by Joachim Hagopian

July 26, 2021
from PhiBetaIota Website

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The COVID-19 Sham:

Global Elite Caught Red-Handed

Committing Genocidal Crimes

Against Humanity...




When you inject a known toxin into a person,

you are actually injecting an agent of death.

David Martin, PhD.,

intellectual property-patent expert,

U. of Virginia School of Medicine professor. 1


Over a half dozen years ago I wrote a Global Research article entitled "The Globalists' New World Order: Soft and Hard Kill Methods. An Unknown and Uncertain Future." 2


Aside from all-out manmade nuclear war or cataclysmic natural disasters such as,

  • enormous volcanic eruptions

  • large meteors colliding with earth

  • another Planet X pass-by, 3

...the globalists' latest fast kill method, promised for years by the ambassador of doom and gloom himself Bill Gates, 4 is now unfolding at breakneck speed.

For many years Bill Gates has been near matching the US government as the largest financier of the corrupt and scandalous World Health Organization (WHO), a major player in the Coronavirus debacle.


When in May 2020 President Trump wisely announced that he was "terminating" the government's relationship with WHO, that by far had contributed more money annually than any other nation in the world, it would prompt Bill Gates to commit another quarter billion to WHO to match his investment in Covid-19 companies, 5 on top of the $5.5 billion he already parleyed to buy influence and power over the planet's foremost health authority. 6

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is armed with a supportive cast of villains in this unfolding world stage drama. 7


The Anglo-American-Zionist Empire is front and center in this diabolical criminal operation, starting with,

  • DARPA (America's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

  • DEFRA (UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs),

...further financed by the Wellcome Trust, Britain's largest charity funding "innovative biomedical research." 8


In 1936 its founder Henry Wellcome also started the drug company that morphed into GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), essentially the Wellcome Trust is GSK's "philanthropic arm."

The revolving door syndrome between private and public sectors that characterizes the fellow behemoth military industrial complex (MIC) also pervades the pharmaceutical industry.


The hop, skip and jump merry-go-round from Big Pharma corporations to the bought and sold Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to nonprofit private research foundations to their lobbyists the Big Pharma band of thieves merrily go, greedily profiteering off their manufactured scamdemic, literally at the expense of humanity.


Aside from the US government's critical role in the Coronavirus fiasco via its Health and Human Services umbrella that shelters Dr. Anthony Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA, the EU and China each have also played their vested interest.


Finally, to round out this cast of murderous thieves are the Rothschild and British royal bloodline dynasties and their shady links to the Pirbright Institute. 9

With the "great awakening" of earth's inhabitants starting to realize that their controlled opposition national governments and their puppet master owners are not our friend, a growing segment of the world population is currently grappling with the very real perception that the ruling elite as planetary overlords have run amok.


Long time backers of both sides in all wars, these same figures are the pedo-controllers of the worldwide child sex trafficking network that constitutes today's real pandemic.

As a result, a murderous ruling class directly responsible for the pedophilia scourge is sensing a seething rage from the global masses and therefore has rolled out its Agenda 2030 plan a few years earlier than first intended.


But in doing so with the Coronavirus hoax, they've reactively overplayed their hand, and people the world over are now beginning to see their evil for what it is.


First the globalists' rollout of their virus that carries a mortality rate on par with the common seasonal flu - 0.002%. But now the public is catching on that it's not the virus we need to worry about but their kill shot vaccine mandate.

The rush order on the vaccine rollout was already waiting in the wings with patents galore as the genocidal cabal's pharmaceuticals like Moderna and Pfizer are providing the hidden bioweapon delivery system with their death jabs. 10


With the innocuous phantom virus quickly followed by the vaccines, the psychopathic cabal set up the panicked public to be on the receiving end of its one-two killer punch.


Gates and Fauci and complicit media spread false panic globally laying the groundwork for the now mandated, forced vaccination agenda that's the elite's depopulation bio-weapon of mass destruction.

When early in 2020,

  • the World Health Organization (WHO) in collusion with the Big Pharma industry, US National Institute of Health, Dr. Fauci's NIAID director since 1984 11


  • the CDC in collusion with several universities running their false algorithmic models predicting 2.2 million deaths in the US alone, 12

...they were able to "sell" the world on their phantom virus, never actually isolated in any lab anywhere or confirmed to even exist by any empirical application of the scientific method, yet through the likes of these lying showmen Bill Gates as WHO's largest financial backer and Anthony Fauci, the globalists nefariously unleashed bio-weaponized fear porn tactics to malevolently induce the global panic needed for their killer vaccines to be at the rescue ready.

By 2018 as Bill Gates was getting ready to release his co-created virus with chief co-conspirator Anthony Fauci, Gates warned the world that their coming killer virus could kill 33 million people in six months. 13


When the Coronavirus was first breaking out in Wuhan China in October 2019, Bill and his World Economic Forum (WEF) pals were lockstep in Event 201, war gaming their final practice run rehearsal, right when the alleged global outbreak began. 14


Timing is everything. But then a few months later their original smoking gun blueprint plan - Operation Lockstep was discovered 15 - the Rockefeller Foundation white paper from a decade earlier in 2010. 16

Right on cue, Coronavirus front men Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci fomented pandemonium worldwide, deceitfully crying wolf after their repeated warnings it was coming, in 2017 Fauci promised the arrival of the "surprise outbreak" erupting during Trump's first term in office. 17


Thus, they created their long planned fake Covid-19 pandemic, after both had invested millions securing vaccine patents for their "killer virus." 18


Their misdeeds constitute RICO racketeering crimes, 19 spawning a virus with a survival rate under 70 years of age between 99.5% to 99.997% per CDC, 20 in order to ramrod through their mandated, pre-patented, massive global vaccination agenda with neither individual medical consent to its millions of recipients, all done for the first time without the standard FDA approval, having never even tested Covid-19 vaccines on humans before. 21

Moreover, the standard protocol of conducting preliminary clinical trials on animals was bypassed in the mad rush to launching the human guinea pig market. 22


Without FDA approval, a contrived Food and Drug Agency's criminal complicity granting another first - "experimental emergency use," on a globally distributed inoculation and the lack of transparency in component ingredients of what's in these jabs all arouse cautious suspicion in and of itself.


Thus, since late 2020, the globalists are carrying out their "Warp Speed" agenda, injecting essentially millions of human guinea pigs around the globe with a potential lethal concoction.

Moreover, claims by La Quinta Columna, a team of Spanish researchers, working with University of Almeria scientist Dr. José Luis Sevillano, have postulated that the Pfizer vaccine contains high amounts of a toxic substance known as Graphene Oxide. 23


Through a press release in late June, this group has allegedly confirmed that the graphene oxide nanoparticles are heavily magnetized in the living organism, which may well explain the phenomenon of metallic objects apparently defying gravity by sticking to vaccinated people's bodies.

As a known potent electrical conductor, graphene along with the spike protein also found in the mRNA vaccines are believed to be activated by 5G radiofrequency radiation to create a virus-like complex within human cells. 24


This mobilized, agitated SARS-CoV-2-like state, without the presence of the elusive, nonexistent Covid-19 virus, is alleged to then function as the pathogen triggering a maladaptive autoimmune response that begins attacking otherwise healthy cells in multiple vital organs of the body.


Death from the vaccines are manifesting as autoimmune dysfunction in a full gamut of organ failure, in the brain, the heart, lungs and bloodstream.


In conjunction with creating this non-novel, relatively harmless SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cabal also made certain it had developed its patented "vaccines" to deliver its depopulation bioterrorism weapon.


While at home on ordered lockdown, installation of 5G technology was going live around the globe, including during the Wuhan outbreak. 25


It was clearly no accident that the pandemic virus rollout unfolded at the exact same time as the 5G technology rollout. 26

Additionally, another non-accidental anomaly - of the 190 governments out of the world's 193 UN member states that all signed off enforcing such draconian deadly pandemic measures, involuntarily imposed on the global masses, the 3 nations whose defiant leaders refused to buy into this fake pandemic,

the presidents of Tanzania, Burundi and Haiti were all suicided/assassinated... 27

Meanwhile, through most of 2020 and 2021, the global population of 7.9 billion people have been cruelly forced into isolation and confinement on inhumane house arrest lockdown virtually on a permanent basis.


Additionally, in many places, humans have been forced to continue wearing masks, proven wholly ineffective in preventing Covid-19, breathing in exhaled CO2, decreasing oxygen intake, risking biological infection and pneumonia, all dangerously life threatening to public health, and now have been found to contain the same nano-toxin graphene as in the vaccines. 28


Additionally, we're being further harmed by the uselessly invalid PCR tests using cotton swabs dangerously coated with yet more poisonous graphene and a known FDA listed carcinogen, nasally coming into direct contact with brain membrane tissue.


By design, 29 this global misapplication of the PCR test produces false positive results of millions who've been misdiagnosed, forced into extended quarantines, injurious hospitalizations, and needless, contraindicated ventilators that have caused thousands of patients' deaths by medical mafia malpractice. 30

All these invasive, over-the-top, tyrannically deadly interventions resulted in huge spikes in suicides, drug overdoses, depression, domestic violence, child abuse and breakdown in civil society around the world, 31 obscenely killing far more people than the actual fake virus ever did, despite the proven falsified, inflated high numbers attributed to Covid-19, churned out daily by the criminally complicit mainstream media. 32


Yet another intended consequence is the preplanned global economic collapse, with unprecedented rates of small to moderate size business closures and off the chart unemployment rates.


Plus, the so-called vaccines that don't even meet the legal or medical criteria to be a vaccine, also have proven to be totally ineffective in preventing Covid-19 flulike illness.


Kill shots egregiously render victims with severe autoimmune deficiencies and a host of other serious life threatening medical problems that qualified courageous experts are accurately warning the public will cause debilitating injuries and death in the coming weeks, months or years from the spike proteins causing blood clots, strokes, enflamed hearts (especially in young men), heart failure, miscarriages (82% of pregnant women), 33 rampant infertility. 34


These warnings and predictions are borne out by cold hard facts.


An alarming, rapidly growing death toll of 18,928 by EU's July 2021 database count (per the European Medicines Agency) with an additional 1.8 million injured with half deemed serious. 35

Meanwhile in America, 11,000 were reported dead from vaccines by US Health and Human Services' own VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), 36 as well as nearly a half million reported adverse side effects, and almost 50,000 serious, potential permanent injuries, all racked up between December 14, 2020 and July 9, 2021 alone. 37


Even prior to the shocking announcements of 30,000 officially reported fatalities in Europe and US from the vaccine, a growing army of honest, whistleblowing doctors have been sounding the alarm throughout, facing professional persecution while silenced by censorship by MSM and every social media platform as accomplices to mass murder.


Brave medical doctors and virologists have warned that millions more will become casualties in the immediate years ahead.


This wholesale human slaughter is not only coldblooded mass murder violating the Nuremburg Code constituting crimes against humanity, it amounts to an unprecedented global genocide, monstrously plotted and perpetrated by the psychopathic killing elite.

Moreover, the latest bombshell just out is far more foreboding than what's been previously been reported.


A lawsuit filed on July 19th against the US federal government for malevolently withholding what a VAERS whistleblower revealed, that from just one internal government report out of the total of 11 VAERS daily receives, an incredible 45,000 deaths resulted from vaccines in just three days. 38


Attorney Thomas Renz is moving forward with legal challenges in his home-based Ohio, New Mexico, Maine and nationally against both the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).


Yet the DHHS own VAERS report has admitted that:

Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. 39

If the above statement is true, the same can logically be inferred that VAERS is likely only reporting 1% of its incoming adverse effects to the public.


Hence, far more deaths are actually occurring than what VAERS is obviously willing to report.


Again, the implications are so sinister to the nth degree, indicating that a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide against the global population is currently in progress, involving,

  • the US government

  • Big Pharma

  • Anthony Fauci

  • Bill Gates,

...other national governments with criminal complicity from the Mockingbird corporate media and the Silicon giants.


After years of investigation, Dr. David Martin, PhD, has boldly outed one of the primary yet unindicted RICO co-conspirators responsible for the Covid-19 "pandemic" crisis:

the EcoHealth Alliance president, veterinarian Peter Daszak, an animal doctor not even qualified to address human health.

He was implicated in pinning the Covid-19 source to a bat and in 2015 while working in collusion with Fauci's NIAID and Centers for Disease Control, Daszak spoke of drumming up money for their ghastly criminal enterprise:

We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine.


A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype.


We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process. 40

Spoken like a true mercenary of death for the almighty profit god Lucifer.

The WHO employed British zoologist Peter Daszak as the "viral expert" go-between on behalf of NIAID Director Dr. Fauci to supply the Wuhan Institute of Virology with at least $600,000 of the known $800,000 US taxpaid dollars. 41

The blabbermouth has even been caught on tape admitting that he worked with Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists to create "killer' viruses." 42

Big Pharma's Moderna and Pfizer, along with the regulatory captured federal "public" agencies NIAID and CDC have all co-conspired to create the current pandemic and genocidal vaccination agenda.


According to Dr. Martin, the first S1 spike protein that's currently killing people was patented by Pfizer as far back as 1990, over three decades ago.


Through the years Fauci has paid millions in taxpaid grant money to University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill virologist Ralph Baric, PhD, to come up with a gain-of-function coronavirus that could be patented.


Essentially, Fauci funded Dr. Baric at UNC as well as Baric's China counterpart at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Dr. Shi Zhengli, dubbed "the bat woman," to tweek the Coronavirus virus for gain of function, 43 so that its "intensified vaccine" Fauci was doggedly pursuing patents on for years, could ultimately deliver today's lethal concoction. 44


Shi's paper thanks Dr. Fauci for helping fund her Wuhan super virus research.


Yet in a May 2021 Senate hearing when Senator Rand Paul asked about financing Wuhan Institute of Virology research, Fauci committed the crime of perjury, flat out lying:

The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 45

By 2002 the super virus that Fauci was paying for in China and UNC was ready for testing, just in time for SARS Cov1 to break out in China several months later, seems hardly an accident or coincidence.


Add to this already sinister plot the mysterious death of People's Liberation Army military scientist Zhou Yusen, who collaborated with "the bat women" in Wuhan, compliments of Fauci's taxpaid generosity.


At just 54-years old, suddenly Zhou keeled over last year just three months after filing a patent for a Covid-19 vaccine in February 2020. 46


Aside from probable assassination,

what does it say regarding US national security when Fauci's government agency is actively financing military biowarfare weapons research with an alleged Communist enemy?

It says that players operating on behalf of globalist oligarchs treasonously possess no loyalty to any one nation, while manufacturing mega-crises through fake pandemics and mandated kill shots on their way to murdering millions in a global coup for centralized one world government control.

Aside from Gates, Fauci and Baric, yet another key architect in delivering this colossal global killer from hell - veterinarian Peter Daszak, is guilty of,

"collusion and racketeering under section 802 of the Patriot Act committing domestic terrorism," according to David Martin. 47

The Gates-Fauci-Daszak-Baric quartet created the spike protein in the vaccine injection as a bioweapon defined under US law - United States Code Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure), Chapter 10 (Biological Weapons) Section 175 - Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons (a) In General:

Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains, or possesses any biological agent, toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon or knowingly assists a foreign state [China] or any organization to do so, or attempts, threatens or conspires to do the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both.


There is extraterritorial Federal jurisdiction over an offense under this section committed by or against a national of the United States. 48

Therefore, by violation of the stated federal law, the named criminal conspirators,

  • Bill Gates

  • Anthony Fauci

  • Peter Daszak

  • Ralph Baric,

among numerous others, have already participated in committing multiple acts of global human genocide in the form of knowingly,

causing millions of deaths and injuries by injection worldwide, including any and all agents, organizations and governments mandating these known death jabs as a biowarfare weapon in violation of the above federal statute that carries the penalty of up to life imprisonment.

Dr. David Martin pinpoints criminal collusion between the following interlocking directorates in clear violation of antitrust law:

  • Fauci's National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIAID)


  • the Director of the Chinese Center for Disease and Control Prevention - Dr. Wang Yu (2004-2017) 49 and/or Dr. George Fu Gao since 2017


  • Dr. Christopher Elias, since 2012 the president of Global Development within the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 50

...all "sitting on the board plotting to create, price fix and market direct this pandemic," per Dr. Martin who maintains in actuality,

"There is no pandemic," only a genocidal conspiratorial plot to depopulate the earth... 51

Dr. David Martin compiled his shocking body of criminal evidence by April 2020, and ensured that it was received by the US Department of Justice, various law enforcement agencies, the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services among others.


Yet not one of these entities sworn to uphold the law and protect the health of American citizens has lifted a finger, thereby rendering them all criminally complicit in this crime against humanity.


According to David Martin, all the co-opted accomplices to this genocidal crime were ordered to stand down and neither investigate much less indict any and all guilty parties. 52


This means that the top of the global power pyramid has signed off on this earth-changing catastrophe that's befallen humankind.


Thus, it has befallen on We the People to utilize this horrific yet vital, life-saving information to not only warn others but mobilize a grassroots movement and rise up in righteous unison to immediately begin holding these mass murderers, worse than,

  • Hitler

  • Stalin

  • Mao,

... fully accountable for their sins against humanity in order to help save millions of lives soon to be coerced and destroyed by the elite's genocidal kill shot.

There are a growing number of lawsuits challenging vaccination mandates by initiated mostly by employees against private corporations imposing involuntary jabs on its workers to retain their jobs. 53


Other suits are in the making or already have been filed against the alleged diabolical killers behind the Corona scandal.


Reiner Füllmich, a respected American attorney fluent in German, who's made a career winning cases against criminal corporate fraudsters like Deutsche Bank and VW, is gathering testimonial evidence as one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. 54


David Martin was among the numerous international scientists and experts providing evidence. 55


In another significant legal battle, Spain's high court ruled last week that Spain's first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 was unconstitutional as the government violated citizens' "fundamental rights." 56


Additionally at least a half dozen class action legal cases have been filed against the People's Republic of China. 57

Tom Fitton of the pesky watchdog group Judicial Watch brought a Freedom of Information lawsuit against Dr. Fauci, seeking answers on the origin of the Coronavirus.


FOIA requests determined that Fauci provided the Wuhan Institute of Virology with more money than originally reported, a total of $800,000 given to research viruses on bats. 58


Earlier leaked reports claiming that Covid-19 came from bats in Wuhan have since been debunked as we now know this entire pandemic is a manmade construct.


The bogus bat disinformation leak was merely a smokescreen used by guilty co-conspirators to shield their crimes. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and, through the Pirbright Corporation, even the British royal family, are all behind this devastating scandal. 59


Recall the late Prince Philip wanting to reincarnate as a killer virus to depopulate the world. 60


These criminals invested and secured a number of Coronavirus vaccine patents years in advance as preparatory steps leading up to the China outbreak in late 2019.

Additionally, the illegitimate imposter puppet president Joe Biden in his frantic rush to cover up and silence the crime cabal's evil truth, is fast moving to mobilize not just MSM and the tech giants as false propaganda agents but even the judiciary and law enforcement to criminalize all truthtellers.


Biden's War on Terror 2.0, repeats the Bush-Cheney debacle of two decades ago...


The cabal keeps repeating history ad nauseam since divide and conquer politics has always worked so effectively for the criminal ruling class, only now the feds are targeting so called "domestic terrorists," which according to the current Marxist CCP controlled US government, is anyone who disagrees with its highly destructive, antihuman policies and crimes bent on destroying America. 61


Aside from insidiously promoting racial conflict with the racist critical race theory, 62 the illegit Biden regime, in tandem with MSM and social media, is divisively setting up a showdown between the vaccinated and the antivaxxers, denigrating the latter as social pariahs, conspiracy nuts, rightwing extremists and domestic terrorists, shunning "the greater good," by "selfishly" endangering the vaccinated population amidst the elephant in the room, the larger genocidal war against humanity that unawake normies never see coming. 63


In this inverse Luciferian world of nonstop boldface deception, treasonous enemies within are now targeting defenders of liberty and justice as the Marxist Left's "enemies within."

Similar to German Pastor Martin Niemoller's famous prewar quote about the Nazis, 64 first they came for Chelsea Manning, then Julian Assange for bravely speaking out against government crimes against humanity. 65


With the flagrant First Amendment violations currently being perpetrated by the Biden regime, now calling for and demanding to censor and lock up any and all dissenters who speak truth to fascist tyranny and outright genocide, unless We the People now stand up for our rights, with Biden's death jab inquisitors pounding on our door tomorrow or next week, 66 they will soon be coming to take away your unvaccinated neighbor next door, then you and me, and anyone else daring to exercise their constitutional and human right to sovereign freedom of expression and bodily violation without legal consent.


Each week it's getting more draconian as the dementia-stricken puppet-dictator just instructed wireless carriers to surveil our "private" phone conversations, emails and social media platforms to identify and single out all anti-vaxxers. 67


Another familiar ploy in this fascist totalitarian police state is to brainwash the children to turn against and snitch out their parents and neighbors, aka Mao's Cultural Revolution or the Soviet gulag system. 68


If We the People don't stand up now and continue allowing it with dumbed down passivity 69 and programmed learned helplessness, the democratic republic of the United States of America will very soon become history.

Six years ago I titled another Global Research article "How the New World Order 'Globalists' are Dividing Americans." 70


Labeled "domestic terrorists," as today's most potent threat exposing the crime cabal, patriots, constitutionalists, truth seekers along with conservatives and christians now all in the cabal's crosshairs, We the People are uncovering Deep State's vast array of crimes against humanity in order to bring to justice the myriad of traitors from both within and without.


Never before has the overexposed international crime cabal been more desperate to keep embattled America so divided and conquered. Again, virtually every totalitarian government throughout history has incrementally resorted to absolute censorship, imprisonment and mass murder of its citizenry in order to retain its authoritarian tyranny and power. 71

With the mRNA vaccines modifying human cells, our own human DNA, while debilitating human immune system responses, mandated mass vaccine campaigns have recently been stepped up in response to the sagging vaccine volunteers (likely well under 50% in the US are fully vaccinated).


Because the vaccines neither protect people from Covid-19 and are never-ending with regular "booster" shots required, ultimately in time risking death from vital organ shutdown, it's imperative that individuals around the world refrain and resist the cabal's overt push to mandated death jabs.


Governments are now increasingly implementing their long-planned rollout of vaccine passports.

The US Federal Reserve as the Rothschild private central bank printing "infinite" amounts of money out of thin air, timed with the fake pandemic crisis, has resulted in the inevitable crashing of the US dollar as the crumbling world currency, ushering in the planned world economic collapse and hyperinflation. 72


Thus, WEF's Great Reset issuing its own cashless world currency and subsequent globalist-manufactured supply chain shutdowns bringing shortages of food, water and power in conjunction with more waves of continued "variant" lockdown and mandates for yet more injections, all are designed to break the will and survivability of vax resisters still alive.


For holdouts still resisting the lethal jabs and unfolding New World Order enslavement, roundups of unvaccinated resistors for FEMA camp incarceration and extermination is in the works, unless humanity wakes up immediately and with all its might opposes the diabolical rollout of what's to come.

In April 2021, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum's (WEF) front man, has already declared war:

All unvaccinated people are a danger to society. 73

One world government conspirators like the WEF and WHO are spearheading this Luciferian crusade to enforce vaccination on every earth inhabitant, using national governments led by the usual suspects,

  • fake president Joe Biden

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

  • French President Emmanuel Macron

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • Canadian Justin Trudeau

  • Australian Scott Morrison, ruling elite's authoritarian puppet henchmen.


Thus, when mandated vaccines via "health passes" are required before entering food stores and public places, already being rolled out in places like France by Rothschild agent Macron, 74 it was met immediately with major pushback protests - 114,000 demonstrators hitting the French streets on July 17th, 75 some alluding to the Nazi Reichstag oppression against Jews by wearing symbolic yellow stars. 76


Of course mainstream media like AP was quick to jump on the "anti-Semitic racist" bandwagon.


Last week in Athens, Greece, in opposition to a plan to vaccinate adolescents as young as 15, thousands of Greeks were marching in protest where, similar to France, only the vaccinated will be allowed to access designated public places. 77


On July 19th, an angry crowd gathered outside UK's Houses of Parliament to publicly voice their objection to permanent lockdowns and forced jabs as the globalists' apocalyptic agenda. 78

Awakened, soberly mindful, sovereign citizens are clearly reaching the boiling point in these "hot zones" this summer across Europe and the US as the elite's totalitarianism meets the people's collective will to assert their constitutional, human rights.


A red line is being drawn, as the global masses begin revolting in higher numbers against the growing worldwide tyranny of more fake alpha, delta to zeta variants as the fabricated pretext for the cabal's permanent lockdown control and increasing pressures imposing its unwanted, poisonous, deadly inoculation agenda on humanity.


Since the criminal justice system is so compromised and corrupt virtually worldwide, it's up to us citizens of the world, fast reaching the critical mass breaking point, where we collectively declare "enough is enough" against all the madness and increasing infringement of our God-given human rights, and in mass numbers through civil disobedience.


We must actively oppose the World Economic Forum's 79 Nazi-rooted "Great Reset" 80 as the Satanic ruling elite's overly transparent façade, 81 to drastically depopulate and enslave our planet by, according to the Georgia Guidestones, 82 wiping out 7.4 billion human beings (out of 7.9) presently living and breathing, but now caught in their crosshairs slated for the death jab slaughterhouse...






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