by Joel Smalley

Commentary by Doug Brodie
February 18, 2023

from Metatron Website





Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

"Our Governments Have Been Taken Over by

The World Economic Forum"





In early 2022, international lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich assembled (via Zoom) a large team of expert witnesses and lawyers to conduct what he called,

a Grand Jury court of public opinion Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity model trial...

This was totally hidden from the general public by the mainstream media.

By 26 February, they had completed six days of evidence, typically running to about 5 hours of video per day.


The trial was then paused without explanation, probably because the lawyer from France was arrested at her home in front of her children on a trumped-up charge of treason for having participated in the trial.


She's back when the trial resumes.

I had been following the proceedings and had drafted a summary. There was no indication of when or even if the trial would resume so I sent out my summary in an email dated 16 March 2022 to various politicians and colleagues.


Unfortunately it didn't find its way to anywhere online, perhaps because it was rather long.

I wrote up my email with an introduction which anticipated the eventual outcome. This turned out to be not quite correct in "legalese" terms.

It was never the intention that this trial would ask for guilty verdicts.


Nor was it the intention for the trial participants to return indictments against the six putative defendants, but rather "the jury", i.e. the viewing general public.

This was done by electronic voting and the expected overwhelming result for indictment is recorded on the committee's Telegram website.

The trial resumed and concluded in June 2022, again totally blanked out by the mainstream media.

Day 7 of the proceedings is available here and covers testimonies from,

  • psychologist Prof Mattias Desmet (7:30)

  • media studies expert Prof Mark Crispin Miller (1:23:30)

  • human biologist and immunologist Prof Ulrike Kämmerer (2:51:30)

Day 8 covers the legal closing arguments and is available here.

Dr Fuellmich's closing arguments are available in a standalone 35-minute video:






And also with transcript here. This is really strong stuff!

I commend this valuable resource to your attention. You are the jury.

Douglas Brodie

Nairn, 17/02/23





Grand Jury court of public opinion trial of...

Covid-19 crimes against humanity

!!! Warning:

This email exposes realities

which the government

doesn't want you to know about...!!!






The trial is currently paused while they summarize the evidence and they are giving no indication of when it will resume.


As Ukraine hysteria could cause WW3 to kick off at any time I have decided to post this email now based on the already-submitted testimonies and the anticipated trial verdict.


I may post a shortened version when the formal jury verdict has been delivered.







This Grand Jury Covid‑19 trial is the initiative of lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, famous for winning a huge USA settlement against Volkswagen for the "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal.


He quickly realized that the corona SARS‑CoV‑2 virus and its illness Covid‑19 were being criminally mishandled by governments all around the world.


In mid-2020 he set up the Corona Investigative Committee and since then he and his colleagues have gathered a huge body of evidence of criminal malfeasance.


[This Fuellmich trial is unrelated to the complaint lodged with the International Criminal Court by lawyer Hannah Rose against Boris Johnson, the WEF's Klaus Schwab and others, also on charges of Covid‑19 crimes against humanity. What hypocrisy that Johnson and his co-accused are hoping that their Covid crimes will be forgotten in the fog of the Ukraine war. A cynic might note that the Covid scare is suddenly seldom even mentioned and wonder if by expanding NATO to Russia's borders over recent years, by supporting anti-Russian politicians in Ukraine, by supplying weapons to Ukraine, by setting up US-funded bio-labs in Ukraine and by allowing WEF puppet Zelenskyy to wage war against his own population in the Donbas, Johnson and the NATO/EU/US globalists have deliberately provoked the war as a long-planned pretext (as was their now-faltering Covid "plandemic") to cause yet more global chaos in order to push through the WEF's wretched "Great Reset".]


Dr Fuellmich's team wanted to prosecute the accused Covid‑19 criminals in a normal court of law but found that even the judiciary has been so corrupted that this was impossible.


For this reason they fell back on a Grand Jury "Peoples' court of public opinion" trial to advance their cause. Dr Fuellmich's Day 1 opening statement (posted below) explains the trial objectives.


News of this Covid‑19 Grand Jury trial may come as a shock to many people, not least because the complicit, paid-for mainstream media has totally censored out any mention of Reiner Fuellmich and his Grand Jury.


By way of an easy introduction, this article sums up how the people have been gravely misused over the past two years.


It ends with the hope that "We will not turn away from the task of holding to account each and every one of those who have wilfully harmed us, no matter how long it takes".


I have been striving to expose Covid malfeasance since autumn 2020, for example a year ago here, at that time not fully joining all the dots, and recently here.


I have hitherto been constrained on who I have shared my views with because arguing against the deeply-indoctrinated establishment narrative on Covid or even on "climate change" or the war in Ukraine can be socially toxic.


On this email I have taken the liberty of widening my Bcc distribution list as the evidence and conclusions are not mine but those of the Grand Jury, other than being slightly coloured by the "prejudices" of my supportive commentary.


I am aware that not many of the general public share my insights into what is really going on in our fractured world.


I can't blame anyone for lack of support as I understand the hard-to-resist power of the intense psychological warfare that the establishment has inflicted on the public to implant their false narratives.


For many years I watched its deployment on the politically-contrived "climate change" scare and unworkable green energy policies which I last railed against here.


The chickens are coming home to roost on these insane policies with energy bills set to triple and blackouts looming.


I also know how most people are too busy getting on with their everyday lives to dive deep through the fog of propaganda and censorship to see what is really going on.


I would urge all recipients to take the time to carefully review the trial evidence and, if persuaded, to forward this email widely.


Most people are blissfully unaware that our liberty and democracy could soon be lost for good unless we, the people, stand up against our globalist oppressors and lying puppet politicians before it is too late.


In the words of Holocaust-survivor Vera Sharav in her Grand Jury Day 5 testimony:

"We are living at a very crucial juncture in human history. We are on the brink of a totalitarian dictatorship and this time it's global, this time there will be no rescuers.


If we don't reverse the trajectory of obediently following government diktats, we will either be annihilated or revert to the status of slaves".

It is futile trying to argue with the fanatical cabal of psychopaths, sociopaths and poodle politicians who are striving to save their own skins and wreck all our lives through their openly-proclaimed Great Reset of global society on the pretext of Covid or Net Zero or whatever contrived crisis they come up with next, maybe even WW3 egged on by WEF stooges, e.g. here and here.


This applies from Boris Johnson through the carefully-cultivated alumni of his fellow Davos/WEF clones like,

Hancock, Javid, Biden, Trudeau, van der Leyen, Macron, Merkel, Draghi, Bennett, Morrison, Ardern,

...and many more all the way to their WEF/Big Money paymasters.


It is a formidable task as these fanatics are everywhere but somehow the majority of the public needs to wake up to and repudiate their evil anti-human aims, remove them all from public office and send the criminal ringleaders to jail...





Summary of the trial findings


In anticipation The Grand Jury recommended indictment of all six putative figurehead defendants:

The trial showed that the SARS‑CoV‑2 so-called pandemic was an engineered "plandemic" which was globally pre-planned by unelected, unaccountable,

They expedited their desperate plan in early 2020 because of a looming unavoidable banking system collapse due to the unsustainable debt load built up by their abuse of our fiat currencies.


They and their supporters weaponized Covid to attempt no less than a controlled demolition of our political and financial civilization to be replaced with a totally undemocratic, dystopian New World Order in which they retain their power and wealth while the rest of humanity is reduced to serfdom.


The trial found that the monstrously evil, globally lock-stepped strategy of Covid‑19 plandemic management was:

  • Instill fear and panic by creating large numbers of Covid‑19 "cases" using the deliberately mal-engineered Drosden PRC test designed to produce large numbers of false positives


  • Claim that there is no treatment for Covid‑19 (there is) and use the withholding of effective drug treatment and the deliberate administering, mostly under cover of lockdown, of highly toxic drugs such as midazolam, morphine and remdesivir to kill large numbers of victims especially among the old and vulnerable, falsely attributing all these deaths to Covid‑19


  • Use the high numbers of falsely-attributed Covid deaths and psychological warfare techniques including blanket censorship enacted by our puppet politicians and the paid-for mainstream media [exposed by my recent analysis] to scare the people into believing that the virus is deadly (it isn't for most, even with the ongoing deliberate withholding of cheap, effective, provenly-safe drugs) and that the vaccines are the only hope of salvation


  • Roll out the experimental, fraudulently-tested vaccines which turned out to give negligible protection against the virus and (their fatal flaw) to be very dangerous.

It found simple proof that the Covid‑19 plandemic was never about public health from the political insistence that the novel, experimental, minimally-tested vaccines had to be administered to:

  • Pregnant women, a clinical no-no since the 1960s Thalidomide tragedy

  • The young who are at negligible risk from this virus, especially children

  • The many who had already contracted Covid and recovered, leaving them with good natural immunity but at risk of a deadly hyper-immune response which an unnecessary, toxic mRNA vaccination could induce.

If public health had been a concern they would not have banned the use of cheap and effective drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which could have prevented a large percentage of all Covid deaths [watch the squirming, paid-for doctor who helped impose this ban].


It is patently obvious that they callously banned these life-saving drugs in order to obtain Emergency Use Authorisation (with Big Pharma free from liability for injuries) for their experimental, dangerous Covid "vaccines" for the seemingly trivial but actually deeply evil ulterior motive of imposing vaccine passports.


Further, they would have withdrawn the vaccines soon after the start of rollout because of the off-the-scale unprecedentedly high levels of reported vaccine adverse reactions.


The trial concluded that a primary objective of the plandemic was to get the entire world population hooked on vaccine passports which they would morph into digital ids, paving the way for a global surveillance dystopia of mandatory vaccinations and social credits with programmable central bank digital currencies to enslave us all on a Universal Basic Income and control our spending, consumption, travel and who knows what else under a system of undemocratic technocratic world governance.


[See Sunak's shocking CBDC plans here. In the words of WEF's Klaus Schwab "By 2030 you'll own nothing and you'll be happy".]


[Despite recent climbdowns, the fascist actions taken by Justin Trudeau and the rest of the WEF-mafia in the face of mild Omicron only confirm this nefarious objective, i.e. pressing on with their unquestionably dangerous mRNA vaccination programs especially of children at negligible risk from the virus, ending the Age of Enlightenment through draconian new anti-human rights, anti-free speech legislation and consolidating their pandemic powers on medically-pointless vaccine mandates and "full-vaccination status" passports which will lead to population-enslaving digital ids.]


The evidence shows that the claims that the Covid vaccines are "safe and effective" and "prevent serious illness and death" are political fictions.


The vaccines give negligible protection against the virus yet by themselves have injured and killed large numbers of recipients as shown by the (hugely-underreported) adverse reaction reports and in line with the damning vaccine clinical trial data they guiltily wanted kept secret for 75 years which is now being made public by court order [see also here and here].


The claim that regular boosters are needed because vaccine efficacy wanes over time is also a political fiction.


The evidence shows that repeat vaccinations provide no benefit but increase the risk of injury and death from both the vaccine itself and the virus as the immune system gets progressively weakened.


The alleged waning effect is a statistical contrivance [see also here and here].


The often politicized and censored [especially in Scotland] latest evidence shows that we are now in an "epidemic of the vaccinated" [see also here, here, here and here].


The evidence shows that the claims of Johnson, Javid, Whitty, Sturgeon et al that the Covid‑19 vaccination program has been "an outstanding success" and that "getting a booster is the best protection against the virus" are not just barefaced lies, they are complicity to murder...


They all must have (or should have) known that the vaccines injure and kill large numbers of recipients (the post vaccine rollout excess mortality trend for US millennials is described here as democide, worse than the entire Vietnam War), yet they still coerced people to play Russian roulette with their lives through their exhortations and immoral vaccine mandates.





The detailed proceedings


The trial proceedings spanned six days of evidence (indexed here) from over 25 international experts supported by several international lawyers.


They are currently on a break to summarize the evidence before proceeding to the closing arguments and the verdict of the jury.


It is not possible to précis all the testimonies in an email such as this. Hence the following gives mostly thumbnail coverage and timestamps of the proceedings, elaborating only on the more important testimonies.


Top testimonies are flagged ❤ and are worth watching in full.



Day 1: Opening Statements


This session introduced the lawyers who question the expert witnesses and make the closing statements.


The Daily Exposé has helpfully published standalone videos and transcripts of these opening statements, the must-watch from ❤ Dr Fuellmich here then here, here, here, here, and here.



Day 2: Historical and Geopolitical Background


[A short summary of the Day 2 proceedings is available here.]


Alex Thomson, former UK intelligence officer, standalone video and transcript here, followed by Brian Gerrish and Debbie Evans of UK Column (as is Mr Thomson), standalone video and transcript here.


They take a deep dive into the historical precedents of the immense influence of Big Money on geopolitics which has been going on through the last two world wars and before.


They discuss mantras like "the unvaccinated death pathway" leading to policies that result in the only healthcare an unvaccinated person could receive would be one of these deadly "pathways." 


Matthew Ehret, investigative journalist, standalone video here.


3:15:30 Whitney Webb, investigative journalist, standalone video here, on how the Covid conspirators are reacting to the recent crumbling of their narrative - a tactical retreat to keep their powder dry for their next engineered "crisis"?


3:33:00 Whistleblower video of coercive, lethal mass vaccinations in a Berlin care home.


3:46:30 James Bush on Scenarios, Biosafety Labs and Vaccines, standalone biography, video and transcript with slides here. He recounts the precursor pandemic planning events starting with Dark Winter in 2001 leading to the Event 201 coronavirus planning meeting held in October 2019 shortly before SARS‑CoV‑2 started to spread.


4:29:10 Dr Sylvia Berendt and De Astrid Stuckelberger on GAVI, Gates, the WHO and International Health Regulations, standalone video and transcript here.


From their WHO experience they explain how all the Covid health measures recommended and required by national health authorities or WHO are actually contrary to the epidemiological and medical state of the art and how the pandemic was conjured up by use of the mal-engineered Drosden PCR test.



Day 3: The PCR Test and Early Treatment Failures

0:8:00 Dr Stuckelberger (continued). She notes that during the SARS‑CoV‑2 epidemic the Drosden PCR test "replaced" the doctor, which has never happened before. She also notes that GAVI (controlled by Bill Gates) has made big payments to Drosten's La Charité university in Berlin.


0:44:15 Professor Ulrika Kämarrer shows why the PCR test is not suitable for mass testing as it has been used as it generates too many false positives.


It cannot give an unambiguous diagnosis of a Covid infection or whether the person being tested is contagious. A positive test does not even indicate which particular corona virus is involved.


1:32:30 ❤ Dr Soňa Peková (Czech Republic) is a molecular biologist with almost 20 years of experience in designing quantitative real-time PCR assays to detect many different pathogens.


She sequenced the genomes of the three main corona waves in the Czech Republic and found that each wave was caused by a different strain and that these strains were not directly inter-related, which is an evolutionary impossibility.


A virus cannot just erase previous mutations. These genetic differences could not have been detected without her Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tool, a technological development which the conspirators perhaps did not anticipate.


She suspects that the Wuhan virus and subsequent variants all came from a lab, either deliberately or by some kind of slip-up. All the evidence indicates deliberate.


She says that the Drosden PCR test was deliberately designed to produce large numbers of positive test numbers over each successive wave of variants without missing anything. It is set up to target three different parts of the virus genome when it is normal to target only one.


She notes that the Czech health system was set up such that if a Covid positive case went to hospital, the doctors and hospitals got three times as much money.


2:14:15 ❤❤ Dr Brian Ardis on why so many deaths happened. He asks why all the doctors in places like New York reported that Covid was something they had never seen before, going from respiratory problems to attacking the kidneys and liver within a few days.


It turns out to be because Anthony Fauci decreed to the US medical establishment that the only drug that could be used to treat Covid is the experimental, highly dangerous drug remdesivir.


Dr Ardis describes how the clinical trials of deadly remdesivir were faked. He notes that the USA has the highest Covid death totals of all the countries in the world, followed by Brazil which has also used remdesivir in all its hospitals.


He notes that in the UK, NICE declared an "end of life" care protocol of morphine and midazolam for use in nursing homes all around the UK. By administering these highly toxic drugs they killed 18,000 people in March 2020 and 25,000 in April 2020, falsely attributing all these deaths to Covid‑19.


He says this was clearly an evil, pre-meditated plan to murder a large number of people. He refers to Clare Wills-Harrison, a UK care worker whistleblower.


[Clare has campaigned against what she sees as the murder of care home residents while the country was in lockdown. Her testimony is supported by this Daily Exposé study and this UK Column report on "fast track" end of life care plans (from 44:00 min). See also the John O'Looney testimony.]


3:20:30 ❤❤John O'Looney, a funeral director from Milton Keynes on Covid deaths in the UK, shortened standalone video here. Despite all the media fear-mongering about the supposedly deadly virus, Mr O'Looney noticed nothing abnormal about UK deaths throughout 2020.


He says he was pestered by a government official who wanted him to label as many deaths as possible as Covid, even one deceased who had been run over with tyre marks across his body! This official only desisted from pestering after the vaccine rollout started, when the death rate soared some 300% above normal.


He says he is now seeing large numbers of deaths from thrombosis, strokes and heart attacks of all ages down to early 20s, the likes of which he has never seen before. A colleague says he has seen a 600% rise in thrombosis deaths exclusively in vaccine recipients.


He refers to the abnormally high numbers of footballers collapsing on live TV. He wrote to the Chief Coroner about his concerns but was fobbed off.


He recounts his own horrendous experience when he had to go the hospital with a respiratory problem (not Covid). He was offered remdesivir and two other toxic drugs and various inappropriate treatments which he refused. Two others in his ward took the drugs and died. He knew they were trying to kill him. He had to battle to discharge himself.


3:44:15 South African GP ❤❤ Dr Shankara Chetty, standalone biography, video and transcript here


He explodes the "narrative" that the only way to avoid or treat Covid is via the vaccines. So far he has seen 10,000 patients and has not put any of them into hospital or onto oxygen and has not had a single patient death. He reports that other doctors around the world using the same protocols have had the same success.


Dr Chetty has defied his medical authorities to use conventional methods and drugs such as hydroxychloroquine to treat the early Covid symptoms (he bought a large stock before it was taken off the shelves).


He finds that the patients usually respond well but in some cases they relapse exactly 8 days after their first symptoms. He worked out that the unlucky ones were suffering a delayed allergic reaction as the virus itself usually disappears within 7 days.


He says the problem is immune system debris created from fighting the virus spike protein (the same spike protein as the dangerous vaccines trigger the body to produce). He uses the analogy of a bee-sting which for most people is harmless but for others can be fatal if not treated.


At the 8-day stage he uses steroids and anti-histamines and has always managed to get his patients through to recovery.


Hence he avoided all the severe Covid symptoms which will develop if not given appropriate treatment. He considers the WHO advice to isolate for 14 days to be disastrous.


4:50:45 ❤ Dr Mike Yeadon ended this session with a short explanation of how governments and their advisors have lied to us about Covid and the vaccines on a massive scale.


Day 4: The Vaccines and Psychological Warfare

0:12:20 Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, director of research in Genetics, specialist in RNA research, on global vaccination data.


Dr Henrion Caude reports that 3.3 million vaccine adverse reactions have been recorded to date by the WHO [about 1.5 million in the UK Yellow Card system] which is much, much worse than everything adverse that has happened over the last 30 years, yet is ignored by the authorities.


She shows Covid death graphs showing steeply rising deaths in the countries which have vaccinated the most while others like Africa and India remain very low, showing clearly that vaccination is not the solution [it never was].

She shows graphs of Covid deaths for Israel, the UK and the Emirates annotated by start of vaccine rollout showing a steep spike in deaths immediately after the start of rollout, clearly caused by the vaccines themselves.


She says that no mRNA vaccines have ever been approved worldwide for humans despite at least three decades of trying because they are so dangerous. She says that using the toxic spike protein in the vaccines was a big mistake. She concludes that the vaccinations should be stopped at once.


0:47:15 ❤ Dr Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger, molecular biologist, specialist in cardiovascular diseases, standalone video and transcript here.


She explains why vaccination against coronaviruses was never needed in the first place and why the Covid vaccines are useless in preventing infection and cannot neutralise the virus.


She says that Pfizer cheated in their assessment study of vaccine efficacy and that the actual efficacy is not more than 1%. She says the vaccine antibodies in the blood are of no avail against the virus in the airways. The lining of the lungs does not allow access from the blood.


1:08:20 Deanna McLeod, immunologist and psychologist, takes a deep dive into Pfizer's phase 3 clinical trial to show how the results were fraudulently fiddled. Dr Fuellmich notes that Ms McLeod's testimony is corroborated by whistleblower Brook Jackson who participated in the Pfizer clinical vaccine trials and witnessed blatant and widespread misconduct and violation of regulations.


[See this extract from Session 94 of an interview of Ms Armstrong where she describes the unbelievable fraud and corruption of the Pfizer clinical trial process.]


1:39:30 ❤ Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist, immunologist and infection epidemiologist on the Nuremberg Code and the adverse effects of mRNA vaccinations.


Professor Bhakti says we don't need any further discussion because under the Nuremberg Code if anything is under experimental "use" and there is proof that the experiment is causing illness and death, it has to be stopped.


The onus is on the perpetrators: if they cannot prove that the adverse reactions are not due to the vaccines, it must be stopped on the spot.


He agrees with Dr Schmidt-Krüger that the vaccines could never work in the first place and describes their toxicity and how the spike proteins will be attacked by the body's immune system and how the spike enters the blood stream leading to damage of the blood vessel linings causing leaking and clotting all over the body, mostly in small, slow-flowing vessels such as in the brain.


He says the vaccines have no benefit whatsoever but have the capacity to kill by over a million pathways. He is furious that these people are killing our children and it looks pre-meditated.


2:00:30 ❤ Dr Mike Yeadon, former chief scientist and president of pulmonary research at Pfizer on the shortcuts taken in the development and manufacture of the Covid vaccines.


Dr Yeadon notes that it was inappropriate to even seek to invent and release a novel experimental vaccine for a respiratory pathogen of such modest lethality as SARS-CoV-2 as to do it properly would take much longer than the pathogen's expected longevity. More proof of naked opportunism.


He says it is a fake vaccine, badly developed and toxic by design. It could never have worked for the reasons given by Dr Schmidt-Krüger and Professor Bhakdi. He thinks they did it because of the "control grid idea", to get everyone on a vaccine passport which is a digital id.


Another reason was to get the general public used to such gene-based products, which they hope to use again.


He describes the abysmal quality control on the release of vaccine batches, with some batches resulting in vastly more adverse reaction reports than others. He says that the regulators who approved these products are guilty of criminal levels of collusion and fraud.


He goes on to explain the obvious reasons why the entire Covid charade was never about public health.


2:32:30 Professor Antonietta Gatti, nano-pathologist, on the chemicals discovered in the Covid vaccines: dangerous nano-particles against which the body has no natural defences.


[She is a bit difficult to make out. See also this earlier article.]


2:56:00 Professor Arne Burkhardt, pathologist on Autopsy and Histology Study on vaccination-associated complications and deaths conducted in Reutlingen, Germany


This testimony covers autopsy micro-pathology of 30 mostly sudden deaths which concluded that the majority of these deaths had been caused by the vaccines. The evidence is rather technical.


[For further information see his earlier article and his joint paper with Professor Bhakdi.]


3:33:20 ❤ Professor Dr Werner Bergholz, on quality non-conformances in the Covid19 vaccines.


Dr Bergholz believes that the quality standard requirements of ISO 9001 have been breached in the vaccine development and manufacturing processes. This means that Big Pharma should lose the indemnity they have been granted by politicians against vaccine injuries.


He describes the bad batch problem raised by Dr Yeadon and thinks that super-toxic batches must have been released on purpose. At How bad is my batch they have found that lethal batches were sent out to 50 states in the US, they suspect to dilute the state-level adverse reactions, while "good" batches are normally sent to just two or three states.


He shows evidence that the UK is currently in an "epidemic of the vaccinated" and that vaccination deaths in the Covid era are about 100 times worse than over the entire era of 2000 to 2019. He concludes that anyone who ignores this data has malevolent intent and that all vaccinations need to be stopped immediately.


4:14:20 ❤ Meredith Miller USA coach and author on recognizing the signs of psychological abuse, followed at 4:38:00 by Dr Ariane Bilheran (speaks in French with a translator), clinical psychologist and author on paranoia, harassment and totalitarianism.


Ms Millar notes that the same pattern of Covid narrative psychological abuse and manipulation occurred all around the world, indicating pre-planned global coordination and advance schooling of all participants in the conspiracy.


She describes the shocking techniques of covert psychological mind control used to get the people to believe the official narrative and reject any conflicting information, including through gaslighting and lying.


These unethical abuses are almost physical as they cause neurological changes, even immobilization, and have led to many tragedies such as addictions, self-harm and suicides.


She describes how the abusers exploit the survival instinct of cognitive dissonance and the levers of the Stockholm Syndrome to prevent people from accepting any contrarian narrative and even to take comfort from the abusive narrative.


She refers to a July 2020 Yale Study to optimise messaging on vaccine acceptance which was probably typical of all such skulduggery.


Day 5: Financial Destruction

0:6:30 ❤ Patrick M Wood, economist, author and editor of Technocracy News on the historical backdrop, shortened standalone video here.


This revealing testimony explains why rational technical arguments against the lunacy of windmills and Net Zero have always been fobbed off. It is because "tackling climate change" has really never been about the climate.


Mr Wood explains the globalist plans which have been going on for many decades to kill off capitalism and replace it with a technocracy based on "sustainable development" which they claim without any justification is a panacea for all the supposed ills of the world.


It's about total centralized control of all business, assets and natural resources by unelected, unaccountable leaders.


He rails against the attempted imposition of this undemocratic dystopia by a relatively small body of extremely rich and powerful individuals and families (e.g. Gates, Rockefeller) supported by unelected bodies like the UN and the WEF, especially as what they are set on doing is totally unethical and unworkable.


He describes how they tried to weaponise "global warming" but put it on the back-burner in favour of Covid as it wasn't getting anywhere. He describes the engineered Covid crisis as a "direct assault" on capitalism in a desperate attempt to pull off their political coup d'état.


He concludes that somehow we have to get all of these people out of all public policy platforms.


1:35:20 ❤❤ Leslie Manookian, investment banker, standalone video here. This testimony gives a very scary financial perspective on the globalist machinations described by Mr Wood.


Ms Manookian believes we are witnessing an unprecedented crime, no less than the attempted controlled demolition of our global political and economic civilization to cover up the financial mismanagement of governments and Big Money over many decades.


The financial system is on the brink of a "house of cards" collapse so they urgently want to destroy it and reset it before it implodes, making sure that they retain their power and lives of luxury but leaving the rest of us as a serf class.


She explains why it is happening now with slides showing how US government debt has exploded from $1 trillion to $30 trillion in the past 20 years. The situation in Europe is even worse with unfunded public pension debt of €44 trillion, noticeably exacerbated by the past two years of Covid madness.


Other western countries are in similarly dire straits. These unfunded liabilities simply cannot be met. She says this is the real motive for the WEF's "Great Reset", using Covid‑19 as a cover. It also shows that Karl Schwab's mantra "We have only a short window of opportunity …" has very little to do with "tackling climate change" as he implies.


The situation is desperate and the WEF globalists have their backs to the wall. She says they need a massive debt forgiveness and to get everyone onto Universal Basic Income.


This is why they are pushing for digital ids via vaccine passports, why they are trying to destroy small and medium size businesses and why Schwab says openly that "by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy".


Ms Manookian believes that the globalists have blown their Covid opportunity. Their Covid narrative is crumbling with not nearly enough of the populace hooked on vaccine passports (digital ids). She urges that we push back at local level to thwart their assault on the central levers of power.


Dr Fuellmich summarizes that these people have been plundering the assets and money of the people for decades to pay for the debts they have issued, e.g. the $30 trillion of US debt which went into the pockets of Big Money, Big Pharma and others.


Dr Fuellmich subsequently interviewed ex-Wall Street executive ❤❤Edward Dowd who corroborates this evidence, see this video from Session 93: "the central banks and governments are up to their eyeballs in debt … and the system will collapse at some point … we're broke, the pensions aren't going to be paid … we're at a pivotal point where the truth cannot be hidden anymore".


Mr Dowd's prescient May 2020 tweet thread of how the Covid "plandemic" would unfold was bang on the money. See also this article where he says "we are in for a bleak future before a much-needed reset, but not in the way the World Economic Forum set out in 2020".


2:43:45 ❤Björn Pirrwitz, lawyer and financial expert, endorsing the testimonies of Mr Wood and Ms Manookian.


Mr Pirrwitz condemns the modern practice of creating of money out of thin air. He notes that the global derivatives market is ten times global GDP. He shows the huge expansion of the ECB and Fed balance sheets over recent years, much of it by moving bad assets from private banks to become the liability of the taxpayer.


The ECB balance sheet is now almost 75% of eurozone GDP and he predicts that the system will collapse if this expansion continues to the 100% mark, if not before.


He notes that the Schiller stock market price/earnings ratio is currently at an all-time high of 25 and says that a crash is inevitable.


There is no way out. He says that the super-rich know this and have been buying up physical assets, e.g. Bill Gates is now the biggest private owner of farmland in the US and Blackrock is hoovering up loan-defaulted housing stock to become the biggest landlord in the US.


He joins to dots to show how this pending crash explains the push over the Covid past two years to establish digital ids, to get rid of cash and to push towards programmable CB digital currencies which will allow individual accounts to be controlled on a political whim (cf. Canadian truckers and their supporters).


3:31:50 ▪︎ Professor Christian Kreiss, economist and former investment banker.


Professor Kreiss shows how the rich have been getting richer on the backs of the poor with a dramatic disconnect between productivity and hourly compensation over the last 40 years. Productivity and CEO compensation have continued to rise but worker compensation has stagnated.


This has resulted in real household debt in western countries increasing sixfold from 1980 to 2010. He also notes that global debt is at all-time high. This is the reason for the looming financial crisis.


He advocates drawing on spirituality and community cooperation to counter the evil globalists who want to make slaves of us all.


4:16:50 Short video of Professor Yuval Harari illustrating the evil mindset which exemplifies the WEF's abhorrent transhumanism.


Day 6: Eugenics and Outlook

This session is titled "eugenics" because the way in which genetics are now being used is really no different to Hitler's use of genocide to clean up the gene pool.


0:7:00 ❤ Patrick M Wood on technocracy and transhumanism, standalone video and transcript with slides here.


Mr Wood describes how the euphemistic mantras of "sustainable development" and "biodiversity" are in reality very evil. He refers to how the WEF's Great Reset "envisions a truly ‘transhumanist' future for us all" [see also earlier article].


He describes how there has been a convergence of scientific disciplines over the past quarter century under the acronym NBIC: Nano-Tech, Bio-Tech, ICT, Cogno-Tech. The WEF globalists are pushing these technologies to take over biological evolution by advances in genetic, wearable and implantable technologies.


He notes that this is simply an evolution of earlier "environmental" policies from 1992 Agenda 21 going back to Hitler and before.


He notes that the Moderna website boast that "we believe mRNA is the software of life". They clearly think they can play God to programme humans as easily as programming a computer.


1:11:40 ❤ Matthew Ehret, journalist, author and historian on how the unthinkable became thinkable, standalone video and transcript here.


Mr Ehret recounts the anti-human attitudes of environmentalists over past decades and centuries.


For example, he refers to the "Malthusian" predictions of Thomas Malthus in 1788. He notes that the godfather of the UN IPCC and the WEF Maurice Strong said in 1990 "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about"?


He notes that the Club of Rome said in 1991 "the real enemy, then, is humanity itself".


He believes that the UN, WHO, WEF, GAVI and the Gates Foundation are imbued with these anti-human sentiments and that these people don't care about pollution or saving the environment.


He believes that their fantasy Net Zero based on energy-sparse so-called renewables is not at all benign as portrayed but profoundly evil as its true purpose is to cause economic collapse, mass starvation and depopulation in order to "save the planet".


1:55:00 Elana Rachael Daniel, health and safety researcher, on how Israel's WEF-fanatic politicians made lab rats of the Israeli people in becoming world leaders in extreme Covid restrictions and vaccine policies with total disregard for the Nuremberg Code.


Standalone video and transcript here.


2:28:10 ❤ Avital Livny, originator of the Testimonies Project, standalone video and transcript here.


Ms Livny created her Testimony Project to provide a platform for Israelis adversely affected after getting a Covid-19 vaccine. She was motivated by the Israeli government's blatant disregard for and denial of vaccine adverse reactions.


The stark video evidence provided by these testimonies will hopefully be useful in future proceedings against Covid malfeasance.


She notes that despite all the evidence, many Israelis have their head in the sand.


They don't want to admit they were fooled, paradoxically mostly the well-educated, and don't want to contemplate that because of their compliance they may now have a health timebomb inside themselves.


3:13:10 ❤ Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, comparing Covid crimes against humanity with equivalent atrocities perpetrated in the 20th century. Standalone video and transcript here.


Ms Sharav asserts that the Israeli government,

"is now doing what Dr Mengele didn't finish"...

As a child witness to the Holocaust she is saddened that so few are willing to draw comparison between the Holocaust and today, saying that the globalist Great Reset goal of world domination and control is basically no different to what happened in Nazi Germany.


She ends with the stark warning,

"We are living at a very crucial juncture in human history. We are on the brink of a totalitarian dictatorship and this time it's global, this time there will be no rescuers.


If we don't reverse the trajectory of obediently following government diktats, we will either be annihilated or revert to the status of slaves".

Douglas Brodie

Nairn, 16/03/22