a tragedy for those who were trapped within the boundaries of the Ram, Nowhere else but in the tomb papyri do we see the hatred they had for Amen-Ra and those who would invade their tombs. I have come to a conclusion that some of these people may have purposely had themselves entombed, unable to cope with the environment, before further assault to tissues occurred.


Going by some of these texts, they knew what was happening to them as the environment changed. That there were people they hoped to evade in their helplessness at death is not to be denied. These people were terrified.


After making commentary on the greatness of Osiris, we see the following,

"Not am I afraid of those who create terror, or of those who live on their lands. Behold me, I am exalted upon my standard, upon my seat. I am Nu, not shall I be overthrown by the doer of evil."

And what they feared most was the theft of their heart,

"Chapter of not being carried off the heart of the deceased in the Netherworld. Saith he: My heart is with me, not shall happen its being carried off. I am the lord of hearts, slaying the heart.


I live in right and truth, I exist in it. I am Horus pure of heart within the pure of body. I live in (or by) my word, existeth my heart. Not may be taken away my heart from me, let it not be wounded, let there not be wounds and cuts upon me being carried away it.


May I be in the body of my father Seb, of my mother Nut. I have not committed evil against the gods, I have not sinned there in triumph... not may happen things against me in the presence of the great god, lord of Amenta. Homage to thee, my heart!


Homage lo thee, my heart! Homage lo you, my entrails! Homage to you, O gods those who preside over the divine clouds exalted by your scepters, speak ye fair things lo Ra, and make to prosper ye me before Nehebka... Hail Lion-god, I am Un, what I hale is the block of the god.


Not let be taken away my heart this from me by the fighter in Heliopolis..."

It is obvious the Anunnaki did not want the original Nibiruan lineages to live.


I believe a great many of these tomb wall pleadings are directed to the Ennead by their own officials. And we must remember too, that many of these are later translations of the originals.


Another plea from the PYRAMID TEXTS states,

"May they not make opposition, when I turn lo you, when I come lo you and tell you this name of yours of 'Great Flood which come forth from the Great one.' I will no! be blind if you put me in darkness, I will not be deaf even though I do not hear your voice; take me with you, with you, even I who drive away storms for you, who dispel the clouds for you, and who break up the hail for you. I will make for you praise on praise, I will make for you adoration on adoration; may you set me over the Vulture-goddess."

Was he ever retrieved? It states also that they will come,

"with fierce roaring with those who ore lo be in trouble, with those whom they would destroy."

It says that they "go forth" from the,

"Hall of the Baldachin in the middle of the Platform of the Zenith from which you go forth when you go aboard the Night-bark."

This reminds me of Hebrew literature that says God had his alter on the "Foundation Rock" and directed his power from there.


A launch pad? Others still sat by the side of Nephthys,

"O Hmi, O Shd-slar, I will never give you my magic, for I sit side by side with Her who is holy in On. Take me to the sky!" The following seems to be a reference to Siva, " O Evil-doer, Evil-doer! 0 Creeper, Creeper! Your foot be behind you! Beware of the Twice Greot!"

Do they speak of Siva's talipes equinus? Note the reference to the "Twice Greot" as the "Twice Bom" of the Veda.

The next appears as very wishful thinking of a man who hopes he does not have to remain among men much longer and hopes to return to his people,

"The sky is clear, Sothis lives, because I am a living one, the son of Sothis, and the Two Enneads have cleansed themselves for me in Ursa Major, the imperishable.


My house in the sky will not perish, my throne on earth will not be destroyed, for men hide, the gods fly away. Sothis has caused me to fly up to the sky into the company of my brethren the gods, Nut the great has uncovered her arms for me, the Two Souls who ore at the head of the Souls of On, who attend on Ra, have bowed themselves, even they who spend the night making this morning for the god.


My seat is with you, O Ra, and I will not give it lo anyone else; I will ascent to the sky to you, O Ra, for my face is that of falcons, my wings are those of ducks, my talons ore the fangs of Him of the Cerastes-Mountain, There is no word against me on earth among men, there is no accusation in the sky among the gods, for I have annulled the word against me, which I destroyed in order to mount up to the sky.


Wepwawet has caused me to fly up lo the sky among my brethren the gods. I use my arms as a goose, I flap my wings as a kite; the flier flies, O men, I fly away from you."

We must bear in mind that if these passages sound rather bizarre, by that meaning as if they were panicked, they were.

And, they were also suffering from what we all do, only it hit them full force, Ondine's Curse, which is alveolar hypoventilation due to reduced respiratory responses to CO2, which was certainly going to affect their thought processes. In other words, they got a little carried away, hoping they would be carried away!


They just could not deal with it. It is ironic that Ondine's Curse is named from Undine, the mythical water nymph who had a lover who continually slept which is what the ancients tell us is our problem, we just are not totally aware of our world, slightly comatose.

Another entry states that the famous stairs are awaiting,

"A stairway to the sky is set up for me that I may ascend on it lo the sky, and I ascend on the smoke of the great censing," which needs no explanation!

(Why do I always feel like I am in the middle of a George Lucas/Steven Spielberg movie?!)


When the attackers came at different periods they were most vicious in their attacks,

"hacking and cutting souls, in shutting up the shadows of the dead, and in dragging the occupants of tombs to their place of slaughter."

However, the worst thing that could also happen was decay,

"Homage to thee, O my divine father Osiris, thou hast thy being with thy members. Thou didst not decay, thou didst not turn into worms, thou didst not rot away, thou didst not become corruption, thou didst not putrefy... I shall have by being, I shall live, I SHALL GERMINATE, (Italics - A.N.) I shall wake up in peace... My body shall be established, and it shall neither fall into ruin nor be destroyed off this earth."

It may be that many fed off the dead remains as one Unas is a slayer and eater of the gods, in fact, these people may be the third party involved here, who seem to be aliens.


Powerful he must have been to pester the gods of whom he cut their throats and "drew out their intestines," that is his helper, "Khensu the slaughterer" did. The many lineages of Indra were prone to cannibalism.

The heart was again their most precious organ,

"thou are my double within my body forming and making strong my limbs."

The " double" meant the electric and magnetic aspects of this field.


It is when you start studying magnetiocardiograms and cardiac electrophysiology that these strange snake configurations and tools used to awaken the dead in their pictographs start making sense. The schematics of these fields match drawings used of the Weighing of the Heart and Opening of the Mouth to near perfection.


Today we use these devices to measure the electromagnetic properties of the heart. One of the most remarkable parallel's to this study is the Einthoven triangle, an inverted pyramid, an area over the heart from shoulder to shoulder, extending to the groin, each point a polar lead of energy received from the heart. The first cardiac magnetic field was recorded in 1963. When ill the heart gives different readings often in several places.


The skin receives a weaker magnetic field from specialized structures of the heart, so please do not tell me the heart is only for pumping blood, thank you! There have been found three major areas of conduction of electrophysiological value in the heart - the sinus node, the atrioventricular node and the purkinje fibers.


An instrument called the gradiometer is used to record the conduction. It has been found, however, that the body is actually a homeogenous volume conductor and as such we cannot dismiss telepathic powers, laying on of the hands, etc. in people who also possess the correct blood constituents of minerals. We have some very curious pictures of a box-like object looking very much like a gradiometer pointed at Osiris' heart. (plate no. 58)


I first chuckled at the one depicting a thigh (plate no. 59) forgetting that the sciatic nerve is the strongest conductor next to the brain and heart. They may have just borrowed the shape from nature again to make their instruments. (Also note in plate 59 an unknown object pointed at Osiris' heart, and a snake in the other.)


The question is, did they use it in reverse, giving electromagnetic energy instead of monitoring it? I would have half-heartedly dismissed this except for a passage from the PYRAMID TEXTS which is rather revealing,

"O Osiris the King, a current round in you, surging and dripping... I have put my brother together, I have reassembled his members."

When this was translated years ago, it was criticized because they could not relate an electric current being used over 4000 years ago! If this is so, the mysteries of life and death were not new to the Egyptians.


The Egyptians were well known for their powers to regenerate and re-attach body members as the magician Teti who lived during the reign of Khufu. He was acquainted with the mysteries of the edicts of Thoth and could rejoin the head of a man to his body after decapitation and was summoned to Khufu's court to demonstrate it.


Khufu then ordered a prisoner's head cut off but Teti declined saying only an animal should be used and a goose was brought in, the head cut off and he then placed the head and body in different areas of the room, the head on the west side, the body on the east. After saying magical words the head and body inched towards one another and when the two neared one another they jumped into place and the goose cackled.


He then did the same with another bird and an ox. This was called White Magic and Teti could guard against all manner of devils who caused disease, knew the lucky and unlucky days, could read books without opening them and other magical prowess.


But if you will notice he placed the animals in the magnetic fields of the earth to affect his 'magic' and he also refused to use a man, because by this time the fields had changed and so had man and his powers to perform such tricks could not be done, and he probably used something more than just 'words'!

We are learning that the body has marvelous mechanisms that come into play at the moment of disaster. Since the 1970's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does not advocate giving drowning victims up for dead. Studies by the University of Michigan with submerged subjects showed no ill affects.


What changed the administrations policy was that an eighteen year old was trapped in a car for 38 minutes in Lake Michigan and was resuscitated! There was no brain damage they could tell. There have been several such incidents as this now that we know drowning does not mean death. Apparently, the vagus nerve, during a tragedy, slows the heart (bradycardia). This cannot be enough however.


Somehow oxygen is 'locked' in the cell nuclei of the body. There has to be other agencies at work here. The vagus upon excitement, immediately liberates potassium and acetylcholine, thereby two nerve stimulaters are retained and the cells then become hyperpolarized. The cells then do not have energy, but retain their negative charge, just as in adipocere tissue.


This would keep oxygen on the heme molecule from oxidizing and keep it from turning from ferrous to ferric iron.


There would be no energy expended but the oxygen would stay in the nucleus. Instead of energy traveling through the system in other words, they put on the brakes and stored the iron and other nutrients on the heme molecule and the body processes came to a halt, but only fell dormant. No energy means oxygen would stay in the cells.


The Veda tells us that those well-born have no fear of drowning,

"I am the son of Varuna, King, I have nothing to fear from drowning in water!"

As mentioned before we do not have red blood cells that are nucleated, but we do early in their stages of development which seems to have been lost in most people.


The above may be no brag, for I do not see how the people who do live from drowning could not help but have them too. It has been stated that this lack of nuclei in red blood cells makes them better able to transport oxygen, but this is rather unlikely as the nuclei of cells have more iron than the surrounding cell bodies. All sea mammals have to have nucleated red blood cells or they would never store the oxygen to dive as they do and stay submerged.


There are some people who do have all nucleated red blood cells, a condition called pyrenemia, but it is a pathology which leads me to believe it may not be in another atmosphere.


They are probably very normal, but the poor diets and surroundings turn them into very ill people. But given the above people like our magician Teti knew why only animals and not people could be used anymore. We are always so embarrassed and mad that reptiles and amphibians can regenerate limbs and we cannot, but they are less complicated in structure, we are more complicated.


But we were given a bigger, more complicated brain to discern and avoid more obstacles, we really have no right to regenerate lost parts.


However, we see such diversity in people as South Sea Island peoples who can stay submerged for very long periods, which may mean they have considerable nucleated red blood cells. We just do not know all there is about cells as yet, despite all the sensationalism of them and the bravado of scientists.


Recently, it has been found that there are two more oxygen carriers, hemarythrin and hemocyanin, although they say their role is minor in oxygen transport, this may be so because of environment and diet. In my little scenario of the 'holistic' person who succumbed to death, if he was revived, as with our ancients, they had to have nucleated red blood cells for this would enable the cells to merely retreat from the fight.


The other person on the refined foods had no nucleated red blood cells right from conception, because of the diet his mother was on. And, as he matured, as with all of us, he lost a great deal of blood marrow processing which turns to fatty tissues and hematopoiesis is gone. The process moves then to the responsibility of ribs, vertebrae, skull and proximal ends of humerus and femur, which ossify all too soon in us.


The membrane on a cell is very susceptible to foreign substances, thwarting oxygen carrying powers. Something just puts a block on our nucleated erythrocytes, and I dare say it is environment and diet. And, I dare say the main reason we age and die. Surgery in Egypt did not become popular until very late and this may be the reason as the people degenerated in their lost cellular abilities and did not heal as thoroughly.


This could also be why some people react to natural healing better than others and have ESP and why some are more conscious of the world. It is here in the blood that nutrients are laid down and if someone has nucleated blood, more is present. Need I say what this would mean in biomagnetic sensitivity?


One would also need more copper then, and here again enters our green-skinned Nibiruians. Literally, a whole new world would open. Can you imagine cutting yourself and watching it heal? (No more band-aids!) From all that I have studied in physiology and biochemistry, I would be the last one to criticize supernatural powers.


The world is so full of charlatans, a true study may never be done, for those truly possessive would keep these gifts to themselves. We read so much of supernatural feats in ancient times that I do not believe we can regard them as fantasy. Although, while a great many seem to be caused from technology, others seem quite apart from it.


Macarius of Antioch brought to life a man having been dead six hours.

He had the typical near-death experience, the fiends and serpents and the ever present river, all implants of his earlier teachings. Now you could not say this was magic if one knew how to revive someone either by mouth to mouth resuscitation or by using electromagnetism or some other agency. Our fine line between magic and science is very thin. Teti (or Teta) was 110 years old at his famous performance before Khufu.


We have seen in the Veda how people were brought back to life and in Homer's Iliad, Aeneas's dislocated hip is restored in a minute after Apollo rushes him to a healing temple.


There have been miraculous recoveries of soldiers on the battlefield from very severe wounds which would have killed another; a classic from World War II was a soldier who after turning blue and near death from blood loss, had spontaneous healing with no treatment, so we must continually face the fact that our stereotyped medical books do not take into consideration that everyone is different.


Homer also said that Apollo was the bringer of death as well and his associates with him, being the protector and destroyer of mice which gives us a hint as to what he was doing if you will refer back to their use of them in radiation. Apollo was the son of Zeus, a twin of Artimis, so he could have been one of the Pandava twins.


It seems all the Gods were also physicians too which was part of being a man still held in Jewish traditions. Aesculapius could restore the dead to life and was killed by a "cyclops" which could have been our three-eyed Siva, Apollo then killed him so the legend goes.

Those of us who use Pyramids find every experiment an adventure and the more studied you are in the sciences the more an adventure it becomes. In Europe, many places use the pyramid shape to store foods such as milk on grocery shelves as they are aware of its preserving abilities. Here in America just mention Pyramid Power and you get a silly grin.

One thing you learn quickly using pyramids is that junk food with refined sugars and flours and additives does not respond at all, or very weakly. This is pertinent to the fact pure food was always eaten by the ancients. Studies have shown that under a pyramid, alpha and theta brain waves are accelerated and the amplitude doubled.


This is very important as the former electrical wave, Alpha, decreases by a low body temperature and a high arterial partial pressure of CO2, again why we are in a 'sleep'. Interestingly, under normal circumstances, the alpha rhythm predominates in the waking state but only if the eyes are closed. When opened however, the alpha waves are blocked by a high-frequency but irregular rhythm. This is called alpha blocking and oddly, concentration and sensory excitation lowers which means these brain neural elements are not responding properly.


But, what is it that filters through our eyes to cause this? UV light?

The pyramid's ability to sharpen razor blades, preserve meat by mummification and fruit is amazing. Apples can be preserved for months with the contents soft while the skin remains red, until mummification takes over. All retain their flavors, if not enhanced.


No one has raised the dead with a pyramid for the fact no one has the money to build such a colossus and then it still takes whatever other agencies they employed, such as the sounds the stones make in the Great Pyramid which would make sense.


The womb is a very sound filled place we are finding, with blood flow and heart beat; the water in the pyramid might have been used for this reason, but all of this contributes to pulsations which give life. Dead flesh has not decayed under a pyramid which is certainly a stepping stone for us. One thing I have concluded is that pyramids were meant for decaying and dead flesh. These are not toys.


I once improperly aligned a pyramid and placed my "control" banana alongside the one inside and the "pyramid" banana decayed in a matter of hours, much faster than the other.


Nonetheless, I personally do not advocate anyone partaking of its powers or at least it should be done moderately (I guess you could say we are decaying flesh!) for we cannot be sure of what constitutes its powers. The feelings of euphoria people say they have under them may be hiding cell destruction, for we are often fooled by this. People who enter the Great Pyramid often report queer feelings and emotions, whether this is imagination or not does not matter, for the power is certainly there to cause adverse affects.


Many of these mystics are fooled by their 'visions' which is merely the body playing tricks and they would not be too pleased by what is going on inside for as with out-of-body experiences it is a problem of neural conduction and a loss of control. I am speaking of uncontrolled 'out-of-body experiences, versus controlled, there is a big difference.

Frankly, I would not put my big toe inside any pyramid, especially the Great One.


These are also over geodesic areas which is why the Sphinx was carved out of a local hill. There is a great deal of magnetic radiation emanating from these areas which may not be for the good. There is not a great deal of plant growth in these areas which is a hint right there. People have always been wary of these areas for many reasons which we will now look into.


Archaeologists have always had trouble with the local populace who were afraid of the "spirits" in these areas, particularly the Valley of the Kings.


Said the famous Egyptologist Budge at the turn of the century:

"The pyramids, which they call tarabil, on the hill, are viewed with a most childish fear by the natives, who curiously enough, speak of the royal personages buried therein as illahat, or "gods", and none of them, if it can possibly be avoided, will go up after sundown into "the mountain," as they call the sandstone ridge on which they are built.


Tombs and cemeteries are carefully avoided at night as a matter of course, but to approach the pyramids at night is regarded as a willful act which is sure to bring down upon the visitor the wrath of the spirits of the kings, who have by some means acquired a diving character in the eyes of the natives.


When I was opening one of the pyramids at Jebel Barkal in 1897, Muhammad wad Ibrahim, the sheikh of the village, tried to keep the workmen at work as long as daylight lasted, but after this had been done for two or three evenings, several of the wives of the men appeared and carried off their husbands, fearing they should either be bewitched, or suffer some penalty for intrusion in that place at the time when, in popular opinion, the spirits of the dead came forth to enjoy the cool of the evening.


The same idea prevailed further south among the people who lived on the river near the pyramids of Bakrawiyeh, which mark the site of the royal necropolis of the ancient city of Berua, or Mama, i.e., Meroe. The local sheikh was appointed to go with me and to help in taking measurements of some of the pyramids at this place, but when we were about half a mile from them he dismounted, and said he could go no further because he was afraid of the spirits of the gods, illahat, who were buried there.


After much persuasion he consented to accompany me, but nothing would induce him to let the donkeys go to the pyramids; having hobbled them and tied them to a large stone he came on, but seated himself on the ground at the northern end of the main group of pyramids, and nothing would persuade him to move about among the ruins.


The natives of Jebel Barkal viewed the work of excavation with great disfavor from the very first, arid their hostile opinion was confirmed by the appearance at the pyramids of great numbers of wasps, which, they declared, were larger than any which they had seen before; they were convinced that they were evil spirits who had taken the form of wasps arid that evil was coming upon their village.


It was useless to explain lo them that the wasps only came there to drink from the waterskins, which were kept full and hung there on pegs driven into the masonry for the use of the workmen; and when a harmless snake, about eight feel long, which had also crawled there to drink, was killed one morning by the men, their fears of impending evil were confirmed, for they were certain that the spirit of a king had been killed, and they expected that vengeance would be taken upon them by the divine spirits of his companions.


About halfway up Jebel Barkal there lived four large hawks which always seemed to be following any person who ascended the mountain, but yet never came very near; these were always regarded by the natives as the embodied spirits of the gods whose figures still remain sculptured and painted on the walls of the rock-hewn sanctuary at the foot of the hill, curd I never heard of any attempt being made lo shoot or snare them by the people of the villages of Barkal, Sliibba, or Marawi.


The inhabitants could not know that the hawk was the first living creature which was worshiped in the Nile Valley, and therefore the respect which they paid to the hawks must have been due to a tradition which had been handed down to them through countless generations from a past age.


Their connecting the hawks with the figures of the gods sculptured in the sanctuary of Amen-Ro is worthy of note, for it seems to show that on such matters they thought along the same lines as their ancestors."

Well, this is pretty typical of western thinking, people who have lost every sensitivity to the earth as is physically possible for these 'natives' knew much more than Budge could have ever imagined.


The wasps, the snake, the hawk are all indicative that they disturbed the magnetic resonances with their digging and indeed the kings did die at this time for the bodies therein relied on these forces. They feared 'spirits' for good reasons, especially at night, for fields from the core of the earth lessen as the sun lowers but because of the limestone and granite here, other emanations amplify tenfold in these highly magnetized areas for it takes awhile for them to subside. This is diurnal geomagnetism which varies with the local and seasonal aspects and the pull of the moon in a 24 hour period.


These fields were discovered by George Graham in 1722.


Animals become much disturbed if these fields which they rely upon are disturbed as the wasps took to flight and the hawk which like all birds are supersensitive to these fields. If these actions of the animals had been normal, the people would not have been so upset, but they knew the living patterns of them.


The big question is were the gods within disturbed? This is the only way I will believe in 'spirits' if they were able to keep the electromagnetic emanations of the so-called dead at least at a low-level by preserving their mineral cell content.


Then they could transcend their tombs when conditions were right, namely at night, when the fields from the sun were not disturbing their body fields and their resonances could travel, although they could not for very far.


But it is no wonder the people came to fear this valley at night. I have often read accounts and talked with people having had experienced seeing a loved one immediately after death and what we could be seeing here is the force leaving the body which then vanishes as the body decays and this is what the Egyptians hoped to retain, the Ka. This is where religions have so greatly erred for to have a spirit after 'death', it must have a matrix from which to emanate, the preserved body.


If you wanted to dance amidst the stars, to the Egyptians, this was the only way. This ethereal, but hazardous existence, would be had until the body was revived. This is why the Egyptians were so afraid their bodies would be disturbed. It is said by archaeologist's that the Pyramids were built within 20 years which seems ridiculous for a people whose life centered around death and becoming interred in a pyramid, for when death came one had to be interred immediately, or at least in a geodesic area as the Valley.


Which leads us into how they built them which seems impossible considering we needed very highly skilled equipment just to move the Abu Simbel shrine to make way for the Aswan Dam. There is often quoted a picture of hundreds of men pulling a great statue but as I have learned you cannot always believe what the pictures say, for this may have been more wishful thinking or symbolic.


I have no idea how they built the pyramids so quickly or how people so long ago, fresh off the desert sands as historians tell us, could have had the knowledge.

In 1984, cloning of intact DNA from the last of the quaggas, an animal with a horse/zebra combination was done, the last of which died in Amsterdam in 1983. From this experiment it was found that DNA survives a long time.


The next step was that of bog people and Egyptian mummies, one commentator remarked the latter would,

"be fascinating, though cloning the latter might prove too nerve-racking a task for the superstitious genetic engineers."

You will often find those who work in genetic research and biomagnetism are far more skeptical about disturbing these people than archaeologists or pathologists whose lives seem centered on destructive policies.


Well, someone dared just the same.


A Swedish scientist isolated DNA from an Egyptian mummy; three in twenty-three showed detectable DNA and it proved that in death,

"the DNA fragments seem to contain little or no modifications introduced postmortem (!)" 24

3400 base pairs in one segment was found with little damage!


Why only three in twenty-three? Given the mistreatment through the years, this is understandable, but Egypt was going through a great transition at this time and people then, like now, varied in their biochemistries.


However, unlike the quagga, we have not the technology to clone an entire person, however the scientist here further stated,

"These results establish feasibility of faithfully cloning substantial pieces of genomic (chromosomal) DNA from biological remains of great antiquity."

I like the further comments of the researcher,

"There is something intriguing about the possibility of learning the genotype of a god."

Well, he was on the right track there, but I doubt this is what the Egyptians had in mind.


The scientists were mainly interested in this because of Egyptian interbreeding which is a great reason why we have lost so many powers genetically, only outbreeding people are mortal. Well, if they had left these mummies where they were, they might have lived long enough to see professionals do the job! Cloning does not bring you back. It is just another you as a twin.


However, if this much DNA is left in a completely preserved body, anything is possible. This type of biology can take us wherever our imaginations can, for this is the ultimate mystery in biology-to transcend death. It is a mystery because cells have the capability to live indefinitely if treated properly. If the total cell is healthy then it's contents are easily replaced by the healthy nucleus.


I think if we brought these people back they would think the entire world insane with our transplants and now we are making spare parts, the bionic person, for we have finally hit the lowest level, we are now becoming like cars, when we need a spare part just go to the junkyard. Junk food, junk people, junk minds, junk world.


Pharaoh would have had them all beheaded years ago and would not have let Teti help them!

It was in the heart that there was Maat-truth and righteousness. In the Weighing of the Heart, a feather is held over the heart or the entire body. Against the feather the good and bad qualities of the person was weighed. Silly? Today we use a graniometer to measure the magnetism of a person's heart.


But that is someone very much alive. We often see Anubis with "laying of the hands" over the body. It has always been legend that the Gods could sometimes use their own energies to revive the dead. If they had the high bodily electromagnetic flow which I suspect, perhaps they did. Today we use electrical stimulaters to revive heart attack victims, but I cannot help but think we are missing magnetic flow as well that would save those given up for dead.


It should be stated that the ancients knew and passed on to the Greeks the phenomenon of resin, which when rubbed, it lifted papyrus from the magnetism it possesses. Another reason it was placed on the mummies. However, a feather, which we know has very sensitive elements to magnetism, would have been an excellent diagnostic tool as yet used in shamanism.


In the right hands a good deal could be told. The heart especially, even in death, is still resonating if the minerals were protected accordingly as with the resin. Electricity always produces a magnetic field (hence their gold sarcophagi) but in death the electricity is dulled which is why the body is 'dead' hence we now have an 'induction' field. Magnetism is laid down and produces a weak electrical field but a mild charge remains because the blood, which is a watery conductor, is still in the body (remember water is paramagnetic).


The magnetic field of the 'dead' body would probably be stronger than the electric as minerals such as iron are laid down in the nuclei of cells and without the water medium of blood coursing through the body the electrical charge is thus very weak.


However, if adipocere can lay down correctly, the electrical field would still remain on an even charge with the magnetism.

An interesting finding of death is that potassium levels raise. This is very odd that at the time of death, one of the most important electrical conductors of the body rises. And, more so, this occurs in the cerebro-spinal fluid of the brain for up to 70 hours. But even more strange, amino acids are boosted! There is definitely more to death than what we are taking it for so blindly. It has also been found that glucose rises but it activates lactic acid and that is what triggers the decay, but again let me say that this could be a very sad outcome of refined sugar.


Since sugar destroys amino acids in life, what must it do in death? If you will notice the 70 hour duration of the cerebro-spinal fluid as it was said that resurrection came at three days; even Christ took that long.


Honey was often used to preserve bodies for it absorbs moisture bacteria feed on and why, unlike sugar, it is good for the stomach and aids longevity.

If the scarab implant has any truth either before death or after, it was to stimulate the electro-magnetic fields of the heart. Particularly if it were malachite which has ferromagnetic iron in it and copper and was usually set in a gold frame. The heart scarab was said to have assisted in the "Opening of the Mouth." This was done with an iron object, a hook like affair.


The heart and vagus nerve which is part of the ferromagnetic field of the chin already discussed, gives weight to why the heart opened the mouth. If they resonated the heart, they also induced the masseter muscles, which clinch at death, and the respiratory tract to go lax, and 'opened the mouth'. With the heart sending energies again, the palate and uvula would relax as well.

I am very suspicious that the dog-head of Anubis was a mask as were the hawk-headed Horus and the ibis headed Thoth, but it could have been symbols of their military units, swift as a hawk, alert like a dog, keen like an ibis of sight, etc. We must remember the Ennead may have been trying to retrieve some of their people and the tomb walls tell us of the death wishes of them.


Magnetobiology has taught us that certain head-shapes deflect magnetism more than others and can withstand microwaves; the longer the horizontal head shape here the better, a dog better than a rabbit, but an ibis would be better than a hawk. So these might be masks. Anubis I equate with King Ay who was praised by the people as a protector just as Joseph of the Bible.


The disc shape we see so often between horns could have helped against these radiations, as such a disc is used today to produce electromagnetic fields on the spinal column or head to register sounds heard. Magnetism we know can help those affected by fallout either after or before as precautionary.

All peoples of these ages bad ideas about the heart. The further wisdom that was Egypt taught us,

"another good deed in the heart of the god is to pause before speaking. ..."

You will often find people who pause are precise in their thoughts rather than having no control with nervous speech and prattle.


We know blood pressure rises just before speaking, it should not, but in someone with good neurological control it does not. In another line they say,

"swifter is speech when the heart is hurt than wind of the head-waters."

Losing your composure does much injury to the heart.


Some more passages here are even more enlightening:

"Do not greet thy heated opponent in thy violence.
Nor hurt thy own heart thereby.
Do not say to him; "Hail to thee!" falsely,
When a terror is in thy belly.
Do not talk with a man falsely-
The abomination of the gad.
Do not cut off thy heart from the tongue."

They knew the heart affected the stomach and vice versa and did not need to cut the body open or shoot x-rays through it to find out.


But they also knew overeating was a threat to the heart in this very classic line:

"God hales him who falsifies words; his great abomination is the contentious of belly."

Like all too many today the stomach rules the mind, rather than vice versa. This came from words towards the end of the Egyptian eras, when is ours?

Many years ago a very hushed up event occurred in the Cairo Museum.


A mummy was placed on display. People in morbid curiosity milled up to it when suddenly it moved, an arm I believe, stretched out and the torso elevated. Women fainted (I would have melted in a pool of plasma!) and men were aghast. Of course, the usual things were the cause, heat condensation, etc., etc., all of which are ridiculous; someone over 3000 years old could not condensate when there is not too much water in muscle to work with!


Could it not have been magnetism that caused the body to jump? I think it was a Utile late in the game for cadaveric spasm, well known to morticians, when a newcomer raises up under the sheet on the table when rigor mortis sets in.


Mummies were placed habitually head first either to the north or south side of the earths magnetic fields, being the female and male polarities, and this male mummy, I have to mention it, orientated himself to his rightful position!


The fact is, he was not dead, his nucleated cells yet were very electromagnetic. He just did what dried insects do, suspended on a string!

Of all the Egyptian artifacts, there is no bigger mystery than that of the headrest. These were placed in the sarcophagi under the head. The Papyrus of Ani says the Tet, Ankh and the headrest are the three chief amulets of the dead. Headrests (plate no. 61) were said to be used by the living as well and are yet by some African peoples.


They were of hematite, wood, ivory, etc. In the third gold coffin of King Tutankhamen an iron headrest was found under the head-mask. It is held with regard by Egyptologists only because they believe this was the first use of iron in Egypt, Utile realizing it was not.


Also, an iron amulet bracelet and the iron dagger mentioned was found. It was always rumored by the natives that the curse of Tutankhamen revolved around the headrest. As I believe Egyptian death was only suspended animation, there may be great weight to this as the iron of the skull and the electromagnetic charges reach to a maximum at the occipital region where the pineal gland lies. (The pineal is not right at the occipital, but more towards the center.)


Everything in Tutankhamen's tomb was a replacement for the energies lost to him until he could be revived.


That is why tombs are also filled with personal articles for everything personal to you has your charge on it. It was said when his tomb was opened, that is when he died. Truer words were never spoken! Flowers in the tomb state his death occurred in March or April which would fit in exactly with the time of Exodus and when he fell in the crash.


His family were not allowed to retrieve him or could not, and he was some sort of knife the Anunnaki held to their throats to get what they wanted. No one would have dared open that tomb without the proper precautions and that goes for all the tombs. They are all sealed, magnetic enclosures. The granite, quartz and gold sarcophagi gave the electrical impedus to keep decay away.


But, the magnetic resonances would not have been in full force without iron, which would come from the headrest and whatever else had iron. The brain has three major areas of magnetic vectors due to alpha rhythm currents when alive, the gold, quartz and crystal would have replaced that and have been enhanced by the iron. The frontal, parietal and occipital regions of the brain are the main currents of flow and the occipital region of the inion was where the head rest would have sat. For a tomb, this was one 'lively' place for all the cells were energized.


When Carnarvon disturbed all this, the very minute he opened that tomb he disrupted a very well planned preservation.


The radiation had to be strong to accommodate his resting cells which is why there was so much gold and other minerals. I would like to mention that we are just learning how beneficial gold is for in one study it has been shown to prevent oxidation of cell membranes by enhancing superoxide dismutase and inhibiting enzymes that break down proteins.


So, the state of DNA preservation we see in mummies could be attributed to the heavy amount of gold they surrounded themselves with, and why Tutankhamen's was of pure gold. He was not of the best of shape when they entombed him.

We have learned one very pertinent thing in magnetism of great concern here, and that is the use of pure gold may not have been without very great cause. It is highly permeable and what we have found that when made into a container shaped object, it retains more magnetism inside, rather than outside, and would have guarded against any outside radiations.


The anthromorphic case emulated the body which is itself reactive to radiations and like a container, the same effect would be had!


The coffin then merely retained the energies he had in life. The wood underneath the coffin is just what is used in labs to create magnetic shielding booths (only copper not gold is used for the outside-no one gets grants that big!) and represented the moisture of blood, the conductor.


All this literally kept him in animated suspension.


The "curse", in part, was the release of this powerful energy and if you would also like to include something from Tutankhamen himself! Everyone was awed when they walked into that tomb because the walls of gold were giving off tremendous energy; Carter was "pale" not just because of the grandiose discovery, but because he walked into a highly electro-magnetically charged room.


This and the lack of oxygen added to the appearance of the burial being only yesterday. Even all insects and fungi had dried up. After the initial blow of the discovery they became jovial.


One of the onlookers looking at Carnarvon and Carter, said of the former, but he did not know why,

"And I turned lo the man next to me and said, 'If he goes down in that spirit, I give him six weeks to live.' I do not know why I said it. ..."

He was short fourteen weeks, for Carnarvon died from a mosquito bite, but there are no mosquitoes in the Valley so it must have been at Luxor.


Or, he cut himself shaving from which septicemia occurred, His death certificate stated lobar pneumonia complicated by pleurisy from a septic insect bite. At his death, the lights went out in Cairo, even British High Commander Lord Allenby, could not find the reason. Carnarvon's dog dropped dead at that moment in his castle in England.


Excitement of the discovery it was said brought on the illness induced by the bite. I would have liked to have seen the blood-cells of these tomb robbers, you could have added radiation poison to that epitaph. It was remarked how he had come up from the tomb, "slowly into the air looking gray and old."


Carter had bought a canary which shortly after, was kilted by a cobra in his home.

"The serpent from the crown of the king has swallowed the golden bird," so it was said.

To deny this was a curse would be very foolish.


They opened a time bomb in their ignorance. Cobras were very rare in the Valley, but here was one at a most auspicious and terrible time. He may have reacted to the magnetism or maybe Tutankhamen did a little to stop them, this 1 do not doubt! This curse has been downplayed when it is very real. A severe plague erupted in Upper Egypt.


Why would Tutankhamen curse his own people? He didn't, but the radiation did, and it made the lights go out in Egypt. Four prominent people had already died who were connected with it and people who visited it afterward while these emanations were still quite strong.


Let us list some of the casualties that Egyptologists like to deny while they are hunting up more bodies to ruin while treasure and publicity await them!

  • George Jay Gould - American multimillionaire-died of a "strange malady".

  • Woolf Joel-friend of Carnarvon, sailing up the Nile was "mysteriously" swept overboard.

  • I want every forensic paleopathologist to take note of this next one - Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, British radiologist, after signing an agreement to x-ray Tutankhamen's body-died.

  • H.G. Evelyn White, Egyptologist - committed suicide because a monk had showed him Coptic manuscripts and took them despite a monk's warning of a curse. It worked.

  • Now we have a double header - Egyptologist Georges Benediteand M. Carsonova two years later excavating in the Valley, suddenly died.

By 1929, 17 persons connected with the Valley and Tutankhamen were dead, including Lord Carnarvon's half-brother who had been present at the opening and went insane later.


Well, the whole family was going down as Lady Elizabeth Carnarvon died of an "insect bite" too which I believe was as with Lord Carnarvon, a radiation lesion. Heavy magnetic and electric exposure will cause these. The magnetism would have totally disrupted their systems.


American Evelyn Greely who visited the tomb, killed herself when she returned to Chicago.


Professor M. Lafflleur, a friend of Carter's died the day after viewing the tomb and so did Arthur C. More of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Dr. Jonathan W. Carver, a Carter assistant.


An Egyptian who helped them died also. Prince Ali Fahny By was shot shortly after seeing the tomb.


The 12th victim, Lord Westbury leapt to his death from a seven story building near Buckingham Palace after his son, secretary to Carter, died, found in his house, after he had struck and killed an 8 year old boy with his car. Edgar Steele a 57 year old assistant of professor Budge died on a London operating table. By 1935, the toll had risen to 21. The rumor that a curse was before the tomb was denied by Carter. People have always died from any tomb discovery.


One Lord Harrington had procured the mummy of Khapah Amen and was later trampled by an elephant in the Sudan. It too had a curse. Carnarvon's son when later asked if he would revisit the tomb said he would not.


When President Gamal Abdel Nasser consented to ship in 1966 treasures of Tutankhamen to Paris the director of antiquities department had objected, but had to go through with it. His daughter was killed in a car accident. He then tried to stop it but couldn't. He was struck and killed by a car.


British radiologists in 1968 came to x-ray Tutankhamen, but were beset by unusual occurrences as they worked in the Valley, the lights went out in Cairo and someone connected with the team died.

Well, I must say even Little Egypt never sparked such trouble when she danced at the World's Fair Exposition!


But I will admit I have done much talking about mummies, but I would never get near one, my research is strictly from books - I know better. I would not touch one for all the barley in Egypt. These people had radiation exposure (and whatever Tutankhamen or whomever, did as well, which is the main reason I would leave them alone).


Tutankhamen was meant to be left alone, waiting for those who would claim him.


We have not the answers to life and what can be achieved, but these grave robbers found out the hard way. There is much to be said for 'curses' and none of it good! Tutankhamen was a direct son of the Gods, his entombment was of the Finest and done for reasons according to his death. The opening of that tomb brought both the poison of the 'snakes', and the wrath of the Gods.


I think it is time we left Tutankhamen in peace for enough injustice has been done. There are still cells there, and not being an expert, I do not know what miracles these people are capable of performing. I think it is odd in the paleopathological sciences, that people who work with the mummies die abruptly or become sick with very strange illnesses; you would think they would take the hint. Reopening dormant spores not to mention radiation and lord knows what else!


Even people who work with hominid bones come down with unusual viruses, and kidney and blood ailments are common. If what occurred as these texts indicate, they are digging up very dangerous remains because of the half-lifes of different elements from radiation such as uranium, which has a 710 million year half-life. Poking around Egyptian tombs is risky business, considering what you may come across may not really be dead.


In biomagnetics it is found that cellular water is no different than normal water in that it is dialectric. At death, cellular water does not change, nor do proteins. By surrounding their dead with gold they kept this electric potentional alive not to mention the resins. In adipocere, fat has oxidized to water which preserves the body. In mummies, they apparently could not preserve themselves with it from environmental assault and/or trauma. Although, it is found in some.


Nonetheless, a healthy body in death (peculiar as that sounds) has cells which are still capable of electrical stimulation and still do retain their own subtle charges as they retreat from the cell membrane to the nucleus, back home again.

One interesting experiment showed that dead cells of marine micro-organisms still oriented themselves to a magnetic field, much like our mummy!


We know insects that are dead will do the same. Why? Because they had not completely lost their electromagnetic force. Calcium was very strong, with iron of course, predominating in these cells. A "dcf", known as a steady magnetic field, was found to researchers surprise over a 'sacrificed' experimental dog's head for several minutes after death and to their surprise an hour later, though weaker.

People through history have always claimed to see apparitions of the deceased, and this may be so until the body decays. To keep the Ka was most important, if their cells corroded, they then died. Their placing the body in resin was an inspiration as resin has uniformly fixed-charged sites. Gold sarcophagi would have provided dielectric constants at low frequency.


Tutankhamen was entombed, not in a burial chamber as some believe, but in a very precise macroscopic recreation of what he had lost microscopically. An enclosed homeostatic compartment. When Carter opened it all the energy was released and they all came into contact with this radiation, more than would be felt at a normal death. An interesting thought, the cobra that attached his canary was before he entered Tutankhamen's final chamber.


Was Tutankhamen capable of some sort of mental activity to distract the grave robbers? When you know enough about physics, biomagnetism, biochemistry and electrophysiology, instead of smirking at this statement, please let me know!


The 'natives' certainly knew what powers that Valley had - tourists, who needs them!

It is a falsehood to say most primitive tribes believe in the afterlife or happy hunting grounds for this is not so. Most Africans do not worship the sun, so erroneously stated, and believe in gods, not god, all this a reflection of their fall from the Egyptians. One Australian tribe cannot conceive of death. A new Guinea tribe believes in no afterlife, but as Egyptians, fears the "ghost."


Is it the ghost as we know it, or the fact that radiation still leaves the body? Tests have shown that there is a phenomenon called "death flash" when a powerful burst of electromagnetic radiation traveling at the speed of light bursts from the body at death. Actually, this is the same effect that Carter and his thieves encountered and which was the purpose of the entombment.


Everyone has a morbid fear of touching the dead (if you have any sensibilities at all) and your instincts do not lie. A dead body tries to go into spontaneous preservation, but if the molecules were not treated properly in life the body goes into regression or decay. Moses stated that to touch the dead made one unclean and you had to go through ritual bathing which was no doubt to remove this heavy influx of radiation that hits one.


Women should avoid contact with the dead at all costs if possible as she is more susceptible. Most people of Nature know what death is and have retained the proper taboos and precautions. It seems when man leaves nature he then forgets it is a finality, and creates fantasies of an afterlife. At no time up to the New Testament is a world in heaven promised, on the contrary, for even David bemoans the fact death is final.


The Sadducees did not believe in life after death, the soul became extinct; the Pentateuch did not teach otherwise. There are hints of resurrection, but the Sadducees I strongly believe, knew the true meaning and deception because the dead in the Bible are spoken of as being in the dust, not a tomb. In other words, rotted.

As far back as history can be remembered, the phenomenon of postmortem luminescence was viewed with fear. Dead animals were found to glow in weak light, very rare today. This is explained by some researchers as the luminous bacteria that hover over the dead flesh. Fungus has been known to do the same thing.


However, people exhumed where no fungus or bacteria grew have been known to yet glow.


Things have, as I have stated, changed in death through the millennia as biochemistries changed. You rarely see complete adipocere body tissue today, as diet and degeneration interrupts its progress. People's eyesight was probably very much keener in the days of Moses and they could see these 'spirits' that hover over the dead as our New Guinea tribe probably can, as many tribes can see heavenly bodies unaided while western people need instruments to do so. This is why many tribes have the penchant to, like the Egyptians, preserve their dead. Life is yet there.


Moses gave himself away in Numbers 6:9-12 when anyone dying suddenly in ones presence, the head had to be immediately shaved. Water again is used and hyssop that old traditional standby for ridding the system of poisons. The radiation settles in the clothing and renders anyone or anything he touches unclean. Moses forbade them having intercourse, for obvious reasons.


Men returning from battles had to refrain from it as well for the same reasons where death is part of the job (and whatever they came in contact with).


This sudden burst of electromagnetic energy goes, as radiation does, to the hair and the system is next. If you ever notice how morticians look old and haggard at 40, this is one of the reasons because they handle very radioactive material which is most abnormal-death. But many people as the Kukukuku of New Guinea smoke their dead and the body remains with the family for up to two months.


The Bontor Igorot of the Philippines place their dead in a chair under the house and despite quick decomposition in the humidity, the family bears the stench and eat their meals. But are we any different in the western world? We hold wakes when everyone stares down at the deceased and says "doesn't he look good? " after some maniac has pumped him with formaldehyde and other chemicals.


Everyone is truly 'unclean' at a wake, being exposed.

Most of the western world has been trained since birth that death is a normal process with religion the great pacifier, stick it in their mouths and they are contented. Of all the religions, the Hebraic has stuck most to the Nibiruan life having the most bits and pieces of their ways, despite miscegenation and a clouding of their edicts through the ages.


They yet embalmed their dead up until the time of Christ and retained the mummies cases, all hoping for YHWH to return as he promised. Each different sect held on to what they believed as mentalities became changed.


They even retained the mystery of the 'Tet', the sacrum, calling it the "Luz",

"From what will me Holy One, blessed be He, cause die human being to grow in the Hereafter?"

He said,

"From a bone in the spinal column called Luz." He asked, "How do you know this?"

He answered,

"Have it brought to me and I will show you."

When this bone was fetched,

  • they tried to grind it in a mill but it could not be ground

  • they tried to burn it in fire but it could not be consumed

  • they put it in water but it did not dissolve

  • they set it upon an anvil and began to strike if with a hammer, but the anvil was split arid the hammer shattered without a piece of the bone having been broken off

It is very tough, but you need more to be revived which is why the Egyptians abhorred bodily defects in their lamentations.


We can see here how the instincts became muddled through a loss of germ plasma viability. So many of the beliefs of the Hebrews, Amerindians, Polynesian and certain Europeans, the Scottish, and Oriental peoples are alike, and have been influenced into losing them by western culture, namely Christianity, which wants to change the world, a tribute to the Anunnaki heritage while others just want to stay out of their destructive way.

One of the reasons life has been so tough for Amerindians and Jews, who think a great deal alike with many of the same customs, is they share a common bond, as do the others listed.


Like Egyptians, Jews have taboos against degrading the body at death as with autopsy, and organ transplants are looked upon disparagingly. The Talmud is legion in sound health regimens that surpasses any Christian endeavor of which there are virtually none.

You can now have your ashes shot into space and you are expected to orbit for 63 million years. Now we insult the very place that ancients tell us is only allowed to those who have the wisdom to conquer death for they then return to their heart. Today, we accept death as the final word, to the Egyptians it was just a sleep from which they expected to be awakened and as at birth, greeted again by those who loved them.


The brain seems to have been second to the heart in importance probably because the latter has a stronger magnetic rate.


Doctors at Mordicai Shalit, Noshe Feinsod and Shamai Koteu gave an example where a 15 year-old boy fell into a cave and went into a coma. EEG readings were zero. But the doctors refused to give up (true to their Nibiruan natures!) and kept him on an artificial respirator and after two weeks he improved and began breathing again and a week later was conscious.


Two months later his EEG was normal. We are finding more people coming back from comas, the latest classic case was a minister's wife who, in 1986, fell into a coma, and true to his Christian teachings he wanted her taken off the respirator but the authorities refused and she came back.


This proves two things, death is not always what it seems and ministers should go back to the true teachings of combining, as rabbis used to do, and few do today, biology and God. One Axel Carrel at Rockefeller Institute had kept chicken tissue alive for over 30 years from 1912-1946 and terminated them because of equipment breakdown.

I cannot help but think some have retained this belief that lies dormant in our brains that we can rise again, as many cultures around the world recognize the three day period of the wake. (Even calling it a 'wake' should be telling us something!)


The elevation of potassium and amino acids up to a 70-72 hours period as stated, may be telling us something if we would listen. Instead of crying our eyes out, even if we do not have the knowledge to bring someone back, we certainly have the power to preserve.


Maybe Rama will keep his promise?


The Egyptian Royal Families seem to have embalmed themselves merely because they were trapped into a situation they could not help, and did the next best thing. Christ was revived in three days, and his ability to raise the dead he learned from the Egyptians he studied under. The raising of the child (John 4:46-53), a man on his way to be buried (Mark 5:35), and a man dead three days (Luke 7:11-15).


And the most famous, Lazarus, whom he proved was dead to skeptics and then raised him shows no miracle workings, only common sense, but unfortunately he used them towards political gains.

Both the Veda and Bible (Isa. 65:20) tell us man should still be a child at 1000 years. But the earth has changed, and organisms play to the tune of nature's aberrated forces.


We have seen how the world has changed dramatically on two major occasions, and in both man came to die after once being immortal. All animals vary in their ages of death-the May fly only a day, the sturgeon, 70 years, and some turtles over 100, as well as parrots. Even cancer cells are immortal as the cells of one woman have been kept alive for many years since 1951 when this colored woman, Henrietta Lacks, died of cervical cancer.


Her culture was so proliferating that it invaded other cultures in the labs and managed to infiltrate them worldwide!


If the body can be kept sound, it is a buffer to almost any malevolent influences. When our body shapes changed we were more susceptible to these forces, we were no longer a part of the universe that created us from the primal beginning.


Body temperature, if not kept in harmony by the hormonal and neuronal system, will alter cellular mechanisms. And as each organ keeps a radically different temperature, poor diet only worsens it. Cancer begins basically because the body has lost temperature control in an area and cells grow erratically. Too high or too low temperature will spurn troubles from cancer to teratology.


When you were a child you might have had "sea monkeys", dried shrimp eggs which came alive before your eyes when you added water, something that makes you wonder why man, a more highly developed organism, cannot do the same. Surely the universe admires its intelligent creatures which can help it more than those that cannot?


I do not accept the suppositions that because we are more highly structured, death is our consequence, for our intelligence should tell us we just demand more to keep us from that condition; even prokaryotic cells and amoeba do not die.


We cannot keep going on accepting things when we dream otherwise. We drape death in all manner of philosophical renderings to pacify a brain that is too weak to do anything about it.


That man was "made a little lower than the angels that he might suffer death" (Hebrews 2:9), is not so much a lament, but a tribute to our condescending ignorance for if the angels can achieve immortality, what happened to us? We have been forced to play a game in which we have been told we are doomed to lose but a few people down through history have known better.


Death is a very powerful weapon for it disrupts the entire ecological system for with so many dying, too much CO2 abounds.


Remember the plan of Indra? Siva would be no different. Death is this planet's biggest commodity. Maybe what the gods are waiting for, is for us to come to our senses for those who love this predicament and caused it are surely not going to help for there is too much to be gained by it, for the original inhabitants cannot live in such an atmosphere.


Only one thing causes death and Rama hoped in the Veda that people would learn to overcome it and in the following gnostic passages we see the problem,

"Ignorance is the mother of all evil. Ignorance will eventuate in death, because those who come from ignorance neither were nor are nor shall be. But those who are in the truth will be perfect when all the truth is revealed.


For truth is like ignorance while it is hidden it rests in itself, but when it is revealed and is recognized, it is praised inasmuch as it is stronger than ignorance and error.


The word said,

"If you know the truth, the truth will make you free".

(John 8:32)

Ignorance is a slave. Knowledge is freedom. If we know the truth, we shall find the fruits of the truth within us. If we are joined to it, it will bring fulfillment. "

It is no wonder the church hid the gnostic texts as it tells us just what sort of wool has been pulled over our faces.


When we reach perfection again we will according to the Hypostasis of the Archons,

"be freed of blind thought. And they will trample underfoot Death, which is of the Authorities. And they will ascend into the limitless Light where this Sown Element belongs."

In the science of sitology, we know aging and death is merely malnutrition and the ill treatment cells are given.


Animals pay the price of death because they are limited in their abilities, but we have the entire universe to explore that beckons us on,-we have no excuse. A plant dies because it is so immobile, but even the giant Redwoods live thousands of years. We have the intelligence if we would only open our minds and see.


We do not even give life a chance right from conception with improper food, breeding and care and until we do maybe the following Veda quote will again be true for us...

"Father and mother make one s body, Bharata, but the birth that is instructed by the teacher is the true birth that knows of no aging and dying... one should regard as father and mother (he teacher who fills the ears with truth, while practicing the truth and bestowing immortality."

The "teacher" was the combination of the parents who passed on their knowledge to their offspring which is something you will never be able to do in any school for it was always the irresponsibility to teach their children in all facets of life.


They knew that the person who obeyed the laws of Nature was the one who attained immortality,

"he who lies sown and makes his whole body burst while practicing austerities, king, will thereby transcend folly and become wise and in the end put a stop to death.


Finite are the worlds that people conquer by the acts they have performed, baron, but the sage attains to the whole brahmin - there is no other way to go."

Oh, but there is and that is death when man forgets the rules of life; the heavens will never be his for he will take his appetites of food, war and erotism with him and will like Satan, Siva or Indra, or whatever you care to call him, be cast down but by his own hand.

Throughout all the ancient texts, if there is one major area they keep emphasizing it is the equation of food and immortality and I think we have covered how important it was in the case of the worst happening.


The following tells us what man once was and unless he goes back to his true biological matrix, anything he does will always be a disaster:

"The man has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet. He pervades the
earth on all sides and extended beyond it as far as ten fingers. It is the Man who
is all this, whatever has been and what ever is to be. He is the ruler of
immortality, when he grows beyond everything through food.
Such is his greatness, and the Man is yet more than this.

All creatures are a quarter of him; three quarters are what is immortal in heaven.

With three quarters the Man rose upwards, and one quarter of him still remains here.

From this he spread out in all directions, into that which eats and that which does not eat.

From him Viraj was born, and from Virqj came the Man.

When he was born, he ranged beyond the earth behind and before." 33

Food should be of utmost importance to man as it is the energy from which he derives his life and the life he creates.


All the chemicals he received in the Beginning were at his conception and through life he must feed those primal cells. Food was sacred to these people for good reason.


As an Egyptian passage read,

"Thus life was given to him who has peace aixd death was given to him who has sin."

Some of our hospitals are actually serving McDonald's meals, and if anyone is acquainted with the standard fare of hospital food, you know that our medical professionals are the most blind people on the face of the earth.


A close family member who had to go to the hospital actually had jell-O(sugar) bologna(fat) and chicken soup(fat) and a myriad other poisons served that are all disease producing.


I will say one thing, they have got one of the biggest farces going for they have patients for life. Isis told us to get back to our instincts, but that is the problem, as the worse our eating habits become, the more degenerate the offspring and they lose all cognizance.


We saw how Moses and the Gods were so particular how all their meals were made for cells treated properly reap great rewards and everyday has to be a plus day, not a minus, as far as keeping the body healthy.

One of the great passages of the Veda says it all, for the people who can influence the eating habits of another has them firmly in their hands which Indra tried to achieve and his 'Apostles' as Christ:

"Indeed, teachers are compassionate and wise, and they see where things go wrong, but they should not be consulted at all when great danger looms.


It is when they tell their pretty tales in fine palaces, assemblies, and lodges that pundits shine, it is when they perform many marvels in the assembly of the people, in the clever fixing of arrow to bow, that pundits shine.


It is with the knowledge of others weaknesses, of human behavior, and errors in the preparation of food that pundits shine. But ignore the pundits that mouth the praises of the enemy, and rather carry out a course of action that overcomes the enemy."

Such "pundits" would be famous in history, the most renowned of Indra's 'disciples', Christ, who told the people to drop their eating regimens and hygiene as circumcision and believe only in himself and God.


Many fought back and refused and a brave band of men succeeded on having him crucified not only for his but the taint of androgyny he carried, the hatred of which was black in antiquity ever since the people banded against Noah.


But for killing the 'son' of 'God', they would pay dearly and lose their genetic strengths and be scattered to the four corners of the world.


Indra and Siva were clever, they did not have to war to achieve their ends, they merely caused them. Perpetual death was their goal, and that they surely achieved for mankind.

The Veda knew other habits that led to longevity,

"Ten virtues adorn the man who bathes:
Strength, beauty, pure accent and vowels,
Fine touch, fine smell, and cleanliness.
Luck, delicacy, and beautiful women.
Six virtues adorn him who limits his meals:
Good health, longevity, well-being, vigor,
No sickness to plague his offspring either,
And no one berates him for gluttony.
One should not lodge in one's house a man
Who is gluttonous, idle, or widely disliked,
Full of tricks or cruel or dressing unseemly,
Or one who knows not the right place and time.
However in need do never solicit
A miser, a slanderer, one unstudied,
A man fallen low, one respecting the worthless,
A cruel, a rancorous man and an ingrate.
There are six kinds of people one should not serve:
Those of vile occupation, the garrulous,
Habitual liars and disloyal men,
The alienated and arrogant.

I am afraid if the gods could see how we respect the worthless with our welfare and actively promote care for those who have illegitimate babies, those on drugs and drink and those who just do not care to elevate themselves, forsaking those who do raise themselves up, they would be most displeased.


Their laws were far more strict than Christianity, for instance, could obey, for they are too busy harboring the sinner who is a biological waste right there. And in their incompetence, weak in mind and body, are more liable to fall for the evangelist's rantings and ravenings who will only take their money and never tell them how to get out of their morbid conditions.


The Veda had these people well pegged and said they gave "up the Law out of desire, fear, or greed, or for the sake of life itself.


The Law is eternal, happiness and misery are not; life is eternal, but its carriers are not; relinquishing the non-eternal, stand firm on the eternal; be content; for contentment is for greatest good."


But the Veda tells us we do have a chance, for,

"the immortal comes from the same womb as the mortal."

Another reference is to the affects of the mother and father and their powers as with the two pyramids,

"the sky is my father; here is the navel that gave me birth. This great earth is my mother, my close kin. The womb for me was between the two bowls stretched apart; here the father placed the embryo in the daughter."

The Egyptians had their "divine food", tchefau, which they say the Gods ate as well, the pure food, and like the Veda, told the people that they must eat it to oppose the wrath of God,

"The eating of bread is according to the plan of God, Thou shalt not put terror into men and women; is opposed thereto God."

If the people became physically weak they were less able to stand the forces of the opposition.


The Veda tells us again just who brought death to man - Indra, or Yama,

"Some hold Yama is Death, but others another; but non-death is study sunk in the soul.


The God holds sway in the world of the Fathers, being safe to the safe, unsafe to the unsafe., It is from his mouth that there issue from men Wrath, Destruction, and Death as Folly; the ones that are fooled and under his sway depart from here and fall back again...


Aware that it's thus that death is born, one standing in knowledge fears no death; death dies for him if the object dies, as the mortal dies when gaining death's object."

This sounds much like gnostic passages we have covered, but it is always the same, that it was a god who caused man's fall, man's own family.


Not as the Bible states that all the inequities fall flat upon man's face for he is born that way. Many are, but as the above states some have awakened.


Probably one of the best stories of the Veda of who held the power, namely Indra, is from the "Five Indras" when Indra became king to the people of the earth at the first Fall and his men could not stand that man had elevated themselves and having been once mortal are now immortal.


Beckoning to Indra, an officer said to him,

"Why should you stand in fear of man, when you all are immortal? Let there never be fear in you from mortals."

To which others replied,

"Since the mortals have become immortal, there is no difference anymore. And, upset by this equality, we have come here to seek difference!"

Of course this pertained to the people who had tried to elevate themselves.


At one point, upset that a young god would not obey him, Indra said,

"I am the king of the Gods and all the world is under my sway! I AM THE LORD!, said he in anger as he saw the other absorbed in the game."

But the young man just laughed at him.

Reviewing the life and habits of Egyptians, I can say that I have never seen a people so 'cell-conscious' right to the very nucleus as they and were dutiful to its health and stamina. They seemed to know that everyone was precious and that you came into the world with a full compliment of cellular wholeness and that it was to that end through which immortality was sustained.


They feared deformity, they abhorred those who produced sickly offspring, which was the great difference between the Nibiru and the Anunnaki. The Egyptians were as many 'primitive' people today who look with disgust upon any tribal parents who bring malformed, sickly or mentally deficient children into the world.


The Anunnaki on the other hand contributed to it and the malformed were a novelty to them.


Today we turn on the TV and only hear of parents crying the blues because their child needs a new kidney or has MS, or other such maladies, which are no one's fault but their own. If we had the normal logic of the 'primitives' we would do as they and shun such people for they know that such people are detriments to mankind yet we unabashedly contribute to the breeding of more and reap more misery into the world.


It is nonsense that evolutionists tell us we will evolve into something higher when we are now sticking other peoples parts and artificial gadgets into people.


You would think if we were such biological gangbusters having muddled through cave bear and saber-tooth tigers, who would not need high-tech bodies having weathered all that! We forget that for every physical defect there is a mental one as well, and that is not corrected with a new heart or a gene spliced.


When we see such young children now getting transplants and with catastrophic diseases it is time we started asking questions and stop catering to the problem and get to the heart of the trouble. It is easy to do if people would only become aware of the things that ease them, namely, very poor living habits.


Egyptians cried out that the gods would free them of their "defects" and to "fear him those who live in defects." Those with "defects" destroyed their civilization.

In the Egyptian story of the Mother of Nabonidus written in their later stages, she died at the age of 104 at a time we know that people did not die of catastrophic disease but just wore down, like a elock.


Senility was no where to be seen in those who cared for themselves, and the text written in the first person states,

"My eyesight was good to the end of my life, my hearing excellent, my hands and feet were sound, my words well chosen, food and drink agreed with me, my health was fine and my mind happy. I saw my great-great-grandchildren, up to the fourth generation, in good health and thus had my fill of old age."

Like so many in these times, she just wound down, and the text states she died a natural death, something very rare today, but she succumbed to the environment and nothing more.


In Oriental countries, some old peoples yet know when death is near and prepare accordingly. Quite a difference where in western society one dies of a heart attack, or stroke or cancer or you are plugged into a machine waiting for someone to pull it or just to die.

Recall, when we were speaking at the beginning chapters how we lost our copper balance; recall too how the Egyptians prayed they would not decay. Surely they could not have been so naive as to think they would never decay unless it was something new to them or at least something they did not expect. If they had a good copper balance, it is easy to see why they were so excited, as they were no doubt losing it as skin tones changed. But, they did not rot, to put it bluntly, before.


It has been found E.coli and other bacteria are reduced in experimental animals where the proper amounts of copper are. The yeast, milk and other food taboos gives vent to their knowledge that the so-called "friendly flora" that health enthusiasts expound, was not.


Foods as this only add to decay and the body would have difficulty retaining spontaneous preservation.


They certainly knew how to live and how to die, or should we say sleep. Spontaneous preservation would then occur uniformly. Mummification had to be done because of the environmental situation which affected their bodies where spontaneous preservation could not occur. Finely preserved bodies are those preserved in honey for Alexander the Great lasted quite awhile with considerable rough treatment until someone stole him.


What became of him no one knows.

The Egyptians knew that the body and its dormant forces must be preserved for if the cells decayed the mineral loss would spell doom. Once one starts equating the body with the total environment you understand what was going on here and why they did not want the bodies disturbed. Archaeologists are going to have to admit that just because they have themselves lost the knowledge to do what these people did, they have no right to infringe on this most delicate process.


They must stop their thievery. This does not apply just to the Egyptian dead, but to many other people around the world whom these people have despoiled the graves of.

One of the saddest exhumations in recent years in 1981, committed by a group of very uninformed archaeologists, was of a man they called St. Bees Man. These Leicester University people discovered the tomb in the church vault located near Whitehaven, Cumbria, England. They found a remarkably preserved body buried roughly in 1300.


The following is what is termed a dirty shame, when people do not understand enough of the past and the sciences.


The coffin was of lead, an excellent barrier to radiation, and other cosmic forces, used so often in these times. The body was wrapped in linen that had been soaked in a resin/wax type of substance. There was short hair on the head, and a short beard. The eyes and mouth had been covered with the same resin soaked wrappings and it was found that the eyes were so intact the color of the irises were recognizable!


Even the mouth mucosa on the skin was "remarkably fresh"


Of course, when the air hit all this, it rapidly turned brown. Blood vessels were clearly visible, even a large volume of blood was yet in the left pleural cavity. The heart was in excellent condition, the coronary arteries and heart valves all recognized easily. The liver was yet bright pink! But it too turned brown on exposure. All the organs were as if he just died. He had rapid spontaneous adipocere which contributed to his preservation.


No disease was found in the organs, he had died traumatically from a fractured jaw, hyoid bone and ribs; it is believed he died from jousting. He was in his forties. It is believed he was Anthony De Lucy and was embalmed abroad in Prussia, on a crusade. But this is speculation.


However, if he were a knight errant, carrying the traditions of chivalry and strict moral beliefs and habits, being learned in the arts and sciences from the days of the last of the Nibiru offspring, he was buried as he would have wanted and expected. He would also have expected to have been left in peace until he was retrieved by those who promised they would return and claim their people.


Of course the maniacs who exhumed him and killed him, had no conception of all this and naturally no remorse, for these people are heartless, imbued in their academic insensitivity. You will always find that those in academia have a tough time putting two and two together, which is why it was felt years ago that attending college was hitting at the bottom of the barrel for you fell in line with all the rest of the "barbarians" (remember them?).


This man could have easily been revived, and just because others are doomed for the dust and ashes of the earth, does not mean everyone else is. If you took the average man today and entombed him as with this person, and opened him up years later, despite the coffin and the wrappings, he would never be so preserved.


This man's body gave an excellent example of spontaneous preservation, truly remarkable, but he followed strict dietary rules and habits.

All radiation must come from a source, a matrix, and when that is gone, life is gone. This is why so many ghosts are reported in Europe where people, unlike in America, hundreds of years ago before the heavy advent of refined foods, had bodies which perfectly preserved in many areas.


We have become too Christianized in our thinking, and Hebraic, Hindu and Islamic are none too clean in this either, with all their heavenly abodes awaiting or reincarnation fantasies. I would like to end this chapter with some passages from the Veda which, like all ancient texts, argues against reincarnation or any afterlife.


People would later be caught between their convictions from these very trying times and this passage rather stands out in one of the arguments against the former two beliefs:

"II is not in the stars or clinging to lightning, and its color is not seen in the clouds; it is not in the wind or the deities, not found in the moon or the sun. It is not in the Hymns, not in the Formulas, not in the Atharva, nor can it be found in the impeccable Chants, whether the rathantara or barhata, king and it is not seen in the mahavrata, that stable thing.


Beyond darkness it has no farther shore to cross to; death dies in it at the time of death; it is thinner than a razor's edge but larger even than the mountains, it is the foundation, the immortal, the worlds, the brahman, the glory: from it are the creatures born, in it they are dissolved, ft is whole, and large, and soaring fame-sages hold that they are the products of speech. On it is this whole universe established, and they who know it have conquered death."

It was the body of the Nibiru, the composite of the universe, the whole...

All in all, summing this chapter up, we have no valid reasons for entering anyone's tomb from any age. As far as "secret books" and texts to discover, we have the Veda whose myriad volumes still await translation as well as many other texts that just need reevaluating as the Bible and gnostic texts, as well as many others around the world.


To learn of ancient pathologies and body form, we need only look at those alive around the world and use some Sherlock Holmes wisdom to deduce what has happened.


You need not disturb anyone in their tomb or grave to prove your own stupidity.




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