by David Sorensen

June 01, 2024

Received via Email

from StopWorldControl Website

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What is going on?


Let me explain...

In case you are not aware yet, the world is at war.


The greatest and most vicious war in all of history...!

Not a war between nations or people, but an all encompassing onslaught of satanic elitists who are going all the way to submit the entire human race to unprecedented diabolical tyranny.

They are officially announcing the complete eradication of all privacy, and declare that all thoughts, emotions and dreams of everyone worldwide will be recorded 24/7.

There will be vaccine mandates of highly lethal experimental DNA altering injections, in order to eradicate the vast majority of humanity, over time.

They want to end all freedom of speech and impose a suffocating censorship that won't allow anyone to speak openly, so that literally the only thing mankind will hear, is pure deception, to further destroy them, with their eyes wide open.

They plan to control everybody's finances, to the point where you will be told by the banks what you can and cannot buy.


If your purchase is deemed unnecessary, or 'bad for the climate' it will be forbidden.

They also want to lock up all of humanity inside Smart Cities, where your movement will be limited to a 10 or 15 minute range from your home.


To go beyond that, you will need a permit.

As if that's not enough, they are destroying farming worldwide, in order to force all of us to eat lab grown plastic 'meat' (that causes mass cancer) and factory bred GMO bugs, that are highly toxic.

They are busy normalizing pedophilia, and instruct schools to teach toddlers to have sexual interaction with their classmates while learning to masturbate.


Sexual child abuse will be normalized and defending children will be outlawed, because it will be labeled a 'violation of the human right' of children from the age of '0' to experience sexual pleasure.


We show the evidence of this in our report on the website

Furthermore, they are spraying billions of gallons of neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals over our nations, to manipulate the weather, while blocking the sunlight from reaching the earth.

And of course, they want to end the human race and replace us with cyborgs and humanoids, controlled by AI.

They also want to lock off most wilderness areas and force mankind to 'enjoy nature' in a virtual way, in digitally rendered fake worlds.

And they want to eliminate all private property, forcing the world population to rent everything from the elites, even clothes, tools and toys.


We should own nothing...


This was declared publicly by the World Economic Forum (WEF) with their world famous statement:

'By 2030 you will own nothing, have no privacy and be happy.'

None of this is exaggerated, but in reality they go much further than all of this.

There are no bounds to their insane evil minds.


And they are determined to accomplish all of it.

In the USA the Biden administration has signed several executive orders to make sure many of these things will become reality soon.

They are serious.


Dead serious,

...while the world is dead asleep in total blindness and foolishness.

The war they have unleashed on humanity is beyond description.

And the insanity of it all is that the vast majority of humanity agrees with it, supports it, and will fight anyone who opposes it... because most people are so severely mind controlled and brain programmed, that they believe all of this is good for us, and those who oppose it are evil.

We saw that with the vaccines for the 'pandemic'...


Truthful, caring, courageous and good hearted people who warned others about these extremely dangerous injections, were attacked, banned, fired, censored, bullied, arrested, some murdered, beaten by police, and excommunicated from churches, families, schools, and so on.

Those who defend what is good, are hated, and those who unleash the worst horrors of hell on our world, are defended.

That is how extreme the brainwashing is of the masses...!

It is all very serious and real.

What does it have to do with our links in the emails not working?

That is the direct result of multiple attacks on our mission to save the world from this hellish tyranny.


Before, we could use highly professional, well coded, smooth sailing systems for the sending of our emails.


Big email marketing corporations, that have everything in order, and where you never have problems.

But once we started warning humanity, they cancelled us.


We got banned from several platforms, and when trying to join others, we were forbidden once they saw our website.

So now we have to work with an email broadcasting platform that is less then ideal, and is regularly plagued with technical problems, making it hard for us to execute our mission.


But the man owning this platform is a hero.


He is a military special forces veteran, who told me:

"I would rather died, than censor you!"

And he gave me two extra servers for our emails, at no cost, to support out mission.

So there is no lack of goodness, on his part.


But unfortunately this platform doesn't have the resources that the big ones have, causing problems on a regular basis.


Today the server malfunctioned once again, causing none of the links in the emails to open.

It is part of the war we are in.

We fight for you, your beloved ones, and the world. We fight for your health, freedom, future.


We fight against demonic giants, that are inspiring the wicked people of this world, to slaughter the human race and impose diabolical tyranny on the survivors.

I am asking you to please understand this:

try not to think like a consumer, but develop the mind of a warrior...!

Understand the war we are in, and that we are doing all we can, to keep reaching you with truth, that spreads worldwide like an intense wildfire, liberating hundreds of millions from the satanic blindfold.

We are making tremendous impact, which is why we have been censored several times.

We don't give up...


On my end the problem seems to be fixed already. If this link still doesn't open, then copy it and paste it in your browser to access the page where you can download all our films.

Post the documentaries everywhere you can, on all social media, upload them on your own video channels, your website and so on.

Join us in the greatest battle of all time.


Nothing like this has ever faced humanity, and it's far worse than what I have described here. You have no idea what they are planning for you.

People who organize wars to slaughter millions of defenseless people, and who ban every effective treatment for the pandemic, and force everyone to take potentially lethal injections, are beyond evil.


We are dealing with people who are truly demons in human form.

It is up to us, the good people of this world, to stop hiding our heads in the sand and start standing up in power.


Wake up and start resisting with all our might...!

Please do not hold back.

The devils of this world are not holding back either.


They invest astronomical amounts to kill off the human race.


We must rise up with all we have and do what it takes to resist them, and keep turning the tide.

May truth become a roaring fire worldwide, consuming all the wicked schemes of evil, and burning down all their works, to pave the way for a world without diabolical psychopaths who run every nation.