by A Lily Bit

May 29, 2024

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A Lily Bit

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Eliminating One Ideology

will Automatically Eradicate the Other...



I am not one to indulge in the trivialities of left versus right, liberal versus conservative, as I find the political spectrum to be a flawed and divisive construct.


Instead, I choose to,

adopt a paradigm in which the left is populated by those who seek to expand the power of the state, from Caesar to Stalin to Hitler, while the right is comprised of those who advocate for limited government or even no government at all...

It is through this lens that I have analyzed and dissected the ideologies and agendas of the far-left and globalist movements, and I must admit that I am both captivated and repulsed by what I have found.

Consider the so-called "progressive" or "woke" narrative that has taken hold in recent years.


This movement - in part accidentally created by the CIA,

it  is not about activism, as its proponents already enjoy equal rights under the law.


It is not solely a political movement, as its goals extend far beyond the election of candidates to office.


In fact, much of the government is already aligned with its aims.

The movement claims to stand against "capitalism" and corporate power, yet it is largely funded by the very elites it claims to abhor.

No, this movement is something far more insidious. It is a system of blind faith, a cult of self-worship that seeks to undermine truth and reason at every turn.


It is a religion of moral relativism, in which right and wrong are determined by the whims of those in power.


We are witnessing the birth of a monstrous ideology that seeks to control every aspect of our lives,

from the way we think to the way we speak to the way we interact with one another...

The economic and political theories that underpin this movement are deeply flawed and ultimately destructive.


The notion that the state should have the power to dictate every aspect of our lives is antithetical to the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility that have made our society great.


The idea that we should be judged not by the content of our character, but by the color of our skin or the group to which we belong, is a recipe for division and strife.

Take, for example, the concept of "intersectionality," which posits that various forms of oppression intersect and overlap, and that those who belong to multiple marginalized groups are therefore more oppressed than others.


This theory is not only logically flawed, but it also serves to pit different groups against one another and to undermine the very concept of equality.


It is a cynical ploy to divide and conquer, to create a hierarchy of victimhood that can be easily manipulated by those in power.

To truly comprehend the machinations of the authoritarian left, one must examine their symbiotic relationship with globalist forces.

The so-called "woke" movements that have emerged in recent years are not organic grassroots efforts, but rather the product of careful grooming by corporate and globalist entities.

For decades, think-tanks like the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation have been infiltrating universities with the express purpose of producing a steady stream of loyal acolytes, all of them indoctrinated into a carefully crafted narrative that extols the virtues of socialism and uses victimhood as a form of currency.

These individuals are vehemently opposed to the concept of meritocracy, instead clinging to delusions of equity.

They demand an impossible utopia in which everyone is guaranteed equal outcomes, regardless of effort or ability.


They view self-sufficiency as a form of criminality, an attempt to escape the collective oversight of the state.


And they are more than willing to justify dishonesty, disinformation, deconstruction, chaos, and even murder as necessary means to achieve their ends.

The leftist movement is one that lacks any semblance of morality or shame, making it a formidable opponent to challenge.


If one attempts to persuade them to cease their actions through the use of logic, data, common sense, or appeals to conscience, they will undoubtedly fail.

These tactics hold no value to the left, as their obsession with power is all-consuming.


It is the root of every argument they make and the driving force behind their actions.

However, the left's understanding of power is rather limited and juvenile. For the "woke," power lies in cancel culture, mob mentality, and displays of collective destruction and control.


They ask themselves,

"What can we take from others, and how can we instill fear?"

They believe that the more they can take, the more power they possess.

Globalists share a similar view of power as leftists, but with a more expansive outlook.


They expand on the leftist manifesto by asking,

"How can we convince others to give us control willingly?"

Woke individuals view power as something that must be stolen through intimidation or force, while globalists see it as something that is handed to them by the very people they seek to control.


To obtain this power, globalists devote the majority of their energy and wealth to manufacturing consent...


It is not enough to simply control the population:

they must make them believe that the oligarchy is their own idea...

This way, the masses never attempt to fight back.

As woke activists recklessly attempt to set the world ablaze, globalists watch from the sidelines, contemplating how they can manipulate these individuals to serve their own nefarious purposes.

The process of manufacturing consent from a significant portion of a nation's population requires a vast disinformation apparatus. It is likely that most leftists are unaware that their entire ideology was funded and manufactured by corporate interests and the CIA.


However, if one were to inform them that they have now aligned themselves with the same ultra-rich corporate vampires they claim to despise, it would become apparent that they do not mind.

They would eagerly embrace this deal with the devil, as they perceive it as a means of achieving victory.

In this manner, political leftists and globalists are inextricably linked...!

This is why arguments over the "false left/right paradigm" are no longer taken seriously. While there are still Neo-Cons within the Republican Party who claim to be conservative but are actually globalists and leftists, this is not the central issue.


The crux of the matter is that millions upon millions of ordinary people on the left have willingly chosen to side with the globalists, specifically targeting liberty and patriot culture for destruction.

The leftist mob and the globalists are both the enemies of every individualist.

Without the former, the latter would hold no power...

It is time to acknowledge this reality instead of resorting to the tired argument of "both sides are the problem."

No, only one side and your understanding of the political compass is the problem...!

They have always been the problem, regardless of the political masks they wear.

The notion of a "false left/right paradigm" dissipates into thin air. A tangible, irrefutable left/right divide persists, a chasm carved by the powers that be.

There is no middle ground; you either align with the state or stand in direct opposition.


Neutrality is an illusion in this grand game of power.

Global elites have orchestrated their own leftist beast, summoning it to carry out their nefarious deeds.


The primary targets?

Our collective understanding of freedom and the very essence of objective truth...

Consider the recent "Covid crisis" and the totalitarian response it elicited, championed predominantly by the authoritarian left.


Reflect on the alarmist climate change narratives and the subsequent calls for carbon restrictions, which would inexorably result in mass depopulation, again, predominantly endorsed by the authoritarian left.

Both agendas hinge on the existence of an imminent threat, one that necessitates the relinquishment of individual liberties.


Yet, the paradox is striking.

Covid mandates imply a need to safeguard the populace from death, while climate change mandates suggest a necessity to eradicate most of humanity to preserve the environment.

The contradiction is hilarious, unless one realizes that the erosion of freedom is the ultimate objective.

Covid was never about preserving lives, and climate controls have nothing to do with salvaging the planet...

As for our grasp of objective truth, the transgender movement serves as a reminder of its fragility.


If biology is open to interpretation, if identity is a matter of personal perspective, if the genetic markers we use to define and classify our species are mere "social constructs" rather than facts, then any truth could be challenged.


The attempt to make biological truth a matter of personal choice seems to be a calculated move to render moral truth flexible and malleable.

If society can be persuaded to embrace the surgical and chemical disfigurement, and sterilization of our youth, if we can be coerced into accepting the sexualization of children at an alarmingly young age, then we are but a step away from condoning unthinkable acts.






All in the name of a hedonistic facade masquerading as progress...

This abandonment of universal truths inexorably leads to the denunciation of freedom itself.

What, indeed, is freedom?


Is it a valid concern for posterity?

After all, we exist within a societal framework, and according to the leftist narrative, every action we take "impacts everyone else."


Therefore, freedom, in their distorted perspective, is a threat;

it could harm or offend others.


It could jeopardize the planet.


Best to eradicate it entirely for the sake of the collective.

This conundrum presents an eternal dichotomy:

  • without truth, freedom is an illusion

  • without freedom, truth is a fallacy

The flip side of this coin reveals the globalist/leftist paradox - without the globalists, the leftist mob ceases to exist, and without the mob, the globalists face oblivion.

The globalists' ambition to subjugate the world necessitates the undermining of fundamental human interactions and comprehension.


They have forged an alliance with the political left to inundate the populace with chaos, ensuring a perpetual state of distraction and disequilibrium.


Meanwhile, the powers-that-be tighten their grip on every last vestige of personal liberty.

Our most potent countermeasure lies in the adoption of an unyielding stance, a refusal to cede another inch. We must confront the political left, exposing their true nature as the globalist cabal's weapon of choice.


Compromise is not an option when it comes to our foundational principles.

No more acquiescence to deconstruction, no more leniency towards saboteurs...

If a subversive faction seeks to dismantle the moral framework that upholds the West, if they aspire to erase the legacy that our forefathers fought to establish, then we must follow in their footsteps and neutralize the threat.