by Neil Freer
October 1996

from UFOEvidence Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website



Paper delivered as invited speaker, Zecharia Sitchin Day, last day of International Association For New Science Conference,

Denver, October 1996



The planet is on hold because of the recycling of outmoded paradigms in all areas. In many respects we are faced with a near crisis of survival as a planetary race.


But this is the end-game of an age, be certain.


The lumbering lunatic caricature of the hapless hero with a thousand hang-ups is over: mark it well. Yet everyone knows that there is something grand about to happen!


There is a new human emerging, a new planetary civilization on the horizon.


We probe the elastic membrane of our racial imprints for the adequate maps and metaphors, the comprehensive unifying vision of the way beyond war, want, primitive competition, and the inevitability of death. But we reject partial solutions grasped at in the criteria vacuum conflict between religion, philosophy, science and new age hope. Yet there is an almost unthinkable new-world-view dawning that releases us into that new era beyond religion and beyond the old new age.


The background for the new paradigm comes from:

  • archaeology

  • bio-genetics

  • anthropology

  • astronomy


The Profound Contribution Of Zecharia Sitchin

We are profoundly indebted to the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, for his archaeological synthesis which proves the transcultural gods (Sumerian: Anunnaki; Egyptian: Neter; Hebrew: Anakim, Nefilim, Elohim) the ancient civilizations insisted came here from space, created humans and gave us civilization, were flesh and blood humanoids from the last planet in our solar system (Nibiru, Planet X) who genetically engineered us as slave animals by splicing their genes with Homo Erectus genes and, eventually, accepted us as limited partners.


That is the true "natural history of the gods" that Joseph Campbell failed.


A half million pieces of archaeological proof is corroborated by the evidence for Planet X/Nibiru as developed by NASA, JPL, the Naval Observatory and various astronomers.


Its gravitational pull on Uranus and Neptune flags it in our solar system. The mitochondrial DNA "search for Eve" and anthropology's "out of Africa" data placing our genesis in Central Africa 250,000 years ago, as well as strong evidence from many field of study, corroborate the ancient records.

Why should we accept this almost unthinkable history?


The traditional belief has been that the "gods" must have been imaginary because the deeds (flight through the atmosphere and space, use of weapons akin to atomic bombs and star-war lasers, the ability to communicate over long distances, the ability to create humans) ascribed to them were utterly fantastic.


That reasoning has been vaporized by our own current technological capabilities. Reaching the point in our technological knowledge that allows us to understand genetic engineering, lasers, interplanetary rocketry, electronic communication, has furnished the keys to the integration of our past with our present encompassed in the concept of generic humanity, the critical factor for planetary unification. In this perspective, in every area, it becomes clear that almost every previous philosophical, religious, metaphysical and scientific worldview, has been partially correct.

The two major paradigms, the Creationist world view and the Evolutionary model, which have molded Western culture have been subsumed, corrected and outmoded by this new meta-paradigm of human nature provided by the profound ramifications of the new archaeological perspective.


Joseph Campbell's gods are unmasked.


The Politics Of Our Evolution

The politics of our unique racial history may be characterized as a rapid evolution from slave to serf, to saviors to self.


We were literally invented for the Nefilim' pragmatic purposes as gold-mining and agricultural slave animals, became their serfs and limited partners with kings as local go-between foremen after they almost wiped us out in the Flood.


Once they had phased off the planet and left us on our own, we began to look to charismatic saviors, political and eventually "religious", to lead us in the same submissive way we had formerly looked to our Nefilim masters. I feel fortunate to be living in and contributing to an age when we are emerging from racial adolescence.

We come alive in a laboratory, the mutant fusion of an alien race with slightly more advanced knowledge and science than ours is today, with an indigenous species with intelligence requiring genetic manipulation to bring it up to adequate for basic gold mining operations. We are slaves of these far superior masters, looking up, innocent, naked and history-less, in awe at their power, knowledge, history and amazing activities.


As we develop over time, more precociously than they perhaps anticipated, some of us, at least, are recognized for a growing potential, elevated in status and function, sometimes even taken as sexual partners. Occasionally the offspring of such a marriage, like the king, Gilgamesh, who knew his mother to be pure Nefilim and his father human, demanded the rights of the Nefilim.


Gilgamesh literally demanded immortality on a purely legal basis as a demi-god, a half-god. Surplus of us are pushed into the outback and develop our own adaptive native cultures from scratch. The out-backers retain some of the old memories from the masters' centers and hand them down as venerable, important, "sacred".

And our own "religions", naive proto-scientific explanations of the awesome forces and mysteries of nature evolve over time, mix with the venerable traditions and legends.


This "out-law" culture spreads over the globe carrying with it the ancient history of our beginnings and the watershed events (the Orinoco Indians knew the Flood story. The American Indian cultures had 42 versions of it) and the veneration of the Nefilim Goddess Mother, Ninhursag, the Nefilim geneticist who literally made us.


Gradually over time the two traditions con-fuse. But the "in-law” culture, still in direct contact with the Nefilim, know the masters to be flesh and blood humanoids and definitely in control. Kings are put in charge when the populations get large and the candidates for this foreman position are often very capable but aware of the danger of mistakes.

The rules are simple: do exactly as you are told as a foreman or you die, maybe be lucky and just get exiled.


The Sumerian word for worship meant "work for", serve. And, from the beginning that we did, including acting our servant parts in the palace serving the masters the coq au vin, the beer, the wines they loved, the fatted calf, the bull and grains.


When our females became attractive to the Nefilim males and they began to collect harems of these desirable female slaves and beget children by them we became too much of a nuisance-threat and the Nefilim attempted to wipe out all of us in the Flood and then rethought their decision.


Having decided to keep us as valuable in rebuilding their centers after the devastating Flood, they taught us "crash courses" in civilization and technology as necessary for specific functions, farming, husbandry, textile production, food preparation, beer and wine production, mining, construction, slave raiding, scribing, keeping the calendar, knowing how to tell when the home planet, Nibiru, would again pass within the inner solar system and the Nefilim return.


Breaking The Godspell

And then they phased off the colony planet. Pretty much just left without closing the laboratory door, apparently beginning around 1250 B.C. The foreman-kings are suddenly depicted in the stone carvings standing where they used to stand when listening to instructions from the master pointing to the master's now empty chair in utter dismay.


The laments are still engraved in the clay tablets,

"What do I do when my master is no longer here to instruct me.... what shall I tell the people."

We went into grief, despair, denial. We blamed ourselves and looked to the sky for their return.


The good kings did their best, the leaders sometimes were told to go up the mountain to get some instructions long distance from space or make a wooden box, lined with metal just so, to act as a receiver.

"Now hear this".

Finally we were alone and in confusion, beginning to argue and fight over who still knew what the master really said, really meant, what we really should be doing if he did show up.


Service at their table transmuted into ritual sacrifice of food, attendance at their baths turned into bathing and clothing of surrogate statues of them and gradually the routine services turned into cargo-cult rituals and their palaces became empty temples.


And the less than good kings began to take advantage, began to swagger. Sometimes they got away with it on their own. Sometimes the people, in desperation, raised their king to a symbolic god. And the god-king and the seed of the notion of the divine right of kings became. And the chief servants went along with it because it was to their advantage to become known as priests or to preserve their jobs and status.


And those who had been taught, seeing that the advanced knowledge of technologies and science and the arts, learned as part of their function, of writing, mathematics, astronomy, science, metallurgy, and the fine crafts in general was being lost set an agenda to preserve it. In the face of misunderstanding and threat they disguised it, withdrew it, hid it. And the "occult" became.

Eventually, the situation evolved to a very macabre stage. In an effort to demonstrate our subservience and zeal to make things right if they would just come back we kept the rules, we maintained the routines of service but after a long time of disappointment we reached a point of abject, abysmal desperation where we would do anything to get them to come back - and we did.


Remembering the Nefilim males' attraction to our young women, we began to cut their hearts out on top of the empty pyramidal palaces in a collective craven pleading shriek to the heavens from whence they had come and gone. But that unspeakable and unappreciated horror could not last: we began to doubt, to entertain frightening cynicism, secret thoughts of independence and why bother.

Slowly a classic disassociational process developed due to separation in time and we began to sublimate the flesh and blood Nefilim into cosmic absolutes and their personalities into mythic archetypes. Looking back over the history of our species the traumatic transition we have gone through might well be characterized as the creation of the concept of a cosmic God by us, through a series of psychological mutational phases.


Eventually, we simply began to forget.

The transition from racial amnesia to racial maturity has been a very traumatic passage. Breaking the godspell has seen us go through the stages of abandonment to disassociation, to sublimation to religion to rebellion and now to recovery.


It is the classic syndrome of the dysfunctional family on a planetary scale.

  • Are we not haughty Egyptians, to whom the sky gods were everything, our rulers weakening and abandoned, now fearing that we had done something very wrong, searching the stars for some sign of their awesome craft?

  • Are we not Hebrews, the chosen of our Nefilim master, Yahweh, preservers and transmitters of the advanced technological knowledge entrusted to us, becoming dismayed that the static is getting so bad that the words of the retreating Yahweh from the Ark loudspeaker can hardly be distinguished and Moses, the last to see him face to face is aging and even the nabi, the seers, argue about what he said?

  • Are we not Innana's women of Mohenjo-Daro, for long sure of our dignity and her patronage, suddenly abandoned by our goddess queen?

  • Are we not enlightened and democratic Greek citizens, logical people who could hardly accept the impossible deeds of the now-remote gods as anything but uncertain fantasies?

  • Are we not Romans, sophisticated and urbane, masters of our destiny and the known world, would we give anything but lip service to the ancient deities now almost abstractions on our walls?

  • Are we not Medieval Christian theologians already abstracting and sublimating the ruthless, peevish, jealous humanoid Nefilim Yahweh into an infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, cosmic being beyond our capabilities of thought who holds the universe in being just by thinking about it?

  • Where was toil and danger?

Down there slaving in the hot gold mines. And hell became. Where is the god and the good things that come from the god?


Up there in the sky. And heaven became...

  • Are we not the young Catholic priest telling his docile parishioners not to read the Old Testament and leave the interpretation of Scripture to the clergy trying privately in anguish to reconcile history with his faith?

  • Are we not the fundamentalist bible school teacher watching herself mold the minds of children to a tradition of unquestioned docility to a God, her own doubts about whom she dare not allow herself to think?

Down to our day, incredibly, we have remained still Babel-factored for good crowd control, broken into tribes each proprietarily telling the other that ours is the only accurate tradition of what the god intended, what rules to follow, what we should be doing to demonstrate we are still loyal and docile servants. Sometimes we just kill each other over it.


And persecutions, Crusades, Jihads, Inquisitions, evil empires, the saved and the damned, the martyr, the infidel, the saint, the protestant, the fundamentalist, the atheist, became.

A very serious question is:

  • Do other planets in other galaxies have the same overarching phenomenon of alien humanoid master/creators-> gods-> god-over-gods-> God-> GOD-> CREATOR OF UNIVERSES transformational sequence in their history because they were genetically engineered also?

The convolution, sublimation, reverse anthropomorphizing (anyone have a better term for that? maybe anthropodeification?) intellectualizing, abstraction, that the notion of deity has gone through over the last 3000 years is, to be wryly positive about it, a tribute to human genius...


On The Brink Of The New Paradigm

Where do we stand now in the transition?

One of the most intriguing indicators of where we are in the process of this coming out of the coma of racial amnesia to racial maturity is the current state of archaeology. Archaeology is on hold and in a state of quiet but desperate crisis.


Robert Dunnell, a respected veteran archaeologist, said in an article in the January issue of Archaeology magazine entitled Hope for An Endangered Science, in 1989,

"....intellectually, archaeology is in deep trouble, trouble that has been brewing for more than a century and has now reached crisis proportions".

Most archaeologists would rather just dig and report and ignore the problems.


Even those who are inclined to deal with the critical issues raised by the rapidly accumulating evidence for a new interpretation of the history of our species unfortunately tend to preclude even the possibility of the Nefilim presence.


They instinctively realize that any retreat from the fundamental postulate that gods were myth, imaginary, unreal figments of naive human minds means revolution. For any serious scholar to even broach the possibility of "alien intervention" the price is most often peer persecution and even the ruin of one's career.

A reciprocal process has always been involved in our torturous coming to racial genetic enlightenment: the more we learn the freer and more confident we feel to learn and accept more, to shed the totems and taboos of the ancient godspell.


At this point in time we quite clearly are reaching the point of radical paradigm shift.


When we get this close to a paradigm shift changeover point everybody can feel it coming in their bones, in their genes, can almost taste it even though they may not be able to articulate it.


So the predictions and the guesses and the prognostications about what the new paradigm really is are rife and various.

Some say,

  • variously, the major changes will be focused around the shift into the precessional age of Aquarius

  • the paradigm shift is already on us and it means that the "vibrational level" of the entire planet will increase to a higher frequency generating a higher human consciousness

  • the actual crystalline form of the earth is shifting to a more complex form

  • the magnetic field of the earth is diminishing and magnetic pole reversals will trigger it

  • it will happen finally when aliens land and go public and, hopefully, offer us the solutions to all our problems

  • it’s coming will be a monumental intellectual one as we decode the prophecies of the ancients

  • we will shift from the modern interpretation of the ancient world to a recognition of the identity, nature and advancement of the ancient civilization that gave rise to Sumer, Egypt, India, the Mayan empire and other western ancient empires

Terrence Mc Kenna, having programmed the cycles of the I Ching into the computer (Time Wave Zero) can see a startling slide into novelty coming rapidly as we approach the year 2012 and sometimes says the paradigm shift will be a transcendental dimensional shift, that the world as we know it will end and sometimes that he is not really sure. He, in one sense, is using the I Ching as a doomsday machine.

Some, like Marilyn Ferguson (The Aquarian Conspiracy), say that the big change is manifesting in a rising groundswell to a new level of human benevolence, kindness and love leading to a planetary order of peace.


Some say that the paradigm shift will be more political, the manifestation of a new world order leading to harmony and peace.

It takes little reflection to notice that the primary characteristic that dominates all these interpretations of these prophetic perceptions may be called, generically, a profound racial consciousness expansion.


I suggest that what we are witnessing and experiencing, in the largest perspective, is nothing less than the dawning of a planetary, racial, genetic enlightenment, that these gods, we and our children, wear designer genes, that we can and should claim our planetary birthright, restore our true collective history in the final dispelling of the haze of racial amnesia.


We can integrate our indigenous heritage and become one with the earth again at the same time as we integrate our off planet heritage and move off into space.

As we step out of racial adolescence, struggling through the awkward but inevitable separation from the parent-gods, now aware that our mythology is our greatest myth, we will realize that the myriad predictions, prophecies and pop-eyed pronouncements of turmoil, danger and glory are substantially correct projections of the difficulties involved.


The glimpses of glory are intuitive projections of the facets of the character and personality of the new planetary human and the new civilization already brimming over the horizon. The key to graceful passage is an unassailable integrity, both racial and personal, springing from the genetic enlightenment that erases the painful scar of the subservient, godspell slave brand from our personal genetic web.


We need, respectfully but firmly, to finally wash the ancient dyes of subjection now sublimated to a focus on a pitifully anthropomorphic projection in the sky from the tapestries of our cultures.

Is This Atheism?

Is this atheism? No. It simply is a long overdue correction of some local solar system politics, relatively rather pedestrian in cosmic perspective.


Garden variety atheism can now be understood as an early sign of racial adolescent rebellion and questioning of the authority of the obviously all too humanoid characteristics of the particular local Nefilim "god" of the Hebrew tribe and Christianity, Yahweh, who was, by his own admission, jealous (I am the Lord, your god, and you shall not go over the border and work for my brothers and cousins...) and clearly male chauvinist and disposed to violence in dealing with his human slaves if the high-tech tricks of magic and high wattage loudspeakers to which he resorted to intimidate them didn't work.


The new paradigm, once the godspell is dispelled, simply frees us to go one on one with the universe and to seek directly whatever unthinkable or thinkable ultimate principle is behind it.


The Acceleration Of The Traumatic Transition

It is well to be able to view the development of the new paradigm in historical perspective.


By the turn of our century, scholars had become aware of the world-wide similarity of the traditions of remote antiquity in all regions of the earth dealing with the gods and their deeds. It had become incontrovertibly clear that the basic themes and motifs of human mythology were universal and even the genealogies of the gods were the same the world over.


Not only were the religions of the world similar but it had also been established that much of the teaching and traditions and history of the relatively recent Hebrew religion, considered by its adherents and the offshoot Christian religion to have been revealed directly to the prophets and writers of the Old Testament, actually had been derived from the much earlier and more developed cultures of the Middle East as far back as the Sumerian civilization.


The Old Testament suddenly had to be viewed as a relatively recent Reader's Digest type synopsis of the detailed history of the race as known and recorded by the Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites, Akkadians, Egyptians and other cultures. These discoveries were a tremendous revelation yet deeply puzzling and disconcerting.

In addition to these discoveries there had also been major developments in the field of Psychology which were attractive to those studying myth. Freud, Jung, Adler and others had explored the realm of mythology and religion in terms of the human subconscious and had evolved psychological explanations for many of the symbols and themes that were dominant in mythology.


This set the stage for an explanation of all of mythology and religion, from primitive or ancient to present, in psychological, psychoanalytic and even psychopathological terms.


Jaynes-Campbell Syndrome

Faced with the significance of this explosive revelation and ferment, the Jesuit trained Joseph Campbell (The Masks Of God) set out to bring this vast information from many disciplines together to write a "natural history of the gods".


He conceived of such a work as both a systematic identification and classification as well as the discovery of an evolution of the "visionary world of the gods" that might well exhibit scientific laws, indeed as the beginning of a "science of the roots of revelation". It might be termed a sociobiology of revelation. But, never reaching a point where he could acknowledge the "gods" real, as actual history, he could only hold that their source had to lie in the psychology of the minds of men, even going so far as to say that there was madness in the claims of the god-kings of Egypt.


Seeing no other alternative, he could only recommend a constructive exaltation of what he considered the "mythological" portion of man's nature. Campbell's ultimate goal was to develop an encyclopedic "creative mythology" according to what he understood to be the "laws and hypotheses of the science of the unconscious".


In effect he was trying to make sense out of a historical phenomenon which was full of deep contradictions and mind boggling facts and seeming madness by psychoanalyzing the mess. In doing so he had to accept the Darwinian concept of evolution from less complex forms to the more complex.

In a very real way, Campbell's conclusions involved him in a self-contradiction: at the very beginning of his work, in the first volume, Primitive Mythology, he asked the question,

  • Was the source of the knowledge of the gods and the similar archetypes encountered all over the world to be found in the local projections of deity and personality on the awesome forces of nature, lightning, thunder, great storms, the wind, sun, etc. by the naive human mind of our early ancestors?

Amazingly he answered, although local quaint myth may have had its origin in that way, it was a diffusion of the stunning, sudden high culture from the "little Sumerian mud garden" that was the source of "the whole cultural syndrome that has since constituted the germinal unit of all of the high civilizations of the world"


If even the details of the genealogies of the "gods" were the same the world over it must have been a process of diffusion rather than local development. He went as far as to identify Sumeria as the primary mythogenic zone, a source of the origination of the universal mythic themes.


But having reached that startlingly acute insight, he nevertheless had to go on the explain the gods as mythic archetypes in psychological terms - how else can you explain something that you are convinced is unreal?

Julian Jaynes, a Princeton psychologist well versed in ancient history and literature, in The Origin of Consciousness in The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind, claims that, since all men previous to 1250 B.C. claimed to hear, see, communicate with, receive written information from and speak to the gods (the unquestioned assumption being that the gods were fictions) then all men previous to that time must have been hallucinating schizophrenes. Really.


Read it for yourself. Impeccable logic, wrong premise.


The Jaynes-Campbell syndrome, the most extreme explanation one can advance if one starts from the unquestioned assumption that the gods must have been unreal, marks the last step before the resolution afforded by Sitchin's thesis which puts the last pieces of the puzzle of our history in place.


Forbidding Archaeology

Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, devotees of a Vedanta teacher who suggested they do the research, have compiled a massive volume, Forbidden Archaeology, which documents numerous finds that would place anatomically modern humans millions of years previous to the 250,000 year time frame we are looking at for our genetic creation by the Nefilim.


The Vedanta tradition speaks of humans in the remote past contemporary with primitive human and ape species. The focus of their evidence is on conclusively demonstrating that the theory of Darwinian evolution that requires the more complex to arise from the less complex is false as have other authors.


In this vein, they also document the evidence for the very strong possibility that primitive human species are still living on this planet in various remote parts of the world and present evidence of high-tech items found in very ancient strata. Their work is evenhanded and thorough and they acknowledge their sincere, long range intent is obviously to ultimately demonstrate the historical validity of the Vedanta worldview in a second book.

I have carefully studied the evidence they present looking for any incontrovertible evidence that would contradict Sitchin's thesis and have found none.

The existence of advanced human civilization in the remote past that was wiped out or degenerated for whatever reason, even many times, would not contradict Sitchin's thesis. If the situation, at the point when the Nefilim arrived here and eventually needed a slave creature, was such that the most advanced human types were of sufficiently low caliber to need upgrading even to do mining as the records indicate, there is no contradiction.


The Nefilim selected a humanoid type with which to fuse their genetic code or part of it, enough to raise the humanoid species to a level of intelligent competence to work as gold miners. Sitchin has indicated that the humanoid type chosen was Homo Erectus.


Even if there were more advanced, physiologically identical human types contemporary with Homo Erectus 250,000 years ago, it does not, by that fact, contradict Sitchin's thesis. It does raise a question as to whether the Nefilim might have actually used a more advanced human type much closer to us to merge their genes with rather than Homo Erectus.

Another theoretical possibility is also prompted: even though there might have been anatomically modern human types available, the Nefilim could have chosen a lesser species, say Homo Erectus, as a base on which to create a slave animal for ethical or pragmatic reasons. (We were described as eating the grass of the fields and drinking from the ditch when we were first invented.)


But, again, this does not seem logical on the basis of why bother if a more advanced but not up to standard type was available. And, in the last analysis, the records say nothing whatsoever about any human type then that would have been equal to us now.

Another question suggested by Cremo’s and Thompson’s work is,

  • If there were anatomically modern humans already existing on Earth, identical to us both physiologically and mentally, even to the point of being self-aware as we identify ourselves to be, when the Nefilim are said to have created us, could that mean that some contemporary humans are from purely indigenous stock and some are from the Nefilim/humanoid cross?

  • It is at least conceivable but logically not probable: why would the Nefilim even bother if there was a species already up to standards that they could enslave - or hire?

For whatever reason, Cremo and Thompson have chosen to ignore Sitchin's work completely in Forbidden Archaeology; there is no reference either in the Bibliography or the Index. I think that this is significant if only that the exhaustive 900 page work purports to be a thorough coverage of the available material and the implication is that Sitchin's work is precluded as not worthy even of note.


In another, explicitly Vedantic context (Alien Identities), Thompson mentions Sitchin's work but I can find no instance where he associates the Vedantic gods in their vimanas, aircraft, with the Nefilim. It is worth noting, however, that since the Nefilim were in the area known as modern India, the Vedanta tradition is simply talking of them under a local name.


Perhaps a major contribution of the Vedanta tradition may eventually come from its preservation of a very detailed account of the history of the indigenous human types previous to the Nefilim genetic intervention..

Sitchin As Hot Potato

It is one thing for Sitchin to say that it is clear that the Anunnaki/Anakim/Neter/Nefilim were the ones who could and did set up a base on Mars and on Earth, built the Giza Pyramid as part of their second navigational landing grid, set up all the ancient high civilizations, but it is obviously difficult for others involved in specific parts of the quest to acknowledge it.

The corroboration of the evidence for the existence of the Planet Nibiru by Harrington (below video), late head of the Naval Observatory, and his willingness to recognize the accuracy of Sitchin's work is startlingly impressive.



It is interesting that Tom Van Flandern, formerly of the Naval Observatory, colleague of Harrington and searcher for Planet X/Nibiru denies the validity of the translated information that Nibiru was originally captured into our solar system and eventually collided with a large planet in orbit where the asteroid belt is now forming Earth and the asteroid belt (Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets).


He rejects that information on the basis of his own investigations which prompt him to claim that a planet in that orbit exploded forming the asteroid belt. When asked how a planet could explode he falls back on a hypothesis that has been tossed about for some time and which is highly theoretical to say the least.


Nevertheless he would agree that there is a very high probability that X/Nibiru is in our solar system.


He rejects the evidence on the cylinder seal VA/243 (below image) in the East German Museum that appears to quite clearly show our sun surrounded by various size disks correctly representing all the planets in our solar system including the tenth planet, Nibiru.





His reason for rejection: he has measured the diameters of all the disks and found some slight discrepancies in the diameters of some. Which means to a scale ratio of something like 1.6 billion to 1 on a 4500 year old carved stone cylinder seal...


Even the most advanced computerized precision machining does not normally produce that kind of accuracy especially in stone. It is interesting to see how different personal orientations to the same topic will cause two associated experts to radically disagree.

Van Flandern has been courageous to even consider Sitchin's material in his writings. But, when one steps back for the sake of getting out of the line of fire and to get the big picture, what is becoming very clear recently is that this is not new age politics anymore, anyone notice? It appears all too much like academic and scientific politics and ego chest bumping.

The ultimate question that all these investigators are being forced to confront is simple: Who and what was the s that are evident to us but which some claim cannot be identified?


It has boiled down to four answers:

  1. An advanced human civilization existed, perhaps even preceded by other human civilizations that have peaked and waned in the remote passed, developed high technology and culture, left enough around to jump start humans somehow coming after this first civilization was wiped out or vanished. No credible explanation has ever been given as to who and what they were. Well, maybe Atlantis is a clue.

  2. An advanced human civilization existed, developed high technology and culture, left enough around to jump start humans coming somehow after this first civilization fragmented, was partly wiped out, some going to Mars and to the stars, groups with different agendas in conflict, manipulating us, like a dysfunctional family. Well, maybe Atlantis is a clue.

  3. A race or races of alien visitors from other stellar systems has been intervening and altering humanoid development over long periods of time and has left a deposit of basic knowledge to jump start humans civilizations.

  4. Sitchin's thesis. And I have not seen anyone refute Sitchin's basic thesis yet.

He never, to my knowledge, tries to discredit anyone's credentials or reputation.


He will debate, disagree, reject but he will not denigrate or attack someone's character. It's obvious that he is too much of a hot potato for any of the other explanations. He is standing there with seven volumes worth of deep information about who and what all the ancient first human civilizations said unanimously who that previous advanced civilization was from which they received the training in technology, learning, culture and science, where they came from, what they did, where they went.


Once one gets to that question and answers it "Anunnaki/Nefilim", the game is over. Not only is it having to accept someone else's thesis and recognize that yours is subsumed by it but, once over the line, the paradigm shift required by the ramifications is so profound that the difficulty of acceptance is compounded by magnitudes.

Notice the percentage of Ph.D's, who are suddenly showing up in the forum? Where've they been? Waiting for the right peer signals, a shrug from their Dean, approval by the agenda makers, a request from their publisher?


You have to know that, if the Ph.D's, present heroic company obviously excepted, are entering the discussion, it has already been over for years and the lodge has voted to send a delegation of experts to make definitive pronouncements about what they'll claim they knew all along and to declare the new topic as "science".


But the process of coming around is torturous, so painful to even watch. And don't go too fast, don't embarrass or get ahead of the rest.

And, over and above the American side conflicts, there still is the powerful force of the official Egyptian "archaeological" department with its own agenda, jealous of its own tradition and religious ethos. And you know that Saddam Hussein is not going to stop parking his jets in the shadow of the Ziggurats to protect them as he did in the gulf War or reconstructing Babylon and other centers as symbols of proprietorship of our ancient heritage.

There is fundamental corroboration between Sitchin's paradigm and the evidence on Mars, the dating of the Sphinx and the Giza pyramid, the astronomical siting data of the great Pyramid and the topological geometry embedded therein, the astronomical evidence for X/Nibiru, the history of the gods in the Asian sector, etc...


The new paradigm subsumes and completes those various pieces of discovery. I know personally many of these pioneering and, in the face of opposition and ridicule from the establishment, courageous thinkers and scientists, and find them, individually, to be persons of sincere conviction. It is sad that any less than the professional ideal prevails.


Consider what it would be like if all these pioneering researchers were communicating and cooperating and working toward a common goal rather than acting like pharmaceutical researchers trying to beat each other to market with a new drug.


Growing Pains At The Leading Edge

The new paradigm requires that we do no less than rethink our entire racial world-view. Breaking The Godspell was my first contribution toward that end, focusing on the ramifications for religion, philosophy and science. As we move to more and more specific areas of reevaluation in this process, there is a topic that I believe needs immediate attention.

It is fascinating that the new age Goddess movement exhibits resistance to Sitchin's thesis. Well known authors and academicians representing this focus are Merlin Stone (When God Was a Woman), Maria Gimbutas (many articles: Journal Of Indo-European Studies), and Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade) among others.


Their interpretations and opinions of the archaeological and historical data carry a great deal of weight because of their depth of research and scholarly approach. The reason for the attractiveness of their thesis is that it throws into perspective the neglected, even denied, status and role of women in history and points to a time in the past when, it is interpreted, there was equality of the sexes and peace among humans, looked to as a model for our time and our future.


Many in the Goddess movement view the new paradigm with suspicion because they feel that it diminishes what Maria Gimbutas has interpreted as the “supernatural" element in the worship of the Goddess. But, on the basis of the truth, whatever it turns out to be, sets you truly free, I suggest closer study shows that the two paradigms mutually reinforce and the new paradigm ultimately affords an even more profound meaning to the Goddess concept.

A critical question to be addressed in this regard is whether there is hard evidence for what is interpreted as a cult of the female previous to our genetic genesis 250,000-300,000 years ago.


Maria Gimbutas held that, so far, we can't see evidence for the goddess cult much more than perhaps 25,000 years ago - although she "guessed" that it might go back as far as the consensual date of the beginning of the Paleolithic era some 500,000 years ago. I see no contradiction in any form of the new paradigm by the evidence so far adduced in that regard.

The new paradigm provides an overarching context in which to attain a much more accurate explanation of several major features that are involved in the Goddess religion theory:

  • the mythological interpretation of the evidence

  • the interpretation of the evidence as indication of a supernatural religion

  • the lumping of all particular goddesses into a single amorphous Goddess

  • the interpretation of the cause of the apparent "golden age" of peace among humans

  • the nature of the catastrophic revolution that altered the social structure to male dominant

Breaking the Goddess-spell

Because the consensus of the scholars studying the Goddess phenomenon hold to the evolutionary context, it is easy and natural to project a mythological character on the Goddess in her various forms since the implicit assumption is that the earlier we find humans in history the more naive and primitive they would be and therefore all the more inclined to mythologize.


And, by extension of this interpretation of the Goddess phenomenon as mythological, it becomes easy to conceive of the goddess phenomenon as a single continuum of gradual development centered on just one Goddess, from the earliest crude Paleolithic figurines through the millennia to the very detailed images of specific goddesses in the middle east and Crete.


An end result of these interpretations as mythic projection of the primitive, naive human psyche in an historical continuum is that the individual goddesses recognized over the millennia as distinct beings, often in very different contexts and times, often with very idiosyncratic differences between them, sometimes as different spouses of different male "gods", are freely and generally taken as simply different cultural names or aspects of the Goddess interpreted as an archetype.


Ultimately, the result is that the goddess movement tends to get stuck in the Campbell half of the Jaynes-Campbell syndrome.

I believe that we can already see sufficient evidential correlation to say confidently that the basis of the goddess mother cult in the earliest times was a recognition and veneration of the Nefilim female geneticist, Ninhursag, who literally created us in the laboratory.


Both the "in-law" and the "out-law" cultures would remember her equally. Gradually, over the millennia, as we became either the subjects of or at least very aware of the various Nefilim females of higher and lower social and functional rank, they also were venerated on a more local basis. Innana, who as a member of the administrative council of twelve which oversaw the entire planet and a pilot and far ranging traveler, was very widely known to humans.

A problem lies in the fact that taking the gods as myth has allowed the various female Nefilim with their disparate personal characteristics and foibles to be lumped together as the amorphous Goddess archetype, an innocent but significant error.


The recognition of the Nefilim as real allows us to see that those "goddesses" were actually individuals of an advanced culture and why, though they were humanoid, humans saw them as superior or at least in a position of superior authority. Some were highly respected and loved by humans, others less so.


Some were of very high rank and authority, some were lower echelon technicians, specialists and officials. But they were Nefilim and thereby set apart from humans. Because of this amorphous melding into the goddess archetype, the less than ideally feminine characteristics of some of the Nefilim women tend to be glossed over. A single example is that of Innana's dealings with human men whom she had killed when they refused to become her lovers.


Her political ambitions caused her to manipulate in such ruthless ways that current slang would term her a "bitch on wheels". Yet she is also the one who probably gave us tantra yoga and the ideal of the fully independent, self-realized woman. Understanding the veneration of our Nefilim female rulers as both compulsory and conditioned by the relative attractiveness and benevolence of their individual personalities throws light on two other facets of human existence when the Nefilim were here on the planet.

The new paradigm provides a context in which to resolve a disagreement within the goddess studies movement itself. One school of thought, following Gimbutas, holds that the hazy "golden age" when there was generally peace and little tendency toward social and sexual conflict was due to a matriarchal orientation: women were dominant.


Others, following Eisler, would hold that this fortunate state should be attributed to a partnership of equality between male and female. Humans, in any given area, did what they were told by their local Nefilim ruler. If there indeed was a golden age of sexual equality it existed because both male and female humans were in an equally servile position: you don't get to dominate as females or as males when you are being dominated by a powerful authority.


The time when male dominant groups began to overrun the scene, described as catastrophically disruptive of peaceful human society by the goddess researchers, coincides with the time when the Nefilim phased off the planet. When the cat’s away...

The new paradigm does not denigrate the scholarly, independent and impressive work of the goddess researchers.


On the contrary it affords a context in which an even more robust and dignified appreciation of our true history and womens' role in it becomes manifest. Breaking the ancient mythic goddesspell is necessary to arrive at the more profound realization that Goddesshood is not just a high metaphor; it is literally genetic.


Male dominance, even though it has a deep base in the various godspell religions focused on Yahweh who taught his male subjects to treat women as inferior, cannot survive genetic enlightenment. But we won't have to wait for those religions to disappear totally - the process is already well underway through attrition and suspicion - for it to diminish.


Even though the word "obey" has been eliminated from the marriage vows only recently and the Pope is not going to accept early retirement easily, it is going to happen faster than anticipated.


When DNA speaks, everybody listens.


A Potential Problem, The Inevitable Outcome

I feel it is important to sow the seed of thought concerning a potential problem in the near future.


If an official announcement in any form by our or any government is made of the alien presence on the planet - I believe that to be the case with regard to the little greys at least - I think it will be unfortunate if, in the heady excitement and novelty of that event, all alien presence now or in the past is lumped together and glazed over, we will miss the critical opportunity to differentiate between the intra-solar system politics of our genetic half-alien creation and a species possibly from beyond the stars.


We must restore our own true history to ourselves to gain the unassailable integrity necessary to know what we are, what is good for us and not, what we can allow and not when interacting with a species very different from ourselves.

Having noted the convolutions of current philosophic and scientific politics which would be almost amusing if it were not for the very nasty results they have caused, we can be heartened by the positive resolution that is clearly in sight. All these currents taken into account, the vectors are coming closer and closer to the target faster and faster.


The next stage will come when the scientific evidence from all the various investigative vectors begin to coalesce quickly and inexorably reach critical mass.


The Mars material, the mitochondrial DNA material, the work of West and Schoch on the age of the Sphinx, the next breaking information on the existence of planet X/Nibiru, the documentary material from the find in Sippar in Iraq if we can get it out of there, perhaps even the crop circle decipherment, the announcement by the government of this country of the alien presence, etc. and, singularly, the full recognition of the master thesis of Zecharia Sitchin.


At that point of critical mass the evidence will simply overwhelm the academic and scientific arenas and all scholars will be unable to ignore it.


The Ramifications For The Present And The Future

Although I have focused primarily on the current status of the new paradigm with reference to current academic, scientific and alternate explanations, my primary preoccupation remains with the ramifications for our present and future. A short summary of the resolutions and redefinitions for our present and possibilities for our future as I deal with them in Breaking The Godspell and God Games are as follows.

If we are the product of that advanced Nefilim technology, we are a mutant species with bicameral genetics, bicameral mind, a bicameral collective unconscious. Jungian psychology will have to be totally revamped.

Evolution on this planet, if we indeed will be able eventually to use that term accurately at all, was linear until interrupted by our decidedly non-Darwinian, pragmatic synthetic genesis. From that point on we have experienced a precociously rapid metamorphic process, a special case of evolution for lack of a better metaphor, under the imperative of the prepotency of our advanced Nefilim genetic component. It is in the integration of the bicameral mind that what has been condemned as naive hallucination is restored as our almost unthinkable history.

Institutional "religion" is a sublimation of the ancient godspell, the subservient master-slave relationship. The Babel factor is about to be overcome and we can reach planetary unity through the concept of our common origin and generic humanity.

Transcendental experience, in its generic form removed from vague association with some god, magical practice, occult doctrines or subservient godspell ego-loss, may be redefined as participation at the leading edge of our metamorphic self-exploration/expansion as the bicameral human gradually comes to the recognition of its true nature as Homo Erectus-Nefilimus, becoming truly sapient by that fact and passing out of the adolescence of the race.


Once free, it becomes clear that fully conscious transcendental experience may be understood as conscious dimensional expansion. I believe that we are rapidly evolving off the Cartesian monkey-bars to habitual four-dimensional consciousness.

The genuine "occult" can now be understood scientifically to be time-release packages of advanced technical information entrusted to us in "crash courses" in civilization until we could break its code. Once we allow ourselves to freely begin to reexamine these technological concepts as potentially real and valuable we will gain much very rapidly.

Ooparts, high-tech tools, toys, artifacts, ostensibly out of place in time are recognized as remnants of lost technology and knowledge. Physical immortality, possessed by the Nefilim probably through genetic engineering and withheld from humans, is seen as a collective preoccupation. It has also been sublimated to the status of reward in the afterlife with the god or gods. If you can't get it here you will get it there if you do as the god(s) says.


But the real technology of immortality is already on the horizon through genetic engineering and probably through the re-discovery of the mono atomic form of gold by David Hudson, quite certainly the focus of the alchemical and some occult traditions, lost over time but remembered as the goal.


Immortality will be the primary, dominant characteristic of the dawning new phase of our racial maturation, a matter of simple human dignity.

The characteristics that mark the new human are an unassailable personal integrity, relativistic epistemology, profound compassion, robust depth of informational data, understanding of the universe in terms of a full unified field, broad-spectrum competence, transcendental competition, facility in dimensional shifting, preference for dyadic operation, a profound ability to enjoy, to play the games most satisfying to generic "gods", an expanded capacity to literally have great fun creating new realities, with the primary focus on evolving habitual four dimensional consciousness and contributing to the definition of our racial evolutionary trajectory.

The new synthesis subsumes the groundswell rising to a new politic, enlightened eco-economics, re-hashed Eastern or Western mysticism, a third culture, political notions of a new world order, spiritualized psychology, cerebral turning points, religion as we have ever conceived it. It points to a new plateau of civilization and culture fitting of the new human.


And what if the Nefilim return?


They were the landlords but their deed has run out. We, perhaps, should convert the SETI search apparatus into a transceiving device focused on Nibiru and let it be known that we would like to take the kids on a first visit to the grandparents place.


But only if we can be accepted as an independent and mature species. If they come back throwing their weight around they are going to have a real problem with me. We should not fall back into the old godspell subservient posture in the event that the Nefilim come back any more than a mature adult should remain subservient to parental authority.

What to do after you get genetically enlightened and have broken the godspell, the effect of the ancient, subservient, looking-to-the-sky-for-daddy-to-return, master-slave attitude, the deepest dye in the fabrics of Eastern and Western culture? We will operate as our own "gods", according to our own genetic credentials, play our own god-games according to our own transcendental choices, creating our own confident realities.


And play those god games in the context of relative immortality, with an unassailable integrity and racial identity which will enable us to step confidently into stellar society.