by Ellen Lloyd
May 11, 2020
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If you possessed the key and secret knowledge and could open the cosmic portal leading to the kingdom of the gods,

would you be prepared to travel to a world beyond your imagination and meet the masters of the stars...?

If we examine the progress of humanity today, or sometimes rather lack thereof, we wonder if we have reached a stage in our development allowing us to enter the domain of highly advanced alien species.

Students of Ufology and the Ancient Astronauts' theory, or (ancient alien theory as it is often called now) often contemplate the origin of advanced alien life-forms.

How can UFOs appear and vanish within seconds?


The possibility of aliens visiting the Earth in the past and present times have been regularly rejected by a majority of scientists, mainly due to the problems of interstellar flight.

Critics of extraterrestrial hypothesis frequently repeat that the enormous distances separating the stars are an immense problem to any race wishing to explore the galaxy. Interstellar flight is indeed a difficulty, but for the human race.

Alien civilizations, which are thousands, if not, millions of years ahead of us in their development have most likely discovered appropriate means of how to explore the universe.


We have no right to assume that all species in the galaxy are at the current technological level as humanity.

In recent years many prominent and more open-minded physicists have proposed the idea of parallel universes, wormholes and shown an increased interest in the existence of other dimensions.

A spaceship could enter what is called a wormhole and find itself hundreds or even thousands of light-years from its original position in space.


The use of wormholes as windows in space would allow a craft to jump to another space quadrant very quickly. It has also been theorized that anti-gravity devices could open a wormhole to a parallel universe.

Worlds unseen to the naked eye cannot yet be fully comprehended, but their existence should not be denied.

Extraterrestrial life-forms can most likely originate from other planets as well as parallel universes, astral and ethereal realms. A closer study of certain reports indicates that alien beings sometimes manifest to our senses as apparitions and teleport themselves to our world from another dimension.


This brings us to the fascinating mystery of stargates, which are considered to be gateways of the gods.

There are places on this planet, which are shrouded in myth, magic, and mystery. These are sites where you can "feel" the presence of the ancient aliens or as we also say the star gods, our ancient masters.

Today, I would like to take you on a journey to Peru and explore what many believe to be the "gateway of the gods".

According to the Native Americans' legend, there is a certain inter-dimensional doorway hidden deep within the Andes Mountains. Apparently, this is one of a number of strategic stargates around our planet.


The doorway in Peru is located approximately 35 kilometers from the city of Puno.

At first glance, the Gate of the Gods (Puerta de Hayu Marca) looks like just an ordinary carved rock, but it is supposed to be much more than that.


Possible stargate in Peru.

Image credit: History Channel Ancient Aliens

The story of the alleged stargate in Peru was first reported a couple of years ago by Paul Daemon.


Sadly, few new discoveries have been reported since then.

The door is difficult to access and has unfortunately never been completely explored, but it is believed that this could be a portal, which leads to the land of the gods.

Many strange and unexplained sightings have occurred here and people who live in the area are scared to visit the place after dark. The fact that locals are often unwilling to talk about their remarkable experiences makes it difficult to draw the line between rumors, fiction, and true events.


Nevertheless, we can still get an overview of what is taking place in this region.

Witnesses have reported sightings of tall men with light hair and fair skin. These beings are often accompanied by blue and orange balls of light. These unknown creatures come through this portal and silently vanish back again.


Who are they and where do they come from?

The locals are convinced that the doorway leads to the land and home of the ancient gods.


On certain occasions, the gods return through this portal for a short while to inspect their Earthly domain. Thereafter they disappear back to their world.

The legends and myths we find in Australia, America, Africa, Europe, Asia all relate a story telling us that our current world is neither the first nor the last one.

According to ancient records and beliefs, at least four marvelous worlds have already been destroyed due to global cataclysms in the past.

People living spread out in the small villages throughout the Andes think that the strange visitors observed near the doorway are the ancient gods who in prehistoric times came down from the skies and created life on this planet...

There is a common belief that before the emergence of the next world the ancient gods will arrive to inform and warn about the coming destruction.


The natives do not fear the impending changes because although they know the ancient prophecy must be fulfilled, they have deep faith in their gods.

In the same way, the christians believe in the 'second coming' of Jesus Christ, who will come and rescue them in times of despair, people here believe the returning sky visitors will take the inhabitants to safety and protect them from all kind of catastrophes.

Not only have remarkable tall beings been seen vanishing through the mysterious doorway in the mountains. This place is also famous for the huge number of UFO sightings.


Glowing disc-shaped spheres are observed frequently in this area, as well as in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca and Marcahuasi, another powerful cosmic portal in Peru.


Monument to Humanity


People, who had the chance to visit and explore the door, describe a feeling of energy flowing through the body when touching the rock.


Others have had visions of stars, illuminated areas, and brilliant gas clouds. A sense of free fall has also been reported among the visitors.

One ancient legend tells there is a key to the portal, a golden disc that enables the owner to open the gates and enter the kingdom of the ancient sky masters. This legend goes far back in time, all the way to the foundation of the Incan empire.


According to the natives, Amaru Muru, later known, as Manco Capac was the first priest-king of the Incas. The true origin of Amaru Muru is a mystery.

Some say he was born at the legendary mountain cave, Tampu Tocco. During his childhood, he was taken up to the Sun God and later returned back to the Earth.


Another version of the story is that Amaru Muru was a Lemurian sage. Shortly before the destruction of the continent (Mu or Lemuria), he was sent together with other sages to various parts of the world.


Their mission was to create new civilizations and they all carried with them a number of sacred objects and secret records from the legendary continent.


Lake Titicaca ruins - Moon Island.

Image credit: Peru Explorer

Amaru Muru and his wife arrived in lightships in a Peruvian valley.


Several temples and cities such as for example Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Tiahuanako were deliberately built over powerful vortexes. In time Amaru Muru's empire included not only Peru but stretched all over South America.


He also established the so-called Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.


Taquile Island

on Lake Titicaca

Hidden in a monastery deep in the Andes, this mystery school continued to follow the sacred Lemurian teachings.


In addition, the monastery also preserved the valuable objects brought by Amaru from the motherland.

Among one of these objects was a certain sacred solar disc.


The disc was rarely seen and most of the time it was stored in a hidden chamber.

Apparently the golden disc was only removed from its place,

"in transcendental times or occasions of a cosmic character."

In other words, the disc was used when a cosmic catastrophe was approaching and there was a need to open the gateways to the kingdom of the gods.

This precious golden disc is supposed to be the key to opening the mysterious cosmic door.


It is interesting to note that archaeologists, who have examined the rock at Hayu Marca, discovered a small circular depression next to the entrance.


It has been speculated that this depression was perhaps intended for placing the golden disc, the key to opening the door.

Many sacred temples, cities, and monuments worldwide are considered to be built over what appears to be vortexes. Invisible Earth energy, so-called ley lines connect a number of sacred ancient sites.


Possible vortexes are supposed to exist in,

  • South-, Meso-, and North America

  • Egypt

  • Malta

  • Crete

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Greece

  • Britain

  • France

  • Mesopotamia

  • Lebanon

  • Australia

  • Asia,

...simply all over the world.


Another view of Puerta de

Hayu Marca - Gate of The Gods.

Now let us return to Peru.


Earlier I mentioned the Marcahuasi, a place where Heaven and Earth meet. It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable places one can visit. It is not an easy task to get to the Marcahuasi plateau, which is located high in the Andes at a level of 12,000 feet above sea level.

Marcahuasi is said to be a place beyond the veil of time. The Monument to Humanity and other sculptures remind us of all the lost and forgotten races, who lived in worlds prior to our own.

Marcahuasi is in many ways just as mysterious as the cosmic doorway at Hayu Marca.

People who have visited the Marcahuasi plateau have witnessed incredible sightings of the unexplainable kind.

Unidentified flying objects have been seen hovering over the area on a number of occasions. There is a theory that there is a powerful stargate located in the vicinity of Marcahuasi. The locals have reported strange beings walking around the area during day and night.

Do these creatures come from inside the Earth or from another dimension?


Currently, there is no answer to this question and all we can offer are speculations. People have been seen vanishing and appearing again out of nowhere. Cases of levitation have been reported on several occasions.

It is believed Viracocha taught his ancient secrets here at one of the great mystery schools, a temple of the ancient masters.

When you spend some time in this region you can achieve a state of higher consciousness.


Your state of awareness and your spirituality grows at this remarkable place, where you feel the presence of the cosmic teachers.

Both Peruvian stargates are concealed and the knowledge of how to use them is not lost, it is only kept secret.

Could there be a specific reason why the inter-dimensional gateways are located in hidden and difficult accessible regions?

Perhaps the ancient gods did not want us to find and use the doors leading to other worlds?

Perhaps our wisdom and consciousness have not grown enough and we are not allowed to enter alien inhabited worlds?

If we had the possibility to cross the gate, could we embrace extraterrestrial life in a peaceful manner?

I leave these questions to the reader to answer...