Part 7

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing "Them." Whether they are called angels and demons, good and bad aliens, gods of mythology, Djinns, or multidimensional unknowns, history is replete with records of super intelligent beings interacting with the process of human development. While their activity is frequently overlooked, close collaboration between them and architects of society has at times allowed these beings to dictate the course of individuals and/or nations. Ancient iconography depicts this relationship as between celestials [gods] and terrestrials [humans] and further as facilitated by stargates, portals, ladders, and other mechanisms through which the separate realities are joined. 

Acts of association between three-dimensional and other-dimensional intelligence occurs both physically and mentally, on a personal and global scale as redundantly recorded in the world's oldest books, including the Bible.

These watchers are described as being friendly [good] and unfriendly [evil] as well as warring among themselves for the future of earth's inhabitants. The gates they come through include:

1) celestial levels beyond human control/understanding where the gods transverse the heavens, play chess with world governments, return to their own at Olympus, etc.; and

2) terrestrial levels where intimate interaction between "gods" and humans occur when individuals or groups invite such relationship using intercessory rituals and/or prayer.

In this segment we make the assumption that the phenomenon described over the first six parts of this series is real and that humans play a roll to some extent and under certain circumstances in opening and closing of these portals. 

As pointed out earlier in this series, L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to do that very thing by inviting the spirit of Babylon through a portal during a sex ritual. Their hope was to incarnate the whore of Babylon--a demon child or Gibborim. Parsons wrote that the ritual was successful, and that at one point a brownish yellow light came through the doorway. At the same moment he said he was struck by something invisible, and a candle was knocked out of his hand. 

[Editor's note: it's interesting that following Crowley's magic portal (which produced the alien-looking LAM) and Hubbard and Parson's "Babylon Working" ritual, Crowley died in 1947--the same year Kenneth Arnold saw his flying saucers and sightings of "aliens" increased around the world. Was a portal indeed opened by the invitation?] 

Theologians view the activity described above as possible. They too use "door" metaphors through which "influences" can be invited into communities or individual lives, home, body, worldview, etc. Christian scholars define these influences as three types:

1) divine influence, proceeding forth from the domain of God

2) satanic influence, coming from the sphere of Satan

3) human influence

This third influence, being neutral, has the potential to influence persons for good or evil as it submits itself to divine or satanic control (a person, which might not directly or intentionally open gates to evil, may otherwise allow persons in their life that have done so, and, therefore, transference of the influence from one person to another may be experienced over time). This can also happen on a community level, where the majority of participants constituting a city, geographical region, or nation become saturated by a particular influence. Everything from legislation to crime rates might thus be affected either good or bad depending on the nature of the influence.


When Gates Open Over Whole Cities

  Sumerians, Hebrews, Hittites, Babylonians, Assyrians, and others believed that gateways on earth symbolize celestial openings through which dark-influences and light-influences seek entry. It was therefore important to use imitative magic for protection against undesirable entities at homes and cities. Gateways (stargates) represented on earth in Assyrian archways were, for instance, built using elaborate construction ceremonies and blessed by names of good omens.

While smaller versions of protection-deities guarded individual home entries, colossal transgenic creatures flanked city gates and palace entries to keep undesirable forces from coming through those portals--important imitative magic thought to represent heavenly ideas--guardians that were often accompanied by winged spirits holding magic devices atop protective statuettes concealed beneath floors.



An Example From The Bible

To the ancient city of Corinth, a city known for its pride, ostentation, and lasciviousness (which not only was tolerated, but consecrated through the worship of Venus), Paul informed the saints that, "...the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them" (2 Cor. 4:4). Paul used terminology reflected elsewhere in the Bible concerning forces of darkness and forces of light, which seek entry into individual homes as well as control over whole cities. The antidote against this evil influence, according to Paul, was the light of the Gospel of Christ. Descriptions of Christ's Gospel advent include the familiar language of the heavens opening--as in a gateway, doorway or window (see Mt. 3:16; Acts 7:56)--through which the light of the Spirit would come.

In more than thirty important biblical passages, the Greek New Testament refers to an invisible domain or "government" located in the space between heaven and earth--the kosmos. Archons command this geopolitical sphere according to the Bible, dominating kosmokrators (rulers of darkness who work in and through human political counterparts), who, in turn, command influences of lesser rank until every level of earthly government is touched by this power. If we could see through the veil into the dimension of these beings, we might find the atmosphere alive with good against evil. Some say this is the place where the prize is the souls of men, and where legions war for control of its cities and people. (click here for excerpt from The Ahriman Gate fictionalizing the kosmos).


Flying Serpent Gods Over Cities?

"And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and has not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth" (Rev. 2:12-13).

In the letter to the church in Pergamos (Pergamum), verse 13 is enlightening:

"I know... where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is."

The Greek verse reads Satanos thronos esti, literally,

"Where a throne to Satan is." 

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