by Amitakh Stanford
3 May 2005

from Xee-ATwelve Website


As you may remember, I first published the following on 31st March 2003:

  • Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first. The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble.

  • Internal rebellion will occur in the number one on the top (Vulturite side) which will eventually fall and will be humiliated and punished.

  • The road to Damascus will lead to many places.

  • Bloodshed everywhere will cover the whole earth, streaming far and long.

  • All heads will turn as they witness the horrific end of mankind.

  • Humanity in transit will not rest in peace.

  • The voice of Old will scream out and be heard for miles around.

  • Those who caused the grim will find no place to hide. They will cringe in fear and be breathless. Their hearts will fly out in fear and numbness. Their days of Old will catch up with them. They will cry but no tears will come, they will scream but none will hear them, they will cry for help and forgiveness but none will be given to them. The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron.

  • "Mountains" will turn over to crush the evil ones. The mountain of giants will advance in numbers never witnessed before and march towards "Golgotha" and together the wind of fate will gather strength and push eastwards, northwards, southwards and even to the west. The land of Zion will cry and then will be no more. Hosanna in the highest all will shout but there will be none to hear or sing the song "Hosanna, Hosanna."

After this article was published, many wrote to me expressing their interpretations of parts of the writing. Consistently, everyone interpreted: "Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first . . ." to mean that Syria would join forces in resisting the U.S. led coalition invasion of Iraq.

I explained parts of the revelation in Aliens and the Super Powers. However, there have been so many requests for further elucidation that I have decided to further explain it.

While Iraq was under Saddam Husseinís leadership, it was primarily a Reptilian stronghold with pockets of Vulturite resistance within and without. For more than two decades, the Vulturite-influenced nation of Syria has been in conflict with Iraq, and there has been tension between the two countries.

It is understandable why readers had presumed that Syria would change its position and support its rival, Iraq, after the U.S. invasion of that country. This is because people were using physical-mind reasoning to interpret the writing and viewing the conflict as a regional matter. On 1st May 2005, Syria announced its plans to restore diplomatic relations with Iraq at the earliest possible time, according to reports by Syriaís official news agency, SANA.

However, the restoration of ties has been strongly influenced by the alien alliances of the two countries (Vulturite). Ironically, Syria and Iraq are now in alliance with the U.S.A. As I recently said, "Iraq will fall over and many will bow to the rule of the conquering Vulturites." See: Anunnaki War Plans.

On the physical level, oil appears to be the main issue behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq. However, it goes far deeper than that. The holding of Babylon is not just about oil. Babylon was an ancient city founded by Anunnaki Remnants, who were closely tied to the powerful Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth. A long time ago, the Anunnaki Remnants secretly built an extensive aperture near Babylon. Inter-dimensional travel was available to certain ones through this aperture, but due to a severe earthquake, the aperture was damaged.

Babylon is also situated near an energy source similar to the one that was operating until 15 years ago in Tasmania, Australia. As I have mentioned many times before, there is an energy shortage in this Virtual Reality, and those who are aware of it are desperately fighting over energy sources. There are a few major contestants competing for this energy source. Some are non-Anunnaki aliens from other systems. At this time, however, the main contestants are the Anunnaki Reptilians and the Vulturites.

In order for any contestant to get to the energy source, they must first locate the aperture and thereafter reconstruct it. It is a case of catch-22 as to which comes first, the energy source or the aperture. It is for this reason that Iraq is being ravaged. One of the reasons that museums were allowed to be "raided" early on in the occupation of Iraq was to see if there were any clues in those buildings. The "looting" was not committed by ordinary looters. What the Vulturites do not realize is that it was a mobile aperture, and it has since been relocated.

The reason that "The birthplace (country) of Jesus will tremble" is because Israel is under Reptilian influence. This means that it will not have the full support of its main ally, the U.S.A., which is now under Vulturite influence. Further, Israel is surrounded by a group of Vulturite-influenced states. Thus, it becomes clear that, apart from natural and artificially-induced disasters, there is a lot of turmoil in store for Israel.

"The gnashing of teeth and the tearing out of their hair will signal the end of the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron" pertains to the priestly class who instigated the murder of Jesus. The priests who were responsible for the murder of Jesus were heavily promoting animal sacrifices, and took this up a level by offering up Jesus to their God. Hence, Jesus became known as the sacrificial lamb.

The priests - the tribe of Aaron - have been replaced with Christian clergy. While there are some good people in the clergy who are used to bolster its collective image, the bulk of the clergy are part of the "bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron." Ata-i-lek, the new Reptilian Pope, sits at the head of the tribe at this time.

The clergy regularly lead their congregations in the so-called "Holy Communion", known as the Eucharist. In fact, this unholy communion represents the symbolic re-enactment of the murder of Jesus, including the grotesque symbolic cannibalistic Anunnaki behaviour of eating the flesh of Jesus, and the vampiric Anunnaki practice of drinking his blood. Thus, the modern-day priests of the Christian clergy do indeed belong to the bloodthirsty tribe of Aaron.

One day, some of them will realize the gravity of their misguided involvement in Anunnaki religious practices, which offer up as a sacrifice the Loving Lamb of the True-Light God to the vengeful Anunnaki God of Hate and Jealousy.

Since unwittingly trapping himself in the white apparel of a pope, it appears that Ata-i-lek was too busy to change attire when he came snooping around my residence a few days ago. It was a little after midnight when I was attending to an animal near the house and heard a noise in the air. As I looked to the side, I caught a glimpse of Ata-i-lek, who was retreating and disappearing, but some of his robe was showing as he "dissolved" into space.

His recent visit reminded me of the time when he checked on me while I was in Mexico a few years ago. Near Mt. Popocateptl, there is a mountain that has a huge alien mask carved into its face. The locals claimed that the face suddenly appeared a few years earlier.

click image to enlarge


Before visiting Mexico, I had "seen" five images of Greys sculpted into the mountains during my "travels". As I looked down from a great height, it was very clear to me that the faces were clearly marked entrances into the mountain. I have also seen space crafts flying into these faces. From the ground, only one of these faces can be easily seen. However, if you look carefully at the photo (above), you can see the other faces.

The Greys have always been active in Mexico, but now they are in alliance with the Reptilians. This means that, for the time being, Mexico will remain under Reptilian influence. But, as I explained in The New Revelation of John the Divine, when the Vulturites appear to have been vanquished, the Greys will come to their aid.

Ata-i-lek, the new Pope, will try to revive the Church. Will he be the one sponsoring the "sacred" cross mentioned below, or will it be sponsored by the New World Order? Here is another revelation from me for you to ponder:

  • The rising of the East will face the blazing Sun that scorches the Earth.

  • When the air is filled with the stench of sulphur and blood, Golgotha will cry with vengeance of old but the coldness will smother the screams.

  • Beware of the "sacred cross" that will be proclaimed across the lands and seas. It is a proclamation of absolute deception.