July 12, 2023

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On July 10, 2023 Dr. Michael Salla posted an interview he did with Elena Danaan. 1


It was her first visit to the Exopolitics studio where they physically met. I guess their last physical meeting must have been in October 2022 after the GSIC conference.


In this interview there was a lot of talk about Enki and the Anunnaki.


My attention was drawn to the fragment in which Elena described the royal quarters in the Nibiru ship and the way that differs with the way the Galactic Federation of Worlds have organized their ships.

The following fragments starts off with Elena expressing her admiration for the wisdom of Ea, 2 followed by a short tour of the Nibiru ship. 3,4



Elena Danaan talks about

the Royal Quarters on the Nibiru Ship...

Full video


"Usually when I visit some motherships where there are certain type of people or culture or when I go to Ganymede for instance they are Ginvo 5 or there are other people they have an uniformity in their standards.


For the Anunnaki it is different". 1

Elena goes on to explain that the Anunnaki in effect have two categories:

the normal ones and the royals...

These royals have their own special quarters with a baroque like atmosphere; she even describes a river running through their segment ("It is absolutely mind-blowing!").


Beautiful fragrances and plants that Elena has never seen anywhere else.


She speaks of extravagant architecture. Outside of these quarters the ship looks very futuristic, even more futuristic than that of the Galactic Federation of Worlds ships, she adds.

The royals have a specific 'bloodline' that enables them to become nearly immortal. 6




It has become customary for me to add a few questions to stimulate your own discernment and to reflect upon certain elements a bit more.


You might remember how Elena told us that people like High Commander Ardaana and Thor Han regarded everyone on board as equally important. They only performed a different role. I personally liked that a lot.


It seems that the Anunnaki have a different take on that.


Dr. Salla spoke about a caste system and Elena seemed to confirm that.


The fact that there is a special compartment on the ship with a stunning beauty, called the 'Royal Quarters' seems to be an argument for a distinction between people.



A Royal Crown 16


Some say that,

the Anunnaki introduced this hierarchy between the Royals and the commoners on Earth too...

This two-class society seems to still be an integral part of the Anunnaki culture.

One might wonder how appropriate it is that Elena seems to fully support this caste-system...

Another thought that came to mind was:

If there is a royal quarter on the ship, who are all the other royal members, or does have Enki have a complete quarter alone for himself?


I would like to learn more about these other royals and their links with each other.


Who is who and why are they here?

Perhaps you are aware of a certain ritual that people perform to remove 'stuck entities' or negative energies from a house.


The burning of white sage is used to clean an environment from these bad vibrations. 7 Just imagine that Anunnaki 8 like Enlil, Ninurta and Marduk, all personifications of utter evil, have probably walked around in those stunningly beautiful Royal Quarters too...


I think they could use an amount of white sage the size of a small moon to truly clear the bad vibes from that spaceship Nibiru. Would they have performed that ritual, I wonder...

I would like to leave you with another thing to ponder about.


A little bit further in the interview Elena said described the Anunnaki and said:

"they have I I noticed is that what about a species or their race they have this elongated skull a little more or less elongated so it's I think it's a common trait in their galaxy".

What does she mean with 'their galaxy'? 9

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(1) Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure

(2) Although admiration for an extraterrestrial is fine, it also has a disadvantage, namely it might cloud the ability to remain discernful and objective. In this case with Elena and Ea (Enki) it seems that Elena's bond with Ea has grown so strong that she can't be expected to ask him any critical questions, let alone question the timeline of the history of our world that he presented to us. I have noticed a few odd things in that account that need clarification. See Analysis of Enki's Account on our History - Some Oddities

(3) She has already spoken about a kind of 'weapons museum' on the Nibiru ship. See Enki shows Elena Danaan a Vajra with Plasma Beams

(4) For a bit more about the Nibiru ship see The Planet Ashtari and Spaceship Nibiru

(5) The Ginvo from Procyon

(6) Different Faces of Immortality

(7) Smudging: How To Burn Sage To Cleanse Your Space Of Negativity

(8) Since a couple of months Elena started to talk about the Anachim as a term that they would use for their own kind. This reminds me of what Annax said in the beginning of 2020. He said the Anunnaki were known as the 'Pa-Taal' before they genetically altered themselves. See for more about that: Annax: "The Anunnaki were called P'Taal"

(9) The Anunnaki are an elusive kind of species. You might remember Elena saying that they once entered our galaxy through the constellation of Bootes. 10 On the other hand they would have also used the M42 11 Portal in the Orion Zone as a conduit from another dimension where their homeworld would be. 4 She might refer to 'that galaxy'...?

(10) The Aker and the Anunnaki

(11) The Orion Nebula and the Hive Mind

(12) Galactic Anthropology Library - I started this group for people who are not interested in all the group dynamics within the disclosure community.

(13) If you are interested in all those dynamics you can go to the Elena Danaan Study Group which combines the study of the Intel with the study of all these dynamics.

(14) The Alex Collier Study Group tries to stay closer to the Alex Collier material.

(15) Galactic Anthropology

(16) King Charles III to Receive Scotland's Crown Jewels Adorned with Nearly 100 Pearls

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