by Peter Koenig
January 10, 2023
from GlobalResearch Website






A WHO / Pharma

controlled Worldwide Tyrannical

"health system"...


A falling tree

makes more noise

than a growing forest.

A Tibetan proverb


Let's hope the silently growing forest represents a mass-awakening.

From the looks and evidence - ever more visible to even the ignorant - we are living in a Death Cult - a cabal-driven death cult, with a key objective to do away with: eliminate a large segment, if not the majority of the world population.

Who is executing this Death Cult? And on behalf of whom?

Three entities come to mind...




1. The World Economic Forum (WEF)

A Cologny (lush suburb of Geneva, Switzerland)-registered NGO; a never-voted-for "influencer" organization that has amassed power and money in the hundreds of millions of dollars, like no other NGO around the world.


Its founder and eternal chairman, Klaus Schwab (84), is an engineer cum economist, with origins linked to the former Third Reich Nazi-leadership.

By the way, the WEF is holding their annual Davos conference from 16-20 January 2023. The pathology of this outfit and of those elitist billionaires and corporate honchos attending is reflected in this year's even more dystopian agenda. Have a look at the official program.

This is only the visible agenda. None of us, the commons, knows what's going on behind closed doors in special secretive sessions.


We feed on leakages, and as Globalism is fading, they become ever more abundant.




2. The World Health Organization (WHO)

Goes as a specialized UN Agency - which in reality it isn't.


It was founded in 1948 by Rockefeller, a eugenist and obsessed globalist, who was (and still is) aiming at controlling the world population through health (and death), and who is hellbent to make the Mother Earth a better place through a One World Order.


WHO was then "bought" into the UN system.

At that time, Rockefeller with Standard Oil, had also a monopoly on petrol. He decided that pharmaceuticals, up to the 1950's, mostly based on plants and plant chemistry could be made from petro-chemicals.


WHO, according to its bylaws, a disease-preventive health organization, became, thus, largely a curative pharma-based and pharma-pushing organization.

While the bulk of the budget from other UN agencies stems from member countries' contribution, WHO is funded at least to two-thirds or more by the private sector, mostly the pharma industry, as well as the Bill Gates Foundation.

A conflict of interest is more than evident. WHO should not be a UN agency.


WHO - against its scientific staff's better knowledge - has declared Covid as a deadly pandemic, spreading fear, imposing lockdowns, face masks, social distancing and more human-denigrating measures.

Eventually, WHO, strongly nudged by the WEF (and the powers behind the WEF) was coercing governments to "vaccinate" their populations with never-before tested genetically-modifying mRNA injections, of which nobody but the producing pharma-industry knows the composition - contents that has turned out deadly for tens of millions of people and mounting.

By the end of 2022, excess mortality in western countries amounts to between 15% and 25% - in some countries even higher.

All of the western used so-called vaccines are, in fact, bioweapons.

This horrendous vaxx fraud is also a multi-billion, if not trillion, bonanza for the pharmaceuticals.

The Covid jabs also contain sterilization agents for both men and women, resulting already by now in drastically falling birth rates in western countries.

The term "western countries" means all of Europe and the worldwide Anglosaxonia.

So far, all fits well within the Rockefeller, Gates, Soros, et al's eugenist agenda.

WHO is truth censuring through social platforms - NewsGuard, an organization of "True Journalism", tracking credibility of news and information websites and online misinformation, provides WHO regularly with lists of the most important "influencers" of "misinformation" in matters of health, alias conspiracy theorists; people who do not conform with the official narrative.

WHO forwards this list to the different social media platforms, requesting them to block the accounts of the "perpetrators", or to clandestinely hide or limit their social media inputs.


This is called "shadow banning".

WHO works closely with the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a non-profit journalism school and research organization in St. Petersburg, Florida.


The IFCN has a databank with more than 10,000 "fact-checked false information", most of them related to WHO dictates.

IFCN is mainly funded by the US State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Soros Open Society Foundation, Google and Facebook.


Coincidentally, the Gates Foundation and the US government are also the biggest donors of WHO.

This WHO censuring information can be read in full in German, under Point 5 here.

To top it all off, WHO is currently preparing a so-called Pandemic Treaty. Under this Treaty, if approved, WHO's DG would have the power to declare worldwide pandemics as he, alias the ruling class, sees fit to control the masses.


Compulsory vaccinations could be military enforced. This would be an authority above each of the member countries' National Constitution.

So far trial votations have not succeeded, as several country blocks, for example, in Africa, do not agree.

But the beat goes on with coercing and potentially bribing of country delegates.


A final vote should take place in the course of 2023. If approved, the lawless Pandemic Treaty rule should enter into effect at the beginning of 2024.

If so, this is a call on each WHO member to leave WHO.



Video: The World Health Order (WHO) and the "Global Pandemic Treaty": The Back Door to "Global Tyranny"



3. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Has long ceased being a defense alliance of North Atlantic countries.


It has become a worldwide war machine with access and use of some 850 US military bases around the world.






NATO is not only a multi-billion-dollar income generator largely for the US military industrial complex (MIC), but it is also an important US GDP engine, contributing an estimated 30% of the US GDP, counting all NATO-related and dependent industries and services.

NATO is the provoker, funder and main executer of the Ukraine-Russia war - the US-Russia proxy war. Its expansionism has become a monster octopus, stretching its tentacles completely and all-controlling around Mother Earth.

Other than non-stop provoking Russia, NATO also fulfills a role in the Great Reset / UN Agenda 2030 eugenist agenda, as killing is one of its chief purposes.

NATO enters any territory where the "conventional" media lie-machine, and social engineering are failing or not completing their people-ordaining goals fast enough.


Russia, by far the largest and resource-richest country of our planet, was in the US hegemon's cross-hairs for over a century. The 2014 Maidan Coup, engineered by the EU / NATO, was a planned prelude to a war with Russia.

The without scruples NATO war machine would not shy from a hot WWIII - which could easily turn nuclear, all-destructive and all-killing.

Playing with Russian ethics, knowing that President Putin has no intention to annihilate a country that up to recently and for over 300 years in the past was an integral part of the Russian Empire, then-the Soviet Union.


Ukraine is inherently and historically a part of Russia, even as an ally after it became independent in 1991.


Ukraine was forcefully and viciously detached from Russia by western aggression for greed and pathological grandeur.

Now western aggressions may backfire as President Putin may soon have no other choice than to obliterate what's left of Ukraine, to finally stop the war - and the senseless killing, the misery of the hapless and suffering population.

Be aware, NATO is ready for weaponized interference wherever a "human conflict" cannot be resolved by the WEF / WHO oppressive tyrannical means.


We, the People of the world, have largely only little or no saying in how our world, our countries, even our communities are run.

And this already for several decades...

In the last three years, the common people's exclusion from what is still sold as a democratic process has reached a pinnacle.


With the onset of a fake plandemic at the beginning of 2020 - the beginning of an agenda long ago planned, the UN Agenda 2030 - the beginning of the larger Agenda 21 (all of the 21st century), officially decided at the UN Environment Conference in Rio in June 1992 - the so-called United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the 'Earth Summit'.

The long-haul precursor to this was the 1968 Rockefeller-founded Club of Rome's book "The Limits to Growth" (LTG) of 1972.


The concepts and principles of this book are the blueprint for what is currently - and probably at least for the coming 10 to 50 years - being implemented.

LTG is the basis for the Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution - and the UN Agenda 2030, also called WHO's Decade of Vaccination.


Following are the main life-curtailing threats we are facing today, listed not necessarily in order of priority.


Remember, they are all inter-linked and inter-acting.

  • Population reduction, a massive genocide, through fake Covid "vaxxes" that are carefully engineered as gene-modifying mRNA killer-injections.


  • The US / EU / NATO-provoked war between Russia and Ukraine; a US-Russia proxy war, pumped up to the tune of about 155 billion dollars-worth of western weaponry and "budgetary support" money in less than a year - more than Ukraine's entire GDP for 2020 ($151 billion):

some US$112 billion from the US, the rest from Europe and other western countries.

Most of the money flow right back into the western, mostly US, military industrial complex (MIC) and into the pockets of corrupt politicians (see this interview with Col. Doug Macgregor or watch below).



Also HERE...


  • It is about fake "climate change", fake biodiversity loss. See this.


  • Manipulated energy shortages, a proven combined manipulation of "sanctions" on Russia, and the worst western government-sponsored terror sabotage act in recent history, the torpedoed Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Russian hydrocarbons, mostly gas, provided at least 40% of all of Europe's energy uses.


  • Engineered food shortages, leading to famine - and a new artificial toxic way of food production; geoengineered crop-destroying weather catastrophes; food staple speculations; forced supply-chain disruptions and more are responsible for "food shortages". The world can produce enough food for at least ten billion people, see this; it's a mere question of banning speculation and introducing a just food distribution system;

  • Compromised banker's engineered hyper-inflation, leading more rapidly to poverty; crisis after crisis caused demolition of the western economy, bankruptcies, unemployment, poverty, unaffordable food and / or housing, disease and death - genocidal death.

  • Worldwide network of 5G microwaves - and would you believe, and soon to come all-controlling, potentially deadly Sixth Generation (6G), whose target date is coverage of the entire planet by 2030.

  • Absolute control - via the all-invasive QR code. See this.

  • Digitization of everything, the objective of Klaus Schwab's designed 4th Industrial Revolution (see this), including

    • Digitization of money - may result in turn-on, turn-off money, expiring money, blocked or canceled money for misbehavior, potentially resulting in lack of sustenance for non-behaviors, no food, no energy, no housing - disease - death

    • Digitization of your brain - transhumanization, robotization, social engineering of the masses, as well as the individual (see Daniel Estulin's "Tavistock Institute - Social Engineering of the Masses")

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI) - can be controlled and is slated to become "You own nothing but are happy" - Klaus Schwab's glorious ending of the Great Reset

  • A WHO / pharma controlled worldwide tyrannical "health system" (sic), through a so-called Pandemic Treaty which, if approved by the World Health Assembly, would overreach every United Nations / WHO member country's Constitution, putting the Director General of WHO in charge of health (and death) issues worldwide, in each country.

It might amount to compulsory vaccination, enforced by the military, for whatever WHO decides is or might be a worldwide threat to health.


Even the common flu...

If approved in 2023, the Pandemic Treaty would become effective at the beginning of 2024.

This would be an absolutely lawless rule against the will of ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD...

If the Pandemic Treaty is approved - and even if it is not approved - this is a call on all nations to EXIT WHO, which has become a biased pharma-led eugenist-funded terror organization.


The world is faced with a multi-disaster scenario caused by ultra-rich neo-Nazi multi-billionaire elitists and the international data / IT and finance system that controls some 25 to 30 trillion-dollar equivalent of the world's assets, maybe more - and can leverage every country of this planet to do their bidding.

These are the dark Cult Masters, acting from the shadows of supra-governments, like the US and the European Union, mainly via their well-funded executive, or implementing, instruments:

This is what happened at the beginning of the 2020 Covid hoax. The 2010 Rockefeller Report called this first phase, 'The Lockstep Scenario'. See this.

Indeed, in unison, all 193 UN member countries (194 WHO members), their corrupted leaders and media blasted the same fear-imposing message - lockdown, obligatory people-demeaning face masks, social distancing, working from home - so you would lose personal contact with your friends and colleagues.

Today, all these above-mentioned Limits to Growth measures are wrapped in a constant and permanent fear campaign, to demoralize and subjugate people into submission.


A fear campaign carried out by mainstream media, all owned by 13 media conglomerates who own 90% of the media worldwide. In unison they slam down these fear messages in lockstep 24 / 7 / 52 on the world populations. See this.

These corrupt media moguls are paid billions of dollars to comply with the power-money psychopaths' request, to spread the world with lies - with deadly lies.


They are party to the mass-murderers, as they know what they are doing. Their management must face the laws of justice.

Just as a parenthesis, looking at what these US Treasury generated dollars really are:

They are worthless, unbacked money - dollars that are simple debt for the US Treasury; debt that is never paid back...

Or as the former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan said in 2011,

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that".

See this.

Therefore, money dished out to corrupt organization is worthless for the "spender"- the creator of the money, the US of A, but they buy the world for the recipients.

We are living in the midst of a Cabal-directed Death Cult...

The majority of the people haven't noticed yet.


But the awakening has begun.

Remember the Tibetan Proverb of 'the silently growing forest'.


And as trees connect with each other, so do humans by their spirituality - not transhumans, but humans that we still are.

And let us never let an abject power-hungry non-elected criminal like Klaus Schwab, with his roots in the Third Reich, and his NGO, the World Economic Forum dominate humanity.

May the forest grow to a critical mass that can, by its sheer solidarity, togetherness of thought and will power, overcome the pathological objectives of the psychopaths' wish for power and money dominance...