by Dr. Michael Salla
September 11, 2023

from Exopolitics Website


Elena Danaan continues to have face-to-face contact with different extraterrestrial visitors including representatives from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Enki/Ea faction of the Anunnaki, who provide her with real time intel on Earth and space affairs.


In this update, she discusses the physical and character assassination attempts against her as a result of intel she shared from Enki/Ea and Thor Han Eredyon about the Deep State's recent use of stealth satellites equipped with Directed Energy Weapons in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Danaan explains how a disclosure plan presented to General Glenn VanHerck by Thor Han is being gradually implemented despite pushback from the Deep State, and how David Grusch is playing a critical role in this plan.


Finally, she responds to questions from Dr. Michael Salla about the possibility that Evangelical Christians have been 'gaslighted' into believing genuinely benevolent human-looking extraterrestrials will be part of a 'great deception' of humanity...



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