by David Icke

August 2020







Unthinking respect for authority

is the greatest enemy of truth.

Albert Einstein


Technocrat mega-billionaire Bill Gates is everywhere in the 'pandemic' hoax and there is no way he doesn't know what he's doing.


This is not a man who has been manipulated into funding and fronting the 'pandemic' narrative and response including the punchline 'vaccine'.

Gates is a Cult operative who has bought the global 'health' industry willingly and enthusiastically doing whatever the Cult tells him...



The Cult


These ancient practices have passed through what we experience as history under the cover of this network and that's why I refer to the inner elite of The Web as a 'Death Cult.'


You can read the detailed background to The Cult going back thousands of years in other books like 'The Trigger' and 'Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told' (Everything You Need To Know from hereon).


One central network within the Cult is known as Sabbatian (or Sabbatean)-Frankism which emerged in the 17th century and was the driving force behind the creation of Israel and Zionism, Saudi Arabia and the head-chopping (Death Cult) 'ISIS' version of extreme 'Islam' known as Wahhabism.


Sabbatian-Frankism is named after two dark occultists, Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791) and is a form of Satanism.


Jacob Frank teamed up with Sabbatian-Frankist Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, to establish the infamous Illuminati in 1776 as another important strand in The Web.


I expose Sabbatian-Frankism in 'The Trigger' in relation to the real perpetrators of 9/11 (a mass death ritual) and all that has followed in regimechange wars (death of millions) and deletion of freedom.


I will refer to the inner-core controlling 'The Web' within human society throughout the book as 'the Cult' and it is important to keep in mind the central part played by its Sabbatian-Frankism wing in relation to Israel, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide in the manipulation of global events.


Tiny Israel has so much power and influence because it is the fiefdom of Sabbatian-Frankism (the global Cult) and no one needs to know this more urgently than the Jewish community which it has infiltrated while posing as Jewish.




I look at Gates eyes, which never smile, and I see no one home...

No life, no vibrance, no emotion. I am reminded every time of biological AI as I am with Zuckerberg, Bezos, Soros, and the rest of their Cult-serving ilk.

I should first explain the background to 'technocracy AI front-people' like,

There are many others and their role in the structure is basically the same.


They are gofers for the Cult that become very rich for being so with some strict provisos on what they do with 'their' (joke) companies and large swathes of their ensuing billions.


The Cult is constructing the 'Smart Grid' technological sub-reality technocratic tyranny and they need a host of cover-stories and cover-people to hide the fact that it is all coordinated and being rolled out from underground bases and other secret projects.


Notice there are no barren periods while the Cult waits for its next level of technological control to be 'invented'.


One stage seamlessly follows the next with no gaps in between. This is because the technology is developed long before we ever see it in the public arena and to hide that fact they need made-up narratives for public consumption and operatives to front-up those narratives.


This is where the gofers come in to explain how technology vital to the Cult agenda came to be 'invented' and circulated by unconnected 'individuals'. They become immensely rich, but there are serious strings attached.


Enormous swathes of the money secured through Cult operations must be spent on advancing the Cult agenda through 'foundations' of fake philanthropy. They have the added benefit of securing colossal tax-exemptions.


Each operative is given an area of specialization.

  • Soros is deployed funding the Open Society Foundations to secure fake 'people's revolutions', mass migration and the emergence of the New Woke tyranny


  • Zuckerberg, Brin, Page and Wojcicki have been given the role of global censors protecting Cult narratives and actions from exposure


  • Bezos is fronting up the takeover of global commerce by the Cult's Amazon, which has benefited fantastically from the 'pandemic' and the demise of at least tens of millions of potential competitors, while increasing his wealth by tens of billions during lockdowns which his newspaper, the Washington Post, said 'must continue'


  • Bill Gates has been handed a series of roles which is why he has appeared so many times in the book in relation to many aspects of the Cult agenda that he is funding. His biggest specialization is the field of Big Pharma 'health' and vaccinating the world.

The Gates vehicle for this Cult 'philanthropy' (it actually makes him an even bigger fortune) is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which he based on the infamous Rockefeller Foundation - a family with which he is extremely close.


I have seen ancestry research that says if you go back far enough Gates is from the Rockefeller bloodline.


Through this Cult-front 'foundation' Gates created Gavi, the 'vaccine alliance', in 1999 with an initial donation of $750 million and we have already seen his financial connections (many through Gavi) to all the major agenda-drivers of the 'pandemic' including Imperial College,

The web that goes out from the Gates Foundation is extraordinary and includes his control of the Rockefeller- created World Health Organization (WHO) through being its second biggest funder behind only the government of the United States.


If Trump carries out his threat to cut WHO funding, Gates will be number one.


Whatever comes out of the mouth of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is Gates speaking and the WHO has been the force dictating the global response to the fake 'virus'.


Before being named Director-General Tedros was chair of the Gates-founded Global Fund to 'fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria' and a board member of the Gates-funded Gavi and another Gates-funded organisation.

Gates owns him...

At the same time Cult fronts like Facebook, YouTube and Google have introduced a policy of censoring or downgrading any information at odds with the World Health Organization version of events (which is why I was deleted from Facebook and YouTube).

You can see,

how the Web works and these Cult operatives and gofers working as one unit need to face the consequences of their actions and crimes against humanity in life sentences with their money distributed to those whose livelihoods they have mercilessly destroyed.

This lack of mercy and empathy for the global population makes them all for me not only psychopaths, but super-psychopaths.


But, then, if they work at any in-the-know level of the Cult they would have to be by definition. It's compulsory. Another head-shaker for anyone who knows the game was when Gates's missus, Melinda, who will be well aware of what is going on, announced on CNN that 'soon Africa will have bodies out in the streets'.


Africa up to this point was only marginally affected compared with the size of the continent, but Mrs Gates knew better. She said the reason the numbers were low was the lack of testing (for genetic material found in many people) and when the testing expanded so would the number of cases (exactly, that's the whole deceit of the test).


In the wake of her African prophecy the Gates-owned World Health Organization and Cult-owned United Nations declared that Africa could see up to 3.3 million deaths from 'Covid-19' and could become the 'epicenter' of the 'pandemic' that had been declared in the first place by the Gates-owned WHO...


Was there any way to stop this, pray? Oh yes - lockdown and social distancing.


The same hoax that had been perpetrated in the West was now being dumped on Africa where Gates 'vaccine programs' exploit poor children for their 'trials'.



Who's WHO? Er... Bill Gates

The World Health Organization is extraordinarily corrupt and has been since it was created by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds after World War Two.


The WHO declared 'Covid-19' a 'global pandemic' in March, 2020, as it was always going to do from day one. Gates hands over hundreds of millions dollars to buy control as he has poured millions into the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which has directed 'virus' policy in the United States and told doctors to diagnose anyone that moves - or doesn't - as 'Covid-19' without any evidence.


The CDC is funded by Big Pharma, medical insurance companies and other medical-related industries while WHO funding also massively comes from the world's major Big Pharma drug companies.


Together they and Gates run the WHO on behalf of the Cult agenda and not the world population.


As a result this Microsoft technocrat, son of a supporter of eugenics, has been called 'the world's most powerful doctor' and refers to himself as a 'health expert'. Gates doesn't actually strike me as very bright at all, but you don't need to be when you're just a front man.


The WHO is based in Geneva, Switzerland, home to so many Cult operations, including the World Trade Organization. Geneva is reported to have a moratorium on 5G. The WHO is another agency of the United Nations and currently headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a politburo member of the tyrannical Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) which has been part of the repressive Marxist government of Ethiopia for decades.


It has been widely condemned by human rights organisations for its abuse of citizens. Out of this came Tedros, amid many allegations of corruption and misappropriation of funds, to head the Cult's World Health Organization which provides the official 'virus' narrative.


Tedros was exposed three times for covering up cholera epidemics while health minister in Ethiopia and when he took office in Geneva he had the mass-murdering Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe appointed as a WHO goodwill ambassador for public health although, naturally, not for the health of all those he had killed to stay in power.


The appointment was so outrageous that Tedros was quickly forced to retract.

Tedros is one of the last people who should be WHO Director-General, but then he's not there to serve the human population. He's there to serve the interests of those who secured his appointment and created the World Health Organization - the Cult.


Anyone think that the appointment of Tedros was made without the approval of Bill Gates? Tedros is close to China and he worked to make lockdown and social distancing the blueprint for response in the West by praising its effectiveness in China.


I guess we should also expect that when the Chinese Communist Party and Tedros share the same politics. Nothing is uttered by the WHO hierarchy or emerges from the mouth of

Tedros that is not the Gates agenda and the software psychopath also came out in praise of China just to emphasize the point:

'China did a lot of things right at the beginning.'

Yes, they had a draconian lockdown which was planned from the start to be transferred to the West.


Gates described his WHO fiefdom as 'phenomenal' when the operation is a Cult-owned farce in relation to human health. We should include in that the same bracket the controlling hierarchy of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States which, like the World Health Organization, is owned by Gates, Big Pharma and the wider Cult.



Gates and the 'Davos' mob - the 'prophecy'


Figure 384:

The prophets of the Bill Gates One-percent at Event 201

simulating a 'coronavirus pandemic' six weeks before

the fake 'pandemic' came to public attention.

Melinda Gates said on BBC radio (Gates has given millions to the BBC) that her husband had 'prepared for years' for a coronavirus pandemic.


Oh, I bet he had. Gates predicted a coming global pandemic that would kill many people and devastate the world economy in a TED talk in 2015. The man is a modern-day Isaiah.


Then six weeks before the 'outbreak' in China came to public attention a 'simulation' of a coronavirus pandemic was run by the One-percent 'Davos' World Economic Forum (WEF),

the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (Fig 384).

This was called Event 201 and included major banks, the UN, Johnson & Johnson, and officials from China and the Centers for Disease Control in the United States.


Remember what the American scientist I quoted said:

'If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic - pick a coronavirus'.

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security ran its own 'pandemic' simulation in Washington called 'Clade X' in 2018. Since the fake 'pandemic' began the same Johns Hopkins operation has compiled all

the fraudulent figures for 'Covid-19' cases and deaths repeated incessantly and unquestioningly by the media worldwide. The Johns Hopkins network of fronts has received absolutely massive funding from... Bill Gates and Big Pharma.


News reports were inserted into the Gates simulation and discussions included censorship of those questioning the official line of what the public were told - all of which would be happening within weeks when the fake 'coronavirus outbreak' hit the news.


We had headlines appearing such as,

'anti-vaccination movement could derail fight against coronavirus, experts warn'.

That headline was in the UK 'Independent' (of course).


Cult-owned Mark Zuckerberg announced in March, 2020, that Facebook would give the Gates World Health Organization free advertisements and remove 'false claims and conspiracy theories' in a battle against coronavirus 'misinformation' (anything that challenged or questioned the official Cult narrative).


Users looking for coronavirus information on Cult-controlled Facebook would see a pop-up at the top of search results directing them to the official narrative.

'We're focused on making sure everyone can access credible and accurate information', said the little boy in short trousers and a t-shirt.

He was equating, as always, 'credible and accurate' with the official story.


He would later announce that Facebook would warn users even if they 'liked, reacted or commented' on Covid-19 'misinformation' that the company has removed. This extraordinary fraud had earlier said that Facebook systematically sets out to marginalise those who question vaccine safety.


Zuckerberg should absolutely be in jail because he knows what he's doing and it was all in line with the Gates 'simulation' Event 201.


Cult-controlled Google, Twitter and Apple naturally engaged in similar coronavirus censorship with Google-owned YouTube announcing:

With few people to review content, our automated systems will be stepping in to keep YouTube safe. More videos will be removed than normal during this time including content that does not violate community guidelines.

Passed through my Orwellian Translation Unit this meant that we are coding the AI algorithms to target all information that we can which challenges the official version of the Cult virus narrative.


Where this is leading - the West becoming China - was promoted in an article in the elite-owned Atlantic magazine by two academics, Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith and Andrew Keane Woods, a professor at the University of Arizona.


The heading said it all:

'Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal - in the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.'



You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook all deleted my interview with London Real which exposed the zero evidence that 'Covid-19' existed.


YouTube gofer Susan Wojcicki then demonetised all my YouTube videos on any subject (followed by complete deletion) and Vimeo deleted some 700 videos on the Ickonic media platform because, among other pathetic excuses, some of them questioned vaccine safety. Ickonic was restored with our own playing system within days and the banned interview has been ginormously circulated by the public outside these digital kindergartens and been translated into many languages including Spanish and Italian.


This is what is possible when you don't give up and play the victim.


By the way, YouTube and Wojcicki said my interview had been banned as part of a newly-introduced rule whereby ...

... Any content that disputes the existence or transmission of Covid-19, as described by the WHO and local health authorities is in violation of YouTube policies. This includes conspiracy theories which claim that the symptoms are caused by 5G.

Take that in for a moment and smell the fascism.


The WHO narrative is the Gates narrative is the Cult narrative protected from challenge by the Cult's YouTube. Golden rule: If YouTube are promoting something or someone then the Cult wants them promoted and if they are deleting them the Cult wants them deleted. We were banned for a time from Twitter for posting another 'Covid-19' video made by an external source and think what the censorship will be like should ultra-Zionist billionaire Paul Singer get control of that company.


Add to all this the admission by General Sir Nick Carter, the UK's Chief of the Defence Staff, that the clandestine 77th Brigade of the British Army is involved in 'countering coronavirus misinformation online'.


The unit was created in 2015 to specialise 'non- lethal' forms of psychological warfare and use social media to 'fight in the information age'. Carter said the 77th Brigade had been tackling 'false information' about the pandemic on the Internet. A unit of the British Army, 2,000 strong, is seeking to manipulate the perceptions of British people by trashing opinions at odds with the state narrative and that of the Gates- owned World Health Organization.


That is how the fast-emerging fascism works.


The fake 'pandemic' is indeed global psychological warfare on the collective human psyche. Conversations in the Gates-World Economic Forum Event 201 'simulation' were a precursor to what was about to happen for real and anyone who thinks that is a coincidence needs a massive download of reality.


Bill Gates's father, William Henry Gates Sr, was head of the Rockefeller-created Planned Parenthood (connected to insider 'prophet' Dr Richard Day) which began life in the eugenics movement.


Boy Gates admits he was a 'one-time' believer in the eugenics theory of 18th/19th century cleric Thomas Malthus. The Gates Foundation pledged $100 million to 'fight the virus' and the Seattle Times reported as the 'coronavirus' hit America that a project funded by the Gates Foundation was producing home-testing kits for the disease. Gates staff said that positive results would be shared with 'health authorities' who would then track people's movements.


The test would involve taking a DNA sample and provide another addition to the DNA database (which all the 'tests' are doing). Gates is also funding the 'vaccine' which I will come to shortly.

Billy Boy stepped down from the board of Microsoft, which he co-founded, in mid-March 2020 to 'spend more time on philanthropic activities' and focus on 'global health and development, education and tackling climate change' - all Cult endeavors.


The timing of this was, shall we say, telling.



The Rockefeller prophecy

I was further alerted to a document by the Rockefeller Foundation from 2010 headed 'Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development' which included responses to an imaginary pandemic of an extremely virulent and deadly influenza strain that infected 20 percent of the world population and killed eight million in seven months.


The scenario envisaged by the infamous and One-percent Rockefeller Foundation, the inspiration for the Gates Foundation, had a 'deadly effect' on economies with empty shops and offices devoid of both employees and customers for months on end.


The document described how totalitarianism was introduced in countries of the West to 'protect citizens from risk and exposure':

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets.


Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems - from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty - leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.

At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval.


Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty - and their privacy - to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability. Citizens were more tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit.

In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests. In many developed countries, enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and, importantly, economic growth.

By mid-March, 2020, the numbers of new cases in China were reported to be falling just as they were increasing in the rest of the world and as the Rockefeller Foundation 'scenario' document had 'prophesized' China began to be praised for its authoritarian response made possible by its authoritarian non-democratic system.


A Forbes magazine headline said:

'For the US, Coronavirus lessons to be learned from China and South Korea'.

This was the pre-planned perceptual preparation for the Chinese lockdown to be seen as the blueprint response when in fact the fake test and cause of death registrations would decide the number of cases and fatalities that would follow.


The whole thing was a set-up orchestrated between Cult-controlled China and Cult networks in other countries.


The Rockefeller 'prophecy' document of 2010 had said:

However, a few countries did fare better - China in particular.


The Chinese government's quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries and enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery.

The Forbes magazine article in 2020 said of China's response,

'...those measures protected untold millions from getting the disease'.

The 2011 movie Contagion also pre-empted the events that followed the 'Covid-19 outbreak' in another amazing Hollywood prophecy. This is a summary of the storyline in which bats were blamed to begin with:

Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong [China], Beth Emhoff dies from what is a flu or some other type of infection. Her young son dies later the same day. Her husband Mitch however seems immune. Thus begins the spread of a deadly infection. For doctors and administrators at the US Centers for Disease Control, several days pass before anyone realizes the extent or gravity of this new infection.

They must first identify the type of virus in question and then find a means of combating it, a process that will likely take several months. As the contagion spreads to millions of people worldwide, societal order begins to break down as people panic.

Another description of the film says:

In a flashback, days before Beth is infected in China, a bulldozer knocks down a tree, disturbing some bats. One flies over a sty and drops a piece of banana, which is eaten by a pig.


The pigs are slaughtered and prepared by a chef who shakes hands with Beth in the casino, transferring the virus to her and making her Patient Zero.

What saves the day?


Well, well, a vaccine and the US Centers for Disease Control chose who had the vaccine by birthdate. Oh, yes, and 'conspiracy theorists' were demonized.


Here we have yet another Hollywood pre-emptive program and two representations of the One-percent describing a pandemic sequence with Event 201 happening with relation to an 'imaginary' coronavirus just before the real imaginary coronavirus 'broke out'.



The Gates vaccine

Bill Gates wasn't even subtle about the No-Problem-Reaction-Solution punchline of the 'pandemic' hoax and I guess he didn't need to be for the billions who have bought the official story without question and have no idea about the big picture of how they are being lassoed and branded.


For those of us who have tracked him and the Cult for decades he was an open book.


Just as the Chinese did not consider other possible causes for the illness in Wuhan except a 'virus' so Gates would not have any other responses considered except lockdown, isolation and a vaccine.


He talked immediately about the need for a vaccine and pledged hundreds of millions to 'find one' through a multitude of his funded sources. I said from the start that the vaccine Gates wanted to inject into the entirety of humanity already existed before the fake 'pandemic' had even started.


All this funding and working to develop a vaccine to 'save humanity' is more psychological bullshit to have people on their knees begging to be inoculated by the time it was 'ready' in the wake of 'new waves' of the 'virus just before vaccination was planned to begin. We were told that the vaccine could be ready in months when the normal development sequence and trials takes years.


How was this possible? It already existed.


They couldn't 'discover' the vaccine and start mass immunization too quickly or even the non-skeptical might ask how this could be done so quickly. They had to have some delay but they would seek to make that as short as possible.


Tucker Carlson, the only US TV anchor with the intelligence and courage to ask relevant questions, made a very potent point about 'coronavirus' vaccines:

Scientists have never produced a single approved vaccine or anti-viral drug for any coronavirus... We spent millions of dollars and more than a decade trying to find a vaccine for the SARS virus.


Scientists never developed one...

Ah, but if there is no 'Covid-19' virus and you are only creating the illusion of one by fixing the figures through fake diagnosis and death certificates then the vaccine, whatever the content, can appear to have worked if you change the policy on fake diagnosis and death certificates once the vaccine is introduced.


Gates, the software-peddling psychopath, had placed himself above elected governments in true technocratic style to dictate vaccination policy for the whole world.


He made it clear that,

'for the world at large normalcy only returns when we have vaccinated the entire global population.'

Can you imagine the scale of arrogance that it takes for the software-peddler to make that statement? It's just a glimpse of the arrogant, narcissistic psychopathy that pervades the global Cult and its operatives.


The Cult-Gates plan is to make the vaccination compulsory and failing that to stop people returning to anything like their previous lifestyle unless they agree to be vaccinated.

You want to come out of lockdown? Then you have the vaccination or stay as you are...

This is why they are so desperate to keep the lockdowns going in some form until the vaccine is produced.


These people are undiluted evil - the absence of love. I see also the comments of some 'experts' that because 'older people tend to have weaker immune responses to vaccines' the elderly 'might need two doses of the jab'.


Gates further demands that people who have been vaccinated must be marked so that technology can pick up the signal to confirm your branding. Now we see the real reason for the Gates/Gavi 'quantum tattoo' that I highlighted earlier.

I described how the Gates Foundation is funding the development of an 'tattoo' that will identify those who have and have not been vaccinated. The excuse was to identify vaccinated children in the developing world, but it is clear what the 'tattoo' was really for - giving the entirety of humanity the 'Mark of the Beast'.


Gates has funded research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create an 'invisible quantum tattoo' to be embedded in the skin and read by a smartphone camera app. reported:

The invisible 'tattoo' accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots - tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light - that glows under infrared light.


The pattern - and vaccine - gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.

Yet again Gates's timing was perfect to sync with the 'pandemic' that he predicted.


The Gates 'tattoo' is connected to the ID2020 'alliance' seeking to impose a digital identity on everyone. This alliance consists of those legendary lovers of humanity Microsoft, Gavi, the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture and


Add to this the technology 'being developed' (already developed) by facial recognition camera producers to track heartbeats, temperature and social distancing.


This is one description:

Photon-X object recognition and analytics combined with VSBLTY facial recognition will provide an advanced screening tool for facilities to identify and validate that someone with a high temperature is about to enter a building.


Fever, cough and difficulty breathing are some of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

The Gates vaccine or vaccines will contain other diseases for further waves of lockdown, a sterilization agent, and possibly something to 'target specific genotypes' in the words of the Project for the New American Century.


Crucially there will be nanotechnology microchips or 'smart dust' to connect the human race to the Smart Grid and mutate human DNA and genetics into synthetic biological machines which I say that people like Gates and the rest of the Cult inner core already are - biological AI.


Rockefeller insider Dr Richard Day told the Pittsburgh pediatricians in 1969 about plans to inoculate diseases in vaccination programs and that's being going on for a long time which is one reason why so many children are getting sicker.


I described the nanotechnology I believed would be in the 'Covid-19' vaccine in my first interview with London Real on these subjects before the lockdowns got into full swing and Gates came rapidly to the fore about his vaccine.


Weeks later I watched a video interview with Celeste Solum, a former employee of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has been widely exposed in my books since the mid-1990s.


FEMA is a 100 percent front for the Cult and is given extraordinary powers over American society once a state of national emergency has been declared and that is what Donald Trump did on March 13th, 2020. Celeste Solum, who worked in a number of roles for FEMA including planning for pandemics, said in her interview that the fake pandemic was designed to enforce vaccinations that would include nanochips or sensors.


Everyone in the world would have to be tested for 'Covid-19' and vast numbers will test positive for reasons I have explained. Solum said that the real reason for this was a 'big DNA harvesting':

'They want all our DNA in the big giant supercomputers.'

A series of vaccinations was planned - not only one - which will contain aborted fetal tissue and what she calls 'the DARPA hydro-gel sensor' which had been in development for ten years. This consists of nano-particles in a 'gelatin form' which once injected 'begin to assemble'.


Solum is describing what I detailed earlier about smart dust which can replicate inside the body and assemble systems to transform the nature of the body from human to a form of machine.


She said the nano-particles fuse with tissue and becomes one with the body.

'You become one with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things', Solum said.


'You become your own computer interface... and you are one with the hive, the system, whatever you want to say.'

This is precisely what I have been warning about in the books for so long.


Figure 385:

Exactly what it is.

Solum said that people would be forced to have this 'sensor' vaccination on the grounds that it will alert the authorities that you are sick before even you know you are sick.


This is the real reason for the Gates vaccination and he well knows that which is why he is a super-psychopath who should be in jail for the rest of his life.


More confirmation came when he said in a television interview that 700,000 people could be damaged by a global 'Covid-19' vaccination (and the rest) and so governments would have to agree to indemnify vaccine producers from responsibility. In that one sentence Bill Gates personified himself (Fig 385).


Another crucial aspect of a Gates vaccine is the emerging new vaccination technique that the Cult is desperate to introduce called DNA or genetic immunization. This has been described as 'hacking your DNA'. It fits like a glove and it is vital to keep our eyes firmly on this.


DNA vaccines are used in animals, but not yet humans.


They inject a 'plasmid' which is defined as 'small circular pieces of DNA mainly found in bacteria that replicate independently from the host's chromosomal DNA'. Note that once in the body they replicate independently. Plasmids used in vaccines would be genetically-engineered and hence the term 'synthetic DNA vaccines'.


They are described as 'mimicking' a 'viral infection'.



The Gates vaccine horror story by Robert F. Kennedy Jr

I mentioned earlier that Robert F. Kennedy Jr, son of the assassinated US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy, has spoken out often and vociferously against the health effects of vaccinations.


His father and JFK were murdered in the 1960s by assets of the same Cult behind the fake 'pandemic'.


Gates said that Trump told him in 2017 that he was considering 'somebody, I think his name was Robert Kennedy Jr' (the arrogance of it) to head an inquiry into the safety of vaccines.


The software psychopath said he told Trump:

'No, that would be a dead end, that would be a bad thing, don't do that.'

Robert Kennedy Jr did not mince words amid the demands by Bill Gates for a 'Covid-19' vaccine that everyone must have worldwide.


Kennedy said:

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feeds his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft's ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and gives him dictatorial control over global health policy - the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Kennedy went on to highlight the disastrous effects for hundreds of thousands of children of Gates vaccine programmes.


He said Gates polio vaccination campaigns had paralyzed 496,000 children in India between 2000 and 2017 while other Gates catastrophes included autoimmune and fertility disorders suffered by 1,200 girls with seven of them dying. He said they were among 23,000 girls from remote Indian villages vaccinated by Gates programs in league with Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Merck.


This is the same shameless Gates that said 'people who engage in anti- vaccine efforts kill children'. Kennedy accused the Gates organization of using unethical practices to pressure girls to participate in the trial, intimidating parents, falsifying consent forms, and denying medical care to the affected. He was quoting from a case before the Indian Supreme Court.


Polio, also known as poliomyelitis and infantile paralysis, is a perfect example of vaccine deceit.


Polio paralysis began when lead arsenate started to be widely sprayed as an insecticide and the produce consumed. Lead arsenate spraying began in 1892 and the first US polio 'epidemic' came in Vermont in 1894, but the Big Pharma cartel (created by the Rockefeller family) decreed that polio is caused by... the poliovirus which 'spreads from person to person and can infect a person's spinal cord'.


Polio continued with the introduction of DDT, another devastating poison, particularly after the Second World War until its virtual worldwide ban in the 1970s and 80s.


Lead arsenate and DDT both poison the brain and nervous system which is the cause of polio paralysis and as you would expect cases of polio plummeted when DDT was reduced in use and then banned. In the meantime Big Pharma introduced a polio vaccine which was then given the credit for the reduction.


'Vaccine-eradicated' diseases were in decline before vaccines were introduced and diseases like scarlet fever for which there was not a vaccine declined in the same way.


Dr Andrew Kaufman said:

'If you actually go back and look for the evidence that vaccines have prevented disease you're not going to find it.'

Today polio is caused overwhelmingly by vaccinations for polio so beloved of Gates. Robert Kennedy Jr wrote:

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain.


The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

The World Health Organization was accused in 2014 of sterilizing millions of women in Kenya by using deception and the evidence was confirmed by the content of the vaccines involved.


The WHO admitted its involvement for more than 10 years with the vaccine program and similar charges were lodged by other countries including Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.


This is the organization controlled by Gates that is not only declaring and driving the 'pandemic', but being protected from exposure by Zuckerberg's Facebook, Wojcicki's YouTube and Silicon Valley and the mainstream media in general.


The Gates Foundation is connected through funding and mutual agendas to 20 pharmaceutical giants and laboratories and he is accused of directing the policy of United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Gavi, and other groupings, and using them to both advance the vaccine agenda and silence those opposing the policy.


Robert Kennedy Jr also turned his fire on the Gates-connected Trump 'pandemic advisor' Dr Anthony Fauci who he said had 'poisoned an entire generation of Americans'.


He accused Fauci of 'an extensive legacy of fraud and cover-ups in his decades-long career with the federal government during which he 'operated as a workplace tyrant and ruined the careers of countless physicians and researchers' who had worked with integrity. Kennedy said that in at least one instance Fauci targeted a whistleblower trying to expose how the American blood supply has been infected with deadly disease strains.


He said Fauci ruined the career of this physician and covered up the evidence. Kennedy claimed Fauci was using his position to secure lucrative vaccine patents.


Doctors and researchers below him in the hierarchy would develop breakthrough technologies and then be dismissed to allow Fauci to seize ownership of their work. Kennedy said Fauci owned 'many, many vaccine patents' including one for a special protein sheet to circulate vaccine material throughout the body.


He said Fauci didn't develop this, but stole it from someone else who was fired after creating it:

Tony Fauci fired [this person] and he somehow ended up owning that patent, and that patent is now being used... to make vaccines for the coronavirus... that company has a 50/50 split with Tony Fauci's agency... so Fauci's agency will collect half the royalties on that vaccine and there's no limit for how much the agency can collect.

Kennedy said that Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were really subsidiaries of Big Pharma and these so-called federal agencies were corporations in disguise working with Big Pharma to generate enormous profits on the backs of sick and dying people.



The biggest cause of death - lockdown

While we are told to surrender our most basic rights in the name of protection from the 'virus' the death toll from the lockdown, cancelled operations and diagnosis is going to be both monumental and ongoing.


Lockdown deaths are sure to be way higher than even the manipulated figures falsely attributed to 'Covid-19'. I have described how old people are denied treatment and pressured to sign do not resuscitate forms, but it's not just old people that are being fatally affected.


Others would die from a long list of causes, including cancer and heart disease, by not being diagnosed or treated while hospitals had hundreds of empty beds and doctors and medical staff had next to nothing to do. Here's an example relating to cancer in Britain. Multiply the same situation across the world and the figures for cancer alone will be breathtaking even without all the other causes of death from the same lack of diagnoses and treatment.


Cancer specialists were warning before the end of April that thousands in the UK were missing out on cancer diagnosis with the charity Cancer Research UK reporting a decline in screening and referrals of some 2,700 fewer people every week.


Richard Sullivan, professor of cancer and global health at King's College London, said there was more fear of Covid-19 than of having cancer.


What a testament that is to the power of perceptual programming.

'A lot of services have had to scale back - we've seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of elective cancer surgery', Sullivan said.


'Years of lost life will be quite dramatic', he continued, and there would be 'a huge amount of avoidable mortality.'

Sarah Woolnough, executive director for policy at Cancer Research UK, said there had been a 75 percent drop in urgent referrals to hospitals by family doctors of people with suspected cancer.


To think that the UK 'Health' Secretary, Matt Hancock, who knows nothing about 'health', said it was not advisable for some cancer treatments to go ahead during an epidemic because of the risks of exposure to the 'virus'.

Professor Sullivan pointed out another consequence of the lockdown - a huge wave of people and health problems that would overwhelm hospitals when they were fully open again.


This is the very situation that the lockdowns were supposed to avoid as they 'protected' (empty) hospitals from being overrun.


Inversion, inversion, wherever you look - including keeping people out of the sun while saying that sunlight 'kills viruses'. Sullivan said it could take up to a year to return the health service to normal even if the lockdowns stopped then in the last week of April.


These were only the consequences for cancer patients. Add all the other untreated conditions and the hospital backlog worldwide was bound to be extraordinary in scale. Another clearly predictable consequence was the psychological effect of locking people away in their homes, often tiny, for weeks on end knowing that their employment or business was gone and money was running out.


Despair and desperation were certain to unravel mental and bodily health and increase suicide through lack of hope and a sense of pointlessness. This was already becoming clear in the psychological trauma experienced by many Italians in their longest of lockdowns.


I asked staff at food stores if they had noticed any difference in the demeanor of people since the lockdowns.


They certainly had.

'People look like they're going to their own funeral', one told me.

The ongoing effects of this will have multiple expressions and consequences - as the Cult knew they would.


Meanwhile the elite themselves ignored lockdown laws with former US President Barack Obama driven 40 miles by a government chauffeur to play golf on an empty course while his wife Michelle was voicing over a video telling the public to stay at home.


Boris Johnson's advisor (handler) Dominic Cummings flouted lockdown laws as did Professor Neil Ferguson.



Hunger Games bonanza


Figure 386:

Everything I have been warning about for 30 years

was potentially delivered by one 'virus'.

Pure chance? Yes, of course it was.


Figure 387:

The Hunger Games Society agenda

that I have been exposing for decades

 has advanced with incredible speed

during the fake 'pandemic'

- which is why the Cult hoaxed the 'pandemic'.

(Image Neil Hague.)

The vaccine is only one aspect - albeit crucial - of why the fake 'pandemic' has been orchestrated.


Given what I had written in the book before we reached this stage some of the other central reasons should now be obvious given the impact of the lockdowns on human life with billions in effect under house arrest. Box after box of the long-time Cult agenda are being ticked (Fig 386).


I have been writing since the Cult-driven economic crash of 2008 that another even more extreme financial collapse was planned to deliver still greater swathes of people into the Hunger Games Society and here we are - big time (Fig 387).


This was the certain outcome of the lockdowns from day one and all was coldly-planned to ensure that untold numbers of businesses would never reopen again throwing both owners and employees out of work.


Trillions of dollars were unleashed in 'stimulus packages' which as always benefited the super-rich far more than those truly in need.


The richest of universities with billions in the bank were recipients of public money while even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the hugely-funded Israel-serving censorship operation, demanded bail-out dosh while the masses went under.


Countries were heading for bankruptcy if this continued, but no matter - the lockdowns continued in an exercise in economic suicide that would open the way for the 'new system' that the Cult has for so long pursued. Stock markets nose-dived along with oil prices as the 'virus' officially expanded out of China.


As stock prices dropped the Cult was buying up businesses and resources at cents on the dollar to secure even more control. Ultra-Zionist billionaire Bill Ackman told CNBC that the United States was in serious jeopardy - 'Hell is coming' - unless the White House closed the country.


He then made a $2.6 billion profit on market bets related to closing down the country.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world's first 'centibillionaire', a man who vies with Bill Gates for the title of the planet's richest individual, asked for public donations to provide basic support to his 800,000 employees who were suffering in poverty in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


These people have no shame.

The restaurant industry was America's biggest private sector employer with 15.6 million jobs before the 'virus' shutdown and that is not including all the food and other suppliers which depend on that industry. All was banned by the Gates (Cult) front-people. Global chains and other Cult corporations circled like vultures to pick up the scraps for a pittance and further increase their monopoly.


The James Beard Foundation, a New York- based culinary organization, reported near the end of April that independent restaurants had laid off 91 percent of their hourly employees and nearly 70 percent of salaried employees as of April 13th.


The Beard survey of 1,400 small and independent restaurants found that 28 percent said they didn't believe they could survive another month of closure.


Even if they did - and the same with all businesses - where was the money coming from to regenerate custom amid such colossal unemployment? Hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, entertainment and sport were devastated and everything that in any way gathered people together.


More places of potential human gathering, discourse and interaction have been lost - exactly what the Cult wants and this was emphasized by health-irrelevant 'social distancing'.


It is literal divide and rule by government diktat. UK government advisor Robert Dingwall from the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group revealed in a radio interview that the two-meter social distancing rule was 'conjured up out of nowhere' and was not based on science.


No, it was based on control and division and it didn't come 'out of nowhere', but from the Cult. This is why it was imposed all over the world at the same time and people did what they were told because that's all they have ever learned to do.


We had, for example, the 1.3 million people in the US state of Maine kept under lock and key on the say-so of the notoriously arrogant and stupid Governor Janet Mills at a time when just 15 people had died in Maine 'from the virus' even with the fake diagnosis and death certificate scam. The Maine economy was devastated and unemployment soared while Mills continued to take her money as normal. US state governors became one- person dictators imposing the will of the Cult.


California governor Gavin Newsom closed 43 miles of Orange County beaches at a time when Will O'Neil, the mayor of Newport Beach, was pointing out the following:

Orange County has 3.2 million people who live here. It's bigger than 22 states... and of all of those people we have lost 50 people to this virus. That's 0.001 percent of our population. In our local hospital we have 475 beds. They have never treated more than 25 people at any given time and yesterday they had nine people that they were treating and only one percent of their ventilators were being used.

Newson is the man who won't enforce American immigration law, but closes 43 miles of beaches in the circumstances the mayor described. These governors serving the Cult agenda and dictatorship must all be removed at the earliest possible moment.


To confirm the contempt of the Cult-controlled establishment Trump's Gates-connected 'virus' advisor Anthony Fauci said shaking hands might have to become a thing of the past, but having sex with a stranger you met on the Internet was okay. These people are laughing at you.

The International Labour Organization estimated that some 1.6 billion people - nearly half the global workforce - could see their livelihoods destroyed.


What does that mean? Dependency and control which is what all this is really about along with the contents of the Gates vaccine.


The shutdown consequences have been especially lethal for smaller businesses which the Cult wants to delete to open the way for its corporations to control all commerce, trade and production (see Amazon which thrived during the lockdowns).


Ponder the consequences when figures I saw claimed that companies with fewer than 20 staff employ about 90 percent of Americans. Rural areas not affected by even the fake version of the 'virus' were shutdown anyway to advance the plan for rural depopulation and enslavement in smart cities.


By the closing days of April Fortune magazine was reporting that a staggering 26.5 million American workers were made unemployed by the lockdowns with the numbers rising by millions per week.


Fortune said that when added to the seven million already jobless before the shutdown it would equal more than 33 million unemployed,

'a real unemployment rate of 20.6% - which would be the highest level since 1934'.

Similar surges in job losses have been happening in the UK and across the locked-down world.


Of course that was going to happen. It was a prime reason for the lockdowns. To secure control of the masses in the Hunger Games Society the Cult needs to destroy independent livelihoods and the 'pandemic' hoax meant they could secure in weeks what would otherwise have taken years and decades.


Take away access to independent businesses, employment and income and what are you left with - dependency on the state (Cult) and the Hunger Games Society that I described earlier in this book, and in previous ones, before the 'pandemic' deception was even played.



The New System

I have warned for decades that the plan was to impose a whole new centralized economic system for total global control.


This has been pursued through the climate change hoax which demands just such a system to 'save the world' and the economic effects of the fake pandemic provided unlimited potential for economic catastrophe - Problem-Reaction-Solution or, in the case of the 'virus' and 'climate change', NO-Problem-Reaction-Solution.


Lower-paid people - the 'serfs' to the Cult - would lose their jobs and their homes through their inability to pay the rent and so would people who considered themselves well-paid and in safe employment until weeks before.


The Cult's vulture banks were poised for a frenzy of home repossession that would exceed by many magnitudes the fall-out of 2008 and advance the goal of deleting privately-owned property that I described earlier.


Even those that are able to hang on to property have seen the value drop to below what they paid for it so cementing them in to their current abode unable to move due to negative equity.


How many more people would fall into the lower reaches of the Hunger Games pyramid as a result of their business or job disappearing in the wake of government response to the 'virus'?


Potentially - billions...


Economic meltdown was not caused by a 'virus', but by the calculated Deep State response to a fake 'virus' and this prompted predictable calls for another Cult ambition - a basic (miserly) guaranteed income with all the consequences for freedom that I laid out earlier.


The Cult has controlled the position of Pope for centuries and when a genuine man somehow slips through like Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani) in 1978 he was murdered through poisoning after the Freemasonically-significant 33 days in office while he was planning to purge the Vatican of Cult influences.


He has been followed by the exceedingly ungenuine Pope John Paul II, Benedict and now Francis who predictably called for a guaranteed income as the lockdown consequences struck home just as he has called for world government and a transformation of global society to meet the 'challenge of climate change'.


If Pope Francis wants it, the Cult wants it, because the Cult owns him...


Italy has been particularly hit by the pandemic hoax with the longest lockdown of all and remember what the Sabbatian-Frankist extremists and 'rabbis' said about the need to destroy 'Edom' - Rome, Italy and Christianity - before their 'Messiah' could arrive.


The Cult-owned Pope Francis said of a guaranteed income:

This may be the time to consider a universal basic wage which would acknowledge and dignify the noble, essential tasks you carry out. It would ensure and concretely achieve the ideal, at once so human and so Christian, of no worker without rights.

You don't give a damn about them Francis, you bloody fraud.


The barely survivable 'guaranteed income' (so long as you do what the government tells you) is part of a long-planned new economic, cashless, digital system of total centralized control that I have been warning about for decades.


Cash has been systematically demonized during the fake 'pandemic' hysteria on the grounds that handling money can pass on the 'disease' (see insanity). The Cult-owned, Gates-controlled, World Health Organization advised everyone to use contactless digital technology instead of cash to protect themselves from the 'virus'.


Better have a cashless society, then, eh? It's so bloody transparent. John Howells, chief executive of Link, which runs Britain's 70,000 cashpoints, said the 'virus' has dramatically sped up the switch from cash to card and online payments and that cash could be almost killed off by the end of the summer as shoppers switch to using cards and never go back.

Bill Gates's Microsoft owns the patent for a 'cryptocurrency system using body activity data'.


The patent states:

'Instead of massive computation work required by some conventional cryptocurrency systems, data generated [is] based on the body activity of the user ...'

A cryptocurrency is,

'a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank'.

Many in the alternative media believed that cryptocurrency was the key to bringing down the elite system when in fact the Cult has been behind it all along.


China, the blueprint for the world, responded to the 'pandemic' by launching a digital currency and 'blockchain' (transaction record) system for 'trials'. Cult and Rockefeller insider Dr Richard Day told those pediatricians in 1969 that this very economic system was coming. He is quoted here by pediatrician Lawrence Dunegan:

The bringing in of the new system he said probably would occur on a weekend in the winter. Everything would shut down on Friday evening and Monday morning when everybody wakened there would be an announcement that the New System was in place.

During the process in getting the United States ready for these changes everybody would be busier with less leisure time and less opportunity to really look about and see what was going on around them.



Ticking all the boxes

The Climate Cult and New Wokeness, manipulated by the same force behind the pandemic, disgustingly exploited the 'virus' economic crash to impose the Green New Deal, racism and migrant agendas with the utterly ludicrous Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats insisting that any government financial support must be dependent on companies employing diversity officers and accepting carbon emission targets.


New Woke New York Mayor Bill de Blasio linked the 'pandemic' to 'structural racism'.


We are truly dealing with heartless psychopathy here and you watch the Climate Cult use the economic fall-out of the 'virus' response to push for deindustrialization and the Cult's new economic system.


The Gate-Davos World Economic Forum published the most pathetically predictable article headed:

'How COVID-19 might help us win the fight against climate change'...

You don't say.


The author was Victoria Crawford, Project Lead, Environmental Resilience, at the World Economic Forum Geneva.


She said:

While we are reeling in the shock of what is happening around us and coming to terms with our new reality, we could seize this moment as a unique window of opportunity to re-build our society and economy as we want it.


With scientists warning we have 10 years left to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, this could offer an opportunity to fix the climate crisis before it's too late.


A number of shifts brought on by the COVID-19 emergency lay the groundwork for the transformation required.

Which is, of course, one reason why the virus hoax was perpetrated.


Calls soon began for the Marxist, technocratic, 'Green New Deal' to be the foundation of any economic recovery and the almost permanently scowling puppet-child that is Greta Thunberg pronounced:

'Whether we like it or not the world has changed, it looks completely different from how it did a few months ago, and it will probably not look the same again, and we are going to have to choose a new way forward.'

Oh, and what way would that be, Greta? Ahh, your way - or rather the way of the adults that control you from the shadows.

'If one single virus can destroy economies in a matter of weeks, it shows we are not thinking long term and we are not taking these risks into account', said the savior of the world.

Shakes head, moves on. New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a face of the Green New Deal, surveyed the economic devastation faced by Americans and said of the oil price collapse:

'You absolutely love to see it. This along with record low interest rates means it's the right time for a worker-led mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet.'

The narcissism and lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.


Brian May, guitarist with the band Queen, cited eating meat as the cause of the 'virus' as he promoted veganism. May said he had gone into protective isolation early because he 'saw it coming'. I wonder how many have seen him coming? New Woke Germany closed its border to visitors from Europe, but migrants claiming asylum from the Middle East and Africa were still allowed to enter.


Something similar was naturally happening in Sweden. Efforts to stop migrants continuing to enter the United States to take well-paid jobs until Americans recovered from the economic hurricane were blocked - of course they were. One Cult agenda could not be allowed to get in the way of another and every opportunity was taken to cash-in on the manipulated panic.


George Soros demanded that prisoners be released from jail because of the 'pandemic' to advance his efforts to create the 'jungle environment' described in Cult documents and thousands in jail for serious crime were set free.


Typical of the New Woke mentality planned to be unleashed in the wake of the 'pandemic' is British actor Idris Elba who told TV host Oprah Winfrey that the Earth had created the virus to, in effect, punish humanity:

We've damaged our world. And, you know, it's no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.


It's no surprise that a virus has been created that is going to slow us down and ultimately make us think differently about our world and ourselves...

For me, that's a standout thing that's very obvious.


This is almost the world's cry out to say,

'Hey! You're kicking me! What you're doing is not good. So I'll get rid of you!'

Get the message - humans are dangerous and so much so the government says you need to stay six feet away from any of them.


Humans are to be feared. They are horrible. The ridiculous Elba also told Winfrey that he had tested positive with coronavirus and was 'recovering well' without developing any symptoms.


The rather obvious contradiction between the Earth getting rid of humans with a virus from which he was 'recovering well' with no symptoms seemed to pass him by, but then the New Woke mind is good at that. Maybe the Earth is just crap at mass human genocide and leaves it to the Cult.


Another ticked box has been the Cult assault on religion (any community group working in mutual support) with churches closed by law - some never to reopen again.


This drove a juggernaut through the freedoms enshrined in the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights which were shredded by the Cult and its fascistic operatives and in doing so their political goons were acting illegally.



The sequence

The major Cult centre of China came out of the 'pandemic' better than anyone even though the 'virus' is supposed to have started there.


Look at the sequence of events and you can make that because it started there. It was vital for the pandemic scam to work for the lockdown response blueprint to be secured from the beginning as described in the Rockefeller Foundation pandemic scenario document of 2010.


The frenzy about a deadly virus circulating in Wuhan was met with dramatic fascistic lockdowns by the Cult-controlled Chinese authorities with people locked in their homes to die of starvation and others pulled off the streets or from their homes who ended up who knows where?


The cases and deaths reported by the Chinese from the 'new virus' suddenly and miraculously started to recede down to a reported nothing. This is what can happen when your 'pandemic' is the result of fake diagnosis in a city notorious for respiratory disease because of its profoundly toxic air.


Add to this that Wuhan was the first 5G 'smart city' and the potential to fake a health crisis is limitless.


I stress that I am not talking about fake as in no one died, but as in what they died from and what was causing their symptoms - potentially everything from long exposure to toxic air to particular 5G frequencies.


The key was to set in place the perception of the most effective way to respond to the 'virus' when it was said to have spread to the West and Tedros, the Gates-stooge at the World Health Organization, was immediately on-message praising China for its actions and pointing to the Chinese response as how the West should act when the 'deadly virus' arrived.


For the Cult deception to succeed this had to be severe lockdowns and the closure of businesses that would collapse the world economy and independent livelihoods.


Just as this was being imposed in the West China began its economic recovery to secure more control and power over the ailing Western world.


Locked-down Wuhan became locked- down target West (Figs 388 and 389).


Figure 388:

What happened in China would be repeated in other countries

- exactly as planned once the blueprint response was created.


Figure 389:

Teeming tourists in Venice.


Figure 390:

'Social distancing'.


Figure 391:

This is how it works and the 'pandemic'

is a classic example.

Italy was the next media focus of attention to terrify the population in the West, and their out-of-the-loop politicians, with what could be coming to every country.


This terror was underpinned by the outrageous death projections pouring off the computers at Imperial College. What they didn't tell you is that the centre of the Italian 'epidemic' of 'Covid-19' was a mirror of Wuhan in terms of infamously toxic air, the subsequent respiratory disease, and exceedingly high death rates.


This was a region also recently introduced to 5G.


The Italian government locked down the entire country from March 9th, 2020, as cases and deaths increased through fraudulent diagnosis of lung disease by other causes as 'Covid-19'. Public gatherings of every kind were banned including sporting events and all except essential and approved travel.


People had to show forms at checkpoints explaining why they were travelling and there were fines of $200 for being outside 'for no reason'. There were threats of long jail sentences for anyone who knowingly had the 'virus' (tested positive for genetic material, not the virus) failing to isolate and 'infecting' others who subsequently died.


Law enforcement roamed the empty streets with surveillance drones ensuring compliance with house arrest (Fig 390).


It was like a scene - appropriately - from a Hollywood dystopian sci-fi movie and the same sequence followed in other lockdown countries with fines or jail for those leaving their homes without authorization. What happened in Italy further embedded the belief that lockdowns were imperative to 'save us' and other countries followed one by one like dominoes falling as they followed the same centrally- dictated Cult script.


It's all a mind game. It is amazing how few people and key positions you need to control to dictate policy throughout an entire pyramidal system, be that in terms of government policy or top-down instructions to doctors and medical staff.


This is done through a combination of Cult psychopaths (the very few) and clueless people who carry out the policy without question or challenge (Fig 391).



Follow the money - dependency

Economies were affected even more seriously by so much global production and supply being handed to China decade after decade by major Cult corporations to take advantage of slave labour while jobs were deleted at home.


There is, irony of ironies, an almost total dependence on China for American drugs including antibiotics - a reported 96 percent of which are sourced to China. Similar dependency will be found in other countries. ABC News reported that around 90 percent of the active ingredients used by American companies in drug manufacturing come from China and some say more.


The government-controlled (everything is) official Chinese news service published an article as the 'virus' expanded gloating at the country's control over drug supplies to the United States and speculated on what would happen to Americans if China cut off those supplies.


Why would America be so stupid as to become dependent for drugs and other basic products on a country we are told is the 'enemy'?


It's not American stupidity in terms of the public, but Cult design through its Big Pharma cartel and compliant politicians while the Cult-controlled media provide cover for the Chinese dictators. The New Woke American media and other extremists said that to call the outbreak the 'Chinese virus' or 'Wuhan virus' was 'racism'.


Presidential candidate Joe Biden said referring to the coronavirus as a 'foreign virus' was 'xenophobia'.


Criticism of China is racist when the Chinese system is incredibly racist. Observe the New Woke/media theme of protecting the Chinese technocracy whether the subject is the fake 'virus' or 'climate change'.


Similar US and global dependency is being manipulated by the hour on Israeli smart and cyber technology with dependency on both China and Israel connected to the same planned outcome. In the end China is supposed to win this economic and possibly even full-blown 'war', not the United States, with Sabbatian-Frankists out of Israel systematically destroying America to ensure a global society based on the Chinese model.


I say 'China' is supposed to win, but I don't mean the country or its people.


The Chinese model is planned to globally win with the Cult out of Israel at the helm, not the current Chinese dictatorship which answers to the Cult anyway. Look how much stronger China is now in relation to the West than it was before the 'virus' began in China.


Claims about a bioweapon released from the Wuhan lab further fuels the fire for conflict with China which is the Cult plan. This does not mean that a bioweapon release (or the appearance of one using 60 GHz 5G) is not part of the Cult plan at some point.


When the 'prophet' Bill Gates says that a bioweapon could be his 'pandemic 2' to follow what he calls 'pandemic 1' it's important to take note.



Survival response triggered? Yep - now we can do anything

The pandemic scenario is more psychological manipulation playing off the public's fear of death and the unknown to elicit the desired reaction and support for tyranny.


An added bonus is that humanity's innate fear of death and the unknown means that large swathes of the population have no problem with the most authoritarian response so long as they believe it will protect them from death and disease. Once the 'virus' hysteria was unleashed what followed was easily predictable as events and actions took on a life and momentum of their own with extreme authoritarian action taken to 'protect the people' amid public fear and panic.


Israel, for example, changed the law to allow phones of coronavirus cases to be legally tracked and Google, Apple and other Cult fronts announced they were sharing user location data with governments to track the movements of citizens, detect gatherings and enforce social distancing compliance.


France was among the first governments to demand this and others followed.


In Britain, Europe, North America and across the world the population was faced with the full imposition of the state (the Cult global state in fact) through police and military - the combination planned for the Hunger Games global society. India began giving indelible hand stamps to people suspected of having the virus.


Reuters reported that the Trump White House ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified which Reuters described as,

'an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the US government's response to the contagion, according to four Trump administration officials'.

The classification was apparently ordered in mid- January, 2020, by the National Security Council (NSC) and government officials speaking anonymously were quoted as saying that this prevented experts in the field from taking part in meetings.


Other reports have made it clear when dots are connected that the NSC was directing the response to the 'virus' along with the Pentagon and intelligence community which together with government administrators and law enforcement form the fascistic Deep State (owned by the Cult).


This should have red flags flying from every pole. Every opportunity was taken to advance all aspects of the Cult agenda I have been exposing for decades. This included restrictions on legally buying guns in the United States with many gun stores forcibly shut down and the ultra-Zionist-owned New York Times somehow managing to blame Christians for the 'outbreak'.


Clueless politicians just trotted along behind Cult agents and agencies doing whatever they were told.



Divide and rule made literal

Figure 392:

News report on panic buying.

What happens when the reptilian brain survival instinct kicks-in.

Never mind the rest of you it's all about ME.

Nothing divides a community faster than the fear that others may be carriers of a disease and could give it to you.


People have been driven further apart and into further mistrust through what has been dubbed 'social distancing' which is defined as 'reducing the contact people have with each other' to include,

'reducing socializing in public places such as entertainment or sports events, reducing our use of non-essential public transport or recommending more home working.'

Populations were ordered to stay six feet from each other and not gather in a group of more than two unless they lived in the same home.


A quick-step version of the Totalitarian Tiptoe was evident as they swiftly moved through ever more authoritarian measures which had not been considered necessary only days before.


I call it the push-the-gate technique. You push the first gate and if there is no resistance you move on to the next one and push that. If there is no resistance you go on to the next, and so on. People were standing in line into the distance outside supermarkets on a one-in, one-out, basis no matter if the sun was shining or it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale (great for health).


People just complied without question or challenge.


The brainless controlled by the heartless just announced the next stage of the tyranny and like laboratory animals the great majority did whatever they were told. They may be the brainless controlled by the heartless but they are in positions of authority and so we must do what they say.


Thus, in a sentence, you have the foundation of human control since humans came into existence. A predictable public response followed as panic buying (the survival response) emptied shops of food and other products (Fig 392).


I went to a local supermarket which had been normal two days earlier and as I went to walk in a guy on the door who wasn't usually there said that I had to go to the back of the queue.


There was so much space between people that I didn't even notice a queue. What queue? I asked. He pointed and there rolling back as far as I could see was this line of people all six feet apart - and this was in a quiet time in the middle of the day.


Goodness knows what it was like in the busy periods. I never went back again to find out. Why was this suddenly necessary when it had not been considered to be so throughout the 'virus' hysteria right up to that day? No one seemed to be asking.


How easy it is to impose anything in the face of unquestioning compliance (Fig 393).



The police-military state


Figure 393:

Freedom deleted - it is so easy.

(Image by Neil Hague.)

Draconian laws enforcing these impositions that suspended freedom and democracy were predicted to go on for months, even more than a year, and drive people apart in exactly the way the Cult requires to connect them ever more powerfully in wave-connection relationship with AI technology through which human interaction is conducted during 'social distancing'.


The psychology is again that humans are dangerous (see 'global warming') and AI technology is safe.


We should not forget either that while billions can clearly be locked away under house arrest on a global scale their only other means of communication - the Internet - is controlled by Cult agencies and can be switched off any time they choose.

And a few people can't control the world??


Have no illusions that this is part of the plan at some point if we go on acting like rabbits frozen by the headlights of an oncoming truck.


Democracy suspended, freedom deleted, but, hey, what's the problem?

We have surely learned from the experience what some of us have been pointing out all along:

The police and military are not there to protect human rights and freedom.


They are there to impose the will of the state (the few) on the rest of humanity.

There are genuine people in the police and military and I most certainly acknowledge that, but alongside them are idiots and psychopaths who have been orgasmic in the new era of unchecked power.


To think that some of the moronic people in uniform that have been caught on phone cameras have actually been given power over people's lives. Police (and military in some countries) set up roadblocks to question people on where they were going and why.


It was straight from the Nazi/communist playbook for good reason - it was fascism/communism or more accurately the fast-emerging police/military state of the Hunger Games Society technocracy.

Streets were tracked by drones straight out of dystopian (pre-emptive programming) movies with some used to bark orders from the air at the public below. Police extremists like those in Derbyshire, England, New York and elsewhere even used drones to track individuals walking in the countryside far from any other human being. In the case of New York and other American states the drones were gifted by China which would have access to the data.


The UK's Derbyshire police, led by Chief Constable, Peter Goodman, were clearly overcome with excitement at the near- unlimited powers they were given by 'emergency laws'. Goodman's legendary New Woke intellect includes removing Derbyshire Constabulary's male voice choir from any association with his force because they refused to accept women members.


It's a male-voice choir with a particular sound, but don't waste your breath telling Goodman as he continues to seek help in working that out.


Goodman's Derbyshire officers even poured black dye in a beauty spot called the Blue Lagoon to 'deter visitors' from going there and stopped and warned my son, Jaymie, for walking his dog miles away from the next nearest person. They insisted that he walked the dog in his village where there were a lot more people.


This made no sense, but it wasn't meant to. Endless and constant examples of such imbecility were imposed to get people used to unquestioned compliance like training a dog not to shit in the house. We even had Nick Adderley, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire in the English Midlands, threatening to have his officers check supermarket trolleys to see if people were buying 'non-essential' items.


The level of fascistic idiocy required to make such a statement defies my imagination and at least he was quickly slapped back by political and public reaction. Manchester police connected 'dangerous people' with anyone posting 'conspiracy theories' online.


The UK government decreed that people could only leave their homes as little as possible to buy food and to exercise once a day.

How could exercising outside 10 times a day be any more 'dangerous' than going out once if you don't go near anyone else?


Of course it isn't and how much brain power is required to see that?

People were told not to go out in their cars for 'non-essential' travel when the idea that driving alone in a car could possibly pass on a 'virus' to anyone is sheer lunacy. The whole nonsensical charade was only to program compliance.


I have been out whenever I choose and I have asked for a uniform or dark suit to explain to me how doing that while not going within six feet of anyone can be any more danger than doing so once.


I have said I will stop doing that if they can give me a rational, intelligent, credible explanation for why there are added dangers. I am still waiting. Police in 'free Germany' arrested a medical lawyer Beate Bahner, in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg for launching a legal challenge to the lockdown with their version of the Supreme Court and she was held in a mental facility.


The Nazis never went away. They just changed their disguise - until now.

This is what happens when you put power-crazed psychopaths and idiots in uniform. The Cult knows that when you give fascist power to the power- crazy they will exploit that and take it to extremes.


Psychopaths are naturally attracted to positions of power over others and while there are many decent, genuine police officers there are a very large number of psychopaths in uniform worldwide and this has become obvious in the lockdowns.


The authorities and their police enforcers went further by setting up networks for the public to report anyone 'violating lockdown laws' just like the infamous Stasi in Communist East Germany.


This was instigated everywhere.


Eric Garcetti, the ridiculous and fascistic mayor of Los Angeles, urged the public to 'snitch' on those that 'violated' stay-at-home laws and promised that those that did would be rewarded. He talked about 'hunting down' those that did not comply with his Nazi-like dictates.


None of this must be forgotten and enemies of freedom like Garcetti, Goodman, Adderley, and the long, long list of politicians, officials and law enforcement personnel who have deleted not only human rights, but independent livelihoods, must be held to account and removed from office.


They have all shown they cannot be trusted with the most basic freedoms and rights.


With so much of the human race little more than software programs responding to 'enter' extraordinary numbers of people were insisting on the deletion of their own freedom and quite willing to report neighbors and others for violating even the fine detail of the fascism. Some even reported neighbors for going into their own garden more than once.


You have to be utterly and totally unconscious to do that, but you see how tenuous freedom really is when even those who should be demanding it are willing to aid its destruction.


Cue Morpheus:

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy.


But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see?


Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save... But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.


You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

How right that has been shown to be during current events.


One woman told the media how she was 'named and shamed' by neighbours on Facebook for not joining in the weekly mass clapping for health workers, most of whom were working hard every day trying to find things to do in near-empty hospitals.


She said she missed the (concocted) clapping after a,

'rough night with my son' and was told she 'didn't deserve to use the NHS if I or my family get ill'.

What a bunch of utter numbskulls. Tell them anything and they will believe it so long as you have a position of authority.


All that consciousness always available and yet so little accessed.



The media makes fascism possible (as it did in Germany)


Figure 394:

How the few control the many

and the global media.


Another group that must be held to account are the mainstream media without which the scam could not have succeeded.


Fear and chaos are the Cult's currency of control and the 'virus' propaganda triggered that in unlimited abundance. What people believe about a 'danger' is all that matters and the media was deployed as always to terrify the population. I say 'deployed', but most didn't need 'deploying' when their unresearched ignorance did the job without any encouragement.


One guy I heard typified the media approach in general worldwide. I switched on the car radio just twice during the hysteria to a show on the UK's TalkRadio station presented by a bloke called Mike Graham who refers to his slot as the Independent Republic of Mike Graham.


I wonder how 'independent', as in 'not of the system', that the following could be considered. Within seconds of turning on the first time Mr Graham announced that 'Covid-19' was 'the greatest health crisis the world has ever seen'.


That would include the Black Death would it, Mr Graham, which wiped out up to 60 per cent of Europe's entire population? What utter garbage. The second time I heard him Graham was immediately into a rant about people whinging over the loss of freedom and talk of troops imposing a lockdown.


If that was what the government said must happen we should just accept it, pronounced the 'independent' Mr Graham (Fig 394).


This is the same chap who I heard a few months earlier saying that not allowing unvaccinated children to go to school was 'fair enough'.


Former CNN host Piers Morgan, a legend in his own mind, screamed (he always screams) that Britain must go into lockdown to 'save lives' because that is what the experts say.

Who are these experts, Mr Morgan?


What is their background?


Do they have an agenda?


Who are they connected to?


Does what they say about the 'virus' actually make sense in the world of fact rather than unthinking emotion?

Such questions would not have breached his 'I am right' narcissism, but the consequences for the population, in terms of livelihoods and freedom, have been utterly catastrophic.


Morgan and Graham were fine, though, because they were designated by the government to be doing 'essential work' which I define in this case as propaganda. The Morgans and Grahams live in the permanent illusion (like most of their profession) that they are 'journalists' and we had best leave them to their self-delusion and move on.


Press-enter people should not be journalists because press-enter people cannot be journalists. Proper journalists don't press enter - they question everything. Instead we have fake 'journalists' helping to perceptually program great swathes of the global population that also question nothing.

Even more sinister than the merchants of repeated government propaganda are those in the media who have actively worked to undermine and censor those outside the mainstream who are willing to engage in real journalism. The BBC has been among the worst which will shock very few and none with a mind of their own.


The Corporation is funded by a compulsory annual 'license fee' so the public can be forced to provide the funds for this department of government to program the same public with the official version of everything. License fee payers are funding their own perceptional programming and they may consider that it's time to stop.


First of all you simply cannot be a journalist by any proper definition and work for the BBC and the mainstream in general, but especially with organizations like the BBC.


A proper journalist looks at all claims and information and then investigates to see if they stand up to scrutiny. Those findings are then communicated without any spin or censorship. By contrast the BBC does not employ journalists. They employ parrots of the government narrative.


BBC and other mainstream 'journalists' must operate within clearly defined parameters which means there is a huge array of possibility that they cannot investigate, pursue or communicate. To do so would see the information blocked before ever going to air or getting in a newspaper. If something did slip through in a live situation it would be career suicide. I should also define what I mean by 'official' and 'government' narrative.


The BBC often claims to be accused of bias by both Left and Right and so accusations of systematic bias to one side cannot be justified. Oh, but it can. I am not saying the BBC is institutionally biased to a political government, but to the permanent government or Cult government.


Often the Cult narrative will coincide with the political government of the day, as with the unquestioning repetition of the official 'pandemic' story; but at other times the BBC will be at odds with the political government like it was with the Boris Johnson government over Brexit and is with any government that does not slavishly sing from the climate change song sheet.


I cannot think of a single aspect of the Cult agenda - orchestrated through the permanent government - that the BBC has not promoted while censoring or marginalizing alterative views.

All these strands came together in a report by a BBC 'journalist' called Leo Kelion about YouTube deleting my interview with London Real during the 'virus' hysteria. First of all he took the 5G angle which was only a relatively small part of the conversation and tried to link what I said with people who were claimed to have damaged 5G masts in a protest against the affects.


Kelion then said that I 'falsely claimed' there is a link between 5G and the 'health crisis'. This was the 'crisis' happening amid empty hospitals that he would not have dared to acknowledge. He had no idea if it was 'false' or not and he merely entrained his 'mind' as always with establishment sources.


If Kelion ever did research the subject properly and see through his own 'fake news' he would never be allowed to say so on the BBC and if he tried he would be out the door. He knows that and behaves like a good little boy with an eye on the mortgage.


Meanwhile, Ofcom, the government broadcast regulator, had threatened any outlet that allowed even discussion of the possible link between 5G and the 'virus'.


Why? Because there is one, that's why.


Kelion and his like would not dream of rising from their knees and ceasing to worship and pay homage to the government appointed Ofcom chief, the patron saint of censorship and freedom deletion, Melanie Dawes. He's a good lad, a perfect BBC asset - he does what he's told and knows his place.


Most sinister, however, was the way he described how YouTube 'changed its rules after the BBC questioned why the video was permitted'. He questioned 'why the video was permitted'??


An excuse- for-a-journalist working for a publicly-funded broadcaster played a part in the censorship of freedom of speech?? Extraordinary. No one who seeks to censor freedom of expression or asks why it was not done can even come close to being a journalist. Real journalists are in the frontline of demanding freedom for everyone - including those they don't agree with.


The BBC 'competitor' known as ITV (Independent Television, I kid you not) did something similar. It said that 'shortly after ITV News contacted Facebook, the video was removed for breaking misinformation rules'. I guess that was just a coincidence was it? Fake journalists help to get real journalism silenced.


ITV mirrored the BBC line with 'Facebook has followed YouTube in removing a video of conspiracy theorist David Icke falsely linking coronavirus and 5G'. What research had the writer done on the subject? None. How did ITV or Facebook know what was 'misinformation?


Facebook had the answer:

'The World Health Organization (WHO) are providing us with clear guidance on what misinformation in relation to Covid-19 could lead to real-world harm.'

What can you do except laugh?


Newspapers covered the story in much the same way including a 'journalist' on the London Sun, Charlotte Edwards.


The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch (as is Mike Graham's TalkRadio) and Murdoch newspapers in Australia played a major role in getting me banned from the country by an Immigration Minister, David Coleman, who admitted in 'his' judgment that I had done nothing wrong on any of my previous long list of speaking tours.

Edwards said that I made 'the false claim that a coronavirus vaccine will include nanotechnology microchips'. Ms Edwards does not have a clue if the statement is false or not. I have been researching the subject for 30 years - she has not been researching it for 30 seconds.


This is still more confirmation that the mainstream media does not employ real journalists and they most certainly will never be employed by anything to do with Murdoch. Then the (Gates-connected) Comcast, NBCUniversal-owned CNBC in the United States bragged that its intervention had led to Spotify deleting one of my 'virus' interviews.


All this effort by the 'all-mighty Elite' just to stop 'little me'.


Actually, to go to these lengths over one man shows that they are not 'mighty' at all as they desperately sought to remove all trace of me while at every stage they were giving me more credibility and gathering ever more support for my work.


No amount of evil can prevail over one open heart.



Banned by YouTube and Facebook - the sequence

The classic 'coming out' of a 'journalist' censor was an Israel-obsessed bloke called Nick Cohen on the London Guardian website who writes a column for its sister paper, the Observer.


These are the most New Woke of UK papers along with the hilariously-named Independent. The Guardian and Observer take every permanent government narrative and repeat it as Gospel truth while promoting themselves as 'radical' and 'of the Left'. Among the funders of the Guardian group is Bill Gates who also gives money to the BBC, ABC and National Public Radio in the United States, and a list of other media.


This Nick Cohen chap said with no evidence whatsoever that I was a danger to public health and that I should be banned from YouTube and social media and then went on to repeat the permanent government narrative in archetypal Guardian/Observer fashion.


He's entitled to his opinion - he just doesn't think that others should be given the same freedom. I support his right to free speech while he wants to delete mine. Which of us is an agent of tyranny, one could legitimately ask? Cohen described what I say as 'toxic lies' and called for government censor Ofcom to be given the power to censor YouTube content in the same way that it does with UK broadcasters.


He also lamented the fact that a video of mine entitled 'Is there a virus?' was still allowed to be seen by the public. The man writing this is under the bizarre impression that he is a 'journalist'.


Anyone buying the Guardian or Observer is not taking themselves seriously and the reason newspapers are now struggling to survive is that ever-larger swathes of the public have both sussed the real role of mainstream newspapers and media and gone beyond them in terms of understanding the world. Their days are over and they have been their own executioner.


Suicide I think they call it.


One other point relates to Cult-asset Wikipedia and the relentless recorded visits to my page during the 'pandemic' by the 'notorious' Wikipedia 'editor' known as 'Philip Andrew Cross'. Don't fall for the 'people's encyclopedia' crap - Wikipedia is controlled by very few people.


One Internet article described 'Cross' in this way:

He's the obsessive, at it night-and-day, 365-days a year Wikipedia editor and online stalker whose account is used to pursue personal and political vendettas, but who, despite great publicity in the spring of 2018 about his activities, which included articles in many media outlets and a BBC World Service radio documentary, is still persecuting people - (or allowing people to be persecuted from his account), on a daily basis.

At the time of writing the Philip Cross account had made a staggering 159,607 Wikipedia edits in a fifteen-year period.


Incredibly the Cross account did not take a single day off from editing Wikipedia from 29th August 2013 to 14th May 2018. Not even on five consecutive Christmas Days ...

Well, old 'Cross' (clearly more than one person) seemed to be obsessed with my page when I began to challenge the 'virus' narrative and to give you an example 'he' took just 19 minutes after Nick Cohen tweeted his 'ban Icke' article for it to be added to my Wikipedia page.


They think they are so clever when they're really hilarious. I just laugh and hope that one day, through trial and error, they might get a life. Cohen headed his tweet with archetypal New Woke self-delusion and inversion:

'The liberal case for banning David Icke'.

You see what I mean about hilarious. When you have been researching the global conspiracy as long as I have, you recognise recurring patterns and sequences. Cohen's article felt to me like the start of something aimed at getting me deleted from mainstream platforms. He is an ultra-Zionist who sees 'anti-Semitism' everywhere and has attacked Jewish people with a mind of their own about Israel.


The Canary website dubbed Cohen a 'rancid hate-goblin' for doing so. The label 'anti-Semite' is constantly used to silence those getting too close to the truth and it is the calling card of the Jew-hating Sabbatian-Frankist network of the Cult.


I am not saying that people like Cohen know they are serving the interests of the Sabbatian-Frankists - I would certainly not credit him with the intelligence or awareness to know that; but in his obsession with labeling critics of the Sabbatian-Frankist government of Israel as 'anti- Semites' this is what he is doing and there is a whole vast network doing the same in various levels of knowledge of the agenda they are serving from zero to totally in the loop.

Pretty much immediately after Cohen's demand that I be deleted from YouTube and social media platforms came the 'campaign' to secure the same end by a strange group called The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).


This is a man and a dog organization registered as a private limited British company while using the American spelling of 'Center' in its title. The CCDH is funded by the ultra-Zionist Pears Foundation which is a big red flag to me and its patron is a D-list UK 'celebrity', another ultra-Zionist sees-anti-Semitism-everywhere character called Rachael Riley.


The Pears Foundation established the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism in 2010 and has a funding partnership with the ultra-Zionist Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation.


Lynn Schusterman was born a Rothschild. Another funder of this bunch of prats at 'Digital Hate' is Unbound Philanthropy which has links to George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Unbound Philanthropy is described as a 'New York City-based left-wing [New Woke] donor affinity group that primarily funds groups that support left of centre liberal expansionist immigration policies'. I guess after reading the book this far you won't be shocked.


The serious American connections to the Center for Countering Digital Hate would explain the spelling of 'Center' in the name of a 'UK' company.


Taryn Higashi, Executive Director of Unbound Philanthropy, sits on a Soros Open Society Foundations advisory board and specializes in promoting immigration and 'refugee issues'. Yet another use-'anti-Semitism'-to-silence-your-targets operation in the UK is Hope not Hate, which I say should be more accurately called 'Hate not Hope'.


They have sought to have me censored by ironically hurling hate in my direction and they are vocal supporters of the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Purely by coincidence you understand Hate Not Hope has been funded by... Unbound Philanthropy. Further Digital Hate funders include the Barrow Cadbury Trust, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Laura Kinsella Foundation.

Soon after Nick Cohen's Observer article Digital Hate produced a 'report' on how many people had seen my information on YouTube and social media about the 'pandemic' and demanded that I be deleted. They estimated '30 million', but they were way too low in their numbers. The 'report' was outrageous in its inaccuracies and manipulation of information.


Among those acknowledged for their input were,

  • Dr Daniel Allington of King's College London

  • Dr Rob Ford, University of Manchester

  • Jonathan Sebire from something called 'Signify'

  • Dr Siobhain McAndrew, University of Bristol, who is a director of the Center for Countering Digital Hate

Signify is an 'ethical science data company' that clearly believes that 'ethics' should include silencing people they don't agree with and it apparently wants 'to show the world that AI and big data can build social empathy and inspire better products and policies'.


Meanwhile Sebire, who appeared to be obsessed with people staying at home, was showing the world he doesn't give a damn about freedom of speech and opinion.


The Digital Hate rabble announced they would now seek to have me banned from all mainstream Internet using the hashtag #DeplatformIcke. They claim to be an 'anti-hate' organisation and yet targeted me for what I was saying about the pandemic hoax.


Ugh? Why...?


To serve their masters, of course, who just want me silenced by any means or excuse. Almost immediately afterwards while Digital Hate was crowing pathetically that they had '800 signatures' on a petition (wow!). Facebook pulled my page with three quarters of a million followers (despite the seriously extreme shadow banning and suppression of numbers that went on for five years) and YouTube deleted my channel and all my videos. In doing so they denied nearly a million subscribers from seeing them.


The 'petition' was signed by such intellectual giants as MP Damian Collins, as well as 'celebrity' TV medics Dr Christian Jessen, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Pixie McKenna who all appear in a television series called Embarrassing Bodies. It ought to be called simply Embarrassing surely?


This is the same Christian Jessen who said in a media report on March 13th, 2020, that Italian people were using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to have a 'long siesta'.


He said of the 'virus':

'I think it's an epidemic lived out more in the press than in reality... I mean if you think about flu right, without getting too heavy, flu kills thousands every single year.'

He added:

'This is like a bad cold really, let's be honest.' He then signs a petition to have me banned for underplaying the danger of the 'virus'.

Yes, words fail me, too.


D-list TV 'celebrity' Rachael Riley, patron of the Digital Hate group, tweeted on news of my ban:

The hate preacher was banned from Australia. Big arenas have rejected him, yet social media orgs allow him a megaphone (& pocket the profits). Facebook have finally deleted him today!!

She's a lovely lady, so kind, so supportive of human rights, and believes passionately in freedom - for herself. She didn't mention of course that the other bans she refers to were the result of the same lies and disinformation

by the same global network. I have seen the pattern so many times of man and a dog organizations being set up to demand something and then getting what they demand. YouTube of the fascism-facilitating Susan Wojcicki said they deleted decades of my videos because they had received a 'complaint'.


Oh, you mean the one you knew was coming, Ms Wojcicki?


Facebook said that I had breached its 'community standards' (delete anyone challenging the narrative of the deeply corrupt Gates WHO) by posting 'health misinformation that could cause physical harm'.


It was straight out of the Event 201 'simulation' run by the Gates Foundation six weeks before the 'virus pandemic' began.



The 'Digital Hate' silence-Icke network

People who support my work worldwide in the now hundreds of millions at least were naturally furious and the Center for Countering Digital Hate Twitter page was inundated.


A supporter began to investigate the organization, nominally headed by 'chief executive' Imran Ahmed. Their website included an 'Our People' section that consisted only of images of Ahmed with one of Rachel Riley taking a selfie with him. The organization has many connections and the citizen journalist uncovered that two of its directors (they keep changing) - plus CEO Ahmed - were people with extremely close connections to the UK Labour Party of 'leader' Keir Starmer, who I said earlier lives on his knees with his tongue extended pointing to Tel Aviv.


One of the Digital Hate directors named by the group is Morgan McSweeney - campaign manager to Starmer in his bid for the leadership. McSweeney is a central player in Labour Together Ltd, 'a group of committed Labour members, supporters and politicians', based at the same address as the Center for Countering Digital Hate - Langley House, Park Road, East Finchley, London.


The Labour Party was hijacked by ultra- Zionism and Sabbatian-Frankists during the spineless lack of leadership of the previous incumbent, Jeremy backbone-deleted Corbyn.


Labour Together's leading light and director is the ultra-Zionist Trevor Chinn, funder of ultra-Zionist arse-licker Labour figures like Tony Blair, Ruth Smeeth, Liz Kendall, Tom Watson and Keir Starmer.


The Labour Party is further controlled by a group called Momentum which is the work of Zionists Jon Lansman, James Schneider and Adam Klug. Momentum has also campaigned to have me silenced and produced a video claiming that criticism and exposure of the House of Rothschild is 'anti-Semitism'.


Exposure of a global elite banking family is a no-go area to a group that supposed to represent the working class? But you get what is really going on. I say 'group'. In fact all these 'groups' that I've mentioned, including 'Digital Hate', are private limited companies.

Another Digital Hate director is Kirsty McNeil who was a Senior Advisor at 10 Downing Street for three years and a speechwriter for Labour Party Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Having unfortunately heard some of his speeches she obviously wasn't very good.


She is now Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaign at Save the Children UK and a director of the Holocaust Educational Trust.


It turns out that 'Chief Executive' Imran Ahmed has,

'worked as a political advisor to senior Labour politicians from across Labour's political spectrum for eight years, including in three elections and two referendums'.

He wrote a book with Labour MP for Wallasey, Angela Eagle, called The New Serfdom which I guess must include censoring those that challenge The System.


The emergence of the Center for Countering Digital Hate involved a further recurring pattern. The first mention appears to have come predictably in the Guardian on September 18th, 2019, in an article headlined: 'The Best Way to Deal With Online Trolls, Do Like Rachel Riley and Starve Them of Oxygen'.


Another appeared on the BBC website - equally predictably. One commentator said:

'It certainly is remarkable that major news outlets would be interested in the launch of a brand new NGO with no track record, which means that the CCDH is clearly very well connected.'

Oh, just a little bit. It is part of a vast worldwide web of censorship - see Postscript for more on this.

The BBC and others allowed this rabble to attack me without ever asking for a reply or setting up a debate with me. The same is true of the entire mainstream media even throughout the furore about what I was saying and the multiple bans that were happening. I could be attacked and demonized at will without even a right of reply. What gutless and compromised people they are who masquerade as 'journalists'.


The Brain of Britain that is TalkRadio's 'independent' Mike Graham attacked me for 'scaremongering' over what I was saying about the pandemic scam and its goal of global control. Naturally he never had me on to debate with him. Rupert Murdoch and Ofcom's Melanie Dawes would have smacked his bum.


To show just how out of touch and meaningless the mainstream media has become with its falling audiences a third interview I did with London Real about the 'virus' and the reason it was being hoaxed got a massive audience worldwide - said to be more than a million - when streamed through non-YouTube sources. Ironically the interview was also streamed live on YouTube and apparently attracted the biggest live-stream audience in the world on the platform that day before Susan Wojcicki adjusted her spinning knicker gussets, screamed very loudly, and had it pulled.


Next the ultra- Zionist and Labour Party-dominated Center for Countering Digital Hate produced another 'report' demanding that London Real and others who have even interviewed me should be deleted in the same way and all videos with me on any other YouTube channel be taken down. Fascism, anyone?


This is the road to Orwell's 'unperson' - someone whose existence was erased from all records.


This is how terrified the Cult is of me and with good reason. I am their worst nightmare and every day they confirm that with their desperation to silence me.



Neocon NewsGuard

The Digital Hate group didn't manage to get Twitter to pull my account and so along came another elite censorship front called 'NewsGuard'.


I received this email from a Kendrick McDonald, NewsGuard's 'Deputy Editor of Rapid Response'.


When I had finished laughing at such a ludicrous title I got round to read what it said:

My name is Kendrick and I'm a reporter with NewsGuard, a service that reviews the credibility and transparency of websites. I'm reaching out because we are publishing a report highlighting Twitter accounts with high follower counts who have shared what we have found to be COVID-19 misinformation to their large audiences.

We are including David Icke's Twitter account based on posts reviewed by NewsGuard that have falsely connected 5G technology to the spread of coronavirus.

If David Icke has an on-the-record comment in response, or if you have one on his behalf, please let me know as soon as possible. We intend to publish our report the morning of Thursday, May 7 (EST).

I pointed out that being a 'reporter' or 'journalist' and working for NewsGuard was a contradiction in terms and it was simply not possible to do both. I asked him to send me the 'evidence' he had - with sources - that what I posted on Twitter was disinformation and I would not accept as a 'source' that 'the authorities said'.


As the book goes to print nearly two months later I am still waiting. Americans Gordon Crovitz and Steven Brill co-founded NewsGuard. Crovitz is former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Executive Vice President of Dow Jones, current member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and on the board of the American Association of Rhodes Scholars.


I mentioned the CFR earlier in the book as a Cult front within the London-based Round Table secret society network and Rhodes Scholars are named after Cecil Rhodes, the Rothschild agent who was the first head of the Round Table and plundered southern Africa for the Rothschilds.


Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford University are awarded to those handpicked to serve the elite as adults.


Bill Clinton has been among them. Gordon Crovitz has connections to the Neocon American Enterprise Institute with its close associations in mutual ideology and personnel with the 9/11 and 'war on terror' Project for the New American Century. Steven Brill is a Zionist lawyer, journalist, and 'entrepreneur'.


He and Crovitz say they created NewsGuard to stop 'fake news' when the real reason is to protect the real fake news by downgrading and demonising websites that expose the real fake news spewing from the official narratives by the minute. Hence NewsGuard squeezed out from under its stone to target me.


The following day after the NewsGuard contact a fulfillment company called James and James in Northampton, England, which had been delivering my books to customers for five years with not a problem suddenly told us they were cancelling the contract.


They sent us an email out of nowhere that was not even addressed 'Dear Jaymie' when my son had worked directly with them the whole five years. The email was from 'CEO' James Hyde, co- owner with another bloke called James Strachan.


It said:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Whilst we appreciate the rights of free speech within the UK, our business does not support the views held by David Icke and does not wish to be associated with those points of view, or David Icke Books in general.

I wonder how many customers would want to work with a company that would deliver their product - in this case books - for five years and then tell them out of the blue that they are no longer going to do so because,

'our business does not support the views held by you and does not wish to be associated with those points of view, or you in general'.

So why did they not think this for five years and only in the middle of a war to silence me and my work coming from all angles? Well, obviously the question answers itself and it is the very spinelessness and lack of integrity displayed by this pair that allows the few to control the many.


The Answer was not published and they had no idea what the content was anyway and so they were 'not supporting' views in books they had actually been delivering for five years. Pressure had been put on them and they dissolved like a snowball in the sunshine out of pure self-interest - end of story.


They couldn't even be honest about it. Only a few weeks earlier James and James had secured investment of £11 million from a company called LDC, part of Lloyds Banking Group.


The chairman of Lloyds Banking Group is Conservative Party politician Lord Norman Blackwell who serves on the board of Ofcom that has sought through its CEO Melanie Dawes to silence me and exposure of 5G which it enthusiastically promotes in an extraordinary conflict of interest.


Are these two James chaps really saying that their company will only fulfill orders for books and other products with which they personally agree?


Maybe other potential customers might ask if that is the attitude they want to be associated with. I wish I had a pound for every time I have seen the words 'whilst we appreciate the rights of free speech' being followed by support for destroying them. They will have to live with that decision now for the rest of their lives. I wish them well because I couldn't.

In the same period that I was being banned and deleted in all directions by Cult diktat the super intelligence that is Polly Boiko of Russian station RT re-emerged seven months after she interviewed me for a broadcast 'in a few days' which had never seen the light of day.


She wrote an article on the RT website giving an account of our meeting all those months earlier, but still without using the interview. She couldn't believe that the establishment was really frightened of me while at the same time somehow ignoring the fact that the establishment was engaged in a frenzy of deletion of my work.


Boiko's most memorable line in her patronizing garbage was this:

'...from the secret web controlling our every move to the perils of vaccines (there aren't any perils, by the way).'

Those words were actually written by a 'journalist' while the Vaccine Court in the United States alone had already paid out $4.2 billion in vaccine injury and death compensation against a ridiculously high bar to prove your case. These are the people telling you what is going on in the world, ladies and gentlemen.


Yeah, I weep, too.

By contrast one mainstream television station called London Live did run an interview that I did with London Real at the start of the 'pandemic' scare in Britain which YouTube had not then deleted. Well, their fellow 'journalists' in the mainstream and the regulator Ofcom, so beloved of Nick Cohen, simply could not move for severely twisted knickers and running in all directions at the same time while shouting 'fire'.


Ofcom 'imposed a sanction' on the London Live station for broadcasting 'potentially harmful content about the coronavirus pandemic' by which they meant that my interview actually broadcast potentially harmful content about the mendacious official story - which Ofcom exists to defend and clearly Nick Cohen, too.


The government censor said:

'While Ofcom acknowledges that Icke has a right to hold and express these views [it doesn't], they risked causing significant harm to viewers who may have been particularly vulnerable at the time of broadcast.'

What harm would that be, oh Goddess of Censorship, Melanie Dawes? She doesn't say. Ofcom said that it was 'particularly concerned' by my comments 'casting doubt on the motives behind official health advice to protect the public from the virus' - a line that 'journalist' Cohen also emphasized.


No one must ever cast doubt on the motives of officialdom even though their actions have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions and their lie after lie that a child could take apart. In that one sentence Ms Dawes and Ofcom you have revealed all we need to know about you and what your job really is.


The same goes for Gates, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page, Wojcicki, Levinson and Cook at Apple, Musk, Soros, Bezos, the bloody lot of them. One other thing to mention is the role of clickbait sites claimed to be part of the 'alternative' media which make up stories using made up 'writers' quoting made up people and are easily discredited by elite-serving 'fact-checkers'.


In doing so, they discredit in the eyes of many the genuine alternative media. Two of the worst are Los Angeles-based and (owned by the same people) which turn out knowingly fake stories credited to a 'writer' called 'Baxter Dmitry' who doesn't exist.


To think that those that own those sites would do this given what humanity is facing is beyond my comprehension.



What next?

The question of where we go from here unless people wake up fast was laid out earlier in the book even before the 'pandemic' hoax broke cover in China and I will focus here on the 'what next?' in relation to the 'virus' deceit.


Having secured so much of its global Orwellian nightmare since the turn of 2020 the Cult will want to retain as much of its new police-military state as possible even when public pressure, defiance of the lockdown, and ever-gathering revelations about the nature of the hoax, force some respite from the worst extremes.


They will certainly seek to limit gatherings to avoid mass protest with YouTube and Silicon Valley censoring footage of any protests on the grounds of 'encouraging illegal activity'. The Cult makes the laws and then bans challenge to them or even videos recording any challenge. 'New waves' of the 'virus' will follow and especially just before the Gates vaccine is ready to be imposed globally. These may even appear again to come out of China.


'Researchers' in Cult-owned China said the 'virus' they have never isolated would keep 'returning in waves every year just like the flu'.


We'd better have permanent lockdown then, right? Watch for protesters against the lockdowns being blamed for subsequent 'waves'. You will hear claims about the 'virus' mutating into other strains and that 'recovering' from the 'virus' does not infer immunity so making the case that everyone must be vaccinated even those who have 'had the disease'.


People do not have 'immunity' to 'Covid-19' because there is no 'Covid-19' and how can they not keep testing positive when the test is for a genetic code in their body and not a 'disease'? How do you develop immunity to a genetic code that is not a 'disease'?


See how much control you have of a situation when you invent a 'virus' that doesn't exist. Gates has already revealed the Cult strategy with his arrogant pronouncement that nothing can go back to 'normal' until the entire human population has been injected with the long- planned, carefully-prepared and Gates-funded toxic shite and nanochips.


He has been supported in this no-normal-till-a-vaccine by ultra-Zionist Ezekiel Emanuel, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and hilariously chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy.


Emanuel's father was a member of the terrorist group Irgun which bombed and terrorized Israel into existence in 1948 and he's the brother of former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, long-time Svengali ('a person who exercises a controlling influence on another, especially for a sinister purpose') to President Barack Obama.


Ezekiel Emanuel also seems to have a problem with old people living for as long as possible.


He said the lockdowns had to continue until a vaccine was found:

'The truth is we have no choice.'

US TV host Tucker Carlson delivered a brilliant reply:

When a political operative like Zeke Emanuel, someone with a long history of lying, begins a sentence with 'the truth is' you should probably be on guard.


When he ends that sentence with 'we have no choice' you should be terrified.

Just as the pressure was mounting to end the lockdowns the Gates-funded Professor Neil Ferguson and Imperial College, who prompted the lockdowns with shockingly inaccurate computer model projections, produced more 'models' in an effort to stop the lockdowns being rolled back.


Ferguson said at the end of April before being forced to resign over his lover's visits that at least 100,000 could die in the UK by the end of the year if a gradual lockdown was implemented only to shield the elderly.


He said it was impossible to send the young and healthy back to work while keeping the vulnerable in lockdown without seeing a huge increase in deaths.

'Professor Ferguson said some degree of social isolation will continue to be required until a vaccine to the killer bug is released', Mail Online reported.

This man's doom-laden interventions at just the right time to secure the lockdowns and then his attempts to stop a roll-back surely cannot be explained away purely by idiocy and he must be subject to an open and independent public inquiry for the absolute catastrophic mayhem and human devastation that his 'models' have created.


The same goes for the Cult- controlled Johns Hopkins operation in the United States that took part in the Gates 'simulation' Event 201, ran its own one called Clade X and has circulated the blatantly and shockingly false death figures to media and public worldwide.


The Gates crowd are pressing for a vaccine to 'save us' from a 'virus' never proved to exist and even if you do accept its existence one which has remarkably low death rates only made possible by fixing the death certificates and numbers.


For the Cult mass vaccine plan to succeed, played out through Gates, this information must be kept from the great majority of the global population through ever-more severe censorship by Cult media organizations.


My banned videos which are now estimated to have been seen by tens of millions worldwide thanks to circulation by 'The People' have helped to throw a spanner in that works and this book will contribute still further.


Please circulate news of the videos and this book to as many as you can.



Food control

Another crucial aspect of the Cult plan for total control is to manipulate a global food shortage to allow them to dictate all food distribution and who gets to eat.


This will be decided by the level of unquestioning compliance.

So how comforting it is that the Gates Foundation is 'partnering' (funding) the UK Department for International Development in work on 'food security'. Phew. The groundwork for food shortages is already well underway and includes driving independent farmers out of business and off the land - something that the 'pandemic' lockdowns will do in great numbers.


Farmers have lost their markets by the closure of restaurants and hotels while other supply chains and markets have not replaced them. At the same time there are enormous and ever-growing numbers of hungry people.


Ten thousand cars lined up overnight on one occasion alone in San Antonio, Texas, hoping to get something to eat from a food bank which was already unable to cope with demand as with others across the world. Produce rots on the trees and in the ground as farmers go under and the population goes hungry.


One farmer said:

'We are being forced to plough under vegetable crops from coast to coast.'

It's all coldly calculated to create mass dependence and control through hunger even famine.


Eventually 'food' is planned to be only synthetic and strictly rationed as the new synthetic human emerges thanks to nanochips from the vaccine and other sources fusing the human body with technology and AI.


Guess who is partnering with Cult 'food' giant Tyson Foods to promote laboratory-produced synthetic 'meat'? Yes, Bill Gates. The focused and concerted attack on restaurants, cafes and other independent food outlets are part of this attempt to control and transform 'food'.

Then there is 5G...


The power of 5G transmissions will increase exponentially the more it is expanded and 5G devices are in use. The effect on human health and psychology will expand at the same rate. These effects, which can be made to be severe, will be dubbed 'the virus' - 'Covid-19' or others - and be used to justify further lockdowns.


I still have in mind those, on the face of it, crazy increases in hospital bed capacity and mega- mortuaries when the 'virus' does not begin to justify that. Maybe it's all just to ramp up the fear; or maybe it's not. 5G at particular frequencies like 60 GHz has the potential to run riot with human health and psychology.


People must demand that 5G is switched off and not take no for an answer.


Pandemics are not the only dice that the Cult is going to throw - there will be shocks and challenges and reasons to fear of all kinds as they seek to sprint for their finishing line of total control; but we can be bigger and more powerful than they are. We simply have to make that choice.

A peaceful revolution of mass non-cooperation with our own enslavement is urgently required to state the very obvious. Indeed 'urgent' understates speed at which we must respond.


As I write protest and defiance of lockdown is beginning to mount, but we have to demand and accept nothing less than truly independent inquiries into what has happened and all those involved brought to book and sent to jail for the rest of their 'human' lives.


Ultra-Zionist Democrat Adam Schiff has already made moves to hijack any inquiry in the United States in the way that happened after 9/11 when those involved in those attacks also oversaw the 'inquiry' into them (see The Trigger).


Schiff needs to be told this is not happening this time around and he can fuck off. Gates should not only be jailed, but have his mega-billions confiscated and shared out among those whose lives and livelihoods he and those he represents have destroyed.


It is not only time for The People just 'to sing' as in Les Misérables, but to roar. Peacefully, yes, but ROAR in non-cooperation with our own enslavement.


Nothing less will do...