In May 2003 I was E-mailing a “briefing document” to people I was meeting on the net in which I described what I know or suspect regarding the ET colonial power that is currently holding us in slavery and has been doing so for the past several millennia. I have written a lot of papers about this and explained this a lot in E-mails and private conversations.


This “briefing document” was cut-and-pasted from old papers and E-mails.


It is still rough and I cannot vouch that everything in it is correct with 100% certainty, but this is the best I have at the moment. I’m still planning to clean it up, support it with more facts and evidence, and turn it into a book.


But here is what I have so far:

A clarification is in order here. Four thousands years ago I would not have had to tell you this, since if you lived in those times you would have been taught this in school, but 4000 years of a powerful directed misinformation campaign have taken their toll, and it’ll take me some effort here to clarify some basics for you.


The ancient peoples had no gods in the sense you are probably accustomed to. Consider, for example, the ancient Near East. Throughout the two millennia preceding the birth of Christ, this area was politically dominated by the two powerful kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon. The language spoken throughout the area was Akkadian.


The popular notions about those people’s gods and religion are erroneous, however. These incorrect notions stem quite simply from a mistranslation of one Akkadian word. The Akkadian cuneiform tablets speak extensively about the affairs of ilu. The word “ilu” has been commonly mistranslated as “gods”, and this is what gives rise to the popular notions about ancient Near Eastern religion.

The entire hypothesis that the ancient Near Eastern people had a religion rests on only one support, and that is the interpretation of “ilu” as “gods”. If this support is shown to be false, as it will be momentarily, the entire hypothesis of ancient Near Eastern religion collapses and must be discarded.

The premise that “ilu” means “gods” is false simply because this is not what the ancient Akkadian word means. Its literal meaning in Akkadian is “tall guys”. This literal meaning is accepted by the mainstream linguists, and yet they continue to claim that even though “tall guys” is the literal meaning, what the Akkadians and the Assyrians and the Babylonians really meant was “gods”. Why, I wonder, such insistence? What evidence is this claim based on?

All evidence in fact points that the literal meaning of “ilu” as “tall guys” was in fact the intended meaning. The ilu were clearly anthropomorphic beings much taller than ordinary humans. In every depiction where ilu and ordinary people are shown side by side the ilu are much taller. From both ancient evidence and some modern evidence to be discussed, I have estimated the height of the ilu as 4.5 m, or 14 to 15 ft.

  • But who were these ilu?

  • How did such tall people come into being?

  • Were they members of a now extinct evolutionary branch of the human species, the supposed Homo Gigantus?

  • Were they genetic aberrations?

  • Were there some plants in antiquity that naturally produced growth hormones potent enough to create such giants?

The problem with all of the above hypotheses is that none of them explains how have the supposed products of mutation or extreme growth hormone effect come to be thought of as gods. Clearly the ilu must have had some other remarkable characteristics besides their height that have led so many people to think of them as divine.

The answer is provided for us by another ancient civilization that preceded the Akkadians, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians. This ancient civilization called their land SHU.MER (“The Land of the Watchers”), but Western scholars have decided to call it Sumer, apparently finding it easier to write and pronounce.


The Sumerian civilization is the oldest known human civilization on Earth.





It blossomed out almost overnight around 3800 BC in Mesopotamia, the land between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and came to a sudden end in 2024 BC when it was laid waste by a deadly radioactive cloud brought by easterly winds from the Sinai peninsula, where according to some ancient records a nuclear war took place at that time.


After a couple of centuries needed for the radiation levels to fall below lethal, Sumer was succeeded by Babylon, whose power was then challenged by Assyria.

Akkad was Sumer’s northern extension, and it fully developed shortly before the fall of Sumer. The Akkadian culture and language evolved from Sumer, and the ilu of the Akkadians, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians came from Sumer as well. The Sumerians, however, were more specifically descriptive when referring to them.


They called them Anunnaki, which in Sumerian means “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”.


This gives us a clear answer as to who these “tall guys” were:

they were not some fluke of nature caused by human genetic mutations or powerful growth hormones, but visitors from outer space.

As if to convince us that they knew what they were talking about, the ancient Sumerians have left for us countless depictions of aircraft, rockets, and other vehicles for flying both through the atmosphere and through space.


The depictions are accompanied by detailed technical descriptions of their operation, as well as correct detailed astronomical information about the solar system, all nine planets known to us today (the farthest of which are totally invisible without powerful telescopes), asteroids and comets, and the distant stars, including many that are not visible from Sumer.


The astronomical knowledge passed to us by the Sumerians includes the description of the tenth planet of the solar system, which was the home planet of the Anunnaki. Given the accuracy of the Sumerian knowledge about the nine planets, asteroids, comets, and distant stars we know today, there is little reason to believe that they were mistaken about the tenth planet of the solar system.

The Sumerian accounts of the Anunnaki leave no doubt that they were very advanced technologically. They had electrical and electronic equipment, including electronic vacuum tubes, semiconductors, and lasers. They had advanced radio communication systems, computers and robots, aircraft, rockets, and artificial satellites.


They had nuclear powerplants and weapons, and were beginning to experiment with antigravity devices (their many megalithic constructions are the result).


They also had highly advanced biomedical technology. Of course this is to be expected, as such an advanced level of technology is necessary for interplanetary travel. It is no wonder then that when the Sumerian clay tablets were first undug in the middle of the 19th century, the feats they described seemed magical and thus the texts were labeled as mythological and the references to Anunnaki, DIN.GIR, ilu, and other names by which the space visitors were known were interpreted as theological.

But if the Sumerian writings were myths, how have they come to contain correct details about sciences and technologies that we have painfully rediscovered only very recently, and some that we still haven’t gotten to work to this day? How could they have depicted and described devices that the dogma known as accepted history claims they could not have had, such as electronic vacuum tubes, aircraft, and rockets?


How could they have known details about Uranus and Neptune that we have rediscovered only with the Voyager 2 mission? The dogma known as accepted history provides no answers, and it is high time to discard it. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we would be better off believing the Sumerians themselves and what they wrote about the Anunnaki.

There is another reason why the Anunnaki can be thought of as gods: they are our creators. According to the Sumerian records, the Anunnaki first landed on Earth about 450.000 years ago at which time the evolution of Earth was at the point of higher apes. The Anunnaki came to Earth not to play God, but for a more practical reason: to mine it for minerals for use on their home planet. The hardship of mining work soon became too much for them, and they came to the idea of slave labor.


The ruler of their home planet Anu ordered his son Enki, who worked on the Earth mission as the chief genetic scientist, to create a new being, a slave worker, through genetic engineering.


The being had to be advanced enough to perform complex work, i.e., more advanced than any of the available animals, but also less advanced than the Anunnaki themselves so that they could justify not treating the new beings as moral persons and use them as slaves. Enki’s solution was to create a genetic hybrid between Earth’s higher apes and the Anunnaki themselves. After many failed experiments recounted in detail in the Sumerian Atra-Hasis epic, there was a success. The result was Homo Sapiens.

The Anunnaki leaders found the new beings to meet their specifications and put them to work in the mines and elsewhere in their colonies, which included ancient Mesopotamia. The first men worked for their gods. The Semitic word “avod”, which is today interpreted as “worship”, literally means “work for”. That was the beginning of the relationship between men and gods. The first men did not worship their gods, they worked for them.

So how did then humans evolve from a slave race to a civilization? This happened thanks to Enki. While Anu’s assignment was to create a slave race, in his heart Enki wanted more. He wanted to play God, to create a being in his image after his likeness, similar to himself not only physically, but also mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, including all psychic abilities. And he did this.


The other Anunnaki leaders were first infuriated and tried to destroy Enki’s creation. The last ice age just happened to end at that time, and a great flood swept over the Earth. It was a purely natural event, but the Anunnaki leader Enlil decided to use it to get rid of Enki’s creation. Enki, however, thwarted his plan by saving a group of humans led by one who came to be known as Noah.

The transformation of the slave animal into the intelligent and emotional Moral Person we call human was triggered by Enki granting his creatures the gift of love. This incident is recounted, with a lot of distortion as usual, in the Bible. The “serpent” (“nahash” in the original Hebrew, which has a lot of other meanings) who seduced Adam and Eve to “sin” was Enki. The “fruit” they “ate” was not an apple, nor any other physical fruit at all. The word “fruit” used there has a sexual meaning.


Adam and Eve did not eat any fruit, they made love. Specifically made love, rather than merely engaged in reproduction. As everyone knows, human sexual behavior is markedly different from that of any other species. Animals merely procreate, humans make love. This difference is the result of what Lord Enki did to one human couple that day in the E.DIN (the original Sumerian name from which the Biblical Eden was derived).

Precisely as Enki predicted and planned, the granting of lovemaking (“knowing” in ancient Near Eastern parlance) to humans was a trigger that unlocked all of the higher spiritual and psychic forms of the highest human emotion called love.


A man and a woman are no longer animals, they are now Moral Beings endowed with the highest capacity for knowing and loving. This is all thanks to Lord Enki and his half-sister, occasional love partner, and partner in creation Anunnaki Life Scientist Lady Ninmah, called Mami, the mother of all men by the Sumerians. The word for mother is “mama”, “mami”, “mommy”, or something similar in every language on Earth.

While initially infuriated, the other Anunnaki, including Enlil, eventually accepted Enki’s deed. They granted humans the basics of civilization and allowed humans to live side by side with themselves.


Three regions were allotted to humans:

  • Mesopotamia

  • Egypt

  • Indus valley

These were the three most ancient human civilizations.


The Anunnaki kept the fourth region, TIL.MUN, to themselves as their spaceport. This region bears the name of an Anunnaki leader to this day: we call it the Sinai peninsula, bearing the name of ancient Semitic god Sin.


Sin reigned over the region in semi-retirement as his son Shamash (or Shemesh, stemming from Akkadian words “shem” and “esh” meaning “rocket” and “fire”, respectively), dressed in his Eagle uniform with wings and a watch-like object on each wrist (image left), commanded the day-to-day operations of the spaceport.

This was how our ancestors knew their gods. They were not gods in any religious sense, and there was no religion as such.


The gods were not a matter of belief: the people lived side by side with them in cities built by human laborers under the direction of Anunnaki architects and engineers. People could see and hear their gods, and if privileged, touch them, and some particularly privileged humans got to have sex with gods and goddesses.


There was certainly no need to “believe” in them. The gods were to the ancient people as our presidents, parliaments, dictators, and other government forms are to us today. They make laws telling us what to do, and while we may like or dislike them, we do not doubt their existence. We can see and hear the president on TV (the Anunnaki certainly had radio and television too), some people get the privilege to shake his hand, and one intern even got intimate with the president.


This is how the gods were to our ancestors. The so-called temples were literally houses of gods, as full of technological gadgets as our homes are today, which certainly seemed magical to our ancestors, and whenever the gods flew, they always used aircraft, not magic or broomsticks.

The final clarification that needs to be made about the Anunnaki gods is regarding their immortality. The ancient people indeed thought of their gods as immortal. They were not, however, immortal in the supernatural sense. They could be killed by accident or warfare, and radiation was just as deadly to them as it is to us. When the radioactive cloud from the nuclear explosions in the Sinai peninsula drifted over Sumer, the gods ran for their lives.


Their so-called immortality was their extremely long, perhaps indefinite lifespan. Enki, for example, led the first group of Anunnaki who landed on Earth about 450.000 years ago, and yet he was still here in 2024 BC when after Sumer got poisoned by radiation, risking his own life Enki went around the poisoned land doing his best to save the remaining people.


Researcher Zecharia Sitchin believes that the Anunnaki’s long lifespan was the result of how life evolved on their home planet, which completes its orbit around the sun in 3600 Earth years, making one year of theirs 3600 of ours. Neil Freer argues, however, that the Anunnaki probably extended their lives through advanced biomedical technology.


The ancient texts also make it abundantly clear that the Anunnaki sometimes succeeded in reviving the dead. This sounds supernatural, but then remember that it is a difficult question to establish when exactly is a person dead. Perhaps those successfully revived by the Anunnaki weren’t really dead.

The relationship between gods and men was as I have described not only in Mesopotamia, but throughout the ancient world. Many people think of the world today as a global village. This was much more so in antiquity. The Anunnaki could fly an airplane to anywhere in the world just as easily as we do, and they had the advantage of the entire world being under one control (theirs), as opposed to today’s world bitterly divided by politics and religion. The gods of all other lands were the very same Anunnaki, except that they were sometimes known by different names in different languages.


The Egyptian Ra was Marduk, his father Ptah was Enki, his brother Thoth was Ningishzidda. The Anunnaki sometimes had their own political quarrels too, and the occasional splits helped civilization spread throughout the world. The ancient Mesoamerican civilization was started when after being overthrown by Marduk/Ra, Thoth left Egypt with his loyal followers and went across the Pacific ocean to Mesoamerica, where he became Quetzalcoatl.


After fighting Anunnaki leaders annihilated their own spaceport in the Sinai peninsula with nuclear weapons, Enlil went to South America to build and operate new metal mining, refining, and space shipment facilities with his son known as Ishkur, Adad, or Teshub in the ancient Near East, where he became known as Viracocha.

How have I come to possess such incredible knowledge about the ancient world that is in such sharp contrast with the dogmas taught in schools throughout the world? To give credit where it is due, the astounding work of recovering forgotten knowledge suppressed by today’s institutions of power and censure was done by the great scholar Zecharia Sitchin, who was born in Russia, raised in Palestine, educated at the London School of Economics, and now lives in New York.


Building on 60 years of research he wrote nine books in which he has outlined his fresh look on the ancient writings from around the world in their original form, without the dogmatic interpretation of the Establishment institutions, and chronicled the history of the Earth and human civilization as the ancients have recorded it.


His work has served as a foundation for the work of many other researchers, including Alan Alford, Neil Freer, Jim Marrs, and myself.

Armed with proper understanding of who the ancient gods really were, we can now properly address the question of why do we not see them and their advanced technologies among us, and why have we not seen them over the past few centuries. Where did they go? Zecharia Sitchin does not answer or even address this question, and for the most part ends his Earth Chronicles in 2024 BC. Neil Freer and Jim Marrs have attempted to answer this question, but their research in this area was too shallow.


Finding the answer to this question has been one of my primary research tasks over the past year and a half.

In my research I have found that all evidence points to the Anunnaki gods being overpowered and forced off the Earth by God  Yahweh/Jehovah of Judeo-Christianity over the period from around 2000 BC to 1000 AD. The trouble started around 2000 BC when just as the Anunnaki were fighting between themselves over whether Enki’s son Marduk would or wouldn’t get his wish to take control over the human settlements from the other Anunnaki gods, something very strange was happening to a man of Sumerian descent named AB.RAM. He received directions from some god to mutilate his genital and do the same to all males in his household and all his descendants.


Unfortunately, the only document known so far that relates this event directly is the Hebrew Bible, which as I will show in a moment has been edited in one very damaging way: the deeds of many different gods were attributed to the presumed one God, making it very difficult to determine today which god really did what unless there is a document other than the Bible relating the event, as all other ancient documents are much clearer about identifying the individuals involved, whether gods or men.

The instructions of bodily mutilation make it very unlikely that the god giving them was any one of the Anunnaki, as there is no other evidence that any of the Anunnaki have ever acted in such senseless cruelty.


I can name no Anunnaki leader who could have desired every man generation after generation, even if not on the whole Earth but only in one nation, to undergo excruciating torture and mutilation that leaves him scarred for life and forever deprived of the ability to fully enjoy sex. (The penile foreskin is the primary erogenous tissue in men, and its removal greatly reduces the sexual pleasure for both partners, even making sex painful.)


Circumcision is an atrocity against humanity and against nature. Males of all species on Earth who have penises have foreskins. It is there for a reason, and the only possible motive for ordering its removal, to which there is absolutely no benefit, is a desire to cause people harm, pain and suffering. The god who has given such instructions to Abram must have been a very evil one.

Logic suggests that this god was God Yahweh of Judaism, but there is no direct proof of this so far. Determining the identity of the institutor of Hebrew penile mutilation with certainty is one of the main directions in my current research, but it is not complete yet. In any case the first appearance of Yahweh on Earth about which I am certain is at the time of Exodus and the creation of the State of Israel in 1433 BC. It was then that the history of humanity was rewritten creating the falsified version of it that to a great misfortunate continues to be taught to the present day.

This falsified version of history is the book of Genesis, and the Bible in general. It promulgates the dogma of one God who created the Universe, then created man (purposely created him imperfect requiring surgical correction of every single individual), and then judged the majority of his creatures inferior and put them in subordination to his chosen people, the Jewish Master Race. The first five books of the Bible, including Genesis, were composed by Moses under Yahweh’s direction.


For the most part it consists of edited and distorted versions of the much more historically accurate Sumerian documents. The Biblical story of the creation of the Earth and the heavens is an edited and distorted version of the Sumerian text describing the formation of the solar system as taught to the Sumerians by the Anunnaki. The story of the creation of Adam and Eve is an edited and distorted version of the detailed and technically accurate account of how the Anunnaki created mankind through genetic engineering.

In both the creation of the Earth and the solar system, and in the much later creation of mankind the Judeo-Christian God is guilty of plagiarism: he is taking credit for what is not his. He did not create the Universe, it was around for 15 billion years, long before him. The sun and the planets of the solar system condensed from a cloud of gas and dust by natural processes 4.6 billion years ago, and God had nothing to do with it either.


The first humans were created by Lord Enki and Lady Ninti from the tenth planet of the solar system, not by Yahweh. The first appearance of the Judeo-Christian God on the stage was when he came to Earth in 1433 BC to establish for himself a nation that would worship (original word meaning “work for”) him, or perhaps 600 years earlier when he instituted the barbaric practice of male genital mutilation.

But regarding the creation of humankind, Yahweh did more than just claim credit for it for himself. In his falsified version of history that has been taught to people over the past three and a half thousand years, he has reduced Lord Enki, our true creator and greatest benefactor ever, to a devil. Enki appears in the Bible as nahash, the “serpent”, who seduced Adam and Eve to “sin”.


Not only is this denigrating our creator and benefactor, but the label “sin” applied to the act of expressing the highest human emotion of love, the very emotion that has made us human, is an indicator of the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh’s true purpose: repression and destruction of humanity.

So who was Yahweh really? He was a god in the same sense in which the Anunnaki were gods: he was a ruler, a head of state. The main difference is what kind of ruler he was. If one sets aside all of his portrayals as the creator and the benevolent God of the Universe and sees him for what he was, he was a prototype of Hitler with his Master Race. In order to create his own nation to rule over, he needed a place for it and people to populate it with.


Choosing for the latter the lineage of people with mutilated genitals working in Egypt, he led them out of Egypt and into the Palestinian land he had picked for his State of Israel. Of course the land wasn’t empty, there were people living there. What did the Chosen People under God Yahweh’s guidance do to the indigenous people living there? The same thing they did again in the 20th century: displace them, kick them out of the homes, take some as slaves, kill the rest.

Like the Anunnaki, he was also a real physical force, not a myth in people’s minds. Some thinkers have been puzzled by how could the Jews so easily escape the Pharaoh’s troops and defeat all the indigenous people of Canaan who put up a defense against their invasion, even though the Jews were never particularly good warriors.


Along the way to their “promised land” they barbarously sacked the great city of Jericho. This was certainly an unspeakable atrocity: Jericho was the oldest city on Earth, built around 8500 BC, when people hadn’t yet learned how to live a village life, much less build a fully developed city.


Jericho was obviously built by the Anunnaki, not by humans, but in those days humans were already living side by side with the Anunnaki, and some lived in Jericho. As the oldest city on Earth and a major Anunnaki fortress, it was a repository of cultural valuables for thousands of years. The Jews laid it waste. This was an atrocity, but the bigger question is how did they manage to do it? Jericho was a major Anunnaki outpost and certainly very well fortified. How could a mob armed with weapons no more advanced than axes and spears and arrows overpower a fortified Anunnaki city with guards armed with laser guns?

The Jews themselves of course say that their God Yahweh helped them do it. And indeed he did. A close reading of the Bible reveals that as the Jews were marching from Egypt to their promised land, there was a UFO flying overhead. The accounts from the other side of the conflict confirm this.


Yahweh was indeed responsible for the atrocities he directed, and it was his ship that overpowered the defenses put up by the indigenous people of Canaan and their Anunnaki leaders. That is how the Judeo-Christian God forced the Anunnaki and their loyal human followers out of Palestine, with a very bloody trail.

But controlling just Israel was not enough for Yahweh. He wanted to take the control of the whole Earth away from the Anunnaki, the humankind’s creators and protectors, so that he could stomp the defenseless humanity into slavery and decay. Over the millennium and a half before the birth of Christ long and bitter wars were fought between Israel headed by Yahweh and the Anunnaki leaders of the rest of ancient Near East (Marduk of Babylon, Ashur of Assyria, and Sin of Harran).


The centuries of bitter warfare wore out and exhausted the ancient Near East, and it was lost to the Anunnaki. The Greeks got to see the Anunnaki, who were their gods as well, face-to-face only in their earliest Homeric age. By the time of the great Greek philosophers the Anunnaki were gone from the political stage of the ancient Near East, and Greeks retained only fading distorted memories of their gods.

Forced out of the ancient Near East by Yahweh, where did the Anunnaki go? They settled in Europe. They became the gods of the ancient European people, who were not barbarians as popularly believed, but were guided in the establishment of high civilization by the Anunnaki. But Yahweh coveted Europe as well, and he got it, with rivers of human blood flowing as usual. How exactly did he bring this about is an area of my current research that is not yet complete, but Rome was a skillfully created guise.


At first it appears to be yet another culture under the aegis of the Anunnaki: the Roman gods were copied from the Greek ones, and the latter were Anunnaki. There is a catch, however. While the head of the Roman pantheon is generally thought of as Jupiter, a parallel of the Greek Zeus, whom I have determined to be the same person as the Hittite Baal and the Semitic Shamash, the commander of space operations of the Anunnaki, the head of the Roman pantheon was also known as Jove. I find Sitchin’s suggestion that Jove is a pun on Jehavah, Latin for Yahweh, very plausible.

If the head of the supposedly pagan (that is, Anunnaki-led) Roman pantheon was actually Yahweh in disguise, a lot of mysteries become less mysterious. The historical role of Rome in transforming Judaism into Christianity, that is expanding the power of Yahweh from the Palestine to Europe, certainly becomes clearer.

So who was Jesus Christ then? This is certainly a very difficult question to answer, but there are some clues.


One supposedly leaked U.S. government document states that one alien who was recovered alive from a crashed UFO in 1949 (two years after the Roswell crash in which only dead alien bodies were recovered) told his military interrogators,

“that 2,000 years ago his ancestors planted a human creature on Earth to assist the inhabitants of Earth in developing a civilization. This information was only vague and the exact identity or background information on this homo-sapien was not obtained. Doubtless, if this information was released to the public, it would cause worldwide panic.”

We will probably never know whether this information is authentic or not, and the truth about Christ will be difficult to dig up. But while the true identity and mission of Christ is a difficult question, the issue is much clearer regarding the Christian church.


It was clearly the instrument by which the tyranny of Yahweh was extended over Europe, by which the last Anunnaki were forced off the Earth, by which the great scientific and technological knowledge they passed to us was obliterated, and by which Europe and the world were thrown into the Dark Ages for nearly two millennia.

The church upheld the falsified version of world history known as the Hebrew Bible, which it renamed into the Old Testament. The true history, as well as all other sciences, was suppressed in the most atrocious way by burning the Library of Alexandria and torturing and killing all of its scholars. And again there was some real, not merely imagined, force behind all these events. How could St. Paul single-handedly subvert almost the entire Europe and then-civilized world to this dogmatic religion?  How could such an utterly insignificant, it seems, group of early Christians come to have the power the church had in the Middle Ages? I see only one explanation: it was Yahweh taking over the world.

This hypothesis is supported by the bloody evidence. In every place where conversion to Christianity was taking place, it looked roughly the same way: an army of Christian fanatics killing people en masse and burning cities and villages, with the adversary always being the same: the “pagans”, i.e., the loyal followers of the Anunnaki.


We know now that the pagan gods were not myths, they were flesh-and-blood visitors from another planet who created humankind and while sometimes seriously screwing up, were generally our benefactors. It becomes clear then that the real targets of the zealous Christian destruction were not the people “believing” in the pagan gods (following would be a better word, as one cannot seriously talk about believing or not believing in the existence of someone you can shake hands with), but the gods themselves.


And it is also clear that a mob of fanatics armed with bows and arrows and spears could not have posed a serious threat to space travelers possessing rockets, lasers, and heavy machinery. Therefore, it again becomes plausible that the Christian church was aided by the Judeo-Christian God himself in its despicable acts.

This sheds a lot of light on who this God must be. The verdict is clear:

God is the greatest criminal this planet has ever seen, a great cosmic force bent on destruction and decay that poses a grave danger to humanity.

And what is the most ominous is that right now he is holding the upper hand, and the entire world is now submerged under his dark cloud.

We have the answer to Mencken’s question as to what happened to the great olden gods. They were forced out of the ancient Near East first, then out of Europe. Their last home on Earth was ancient Russia, and when it was Christianized by fire and sword as well, the gods had to take off in their rockets and leave the Earth. Many of them probably went back to their home planet, but others may be closer: no farther than the moon.

Yes, the moon. There exists plenty of evidence for the existence of bases on the moon belonging to non-human intelligent agents, and the ancient memories of the gods provide strong clues as to who these agents are. One very well-known Anunnaki god is the Semitic Sin, whose original Sumerian name was Nannar. He has always been considered the moon god.


Given how practical and utterly non-supernatural most of the characteristics of the olden gods have turned out to be under close scrutiny, there are good reasons to believe that Nannar/Sin’s title “moon god” had a literal meaning: he was the commander of the base on the moon. And the most fascinating fact is that there is evidence that he is still there to the present day!

To the Hittites Nannar/Sin was known as El. He was the head of their pantheon, whose other prominent members were his wife Asherah (Ningal) and his children Baal (Utu/Shamash) and Anat (Inanna/Ishtar). The word El also exists in Hebrew, where it means “god”, coming from the Akkadian “ilu”. It appears in the Bible, and one of my areas of current research is investigating whether some of the instances of this word in the supposedly monotheistic Bible might actually refer to Anunnaki god Nannar/Sin.

Yet there is more. History records that one son of a high priest of Sin/El from his city of Harran went down to the Arabian peninsula to start the worship of his god there, and it was there and then that the name El metamorphized into Allah. Nannar, Sin, El, and Allah are all one person, the flesh-and-blood firstborn son of Enlil, one of the Anunnaki leaders who was put in charge of the base on the moon.

But of course this is not what Muslims think of Allah. Although they do recognize him as the moon god, and there is plenty of moon symbolism in Islam, Mohammed basically turned Allah into another Yahweh. And it is my belief that this did not happen without Yahweh’s dirty involvement. The evidence speaks for itself: while Europe is obviously very important in the world today, the Near and Middle East is also a vitally important region. It is the cradle of civilization after all. In order to have world domination, it is not enough to control just one part of the world, however important.


One must control the entire world. It is not enough for Yahweh to control Europe and Israel through Judeo-Christianity, he also needs to control the Near and Middle East through Islam. And he took advantage of the situation. After the Anunnaki left the ancient Near East, the people living there continued to worship them. Chief among them in certain lands was Sin/El aka Allah. And so the cards played into Yahweh’s hands:

he simply assumed the identity of Allah, and sent Mohammed along to create a new religion in which Allah became another Yahweh.

The real Nannar/Sin/El/Allah wasn’t around to protest the theft of his identity. The timing only confirms my hypothesis: all this was happening at exactly the same time with Europe and Russia falling to the darkness of Christianity.

What evidence do I have that Nannar/Sin/El/Allah is currently on the Moon with his whole company?


Besides the general evidence for an active non-human base on the moon, it is widely rumored in certain circles that the U.S. astronauts received very little welcome from the operators of this base. Simply put, the Yankees were told that they are not welcome on the moon and should go back to where they came from. The moon program was hastily abandoned as a result. I also suspect that the Soviets never went there not because they couldn’t, but because they already knew.

If the moon base is under Anunnaki command as I suspect, their lack of hospitality to Uncle Sam’s ambassadors is quite understandable. The present-day American imperialism hated by the rest of the world, labeled a “Jewish conspiracy” by many, is almost certainly a tentacle of Yahweh.


The ends it serves are certainly Yahweh’s:

destruction of humanity through enslavement and the decay of qualities that make us human, the qualities that Lord Enki gave us to make us Moral Beings.

Yahweh must be really pleased with the American system, as it has elevated his dirty work to new heights with such sophisticated techniques as breast and gastrointestinal mutilation and chemtrails. And the statistics on the circumcision rates and the level of Judeo-Christian influence on everyday life in the USA and the rest of the Western world are very revealing.

And yet we can win. We can bring Yahweh down and free the Earth from his dark rule. The battle is not over until the last soldier is dead. Even though he is currently holding the upper hand over the Anunnaki, we can still take our planet back. Hitler once had all of Europe and a large part of the USSR under his control, and yet he was defeated. He was defeated by the heroism of the Soviet people who gave their lives to save the world from the Third Reich, another one of Yahweh’s ventures.

And the last soldier has not yet died in the battle to save the world from the God of darkness. No tyrant is invincible. No matter how much God claims to be omnipotent, he is not. Mother Earth has brought forth great warriors and great minds, and She will bring forth more. Nothing is impossible for the human mind, and we can create weapons and technologies no worse than those of the Anunnaki and fight back with them against our enemy. And our allies in this struggle, the Anunnaki, are not dead!


The moon base still holds strong, and its personnel is certainly not wasting time. There is no doubt that they are working out ways to fight back against Yahweh as hard as we are. And as the orbit of the tenth planet, the home planet of the Anunnaki, has brought it close to Earth every 3600 years in the past, so it will again, as Yahweh is not the lawmaker of the Universe and cannot repeal the universal law of gravity.


Together we can win.


People of light of all planets, unite!


[End of paper.]

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