The Secret Anunnaki Atu-waa
12 June 2005

Things on this level are not always as they appear to be.


For example:

  • Israel's struggle is an alien diversion - a fašade that has been kept up for centuries.

  • Palestine's struggle is another alien diversion - a fašade that has also been kept up for centuries.

The battle over Jerusalem is an alien diversion.


It is now time to reveal this information. For a long, long time, The Earth has been regarded as insignificant in the scheme of things. Many see it as a place of schooling for the "soul", which is another alien deception.

The Vulturites and the Reptilians were once like family, but the "family" began bickering, and they broke off to form their own empires a long, long time ago. These are the two most formidable Anunnaki races in the Cosmos, and both are vying for supremacy over the other. All other alien groups are basically pawns, caught in the middle of the Reptilian/Vulturite struggle for power.

Before the schism occurred, the Reptilian Anunnaki Elite would re-start time whenever things got too far out of control. The place where this took place was on their home planet, Nibiru, which orbited a star called ZAOS. The Anunnaki Elite realized that their planet and star were in a precarious situation long before they were destroyed. Therefore, they re-located the time re-starting device (called atu-waa) to a very remote planet that had virtually no technology. That remote planet was Earth.

But for the re-location of the atu-waa to the Earth, this planet would still be an insignificant, primitive world. Before the Anunnaki Elite selected Earth for the atu-waa, the planet was an unimportant, disposable celestial body that was used as a dumping ground for alien convicts, space garbage, and other trash.

The Jews claim to be the chosen race of Jehovah, but what have they been chosen for?


In reality, the first Jews were a special race, specifically "created" to perform a particular role for the Anunnaki. It would be very difficult to trace any of the original Jews today as many of them now are in bodies of other nationalities. A large proportion of them are amongst the ruling elite of the Earth. These can be Israelis, Scandinavians, Germans, Asians, Britons, Americans, Africans, Palestinians and other Arabs etc. The original Jews were of the Jewish essence - it had nothing whatsoever to do with bloodlines. They are more properly identified as Zionists.

Many Jews today claim to have rights to Palestine because they believe that their God, Jehovah, has given them the land. This right to this land is contested by many Palestinians, who believe that Allah has prepared the land for them. Many Jews and Palestinians passionately regard the land and many of its sites as holy. Many Christians also regard much of the land as holy. These irreconcilable claims have created very sensitive issues and have resulted in centuries of bloodshed over the land.

Sadly, the whole Jewish/Christian/Muslim conflict over Palestine was contrived by the Reptilian Anunnaki Elite a long time ago as a diversion to keep people from suspecting where the real important sites are in the Middle East. Jerusalem and Mecca are Anunnaki-chosen diversion spots to keep people's attention away from critical places east of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim Holy Land.

The ruling elite on Earth have been very harsh on any philosophies, thoughts, ideals, religions and other practices that originate from places now known as Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. This includes the persecution and distortion of Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism etc. This by no means indicates that all philosophical and religious thoughts that originate from these areas are of the True Light. The main reason that things from these areas are harshly resisted by the ruling elite is because of something else that they do not want anyone to focus upon.

Even today, on the physical level, all the problems surrounding these areas can be credibly explained away by socio-political-economic reasons. Petroleum is one of the main credible factors used to explain why the ruling elite are after these areas.


The latest guise being used is the fight against terrorists and the search for Osama bin Laden. Whatever guises the ruling elite use to obfuscate the struggles in and for these areas, there is a real reason for them. Most of the people and countries involved in these struggles are caught up in the physical "reasons" (the diversion) and are not aware of the real reason.

The Garden of Eden is not an unfounded myth. It was created by the Anunnaki Elite as a posh prison to house certain high-ranking Anunnaki prisoners. Being a high-security area, it was the perfect place to re-locate the atu-waa. The location of the atu-waa is different from the location of the aperture, which is different from the energy source that I wrote about in Anunnaki and the Coming of the "Sacred" Cross.

When they invaded Iraq in 2003, the Vulturites were after the lost word of the Freemasons, the atu-waa, and the "power point" from where the atu-waa could be activated. They were not looking for weapons of mass destruction at all.


They believed it was so urgent to conduct the search that they did not even bother to plant WMD in the country before invading it. In fact, if the Vulturites had planted WMD, then they would have had to cease their searches when they were found. That is why such extensive searches of vans, trucks, tankers and anything that could transport the items were carried out. They also looked in museums and many secret underground facilities. That is why the palaces were specially targeted for searches.

To digress here, when Hitler was running amok in Europe, the ruling elite were relatively unconcerned until he turned his attention to the Middle East, at which point, Generals Patton and Montgomery were unleashed with such a fury that the allies suddenly gained full control of the situation. Prior to that release, Hitler's Germany appeared to be invincible. When Hitler went for the Persian Gulf, his empire crumbled - it was like a paper tiger doing a job for the ruling elite.

Throughout history, three major religions appear to be in conflict and competition for Palestine. These are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These appear to be at odds at various times in history, and yet, at other times, they appear to complement one another. The Christian Bible brings in the Torah and incorporates it into modern-day Christian thought.


The Koran incorporates Mary, Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Solomon and other Jewish/Christian personalities. The Koran even implies that Christians and Jews are able to enter heaven like the believers (Muslims). Both Jews and Muslims view pigs as unclean. Yet, the Crusades appeared to be Christians versus Muslims. This, like many other events surrounding these three religions, was another diversion.

All the major religious movements are distractions that are sponsored by the ruling elite to serve their purposes.

In reality, people are programmed to act as they do. Although Judaism/Christianity/Islam appear to be in conflict, they are not. They, like all the other major religions, are serving a very specific purpose for the ruling elite.


The perceived, unending conflicts are designed to confuse and segregate people so that there will always be strife, conflict, distrust and war. The ruling elite know that it is imperative that people perceive these religious conflicts to be real so that the diversions are not seen through.

For instance, today,

  • Jews are distrusted for their control of finance and commerce

  • Muslims are envied for their control of petroleum

  • Christians are presently wearing the "white" hat, looking like the good Samaritans, but, not far in the past, the Church had committed the most horrific acts of plunder, murder and war

The key lies in and around the Persian Gulf.

When discussing this key, it is unavoidable to bring in the alien wars. What I am about to discuss is for people who have open minds. It is not for the skeptics and those programmed by the ruling elite, as they will probably never be able to see through the programming.

I will repeat here that the Reptilians are a cunning, hedonistic, chauvinistic, powerful race of Anunnaki. They have had the upper hand for so long that they are getting very cocky. In their arrogance, they think they have everything under control, just as they have in the past. They have controlled the re-start of time on many occasions, and always set it up so they were on top. They have controlled the atu-waa for a long, long time.

The Vulturites appear to be hot-headed, vicious and brutal.


This has been their trademark, so to speak. The Reptilians have long held an edge over the Vulturites because the latter were so predictably brutal. However, the Vulturites have learned some cunning tricks of their own, and the Reptilians have carelessly underestimated their main opponents. The Reptilians miscalculated the Vulturite resolve to obtain and hold Iraq at almost any cost.

When the Reptilians turned over the U.S.A. to the Vulturites, they expected the Vulturites to brutally attack other countries without purpose or focus. But, the Vulturites were prepared and they went for Afghanistan and Iraq, and now have their sights on Iran. Although they are involved in many other conflicts around the world, and sabre rattling at places such as North Korea and Cuba - these are diversions.

The Vulturites are after the atu-waa. They do not mind being perceived as brutal, deceptive and ambitious. They do not mind being hated, as they are. They have a single purpose, which is to get the atu-waa.

The Reptilians have moved the atu-waa around the world. It has been to many places in recent years, all of which were under Reptilian control at the time. The places include: Tennessee, U.S.A., Australia, Congo, Gibraltar, Vietnam, Israel and Iraq. It was last moved to Afghanistan, near Kabul.

The Vulturites are unaware that the atu-waa is non-functional at this time. The Reptilians have kept this information from the Vulturites and everyone else. There is a missing "part" that contains the "codes" to activate the atu-waa. This is not a physical thing. This is the part that I confiscated from the Reptilians a long time ago, after the last re-start of time. This is what Ata-i-lek is so furious about and is trying to dislodge from me by any means, including flattery, cajoling, threats, force and deception. It is a catch-22 situation for the Reptilians. That is why I am still here.

Incidentally, two new apertures have recently appeared near my home. One of them appeared in my favorite garden. I have seen Ata-i-lek using one of them. Alex was guarding both of the apertures full time. Pearl has temporarily taken over Alex's duties.


One morning, one of our dogs accidentally wandered into one of the apertures and disappeared instantly. She had been curious about this spot for some time. We had to call her back until she stumbled back through the aperture from the "other side", reappearing very suddenly and very dazed from the ordeal. We have seen this happen to other animals, including our horse.


They walk into the aperture and suddenly disappear before our eyes, only to reappear again suddenly. All have come out of the experience looking dazed. Needless to say, Ata-i-lek is up to something when he comes here.

Many are following the Mayan calendar and mistakenly believe that the end of time is 2012. Those in the know have gone along with this date for a very important reason. It is now time to reveal that time must be re-started in 2008. The year 2012 was another misdirection by the Reptilians to keep their opposition and ordinary people less focused and more complacent. It was also designed to misguide the opposition in their plans. It was important that the date of 2012 was believably close to the actual date of 2008.

If time is not re-started in 2008, it will not be the end of time. Things will just take their own course, and the Cosmos will eventually wind down in a natural "death".

After the last re-start of time, the Amoebas ejected the Anunnaki Elite from the Earth and cordoned off the planet. The Anunnaki Elite carefully guarded the activating code for the atu-waa, and they took it with them as they left the planet. The Anunnaki Elite have attempted to break the blockade on many occasions, but have failed each time.


When the Anunnaki Elite realized they could not break the Amoebas' blockade, they tried to send the activating word through the subtle. Their last attempt was when Solomon was king of Israel, and the code was transmitted in three parts to King Solomon, King Hiram and Hiram Abiff.


Solomon wanted the power for himself, and his ambition resulted in the failure of the Anunnaki Elite's last attempt to re-activate the atu-waa. See: The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons.

At the time I presented The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons, I used the term of "mor-bon-zi" as the substitute word used by modern-day Freemasons for a definite purpose. The actual substituted word is "ma-ha-bon". There is a very important reason why I did that. All Freemasons should have recognized my alteration of the substitute word, and those in the know would have suspected that there must have been a good reason for doing it.


Further, it was critical that I altered the first two syllables of the ACTUAL lost word of the Freemasons in the article. I did this for a purpose. It is the information about the word that was important to release, not the actual word. It was necessary to obscure the actual word. Ata-i-lek is currently searching the Vatican library for this word, hoping that it has been recorded somewhere.

This word is the code that is like an important device that holds the control of the atu-waa. In the wrong hands, it is disastrous. It has been in the wrong hands for a long, long time.

Since the Reptilians underestimated the cunning and resolve of the Vulturites, they have their hands full protecting the atu-waa from the advancing Vulturites, who know that the device must be activated in Iraq to re-start time.

The Reptilians are not fully ready to launch a "conventional" war against the Vulturites yet, but they are in panicked preparation for one. They are secretly mobilizing with great rapidity and intend to strike.

The Reptilians "flexed their muscles" by causing the Indian-Ocean tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. They mistakenly thought this would frighten the Vulturites into submission. It had the reverse effect. The Reptilians murdered tens of thousands of people to try to shock the Vulturites out of their quest, but the cunning Vulturites are so resolved that they have treated their lost positions and people in the wake of the Indian-Ocean tsunami as "pawns" of warfare.

Since the Reptilians are unable to successfully wage "conventional" war upon the Vulturites as yet, the Reptilians plan on striking the heart of the Vulturite stronghold by launching another tsunami and other "natural" disasters that will devastate much of the U.S.A.

The First Major Cataclysmic Event has eventuated. The Second Major Cataclysmic Event is drawing closer.

Some aliens are trying desperately to flee the Earth at this time. Their efforts have caused a lot of ice to melt in Antarctica and other places, along with a host of other problems. What they do not realize is that if time is not re-started from Earth in 2008, the whole Cosmos in the Virtual Reality will be affected too.

Please note that my postings could end abruptly. I have released enough information and energy to assist you in the upcoming turmoil.

Always remember, NEVER give your WILL over to Darkness.


Darkness can harm your body, but It cannot touch your WILL unless you give it over to Darkness.

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The Atu-waa Was Moved

as the Reptilian Ruling Elite and the Vulturite Ruling Elite Clashed
21 September 2005

My last posting entitled Alien Eyes Guided Hurricane Katrina has caused a stir with the ruling elite.


Immediately after the article appeared on the internet, our phones were disconnected from a remote site - the outage lasted for several days. Further, the website has been knocked down repeatedly, often several times a day. While other articles I have written have caused annoyance to the ruling elite, the last posting is in a class by itself. One might wonder why my article describing how aliens were behind Hurricane Katrina's assault on New Orleans affected them so much!

Yet, the ruling elite has allowed relatively free distribution in the alternative media of the theory that Hurricane Katrina was an attack on America by Russian weather-control technology. The Russian weather-control story is indeed beneficial to the ruling elite's agenda. This raises many questions!

To sort out why the "human-manufactured" hurricane is acceptable whilst the "alien-engineered" hurricane is taboo, one needs to remember that the ruling elite has covered up signs of alien activities for many decades. It uses several techniques and its own media to scorn, scoff at and ridicule various observations of alien activities, whilst simultaneously flooding the media with propaganda that confuses the public and sways beliefs and thoughts towards skepticism of alien existence, or which gears beliefs in certain directions about aliens.

Aliens now influence or control all nation states on the Earth. Most of the governments are either predominantly influenced by Reptilians or by Vulturites. These are the two main groups vying for supremacy. They appear in all major political parties around the world.

Whilst the Republican Party in America is currently a Vulturite-influenced party, it is heavily infiltrated by Reptilians, who can often take important leadership roles, and even become Republican presidential candidates. Likewise, the Democratic Party is currently a Reptilian-influenced party that is heavily infiltrated by Vulturites. Today, in America, there is a lot of conflict because of these entanglements and the relative strengths of the two major alien groups.

When one alien group takes full control of a nation, both the opposition and the government will be of the same ilk - that is, either Reptilian or Vulturite. When this happens there is only show fighting because both parties are working for the same alien master.

Whilst most people assume there is a single group of ruling elite on the planet, this is not so. IN FACT, THERE ARE TWO MAIN GROUPS OF RULING ELITE IN THE WORLD. These groups consist of people who are influenced by Reptilians and those who are influenced by Vulturites. In other words, the two main groups of ruling elite in the world are vying for dominance of the Earth. That is why there is so much contradiction and conflict on the planet about various matters.

The ruling elite from both camps dominate all important fields (medicine, education, law, science, politics, technology, ecology, commerce, finance, military and other areas). Therefore, there are constant clashes within and without the fields of operation.

The two groups of ruling elite represent evil fighting evil.

On Earth, Reptilian-sponsored people are constantly being bombarded by Vulturite attacks on the physical and subtle levels. These attacks can result in headaches, other bodily pain, accidents, annoyances, obstructions, traps, set-ups, slanders etc.


Of course, not all events are due to alien attacks, but many are. One characteristic of alien attacks is that the attacks can be readily explained away with physical-mind reasoning that appears to offer rational or scientific explanations. Hence, people are being deceived.

Both main groups of aliens have agents in human bodies who carry "poison" and distribute it wherever they go. The particular "poison" can cause physical illness in those affected. It can also cause accidents, epidemics, strange phenomena, depression, anxiety, doubts, despair, fear, friction, loss of energy and other negative occurrences. There are also alien agents who are energy vampires - these may or may not inject "poison" whilst they steal energy.

Hence, Vulturite-sponsored people are constantly being assaulted by Reptilian attacks whilst Reptilian-sponsored people suffer from Vulturite attacks. For those of the Rescue Mission and other Light Workers, there can be attacks from both major alien groups and all of their subordinate groups such as the Greys, Masa-karas, Wagools etc. This is not supposition. It is how the world works. Anunnaki propaganda from the astral world wants searchers to believe that the Earth is a classroom for learning lessons. This is false; the truth is that the Earth is a battlefield.

Currently, the U.S.A. is a Vulturite-influenced nation and Russia is a Reptilian-influenced country. Therefore, it suits the American ruling elite to allow circulation of the theory that Russia attacked America with weather-control weapons.


With their respective alien influences in mind, it becomes clearer as to why the Russian government and the American government are at odds with one another at this time. However, the Vulturite-influenced American ruling elite, along with all the world's ruling elite, regardless of whether they are Reptilian- or Vulturite-influenced, have a primary strategy of keeping alien involvement on Earth a secret from humans.


This secret is kept for many reasons.

  • The Earth is a critical battlefield because it is the location of the atu-waa

  • The aliens want to keep humans in the dark regarding the atu-wa

  • They have spread many inconsistent theories and religions to conceal the truth from all beings, especially the earthlings

  • One currently accepted alien-propagated theory is the Big Bang

Whilst many of Earth's scientists and other theorists are still locked into the possibility that the universe began as a dense unintelligent mass of matter that exploded out and randomly spread out into galaxies and solar systems and thereafter developed intelligence as it evolved, more and more of them are beginning to accept that there is an Intelligence behind the formation of the physical universe.

Some skeptics are realizing the absurdity of something huge evolving from something that is minute. Many evolutionists place humankind at the top of the evolutionary ladder, and claim that humans will mutate and evolve into greater and greater intelligences. Not only is this claim exceedingly arrogant, it is basically absurd. How can any thinking person believe that the Earth is run by a lesser intelligence than a single human being, or that the entire solar system is less intelligent than one human being?

Any reasonable reflection tells a thinking mind that the solar system runs in a very predictable order and is anything but random. All of the planets maintain regular rotations and orbits. It is very obvious that there is something directing the motions of the planets. That something has to be an Intelligence far beyond the comprehension of every human mind on Earth.

This Intelligence has planned and created all there is around the universe(s) and superimposed this upon the True-Light Creation. The plan of this Intelligence is very complex and detailed.


The characteristics of every atom have been programmed by the Intelligence to bond together to make larger bodies. Likewise, the properties of every planet have been carefully programmed into them to affect things on those planets and the others of the solar system. Astrologers have been able to observe and predict the many complex influences the various planets have upon Earth and its inhabitants. However, astrologers have generally avoided the "why" question about the properties of celestial bodies and interaction of their respective energies. The answer to the question is that the Intelligence programmed the properties into the planets to serve Its own nefarious purposes.

There is a tremendous amount of empty space between the planets of a solar system. On the micro level, there is also a tremendous amount of empty space between atomic parts of physical matter. This is all part of the Intelligence's illusion of vastness.

All of the orbits of every planet are in a particular state of decay - every one of them would fall off their course if something did not keep them aligned and moving continuously. Likewise, all atomic particles are in a state of decay. On the macro and micro levels, the Intelligence has created what appear to be complex, inter-related, perpetual-motion machines.

However, they only appear to be in perpetual motion. Everything in the material world decays and can only continue until it winds down. The universe is winding down. It has wound down many times in the past and each time it has been re-started. Just like humans, the universe, too, has its own lifespan.

As a universe reaches the end of its life, things begin to go awry. Planets start to wobble, stars burn out, celestial bodies become less predictable in their movements and other signs of deterioration become apparent. It is at that point that the universe needs a re-start.

As I have mentioned in other writings, the Intelligence has appointed the Anunnaki as Its agents to bring about the re-starts when they are due. The Anunnaki have kept this information within a very small circle of Anunnaki Elite. This small group is phonetically known as the Waah-haalu. The Waah-haalu were the only ones who knew how to operate the atu-waa. Needless to say, this small group held an enormous power over every being in the Virtual Reality.

For a long time the atu-waa was kept on the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru until that planet was in its final days. When the Waah-haalu re-located the atu-waa to Earth, suddenly, a remote, insignificant and primitive planet became a very important place to those who were aware of the atu-waa.

When the Rescuers of the True-Light discovered the atu-waa on Earth, they disabled the device. After many severe confrontations, the Rescuers were able to separate the atu-waa from the Waah-haalu. Eventually, the Waah-haalu fled the Earth. Ever since, the Waah-haalu have been unable to return to the Earth because of the tight, complex security the Rescuers have placed around the planet's entry points.

Most of the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are awaiting the return of the Waah-haalu, whom they believe will be able to activate the atu-waa and re-start time before the Virtual Reality breaks down completely.


Since the Waah-haalu know they cannot return, they attempted to send a code to King Hiram, King Solomon and Hiram Abiff, but their attempt failed. Some of the aware Freemasons are still seeking the lost code that they refer to as the "lost word".

The Reptilians, who are members of the Anunnaki Remnants, currently possess the non-functional atu-waa. The Waah-haalu have not been able to pass on the operational code to the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth - in fact, the Waah-haalu have since lost the code. Therefore, even if the Waah-haalu were able to return to Earth, they could not operate the atu-waa. There is now only one being who possesses the "code" to the atu-waa.

The atu-waa has been moved many times in the past by the Anunnaki Remnants. It is a complex manoeuvre to re-locate it.


The unsuspecting Vulturites are still searching in the Middle East for the atu-waa - their Middle East search is in vain.


Times are very tense because the two major groups of aliens are vying for the atu-waa and hope to be the next generation of controllers of the Virtual Reality. It is for this reason that otherwise rational-appearing people who control weapons of mass destruction are very dangerous.


Beware! The talk of peace is only lip service - the two major alien groups are on a war footing!

The Reptilian/Vulturite battle for supremacy has so consumed the aliens that they are involved in an insane war of evil versus evil - and all those in their vicinity are forced to suffer the consequences.

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The Atu-waa - The Critical Tool for Maintaining Darkness' Virtual Reality
25 September 2005

Weather conditions around the world are destabilizing. Some of the "freak" storms are natural, while others are staged.


The natural ones have grown in intensity because the Earth is fracturing and also approaching the end of its grand cycle. What we are witnessing now is only the beginning of what is to come.

The prevailing weather anomalies fall into three main categories:

  • The first involves natural phenomena, which have intensified of late because of the breakdown of the various systems on the planet. Further, the Four Elements were symbolically liberated from their forced toil a year ago. The natural weather anomalies happen somewhat randomly and unpredictably now. As time goes on, natural occurrences will become more erratic and can be intensified by geological phenomena.

  • The second category comprises those that the ruling elite in human bodies and their agents bring about. These are staged weather anomalies. They can be used as weapons against their adversaries and they can also be effectively used against their own people for various purposes. When staged weather events are used domestically, their implementation can be for experimental purposes, or to control the populations via forced evacuations, dislocations, and, in the most drastic cases, elimination of those evacuated. Many countries have histories of these types of events with their indigenous peoples, and now this process will be implemented on their non-indigenous subjects.

  • The third category involves alien-launched weather anomalies. They can be launched by aliens themselves or by their human agents. These types are the most devastating weapons of staged weather events. When alien weather events are coupled with geological events, they can cause widespread disasters as seen by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Hurricane Katrina was an alien weather event directed at New Orleans. The Brisbane ice storm was another alien weather event, but it was blunted by the Light for various reasons, so it was more of an oddity than the disaster that the aliens had planned for that city.

The staged weather events often ride atop natural ones, and build on them so that everything appears normal.


The staged ones are then directed to particular areas to do whatever damage they can. The first few staged ones are more to observe how the people in the affected area react, and how those of the world react. They are also meant to prepare people to follow evacuation orders and demands. The storms also discourage people from residing or relocating to the devastated areas. Many of these areas that are being evacuated have been "reserved" by the ruling elite for other purposes.


The ruling elite are also assessing how well their police, military and civilian personnel handle the situations.

The American ruling elite were not prepared to observe the plight of their subjects when Hurricane Katrina struck - they were caught by surprise. However, staged weather events are different. There is a build up to the event, and orders are given for the people to blindly follow - supposedly for their own good.

The recent evacuation of Houston is a hybrid. While the ruling elite did not really inflict it upon their own people - although they have done such things many times in the past - they took the opportunity of Hurricane Rita to frighten, control and order about their subjects. One could almost feel the atmosphere of a police state emerging as the hurricane was approaching the Texas/Louisiana coasts.

Anyone who has observed footage of that evacuation could see that the people stuck in highway queues were at great risk. Tempers flared, petrol tanks ran dry, people were jittery and on tenterhooks. It was a recipe for disaster. And, once all these people had stranded themselves inland on orders from the government, just what were they supposed to do?


Those who dared to override the government's orders and remained in their homes were being subjected to threats, scorn and ridicule from the government authorities. Perhaps they stayed put because they did not want to brave the crawling queues on the motorways, or they did not want to leave everything for marauders to plunder, or they felt safer at home or they could not travel.

In general, coastal areas have been selected by the ruling elite for various purposes. The ruling elite want to control the coasts so they can prevent ingress and egress of the areas. Of importance to them is the set up of buffer areas through which the coastal residents must travel in any evacuation ordered by the authorities. These buffer zones can readily be identified for those who have been carefully watching the ruling elite's methods.

The coasts will be hit by many natural and staged disasters, so their populations will be considerably lessened in the process of the alien wars that are being waged. As the fleeing people pass through the buffer zones, they will be funnelled to the areas where they can be best controlled by the ruling elite, or, in severe cases, they will be eliminated by the ruling elite as they flee the afflicted areas.

On the other end of the spectrum, the weather is being manipulated in several areas to make them more arid. The Reptilians have implemented a drought in much of Australia and dried it out. This has been to prepare the site for the re-location of the atu-waa.

The atu-waa was relocated to the Earth from the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru for many reasons. The electromagnetic field created by the Earth's hollow core, rotation, orbit, surrounding planets, sun and other factors make the Earth a very effective dynamo for the operation of the atu-waa.


At present, the magnetic field of the Earth is failing and falling below the ideal level for commencing the atu-waa.

The Earth contains a vast magnetic field on and about it. DE-MAGNETISM is THE KEY to unlocking the "prison" doors that have kept so many imprisoned in Darkness and Ignorance for so long that they have forgotten their Divine heritage because of the magnetic-filtering mechanism placed on and about the Earth. See my article on Demagnetism.

As the Earth's magnetic field weakens, it becomes far more difficult for the atu-waa to re-start time. Time is running out for the Anunnaki plan.

There are not very many planets that have the Earth's ideal electro-magnetic characteristics. Simplistically put, the Earth has a great deal of water around it, which is a good conductor of electricity, something that is critical to the operation of the atu-waa. Further, the Earth has several arid locales, which, ironically, are conditions most suitable for the starting up of the atu-waa. Therefore, the Reptilians will usually prepare any area that they hope will be used to start the atu-waa by sending it into a drought.

Originally, the Reptilians had enlisted the Masa-karas to prepare the way for the atu-waa.


Many of the Masa-karas migrated from central Europe to Australia over the years, with a large contingent settling in the Atherton Tablelands area and certain parts of Victoria. The Reptilians commenced a drought in the Tablelands and parts of Victoria in preparation for their plans concerning the atu-waa and other critical issues. This was no small undertaking because much of the Tablelands averages over two meters (80 inches) of rain per annum.


The drought occurred on the Tablelands, and, after a while, it was the main topic of discussion. People who thought they had an endless supply of water and had never conserved it began to worry incessantly.


But, the drought is ending because the Masa-karas' plans for the Tablelands were thwarted and their plans had to be changed - the atu-waa would not be coming to the Tablelands.

In recent months, many of the Masa-karas have departed the Tablelands.


Those who have been following my previous postings can guess where most of these have relocated! Some of these Masa-karas' consciousnesses have migrated in the human bodies they occupied on the Tablelands, but others have fled the hosts that they took over when they invaded the Tablelands. The humans who were previously victimized and taken over by Masa-karas consciousnesses are now left in a terrible state because the Masa-karas consciousnesses have left the hosts.

When the Masa-karas took over the bodies they either expelled the original consciousnesses in the bodies or suppressed them. In the process they severely damaged the original bodies and brains of the hosts. As the Masa-karas abandon the bodies, the human hosts are left to robotically cope without a consciousness or to exist with a damaged one. Many of the victims are like vacant "shells" with their brains frizzled. This is primarily due to what the Masa-karas have done to them.


Most of the victims are taken during their sleep and immersed in a form of liquid before being worked on. Their brains have been so affected that they can no longer function the way they used to. They have been damaged badly during the Masa-karas' invasion of their bodies. It is a big step backward for these unfortunate victims - a sad sight.

These victims are now easy prey for lurking consciousnesses who are eager to possess human bodies. One can imagine the repercussions the exodus of the Masa-karas will have on the area. Many affected businesspeople have wondered why their businesses have gone down so much even though the number of tourists to the area has remained constant.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the ruling elite creates the situations then uses the opportunities to further control the people. While this is true to some extent, it is a simplistic view of things. Many things happen that the Earth's ruling elite have no control over or expectation of, however, they are so opportunistic that they use these events to further control the people.


Some disasters occur because of the alien wars and are caused by physical aliens. Other disasters are launched on the subtle level, sometimes even beyond the ken of the physical aliens. There are many levels to this Virtual Reality of illusions and it is difficult to glimpse even one level removed from where one is located, let alone comprehend the more distant levels.

There is urgency about events now. People should prepare themselves for the unexpected. It is better to be prepared than to worry about being laughed at by the ruling elites' skeptical agents who do not want people to be prepared. Preparation is NOT being ready to evacuate at the behest of the ruling elite. Most of those who work for the ruling elite will be discarded by their alien masters when they are no longer of any use to them. They should wake up before it is too late!

There are many on Earth who want the physical dimension to continue even though they have now received enough information to realize that it is only a temporary existence. It is these people who are knowingly choosing evil for their temporary comforts. Others are being sucked into the charade of thinking that the physical/astral is all there is. The aliens will discard those who assist them soon enough. Of course, the aliens, too, will no longer exist after the atu-waa fails to operate.

Since the programming of Darkness is so deeply entrenched in this world, it is not surprising that many will actively choose to support the evil that Darkness has created and foolishly shun Liberation from Darkness. If the atu-waa were allowed to operate, the Virtual Reality of Darkness would survive for yet another cycle of suffering and misery. Those who have not given over their will to Darkness will rejoice to know that the atu-waa will never run again.

When the Reptilians fail to re-start time with the atu-waa, the whole dimension will just drag and drag until it winds down completely. This could take years.

One might wonder why the Reptilians would have placed the all-important atu-waa right into Vulturite-controlled territory!

Real preparation for what is to come involves being prepared within - and without wherever possible. Embrace the Light within.

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