by John Colaw

October 11, 2000

from UFODisclosure Website



John Colaw: Hello, Neil. You mention the work of Zecharia Sitchin in regards to the tenth planet Nibiru and its inhabitants the Anunnaki, or Nefilim who genetically engineered us as a species from primitive Homo Erectus stock around 250,000 - 300,000 years ago in East Africa.

Why does Neil Freer believe the thesis of Zecharia Sitchin when so many "experts" do not? What prevents people from considering this, to me, obvious evidence as to the truth of our past? Why don't people get it?

Neil Freer: I have taught on the college level, Philosophy and History of Religion, but I have tended to dissociate myself from the academic world, the world of the "expert", because of the control by funding so rampant in that community and the fear of peer pressure to conform to the "expert" consensus paradigm.


These are the driving factors that prove out, over and over again, the thesis of Tom Kuhn in his “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”: radical new paradigms are fought, kicking and screaming, regardless of how robust and clear the evidence is, and only accepted when the old guard dies off.


So this tendency to tenure tetanus is a primary reason why the "experts" ignore Sitchin's thesis or try to get him quick and nasty in personal attacks since they haven't been able to refute him in 24 years.

A second reason is that the more intelligent of them realize well that his thesis calls into question not only their data but a fundamental assumption on which their disciplines are founded. They accept as unquestioned that the transcultural "gods" known to all the ancient civilizations were unreal, mythic beings.


Sitchin says, just as the Sumerians said, that they were flesh and blood humanoids - and aliens to boot.

Even if they allow themselves to entertain the possibility that his thesis is correct, they don't want to deal with the ramifications. It means that we must literally rethink the entire planet. For an academic scholar to "go first" in a situation like this is a rare case indeed.

The situation is made even more difficult because of that magic word "alien". Even though the Anunnaki are from within our solar system, not from forty light years away like the little grey guys with wraparound eyes, even though we are half Anunnaki and they look very much like we look, the fact that they are from off planet and can be called "alien", the circles get made 'round the ears and the eyes roll in the "expert" academic community for fear of peers tagging one as a looney-tune.


This is complexified by the fact I emphasized in the white paper I published on the web recently, “The Alien Question, An Expanded Perspective”: there are two artificial problems here.

We have an abundance of information and evidence that demonstrates the alien presence in general on this planet. The suppression of the entire topic by the government has severely retarded the academic and scientific communities, an artificial problem. We have as much or more evidence and information that we are half alien, a bicameral species brought about through Anunnaki (alien) genetic engineering. But the suppression throughout western history by the Roman Church of that entire paradigm has created the other artificial problem for scholars and humans in general.

To balance all this out it is imperative that I qualify by emphasizing that there are, no doubt, honest, sincere, scholars and scientists of great integrity out there who do "get it", who see that Sitchin is very correct. But it seems that there are not those among them, so far, who have the courage of military warriors like Robert O. Dean or Philip Corso, to risk pension, prosecution and persecution to speak out because they want the truth to prevail.

I became convinced of the correctness and validity of Sitchin's thesis - just as I have become convinced of the correctness and validity of Sir Laurence Gardner's thesis recently - not by dry logic or intuition but by its utter coherence: they are the only explanations which contain no inexplicable elements, no contradictions and in which all the facts dance together in total consort.

To qualify precisely further, I do not agree with Zecharia on an incidental point or two and find the same holds true with Sir Laurence's conclusions, but these are peripheral, not essential core thesis points.


In this massive, revolutionary volume of material, it would be amazing if there would be total agreement about details this early on.

John Colaw: In your books, Neil, you speak of "genetic enlightenment" being the key to unlocking the "godspell". Could you expand on that please? What is genetic enlightenment, and what is the godspell?

Neil Freer: I've used the word godspell to characterize the subservient, submissive attitude, the deepest dye in our cultural fabric that is the residual slave mentality from our beginnings as a genetically engineered slave race brought into being by the Anunnaki for their own practical purposes, primarily mining gold.


Eventually, we became limited partners with them, a stable race, and are just coming out of a three thousand year traumatic transition from racial adolescence.


But we were always subject to them and have been standing here looking up in the sky where they went when they phased off overtly (heaven became in the sky where they went, hell became underground where you worked to your death in the gold mines) looking for daddy to return to make everything right and tell us what to do again because we must have done something wrong to make them go away.

Over time we have sublimated one of them, Enlil (Jehovah/YHWH) a rather disagreeable, harsh, peevish individual, cruel toward humans, into a cosmic being with infinite characteristics. This metaphysical cosmification process through the Roman Church's scholastic theologians has caused a great deal of confusion and obfuscation.

Genetic enlightenment, therefore, is simply the realization and recognition of our true history as a genetically engineered species, the primary and cardinal ramification of which is that religion is the sublimation of the ancient, subservient, master-slave relationship between us and the Anunnaki.


When we, individually and racially, become genetically enlightened, we are empowered to break the godspell and become our own independent race and, individually, to become our own person, our own evolutionary artist, ready to go one-on-one with the universe.


John Colaw: For myself, once I have recognized the flesh and blood characteristics of the Annunaki, "those who from heaven came down", then I am freed to think from a much broader frame of reference than what I have been conditioned to operate within. I, "we" are empowered to tear away the mystical veil of God as "big daddy in the sky", and forced to deal with the likelihood of a public extraterrestrial encounter.


Am I anywhere near the right page on that?

Neil Freer: A major result of that genetic enlightenment is that we realize that the entire concept of the Roman Church doctrine of "original sin", besides being a deliberately skewed translation in the first place, is erroneous. It has been, however, a chief means of making us dependent on some fearful God and, therefore, on the Church which claims proprietary absolute interpretive mandate for what that God wants.


As a result of that continuation of Enlil's domination we are made to believe that we cannot evolve although we can degenerate, that we will sink immediately into depravity without constant supervision and "salvation" from that God, really cannot know truth by ourselves because of this deep flaw.

Genetic enlightenment shows us that we are all our own credentials, our own authorities, that we are really capable of determining the truth, knowing clearly, for ourselves, are not dependent on some authority for the truth. So, to give you a little poke in your half alien ribs, m' Brother, if you mean by "Am I anywhere near the right page on that?" does your take on this and mine happen to agree, the answer is Yes. If you are looking to me as any kind of authority, however, I'm going to pass......

The consideration of the "likelihood of a public extraterrestrial encounter" is an important one for two reasons: our attitude toward incoming entities of all types needs to change for our security before that happens, and that kind of event seems to be getting very close.

Because we have been literally invented and conditioned to the subservient godspell slave mentality and have been looking to the sky for the Anunnaki to return for so long, we put ourselves in a very vulnerable and dangerous position. If we continue to tend to look to anything or anyone coming from the sky for answers, solutions, rescue, salvation of any kind, we are in danger of getting Borged.


Genetic enlightenment and breaking the godspell affords us two critical advantages: a planet wide, consensual understanding and definition of what a generic human is and, therefore, a planet wide unity beyond any of the Babel factors from religion to race that have divided us and made us vulnerable.


If the Anunnaki show up here again, depending on their attitude toward us or which faction among them is represented, we could be respectfully approached or we could find ourselves being issued gold mining tools and/or directed to Enlil's harem.

Whomever shows up here we should meet as a united planetary race, confident in our own identity, of an unassailable integrity, with a mature caution that prompts us to demand credentials, statements of intention, a discretionary quarantine, and an exchange of essential information about customs from justicial protocols, to eating to sex.


We should be able to identify full humanoids from androids. It is certainly true that whoever shows up here will mostly certainly be more advanced technologically and could, if they wished, eat our lunch so to speak. The Anunnaki, however, although obviously capable of doing so from the beginning, have not done so. Clearly the various races that have come here and are here now, although gradually demonstrating that their technology could easily overwhelm or wipe us out, have not done so.

Does this mean that we should put caution aside? Certainly not.


But it may indicate that our species' internecine violence is "unnatural", a product of the divisive Babel-factoring for crowd control that has carried through to great wars and the religious mayhem of crusades, jihads, inquisitions and persecutions and not intrinsically of human nature.


I think it points clearly to the simple fact that the farther along in consciousness evolution and intelligence and technological advancement a "natural" race evolves, the more it evolves toward the golden rule, a modern specific application of which is already in our consciousness in the Star Trek "prime directive".


John Colaw: Neil, won't the "powers that be", particularly religious and political, oppose any moves towards "genetic enlightenment" of the general population? Do we just wait for the old guard to die out as we educate the new generations? Or perhaps this eventual awakening is an inevitability that cannot be entirely prevented?

Neil Freer: The Roman Church, a continuation of the fear of the god, Enlil, type of subservient religion, came into ascendance by an alliance with and gradual assimilation of the Roman empire and adopting its muscular tactics. Suppression of our true history through the promulgation of the Hebrew Old Testament forgeries done to make Enlil their single monotheistic deity was so effective that it effected a sort of racial amnesia and the ancient Sumerian culture literally was forgotten and only rediscovered in the late 1800's - at least as far as Western culture as we have been taught and known it is concerned.

In modern times, the military and political controllers have suppressed the knowledge and data about alien presence on this planet by denial and ridicule, at first sincerely because it was on the basis of friend or foe, as Philip Corso has pointed out so well in “The Day After Roswell”, and anything that could outperform our airplanes and fly over our secret sites with impunity were de facto considered hostile.


There was a fear that it would disrupt our entire society radically, even chaotically. Subsequently, I think I agree with Edgar Mitchell, they have not been totally suppressing, but letting it out indirectly a little bit at a time.

So the direct and simple answer to your question, I think, is Yes, they oppose genetic enlightenment, obviously more so the Roman Church because its very nature and existence is threatened. But certain signals of recent date seem to indicate a significant turn in this regard.


The Roman Church has just reiterated officially that the Pope is still the only one with a direct red phone line to Yahweh’s private saucer while, at the same time, the Pope’s friend, Msgr. Corrado Balducci, unofficially, but neither unfrocked nor poisoned, goes about publicly acknowledging that Sitchin is right and the Anunnaki are coming back soon and Catholics are to be gotten ready for that event.

And, oh yes, the Pope would really like to make a pilgrimage (!) to Ur. In Iraq. One of the oldest cities founded by the Anunnaki. A pilgrimage. Oh, really.

We definitely must educate the new generations: It's the children that must be our focus. We have lost far too many generations to the godspell handicap already, including our own. We should not wait for the old guard or the new to pass. We need to take on our own responsibility for our own lives.


John Colaw: What do you think of the idea that we are already engaged in a long term conditioning of the population towards an eventual disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence?

Neil Freer: I think it is a simple, indisputable fact. I think that it would have progressed much faster if we hadn't been under the godspell for so long because we would have been ready much sooner. Many of our problems may be unique to us as a species synthesized for slave purposes.


But I also am convinced that, until we get to a consensual, generic definition of human nature and a planetary unity and an unassailable, mature racial integrity we simply won't be allowed into stellar society.


John Colaw: Any comments on the “Evil Invader ET” versus the “Benevolent Space Brother ET” schools of thought? This is major disagreement in UFOlogy.

Neil Freer: As above with regard to being slavishly vulnerable and getting Borged.


John Colaw: Mr. Sitchin has shown us where there are instructions given by a Babylonian King as how to tell a real Anunnaki from one of their "androids" or robots. Do you think this may offer an explanation as to who the Greys are that appear to be here? Could they be remote or artificial servants of the Anunnaki?

Neil Freer: There are several fascinating elements embedded in this topic. It is quite clear from the records that the Anunnaki were technologically advanced enough, at least in the latter times they were here, to develop and use robots if not androids sophisticated enough to require instruction on how to distinguish them from the Anunnaki, much less humans.


(Tangentially, our recognition of these facts, just as our recognition of the astrophysics of our solar system's formation contained in the Enuma Elish, and their knowledge and use of monoatomic elements, would facilitate our own advancement in technology.).


There is indication from depictions that some of those robots and/or androids resembled the Greys well known to us.

The question is whether the aliens we have experience of in our times are sourced in the Anunnaki or from somewhere else. What sources of reliable information do we have that may shed light on this matter? (U.S. Command Sgt. Major, Ret.) Robert O. Dean, my good friend whose honesty is unquestioned in my opinion, has revealed that the secret NATO alien studies he was privy to during the cold war said that there were some twelve races known to be here (even then in the '60's), from Nordic types to rather strange grey types.

We can cross reference this with the affirmation by Philip Corso that the aliens recovered from the crash at Roswell were androids (by autopsy evidence and, probably, from interaction with live ones ) who (which?) had four lobes to their brains.


Further, most reports from contactees seem to indicate that the aliens approaching them were from outside our solar system. But this leaves us without definite specific determinations. My own current subjective evaluation is that probably most of the aliens reported and the crews of alien craft sighted are extra-solar system based but a few or less are quite probably Anunnaki based.

It would seem logical and apparent that, if at whatever point they had mastered anti-gravity (rather than having to rely on the old ballistic, rocket technology that brought them here originally - and which lost 50 of them in an accident coming here on one trip from the home planet Nibiru) they would have routinely monitored this planet and us.


The most obvious correlation of saucer sightings with the Anunnaki would seem to be the sensational display over Mexico beginning in 1991 with the major eclipse of the sun. The Dresden codices of the Maya made the prediction that at the time of that "sixth sun" eclipse, which they knew how to easily predict, there would be manifestations in the heavens related to the "gods" and significant earth changes in that area.

The Anunnaki were the teachers of that remarkable civilization and their astronomy instructors. Saucers in the sky and the dangerous Popocateptl volcano awakening, threatening the largest city in the world, Mexico City, certainly fulfilled the "prophecy", more a matter of fact prediction as scientifically determinable as an eclipse with Anunnaki science.


Quite probably this was a clear announcement of presence, and may presage the return of the Anunnaki personally, and perhaps, as some are claiming the government and the Church already know, the return to the inner solar system of Nibiru itself.

John Colaw: Neil, have you had a personal UFO sighting or paranormal encounter that you would care to share? Do you think there may be Nefilim, or Anunnaki here on Earth now?

Neil Freer: That's a whole other story in itself. Those who want to subject themselves to a bit of it are encouraged to read my piece in David Pursglove's excellent symposium “Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters”.

I think it is extremely possible that some of the Anunnaki/Nefilim may be here now.


As Zecharia has replied more than once,

"What makes you think they ever left?"

It's an intriguing matter to consider how some of them may have remained and are among us yet, maybe low profile, maybe living in isolated areas - or perhaps in the Pentagon....


Bob Dean said that was a fact mentioned in the NATO report - that some of the aliens were so much like us that we couldn't tell and they could be in the halls of the Pentagon - that totally freaked the generals and the officials privy to the reports.


John Colaw: Where does one find sanity in thinking forward past the implications of "Sitchin Shock", as the truth begins to sink in? Isn't that a tremendous leap of courage, to upset one's paradigm in such a manner by considering such an outrageous explanation, even though one supported by the facts at hand? How do we deal with this heavy culture shock?

Neil Freer: Sanity in any of this is found in the recognition that our questions have been sane all along and that the insanity lies with those who have perpetrated the artificial histories and cultural lies. Humor, ultimately, is the key.

The Brookings study (think tank, engaged by the government) early on said, don't reveal the alien presence to the public because it will cause total disruption of the churches and society through the "culture shock". That was then and perhaps, at first, that was true and the right thing to do.


Fifty years after Roswell, with thousands of videotape records of saucers in clear daylight, the technological ability to do ourselves all the things from using particle beam weapons to genetically engineering a human that formerly allowed us to think the Anunnaki were mythic beings doing utterly fantastic deeds, and the revelation of our true history through Sitchin's work, we are more than ready.


The shock to those who cannot believe the government would lie to them for so long so horrendously when the admission is made will be greater at this point.

John Colaw: Do you have any thoughts regarding Mayan or Hopi prophecy, or End Times prophecy?  Are the "End of Days" possibly the potential return of the planet Nibiru? Do you think maybe they have already found Planet Nibiru, as indicated by the IRAS reports in '83-'84? Could they already be expecting it?

Neil Freer: Take all the predictions from every quarter - except, perhaps, those lifted whole and literal from the terrible translations and fundamentalist misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the New Testament - about the "end times", from catastrophic earth changes, to signs in the sky, to the aquarian conspiracy evolving into a celebration and roll them into one. They are already happening.


But those changes and events will be subsumed by the restoration of our true history and the advent, thereby, by a new human and a new human society.

John Colaw: You mention the importance of ooparts (out of place artifacts), in providing clues to us of still unknown realities. What are a couple of the more enigmatic ooparts that you find especially intriguing, and what do they imply to you?

Neil Freer: The 4500 year old cylinder seal RV/243 in the East Berlin Museum showing all the planets in our Solar system, and the model aircraft and rocket ships, and the Abydos frieze depicting even a helicopter, or the monoatomic gold processing plant on Mount Horeb immediately come to mind.


But they are totally clear and understandable.

Actually there is only a single enigmatic one that I can think of right now, the Anunnaki practice of interpreting oil on water. It is mentioned more than once as ranked right up there with the "secrets" of their advanced science.


Just as the principles of the I Ching, the book of changes, was probably Anunnaki inspired - it is a model of the human psyche embodied in sixty four gestalts, expressed as hexagrams, all of which, through internal changes, transmute predictively into any other, so, perhaps - I can only guess, at this point - they had learned to scientifically and methodically predict physical events by indications caused by subtle influences on the behavior of oil floating practically friction less on water.


I have worked with the I Ching for forty years and am still learning from it. I would like to know the secret of observing oil on water.

John Colaw: I read a comment from Timothy Leary on your website. Do you have an interesting Timothy Leary story?

Neil Freer: Tim was a good friend. Tim was an advanced futant (his coined word: future mutant) psychologist. He was the Tesla of psychology.


One of the sanest, if not the sanest person I have known. He pioneered the potential of LSD to enable a person to rewire their own switchboard right down to the level of redoing biological imprint (the neurological snapshot the child takes of the mother object in that small window after birth).


On their own initiative under good set and setting individuals could travel the highest of the "mystical" realms, experience four-dimensional consciousness, look through the head of a parent, of the psychiatrist, the priest, the doctor, the lawyer, the criminal and the drill sergeant.

And break the godspell.

There were more PhD's per square foot at the big house in Millbrook from all over the world each weekend than on college campuses because they knew he had found the psychological grail - until Gordon Liddy began hiding in the bushes and breaking into bedrooms to buy his career ticket to Watergate. He fought Irish tough for the freedom of the individual to manage his own consciousness.


As a result he was declared by a judge in California to be the most dangerous individual on the planet and eventually put through 25 jails as a political prisoner, beginning with a half ounce of grass planted in his car's trunk.

It took hundreds of years before the Church apologized to Galileo. I hope that it won't take that long or even the time it took to begin to understand Tesla, before we recognize Timothy.

John Colaw: When we spoke at the Sitchin banquet a few weeks ago in Santa Fe, NM, you mentioned some amazing new trends in artificial intelligence. If computers/artificial intelligence become self-referential as suggested by Ray Kurzweil in "The Age of Spiritual Machines", won't the next step be for the computers themselves to play their own "God Games"?


What is self-referential, and what does it imply for artificial intelligence? In your opinion, Neil, can a machine have a soul, an electronic "ego" or self?

Neil Freer: Let's leave this for another interview. There is so much to this topic that we couldn't even scratch the surface here.

John Colaw: It seems to me that if we are a hybrid race, bicameral mutants evolved at an accelerated pace, then we are out of synch with the natural evolution of our planet due to the tinkering of our genes by the Anunnaki. How can we get past this and unite globally as a species and get over our petty local differences and grievances? Don't we need to grow up quickly and prepare to interact with extraterrestrials?

Neil Freer: Part of becoming genetically enlightened is that we will recognize ourselves as part indigenous Homo Erectus, and part off-planet Anunnaki. This frees us to identify, understand and integrate both those components in our individual and species' psychology.


This self-knowledge will finally afford us the opportunity of literal self-reconciliation, to learn the focus and rhythms of both our racial genomes. We will learn from our Terran Homo Erectus wisdom to tune to the Earth again, to respect and project this planet as a great place to live and a great place to visit, as we learn from our Anunnaki heritage how to enter space and become first solar system and then stellar citizens.

I don't see the unification of the species globally as a true problem as much as I see it as an artificial one, ubiquitously and assiduously kept in place by the power and suppression of the Roman Church and reinforced by the power plays of other patronizing religions, manipulative governments and economic interests.


When they can no longer maintain, the Church is now dissembling - shuckin' and jivin' in plain language - as gradually and quietly as possible in order to transform and still maintain power. If the Pope wants officially to go to Ur on pilgrimage and Msgr. Balducci says Catholics are to be gotten ready for the return of the Anunnaki - and how would they know that in the first place?


If that happens, I think the domino effect from the genetic enlightenment that will occur will be rapid - and come as a great relief rather than as a shock.

A practical advantage, the topic of a white paper I just addressed to individuals in the genome project arena, is clearly the insight available to us in our genome read out and research. The geneticists would do well to be at least on the lookout for signs of the melding of the two codes that make up our genome.


Knowledge of the genetic engineering that created us might provide shortcuts to understanding the fact that we have some 4000 plus and counting genetic diseases or defects - when other species on this planet have only a very few.

John Colaw: Do you have any new insights to add to your theories?

Neil Freer: I'm almost embarrassed to call any of this insights. I think of anything I have realized and articulated more in terms of bullheaded affirmative statements of obvious, simple hard facts in the face of a powerful, orchestrated deception by retrogressive religious and political power players - many of whom, I'm sure, never realized that they were doing that because of remoteness from the original source and being trained in a tradition that so thoroughly removes the sense of an outside.

The revelations of Sir Laurence Gardner in his recent Bloodline of the Holy Grail and Genesis of the Grail Kings, of the nature and beginnings and history of the heterodox, other side, of Christianity and its preservation of a bloodline of leaders as servants of the people, initiated by Enki to take the Anunnaki's place, when they phased off is where to look for profound "insights" right now.


He has taken up where Zecharia left off, clearly delineating the bloodline all the way back to Sumer and revealing its sustenance through the Starfire and then the ingestion of monoatomic gold. As he has so succinctly put it, there was no dark ages except for those who were kept in the dark. He has allowed the heterodox tradition to come out of the woodwork where it has been in seclusion since withdrawing to avoid being destroyed by the Inquisition.

Another recent source of a great deal of insight is the work of Barbara Thiering, the Australian theologian, who has single-handedly explicated the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hamadi material in a brilliant tour de force. Her book, Jesus the Man, is an important source referred to by Gardner.

John Colaw: What does Neil Freer have planned for the future? Is there a new book in the works?

Neil Freer: Changes are happening so fast these days, exponentially in most cases, that white papers and interviews like these that go out over the web world wide and free in a matter of a day seem far more to the point.


The white paper, The Alien Question: An Expanded Perspective, that I put out last October has gotten response from China, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, most of Europe, Turkey and Zaire, is being translated right now into Indonesian and soon into Japanese.

My personal plan for the present and the future - the UFO phenomenon and the restoration of our true history is all really boring old hat, I'm focused on the present and the future - is to live as if I were a citizen of the twenty second century, as my own evolutionary artist, consciously evolving, playing my own God Games.

I have chosen to be immortal. To that end I am signed up with Alcor (Phoenix, AZ) for cryogenic suspension in the event that the biotechies don't get the immortality act perfected for us through nanotech and genetic engineering before I have to book it, although I think it may well happen. That's why the subtitle of God Games is What Do You Do Forever?. I'm exploring how I'll want to live as an immortal.


Death, currently, is the Great Conditioner. We are subliminally or consciously influenced in our choices and life decisions by that inevitability. When immortal, to continue with the short term grabbing at a bit of pleasure and satisfaction out of life would be a horror. I think the only thing that doesn't satiate is constant, leisurely (bad pun) expansion of consciousness and information.


And that's definitely done much better and with much more fun dyadically, equal partners moving tantrically up the evolutionary DNA spiral together, as we evolve rapidly, individually and collectively to an expanded, habitual, four-dimensional consciousness and perception.

John Colaw: One last question, Neil. What is the sound of a one hand band?

Neil Freer: Yes. [sound of two persons laughing]

John Colaw: Thanks!

Neil Freer: My pleasure.