I have already pointed you to Zecharia Sitchinís books. There are also these very important books by Jim Marrs:

Online there is a lot of interesting info on Jim Marrsí website. David Icke also has good material on the hidden government. David is the most active spokesperson for the reptilian conspiracy theory, which as I have already explained to you back in October is correct with some important nits.


Also very interesting and somewhat relevant is the esoteric technology site:

Psychic functions are another area of great interest to me. There has been a lot of research into these functions, and I am very familiar with it. I have even attended a conference and personally met with some leading figures in the field of practical utilization of psychic functions. The possible applications of psi functions are vast and range from remote viewing espionage to remote healing to intergalactic and interdimensional communication.


I personally know people who have stood on the surface of Mars next to the pyramids, seen the Martian landscape and sky, and felt the extreme cold of Mars as if truly being there, while the physical body was sitting at a table in a room at a military base in Ford Meade, MD; visited the galactic federation headquarters and attended a spiritual ceremony there, and seen the future. One of these people (whom I personally know) has also once sat at the control panel of an operational UFO and flown it.


The aliens liked his piloting skills and offered him a job as a UFO pilot, but he declined it because he couldnít accept the condition of permanently leaving the Earth and abandoning his family. As Iíve been involved in these circles for some time now, this stuff no longer surprises me and I just accept it as part of our reality.



Read PSI Spies and Alien Agenda, and also check out this section and websites:

(According to Lyn Buchanan, the main remote viewing impression associated with chemtrails is terraforming. Draw your own conclusions. Someone wants to fundamentally alter the Earthís climate. I donít think itís in our favor: itís more likely that the intent is for all of us to die and for some other species to repopulate the Earth.)



The Soviets were prophetically right in their propaganda. Too bad that I have realized this only after my parents and others like them helped demolish the Soviet Union, which certainly made the reptiles very happy. I am even contemplating the possibility of the Soviets and their ultra-secret agencies like the special psychic branches of KGB, etc. had a connection to the Anunnaki, and of the Soviet Union being a continuation of Ancient Russia, the Anunnakiís last place on Earth as they were being forced off this planet by the reptiles between 2000 BCE and 1000 CE.


(Just to remind you, the Anunnaki are our creators, and some of them have been our greatest benefactors and our potential allies in the upcoming Final Battle between Good and Evil.)



Every living region established by our star ancestors is good in its own way. Ancient America was established by our star ancestors and so was ancient Russia. All ancient civilizations are great sacred places, centers of life and of life-giving energy we have inherited from Mother Earth (remember itís Ti-Amat, The Maiden of Life) and from our star ancestors.

Last December as I was watching the chemtrails video at the Palomar College library a staff member came up to me and started a discussion. He was an Apache and knew quite a bit about all the big things Iím concerned with, the things weíve discussed. He looked into my eyes and told me that he saw Siberian blood in me. He told me that the natives of his tribe considered Siberians their brothers and he considered me a brother amidst his comments about not liking ďthe white manĒ on this continent. :)



[Spaceship Construction]
Iím not sure of the details myself yet, but I know it is possible. One of my ex-coworkers piqued my interest and enlightened me to this possibility when he told me about an experiment with a flying saucer-shaped huge capacitor with a graded dielectric charged from a Tesla coil. The contraption reportedly shot up into the air with an acceleration of 30 m/s^2 while consuming 50 W of power from the source.


The propelling force was apparently not understood and suspected to involve warping of space-time by the nonlinear electric field in the graded dielectric. This kind of makes sense: we have 4 fundamental interactions (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak) and they all have to be interrelated and unified for the Universe to work, but so far there is no physics theory that unifies all four.


We have Einsteinís general relativity which explains gravity but necessarily assumes a continuous space-time, and we have quantum mechanics (QM) which starting with the postulate that everything is quantized and discrete has tied together first the electromagnetic and weak interactions into the electroweak interaction, and then added the strong interaction to create what is called the Standard Model.


But they canít figure out how to tie these QM-based interactions together with gravity, because then they would have to quantize gravity, and since gravity is the warping of space-time this means quantization of space-time, which knocks the bottom out of the nice smooth continuous relativity. But while the scientists donít have a theory for it, the Universe works and its interactions are unified in some way, so an electric field has to have some effect on gravity, even though we may not understand it.

This is a problem that Einstein could not solve before he died. But then there are rumors that he actually did solve it, but then destroyed his papers as he discovered something that he felt the humanity couldnít handle. The theory can be extended that the knowledge fell into the hands of the government where it was used to build UFOs. There is a lot of more information about this stuff and Iím sure weíll have many late night chats about it.

But regarding the ship, we just have to collect the data from various sources and figure it out. For one thing instructions for building aircraft and spacecraft that are certainly more advanced that you can commonly see today are recorded in ancient Indian vedas, and so one way to figure out how to build a ship is to translate them fully.

But then donít forget that the whole point of building a ship is to establish cooperation with our other terrestrial brothers and sisters in fighting against the reptiles, and Iím hoping to get some assistance from our allies. I also have high hopes for remote viewing as a tool for acquiring all the elusive information we need, but again before we can discuss it you need to read up on it.



I say such harsh things about religion because of the facts.


An objective unbiased look at the historical/archaeological facts shows that Genesis was composed by Moses around 1430 BCE during the exodus under the direction and dictation of Yahweh, and the Yahweh entity (i.e., ďGodĒ) is none other than the reptilian (lizard) race that seeks the total extinction of humanity.

(You can read a lot of the facts in Zecharia Sitchinís books. Unfortunately Sitchin himself is not exactly objective and unbiased here, as he is a Yahwist, but if you look past Sitchinís sympathy to Yahweh and consider the raw facts he starts from, it all becomes clear. Or I should say it all becomes clear if and only if you take a truly objective and unbiased look, setting aside everything youíve been taught.)

My Native American source Robert Morning Sky says that your people have been fighting these lizards, which they call shetu, for centuries. And the Apache I have met at the local college library (the one I told you about) also confirmed that the native people have always seen God and gods as enemies of humanity and fought them. He commended me on my anti-God stance. So I really really hope that you havenít fallen into the trap of Judeo-Christianity, or at least not hopelessly.



I think it was actually Christ who said that you know a tree by its fruit. You know whether a person or entity, no matter whether terrestrial, extraterrestrial, human, alien, divine, or whatever is good or bad by his or her actions. Thus I have judged Yahweh by looking at his historical actions. And it was these actions, which I have found to be jealous, power-hungry, and sometimes atrocious, that led me to the verdict that Yahweh is guilty of interplanetary terrorism.

Let us start with the nuclear holocaust of 2024 BCE. It is an undisputable historical fact. You donít have to take my word: look at the satellite photographs of the huge black scar in the face of the Earth, go to the Sinai peninsula and look at the heat-blackened stones, go to the Dead Sea with a radiometer and take the radioactivity readings for yourself, read the ancient Sumerian lamentation texts describing death in the air from the radioactive cloud, or take a look at the completely independent weather study showing an abrupt climate change consistent with a nuclear fallout precisely in 2024 BCE.

What does this have to do with Yahweh? Well, a lot, because this whole affair is well-documented in Genesis and credited to him. It is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the precursors to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Sumerian texts leave no doubt that the ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) that dropped nuclear warheads on Sodom and Gomorrah were launched from Africa and belonged to the Anunnaki. But just because the missiles were made by the Anunnaki does not by itself mean anything, the question remains of who pushed the button.

The Bible says that it was Yahweh who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, so if you are going to accept the Bible as literal truth you have to accept this bit too:

Yahweh has basically admitted to causing the nuclear holocaust. (I theorize that he did this by infiltrated the Mission Control Centre of the Anunnaki and generating the tragic computer command, but in any case these are just details that donít change the gist of the matter.)

Now by all international and interplanetary laws use of nuclear weapons against innocent civilians is a grave war crime. In the Bible Yahweh claims that Sodom and Gomorrah deserved to be destroyed because their people were so bad, but there is evidence to the contrary. The Sumerian Erra epic lists 5 cities (along with the spaceport in the Sinai) that were nuked, Sodom and Gomorrah being only two of them, and while corroborating the Bible (whose veracity in this and many other instances I actually accept) goes into more detail as to what was actually going on.

As it turns out two factions of the Anunnaki were disputing the control of the spaceport, and allegedly one faction has nuked it in order for it not to fall into the hands of the other. But what about the 5 cities, none of which were located in the spaceport restricted zone itself? The Sumerian sources indicate that the residents of the 5 destroyed cities, including Sodom and Gomorrah, were completely innocent and not guilty of any of the crimes the latter two are charged with in the Bible.


According to the Sumerian sources their only guilt was that they were harboring someone named Nabu, son of Anunnaki leader Marduk whom the other faction wanted to assassinate so badly that they didnít care how many innocent civilians they would kill as ďacceptable collateral damageĒ. And so all 5 cities were nuked.

But only if this were so simple. A careful perusal of Genesis reveals that a man named Abram (this was before he was renamed to Abraham) acting on the orders of Yahweh has played a pivotal role in these events, and it is certain that without him the affair would have ended differently, and it is highly probable that in that case the tragedy would not have happened.


This fact makes it imperative to closely examine the nature of Abramís actions on the orders of Yahweh and the nature of the orders themselves, to determine Yahwehís motives in these actions, and to conclude whether his actions in this case were good or bad for the humanity and whether the disastrous consequences were Yahwehís deliberate intentions or not.

The Bible relates the events in question in the story of the War of the Kings, which starts in Chapter 14 of Genesis, preceded in the previous two chapters by the story of Abram/Abraham. The first questionable order was given by Yahweh to Abram in 2048 BCE, 24 years before doomsday:

And Yahweh said unto Abram:

ďGet thee out of thy country
and out of thy birthplace
and from thy fatherís house,
unto the land which I will show theeĒ
-- (Genesis 12:1, quoted from the original Hebrew by Sitchin in The Wars of Gods and Men)

2. and I shall make a great nation out of you and I shall bless you and I will make your name great; and prove yourself a blessing.

3. And I will bless those who bless you, and him that calls down evil upon you
I shall curse, and all the families of the ground will certainly bless themselves by means of you.

-- continuing with the New World Translation

Proper reading of verse 4 of the original Hebrew of Chapter 12 is again given by Sitchin:

And Abram departed as Yahweh had spoken unto him, and Lot went with him.
And Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Harran.

Abram was clearly not being sent on a vacation for pleasure, he was clearly being sent on a mission for which he was promised great reward. But what was the mission about? We can determine this by tracing where Abram went, what he did on his mission, and what was the subsequent reward.


After a brief stopover at Shechem and a conversation with his boss Yahweh (portable radio? telepathy?) Abram went to Mt. Moriah, the site of future Jerusalem. This is where the monkey business begins. You see, this was 400 years before the first human settlement was built there.


The place being in the middle of nowhere with no water to drink and 400 years before the first human settlement, what could have been there for Abram to visit? Only one thing: the Mission Control Centre of the Anunnaki, the central hub of Mission Earth. All central computers overseeing the mission were located there, and it was from there that all commands emanated. The command to launch the missiles could have been given only from there.

As Iím sure you can imagine, installations of this nature have adequate security. I strongly doubt that casual tourists are allowed in the White House war room or at the secret base from which all strategic U.S. weapons would be controlled in the event of a global thermonuclear war. The Mission Control Centre of the Anunnaki was definitely no less restricted. This begs the question of what was Abram doing there and with whose blessing.

Now youíll probably say ďwith Godís blessing of course!Ē Well, yes, he was indeed acting on the orders of and with the blessing of Yahweh. The trouble is that the facility belonged not to Yahweh but to the Anunnaki. If I sought entry to a top secret strategic U.S. military base during the Cold War saying that I had the express permission of the President of Russia, I doubt that I would receive great welcome. The same story with Yahweh and the Anunnaki.

And yet the Bible makes it clear that Abram was carrying out the orders of Yahweh. I do not buy the possibility that the Bible is wrong and Abram was actually serving some Anunnaki leader instead due to lack of any evidence indicating so. There is not a single Sumerian record showing Abram serving some Anunnaki leader, and it isnít even clear who would that leader be. So unless someone presents credible evidence to the contrary, I say we should assume that the Bible is true and Abram was indeed commanded by Yahweh.

So how did Abram then sneak into the most restricted place on Earth, the centre of the very Mission Earth? Having some understanding of international espionage and government infiltration, I can vouch for only one credible possibility: an inside molework. In fact this molework may even be named in the Bible!


I wish I could read the original Hebrew myself to see the untampered evidence firsthand (and someday I will find a way to do that), but for now all we have to go by are translations like the New World one. Reading the latter I see in Genesis 12:8 and 13:3 along with Jehovah (their rendition of Yahweh) references to some Aíi. What/who is that? It may very well be the mole I am talking about.

Moles operate quietly, and indeed according to the Bible no big deal happened during Abramís stopover at Mt. Moriah (Genesis 12:8). The most logical explanation is the natural one: Abram and his mole quietly exchanged status reports and instructions on how to proceed further without getting caught, and Abram sneaked back out and went further south to Egypt.

What was Abramís business in Egypt? This is the subject of Genesis 13:10-20. You can read the verses for yourself, but basically there isnít much information there except that the Pharaoh sent Abram back up giving him his troops and probably money and equipment too. Hmm. Why such a charitable expenditure? Who was this guy Abram anyway for the Egyptian Pharaoh to spend his government resources on him?

The Bible is silent on this subject, but the matching chronology put together by Sitchin in The Wars of Gods and Men provides the clue. As it turns out in that year (2047 BCE) there was some turmoil in Egypt and the Pharaohs ruling Lower (northern) Egypt were serving not the traditional Egyptian gods (i.e., the Anunnaki of Sirian mix as I wrote to you back in October) but someone else. Iím not sure if that someone else was the mysterious Aten or a yet another entity, but it is entirely possible that it was something Yahwist.

This is where one begins to ask, whatís the point? Why do all this? The answer has to do with the upcoming War of the Kings. In The Wars of Gods and Men Sitchin has matched the Biblical records of Sumerian and Canaanite events such as the War of the Kings with the original records of the Sumerians and Canaanites themselves, and finally identified all the kings involved in that war. As it turns out, the War of the Kings was nothing less than an attempt by human armies to seize control of the Anunnaki spaceport!

Some explanation is in order. Obviously the idea of horse or camel-riding primitives armed with bows and arrows and spears and whatever trying to seize a spaceport is laughable. This can only make sense if they had the support of some powerful Anunnaki, i.e., were simply numerous enlistees (ďcannon fodderĒ) for the latter. And indeed the human attempt at seizing the spaceport was borne out of a strife over the control of the facility between two factions of the Anunnaki.

As I already wrote to you back in October, there were two major clans of Anunnaki: Enlilites and Enkites, led by half-brothers and political brothers Enki and Enlil. Enkites were the ones whom I suspect to have had some Sirian mix in them (Sirius is about 8 light years away and is the brightest star in the Earthís sky), and they were the humanityís greatest benefactors. This is not a matter of belief but of historical fact: as Christ said you tell a tree by its fruit, and I know that Enki and his children were so good because of the good deeds that they have done and which have been recorded in history.

As attested by ancient Sumerian records and corroborated by modern anthropology and human genome discoveries, it was Enki who genetically engineered Adam and Eve, even though the edited version of Genesis written down by Moses has relegated him to a snake (nahash, translated as ďserpertĒ, of the Garden of Eden fame, was Enki).


But he didnít just create us (that by itself would have been nothing to be glorified over, as people create work animals for exploitation all the time), he did the second operation to make the created humans mentally free. (Thatís what the fruit of knowing was all about. Without that we would have still been drones, little industrious workhorses in the mines.)


And his children were also generally very good: Isis built the City of Light and gave it her name (Par-Isis, or Paris), and Thoth reattached her severed head and revived her when her son decapitated her in a fit of anger. (Even without neck scars apparently!) Oh, and Thoth was the same guy as the Mesoamerican Quetzalcoatl.

There was another son of Enki who (like Enki himself actually) became a victim of a lot of injustice. His name was MAR.DUK, and he was also known as RA. A lot of bad things have been said about him by other gods and by men over millennia, but the fact of the matter is, I have yet to see a single piece of evidence of a single wrongdoing by him.


The Biblical God obviously had an issue with Marduk because it was Marduk who tried to propel mankind into space age in 3500 BCE with the construction of a rocket launch tower at Bab-Ili (Babel). The attempt at Babel to reach the heavens was not a symbolic or mythological one. It was not based on primitive notions of a finite heavenly sphere resting on whales or elephants or whatever. It was a very practical attempt to reach the heavens using rockets.


Why the tower then? Well, it wasnít a very tall tower, just the standard rocket launch tower like youíll find at modern spaceports. How could humans design such things 5500 years ago? Well, obviously they were teachable workers directed by a competent engineer.


The engineer was Marduk. But the Enlilites were not pleased with the idea of mankind venturing into space, and the facility was destroyed. I say it was unjust. I greatly admire Yuri Gagarin, the son of Russia who became the first man in space on April 12, 1961 CE, but it would have been great if this were done some 5500 years earlier. And yet the Biblical God sided against Marduk. Bad God. Unfair.

Getting back to Marduk, he was constantly being pushed aside and kept away from the controls, even though all he ever wanted power for was for doing good things for people. And so during one of his exiles (they even almost killed him once when they entombed him alive in the Great Pyramid as youíll read in The Wars of Gods and Men) he kept asking ďUntil when?Ē And when the Enlilite government of Sumer was having more than its usual share of problems, he decided that it was time for him to act.


By correlating Biblical and Sumerian chronology Sitchin has concluded that Abram was sent out of Harran on his mission by Yahweh in the year 2048 BCE, the same year when Sumerian king Shulgi died. But as it turns out, when Abram was living in Harran prior to leaving, he was not the only major figure living there. God Marduk himself was living in Harran as well, spending his exile there! (Those were the days when gods and men lived side by side in the same cities.) And apparently it was in 2048 BCE when king Shulgi died that Marduk decided it was time for him to make another run for president so to speak.

So what was the purpose of Abramís mission then? Was it not related to the activities of Marduk and the other Anunnaki?  And yet Abram was directed by Yahweh rather than by any of the Anunnaki. What was Yahweh doing meddling in the affairs of the Anunnaki?  Examining the historical events of the War of the Kings we see that it was Abram and the troops placed under his command by the Egyptian Pharaoh who stopped the kings from entering Sinai to capture the spaceport and turn it over to Marduk and his son Nabu.

After Abram successfully completed his mission, he was promptly commended:

ďIt was after those events, that Yahweh spoke to Abram in a vision, saying: Fear not, Abram; I am thy shielder; thy reward shall be exceedingly great.Ē

(Genesis 15:1)

As the immediately preceding verses of Chapter 14 mention a conversation with the king of Shalem (the Mission Control Centre restricted region which centuries later became Jerusalem), we can guess that the conversation with Yahweh in which Abram was so reassured took place there. Indeed, Sitchin points out, this place was so remote from the rest of the action that Abram would have certainly not made the long trip there if he didnít have an appointment there. The appointment was most probably with Yahweh or one of his moles. (Since this was still before the moment X in which the ancient world turned into radioactive dust, they still had to operate clandestinely.)

But the moment of doom came. I think that if Abram didnít stop the armies trying to seize the spaceport, Marduk and Nabu would have probably taken it, and the course of world history would have been completely different. No matter how hard I strained my brain I could not envision what the world would have been like then, but maybe it would have been better?

But the history had it that following the conquest failure caused by Abram the Anunnaki met in their Assembly and decided to nuke the spaceport so that no one could ever have it. But how was the decision reached? By what margin was the resolution passed? Was there any dissent? The two greatest dissenters were Enki and Ninharsag, who also happen to be our creators and I would say those who love us the most and care about us the most. The Sumerian text records how outvoted and unable to do anything, Enki left the room.

Seven ICBMs carrying nuclear warheads were launched on their deadly mission. One was headed for the spaceport, and 5 were headed for the cities among which Nabu was thought to be hiding. (Umm, nuking 5 cities full of innocent civilians in an attempt to nail one suspect beats both the American warhawks and the Nazis in atrocity.) Where was the seventh missile sent? The ancient texts do not say this clearly, and Sitchin doesnít mention this either, but the physical evidence speaks for itself.


Looking at the satellite photograph of the Sinai peninsula with its huge black scar (especially if you see the color picture like Iíve seen at one of Sitchinís seminars I attended) it became clear to me that one of the most strongly impacted areas is the southeastern corner where Mt. Katherine is located. This is the very HAR.SAG after which NinharsagLady of the High MountainĒ) got her name. There she had her medical base, along with some spacecraft guidance equipment built and maintained together by her and Enki. That magical healing facility was the last victim of the nuclear holocaust.

Or rather not the last. The last victim was the great olden Sumerian civilization itself. The nuclear explosion over Sinai completely upset the whole Mediterranean and Near Eastern weather system (such a sudden and immense release of energy is something Mother Earth is completely unprepared for), and great clouds and winds formed. The problem was that the cloud now consisted of highly radioactive dust, and the winds were carrying it eastward from Sinai right into Sumer. The worldís greatest civilization was laid waste.

And what was Yahwehís role in this tragedy? What was he doing meddling in the affairs of the Anunnaki and sending Abram to intervene? Was he trying to avert the disaster, or did he help cause it? To be honest I do not see how the actions of Yahweh and Abram could have averted the tragedy, and we have to seriously consider the possibility that these actions were actually its cause.

You may ask, werenít it the Anunnaki who decided in their Assembly to launch the nukes? This is what the Erra Epos says. But then all decisions are made based on circumstances. Just how did things get so bad that the Anunnaki reached for the nukes? This is where the old tried and trusted criminal investigative rule of thumb comes into play: if a crime has been committed and someone has benefited from it, include him on the list of suspects.

The fiery nuclear collapse of the Anunnaki world order opened the way for Yahweh to take over. Whether he actually directly caused the atrocities or not, Yahweh stood to gain a lot from them, and he did. The gain was power. It is at this point that one must re-read the promises made by Yahweh to Abram when sending him on his mission. Yahweh promised to make Abram, renamed Abraham, the father of a multitude of nations, the head of a new world power.


But as these promises were made before the nuclear holocaust, Yahweh was dividing the skin of a bear that hadnít been killed yet: to put it bluntly, he anticipated the outcome of the tragedy, the political vacuum it caused, and was planning his moves ahead of time. So while I have no solid proof that Yahweh actually generated the computer commands that launched the missiles, I have enough evidence that he was guided by very questionable motives.

But again, we tell a tree by its fruits. By however questionable means did Yahweh come to power, once he had it, how did he use it? What kind of ruler was he? (Itís like the present occupant of the White House: he was not legitimately elected, but since he is in, letís see how he runs the country.)

Well, the very first thing Yahweh did once in power, even before the world blew up, was another atrocity. Starting with Abraham, Yahweh instituted genital mutilation. I donít know if you are aware of staggering complications and harm caused by circumcision, but if you arenít, there are websites:

Basically I side with Leo Sorger, M.D., who stated:

ďCircumcision causes pain, trauma, and a permanent loss of protective and erogenous tissue. Removing normal, healthy, functioning tissue [for no medical reason]... violates the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 5) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 13).Ē

It is a crime of battering and mutilation. So even if Yahweh did not cause the nuclear explosion that led his coming to power, he is guilty of another atrocity, namely of battering and mutilating hundreds of millions of newborn boys and adult men over 4 thousands years. In fact by the total number of victims this atrocity may very well dwarf the nuclear holocaust.



Note that I am conscientiously avoiding the question of whether Yahweh is truly the Supreme Creator God of Universe as he is commonly depicted or not. For the purpose of administration of justice this is irrelevant: the law must apply equally to all and everyone. If I assault and batter a defenseless victim in the street, I must bear the proper judgment, condemnation, and punishment.


If the Supreme Creator God of Universe does the same, he should bear the same punishment. Itís that simple. What matters is not which belief or religion is right, but whether the defendant, be he a man or a god, has or has not committed the offense.

So the question at hand is whether God Yahweh has or has not committed the two offenses I am suspecting him of:

1. infiltrating the command contra of the Anunnaki and exacerbating their nuclear conflict causing a tremendous tragedy to all humanity

2. instituting the mutilation of hundreds of millions of innocent male humans

While I currently do not have enough evidence to convict Yahweh on count 1, I reason that there is enough evidence to convict him on count 2. But being truly scientifically objective and self-doubting, I will gladly consider valid evidence to the contrary. Do you have any?



And finally a few bits on how the shadow government is using computers as yet another tool of enslavement:

(I also encourage reading the rest of http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/  pages, especially http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/right-to-read.html, and http://www.stallman.org/)

OK, this is all I could gather. Enjoy!

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